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It's our Internet Banking service that makes managing your finances a pleasure, letting you fulfil most of your banking needs online.
Telegraphic Transfer - Enjoy 45% savings by paying RM25 per transaction.

• Credit Card Statement - Track your spending and detect possible fraud through your E-Statement.

• Foreign Exchange - Perform foreign exchange enquiries and services.

• E-Statements - Download your E-Statements to track your transactions.

• Fund Transfers - Transfer funds within HSBC accounts

• MEPS Interbank GIRO - Pay your bills at 21 participating banks in a flash. No more long queues.

• Online Bill Payments - Make life easier. Pay your utility and othe bills online.

• Total Banking Portfolio, Net Worth & Account Summary - Check/update your personal information/account.

• Time Deposits - Placement of new time deposit, check or update your personal information and accounts.

• Standard Chartered Online is an innovative Online Banking service that you can tailor to suit your precise banking needs. It gives you

convenient, round-the-clock banking services ranging from day-to-day account transfer transactions to real-time valuable financial

information. Now you can manage your finances anytime, anywhere. its for online bill payment
As a fully integrated financial services group that aspires to help our customers achieve financial best, we have launched a whole new website in line
with our maxim, "Banking Made Personal". Hence, you will find not only basic information on our products and services in this website, but also insights
into our values, our activities and our people.Should you require further information on a certain product or service that interests you, visit any of our
branches nationwide. You can also e-mail us your enquiries and feedback at We will be more than pleased to hear from you. CIMB Group offers a full range of financial products and services, covering corporate and investment banking, consumer
banking, treasury, insurance and asset management. We operate our business on a dual banking basis through three main brand entities—CIMB
Bank, CIMB Investment Bank and CIMB Islamic—giving customers a choice of both conventional and Islamic solutions. (hong leong) (the Group) is one of the largest business groups in Malaysia and internationally. The strong foundation and solid
growth of the Group is attributed to the Power of Vision - the Vision of its Executive Chairman, Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan. Today that Vision is
manifested and entrenched in the Group's corporate culture, which is firmly rooted on the Group's core values of quality, entrepreneurship, innovation,
honour, human resource, unity, progress and social responsibility. The Group believes in embedding itself in the country and community within which it
operates. Through its financial services arm Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad, which comprises Hong Leong Bank, Hong Leong Islamic Bank,
Hong Leong Assurance, HLG Capital and Hong Leong Tokio Marine Takaful, the Group is well positioned as an integrated financial services provider.

• To provide a high quality service for both the Family Takaful and General Takaful to the participants.
• To attain the success and profitability level for the growth of Takaful Malaysia.
• To continuously encourage and nurture a dynamic management in line with the quality, standard and credibility expected of a normal
commercial organisation.
• To uplift and develop a motivated work force with excellent and responsible work ethics, skill and high customer standard to participants.
• To always strive in protecting the interest of the shareholder. (bank ngara msia) Bank's accessibility to the public

With the various initiatives in place, the accessibility of the Bank to the public is equally important. Through interaction with the public, the Bank
improves their understanding of financial matters as well as gain valuable insights on real issues facing the consumers in the financial sector which
serve as inputs for policy decisions. In creating a one-stop centre for public interface, the Integrated Contact Centre (ICC) was formed, where customer
management and case management is put under one roof. The ICC comprises the following:
i. BNMLINK, a face-to-face customer service, to facilitate rapid and effective responses on financial matters for the public. To expand the
outreach to cater for outstation customers, BNM MINILINK will be established at BNM branches.

ii. BNM TELELINK which complements the services of BNMLINK by attending to enquiries made via telephone calls, facsimiles, letters and
electronic mails; and

iii. Complaint Management and Advisory, which among others, facilitates resolution of the public, including SMEs, complaints against
institutions under the purview of the Bank.
Financial advice and counseling
The Bank has also established the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency, with branches located across Malaysia to help consumers
manage their debts and become more self-reliant in their financial affairs and thereby preserve the resiliency of the household sector in the economic
growth process. Apart from that, the Bank was also instrumental in the setting up of the Financial Mediation Bureau, an independent body providing
consumers with objective and timely solutions to disputes, claims and complaints arising from services provided by financial institutions. Southern Bank is truly unique, and our mission is quite simple. We are large enough to offer the most innovative and
convenient banking technologies of today, such as PC Banking, yet small enough to give our customers the smalltown, personal attention they've been
getting since 1901. In the age of mega-banks and mergers, we strive to afford our customers the best of both worlds, combining hometown service with
the best in banking technologies available today.Whether it's Online Banking, VISA Check Card, or 24-Hour Access Banking through our ATM network
and Customer Contact Center, customers lose nothing by choosing Southern Bank. Yet they gain much in the way of personal attention and peace of
mind in the knowledge that they are with a safe, sound, banking institution that cares about their needs.That's what we mean by "Our interest is You."
From the smiles we give to the services we offer, all we do is simply give our customers the best banking experience available.If you bank with us, we
thank you for your patronage and look forward to seeing you soon. If you don't bank with us, we invite you to come by one of our many locations and
let us show you how great banking with us can be. Thanks for visiting our web site. Be sure to tell your friends and family about Southern Bank.

Corporate Responsibility (“CR”) is increasingly being embraced by corporates and businesses as the stakeholders of these corporates and businesses
demand increasingly higher levels of accountability, transparency, ethics and integrity in the conduct of business. There is also growing realisation
amongst corporates that CR makes good business sense.

When the business of a corporate is conducted responsibly, the reputation and standing of the corporate is enhanced and the high level of
stakeholders engagement in CR initiatives could lead to higher market valuations and greater competitiveness.Good CR is also an indication of good
management which is expected to deliver long term superior performance of the corporate and signals better risk management capabilities, a vital
ingredient especially in the current climate of uncertainty amidst the current financial and economic turmoil, the origins of which can be laid at the door
step of ethical failure, corporate misconduct and inadequacy in risk management.In Bursa Securities’ Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”)
Framework, Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as “open and transparent business practices that are based on ethical values and respect for
the community, employees, the environment, shareholders and other stakeholders. It is designed to deliver sustainable value to society at large.” This
could well be the definition of Corporate Responsibility as CR is about integrating responsible and ethical practices in all aspects of a corporate’s
business and deals with the issues of ethics, governance, the environment and social obligations. Therefore, CR encompasses a wider scope of what
a corporate does, how it behaves and how it affects the environment, in addition to the social issues focus of CSR.CR can also be equated to the
corporate version of the national agenda on the creation of a competitive nation and a moral, ethical, caring and economically just society.