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Career Opportunity
National Logistics Cell (NLC), a modern organization working at the international / regional levels, invites applications from competent, highly motivated, professional and experienced individual to oin our team in following capacity!" #osition! $acancies! Location! Nature of &o'! Selection Criteria: Qualification: Experience: *raduation / +asters degree in Civil ,ngineering+inimum ). years experience of +anagement / Coordination, monitoring and operations of mega Preference: infrastructure / /oads / 0ridges construction pro ects#reference will 'e given to /etired 0rigadier from 1rmy Corps of ,ngineersProject Director Center % Lahore Contractual ((") years"extenda'le)

Terms & Conditions: ,mployment against the a'ove mentioned position will initially 'e carried out on contract 'asis for a period of two years (further extenda'le) with ) months pro'ation period NLC offers reasona'le salary at NLC"2#2 which shall further 'e negotia'le 'ased on the 3ualifications and experience of the individuals along with attractive package of fringe 'enefits 1t the time of induction/interview the candidates will have to provide 4,C verified educational documents / degrees / transcriptsNLC is providing following facilities to its employees!" 1s per NLC 2ervice /ules Casual leave (% days (Casual leave after (% days will 'e converted into privilege leave) 5ne month #rivilege / ,arned / 1nnual leave as entitled to 6ederal *ovt- employees#ick and drop for 2enior +anager and

+edical Leave
(applica'le after completion of pro'ation period)


2 +anagers7elephone 71 / 81 Requirements: Candidates fulfilling the criteria may send application on prescri'ed form NLC16"(.%9 (given on NLC we'site)- /etired army personnel will also mention details of post"retirement employment in *ovt- / 2emi"*ovt- and private organizations (No C$ or any other document should 'e attached with ,"+ail) :nterested candidates should su'mit their applications on prescri'ed form (NLC16"(.%9) availa'le on NLC we'site (mentioning the #osition Name in su' ect line) at hr nlc!com!p" latest 'y #$ %ar #&'()otes!

8edicated vehicle for *+ and a'oveNLC is providing +o'ile / 5ffice telephones to officers only1s per NLC 2ervice /ules-

1pplication as per the form *)+C,-.#&'(/ given in the we'site with incomplete enclosures / received after due date will not 'e entertained5nly shortlisted candidates will 'e called for interviews-

2hortlisted candidates will 'e re3uired to 'ring 5riginal documents and attested photocopies at the time of interviewsNLC is an e3ual opportunity employer and provides an excellent working environment and career development opportunity;eeping in view 3ualification / experience, age relaxation will 'e given to /etired 1rmed 6orces #ersonnelNLC has the right to withdraw / amend the recruitment process at any stage or cancel / reduce the vacancies advertisedNo 71 / 81 will 'e admissi'le for interviews