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Division of City Schools General Santos South District FRANCISCO ORINGO SR. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Oringo Subd.

, Barangay City Heights, General Santos City


I. Read each question carefully. Choose the letter of the correct answer.
Complete the sentences below 1. Jane drives ______ car to work on Saturdays. a. my b. her c. their d. most 2. This painting is _______ than his last one. a. best b. good c. better d. most 3. the boys caught two lovely _____. a. butterflies b. butterfly c. butterflyes d. butterflys 4. Mr. and mrs. Reyes owan a dress shop. _____ shop is very clean. a. They b. Our c. Their d. Them 5. _____ teachers are present today? a. How many b. How much c. How soon d. How little 6. There is a boy called Batman who can fly high. The sentence tells _______. a. opinion b. fantasy c. reality d. fact 7. The moon and the stars can be seen up the sky. The sentence tells _______. a. opinion b. fantasy c. reality d. fact 8. What is the big idea in the set of words? Teacher dentist farmer driver a. workers b. families c. artists d. friends 9. Ants and human beings are alike in many ways. Both have the ability to form a group, the ability to express and the ability to do something about their environment. a. Ants and human beings are alike in many ways. C. only human beings have the ability to form groups b. Human beings like ants. D. we can express our ideas Choose the correct order of the incidents. Preparing a Sandwich 1. Wrap the sandwich with a sandwich wrapper. 2. Slice the bread. 3. Cover the filling with the other half of the bread. 4. Sprinkle shredded cheese on top of the filling. A. 2 3 1 4 B. 3 2 4 1 C. 2 4 3 1 D. 4 2 1 3 Choose the meaning of the underlined word. 10. I move so quickly because at any moment from now the school bus will arrive. a. alone B. fast C. slow D. moderate 11. The water simmered and some overflowed out of the kettle a. stirred b. boiled c. cooked d. froze Complete the sentence with the correct possessive form of nouns. 12. _____ is thick and straight. a. Susans hair b. Susans hair c. Susans hair d. Susan hair 13. I gave food to ________. a. Lito dog b. Litos dog c. Litos dog d. Litos dog 14. Cristina ____ cakes and pastries every morning. a. baked b. bake c. bakes d. baking 15. Mang Tonio _____ meats in the market last day. a. sold b. sells c. seld d. sell 16. words that describe the weather a. cloudy, rainy, stormy, sunny c. sun, star, moon, clouds b. beautiful, ugly, brave, kind d. nice, good, great, alright 17. clam crab turtle ________ a. oyster b. dog c. bird d. cow Read the selection and answer the questions below.
Kitty Cat Kitty is a brave cat. One evening, she made so much noise, meow, meow, meow. Father woke up and went to see Kitty. He saw two men run away as fast as they could. Thank you, Kitty, said father. You drove away the robbers.

18. Who is kitty cat? A. Kitty is a coward cat B. Kitty is brave cat

C.. Kitty is a strong cat D. Kitty is a naughty cat

19. What is the name of the brave cat? A. Kitty B. Hello Kitty C. Kitty meow D. kitty cute 20. When did Kitty make so much noise? A. One morning B. . one evening C. one afternoon D. one midnight 21. Why did Kitty make so much noise one evening? A. Kitty saw two women C. Kitty saw a woman B. kitty saw two gentlemen D. Kitty saw two men 22. How did Kitty help Father to drive away the robbers? A. Kitty made so much noise C. . Kitty made so much sound B. Kitty made so much toys D. . Kitty made so much poise 23. Which word is a main heading for the other three words? a. grandchild b. family c. father d. grandmother 24. Which word DOES NOT rhyme with near? a. ear b. dear c. pear d. hear 25. Think about how these things are related? Living thing/ animal / bird / duck / duckling. Which of the following is true? a. All animals are duckling. C. All living things are birds. b. All ducks are living things. D. all birds are ducklings. 26. Which group of words is in alphabetical order? a. banana, bargain, bath, base c. necklace, net, neat, ninety b. fan, faint, fasten, fault d. roast, robber, robe, rooster 27. Read this sentence. The Rose Parade, which is held on new years day, is very different from the Great Circus Parade. What is the correct capitalization of the underlined words from the sentence. a. New years day b. New Years day c. New Years Day d. new Years Day Read the poem Swing

Swing low, 2 Swing high 3 Until your uptoes 4 Touch the sky

5 6

swing high swing low 7 swing grownups 8 cannot go

28. Which of these words from the poem rhymes with the last word in line 6? a. touch b. your c. go d. high 29. The poem is mostly about _______. a. touching the sky b. riding on a swing c. standing on tiptoe d. swinging your arms Read the following sentences and answer the questions that follow. 30. Earthworms are useful to plants. They make holes on the ground. The holes hold air and water. The plants use air and water for their growth. Why are earthworms useful? a. Plants use air and water. C. the holes hold air and water. b. earthworms make holes on the ground that hold water and air d. Earthworm sleeps 31. Mila was watching her favourite television program. Suddenly, she looked at the clock on the wall. It was already ten oclock in the morning. She turned off the television ans went to the kitchen. Why did Mila turn off the television and went to the kitchen? a. It was time to cook the next meal. C. she wanted to play. b. She was afraid of the television. D. she will go out. 32. Four _____ carried the heavy load. a. child b. childs c. children d. childrens 33. Which words from the essay are listed in alphabetical order? A. balloons, stars, mobile, markers, glitter, string C. balloons, glitter, markers, mobile, stars, string B. balloons, glitter, mobile, markers, stars, string D. balloons, glitter, mobile, markers, string, stars 34. This painting is ____________ than his last one. a. Best B. good C. better D. most 35. Is she inside? ___________ A. No, she does. B. Yes, she is. C. Yes, he is. D. Yes, She is not 36. Rita likes English subject. ______ likes reading. A. She B. He C. It D. We 37. My uncle is a dentist. ____ owns a clinic in our barrio. A. She B. we C. it D. He 38. On Sundays, we ______ to church with our parents. A. Go B. goes C. went D. going 39. Tina was on her way home. She passed by the house of Dr. Cruz. Dr. Cruzs big dog was standing near the gate Tina looked at the dog .The dog looked at her too .She was so afraid of the dog. What will Tina do? a. She will run as fast as she could C .She will throw stones at the dog b. She will call the owner of the dog. D. She will cry. 40. The stars shine at night. a. Fact b. reality c. fantasy d. opinion

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