√OTER’s GUIDE south-west washington edition

Referendums & Initiatives:
Referendum 71: Gay Marriage Initiative 1033: Property Tax Cap
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YoUth RevoLU ioN
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15th Dist. Rep. Auburn, Mayor Auburn, Council, Centralia, Council, Pos. 2 Centralia, Council, Dist. 1

David Taylor John Gotts Pete Lewis Virginia Haugen John Partridge Gene Cerion Edna Fund Ryan Barrett

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Lee Coumbs Shad Bell Chehalis Bob Spahr Council, Pos. 3 Rob Fuller Lacey, Council, Cynthia Pratt Position 4 Ann Burgman Lacey, Council, Andy Ryder Position 5 John Darby Lacey, Council, Ron Lawson Position 6 Graeme Sackrison Lakewood, Mary Moss Council, Pos. 1 Darrel Shiley Lakewood, Mike Brandstetter Council, Pos. 2 Connie Lacadie Lakewood, Sam Ross Council, Pos. 3 Jason Whalen Jan Shabro Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson

YoUth of a ChrisTian ioN.org RevoLU the Voice
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Candidates: Puyallup, John Alexander District 3, Pos. 2 Keny Boyle Marty Campbell Tacoma, Council, Roxanna Myrphy District 4 Tacoma, Council, Joe Lonergan District 5 Beckie Kirby Jim Merritt Tacoma, Mayor Marilyn Strickland Thurston, Patrick Beehler Commissioner, Karen Valenzuela Dist. 3
University Place, Council, Position 1




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Javier Figueroa Linda Bird Eric Choiniere University Place, Council, Position 3 Lorna Smith

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Rose Ehart Denise McCluskey Vancouver, Mayor Tim Leavitt Royce Pollard Jack Burkman Vancouver, Council, Position 1 Bill Turlay David Heywood Vancouver, Council, Position 2 Jeanne Stewart Jeanne Harris Vancouver,
University Place, Council, Position 5 Council, Position 3 Anne McEnerny-Ogle

Fields were left blank where no endorsement information was available at the time of production

YoUth RevoLU ioN the Voice of a ChrisTian GeNeration
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Pastor’s Picks recommends based upon effective leadership and, when possible, with a particular tilt toward those who are competent, conservative, and Christian.

Pro-Abortion Organizations
Pro Abortion Organizations include endorsements from Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the WPC