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Ireland 1801-1921

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Scheme of work for Year 13

Main textbook
Great Britain & the Irish question 1798-1922, by P Adelman & R. Pierce, Hodder & Stoughton, 0-34088-901-2

Other textbooks
Ireland. A Graphic History by M. Llywelyn & M. Scott, Element, 1996, 1-85230-627-0 Expansion, Trade and Industry by James Mason, Longman, 0-58220-738-X. Challenging History: Britain in the C19th by Howard Martin, Nelson, ISBN 0174350627 The World of Empire, Industry and Trade by Bea Stimpson, Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd, 0-74873-660-3 The Struggle for Peace in Northern Ireland, by Ben Walsh, John Murray, ISBN 0-71957-472-2

Scholarly surveys
NB: It will be crucial to do some background reading as you are going along - remember this is coursework and you will be required to know how different historians interpret events in Ireland during this time.

Modern Ireland, 1600-1922 by R.F. Foster, Penguin, 1990, 0-14013-250-3 Ireland since 1800: Conflict and Conformity by K.T. Hoppen, Longman, 1999, 0-58232-254-5 The Green Flag: A History of Irish Nationalism by R. Kee, Penguin, 2000, 0-14029-165-2 Ireland since the Famine by F.S.L. Lyons, Fontana, 1985, 0-00633-200-5 Britain and Ireland: From Home Rule to Independence by J. Smith, Longman, 2000, 0-58230-193-9

Articles in journals - arranged by topic

NB: Throughout the course you will be given various articles about Ireland during this period. These are not meant to be filed in your folder and forgotten about - read them as some parts of the course will be based on them.

Catholic Emancipation by Wendy Hinde, Modern History Review, April 1995, pp 25-7 Ireland 1800-50' by Tim Chapman, Modern History Review, September 1993, pp 5-8 Britain and Ireland An Impossible Unity? by Graham Goodland, Modern History Review, September 2001, pp 20-4 Famine Farm, Horrible Histories Collection 57: The Irate Irish by Terry Deary, Eaglemoss, 2005 The Famine by Christine Kinealy, Modern History Review, September 1995, pp 18-21 The Poor Laws and the Irish Famine by Sean Lang, Modern History Review, April 2004, pp 20-1 Mr Gladstone and Ireland by Michael Morrogh, Modern History Review, March 2001, pp 21-5; Gladstones Irish Policy by Edgar Feuchtwanger, Modern History Review, November 1991, pp 21-3 Irish Home Rule, 1886-1918' by Derrick Murphy, Modern History Review, November 2003, pp 12-16 Why did the deaths of the Easter Rebels change Irish history? by Jenny Birch, Hindsight, January 2004, pp 5-8 The Origins of Northern Ireland by George Boyce, Modern History Review, November 1995, pp 21-2

Historical fiction
Under the Hawthorn Tree by Marita Conlon-McKenna, OBrien Press, 0-86278-206-6, pp 21-5

The Oxford Companion to Irish History edited by S.J. Connolly, OUP, 0-19866-240-8 Atlas of Irish History by Sean Duffy, Gill and Macmillan, 0-71713-093-2 Teachers Toolkit by Paul Ginnis, Crown House Publishing, 1-89983-676-4

Internet sites
There are many internet sites about Ireland during this period. The following are a list of websites you may find useful at different points of the course. - useful for key terms and definitions.