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Launch of the BNI Action Chapter Means Increased Revenue for Newcastles Small Business Community

Local business professionals from Newcastle s small business community have banded together to form their own chapter of BNI, the worlds largest referral marketing network, in order to actively refer business to each other and boost the local economy. Sydney ( March 19, 2014The BNI Action Chapter officially launched on 12th March at The Adamstown Club in Adamstown with an audience of 83 in attendance. The Chapter is comprised of 20 business professionals from the Newcastle community including Chapter President Rachael Sheldrick of GS Mechanical, Chapter Vice President Bradley Page of Dowling Real Estate, and Chapter Secretary/Treasurer Adele Martin of RI Harbourside. Members of the BNI Action Chapter formed the group with the sole purpose of consistently generating referral-based business for one another, ultimately serving to strengthen the overall local economy for the benefit of the greater community. Using BNIs strategic approach to networking and maintaining an emphasis on the development of trusted relationships, this group of upstanding community members embraces BNIs founding philosophy of Givers Gain--a concept grounded in altruism, generosity, and goodwill toward others. Members of the BNI Action Chapter each make it their main focus to find ways to help their fellow members grow business; in return, their fellow members go above and beyond to help them grow their own business as well. Put simply, says BNI TEAM Area Director Paul Reading, Givers Gain is the idea that the more you give to others, the more others will give to you. With thousands of BNI chapters spanning over 50 countries, a presence in every populated continent in the world, a global membership base which is steadily climbing toward the 200,000 mark, and a solid history of significantly increasing business for small business owners since 1985, it is clear that BNIs founding philosophy and word-of-mouth marketing framework are universally relevant and effective. Each year the organization helps small business owners across the globe to build their business by referral and thrive despite economic fluctuations, says Reading. Many BNI members have reported an increase in business ranging anywhere from 20%-100% and as many as 50 new clients in their first two years of participation in a BNI chapter. These are exactly the kind of results we are aiming for with the launch of the BNI Action Chapter and we are extremely excited about the positive impact this increase in business is going to have on local commerce. The BNI Action Chapter welcomes visitors and encourages local professionals within all business industries and trades to visit their weekly networking meeting. The Chapter meets at 9.30am every Tuesday at The Adamstown Club in Adamstown located at 282 Brunker Road, Adamstown. For more information, please visit or call Ginger at 0425 433 603. To find out more about BNI, please visit Contact: Glenn Kirkwood 0425 433 603