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Special Penal Laws

LEX CERVUS FRATERNITY SSC-R Probation law • • • • • • • • • • Probation- a disposition under which a defendant, after conviction and sentence, is released subject to conditions imposed by the court and under the supervision of a probation officer Purposes: rehabilitation, reformation and prevention of commission of offenses File in the court which convicted him within 15 days from date of promulgation of judgment The filing of the petition for probation shall be deemed a waiver of the right to appeal f appeal is made, the filing of the petition for probation shall be deemed a withdrawal of the appeal P!"T "#$T#$%# $&#"T '(T !$ )#P!)T- by the Probation !fficer with regard to the circumstances surrounding the offense for which the petitioner was convicted, then the recommendation to either deny or grant the probation* +($,(T!)- %!$, T !$" !F T.# P)!/(T !$: 011 to present himself within 23 hours from receipt of order of the probation officer4 031 to report to the probation officer at least once a month during the period of the probation* n case of outside travel for more than 56 days, court approval is re7uired Probation shall be denied if the court finds that: 0a1 the offender is in need of correctional treatment4 0b1 undue ris8 that the offender will commit another crime4 0c1 probation will depreciate the seriousness of the offense committed* , "9:(; F #, F!) P)!/(T !$: 011 those sentenced to more than < yrs imprisonment4 031 offense against the security of the state4 051 those previously convicted by imprisonment of not less than 1 month and 1 day and=or fine of not less than P366* P#) !, !F P)!/(T !$: > 1 yr imprisonment ? the probation shall not e@ceed 3 years $ all other cases, it shall not e@ceed < yrs $ case of fine, the penalty shall not be less than the period of subsidiary imprisonment nor more than twice of the subsidiary imprisonment (n order granting or denying probation is not appealable Those sentenced to ,#"T #))! cannot apply for probation n case of +:;T P;# %!$& %T !$"--- probationable if penalty for each conviction is probationable Probation does not obliterate the crime* !ne convicted of drug-pushing cannot justify his retention in the government despite the conviction* $ case of a serious violation of the conditions of probation, the probationer may be rearrested and the court will conduct a summary hearing of the violation* /ail is available* f the violation is established, the court may revo8e the pardon or modify the conditions thereof* F )#&!A#,, the probationer will serve the sentence originally imposed*

• • • • •

Anti-fencing law (P !"!#$ • ( fence may either be prosecuted under the )P% or under the (nti-fencing law • +ere possession of stolen article prima facie evidence of fencing P, 1<13 • ,oes not re7uire the accused to have participation in the criminal design to commit robbery or theft )!//#)- !) T.#FT • ,oes not depend on an act of fencing in order that it be consummated


without any valid reason. shall fail to keep sufficient funds or to maintain a credit to cover the full amount of the check if presented within a period of 90 days from date appearing thereon. the ban8 should indicate whether the drawer had sufficient funds or not (greement of parties regarding the chec8 is not a defense /P 33 also applies to a dollar account so long as the chec8 is issued or delivered or uttered in the Phil Prejudice and damage is not a prere7uisite for conviction /P 33 is contin&ing in nature but the determinative factor is the place of issuance* (s to venue. loo8 in the allegations in the information to determine venue* /P 33 also applies to chec8s for guarantee or deposit only * The law does not distinguish Anowledge of insufficiency of funds from the fact of issuing or ma8ing a chec8* . which check is subsequently dishonored by the drawee bank for insufficiency of funds. without any valid reason.%o&ncing C'ec() Law “Any person who makes or draws and issues any check to apply on account or for value.T. . a duty by the drawee ban8 !n case of stop payment. D#(. for which reason.rawer has 5 days within which to ma8e arrangements for payment The bounced chec8 should be presented in court as evidence.ac8 of ade7uate notice of dishonor is a defense Anti-*raft an+ Corr&. or would have been dishonored for the same reason had not the drawee. ordered the bank to stop payment..” • • • • • • • • • • • • • alum prohibitum. mere issuance punishable ssuing a chec8 which is dishonored by the ban8 by reason of insufficient funds or credit or it would have been dishonored for the same reason had not the drawee. or credit.ivulging information of a confidential character 'ranting a license or permit to a person not 7ualified :$#CP. it is dishonored by the drawee bank.amount of property or money manifestly out of proportion to his salary and to his other lawful income* 2 . otherwise no conviction* t should also be stamped with the reason for the dishonor of the chec8.” “Any person who having sufficient funds in or credit with the drawee bank when he makes or draws and issues a check. ordered the ban8 to stop payment* %hec8 should be presented within B6 days .aving a member of family accept employment in a private enterprise which has pending official business with him during the pendency thereof or within one year after its termination Favor or discriminate against a party %ontract grossly disadvantageous to government )efusing to act for the purpose of obtaining some material or pecuniary benefit Prohibited interest /eing interested in a transaction re7uiring approval of which he is a member of a board or panel even if he voted against or did not participate thereof. for the payment of such check in full upon its presentment.t Practice) Act (RA -. knowing that at the time of issue that he does not have sufficient funds or credit with the drawee bank.!/$ • • • • • • • • • • • :sing influence to commit an offense /ribery in contract or transaction in government .( $#.

director. manager. company or other entity will be liable for willfully or 8nowingly allowing the use of the firearms owned by such entity for any violation of )( H3BI* Unlawful acts: 011 :nlawful manufacture. '($/(-($ to suspend the public officer against whom an information has been filed Doctrine of condonation refers to administrative misconduct and not to criminal cases Public officer may be suspended from his present position even if the crime which he is being charged with related to a past position Re-election to .&blic office e0ting&i)'e) onl1 'i) a+2ini)trati3e liabilit1 b&t not 'i) cri2inal liabilit14 "hy# 011 grounds for e@tinction of criminal liability does not include re-election to office4 031 it is only the President who can grant pardon of a criminal offense* /efore a public officer may be suspended. insurrection. a valid information must first be filed* Preventive suspension is not automatic or self-operative* The duty of the court is to ma8e a finding that the accused stands charged under a valid information for the crimes alleged for the purpose of granting or denying the sought for suspension* !nce the validity of the information has been ascertained after proper hearing .• :nsolicited gifts of small or insignificant value are e@empted from the provisions of this (ct "($. disposition or possession of e@plosives* 0I1 tampering of firearmGs serial number* 051 repac8ing or altering the composition of lawfully manufactured e@plosives* Lex Cervus Fraternity-. otherwise. preventive suspension will last for less than 90 days only if the case is decided within that period. ac7uisition. sale. or attempted coup dGetat* $he owner.SSCPresent meaning of illegal possession: 011 firearm with e@pired license4 031 unauthoriJed use of licensed firearm in the commission of the crime* • • • • 3 . sale. or other responsible officer of the firm. sedition.!/. disposition or possession of firearms or ammunition or instruments used or intended to be used in the manufacture thereof* 031 carrying of licensed firearm outside his residence without legal authority* 051 :nlawful manufacture. president. it becomes the ministerial duty of the court to issue the order of suspension* "uspension of local elective official under the L*C shall not e@tend beyond <6 days :nder RA -.o))e))ion of firear2) (RA 5#/6$  If homicide or murder is committed with the use of unlicensed firearm. it will continue for B6 days* :ndue delay in the preliminary investigation is violative of the right to due process and is a ground for motion to dismiss (pproval of leave absence is not a bar to suspension because a public officer charged under a valid information Eshall be suspendedF under the law* • • • • • • • • • • • Illegal . such use of an unlicensed firearm shall be considered an aggra3ating circ&2)tance 0this will now be considered in imposing the proper penalty4 also remember that the separate penalty for illegal possession will no longer be imposed1 :se of unlicensed firearm is ab)orbe+ as an element in the crimes of rebellion. however.

PENALTY LA< .” • • • . threat or intimidation4 0b1 when the offended party is deprived of reason or otherwise unconscious4 0c1 by means of fraudulent machination or grave abuse of authority4 and. to tap any wire or cable. be deposited with the court* • • • Ra. 666 if the rape is 7ualified by the penalty of death Force and intimidation not needed in rape of retardate :se of force or intimidation not an element of statutory rape ( medical e@amination of victim is not an element of rape RA :"7/ EAT. shall commit any act of se@ual assault by inserting his penis into another personGs mouth or anal orifice. any of the children. espionage. 8idnapping. or by using any other device or arrangement. mutiny in the high seas etc* Proper application with the court for the recording of communication of the crimes mentioned above should be made stating the reasonable grounds for the grant thereof and in case of rebellion and acts of sedition.$ E!t shall be unlawful for any person. intent to possess or animus possidendi is re7uired* Anti-wire ta. or dictagraph. law (RA 6#.e (RA 5-7-$ • %rime against persons • 8in+)9 011 traditional 031 se@ual assault 011 /y a man who shall have carnal 8nowledge of a woman under any of the following circumstances: 0a1 through force. 0d1 when the offended party is under 13 years of age or is demented even though none of the circumstances mentioned above are present* 031 /y any person who. into the genital or anal orifice of another person* • • • • • • • ntimidation is sustained by moral ascendancy in rape . commonly known as dictaphone. piracy. however.. under any of the circumstances mentioned in paragraph 1 hereof. that prior proof is presented* The period of authoriJation shall not e*ceed +0 days All recordings made under proper court authori%ation shall. )(P#: 011 when the victim is under 1H and the offender is a parent or ascendant or relative by consanguinity or affinity within the 5rd civil degree or the common-law spouse of the parent or victim4 031 when the victim is under the custody of the police or military4 051 when the rape is committed in full view of the husband. not being authori%ed by all the parties to any private communication or spoken word.istening to conversation in e@tension line of telephone is not wire tapping +ere act of listening not punishable $ake note of crimes where 'A ()00 does not apply * #@: as evidence used in crimes against security of the state. rebellion. by using a device. sedition. or any instrument or object. or other relatives within the 5 rd civil degree of consanguinity4 0I1 when the victim is a religious or a child below 2 years old4 051 when the 4 . or record such communication or spoken word. to secretly overhear. or detectaphone or walkie&talkie or tape recorder.• !wnership is not an essential element of illegal possession. intercept. within IH hours after the e@piration of the period fi@ed in the order..9:(. F #. or however otherwise described..welling aggravating in rape Present indemnity: P25.

using violence against the child to engage him as a prostitute* (ttempt to commit prostitution : when a person who is not relative of the child is found alone with said child inside a room or cubicle of a house.egree of participation considered4 a person who induces or who cooperates in the commission thereof is also punished under the law (dministrative sanctions are not a bar for prosecution in the proper courts for unlawful acts of se@ual harassment "olidary liability of the head of the establishment for damages arising from acts of se@ual harassment which he is informed of and he fails to ta8e immediate action thereon* The victim may also file for a separate and independent action for damages C'il+ Ab&)e Law (RA :"!. drug trafficking. T)(FF %A $': 011 when a child travels alone to a foreign country without consent of the parents or legal guardian4 031 recruiting women or couples to bear children for the purpose of child traffic8ing4 051 simulation of birth for the purpose of child traffic8ing4 0I1 act of recruiting children from low-income families for the same purpose* !bscene publications and indecent shows punishable !T. or any other illegal activity • • • • 5 . sauna or tourist spot4 051 any person or manager who will allow a person to bring a minor to any private or public place of accommodation4 0I1 any person who shall induce a street child to beg or use begging as a means of living.ara))2ent law (RA :5::$ • A $. male or female.. T)(FF %A $': engaging in buying and selling children for money or other consideration* (TT#+PT T! %!++ T %. 13 yrs or under or who is 16 yrs or more his junior in any public or private place. beer joint. hotel pension house etc* which would lead a reasonable person to believe that the child is about to be e@ploited in prostitution and other se@ual abuse* %. cruelty or e@ploitation4 031 any person who shall 8eep a minor.T. motel. 031 education or 051 training-related se@ual harassment • Dor8-related.0a1 committed against one who is under the care or custody of the offender4 0b1 or whose education is entrusted to the offender4 0c1 when the se@ual favor is made as a condition for a passing grade or the granting of honors4 0d1 when the se@ual advances result in an intimidating environment for the student. the offender will be prosecuted instead under the )P% for the rape or acts of lasciviousness committed against the child* The owner of the establishment where prostitution ta8es place or any other person who profits therefrom will be held liable* (lso those who engage the child in prostitution.0a1 se@ual favor made as a condition for hiring or in the grant of compensation or promotion etc*4 0b1 impairment of employeeGs rights under labor laws4 0c1 resulting in a hostile environment for the employee* • #ducation-related. who for money or other consideration indulge in se@ual intercourse or lascivious conduct or coerced or influenced by any adult thereof shall be considered e@ploited in prostitution and other se@ual abuse Dhen the victim is below 13. motel..enalt1 for fat'er-+a&g'ter relation)'i. in ca)e) of ra.e Se0&al ..$ • • • • • (ny child.#) (%T": 011 any other act of child abuse." virus4 0<1 when committed by any member of the (FP or P$P4 021 when the victim suffers permanent physical mutilation* • • .(. trainee or apprentice • • • • . hotel.": 011 Dor8. P#$(. . .."!: 011 rape with homicide 031 when the victim becomes insane )elationship is no longer an alternative circumstance under (rt* 15 of the )P%* RA :"7/ 2an+ate) t'e +eat' . procurer of a child prostitute.#(T.offender 8nows that he is afflicted with the ( .

resort etc*.#C %#)&:" 6 .+eat' . driver or occupant of the carnapped motor vehicle is raped or 8illed* +($. dive.# $!:" %) +#. is a grievous.9/ • %rimes punishable by reclusion perpetua to death o Treason.. 9ualified piracy o Parricide.enalt1 law  . atrocity and perversity. • %.)#$ (" EK!$#" !F P#(%#F $ P. resort for users of regulated drugs where the victim is a minor or the victim dies o 'overnment officials.(%#" !F ()+#. and hateful offense which by reasons of its inherent or manifest wic8edness."D. resort etc* where the victim is a minor or the victim dies o +aintenance of den. is regarded as seriously outrageous to the common standards or norms of decency and morality in a just and civiliJed world* . employees or officers including members of police agencies and armed forces convicted in drug cases o Planting dangerous drugs as evidence in drug offenses o /y implication 0with the )P%1: 011 when aggravating circumstances attend the commission of the crime as to ma8e the provision of the )P% regarding the imposition of the death penalty4 or 031 other circumstances which characteriJe the crime as heinous within contemplation of )( 2<5B* clarence • Let'al In=ection Law (RA 5!::$ • The death sentence shall be e@ecuted and shall consist in putting the person under lethal injection • The death sentence shall be carried out not earlier than one 011 year nor later than 1H months after the judgment has become final and e@ecutory without prejudice to the e@ercise by the President of his e@ecution clemency powers at all times* . nfanticide o Aidnapping and serious illegal detention o )obbery with homicide o . +urder. cultivation of plants which are sources of prohibited drugs o planting evidence of dangerous drugs o carnapping where the owner.(D1 o )ape victim becoming insane o )ape with homicide o +aintenance of dive. possession of regulated drug in specified amounts. Prohibition against undue and sensationaliJed publicity • RA :"7/.. %T: 011 separate detention from adults4 031 free legal assistance 051 notice given to parents of the arrest 0I1 release of the child to the care and custody of the .estructive arson o )(P# 0a1 with a deadly weapon4 031 committed by 3 or more4 or 051 the rape is attempted or frustrated and committed with homicide o Plunder: 56+ o . .rug cases.'A -+.death penalty: o 9ualified bribery o Aidnapping and serious illegal detention for ransom resulting in the death of the victim or the victim is raped. tortured or subjected to dehumaniJing acts o 9ualified rape 0note the enumeration=circumstances above4 see )(P# . misappropriation of drugs by the arresting officer. viciousness.(T!). maintenance of den. %!$F. odious.

% authority to in7uire into ban8 deposits when probable cause is established that said accounts are in any way related to money laundering* #@emption from ban8 secrecy laws a crime whereby the proceeds of an unlawful activity are transacted. • A?R*ANIBATI?NC includes the P$P.aundering %ouncil 0(+. the training in these organiJations duly recommended and approved by the "ec* of $ational .6/$ • .(!$ any person who transacts or attempts to transact any monetary instrument which he 8nows relates to any unlawful activity4 (#$ one who facilitates money-laundering4 (-$ any person who fails to file and disclose to the (nti-+oney .a@ing Law (RA 5.(K $': (!$ officers and members who participate in the infliction of physical harm4 (#$ parents.#+#$T $' ):.$ • >?NEY LAUN ERIN*.owever. (%%!+P. sorority or organi%ation by placing the recruit." $ T.%1 any instrument re7uired to be so disclosed* (+. %#": (!$ faculty members who consent to the haJing or who have actual 8nowledge thereof but failed to prevent the same from occurring4 (#$ the owner of the place where the ha%ing is conducted +a@imum penalty: reclusion perpetua if death. sodomy or mutilation result • • 7 .#": %overed transaction: an amount in e@cess of PI. if the initiation is conducted in the home of one of the officers or members and the parents failed to prevent the same from happening4 (-$ officers.efense. P$P . rape.% to issue a freeJe order • • • • Anti-.# %) +# !F . (FP..Anti->one1 La&n+ering Act (RA /!". (FP %hief. neophyte or applicant in some embarrassing or humiliating situations such as forcing him to do menial.666. thereby ma8ing them appear to have originated from legitimate sources • %ommitted by . %itiJenGs +ilitary Training etc* . former officers or alumni of the fraternity or organi%ation who actually planned the haJing although not present when the acts constituting the haJing were committed4 (6$ officers or members of the fraternity who 8nowingly cooperated in carrying out the haJing by inducing the victim to be present initiation rite or practice as a prere7uisite for admission into membership in a fraternity.666 based on the prevailing e@change rate where the client is not properly identified and=or the amount is not commensurate with his business or financial capacity (uthority of the (+. silly and similar tasks or activities or otherwise sub0ecting him to physical or psychological suffering or in0ury.a@ing.irector 'eneral etc* shall not be considered as EhaJingF for purposes of this (ct* • 2-day written notice rule with the school authorities or head of the organiJation before conducting an initiation* • nitiation shall not e@ceed 5 days • The notice shall indicate an underta8ing not to employ physical violence • The head of the school or organiJation to assign at least 3 representatives • P) $% P(.

mule.• • • • +a@imum penalty in the following instances: 011 when the recruitment is accompanied by force or intimidation on the person of the recruit who refuses to join4 031 when the recruit initially consents to join but upon learning that haJing will be concerning ac7uisitive prescription and limitation of actions cannot be invo8ed by the respondent* • • • • • • • <itne)) ProtectionD Sec&rit1 an+ %enefit Act (RA "/5!$ (. carabao. ascendants. without the consent of the owner=raiser. horse. descendants.aJing law also applies to the officers of a corporation who engages in haJing as a re7uirement for employment* (pproved on Lune 2. relatives or any other person4 (#$ property unlawfully ac7uired and transferred to another person4 (-$ property donated to the respondent during his incumbency unless he can prove to the satisfaction of the court that the donation is lawful* 2iscal. or taking its meat or hide without the consent of the owner • Large cattle. is prevented from quitting4 051 when the recruit having undergone haJing is prevented from reporting the same to the proper authorities4 0I1 when the haJing is committed outside the school or institution4 051 when the victim is below 1) years of age at the time of the haJing +itigating circumstance of no intention to commit a wrong as that committed is not available . 1BB5 Anti-Cattle R&)tling Law (P 7--$ • Cattle r&)tling. ass or other domesticated animal of the bovine family* Act eclaring F?RFEITURE of Ill-*otten <ealt' of P&blic ?fficer) an+ E2. upon petition of any ta@payer. to conduct the preliminary investigation and shall certify to the 3olicitor 4eneral that there is reasonable ground to believe that there has been a violation of )( 152B and that respondent is probably guilty thereof* Petition in the )T% where the public officer resides or holds office for issuance of writ commanding said officer to )'ow ca&)e why the said property or any part thereof be not declared property of the "tate* $o petition allowed within 1 year before any general election or within 5 months before any special election 5rescription of petition: I years from the date of resignation or separation of the public officer or employee Lex Cervus Fraternity-SSC 6udgment7 n case respondent is unable to satisfy the court that he legitimately ac7uired the property the same shall be F!)F# T#.the ta8ing away by any method or scheme.+ "" !$ $T! P)!')(+ • (ny person who has !witnessed or "T(T# D T$#"" • (ny person who has !participated" 8 . in favor of the "tate provided that no judgment shall be rendered within <months before any general election or within 5months before any special election* The respondent or any person cannot be e@cused from attending and testifying or from producing documents on the ground of self-incrimination but shall not be criminally liable if compelled to testify or produce documents e*cept that he may be liable for perjury or false testimony in case this is warranted* .lo1ee) (RA !-:/$ • Public officer ac7uiring an amount of property manifestly out of proportion to his salary and other lawful income* • $!T considered legitimately ac7uired property: (!$ property unlawfully ac7uired but ownership is concealed by its being recorded in the name of the respondentGs spouse.shall include the cow. large cattle whether or not for profit or whether committed with or without use violence against or intimidation of persons of force upon things* !t includes the killing of large cattle.

based on the number of months of imprisonment or detention4 not to e@ceed P1. the ma@imum that the /oard may approve shall not e@ceed P16.#) %("#".: to ensure the funding re7uirement of the law. %(T#: if carried out by 5 or more persons conspiring in carrying out any unlawful or illegal transaction in (rt* 5I of the .. $': 011 for victims of un0ust imprisonment or detention .( "-$. the following are further considered as acts of illegal recruitment: 011 failure of a recruiter to deploy his recruits4 031 failure to reimburse documentation and processing e@penses incurred by the wor8er who is not deployed without his fault* • #%!$!+ % "(/!T('#: if committed by a syndicate or large scale shall be considered an offense involving economic sabotage • /.ri)on2ent or +etention an+ 3icti2) of 3iolent cri2e) (RA :-. !T..sec.abor %ode • /."! by holders of authority or licensees as amended by )( H6I3 or the +igrant Dor8ers (ct* • 8ote7 (rt* 5I of the .#: 011 any person who was unjustly accused.abor %ode for prohibited acts has been redefined by )( H6I3 and are now considered as acts of illegal recruitment • :nder )( H6I3.(t present this crime may not only be committed by non-holders of authority or non-licensees /:T (. for perjury* n addition. he can be prosecuted for contempt and if he falsely testifies. %# .666* • D.9.! +(. 'A :0()/ 9 ./$ • D.!L: within < months from date of release or from the date the victim suffered injury • & %T + %!+P#$"(T !$ F:$.!L* !n case of failure or refusal to testify .( + with .#: if committed against 5 or more persons individually or as a group • 9enue: RTC where the offense was committed or where the offended party actually resides at the time of the commission of the offense . convicted and imprisoned but subse7uently released by virtue of a judgment or ac7uittal4 031 any person who was unjustly detained and released without being charged4 051 any victim of arbitrary or illegal detention by the authorities under a final judgment of the court4 0I1 any person who is a victim of violent crimes* • (D().F .#$ T! F . /#$#F T": 011 secure housing facility4 031 relocation and=or change of personal identity4 051 financial support4 0I1 right not to be removed from employment as a result of his attendance before any judicial or 7uasi-judicial body or investigating body4 051 right to be paid e7uivalent salaries corresponding to the number of days of absence occasioned by the Program4 0<1 free medical treatment4 021 if the witness is #illed% a &urial &enefit for his heirs in an amount not less than P'(%(((4 0H1 in case of death or permanent incapacity.arassment of prisoners is punishable An Act Creating a %oar+ of Clai2) for 3icti2) of &n=&)t i2.666 per month4 031 $ (.T" ($.()'# "%(.# %. enjoyment of all rights under the Program will be terminated* . his minor or dependent children shall be entitled to free education as may be determined by the .• has #nowled$e or information" of the commission of a crime and has testified or is testifying or is about to testify before any judicial or 7uasijudicial body provided that: (a$ the offense is a grave felony or its e7uivalent under special laws4 (b$ his testimony can be substantially corroborated in all its material points4 (c$ his family is subjected to threats to life or bodily injury on account of his testimony • in the commission of a crime and desires to be a witness for the "tate whenever the following circumstances are present: (a$ the offense is a grave felony or its e7uivalent in special laws4 (b$ there is no other direct evidence for the prosecution of the offense4 (c$ testimony can be substantially corroborated4 (+$ he does not appear to be the most guilty4 (e$ he has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude • • • ) '. P5*66 shall be set aside from each filing fee in every civil case filed with the court which shall constitute the &ictim %ompensation Fund* Illegal Recr&it2ent (Art4 -5 Labor Co+e$ • Illegal Recr&it2ent.

ower tran)2i))ion line) an+ 2aterial) •'en)ion an+ Pro)ec&tion of Cri2inal ?ffen+er) (P !5#/$ (%T" P:$ ".INATI?N (P 65-$ • '(+#-F C $': any arrangement by which the result of the game shall be predicted or 8nown other than on the honest playing s8ill or ability of the players • P! $T-". of a motor vehicle belonging to another without the latterGs consent. bribery etc* • (ltering.when the owner. driver. destroying or concealing any document with intent to impair its authenticity or availability in any investigation or official proceedings in criminal cases • .AVIN* AN *A>E >AC. concealing or facilitating the escape of any person he knows or has reasonable ground to believe has committed a crime to prevent his arrest.666 to any person who shall report to the $P% or police such acts of theft of electric power transmission lines and materials* • )ight of the private electric utility or cooperative to disconnect electric service of anyone violating acts prohibited under the law* LA< ?N ?%STRUCTI?N ?F EUSTICE9 ecree Penali@ing ?b)tr&ction of A. $(T !$: any other fraudulent scheme employed for the purpose of influencing the result of any game.: (!$ Illegal &)e of electricit1 0a1 tap any electric service wire without consent of the private electric utility.elaying the prosecution of criminal cases by obstructing the service of processes or court orders or disturbing proceedings in the fiscal<s office or in other courts • Presenting any document with 8nowledge of its falsity • (ccepting or soliciting any benefit in consideration of abstaining from or impeding the prosecution of the offender • Threatening another person with bodily harm to prevent him from testifying • 4iving false or fabricated information to mislead the law enforcement agencies from apprehending the offender ECREE PENALIBIN* *A>E-FIXIN*D P?INT-S. 0c1 tampering the electric meter which interferes with the accurate registry or metering of the electricity 0d1 damaging or destroying an electric meter or e7uipment as to interfere with the proper or accurate meter reading. occupant of the carnapped motor vehicle is killed or raped in the course of the commission of the carnapping or on the occasion thereof* • %learance and permit re7uired for assembly or rebuilding of motor vehicles to ensure that the vehicle is not listed in the P$P and . or by means of violence against or intimidation of persons. 0e1 receiving any direct benefit of the above-mentioned acts4 (#$ t'eft of electric .(& $': any arrangement where the ability of the player to score points shall be limited deliberately in order to affect the results of the game in favor of the other team or player • '(+# +(%. or by using force upon things* • FRA :"7/: reclusion perpetua to death penalty imposed.#.arboring.P5. with intent to gain.T! as carnapped vehicles* 10 .(/. 0b1 tap into the electric service facility of any registered customer.#: • 5reventing witnesses from testifying or reporting the commission of any offense by means of violence.. prosecution and conviction* • Publicly using a fictitious name to conceal a crime or concealing his true name and other personal circumstances for the same purpose0s1 • .• • 5rescription: 5 years for illegal recruitment4 36 years for illegal recruitment cases involving economic sabotage ( person convicted for illegal recruitment can be convicted of estafa provided the elements of the crime are present Anti-Electricit1 an+ Pilferage Act of !//6 (RA :5-#$ • (%T" P:$ ". races and sports contests ANTI-CARNAPPIN* ACT ?F !/:# (RA "7-/ a) a2en+e+ b1 RA :"7/$ • %arnapping: is the ta8ing.