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Football Development Plan


Susy Massey Club Development Officer

Barking and Dagenham Community Sport and Physical Activity Network Football Development Plan 2011 - 2014
INTRODUCTION This Football Development Plan sets out a framework for delivering a Borough wide development programme to create a sustainable, sound and progressive plan for football development; increasing participation and skills within the borough. This plan specifically excludes development opportunities to be pursued for the Boroughs playing pitches and sports facilities. These will be fully considered in a separate sports facility plan which will be developed during 2010. The delivery of the football development plan will be co-ordinated by the Councils sport and physical activity development team. Its implementation will be monitored and evaluated by the Barking and Dagenham Community Sport and Physical Activity Network (CSPAN) as part of its primary role to ensure the effective delivery of the physical activity priority action plan as set out in the Boroughs Health and Well Being Strategy. The development and implementation of ten sports specific action plans, including football, is one of the key work programmes in the CSPAN action plan. CSPAN is accountable to the Barking Partnerships Health and Well Being programme board for the delivery of the overarching physical activity action plan.

VISION To create an effective infrastructure of football opportunities ensuring that everyone can participate in the national game, regardless of age, gender or background, in a safe, secure, enjoyable and cohesive environment.

AIMS The overarching aim of the Football Development Plan is to increase participation of football within Barking and Dagenham. The development plan will tie in with the Boroughs Football Development Strategys Key Strategic Goals; - Grow the Game Increase the number of players and keep people in the game - Raise Standards in Local Football Create a safe and positive environment for everyone in football

- Develop Better Players Focus on improving the quality of the 5-11 age group and youth players - Invest in a Skilled Football Workforce A paid and volunteer workforce for football must be supported and an effective coach education programme established locally - Secure investment to make existing facilities fit for purpose and provide new ones Access and quality of facilities for playing and training must be improved - Organise and Communicate Football Opportunities Effectively Everyone must have a clear understanding of how local football development is structured and delivered in Barking and Dagenham

OBJECTIVES In order to deliver the aims 9 key areas have been identified: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Club Development Leagues Competitions and Small Sided Football Workforce Development Football in Education Women and Girls Football Football for Disabled People Community Cohesion Health Communication and Marketing

CURRENT FOOTBALL POSITION 8 Football Clubs 13 Football Leagues 230 Football Teams Active People 1 39.71% Percentage of people in Barking Active People 2 43.43% and Dagenham participating in Active People 3 43.16% Football

KEY TARGETS Year 1 1 club achieving FA Charter Club Status Completed audit of football in Barking and Dagenham 5 Barking and Dagenham Charter Clubs Database of coaches and volunteers School Club Links created Year 2 1 club achieving FA Charter Club Status U18 league for schools established 1 junior disability team Annual mini soccer tournament Futsal Team in the borough established Annual football festival Year 3 1 club achieving FA Charter Club Status Winter League for women established Clubs running after school sessions Clubs running community teams Pathway for disabled people to gain qualifications in football Clubs running buddy scheme with community teams

Football e-bulletin circulated

Please note that Achievement Targets set out below that have been marked with an * are subject to change following the initial mapping exercise.

Club Development
To allow people from all ages and with all abilities the opportunity to participate in football To provide a network of FA Charter Standard Clubs / Barking and Dagenham Club Charter Increase the awareness of the charter standards and improve the uptake by clubs Develop clubs signing up to Barking and Dagenham Charter to FA Charter Standard Develop a volunteer and mentor programme for all clubs to use as a toolkit Develop a strong coaching pathway and player pathway*

Achievement Targets
5 Barking and Dagenham Charter Clubs* 1 FA Charter Club per year Womens Local League with 5 teams U18 league for schools with 5 school teams Football Academies at Barking FC and Dagenham and Redbridge FC 2 School/Club links per year Reduce School Leavers Drop out Increase Number of new teams 5 per year 1 Disability Team per year e.g. yr 1 = junior yr 2 senior

Your Plan Objective Mapping exercise of the Borough Tactic Establish all outlets of football currently taking place in Barking and Dagenham, whether it be coaching, local pitch hire, club use or school use. Take best practice models from all NGB / Club Mark standards Achievement Target An in depth audit of football within Barking and Dagenham produced Responsibility CSPAT CDO Timescale Year 1 Finance Officer time

Establish Borough Charter

Increase the number of Clubs achieving FA Charter Standard Develop and Sustain a Womens local League

Promote the benefits of FA charter standard to clubs. Support clubs in application by running workshops / courses for child safety / first aid Increase awareness of Women and Girls in football get into football campaign. Increase the number of women officials through SSP leadership schemes. Set up womens training session linked to local club/ 6th form

Borough Charter for existing clubs to acknowledge and sign up to once embedded hire of facilities only to be given to charter standard At least 1 club achieving FA standard per year.


September 2010



Yr 1 March 2011 Yr 2 March 2012 Yr 3 March 2013

Cost of workshops*

Successful and sustainable womens league established. Utilising female volunteers and officials.

CSPAT CDO Barking Ladies Essex FA Parks SSP CSPAN sub group 2012 unit West Ham Ladies

Year 3 - Winter League

Pitch hire

Your Plan Develop and sustain U18 League for Schools Yearly U18 league established Engage SSP to promote league. Increase the number and running with student of quality coaches accessible officials and players. to schools by liaising with partners for coach education courses. Organise appropriate training for school volunteers. 2 school club links per year Mapping exercise of the Borough catchment area of schools to clubs. Step into Sport. School Leagues supported by clubs. Extended School programme school sites for club use. Schools to have access to high quality club coaches. More people in physical activity Run after school clubs and and playing football aged 15 mini leagues; create 19 years old opportunities for officials to complete training and hours incentives to earn money. Clubs to run sessions at schools linking to club nights. SSP Clubs PAEL Year 1 promotion through SSP Year 2 September start x2 schools Year 3 10 school teams Cost of facility hire, umpires, officials, volunteered hours

Create school club links for player and official pathways


Officer time Year 1 1 link in place Year 2 2 links in lace Year 3 2 further links in lace

Prevent Dropout of young people in football


Year 2 SSP to run sessions Coaching for schools Year 3 Clubs on board and running sessions Year 4 all schools on board

Your Plan Audit of facilities suitable for Establish disabled players (e.g. tactile Borough Disability Team signs on walls). Increase awareness of football for disabled people via appropriate marketing. Support clubs in attending disability coaching courses, encourage clubs to run disability specific teams. Work with BADACCESS to create sustainable football opportunities for disabled people. Barking FC and Dagenham Pathways and Redbridge FC to develop created from player academies for young grassroots to players and to create strong excellence links with Centres of Excellence A fully active disability team in Barking and Dagenham, taking part in competitions across London and Essex. Opportunities for disabled people to work and volunteer within Sports Clubs in Barking and Dagenham. CSPAT CDO SSP Trinity School Clubs PAEL Disablement Association Hear us football BADACCESS Interactive Yr 1: begin promotion of football Yr 2: 1 Junior Team Yr 3: 1 Senior Team * Cost of marketing material / coaching courses.

CSPAT CDO More players developing through local clubs to elite clubs Barking FC Barking Ladies and centres of excellence Leyton Orient Centre of Excellence West Ham Ladies

Year 1 establish best clubs to form the academy Year 2 - academy established Year 3 Players moving onward and upward

Cost of coaching and pitch time

Leagues, Competition and Small-sided Football

Develop and support good quality leagues and competitions accessible for all ages and abilities

Achievement Targets
Borough wide pool of coaches, officials and volunteers* Support and sustain a good quality league structure Increase the number of teams in local Futsall league in Newham* Develop a junior womens league with 5 6 new teams a year Develop a primary school league for mini soccer 6 teams per year Increase the number of U19 Leagues with 4 more teams per year

Your Plan Objective Database of coaches, officials and volunteers in Barking and Dagenham Tactic Achievement Target Responsibility SSP PAEL CSPAT CDO Essex FA Clubs Timescale Year 1 July 2010 onwards Finance *cost of online database

Mapping exercise of current Database in place and all key coaches, officials and partners to have access. volunteers. Information to be put on database new coaches and officials to be registered onto database.

Your Plan Increase the awareness of local leagues Promote benefits of charter standard to clubs. Engage volunteers to support leagues and promote within the community and football clubs. Good quality leagues running at capacity. Clubs Leagues CSPAT CDO Essex FA Parks Football Foundation Clubs Essex FA Parks Year 1 volunteers signosted Admin / pitch time to leagues Year 2 2 more teams per league Year 3 3 more teams per league

To Provide competitive senior football opportunities for people of all ages, race and gender To provide competitive senior football opportunities for people with disabilities

Engage clubs to run community More people playing in competitive football. teams, that compete in local community leagues and street leagues.

Year 3

Pitch time

Enter team into Regional Ability County League

1 team will be entered into Soccability League

Clubs Essex FA Football Foundation Soccability Trinity School Interactive Barking and Dagenham Volunteers Beaurau

Year 3 once teams are formed, difficulty due to impairment restrictions

Your Plan To provide more opportunities for taster sessions in football Work with key partners to run a series of football festivals. Programme of summer festivals and events established CSPAT CDO LBBD Events West Ham Utd Clubs Parks Essex FA Football Foundation Club CSPAN SSP Community Teams Sports Council PAEL SSP LCs Year 2 link to CSPAT events and Dagenham Town Show

To run an annual mini soccer tournament To develop a Futsal league

To invite all local clubs to participate

Annual mini soccer tournament delivered

Annually from Year 2

To get referees and coaches Futsal qualified. Provide and develop the league in the community. Promote ownership of league from members of the community.

New Futsal team in Barking and Dagenham entering local neighbouring leagues with the aim to have a Barking and Dagenham Futsal League

Provide more opportunities for women and girls to take part in competitive football

Ladies club to develop school links, exit routes from girls football at school to womens club and create awareness of women in football. Support male dominated clubs to run womens teams / coaching sessions.

More women and girls competing in football.

Barking Ladies Dagenham and Redbridge Ladies West Ham Ladies

Year 1 esatblish interest in the Borough Year 2 signpost interested players or new formed team t Newham Futsall League Year 5 Barking and Dagenham Futsall League Year 2 good links established Year 3 Well working partnership

Tournament will cover its own costs and make profit for the club Cost of entry to league

Cost to club

(staff, coaches, tutors, referees, volunteers) Workforce Development

Aim Database of volunteers, coaches, officials and support staff Maintain good links and support for volunteers access to training Invest in Coach Education Programme Enable disabled people to have access to volunteering and coaching Ensure that within the Barking and Dagenham Charter there is a coach development plan

Achievement Targets Run a minimum of two Level 1 Coaching Courses each year Run a level 2 Coaching Course each year All coaches to become part of local coaches association* Level 3 coach qualified within Barking and Dagenham each year Referees Course Volunteers to attend courses shown on database

Your Plan Objective More qualified coaches. Tactic Achievement Target Responsibility Dagenham and Redbridge FC Essex FA Job Centre Plus Barking College Timescale Women as a target Finance Cost of course

Two level 1 courses a year Run more coaching courses within Barking and Dagenham and one level 2 courses a through Recruit Into Coaching, year; increase the number of partnering other local authorities coaches in Barking and Dagenham* to run courses.

Your Plan Training for women Host one Level 1 coaching course and basic referees course aimed specifically at women and girls in Barking and Dagenham only. Assist coaches Run courses in FA Child protection, First Aid, How to development coach disabled athletes, Coaching Children and young people. Etc. To provide coaches with ongoing opportunities to develop Pathway for disabled people to gain qualifications Clubs to encourage coaches to join the Association of football coaches to share good practice and constantly improve quality of their coaching Engage Interactive to run Coach-ability courses allowing disabled people in Barking and Dagenham to gain qualifications and go on to employment Partner with other authorities to provide access to level 3 courses for level 2 coaches More female coaches and referees locally based. Essex FA Sports Coach UK PAEL CSPAT CDO Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 *Promotion is key Cost of course

High quality coaches and volunteers to run football clubs with good practice.

Increase awareness of association and at least one coach from each club signed up and sharing best practice.

Year 1 Essex FA Year 2 Red Cross Year 3 PAEL Interactive (formally LSF) Sports Coach UK Year 2 workshop Clubs Year 3 all clubs with one Association of member football coaches Sports Coach UK

Cost of course

Fee to join

Clubs to have access to high quality coaches

Disabled people accessing workshops and coaching courses and finding employment and volunteering opportunities within football in Barking and Dagenham. A minimum of 1 level 3 coach in Barking and Dagenham qualified per year

Essex FA PAEL Interactive (LSF) Sports Coach UK EFDS CSPAT CDO Essex FA Clubs Sports Coach UK PAEL CSPAT CDO

Year 3 pathway established

Year 2 partner with local authority to provide a level 3

Your Plan Promote and enable volunteer development Run volunteer development programmes in Barking and Dagenham. Volunteer access to courses.* Established volunteer development programme and high quality volunteers working in Barking and Dagenham. Essex FA PAEL CSPAT CDO Sports Coach UK Clubs Olympic Ambition Team Barking and Dagenham Job Centre Essex FA Clubs Connexions Year 2 programme established

Reduce unemployment within Barking and Dagenham through football

Partner with Job Centre to provide access to qualifications within football for NEETSs

Job Centre to identify individuals and more coaches and assistants to have employment within football

Year 2 liaise with Job Centre Year 3 begin scheme

Football in Education
Develop and maintain positive relationships between schools and clubs Increase awareness in schools of opportunities within football (E.G. Officials) Develop and maintain school football competitions and leagues

Achievement Targets
Clubs to support schools in 2 schools/club links programme PE teachers to attend training and education Primary Teams to take part in skills challenge 5 teams per year Girls teams to take part in skills challenge 5 teams per year At least 5 girls teams taking part in leagues U18 League / competitions increased by 5 per year Prevent Drop Out school leavers project Annual Football festival Increase the number of young volunteers

Your Plan Objective Increase school / club links Tactic Schools to sign up to FA Club Link programme. Mapping exercise; location of clubs in relation to schools Achievement Target Responsibility Timescale Year 1 2 Year 2 4 Year 3 6 Finance Officer time

School Club SLA in place and 2 SSP school club links established per year. Clubs CDO

Your Plan Teachers attending training PE training day workshops on best practice football coaching, Discounted football coaching awards. Schools to be made aware of FA soccerstar challenge. Schools to create links with Womens Clubs, run after school clubs and leagues for girls to take part. 2 teachers gaining coaching award per year. Junior Football Organisers Course SSP SSCo CDO Essex FA Year 1 2 Year 2 4 Year 3 6 Cost of teacher training courses and teacher time

Schools made aware of skills challenge / Tesco skills Girls football after school clubs

Primary teams taking part in skills challenge

Ladies Club linked with schools, numerous girls after school clubs and 1 league running throughout the winter terms.

SSPs to identify young Sixth form teams taking part in leaders / volunteers to leagues. oversee the league and Sixth form volunteers managing and administrating the league. management. Incentives for people to take part Tickets to matches 1 annual football festival held. All Run 1 annual SSPs to enagage football festival participants and provide schools and Charter Standard clubs to be invited. volunteers. Clubs to promote their sessions and officiate, Establish U18 League

SSCo SSP Essex FA The FA SSCo Barking Ladies West ham Utd Essex FA Dagenham and Redbridge Ladies SSP Colleges Dagenham and Redbridge FC West Ham Utd Essex FA SSP CSPAT CDO Clubs Essex FA

Year 2

Year 2 Engaged SSP

Year 1 promotion Year 2 6 teams Year 3 10 teams Year 4 15 teams

Cost of referees / admin / court pitch time.

Year 1 planning and implementing Year 2 football festival to follow on from leagues Year 3 annual festival established

Volunteered hours

Your Plan More over 16s Organisations such as SSPs to work with Clubs to create taking part in school and colleges to links as well as providing sessions run by the clubs at schools to create football provide football awareness and interest sessions SSP to promote within schools Establish Promote different aspects of volunteering forward details to database Volunteer administrator. through Schools / database Olympic Ambition More volunteers taking part in football Dagenham and Increase Redbridge FC tickets and more links between schools and number of clubs for in return for volunteers volunteered hours More elite football players within Player Schools to highlight Pathways talented players through Barking and Dagenham established Gifted and Talented and club run sessions and signpost to centres of excellence SSP Clubs Essex FA CSPAT CDO SSP CSPAT CDO Essex FA Dagenham and Redbridge FC CSPAT SSP Dagenham and Redbridge FC Baking Ladies FC West Ham Ladies Leyton Orient Centre of Excellence SSP CSPAT Dagenham and Redbridge West Ham Barking Ladies SSP Barking College CSPAT Pitch / hall hire Year 2 start sessions Year 3 increase the number of sessions Year 2 develop with the 2010 Team Admin costs

Year 2 onwards

Year 3 once leagues established

Develop coach Young aspiring coaches More young people having access to training and qualifications and apprenticeship to have progression schemes routes into coaching via increases in the number of qualified football coaches an apprenticeship scheme with local clubs

Year 2 begin to develop apprenticeship foundations with more established clubs Year 3 begin scheme

Cost of apprenticeship scheme

Women & Girls Football

Improve and Develop Access and Opportunity for all ages and abilities Reduce Social Stigma of Women and Girls in football

Achievement Targets
Increase the number of Girls small sided teams by 5 per year Increase the number of Youth Female teams by 6 per year Increase the number of Womens team by 2 per year Increase the number of female qualified coaches, volunteers and official by at least 10 per year Draw Womens attention to sport and Physical Activity

Your Plan Objective Schools Girls League Tactic SSP and Competition Manager to set up and run girls leagues between schools with help of volunteers and Barking Ladies to create exit routes Achievement Target Well established girls league with pathways to Barking League, Leyton Orient Centre of Excellence and West Ham Ladies Responsibility SSP CDO Leyton Orient West Ham Ladies Barking Ladies FC Timescale Year 2 begin to develop interest Year 3 begin league Finance

Your Plan Use local role models More women taking part in football. and England role models to promote football in schools and in the community. Clubs to have stand at Womens health day promoting the benefits of exercise. More women of all ages playing Clubs to help raise Increase the football at local ladies club profile through open opportunities for Women and days / sessions after school / work. Mother Girls to take part in football and daughter sessions. Childrens activities run at the same time. More Women and Girls of all ages and Set up and run Local Ladies Club to a 10 week Get run 10 week session. abilities having the opportunity to take part in football Back Into Football Increase the awareness of women in football More womens leagues in Barking and Dagenham Established leagues to More women and girls taking part in football and in football leagues. host ladies section. Incentives such as reduced rates offered to encourage buy-in for leagues Reduced rate coaching An increase in the number of female officials courses and official qualifications offered to women Barking Ladies West Ham Ladies CSPAT SSP Role Models Year 2 Football Festival Year 3 increased sessions Cost of festival

Barking Ladies CSPAT

Year 2 engage SSP

Cost to schools and clubs for more sessions

Essex FA West Ham ladies Barking Ladies CSPAT CDO Local Leagues Essex FA Clubs

Year 2 Ladies club engaged Cost to club of free sessions

Year 3- leagues to have developed workforce in order to cope with increased numbers.

Pitch hire

More Women officials and coaches

Dagenham and Redbridge FC CSPAT PAEL SSP

Year 1 start promoting football opportunities for women.

Football for Disabled People

Increase participation and opportunity to players, coaches and officials

Achievement Targets
Develop Clubs to Inclusive and Active Club Status Increase number disabled people in mainstream football 10 coaches per year attending coaching disabled footballers course 1 impairment disability team Men / Women and Junior Raise the profile of disability football

Your Plan Objective Clubs achieving Inclusive and Active Club Status (IACS) Tactic Achievement Target Responsibility CDO Interactive Clubs Timescale No timescale set from Interactive. Year 2 CSPAT to promote to clubs and clubs to start working towards. Finance

Increase awareness if More clubs accessible and welcoming IACS amongst clubs. to disabled people of all ages and Set up worker groups to abilities share best practice, emphasise no time constraints to encourage clubs to use toolkit. Clubs open Coaches attending how Coaches confident in coaching and accessible to coaches disabled disabled people. More disabled to disabled people courses. Clubs people taking part in football, both people. to take on disabled playing and supporting. volunteers

Interactive Sports Coach UK Clubs Coaches CDO

Year 1 Sports Directory

Marketing costs

Your Plan Raise awareness of disability qualifications Positive pathway from Grass Roots to Elite More coaches trained and aware of Disability awareness coursing workshops run disability and issues affecting participation. in the Borough. More disabled people taking part in Clear pathway of progression from school football at all levels and ages. Teams to club. Playground to taking part in Essex FA Soccability. Podium key outlet for Talent ID. Sports Coach UK Interactive Coaches Year 1 end of year publication, highlighting 2011 information Year 2 more disabled people involved in football Year 3 a team in the disability league

SSP CDO Clubs Interactive EFDS Essex FA Increase the Clubs to run disability More disability teams taking part in SSP leagues across London and Essex. number of sessions as well as CDO disability teams inclusive sessions. Essex FA in Barking and Leagues to include Leagues Dagenham disability section. Clubs More disabled Annual Disability Annual Tournament established and a Dagenham and people in Football Tournament for substantial number of participants Redbridge FC mainstream disabled children / CSPAT football young people. 6 week lead in coaching.

Year 3 at least one impairment team in the league

Year 3 depending on out come of year 1 and 2.

Community Cohesion

Increase participation of minority groups Provide a safe environment for playing, training and access to coaching To have fully inclusive football clubs within Barking and Dagenham, regardless of race, religion, age or ability Develop and maintain links with different groups within the community Increase awareness and access to football

Achievement Targets
Increase the number of BME volunteers Increase the number of BME coaches Introduce a BME league for women Create community football award, presented at Barking and Dagenham Sports Awards Community football tournament and/or league Increase number of participants from deprived backgrounds Establish a sports equality group Increase the number of BME participants in mainstream Football Attend group meetings to raise profile of clubs / leagues Increase number of group meetings accessed Establish Buddy scheme, links to well established clubs to community teams / groups.

Your Plan Objective Tactic Achievement Target Responsibility Timescale Finance

Target wards within Barking and Dagenham with a higher population of BME groups Clubs to promote Kick It Out

Run community sessions for BME groups, local communities to organise and officiate

Community football sessions running on evenings and weekends for BME groups

Essex FA BME groups CDO

Year 2 community teams established

Clubs to show Reduced racism in sport, more BME encouragement of Kick groups playing, coaching and It Out by promoting it on volunteering in Football. flyers / websites Sports Equality Clubs and community Equality group meeting regularly and Group groups to attend actively breaking down barriers to established equality group. BME participation Annual cultural football Different styles of football showcase festival including 5 A-side and Futsal


Year 1 workshops and promotion of reduced racism in sport Year 1 agenda item on football worker group

Cost of hall hire

More people aware of community football More BME residents achieving qualifications

Subsidised courses for More BME coaches and volunteers target areas and BME active in Barking and Dagenham groups

Clubs Essex FA CDO BME groups CDO BME groups Futsal Leagues Essex FA Clubs CDO Essex FA Sports Coach UK Asian Football Network

Year 2 run football festival

Cost of festival

Year 2 begin subsidising courses

Cost of courses official sport London for funding

Your Plan More BME women taking part in football Coaching courses for More BME women taking part in Football, playing, coaching and BME women, designated women only volunteering. sessions at Ladies Football Club including Female coaches and volunteers breaking down barriers to participation caused by religion. CDO Essex FA Sports Coach UK Barking Ladies Asian Football Network Cost of courses Year 1 Female Courses to be ran with uptake from BME women Year 2 Courses ran targetting specifically for BME groups Year 3 BME women coaching football in clubs

More community teams from all ages, Local businesses to Community ethnicities and gender Team Award at sponsor awards, Sports Awards community teams to take part in community league winner of league wins awards Volunteers to run and Community league set up and an Set up a organise local league, annual increase in the number of community teams taking part in the league promote league to league businesses, community groups and church groups Outlets for Air Footballat Goals in All community support organisations young Dagenham signosting to be aware of Air Football. Increased participation in Air Football, with less offenders / from other re-offenders alcohol and organisations. drugs abuse recoverers

CSPAT Volunteers Clubs

Year 2 and 3

Cost of the Trophy

Volunteers Gateway to the Games CSPAT

Year 3

Air Football Social Services Drugs and Alcohol Team CSPAT Essex FA

Year 1 Air Football to be put Officer Time on the map Year 2 Organisations signposting individuals

Your Plan Increase the number participants playing football from deprived backgrounds Promote benefits of football to community groups and deprived groups Low cost pitch usage More people from deprived backgrounds taking part in football for people receiving benefits, access to low cost coaching volunteered hours. Off peak usage of facilities for job-seekers. Increase the number of people playing Attend community football, increase the number of teams meetings and group sessions in social clubs, taking part in competitions. Buddy scheme with local clubs to community churches, meeting scheme. places. Promote the benefits of football and the availability of football in Barking and Dagenham CSPAT Job Centre Sports Centres Parks Year 2 plan the reduced cost into the budgets and begin operating

CSPAT CDO Clubs Parks and Open Spaces Leisure Centres

Year 1 Workshops and roadshows to be linked with 2012 open weekends/ Community Games. Year 2 promote around the community Year 3 Implement the Buddy Scheme.

Cost of roadshows and workshops

Communication & Marketing

Promote football programme in a clear and constructive way Use different media outlets to reach as many people as possible Ensure material is available in different formats

Achievement Targets
Produce localised marketing plan for football PR and communications strategy produced Create links with local press, community newspapers, businesses Football steering group established with clear strategic aims and goals Training and Education opportunities to be produced and promoted Outlet for clubs achieving recognised standards to be published and advertised Accessible material easy to locate and obtain

Your Plan Objective Tactic Achievement Target Marketing plan produced with achievable goals. Responsibility CSPAT Clubs Essex FA SSP Essex FA CSPAT SSP Clubs Timescale Year 1 Objectives mapped out and plan produced Year 2 Work towards localised plan Year 1 Strategy produced Year 2 by end of, all partners on board Finance

Produce Meet with Barking and localised Dagenham marketing marketing plan team for best practice ideas. Produce PR Working group to and establish aims and Communicatio goals. ns strategy

PR and communications strategy produced and all partners buy-in and sign up to strategy

Your Plan Brochure to include all Brochure produced annually or 6 level 1 , level 2 , level 3, monthly. How to Coach Disabled People and Teacher Training as well as First Aid, safeguarding children. Magazine produced quarterly. Magazine to include Provide a new Charter Standard Distributed quarterly Clubs now registered in Borough the borough. Local magazine businesses to have section in brochure in return for sponsorships of events further promotion of clubs and leagues within their business and partners. All football events both large and Introduce a Diary of events, central diary of workshops included in small included in Borough magazine. events Borough magazine but updated centrally. Accessible Large Print, Audio and Promotional material accessible and available to all. material also Braille versions available produced. Workforce development brochure to be produced and distributed as e -bullitin. Essex FA Sports Coach UK CDO Year 1 September in time for the new seaseon. Produced bi-annually from then on wards. Officer Time

Essex FA Clubs

Year 1 magazine format to be decided Year 2 E-magazine to be sent out with E-bullitin as part of it from then on.

Officer time

Clubs CDO

Year 2 inclusion in Emagazine once workshops are decided. As and when required.

LBBD marketing