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Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing

by Creflo A. Dollar Jr.

©1992 Creflo A. Dollar Jr. All rights reserved.

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Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing I%)": -;,30+6:.;-;,

Copyright .,,/, by Creflo !4 Dollar >r4 !ll rights reser1ed4

Lo1e and the !nointing: 5eeping is Word4444444444444444444444444444444.-8 Chapter .Ta le of Contents (reface44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444446 Chapter . 'he ?ruit of 'emperance and the !nointing4444444444444444444444444444444444. ?rom umility to the !nointing444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444. Chapter / 5nowing the Reality of the !nointing44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444/0 Chapter 0 Wisdom and &ight: Ingredients in #od@s !nointing444444444444444444408 Chapter + #od@s (urpose for the !nointing44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444+8 Chapter 8 (aying the (rice for the !nointing: 'he ?oundation444444444444444444443.-.. Chapter 3 (aying the (rice for the !nointing: 'he (urchase4444444444444444444444443. Chapter 6 (aying the (rice for the !nointing: ?asting and (rayer44444444444444468 Chapter : 'he ?ruit of the %pirit and the !nointing444444444444444444444444444444444444444:8 Chapter . Chapter . ... Lo1e and the !nointing: De1eloping a Lo1e Relationship with the ?ather4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444.

5enneth and #loria Copeland4 I thank #od for you both4 Aou will ne1er know the impact that you ha1e had on my life and ministry4 'hank you for e1erything4 .Dedi!ation I would like to dedicate this book to my spiritual father and mother.


Prefa!e In early . she arranged for us to go to a remote island in the Carolinas4 We left determined not to return until we had the Word of the Lord for the rest of the Fourney4 We had to ha1e #od@s instructions4 6 . it is completely rebuilt and reassembled so that it can function and operate as though it were brand new4 I knew that was e*actly what I neededC I realiEed I needed to be rebuilt and reconstructed in the Word so that I could make it through the demanding days to come4 I knew it was time to slip away from the daily pressures and duties of pastoring a large and growing church. I would ha1e to know what #od was saying4 I was con1inced that I could no longer accomplish things by my own plans.. B%on. it is time for e mean by B!n o1erhaulDB I thought4 BWhat does thatDB 'hen I realiEed that. when an engine gets an o1erhaul.-@s was going to be different4 I knew that if I 7or any other belie1er9 was going to sur1i1e. I found myself at a spiritual crossroad. I went before the Lord to seek direction4 !s I prayed... an o1erhaulCB e spoke to me saying. naturally speaking. and go away to seek the Lord4 &y wife began to sense this need as well4 %o. decisions and good ideas4 With this in mind. not ha1ing any idea what #od wanted to do ne*t in my life and ministry4 I knew in my spirit that the decade of the @. much less thri1e.

we did nothing but fast. but it is going to re=uire &e and &y abilities to break them4 AO< &<%' !2$ &A A !" #" G$ 'hat was that4 It was all I needed to know4 I had the Word of the Lord4 Aou see. everyone must be clothed with my ability.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing While at the island. how it operates and how you can make it a permanent part of your daily life4 Once that happens. saying: In order for you to get the rest of the way. with the anointing of #od.byeB to the old Lone Ranger mentality. pray and seek #od4 One morning. you will be able to handle these challenges masterfully and 1ictoriously4 Aou cannot do it alone4 Aou must say Bgood. child of #od. you will not succeed4 In the following pages you will disco1er what the anointing is. you are going to encounter things in these last days that will confound all of the education and natural ability in the world4 owe1er. no challenge will face you that you cannot o1ercome.. my 1irtue. in order for the entire body of Christ to get the rest of the way. no weapon the de1il may send against you can catch you by : .. after a time in the Word. and say BhelloB to the anointing of #od4 Aou must ha1e #od@s anointing4 Without it. my power and my anointing4 'here are some yokes that you will encounter that cannot he broken with your own natural abilities. I decided to pray in the %pirit until something broke loose and was released inside of me4 !s I prayed. a powerful force suddenly began to swell up on the inside of my spirit4 &y entire body began to shake and I could sense the manifested presence of #od surrounding me4 'hen. the %pirit of the Lord spoke to my spirit.

Preface surprise or do you harm and no circumstance can steal your Foy and peace4 It is with this in mind that I present to you what I belie1e is an absolutely essential message for e1eryone in the )ody of Christ to know and understandGB#od@s (urpose for the !nointing4B . .


" Proverbs 15:33 'he !nointing4 'hat term is thrown around a lot in Christian circles today4 B e@s a 1ery anointed speaker444%he has a real anointing for that444'he anointing breaks the yoke. and before honour is humility.1 Chapter 1 "ro# $u#ilit% to the Anointing "The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom. . only one type of person is truly able to understand the nature of the anointing and walk in itGand that person is one who has come to the point of genuine humility4 "otice I said genuine humility4 &ost people don@t e1en know what that is4 'hey don@t recogniEe it when they see it because they Fudge by the wrong criteria4 'hus. you know4B Aou can hear such comments on any gi1en %unday in any charismatic or (entecostal church in !merica4 )ut what is 'he !nointingD In the course of this study you@ll find out4 What@s more. you@ll learn how you can =ualify for and operate in the anointing4 HualifyD AesC Aou see. many of the people we ha1e called humble are actually prideful and 1ice 1ersa4 &hat is $u#ilit%' ..

his shoulders slouched and doesn@t say much4 )ut the world is mistaken4 ! =uiet person is not necessarily a humble person4 One can be silent and yet rebelliousI =uiet and yet selfish4 )y the same token. a humble man walks around with his head down. to be humble means to be submissi1e4 It means to take your authority. he is yielding to the authority of another4 What.ut honour shall uphold the hu# le in spirit. is not necessarily arrogant4 Confidence is not pride4 Consider the confident ser1ant waiting to boldly carry out his master@s command4 e is confident. +Prover s 11-2.ut )ith the lo)l% is )isdo#. +Prover s 1. the lowly ha1e wisdom and it@s better to ha1e a humble spirit than a spirit of pride4 In a 1ery basic sense. A #an's pride shall ring hi# lo). then. is true humilityD Let@s look at what the Word has to say about it4 (etter it is to e of an hu# le spirit )ith the lo)l%* than to divide the spoil )ith the proud. &hen pride !o#eth* then !o#eth sha#e. 'he )ible says humility is BlowlinessB or the act of being lowly4 !ccording to these 1erses./ . power and independence and yield them to another4 It implies becoming totally obedient to a higher authority4 'o step down. +Prover s 29-2/.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing !ccording to the world@s standards. yet at the same time.-19. in order to look up4 . a man who walks confidently and knows who he is.

you place yourself in a lowly position under is mighty hand4 Aou are under is authority and power4 Aou refuse to mo1e until you find out where $e wants you to go.%rom &umility to the Anointing Child of #od. when you are humble in the sight of #od. programs and ideas of the one to whom he is submitted4 "o longer independent. he becomes interdependent with the authority o1er him4 (ride is totally opposite in nature4 ! prideful man has a conceited belief in his superiority o1er others4 e e*alts his plans. you will ultimately be brought low4 Aou cannot stand for 1ery long without #od@s hedge around you4 (ride in1ariably leads to a fall4 01 2no) 3ot40 What does all this ha1e to do with the anointingD (lenty4 )efore #od e1er showed me anything about the anointing. when $e wants you to go and what $e wants you to do when you get there4 ! humble man has no plans. you do what %ou want. I had to come to the point of true humility4 I had to realiEe that my power and my ways of doing things were no longer sufficient to accomplish all that #od had called me to do4 .0 . programs or ideas of his own4 e simply adopts with all his heart the plans. the way %ou want to do it and when %ou want it done4 Aou li1e as if you are independent of #od@s hand and authority4 If you li1e this way. programs and ways of doing things abo1e #od@s4 When you are prideful.

Common sense tells us that when %olomon said. for e*ample4 In I 5ings 0. Fust as a child does from his parent4 %olomon realiEed that e1en with his education and ability he could not succeed apart from #od4 e made a . wouldn@t you sayD )ut he didn@t4 e simply prayed: And no)* 5 6ord #% God* thou hast #ade th% servant 7ing instead of David #% father. Give therefore th% servant an understanding heart to 8udge th% people* that 1 #a% dis!ern et)een good and ad. I know not how to go out or come in.and 1 a# ut a little !hild.for )ho is a le to 8udge this th% so great a people' +1 2ings /-9:9. BI am but a little child.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing 'he same will be true for you4 Aou will ha1e to adopt #od@s way of doing things before you can enFoy the success the anointing brings4 Aou will ha1e to humble yourself before #od can e*alt you4 'he )ible is full of accounts of men who did e*actly that4 'ake %olomon.B he was not referring to his age or education4 e was a grown man.1 7no) not ho) to go out or !o#e in. we see him as a newly crowned king4 e had Fust recei1ed a di1ine 1isitation during which #od told him that e would gi1e him anything he would ask4 It was an easy time for %olomon to step into pride. educated in the household of a kingC What he was saying was that he felt inade=uate to Fudge such a great country and that he wanted to recei1e #od@s instruction. And th% servant is in the #idst of th% people )hi!h thou hast !hosen* a great people* that !annot e nu# ered nor !ounted for #ultitude.+ .

.lo* 1 have given thee a )ise and an understanding heart.%rom &umility to the Anointing decision not to act out of his own limited knowledge and resources. In this conte*t.+4 <eril% 1 sa% unto %ou* =>!ept %e e !onverted* and e!o#e as little !hildren* %e shall not enter into the 7ingdo# of heaven. peace and Foy in the oly %pirit that is ours as Foint heirs with >esus Christ 7Romans . And if thou )ilt )al7 in #% )a%s* to 7eep #% statutes and #% !o##and#ents* as th% father David did )al7* then 1 )ill lengthen th% da%s. &hosoever therefore shall hu# le hi#self as this little !hild* the sa#e is greatest in the 7ingdo# of heaven.+:. And 1 have also given thee that )hi!h thou hast not as7ed* oth ri!hes* and honour.+: (ehold* 1 have done a!!ording to th% ) that there shall not e an% a#ong the 7ings li7e unto thee all th% da%s./. thereby tapping into #od@s limitless resources and power4 ow did #od respond to his humble postureD We find out in I 5ings 0:. abundant life by .::0.694 >esus says we enter into that great. but rather to seek #od@s plans4 e called upon #od to supernaturally supply what he did not possess naturally. so that there )as none li7e thee efore thee* neither after thee shall an% arise li7e unto thee.8 . the kingdom of hea1en refers to the abundant life of righteousness. The Child's 2e% to Greatness Compare %olomon@s re=uest to >esus@ words in &atthew .

.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing humbling oursel1es as little children4 is words confirm what %olomon demonstrated: child. they don@t ha1e any of their own plans. 'hat should not surprise you4 Aou are the same way with your children4 When your child . instead of simply learning from their parents. we begin to do things our own way4 We get proud. we cannot mo1e without the direction and help of the oly %pirit4 owe1er.again. when children are born into the world. 0God resisteth the proud* ut giveth gra!e unto the hu# le0 +Ja#es ?-.3 . they begin to argue or rebel against them4 Where there once was harmony. they begin to de1elop their own opinions4 #radually.. that is precisely what happens to most of us in our relationship to our ea1enly ?ather4 When we are first born. we lose it as time goes by4 Aou see it happen in the natural realm to most families4 ?or e*ample. di1isions between the parent and child begin to surface4 Once this humility ultimately leads to greatness4 !ll of us begin our Christian li1es with that kind of humility4 <nfortunately.B or BI know how that works4B Instead of seeking #od@s instruction and help the way we used to. independent of #od@s authority4 ow does #od respond to that prideD 'he )ible says. abilities or ideas4 'hey must rely completely on the plans and abilities of their parents4 )ut little by little. they can no longer walk together 7!mos 0:094 %adly. after we ha1e been sa1ed for a while and ha1e ac=uired some knowledge. we start thinking we know how to handle oursel1es4 We say things like BI@1e done this before.

as long as your child is submitted to your authority. but I Fust can@t afford to tithe right nowB or BI know I need to forgi1e them. e will be faithful to you4 If you start going the wrong way.. BWell.And (a!7 Again Child of #od. B ey.6 . you gi1e him grace4 e can make all kinds of mistakes. but you still feed.B your grace stops4 Aou say. far too many people ha1e lost all sense of 1ictory in their work. BOut. ministry. BLord. you ha1e a set response4 When he decides.. but you Fust don@t understand what they ha1e done to meBD %uch statements are nothing but pride and rebellion. e*alting your own thoughts and feelings abo1e #od@s Word4 If you ha1e done that in any area of your life. I know the )ible teaches tithing. you must humble yourself like a child and get back in the place of #od@s grace4 Come to #od and say. buddyC I resist youCB owe1er. I@m not going to empty the trash can4 I@m not going to cut the grass anymore4 I@m going to li1e life on my terms. e will do whate1er it takes to turn you around4 Aou will walk in blessings and 1ictory you do not deser1e4 Aou will walk in grace because of your humilityC "ro# "avor to "ailure. care for and help him e1ery way you can because he is in a submissi1e position4 &ost Christians would deny they ha1e e1er lifted themsel1es up in pride that way against #od4 )ut let me ask youI ow many Christians are there who say. I submit to you4 %how me where to go4B If you will do that. home life and school work simply because they ha1e e*pelled #od and is .%rom &umility to the Anointing rebels against you and decides to do things his own way.

we see that because he said BI willB rather than B'hy will. but he will ne1er know true success4 WhyD )ecause he has put aside #od@s plan and design for his life.B he was brought down to the pit of hell4 (ride always leads to disaster4 If you doubt it. but #od has called him to be a praise and worship leader4 'hat man can pray.06 tell us: &hile the )ord )as in the 7ings #outh* there fell a voi!e fro# heaven* sa%ing* 5 7ing 3e u!hadne@@ar* . taken up his own and. fast.: . as 1erses 0.8. gone from humility to pride4 In the process. they@1e fallen from fa1or to failure4 Let me show you what I mean4 %uppose there is a man who wants to be a pastor.0 In Daniel +:0-. highly fa1ored by #od. subse=uently./. we find him congratulating himself on his own greatness4 01s not this great (a %lon* that 1 have uilt for the house of the 7ingdo# % the #ight of #% po)er* and for the honour of #% #a8est%'0 he says4 )ut his self.::. yet in Isaiah .. take a look at what happened to 5ing "ebuchadneEEar4 is life bore out the truth of (ro1erbs .+:.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing ideas from their li1es4 In so doing. study and work as hard as he wants at being a pastor../: 0(efore destru!tion the heart of #an is haught%* and efore honour is hu#ilit%.adulation doesn@t last long4 ?or. he@s traded guaranteed 1ictory in the anointing of #od for guaranteed failure in his own power4 %atan himself is the earliest scriptural e*ample of someone who made that terrible trade4 e was the anointed cherub.

. it starts out with tragedy. And the% shall drive thee fro# #en* and th% d)elling shall e )ith the easts of the field. glory to #od. but. The 7ingdo# is departed fro# thee.and he doeth a!!ording to his )ill in the ar#% of heaven* and a#ong the inha itants of the earth. and 1 )as esta lished in #% 7ingdo#* and e>!ellent #a8est% )as added unto #e. .the% shall #a7e thee to eat grass as o>en* and seven ti#es shall pass over thee* until thou 7no) that the Aost $igh ruleth in the 7ingdo# of #en* and giveth it to )ho#soever he )ill.and those that )al7 in pride he is a le to a ase. The sa#e hour )as the thing fulfilled upon 3e u!hadne@@ar. and for the glor% of #% 7ingdo#* #ine honour and rightness returned unto #e. 3o) 1 3e u!hadne@@ar praise and e>tol and honour the 2ing of heaven* all )hose )or7s are truth* and his )a%s 8udg#ent.and none !an sta% his hand or sa% unto hi#* &hat doest thou' At the sa#e ti#e #% reason returned unto #e.%rom &umility to the Anointing to thee it is spo7en. And at the end of the da%s 1 3e u!hadne@@ar lifted up #ine e%es unto heaven* and #ine understanding returned unto #e* and 1 lessed the Aost $igh* and 1 praised and honoured hi# that liveth forever* )hose do#inion is an everlasting do#inion* and his 7ingdo# is fro# generation to generationAnd all the inha itants of the earth are reputed as nothing. and #% !ounsellors and #% lords sought unto #e. it ends in . 'his is a perfect study in the process of pride4 In this case.and he )as driven fro# #en* and did eat grass as o>en* and his od% )as )et )ith the de) of heaven* till his hairs )ere gro)n li7e eagles' feathers* and his nails li7e irds !la)s.

we see the pride of this great king e1idenced by his hea1y use of the words BIB and BmyB4 'hen. e can bless usC >ames +:. we see #od step in and speak the word of his destruction4 5eep in mind. #od will not forcibly humble you. they will take you upward to great things4 Aou may only be making J84-. 0$u# le %ourselves in the sight of the 6ord* and $e shall lift %ou up. the only thing left for him to do was look up in humility4 !t the moment he looked up e1erything was restored to him4 'hat@s what #od wants more than anything4 If e can somehow get us to look up in hour right now. but he can and will use circumstances and situations to influence you4 e will not put you down. but if you@ll humble yourself and submit to #od@s plan of tithing and offering. but e will allow you to trip on your own pride and fall flat on your face4 'hat@s e*actly what happened to king "ebuchadneEEarI His downfall wasn t !od s fault" it came as the direct result of his own arrogance4 !fter he had been brought low.0 'hat means that if you@ll get in1ol1ed with #od@s plans. you will not be making hour for long4 #od will instantly start you in the process of upward motion4 e will immediately gi1e you the power to succeedGand that power is in the anointing4 Get Dressed4 /- .Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing restoration and 1ictory4 In the beginning.says..

.%rom &umility to the Anointing ?irst (eter 8:3 says.0 ?irst 5ings .0 I like that phrase.year old child who has no intention of wearing the clothes she has selected for himD e will fight and s=uirm against her e1ery effort4 )y the time she has gotten his arm in one slee1e. he has wiggled free of the other4 It@s an e*hausting and fruitless endea1or4 Aet.for God resisteth the proud* and giveth gra!e to the hu# le. and they pro1e what I ha1e been saying throughout this chapter: 'he place of humility is the place of #od@s power4 It is there. . most belie1ers beha1e e*actly the same way when it comes to the !nointingC While #od is trying to dress them with is power and anointing. trying to pursue their own plans and ideas. they are so busy s=uirming around. . 0 . that e can@t /. beneath the hand of #od. Bbe clothed with humility.::+3 says that $liFah outran the king@s chariots because 0the hand of the 6ord )as upon hi#. that you ha1e access to supernatural anointing and abilities4 It is there where you can throw off the limits of man and operate by the limitless power and might of the %pirit of the li1ing #od4 %o stop resisting and get humbleC !s I (eter 8:8 says.0 (ut those two scriptures together. (e su 8e!t one to another* and e !lothed )ith hu#ilit%.B because it so accurately depicts our necessary attitude as Christians4 We must be clothed with humility in order to walk with #od 7&icah 3::94 a1e you e1er seen a mother try to dress her three or four. 0$u# le %ourselves therefore under the #ight% hand of God* that he #a% e>alt %ou in due ti#e.

if #od could only get us thereGwhat wonderful things e could do in our li1esC Child of #od. and Fust obey it4 elp the oly %pirit clothe you in the anointing by clothing yourself first with the undergarments of humility4 umility is the key to all of #od@s power4 It is the foundation and prere=uisite for all blessing and honor4 Oh.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing do a thing with them4 Don@t be like thatC Comply with and submit to the dressing of the oly #host4 !llow those e has placed in authority o1er you to teach you4 Huit arguing with the )ible. #od can take you from there and e*alt you to the place of is anointing4 umility must come first4 // . you must be in a position of humility4 When you are.

deep and unattainable that it appears only great ministers and prophets of #od can e1er operate in it4 Chosen one." ('hesians 3:)* What is the anointingD 'hat may sound like a basic. Aaaaah Doctrine. Aaaaah Doctrine4B !ccording to the !oooh. but until recently. I didn@t know the answer myselfC It@s a peculiar thing. preach and sing about the anointing. must create a reaction of awe and amaEement at the supernatural4 It must be something so distant. what little understanding we ha1e can be summed up by what I call B'he !oooh.2 Chapter 2 2no)ing the Bealit% of the Anointing "#ow unto him that is able to do e$ceedin%" abundantly above all that we as& or thin&" accordin% to the 'ower that wor&eth in us. but in most cases. if it is real. despite how much we talk. anyone with the anointing must drop their 1oice an octa1e and do their best 5athryn 5uhlman impression4 'hey must drag out all their words and fall into a trance. perhaps e1en state in order to appear spiritual4 'he idea is that the anointing. 1ery few belie1ers understand it4 We think we do. =uestion. of course.again belie1er4 !ll you need is some understanding in order to /0 . this is absolutely not the case4 'he anointing is for you4 It is designed to e=uip you for e1eryday life and it is attainable by e1ery born.

The anointing )hi!h %e have re!eived of hi# a ideth in %ou* and %e need not that an% #an tea!h %ou. is a B e4B 'he oly %pirit is not an BitB or a BthingB4 e is a person. !aaaah Doctrine aside and look at what the Word says about the anointing4 Let@s begin with >ohn . e shall teach us all things and lead us into all truth 7>ohn . they both are in usI they both teach us all thingsI and they both show us truth4 When I disco1ered this connection. "otice the striking similarity between >esus@ description of the Comforter and >ohn@s description of the anointing4 !ccording to these scriptures. /+ . (ut the Co#forter* )hi!h is the $ol% Ghost* )ho# the "ather )ill send in #% na#e* $e shall tea!h %ou all things* and ring all things to %our re#e# ran!e* )hatsoever 1 have said unto %ou. >esus is talking to is disciples during the days Fust before is crucifi*ion4 e says.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing begin li1ing in it4 %o. I asked #od.ut as the sa#e anointing tea!heth %ou of all things* and is truth* and is no lie* and even as it hath taught %ou* %e shall a ide in hi#.094 ow is e going to do thatD 'hrough an BunctionB or Ban anointing4B ?irst >ohn /:/.. let@s set the !oooh. >esus tells us here that the Comforter.3:.. the third person of the 'rinity4 >esus said that when e comes.and /6 tells us: (ut %e have an un!tion fro# the $ol% 5ne* and %e 7no) all things. . the oly #host.+:/34 'here.

on the other hand.'nowing the (eality of the Anointing BWhat is happening hereD !re the anointing and the oly %pirit one and the same4 Or are they differentD ow do they fit togetherDB What #od showed me was this: The $ol% Cpirit is a person and the anointing is $is personalit%4 One definition of the word BpersonB is the frame or outer make.and /64 )oth of them come from the same #reek word. BcharismaB. when it comes on you. #od made the person or framework of !dam from the dust of the earth 7#enesis /94 )ut !dam had no substance or personality until #od breathed the breath of life into that slab of flesh4 It was at that moment. is what actually makes up the person4 It is the substance that makes the person who he or she is4 ?or e*ample. and the anointing is the personality or substance that fills in is frame4 Painted &ith Po)er With that fact in mind. =ualities and 1irtues of the oly %pirit4 'he anointing. the )ible says.up of somethingI the casing4 When referring to a human being. the oly #host is the person or frame. that man became a li1ing soul4 In much the same way. rubbing or endowment4 It literally means to smear on. o1ershadow or paint o1er4 'he anointing is an endowment of the inherent characteristics. is the painting /8 . let@s take a look at the words BanointingB and BunctionB in I >ohn /:/. meaning a smearing. the frame is the structure or bodily shape4 'he personality.

you minister outstandingly4 In fact. housewi1es. after you@1e been clothed and painted with the anointing. students. ushers. for some people it may re=uire a lot of work to do an assignment. you suddenly become BsupernaturalB4 Whate1er you pre1iously did by your own natural ability. construction workersGanyoneCGwho will get into the position to be smeared with the anointing can produce outstanding results4 Aou see. you now do supernaturally. you don@t BFustB sing anymoreI Aou now sing outstandingly with mar1elous results4 If you are a minister. 'hat means if you@re a singer. it happens sweatlessly and with e*cellence4 'he anointing of the oly #host guarantees 1ictory at all times4 It is the source of power for e1ery Christian and. and you could say the anointing is #od@s power to get results in your life. or abo1e all natural ability4 When I was in school. teachers. contrary to popular belief. /3 . athletes. my science teacher taught me that BpowerB was the ability to get results4 'ransfer that definition to the spiritual realm. but for someone who is clothed with the power to get results. pastors. not e1eryone who is a winner had to sweat in order to win4 %ure.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing or smearing of e1erything that makes up the oly #host directly onto your natural being4 It is is personality o1ershadowing you. is character and is power rather than your own4 When the BsuperB of the third person of the 'rinity is smeared on your BnaturalB self. clothing you with is 1irtues. once the anointing of the oly #host comes upon you. musicians. businessmen.

the ability to /6 . yet because the smearing of the oly #host was present. I e*pect my 1oice to be amplified4 If.'nowing the (eality of the Anointing tragically. it is the element most fre=uently missing from our daily li1es4 ow does its absence affect usD 'hink of it this way4 If I ha1e a microphone. despite all my knowledge and sound e=uipment. I@m not going to get an amplified 1oice4 WhyD )ecause. 'his 1erse depicts the oly %pirit mo1ing on 7o1ershadowing9 the face of the waters4 We are gi1en the 1isual impression that e is ready and poised to bring the words of creation to pass4 'he earth was formless and empty. yet only the one with the power running through his lifeGthe power of the anointingG will get the Fob done4 &hen the 1#possi le (e!o#es Possi le 'he )ible is full of e*amples that illustrate how the power of the oly #host actually works4 'ake #enesis .:/ for instance: And the earth )as )ithout for# and void. and dar7ness )as upon the fa!e of the deep. when I turn it on and speak into it. howe1er. when there is no power flowing. and know how to use it. And the Cpirit of God #oved upon the fa!e of the )aters. someone cuts off the electricity powering it. know the same scriptures and ha1e the same goalGyet one will succeed and the other will fail4 'hey both ha1e all the right spiritual e=uipment. there will be no results4 'wo Christians can ha1e the same faith.

'o &ary. +6u7e 1-/1://. this looked like an impossible situation4 %he knew that without the seed of a man.therefore also that hol% thing )hi!h shall e orn of thee shall e !alled /: . $e shall e great and shall e !alled the Con of the $ighest. carried those words from the spiritual realm into the physical4 'he o1ershadowing of the oly #host ga1e results to the words of the ?ather4 Luke chapter one pro1ides another clear e*ample of the oly %pirit o1ershadowing and painting is power on someone in order to get results in the natural realm4 'here.B the 1ery muscle of #od. and of his 7ingdo# there shall e no end. the angel #abriel deli1ered some amaEing information to &ary.And he shall reign over the house of Ja!o for ever.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing literally make something out of nothing was there4 When #od spoke the words 06et there e light 7#enesis .and the 6ord God shall give unto hi# the throne of his father David. there can be no conception in a woman4 2irgins simply don@t get pregnant4 )ut look at what #abriel told her in 1erse 08: And the angel ans)ered and said unto her* The $ol% Ghost shall !o#e upon thee* and the po)er of the $ighest shall overshado) thee. 'his announcement came as great news to &ary e*cept for one small detail: Then said Aar% unto the angel* $o) shall this e* seeing 1 7no) not a #an' +verse /?. the future mother of >esus4 e said: And ehold* thou shalt !on!eive in th% )o# * and ring forth a son* and shalt !all his na#e J=CUC. in the person of the oly #host.:09.

all that changed4 'he oly #host came and brought the disciples the power to make the impossible possible4 is anointing ga1e them the power to concei1e4 !s I >ohn /:/6 says. we find >esus telling his disciples that there were things that e wanted to re1eal to them but couldn@t until the oly %pirit came4 Why couldn@t eD )ecause the re1elations e wanted to gi1e them were too great for their natural minds to recei1e4 %ince the oly #host had not yet come. e*ample of what the anointing can do4 In the . e ga1e &ary a clear and simple e*planation as to how this impossible thing would become possible: the po)er of the ighest shall overshado) thee4 'he o1ershadowing power that comes from the #host is the power of the anointing4 oly 'he ./th 1erse.. a deli1ering Word of the Lord may come to you when you@re facing impossible circumstances4 Aou may not understand how it can come to pass. e taught them all thingsC Con!eption 1s Guaranteed Like &ary or the disciples. .3th chapter of >ohn gi1es us yet another.0 +Philippians ?-19. !t /. the disciples couldn@t concei1e them4 !fter (entecost.. 01 shall suppl% all %our needs a!!ording to #% a undant ri!hes in glor%. but don@t despair4 !ll you need is the smearing of the oly #hostC e will guarantee your 1ictoryC Aou may be in the midst of a financial crisis when the Lord sa%s to you. somewhat different..'nowing the (eality of the Anointing the Con of God.

Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing first. the impossible becomes possible4 The Po)er &ithin I know some of the circumstances you@re facing may seem o1erwhelming4 I know you may feel like you don@t ha1e enough money. What BimpossibilitiesB are facing you todayD &ary needed conception in her womb if what #od had spoken was going to come to pass4 Aou may need conception in your ministry. seeing I don@t ha1e a FobDB )ut remember. is residing in you now. your finances or your children4 Aou can@t make it happen in your own 0- .. your business. making a1ailable to you e1erything #od promised in is Word4 %o don@t look outside for help.: And* ehold* 1 send the pro#ise of #% "ather upon %ou. you ha1e e1erything you@ll e1er need4 It has all been deposited on the inside of you in the person of the oly #host4 is personality. If you want to see Fust how much it can do through you. look inside 0to hi# that is a le to do e>!eeding a undantl% a ove all that )e as7 or thin7* accordin% to the 'ower that wor&eth in us" +=phesians /-2D.ut tarr% %e in the !it% of Jerusale#* until %e e endued )ith po)er fro# on high. look at what it did for >esus@ first disciples4 e told them in Luke /+:+. B ow shall this thing be. is supernatural power to get results. you may think. when the power to get results arri1es on the scene. strength or education to turn them around4 )ut belie1e me. your home.

a third of the world had not e1en been disco1ered yetC ImpossibleD ?or the natural man... oth in Jerusale#* and in all Judaea* and in Ca#aria* and unto the utter#ost part of the earth. no need that cannot be met and no foe that cannot be defeated4 'he disciples demonstrated that fact4 'hey got their impossible Fob doneC Aou and I are li1ing proof of it4 0. .:: says they were to 0. what@s more. e )itnesses unto #e +Jesus. they would be endued with power4 'o be endued means to be dressed or clothed with the 1irtues or =ualities of the person from which the endowment is coming4 In other words. telephones. there is no obstacle that cannot be o1ercome. yes4 )ut when you are painted with the ability to get results 7the anointing9. airplanes or any other modern technical wonders4 !nd. conception is guaranteed4 WhyD )ecause you are clothed with and o1ershadowed by the ability to get results4 Aou ha1e the anointingC Aou ha1e 1ictoryC 'he promise >esus was referring to was the oly #host4 e said that when the %pirit came upon them. the disciples were going to be clothed with the 1ery strength and might of the oly %pirit4 !ll that e is was about to be smeared on them4 What were they to do once that endowment took placeD !cts . howe1er.'nowing the (eality of the Anointing power4 If you will lay aside your own knowledge. and humble yourself under #od@s hand. plans and good ideas.0 'hink about thatC 'hese men had been assigned the awesome task of taking the #ospel to the entire world4 'hey had to do it without the aid of tele1ision.

!s in all of scripture. e1erything you do will be 1oid of the results #od desires you to ha1e4 Aou can speak to mountains. 0/ . but without the power of the oly #host in your life. but a lot4 )e like the (salmist who said. the !nointed One4 $1ery Christian needs this smearing of power4 'hat includes youC If the anointing is not present in your life. e could do no miracles until the oly %pirit descended upon im gi1ing im power4 'hat@s why we ha1e no record of >esus doing any miracles as a child4 )efore the oly #host came upon im. situations and demonic forces all you want. the oil in (salm /0:8 is symbolic of the anointing of the oly %pirit4 'he (salmist tells us his cup is running o1er4 'he cup represents our born. e was 'he Christ.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing Don't 6eave $o#e &ithout 1t I said it before and I@m going to say it again: 'he anointing is your guaranteed 1ictoryC 'he Word alone cannot bring you true 1ictory4 When #od made the earth. not Fust a little.thou anointest #% head )ith oil. #% !up runneth over. e spoke it into e*istence with words. you will ne1er see results4 %o tap into the anointing. howe1er.0 +Psal# 2/-E. yet nothing came forth until there was mo1ement by the oly %pirit4 'he angel spoke the word to &ary. but there could be no pregnancy until the o1ershadowing of the %pirit came4 >esus was the Word made flesh4 !lthough e was literally the walking Word. 0Thou preparest a ta le efore #e in the presen!e of #ine ene#ies. e was only 'he Word 7>ohn I94 !fter his baptism.

.:.8. that as born. Brunning o1erBC 'he apostle (eter would walk down the street and people would be supernaturally healed by the power to get results that flowed out of him4 7%ee !cts 8:../ says.349 'he apostle (aul was so full of the anointing that he could deposit it into natural obFects and those obFects would get resultsC !cts . they put another dead man in his tomb and 0)hen the dead #an )as let do)n* and tou!hed the ones of =lisha* he revived* and stood up on his feet.0 +11 2ings 1/-21. 0"ro# his od% )ere rought unto the si!7 hand7er!hiefs or aprons* and the diseases departed fro# the#* and the evil spirits )ent out of the#.'nowing the (eality of the Anointing again spirit4 e@s saying. I mean it in the strongest possible sense4 We should be outstanding like $lisha was outstanding4 e walked in so much anointing that months after he was dead and buried. 'hat@s what I call. #od@s ability should o1erflow onto all that we do and make it outstanding4 When I say outstanding. &y spirit is running o1er with the anointing4 We know. the anointing should spill out of our cups onto them and bring healing4 When we go to work.0 On many occasions the )ible says B1irtueB flowed out of >esus and healed people4 'hat 1irtue was the anointing that flowed consistently out of his cup4 00 . according to #od@s Word.again belie1ers the anointing already abides within us4 )ut #od wants us to ha1e our cups running o1er4 e wants the anointing to be running out of us4 When we lay hands on the sick.

but I want to operate powerfully in the anointing4 I am not going to be content until I pass by someone in the grocery store and they fall out under the power of #od4 Listen.. you are the new !rk of the Co1enantC Aou are the .Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing Do you think these stories about people like $lisha. (aul and >esus are in the )ible Fust so we can clap our hands in church and get e*cited o1er themD "oC 'hey were put in there so we could see what the anointing of #od can do4 'hey were put in there because the ?ather has gi1en us that same anointingC I don@t know about you..-@s modelC ?ull of the oly #host and powerC !re you ready to get that power flowingD 5eep reading4 Aou@re about to find out how4 0+ . (eter.

/ Chapter 3 &isdo# and Aight.04 And there shall !o#e forth a rod out of the ste# of Jesse* and a (ran!h shall gro) out of his roots.1ngredients in God's Anointing "+or this cause we also" since the day we heard it" do not cease to 'ray for you" and to desire that ye mi%ht be filled with the &nowled%e of his will in all wisdom and..stren%thened with all mi%ht" accordin% to his %lorious 'ower.and he shall not 8udge after the sight of his e%es* neither reprove after the hearing of his ears. those 1arious facets and traits are what work together to gi1e you your BsweatlessB triumph4 Aou will find a list of them in Isaiah ...olossians 1:-. 'his passage identifies se1en spirits that make up the 08 .11 "ow that you know #od@s anointing is simply the personality of the oly #host.:.. you@re probably wondering e*actly what that personality is like4 Is it made up of many different facetsD Does it ha1e distincti1e traits like human personalities doD 'he answer is BAesCB In fact.." . And shall #a7e hi# of Fui!7 understanding in the fear of the 6ord...And the spirit of the 6ord shall rest upon hi#* the spirit of )isdo# and understanding* the spirit of !ounsel and #ight* the spirit of 7no)ledge and of the fear of the 6ord.

these two are seen gi1ing people 1ictory and results4 'hey are the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of might4 I call them the BDynamic DuoB. but there are two ingredients. that stand out from among the others4 'hroughout the )ible. he had declaredI 'he &essiah is standing before you4 !nd I am e4 'his pronouncement made the people furious4 BWho is this carpenter who thinks he can make such claimsD e@s 03 .Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing personality of the oly #host: . e said e was the fulfillment of the messianic prophesies4 In short. e e*perienced phenomenal results4 In one instance. of course. I belie1e. it kept im from being thrown off a cliff by the people of is hometown4 'hey were angry with >esus because e had Fust finished preaching a pro1oking sermon to them4 In that sermon. because when they are in operation together they cannot be stopped4 When >esus operated in these areas of the anointing.4 'he spirit of the Lord /4 'he spirit of wisdom 04 'he spirit of understanding +4 'he spirit of counsel 84 'he spirit of might 34 'he spirit of knowledge 64 'he spirit of the fear of the Lord !ll of these are ingredients of the personality of the oly %pirit4 'hey work together to gi1e you the power to get results4 'hey all aid in bringing about your 1ictory4 $ach one is important.

walked through the crowd and went back to doing what #od had called im to do4 >esus o1ercame them in a BsweatlessB way4 owD )y the wisdom of #od4 e didn@t react the way we would ha1e or the way our logic would dictate4 Instead. said nothing4 e simply turned around. e reacted the way the oly %pirit instructed him to react4 'he spirit of wisdom ga1e >esus the ability to win in spite of the apparently o1erwhelming odds4 5uts#arted Again Aou can see the spirit of wisdom at work in >esus@ life again when the (harisees brought a woman to im who had been caught in adultery4 'hey were trying to catch im in a snare by getting im to make a Fudgment on her punishment4 'hey said: Aaster* this )o#an )as ta7en in adulter%* in the ver% a!t.)isdom and *ight+ "ngredients in God's Anointing Fust &ary and >oseph@s boyCB the mob probably roared4 And all the% in the s%nagogue* )hen the% heard these things* )ere filled )ith )rath* And rose up* and thrust hi# out of the !it%* and led hi# unto the ro) of the hill )hereon their !it% )as uilt* that the% #ight !ast hi# do)n headlong. (ut he passing through the #idst of the# )ent his )a%. fighting and pleading4 >esus. 3o) Aoses in the la) !o##anded us* that su!h should e stoned. +6u7e ?-2G:/D. Isn@t that amaEingD Were you or I in that situation. howe1er. we would probably be screaming.ut )hat sa%est thou' 06 .

(ut Jesus stooped do)n* and )ith his finger )rote on the ground* as though he heard the# not. and simply remained silent4 )ecause of the spirit of wisdom. they could then announce to e1eryone that he was a false teacher who was opposed to the law4 >esus. he knew what his enemies were up to. a problem with many Christians is that they don@t shut their mouths and wait to hear what #od would ha1e them do4 'hey automatically speak and cause great problems with their hasty words4 When you ha1e the spirit of wisdom. you don@t say anything until you@1e heard from hea1en4 'hat@s what >esus did4 !nd Fust look at the result: Co )hen the% !ontinued as7ing hi#* he lifted hi#self* and said unto the#* $e that is )ithout sin a#ong %ou* let hi# first !ast a stone at her. +John G-9:9.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing This the% said* te#pting hi#* that the% #ight have to a!!use hi#. these (harisees were hoping to trick im into saying something contrary to the law of &oses4 If e did.and Jesus )as left alone* and the )o#an standing in the #idst.. And the% )hi!h heard it* eing !onvi!ted % their o)n !ons!ien!e* )ent out one % one* eginning at the eldest* even unto the last. 5nowing that >esus was a compassionate. had the anointing4 !s a result. +John G-?:. howe1er. forgi1ing man and that e would not endorse her e*ecution. e knew not to say a word until e recei1ed instructions from the %pirit of #od4 Child of #od. And again he stooped do)n* and )rote on the ground. 0: .

you don@t ha1e to worry about coming up with a solution4 Aou will always ha1e the knowledge pro1ided for you in order to win4 It will be supernaturally supplied by the spirit of wisdom residing in the anointingC A Buna)a% <i!tor% 'he other half of the BDynamic DuoB is the spirit of might4 >esus walked in it all the time4 Look at &atthew . And said unto his servants* This is John the (aptist. but might goes far beyond them to gi1e you 1ictory o1er the seemingly impossible4 I Chronicles /. as another translation says. )ecause of the presence of the anointing./ 1erifies that this BmightB truly is an ingredient of the anointing4 It says: &herefore David lessed the 6ord efore all the 0.+:./4 At that ti#e $erod the tetrar!h heard of the fa#e of Jesus.-. Bworks of mightB4 &ight is an inherent strength to accomplish or perform4 It is literally the ability to do the impossible4 B'he %pirit of &ightB is #od@s ability on you to do what only e can do4 %trength and power are components of might..:. he is risen fro# the dead. .. >esus did Bmighty works4B Or. and therefore #ight% )or7s do she) forth the#selves in hi#.)isdom and *ight+ "ngredients in God's Anointing What mar1elous wisdomC Aou or I could ha1e sat there a million years and ne1er thought of that reply4 It doesn@t matter how difficult the situation seems4 When you@re hooked up to the power to get results.

as a king. and in thine hand it is to #a7e great* and to give strength unto all.. (oth ri!hes and honour !o#e of thee* and thou reignest over all. !hab had the best and fastest horses and e=uipment in the land4 e was definitely tra1eling toward the city with great speed4 )ut look at what $liFah did: And the hand of the 6ord )as on =li8ah. 'he hand of the Lord on $liFah caused him to outrun the fastest and best fleet of chariots in the nation of Israel4 +- . for e*ample4 e was a mere human being Fust like you or me4 owe1er.half year drought was about to end. when the hand of #od was upon him. we mo1e into a position under is hand4 !ccording to this scripture. he decreed to 5ing !hab that a three. might is in that same place: <nder the hand of #od4 It is there you will find the strength to accomplish the impossibilities that face you4 >ust how much might can you find thereD &ore than you can imagine4 Look at the life of the prophet $liFah. +1 2ings 1G-?.and David said*. amaEing things happened4 On one occasion in $liFah@s ministry.a. 5 6ord* and thou art e>alted as head a ove all. and told him to get in his chariot and hurry back to the city because it was about to rain4 %o !hab mounted his chariot and horses and headed straight for the city4 "ow.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing !ongregation.. and in thine hand is po)er and #ight. &ight is in #od@s hand4 Aou will remember in chapter one we disco1ered that when we humble oursel1es before #od.and. and he girded up his loins* and ran efore Aha to the entran!e of Je@reel..

0"inall%* #% rethren* e strong in the 6ord* and in the po)er of his #ight.)isdom and *ight+ "ngredients in God's Anointing "ow that's mightC 'hrough the might of #od.+.0 Colossians . says: "or this !ause )e also* sin!e the da% )e heard it* do not !ease to pra% for %ou* and to desire that %e +... to pass those problems and lea1e them in the dust4 1t's for Toda%4 %ome people think that kind of power was Fust for Old 'estament saints4 'hey are wrong4 $phesians 0:. . but if you will e*change your natural ability for the supernatural anointing of #od.says. (aul was praying that the $phesians would be strengthened with the ability to accomplish anything4 e was praying for them to ha1e the spirit of might4 'hat@s not the only time he mentions it either4 $phesians 3:. sickness. $liFah accomplished the impossible4 Aou can do the same thing if you will tap into the anointing and its attending spirit of might4 !t this point in your life.:. like $liFah.3 pro1es it4 'here. the apostle (aul writes: "or this !ause 1 o) #% 7nees unto the "ather of our 6ord Jesus Christ* 5f )ho# the )hole fa#il% in heaven and earth is na#ed* That he )ould grant %ou* a!!ording to the ri!hes of his glor%* to e strengthened )ith #ight % his Cpirit in the inner #an.. you can catch these negati1e circumstances and o1ertake them4 'he spirit of might will cause you.. po1erty or depression may ha1e a head start on you.

I want to emphasiEe that they are a Bduo4B 'hey operate together4 Aou will rarely find one without the other4 WhyD )ecause keeping them together pre1ents them from being abused4 Let me show you what I mean4 &ight is the power to do the impossible4 If you ha1e might but don@t ha1e the wisdom to know how and when to use it. #od@s mightG is strength to accomplish the impossibleGis in the anointing4 !nd the anointing is for todayC 2eep the Duo Together )efore we can end our discussion about the BDynamic DuoB of wisdom and might. you@d probably use it to win contests of strength and marathon races for your own personal glorification and enrichment4 'hat would be an abuse of di1ine power4 Aou must ha1e might and wisdom4 Wisdom should not be confused with knowledge4 'hey are not the same4 Wisdom is the proper application +/ . 'here is no doubt about it. That %e #ight )al7 )orth% of the 6ord unto all pleasing* eing fruitful in ever% good )or7* and in!reasing in the 7no)ledge of God.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing #ight e filled )ith the 7no)ledge of his )ill in all )isdo# and spiritual understanding. Ctrengthened )ith all #ight* a!!ording to % his glorious po)er* unto all patien!e and longsuffering )ith 8o%fulness. then you will do more damage than you do good4 %ome people want a strong anointing Fust so they can demonstrate how powerful they are4 )ut that@s not what the anointing is forC If #od ga1e you might without wisdom.

// tells us: Then )as the se!ret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision..he 7no)eth )hat is in the dar7ness* and the light d)elleth )ith hi#. or the proper application of that knowledge.he giveth )isdo# unto the )ise* and 7no)ledge to the# that 7no) understanding$e revealeth the deep and se!ret things. combine it with might and you@ll ha1e an awesome combination that will get you out of 1ery tight spots4 ow tightD !sk Daniel4 e knew about being in tight spots4 Once.. and is of 1ery little use4 igh school students. +0 . but #od@s wisdom and might saw him through4 Daniel /:. but few of them ha1e any idea of how to use it4 It is only when they are gi1en wisdom. therefore get )isdo#. he had to interpret the kings dreamGwithout knowing what the dream wasC It was an impossible situation.)isdom and *ight+ "ngredients in God's Anointing of knowledge4 5nowledge alone only puffs up. Daniel ans)ered and said* (lessed e the na#e of God for ever and ever. for e*ample. he spent the night in a den of lions4 7!n e*perience that is definitely outside of most people@s comfort Eone49 On another occasion. that it will e1er benefit them4 W !' AO< DO WI' 5"OWL$D#$ WILL D$'$R&I"$ AO<R %<CC$%% OR ?!IL<R$4 !s (ro1erbs +:6 says. 0&isdo# is the prin!ipal +#ost i#portant. Then Daniel lessed the God of heaven.for )isdo# and #ight are hisAnd he !hangeth the ti#es and the seasons. ha1e 1ast amounts of knowledge stored up.he re#oveth 7ings* and setteth up 7ings.0 Once you get it. thing.

howe1er4 Wisdom and might are not free4 'hey will cost you4 'hey will cost you your independence4 'hey will cost you your pride4 )ut in return you@ll recei1e the power to do the impossible4 ++ .Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing Wisdom and might: 'hey worked for $liFah4 'hey worked for Daniel4 'hey worked for >esus4 !nd they will work for you4 %eek #od for themC )e warned.

I might put it in little >ohnny@s birthday cake and use it as a candle4 'hen." /ohn 15:0 I ha1e said it pre1iously. and all I know about it is that when I hold a match to the end of the fuse it is going to catch on fire and get gradually shorter. what they ha1e been taught may not ha1e been e*actly right4 'hey know it in1ol1es power. and. a limited understanding concerning the +8 .? Chapter 4 God's Purpose for the Anointing "Herein is my +ather %lorified" that ye bear much fruit. both the birthday cake and little >ohnny will be in trouble4 Likewise. but that@s about it4 In this case the old saying is correct. for instance. I@m in bad shape4 WhyD )ecause. acting on that bit of knowledge without understanding the results is dangerous4 I need to understand the purpose for which dynamite is intended4 If I don@t. B! little knowledge is a dangerous thing4B ! bit of knowledge about something like the anointing can be more dangerous than no knowledge at all4 If I ha1e a large stick of dynamite in my hand. but it bears repeating: 2ery few Christians ha1e a true understanding of the anointing4 &ost of them Fust know what they ha1e been taught. so shall ye be my disci'les. has something to do with the oly %pirit and that wonderful things are supposed to come as a result of it. unfortunately.

but would glorify the %on4 %ince we know from ebrews .3:. the de1il@s ser1ants do signs and miracles too4 %ee $*odus 6:. "or God's Glor% Alone !lthough there are many possible uses for the anointing.. there is only one legitimate purpose4 'hat purpose is #od@s purpose4 'he anointing is to be used for is glorification4 'he anointing is not to be used to show how wonderful and spiritual you are4 It is not to impress others with the amount of power you possess or the number of miracles you can produce4 7Remember. if #od is e1er going to be able to operate through you as he wants. B"one of me and all of #od4 "one for my glory +3 . you must come to understand !od s 'ur'ose for the anointin%. you must continually keep your moti1es consistent with #od@s4 Aou must constantly remember that your purpose is to glorify the Lord >esus. today.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing nature and function of the anointing can be 1ery costly4 Aou hold within you a stick of spiritual dynamite4 'here are proper and improper uses for it4 ! limited knowledge of those uses could lead you to seriously abuse it4 'herefore./49 'he anointing is to be used to glorify the ?ather and the %on4 >esus said in >ohn .0:: that #od doesn@t changeG e is Bthe same yesterday. and fore1erBG we can rest assured that the oly #host@s aim is still the same4 If you are going to operate in the anointing. he would not glorify imself.. not yourself4 owD )y letting your focus always be.+ that when the oly #host came.

you will be abusing #od@s power4 When you lay aside your will and self. you make room for the oly #host to come in and glorify >esus through you4 'hat is what the anointing is for4 The &a% to &in 'he anointing.glory seeking.God's Purpose for the Anointing and e1erything for is glory4B 'his attitude goes back to humility which we discussed in chapter one4 Without it. though that may happen too4 "o. lessB 1ictory in your life4 'his brings im glory4 If you want to win and be an o1ercomer. brings great power4 'he purpose of this power is not simply to produce good singing. then you must be clothed with the anointing4 It will gi1e you 1ictory regardless of what impossibilities face you4 Impossible situations are an ine1itable part of each of our li1es4 We are often defeated because we attempt to fight these situations in our own power and ability4 'his is tragic because the power to win is residing inside of us4 'his familiar passage of scripture illustrates this point4 +6 . through the oly %pirit. has pro1ided the necessary power for you to ha1e Bsweat. though these things may come as a result of the anointing4 "or is the purpose to cause you to shake all o1er and fall out under the power of #od. when used to glorify #od. 'he power the oly #host brings with im is for winning4 Aour ea1enly ?ather. the true purpose for the anointing is to produce 1ictory in your life so that God may he glorified in the earth. good preaching or amaEing healings.

+Je!hariah ?-1:. And there are t)o olive trees % it* one upon the right side of the o)l and the other upon the left side of it Hfeeding it !ontinuousl% )ith oilI. then your home. without the anointing you cannot win4 If you don@t ha1e the anointing. 'rue 1ictory in the life of a Christian is not a product of education. 'here is a lot of truth in this passage of scripture4 ?irst and foremost. And said to #e* &hat do %ou see' 1 said* 1 see* and ehold* a la#pstand all of gold* )ith its o)l Hfor oilI on the top of it and its seven la#ps on it* and Hthere areI seven pipes to ea!h of the seven la#ps )hi!h are upon the top of it. it tells you that the way to ha1e 1ictory in your life is not through your own power.. Fob. A#p. popularity or crafty maneu1ering4 It comes only from the oil of the oly #host4 Oil is representati1e +: .Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing And the angel )ho tal7ed )ith #e !a#e again and a)a7ened #e* li7e a #an )ho is )a7ened out of his sleep. but rather through the power of the oly #host4 %imply stated. Co 1 as7ed the angel )ho tal7ed )ith #e* &hat are these* #% 6ord' Then the angel )ho tal7ed )ith #e ans)ered #e* Do %ou not 7no) )hat these are' And 1 said* 3o* #% lord. knowledge. school or ministry will ne1er e*perience God's true su!!ess. Then he said to #e* This Haddition of the o)l to the !andlesti!7* !ausing it to %ield a !easeless suppl% of oil fro# the olive treesI is the )ord of the 6ord to Jeru a el* sa%ing* 3ot % #ight* not % po)er* ut % #% Cpirit Hof &ho# the oil is a s%# olI* sa%s the 6ord of hosts.

God's Purpose for the Anointing of the anointing. but lacking the power to deli1er true 1ictory4 ?or e*ample. the anointing brings results4 "e1ertheless. it does not ha1e to be that way4 Aou can ha1e success and BsweatlessB 1ictory if you would only tap into the anointing4 It was created to gi1e you power and 1ictory in your life so #od will be glorified4 Aes.094 Don@t misunderstand. read. +. you may be constantly confessing that you are the head and not the tail 7Deuteronomy /::. good in and of themsel1es. speak in tongues and carry their )ibles Fust like real anointed Christians4 )ut it@s all Fust a form of godliness4 'hose things are Fust techni=ues. that@s a great thing to be doing. . talk. and without a continuous supply of oil 71erse 09 there can be no continuous 1ictory4 3ot Just "or# (ut Po)er4 It@s not enough to ha1e the form of a winner4 Aou must ha1e the power to win as well4 'his has been one of the Church@s biggest problems4 &any ha1e been doing things in form only4 'hey walk. some people are so focused on the outward display and appearance that accompanies the oly #host@s power that they miss the 1ictory e so earnestly desires to gi1e them4 'he anointing is good for so much more than chills. yet fail to tap into itC Aou constantly operate in a form of godliness but deny the power thereof 7II 'imothy 0:894 )elo1ed. you will be o1ercome more and more e1ery day4 It is a senseless tragedy to ha1e the ability to get results inside you. but if you don@t ha1e the power of the oly #host operating in your life.

many people become content when these things start happening to them.. there will always be a change in your lifeC 5perate )ith =>!ellen!e Aou@ll find e1erything you could e1er want or need when you place yourself under the control of the oly #host4 If you need healing.0 'hat di1ine power is the anointing that dwells 8- . it affects your tomorrow4 When you come in contact with the anointing. thinking that they ha1e e*perienced all the anointing has to offer4 'he sad truth is.. you already ha1e it in the anointing4 If you need prosperity. they often continue their li1es in bondage to many things4 Aou may go to a powerful ser1ice at your church in which the pastor prays for people to be deli1ered from bad habits4 Aou can ha1e him pray for you. it not only affects your moment. you are still in the same bondage you were in before you fell downD Aou ha1e e*perienced the outward display but missed the inward deli1eranceC Aou did not e*perience the true anointing of the oly #hostC 'he acid test for whether you ha1e really e*perienced the anointing can be summed up in one statement: When you come in contact with the anointing of #od.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing goose bumps and falling down4 owe1er. and you can e1en fall on the floor4 What good is that if. deli1erance and anything else you could e1er need is there4 !s II (eter .a!!ording to $is divine po)er hath given us all things that pertain unto life and godliness. when you get up.:0 says. it@s yours in the anointing4 >oy. 0God.

and do it perfectly4 'he anointing gi1es you the resources to get where you are called to be and to do what you are called to do4 It will place you in your correct position in life4 &any people want to pick and choose what office they would like to be in4 'here is no humility in that.God's Purpose for the Anointing in us in the person of the oly #host4 If you want to see a )iblical illustration of the power and blessings that come with the anointing.-4 It tells us much about the anointing4 In 1erse one. there is no 8. read I %amuel . . and as we ha1e seen. no one e1er took an office of authority without first being anointed with oil4 It was that anointing that pro1ided the ability to operate with e. 'he anointing works the same way today4 If you are called to be a pastor. then you ha1e the ability to usher flawlessly4 'hat may sound strange. they will do e1erything they are called to do. then #od is responsible for gi1ing you all of the necessary e=uipment to pastor with e*cellence4 If you are called to be an usher. we see %aul being anointed by %amuel to be 5ing o1er Israel4 Then Ca#uel too7 a vial of oil* and poured it upon his head* and 7issed hi#* and said* 1s it not e!ause the 6ord hath anointed thee to e !aptain over his inheritan!e' In the Old 'estament. but it@s true4 It would not be fair of #od to ask someone to do something that e did not gi1e them the ability to do4 When a person is hooked up and fully submitted to the anointing.cellence in that office. where there is no humility.

your family. like %aul. your strength. you go forward. ha1e lost something4 Aou may ha1e lost your dignity. you can e*perience supernatural restoration if you@ll get hooked into the anointing4 Whate1er is missing in your life will be restored to you once you ha1e been smeared and painted with the power of the oly %pirit4 2erse three re1eals yet another e*citing product of the anointingGprogressC Then shalt thou %o on forward fro# then!e* and thou shalt !o#e to the plain of Ta or* and there shall #eet thee three #en going up to God to (ethel* one !arr%ing three 7ids* and another !arr%ing three loaves of read* and another !arr%ing a ottle of )ine. your hope or e1en your will to li1e4 Whate1er it is.-:/ when the prophet %amuel tells young %aul that the lost donkeys he had been seeking for his father had been found4 e said: &hen thou art departed fro# #e to da%* then thou shalt find t)o #en % Ba!hel's sepul!hre in the order of (en8a#in at Jel@ah. your friends. not backward4 In e1erything from your finances 8/ .Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing anointing4 Bestoration and 0"rontsliding0 !nother product of the anointing is restoration4 We see it in I %amuel . 'he anointing will gi1e you the ability to make supernatural progress4 When you are anointed.and* lo* th% father hath left the !are of the asses* and sorro)eth for %ou* sa%ing* &hat shall 1 do for #% son' (erhaps you. and the% )ill sa% unto thee* The asses )hi!h thou )entest to see7 are found.

the anointing will not only cause you to keep your Fob. it will get you a promotionC )ecause you are connected to the source of guaranteed 1ictory. )hi!h thou shalt re!eive of their hands. if you want to fly on a particular flight. there is no need to worry4 Aou ha1e the fa1or of #od working for you4 "ot only will you get a seat. it causes you to recei1e things you ha1e not e1en re=uested4 %aul had not asked for bread. if the company you work for is laying people off left and right. these people simply ga1e it to him4 )ecause the anointing was speaking for him. e has called you to Bfrontslide4B If you are not mo1ing upward. you 80 . then you need to get plugged into the power socket4 'he anointing gi1es the power to go forward4 Cupernatural "avor We disco1er still another benefit of the anointing in 1erse +4 And the% )ill salute thee* and give thee t)o loaves of read. but it will be in first classC #lory to #odC Or. but the ticket agent says the flight is booked.God's Purpose for the Anointing to your walk with Christ you should be going forward and getting bigger and better4 'he )ible says that we should mo1e from faith to faith and glory to glory in all areas of our li1es4 #od has not called you to backslide. ere we see that the anointing produces fa1or4 When the fa1or of #od is upon you. he did not ha1e to ask4 'he anointing will speak for you and I in the same way4 ?or e*ample.

I had for someone to help them out4 When I got the papers back. they told me I owed J. because the fa1or of the Lord was working for me4 "ow Fust prior to this time. I didn@t stop. of course. I almost got in the flesh and said. I looked at her right in the eye and said. BI want a loan for a )&W4B !fter looking at my credentials for a while.B they said4 "e1ertheless..---4--C I had been ripped offC Aou know.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing cannot loseC I will ne1er forget the time I was belie1ing #od for a car4 I walked into a bank and said. BLady. I consented and released them completely4 "ow. I went into a credit union and said. e would gi1e me fa1or4 %o. I had only one day left to get the loan before the )&W I wanted was sold4 %o. I had to be a pilot or an ?!! employee to Foin4 BI@m sorry. BAou will ne1er get money for this carC "o one in this city will gi1e it to youCB er attitude made me mad4 'o be honest. BDo you think you could loan me some money to buy a carDB 'hey informed me that I was at a ?ederal !1iation !dministration credit union and that I would ha1e to be a member to borrow money4 What@s more. how easy it is to get upset when people start messing with your money4 )ut the Lord told me that if I would forgi1e that person@s debt. howe1er.signed a little J8--4-. 8+ . the loan officer pointed her finger in my face and said. BDon@t you put your hand in my face ladyCB )ut I thank #od for temperance4 Instead. I will ha1e my car4B I went to another bank and was told the same thing4 BIt will ne1er happen.

God's Purpose for the Anointing we can@t help you. the phone rang4 'he 1oice on the other end said.signed for her. B a1e you co. and when you co. the person you co. howe1er..we read: 88 .B I was told4 %o I went home4 I was not discouraged. you automatically became a member4 If you@ll come back today. I was shocked. remembering my unpleasant e*perience4 BWell. it does not matter what the de1il says or what your circumstances look like4 Aou are going to get what you desire. because the fa1or of #od is on the sceneC Good: %e* Clar7 2entK$ello* Cuper#an4 Let@s look once again at %aul@s e*perience Fust after being anointed by %amuel4 In 1erses 8 and 3 of I %amuel chapter . I ha1e. apparently. but this is precisely the kind of thing that happens when the fa1or of the Lord is working on your behalf4 When the oly #host is speaking for you. because the oly #host had already spoken for me4 When I got home. B ow did I get to be a member of the ?!! credit unionDB BWell. B'his is &r4 Da1is from the ?!!4 I@m calling to tell you that I checked our records and.B he asked. you are already a member of this credit union4B BWait a minute.signed on a note for someone recentlyDB BAes.signed for is one of our members.B I said. I see no reason why we can@t take care of your car loan or anything else you might need4B "eedless to say.B I told him.

and it shall !o#e to pass* )hen thou art !o#e thither to the !it%* that thou shalt #eet a !o#pan% of prophets !o#ing do)n fro# the high pla!e )ith a psalter%* and a ta ret* and a pipe* and a harp* efore the#. Aou will not be the same person you used to be. there will be a !hange of status. that strengthens you4 #lory to #odC 'hink about it4 Aour body is literally the temple of the oly #host4 'herefore.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing After that thou shalt !o#e to the hill of God* )here is the garrison of the Philistines. Did you catch that last phrase. you ha1e the power to do anythingC alleluFahC 'his theme of supernatural strength through the anointing is repeated throughout scripture4 (salm ../:. when the oly %pirit has an opportunity to paint and smear you with his personality. there will be a change of status4 Aou will no longer be on the lowest rung of the corporate ladder at work. meaning the !nointed One.0 says that you can do all things through Christ. is one e*ample4 83 . you@re %uperman. because you now ha1e a different personality operating through you4 It does not matter what kind of person you are right now. you will be the C$O4 When the anointing comes on you you@re not Clark 5ent anymore. with the ability to do all things4 (hilippians +:. and the% shall prophes%And the 1'irit of the Lord )ill come u'on thee* and thou shalt prophes% )ith the#* and shalt e turned into another #an. BAou shall be changed into another manBD When the anointing comes on you.-..

you will o1ercome it because the oly %pirit will show you clearly who is in1ol1ed and what they are planning4 Aou will ne1er lose.. you ha1e e*cessi1e strength like that of a wild o*4 When you get wrapped up in the anointing. 'he horn in scripture is symbolic of e*cessi1e strength4 'his scripture says that when you ha1e the anointing. because you ha1e tapped into the source of guaranteed 1ictory4 I ha1e e*perienced this type of operation in my own life many times4 I remember one incident that occurred back before I was pastoring a church of my own4 'hree women came to my senior pastor and told him that I was a B>udasB and that I was betraying him4 I was out of town at the time and had no idea what had taken place4 When I arri1ed back in town.God's Purpose for the Anointing (ut #% horn shalt thou e>alt li7e the horn of an uni!orn +literall% a )ild o>.1 shall e anointed )ith fresh oil. home or office. notice that this 1erse says you shall hear the plans that the wicked make against you4 'hat means nothing shall take you by surprise4 If there is a conspiracy in your ministry. you will ha1e strength that no flood or force on earth can o1ercome4 A Conspira!% Bevealed !lso. I was sitting at my desk with my head down when the Lord began to show me a 1ision4 I saw the entire thing4 I saw the three women and 86 . Aine e%e also shall see #% desire on #% ene#ies* and #ine ears shall hear #% desire of the )i!7ed that rise up against #e.

you@re 1ery dangerous to the kingdom of darkness4 Aou ha1e the power to see whate1er you desire come upon the satanic enemies that would ruin the li1es of your family and friends4 I rushed in and blurted. I forgot the implications of what these women had said4 I ran into my pastor@s office to tell him what #od had shown me4 'hese 1erses also tell you that. because of the anointing. B#uess what happenedC I belie1e #od Fust showed me a 1ision. I Fumped up from my desk in great e*citement at e*periencing one of the gifts of the oly %pirit in operation4 In my e*citement. BIt was the oly #host that Fust told me in a 1ision4 I knew I was right4 I knew itC I knew itCB I was so thrilled at getting such a 1i1id 1ision that I 8: .co1enant people not to touch is anointed4 'he anointed are endued with the power to see what they say come to pass on their enemies4 When you are under the anointing of #od. fell back in his chair and said. three ladies came into your office and told you that I was a @>udas@ and I was trying to betray you4 Is that trueDB I asked4 &y pastor looked at me in amaEement.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing heard e*actly what they had said4 When the 1ision was o1er. you shall see your desire upon your enemies4 'hat is why #od tells non. and I want you to tell me if it is right or wrong4B BO454B my pastor said4 BWhen I was out of town. B'hat@s rightC Who told you thatDB I Fumped up and said.

the oly #host re1ealed to me a plot that the enemy tried to bring against me and is plan was foiled4 'hat@s a blessing of the anointing4 Tall* Ctrong and "ull of "ruit ere@s another benefit of the anointing listed in (salm . you will mo1e to new heights supernaturally4 Aou will truly be abo1e only. it says that the anointed ones shall bring forth fruit in old age: they shall be fat and flourishing4 #lory to 8. you shall stand strong with great resistance4 2erse . floods and drought cannot mo1e it like the rest of the plants4 'his means that when you tap into the anointing. Those that e planted in the house of the 6ord shall flourish in the !ourts of our God. ne1er beneath again 7Deuteronomy /:94 ?inally. rain.God's Purpose for the Anointing had forgotten to be concerned about what the women had said4 'hen it hit me4 I looked at my pastor and said./ also says that you will grow like the cedar of Lebanon4 'he cedar is the tallest tree in Lebanon4 'his means that once you ha1e the anointing. the% shall e fat and flourishing. When you are clothed with the anointing. you are like a palm tree4 'he palm is the last of all trees to submit to harsh weather4 Wind./: The righteous shall flourish li7e a pal# tree* $e shall gro) li7e a !edar in 6e anon. +<erses 12: 1?. The% shall still ring forth fruit in old age. regardless of what the circumstances are doing to people around you. . B'hey said what about meDCCC I can@t belie1e itCCB 'he point is.

profitable and healthy because of the anointing of the oly %pirit4 $*cellence. strength. the Lord >eho1ah. and as indi1iduals.stomping powerGall these benefits come with the anointing4 If you don@t ha1e them. would e*perience great 1ictory4 !nd our #od.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing #od. restoration. then the Church as a whole. growth and de1il. ele1ated status.8 that the ?ather is glorified when we bear much fruit4 If e1eryone who reads this book would begin to li1e under the anointing and start bearing fruit. would be glorified throughout the earthC 3- . e1en when you are old you will continue to flourish4 Aou will remain producti1e. get themC #et hooked up to the anointing to start seeing the fruit of the WordC >esus said in >ohn . fa1or. progress.

The "oundation E "The %race of the Lord /esus . dead church with icicles hanging from the ceiling and polar bears sitting in the congregation. you will get up with fleas4B It@s true4 If you are being fed at a cold.4 Get under the !overing of an anointed #inistr%. you will e1entually become a spiritual ice cube yourselfGcold. that@s wonderful because #od wants you to ha1e it4 owe1er.orinthians 13:14 BI want itC I must ha1e the anointingCB 'hat@s what your spirit may be shouting right now4 If so. !ssociation brings assimilation4 In other words. 2men." 33 . the things with which you associate will e1entually be assimilated into your life4 'hey will become a part of you4 'here is an old saying. dead and 1oid of the %pirit@s life4 It is a fact that if you are not hanging around the 3. BIf you lie down with dogs. there are se1en foundational things that must be established in your life before you can e1er begin to e*perience the power of the anointing4 'hey are essential keys to operating in the power to get results4 .Chapter 5 Pa%ing the Pri!e for the Anointing.hrist" and the love of !od" and the communion of the Holy !host" be with you all. . a church that is not teaching the anointed Word of #od or gi1ing liberty to the oly %pirit.

listen.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing anointing. but it can only happen when you are where #od has called you to be4 Child of #od. you draw close to the fire of the oly #host. you are probably in the wrong place4 %o get outGand get to the place where you can be fed and nourished as #od desiresC B)ut )rother Dollar.3 #od told the prophet $liFah to go to a certain brook4 It was at that particular brook that $liFah@s needs were supernaturally met in a time of famine4 >ust as #od chose that brook for $liFah. e has chosen a certain church where e wants you to ser1e4 When you get to that place. if you are presently attending a church where you feel as though nothing that is said applies to you. they@ll all be so mad at me they won@t speak to me 3/ . you don@t understand4 &y grandmother has been at this church for 38 yearsC &y uncle founded itC !ll my cousins were married in itC If I lea1e. on the other hand. you will find that your needs are consistently met4 (erhaps you are faced with a difficult decision and you are unsure of what direction to go in4 Wouldn@t it be a blessing if you went to church on %unday and your pastor BFust happenedB to say something that eased your decision or ga1e you direction as to what to doD 'his is a wonderful thing. you@ll e1entually be on fire4 It@s una1oidable4 #od will call you to a particular church to help carry out a particular 1ision4 It is 1itally important that you obey im and get to the place that e has called you to be4 'here and only there will all of your needs be met4 In I 5ings . you will not pick up the anointing4 If.6:0.

unto all the# that !all upon hi#* to all that !all upon hi# in truth. Fust tell #od the ugly truth4 Don@t try to dress it up and say. >esusB in one prayer4 #od is concerned about your heart4 #od wants to hear from the real you. #od wants you to be truthful. personal relationship with you4 'he doorway to that intimacy is honesty4 We can see that in (salm . the oly %pirit can lead you into all truth4 'hat har1est of truth will make you free4 "ow.+8:. there are two types of truth4 'here is Bgood. #od wants to hear the truth from you4 If you sow truth to #od in your prayer life. I kind ofGsort of committed fornication a little bit4B Aou cannot Bkind ofB commit fornicationC Aou either do it or 30 . not the churchy you religion has created4 e wants to ha1e a truly intimate.Paying the Price for the Anointing+ #he %oundation anymoreCB 'hat does not matterC Aou cannot afford to be in bondage to what people think4 It is better to ha1e people mad at you than to be out of #od@s will4 It is better to obey the 1oice of the Lord than to be held capti1e by the 1oices of men4 Do you want the anointingD 'hen go where the anointing is present and the Word is being taughtC &ake it your first priority to get under the co1ering of an anointed ministry4 /4 Develop an honest pra%er life.:4 The 6ord is nigh +near. BLord. not religious4 e is not concerned with how well you shout B alleluFahB or how many times you can say B'hank you. lookingB truth and there is BuglyB truth4 If you sin.

Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing you don@t4 >ust be honest with #od and say. and I repent4B 'ell the truthC When you do. spend time in worship and praise and commune with the oly %pirit4 'his is a 1ery important part of operating in the anointing4 #et a fresh infilling e1eryday4 +4 Bepent4 'here must be the element of ready repentance in your life if you are to operate in the anointing4 (lease 3+ . you must fill up with the Word. you are made free indeed 7>ohn ::0/. anger or any other yoke. I blew it. #od can take the truth of your sin and gi1e you the truth that will get you deli1ered from that sin4 When #od gi1es you that truth. When it comes to walking in the anointing of #od. whether it be fornication. lying. 0394 #lory to #odC Remember this: #od cannot make you free from bondage. you must fill your spiritual tanks regularly Fust as you would the gas tank in your car4 When you go too long without refilling your car. e does not ha1e the liberty to operate in forgi1eness and deli1erance until you ha1e been completely transparent and humble with im4 Aou must be honest with #od in your prayer life4 It is a prere=uisite for the anointing4 04 Get a fresh infilling of the Cpirit ever% da%. BLord. depression. until you first get honest with im about the situation4 $1en though e already knows what has happened. it e1entually stops running4 'he same applies to you spiritually4 $1ery day. spend time in prayer.

The Pharisee stood and pra%ed thus )ith hi#self* God* 1 than7 thee* that 1 a# not as other #en are* e>tortioners* un8ust* adulterers* or even as this pu li!an. 1 fast t)i!e in the )ee7* 1 give tithes of all that 1 possess. the one a Pharisee* and the other a pu li!an. learn to repentC If you become aware that you are 38 . but only a precious few truly repenting and changing4 Aou can say that you want to repentI say that you are going to repentI and e1en say that you ha1e repented.Paying the Price for the Anointing+ #he %oundation understand. to repent does not mean you say. the man who repented for his faults was Fustified4 is humility and repentance brought him to e*altation4 #lory to #odC %o. ere we see #od@s attitude toward those who repent4 e says that the man who e*alted himself in pride was abased. .-. And the pu li!an* standing afar off* )ould not lift up so #u!h as his e%es unto heaven* ut s#ote upon his reast* sa%ing* God e #er!iful to #e a sinner.for ever% one that e>alteth hi#self shall e a ased. and he that hu# leth hi#self shall e e>alted. BI@m sorry4B It means you change4 'rue repentance is a change of heart. but there has been no true repentance unless there has been change4 ! great model for repentance is found in Luke . or brought low4 owe1er.::. 1 tell %ou* this #an )ent do)n to his house 8ustified rather than the other.+4 T)o #en )ent up into the te#ple to pra%. there are plenty of people telling #od they@re sorry. a change of mind and a change of direction4 %adly.

'his is one of the most difficult things for Christians to learn4 It is also one of the most important4 If the power of #od is present to heal or deli1er you. for instance. you ha1e an ad1ocate with the ?ather and all of your sins ha1e been eternally remitted through the blood of >esus4 'herefore. %atan will ha1e an opportunity to come in and use his two fa1orite weapons: guilt and condemnation4 e will tell you that you ha1e no business going back into the presence of #od4 e will tell you that you are unworthy4 is accusations will drag you down until you stop praying and reading the Word like you used to4 $1entually. but your natural mind resists #od@s methods. remember. don@t run away from >esus4 Don@t stop doing what e has called you to do4 'urn around and run to him4 "e1er stay away from #od because of condemnation4 'he anointing and the oly %pirit are still a1ailable4 Don@t miss out on them by listening to the de1il tell you what an unworthy worm you are4 >ust repent and get back to #od through the cleansing blood of >esus4 'hen. simply change your direction4 Do it immediatelyC If you don@t. you can fail to recei1e is blessing4 %ometimes. when you ha1e messed up and gone the wrong way. continue doing what e has called you to do4 84 6earn to %ield to the $ol% Cpirit.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing going in the wrong direction. you will stop altogether4 When that happens you ha1e taken yourself out of a position to be clothed with the anointingGand that is e*actly what the enemy wants4 !ny time you blow it. when the anointing of #od is 33 .

to %atan4 Romans 3:. they hinder the power of #od@s anointing4 'here may ha1e been something #od wanted to say or do to them while they were out under is power. 36 . some will try to stop themsel1es because they do not want to look foolish in front of other people4 In so doing. )hether of sin unto death* or of o edien!e unto righteousness' (eople ha1e 1ery little trouble yielding themsel1es to the power of sin4 !ll they ha1e to do is make a decision and act on it4 It is not hard for them to drink. is humility4 When you surrender to #od your power to do your will.3 mentions both of them4 3either %ield %e %our #e# ers as instru#ents of unrighteousness unto sin.Paying the Price for the Anointing+ #he %oundation present in a ser1ice and people begin to fall out under is power. . but they miss it because of their failure to yield4 'here are two different kinds of yielding: One is to #od and the other. curse or complain4 !ll they need to do is yield to the spirit that is tempting them4 'he same principle is true with the anointing4 !ll you ha1e to do is submit to what the oly %pirit is wanting to do in your life. once again.ut %ield %ourselves unto God* as those that are alive fro# the dead* and %our #e# ers as instru#ents of righteousness unto God.0. smoke. and act4 'he key to this. e will gi1e you is power to do is will4 Learn how to yield to the anointing of the oly %pirit4 34 "ello)ship )ith the $ol% Cpirit. 2no) %e not* that to )ho# %e %ield %ourselves servants to o e%* his servants %e are to )ho# %e o e%.

you begin to intimately know is power and anointing4 &ake communing with the your life4 64 (e !onsistent. 'he final thing anyone who wants to operate in the anointing must ha1e is consistency4 Aou must consistently make the pre1ious si* items a part of your daily life4 )y doing so.0/94 If you do not see results immediately.0:. A#en. do not stop4 Continue on until you recei1e what #od has promisedC Consistency keeps the foundation for the anointing together4 3: oly #host a priority in . you become sensiti1e to his 1oice and presence4 'hen. Communion with the oly #host is tremendously important4 )ut what does it meanD 'he word communion in this 1erse is translated from the #reek word B koinonia4B 5oinonia denotes intimate fellowship and sharing4 'his is precisely what you must do with the oly #host4 %pend time with im4 'alk to im4 Worship im4 When you do these things. you lay the foundation for the power to get results to consistently flow and operate in your life4 It is important to remember that consistency is the key to the breakthrough 7>ohn ::0.+: The gra!e of the 6ord Jesus Christ* and the love of God* and the communion of the Holy !host" e )ith %ou all..Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing 'he si*th thing that must be present in your life in order to e*perience #od@s anointing is the communion of the oly #host4 (aul refers to it in II Corinthians .

+1saiah EE-1. nor cheap4 'here is a price to be paid4 It re=uires that you gi1e up something of yourself in order to recei1e from #od4 &any people see )enny inn or 5enneth Copeland on tele1ision and say. !o#e %e* u%* and eat. BI want his anointing4B owe1er. "5 !od" thou art my !od. 1ery few of those people consider the price those men paid for the anointing4 Other people go to power. we are ready to mo1e on to the actual purchase4 B(urchaseDB you ask4 AesC Operating in the anointing is neither free. but understand this: it will ne1er be yours until you ha1e paid the price for it yourself4 'he same principle applies to the anointing4 Are Lou Thirst%' $o* =ver% one that thirsteth* !o#e %e to the )aters* and he that hath no #one%. 3.The Pur!hase . early will 3 see& thee: my soul thirsteth for thee" my flesh lon%eth for thee in a dry and thirsty land" Psalm 63:1 "ow that we ha1e established the foundation.Chapter 6 Pa%ing the Pri!e for the Anointing.packed ser1ices and try on the anointing as if it were a garment in a department store dressing room4 'here is nothing wrong with trying it on. . %ea* !o#e* u% )ine and #il7 )ithout #one% and )ithout pri!e.

mo1ies and time with friends and family4 In order to =uench this thirst. To see th% po)er and th% glor%* so as 1 have seen thee in the 6- . you must be willing to gi1e up e1erything4 )ut it is worth it all many times o1er because once you buy. there is an e*change4 If you want a candy bar. you ha1e it fore1er4 Da1id had that thirst4 5 God* thou art #% God. there must be money gi1en in e*change for it4 %omething must lea1e you in order to get it4 Aou must gi1e up in order to recei1e4 Aou must also BbuyB the anointing4 "o one can buy the anointing for you4 "or can you buy the anointing with money.#% soul thirsteth for thee* #% flesh longeth for thee in a dr% and thirst% land* )here no )ater is. you must go to the waters and buy4 'he word BbuyB is 1ery significant in Isaiah 884 Isaiah did not say. yet there must be an e*change between you and #od4 Aou will spend hours in fer1ent prayer4 Aou will gi1e up food in times of fasting4 Aou may gi1e up '2. for e*ample. 0(u%.0 When you buy something.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing 'he first thing you must ha1e in order to make the anointing yours is a thirst for it4 Aou must literally cra1e the manifestation of the power of #od in your life4 'hen you must come to the waters and buy4 'he waters represent the Word4 >esus said out of your spirit shall flow ri1ers of li1ing water 7>ohn 6:0:94 'he )ible says that these waters were from the oly %pirit who had not been gi1en at that time4 )ut now e is here on the inside of us4 (raise #odC If you are thirsty for the anointing. Bcome to the waters and pick or choose4B e said. earl% )ill 1 see7 thee.

/-1:2.Paying the Price for the Anointing+ #he Purchase san!tuar%. you are right. . you must be thirsty for it4 If you think that sounds hard. it is4 'here is no way around it4 If you want to be pure gold. you will find a way to get it4 Aou will not accept an e*cuse for not ha1ing it4 When you are ra1enously hungry late at night and e1ery restaurant in town seems to be closed. you will not stop looking until you find an open restaurant somewhere4 Aou are determined4 Aou will find some food4 Aou should be the same way about the anointing4 If you really want it. BI@m so thirsty for what you ha1e. +Psal# . the price must be paid4 6et 1t Bain 6. you will pay whate1er you ha1e to and seek #od for it as longs as it takes4 In order to put forth that kind of effort. Da1id proclaims that his soul is thirsty for #od and his flesh longs to see #od@s power manifested as he has seen it in the sanctuary4 e wanted to see the miracles that happened at church happen in his personal life4 'his should be your attitude as well4 Aou should say. the furnace is your passage4 If you want the anointing. #od. it may be4 It all depends on how badly you want to know #od@s power4 When you really want something. that I will rise early e1ery morning to seek it4 I will do whate1er I ha1e to do to recei1e the fullness of Aour anointing4 I@ll lay on my face for hours in prayer4 I@ll fast4 I@ll gi1e up anything that stands between me and Aour power4B Aou may think that sounds e*treme4 'o you.

so the 6ord shall #a7e right !louds* and give the# sho)ers of rain* to ever% one grass in the field. ask for it4 If you do not ha1e the anointing of #od to get your body healed.. give me the anointing.-:. &ho is this un!ir!u#!ised Philistine. Rain is a symbol of the anointing and outpouring of the oly %pirit4 !sk for the rain4 If you do not ha1e the anointing of #od operating on your Fob.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing BOkay. e will cause the showers to come4 'hose showers are the anointing and all the power and blessings that come with it4 Can 1 Get a &itness' Once you ha1e begun to pray and release your faith for the anointing. " ask for the rain.B you say.0 Remember when Da1id was getting ready to fight #oliathD 'he first thing he did was testify.If you do this. add action to that faith4 )egin to stir things up with 7.ord.9 'hanksgi1ing. says.. 01 7illed the lion. 01t is a good thing to give than7s unto the 6ord* and to sing praises unto th% na#e* 5 #ost $igh.4 As7 %e of the 6ord rain in the ti#e of the latter rain.6:039 6/ . but where do I startDB Aou@ll find your answer is in Kechariah . BI@m willing to pay the price. " ask for the anointing in my life. -. ask for it4 We are told to ask in the time of the Blatter rain4B We are li1ing in that time4 Child of #od./:. 7/9 (raise and 709 'estimony4 !s (salm .. all you ha1e to do is take this scripture and go before #od and say.'0 7%ee I %amuel . 1 7illed the ear.

say B e healed me of a headache4 e healed me of a backache4 What is this tumor444DB 'estimony like that stirs up the anointing4 When that happens. you ha1e the power to win4 'hat is why >ohn says that we o1ercome the de1il with the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony4 7%ee Re1elation . if you ha1e been born again. say BI paid the light bill4 I paid the gas bill4 What is this medical bill444DB Or when sickness comes. get with itGand get ready to o1ercomeC 60 ..49 #lory be to #odC I don@t care how young or ine*perienced you are in the things of #od. a reason to gi1e thanks and the power to praise4 %o. you ha1e a testimony to tell./:.Paying the Price for the Anointing+ #he Purchase is testimony stirred up the anointing inside him4 Aou can do this too4 When you recei1e a bill that you cannot pay.


and #od will not be benefited4 Aou willC (rayer does not help #od be who e needs to be. and your body +fasting.Howbeit this &ind %oeth not out but by 'rayer and fastin%."asting and Pra%er 9 "Then came the disci'les to /esus a'art and said" 7hy could not we cast him out8 2nd /esus said unto them" 9ecause of your unbelief. some wonderful things can happen4 (ringing Lour Coul 1n 6ine 68 .)1 One of the most powerful and effecti1e ways a belie1er can pay the price for the anointing is through fasting and prayer4 Aou ha1e 1ery little in life more precious than your time +pra%er. they are not designed to mo1e or change #od4 'hey mo1e and change you4 Aou can fast four hours or +..:1-. when you add the element of prayer to your fast." :atthew 1. it helps you be who you need to be4 ?asting and prayer go hand in hand4 ?asting alone will do nothing more than clean out your digesti1e system4 $1en unsa1ed people fast for this reason4 owe1er.days.Chapter 7 Pa%ing the Pri!e for the Anointing. 'hese two items possess a lot of buying power4 It is important to keep in mind that although fasting and prayer are powerful tools...

the place where we can be endued with power4 When your mind is in humble subFection to your born.man4 It breaks down the will of your carnal flesh and mind so that your born. and #% pra%er returned into #ine o)n oso#.:. you do not make decisions based on your own good ideas4 Aou wait for #od@s direction4 !nd as long 63 . you are in a position to e*perience #od@s power. we bring our minds and thought patterns in line with the Word of #od4 ?asting has another beneficial effect on our soulish man4 It BhumblesB it4 (ut as for #e* )hen the% )ere si!7* #% !lothing )as sa!7!loth. the path our minds need to be on is the Word of #od4 When we fast. again spirit. the power of the anointing4 Da1id knew that4 Look at (salm 3.1 hu# led #% soul )ith is in control. +Psal# /E-1/. Da1id brought his soul 7mind9 into the right path through fasting4 !s Christians. and take up the thoughts of #od4 It puts us in a place of humility.again spirit can be in control4 When your spirit. 'o BchastenB means to gi1e direction and lead into the right path4 ere.-4 &hen 1 )ept* and !hastened #% soul )ith fasting* that )as to #% reproa!h. We can and should humble our souls through fasting4 When we fast.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing ?asting brings your flesh and soul into subFection to your spirit. we put down our reasonings and rationaliEations.

they failed to go to the waters to make an e*change for power4 7%ee Isaiah 88:. but it will place you in a position to be clothed with is power4 On one occasion. you gi1e up something4 Aou may gi1e up food. +Aatthe) 19-21. physical relations with your spouse or anything else that gratifies an appetite of your flesh. you cannot lose4 When your soul is humbled through fasting. your prayers will come back to you full of answers and 1ictory4 WhyD )ecause you ha1e the anointing.49 >esus told the disciples that they could not cast out that 66 . in order to recei1e from #od4 Aour fasting acts as a medium of e*change for #od@s power4 It does not impress #od. to cast an e1il spirit out of a young boy4 What did >esus identify as their problemD $o) eit* this 7ind goeth not out ut % pra%er and fasting. >esus@ disciples had been trying. unsuccessfully. said the right words and went through the right motions4 owe1er. tele1ision. e got instant results4 e e*perienced 1ictory in that situation with 1ery little effort4 'he reason is simple: >esus li1ed a lifestyle of prayer and fasting4 e operated in the anointing that assured him BsweatlessB 1ictory4 is disciples did not4 %urely.Paying the Price for the Anointing+ %asting and Prayer as you follow #od@s instructions. they had seen >esus cast out de1ils before4 'hey had the right form. and it is the power to get results4 A Po)erful =>!hange When you fast. When >esus rebuked that spirit.

you will find that before they operated in the anointing. that people could not look at him in the face4 )efore he operated in the anointing.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing de1il because that they had made no purchase4 'hey had not paid the price in order to get the faith. and gi1e that time to #od4 'hat pleases #od. paying the price for that power4 e went to the waters and BboughtB #od@s power4 $1en >esus had to pay the price for the anointing4 )efore the power of #od was manifested in >esus@ life. purposes and pursuits. e spent forty days and nights in the wilderness fasting and praying4 When e came out. and puts you in a place to recei1e is power4 If you e*amine the li1es of mighty men and women of #od. they spent time in fasting and prayer4 &oses had a mighty anointing on him4 %o much so. he spent forty days and nights fasting and praying.power to cast it out4 'he price >esus told them to pay was fasting and prayer4 'hose two things are a key to obtaining the power to make impossibilities possible4 =ver%one $as to Pa% the Pri!e (rayer also works as a medium of e*change4 (rayer time is time that you gi1e up in order to communicate and fellowship with the ?ather4 'here are a million other things you could be doing during that time. e could do whate1er was necessary because e had paid the price for 1ictory4 Aou will not find one prophet in the Old 'estament that carried the anointing of the oly #host who did not 6: . but you choose to dedicate that time to #od4 Aou gi1e up your plans.

e!ause )e had spo7en unto the 7ing* sa%ing* The hand of our God is upon all the# for good that see7 hi#.0: we see !nna. !nna ser1ed #od with fastings and prayers4 er rewardD ! look into the face of the %a1ior of the worldC Don't &ait Till 0All =lse "ails0 %ometimes the decision to fast is a matter of life and death4 $Era ::/. ut his po)er and his )rath is against all the# that forsa7e hi#. "or 1 )as asha#ed to reFuire of the 7ing a and of soldiers and horse#en to help us against the ene#% in the )a%. pro!lai#ed a fast there* at the river Ahava* that )e #ight affli!t ourselves efore our God* to see7 of hi# a right )a% for us* and for our little ones* and for all our su stan!e. they were sure to be 6.. $Era and his fellow >ews were about to return to >erusalem after years of e*ile in )abylon4 'hey were about to cross many miles of dangerous territory while carrying with them great wealth which was to be used to restore the temple4 With such treasure.Paying the Price for the Anointing+ %asting and Prayer first spend time in prayer and fasting4 'he same is true for the "ew 'estament saints4 In Luke /:06. the prophetess.// tells us of such4 Then 1 +=@ra. . getting a glimpse of the newborn &essiah4 And she )as a )ido) of a out fours!ore and four %ears* )hi!h departed not fro# the te#ple* ut served God )ith fastings and pra%ers night and da%. And she !o#ing in that instant gave than7s li7e)ise unto the 6ord* and spa7e of hi# to all the# that loo7ed for rede#ption in Jerusale#.

you can be deli1ered from trouble Fust as $Era was deli1ered4 Aou can :- . they had no weapons and no battle plan4 $Era could not go to the king of )abylon for military help because he had already assured him that #od would take care of them4 'herefore.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing preyed upon by thie1es and bandits4 Aet. then Bif all else failsB we will turn to #od4 Our priorities are upside.down4 &atthew 3:00 instructs us to seek #od first and e1erything else will be pro1ided4 ow did #od deli1er $Era and his people out of their predicamentD 2erse 0. says. Then )e departed fro# the river Ahava on the t)elfth da% of the first #onth* to go unto Jerusale#and the hand of our God )as upon us* and he delivered us fro# the hand of the ene#%* and of su!h as la% in )ait % the )a%. the hand of #od was upon them and they were deli1ered4 'hey got resultsC 'hey wonC )ut only after a season of fasting and prayer4 'hey went to the waters to buy4 An 5utpouring of <i!tor% If you are willing to pay the price. 'he hand of #od is symbolic of the anointing4 7Remember: It was the hand of #od on $liFah that caused him to outrun chariots49 !fter they fasted and sought #od@s wisdom. we are too =uick to seek the help of man instead of the help of #od in a time of crisis4 We will e*haust all other a1enues. they fasted and sought #od for a solution to their dilemma4 e ga1e it to them4 Often.

-:. rain is symbolic of the anointing 7Kechari. +Joel 2-12:1/* 1E* 1G:19* 2/.. the inhabitants of >udah were once again facing trouble4 'hey needed the anointing of deli1erance. #od was guaranteeing them the power to o1ercome the tribulation they were e*periencing4 'hey would be deli1ered by the power of the anointing4 "ot only would they be deli1ered. :.ah .for he is gra!ious and #er!iful* slo) to anger* and of great 7indness* and repenteth hi# of evil .. so they paid the price4 'hey brought e1eryone together to fast and pray4 In response to their fast #od ga1e them a promiseG rain4 !s we ha1e seen.Paying the Price for the Anointing+ %asting and Prayer literally see 1ictory poured out like rain4 Therefore also no)* saith the 6ord* Turn %e even to #e )ith all %our heart* and )ith fasting* and )ith )eeping* and )ith #ourningAnd rend %our heart* and not %our gar#ents* and turn unto the 6ord %our God. they would be blessed beyond their wildest dreamsC And the floors shall e full of )heat* and the vats shall overflo) )ith )ine and oil. In this passage.. (e glad then* %e !hildren of Jion* and re8oi!e in the 6ord %our God.. .Then )ill the 6ord e 8ealous for his land* and pit% his people. (lo) the tru#pet in Jion* san!tif% a fast . Lea* the 6ord )ill ans)er and sa% unto his people* (ehold* 1 )ill send %ou !orn* and )ine* and oil* and %e shall e satisfied there)ith.94 In promising rain.for he hath given %ou the for#er rain #oderatel%* and he )ill !ause to !o#e do)n for %ou the rain* the for#er rain* and the latter rain in the first #onth.

and %our sons and daughters shall prophes%* %our old #en shall drea# drea#s* %our %oung #en shall see visionsAnd also upon the servants and upon the hand#aids in those da%s )ill 1 pour out #% spirit. +Joel 2-2?: /D. refused to :/ .and #% people shall never e asha#ed.and #% people shall never e asha#ed. And %e shall eat in plent%* and e satisfied* and praise the na#e of the 6ord %our God* that hath dealt )ondrousl% )ith %ou. What did #od say must be done in order to trigger such wondrous blessingsD %eek im through prayer and fasting4 Aou. like the people of >udah. And %e shall 7no) that 1 a# in the #idst of 1srael* and that 1 a# the 6ord %our God* and none else. And it shall !o#e to pass after)ard* that 1 )ill pour out #% spirit upon all flesh. a righteous >ew. must gi1e of yourself in e*change for an outpouring of 1ictory from #od4 Don't Aess )ith God's Anointed In the book of $sther we find another beautiful e*ample of #od@s people tapping into the deli1ering power of the anointing through fasting and prayer4 In this case. And 1 )ill she) )onders in the heavens and in the earth* lood* and fire* and pillars of s#o7e.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing And 1 )ill restore to %ou the %ears that the lo!ust hath eaten* the !an7er)or#* and the !aterpillar* and the pal#er)or#* #% great ar#% )hi!h 1 sent a#ong %ou. &ordecai.

1 also and #% #aidens )ill fast li7e)ise.and if 1 perish* 1 perish. &ordecai. had become the target of a plot by one of the king@s aides. fa1or is one of the benefits of the anointing49 "ot only were the >ews deli1ered. the e1il things your enemies plan for you end up coming upon them instead4 :0 . they declared a fast4 aman@s Then =sther ade the# return to Aorde!ai this ans)er* Go* gather together all the Je)s that are present in Chushan* and fast %e for #e* and neither eat nor drin7 three da%s* night or da%. but the 1ery gallows that had been intended for &ordecai were used to e*ecute amanC Co the% hanged $a#an on the gallo)s that he had prepared for Aorde!ai.. who conspired to kill him and all the >ews of the land4 When $sther and &ordecai learned of scheme. +=sther 9-1D. but once again we see the power to get results come on the scene as a result of fasting and prayer4 Aou are probably familiar with the story4 $sther. +=sther ?-1E:1. When the anointing is present in your life. aman.Paying the Price for the Anointing+ %asting and Prayer dishonor #od by bowing down to man4 'his caused great problems for the capti1e >ews. $sther and her people paid the price for the power to get results4 When she went to the king she found fa1or in his sight4 7Remember. a beautiful >ewish girl had been ele1ated to the position of Hueen of (ersia4 er uncle. and so )ill 1 go in unto the 7ing* )hi!h is not a!!ording to the la).

Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing

'he anointing also, as we saw in the life of %aul, brings with it a change of status4
And the 7ing too7 off his ring* )hi!h he had ta7en fro# $a#an* and gave it unto Aorde!ai. And =sther set Aorde!ai over the house of $a#an. "or Aorde!ai the Je) )as ne>t unto the 7ing Ahasuerus* and great a#ong the Je)s* and a!!epted of the #ultitude of his rethren* see7ing the )ealth of his people* and spea7ing pea!e to all his seed. +=sther G-2*1D-/.

?or &ordecai and $sther, promotion came as a result of the anointing4 'he anointing came because they were willing to pay the price4 In fact, all of the >ews in capti1ity e*perienced a great 1ictory in the time of $sther4 When they called a fast and began to pray, the %pirit and the anointing of #od came on them and they were able to produce results4 'hey began to win4 'hey began to mo1e forward4 If there is any area in your life in which you need direction, make a =uality decision to fast, pray and seek the Lord4 When you do, you are guaranteed to recei1e the anointing and all of the benefits that come with it4 !re you willing to pay the priceD !re you prepared to make an e*changeD If so, you will be hooked into the power source that ne1er runs dry4 It is the anointing that brings you guaranteed 1ictory4 alleluFahC ?asting and prayer will bring you the anointing4



Chapter 8 The "ruit of the Cpirit and the Anointing

"9ut the fruit of the 1'irit is love" <oy" 'eace" lon%sufferin%" %entleness" %oodness" faith" :ee&ness" tem'erance: a%ainst such there is no law." !alatians 5:)).)3

!ny time the topic of Bthe anointingB is discussed among belie1ers, you will hear lots of talk about the BgiftsB of the %pirit4 Rarely, if e1er, will you hear mention of the BfruitB of the %pirit4 'hat is unfortunate, since there is a close correlation between the fruit of the %pirit and the anointing4 'hey work together powerfully4 When you understand how they relate, you can use them to win in e1ery area of your life4 We ha1e already established that the oly %pirit is a BpersonB, not an Bit4B e has a personality4 'hat personality, Fust like anyone else@s, produces an outward display of what is inside4 We call that display is Bcharacter4B 'he concepts of character and personality are inseparably intertwined4 !s a matter of fact, when a person beha1es in a way that is contrary to his personality, we say his beha1ior is Bout of character4B We say that because beha1ior or character is nearly always consistent with personality4 :8

Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing

'he same principle applies when discussing the oly %pirit4 Whene1er you see the manifestation of the anointing, you should also see is character4 What is is character likeD Aou will find a description of it in #alatians 8://;/04
(ut the fruit of the Cpirit is love* 8o%* pea!e* longsuffering* gentleness* goodness* faith* Aee7ness* te#peran!e- against su!h there is no la).

Lour Chara!ter Too4
'hose nine characteristics, the fruit of the %pirit, are the 1ery character of #od4 'hey are the character of >esus4 e was a walking manifestation of the fruit of the %pirit4 In a 1ery real sense, the fruit of the %pirit is the BimageB of Christ4 In the light of that, read Romans ::/,4
"or )ho# he did fore7no)* he also did predestinate to e !onfor#ed to the i#age of his Con* that he #ight e the first: orn a#ong #an% rethren.

#od has predestined us to be made into the image of >esusC e has appointed us to bear the same spiritual fruit4 In fact, the ultimate purpose of #od@s Word, the anointing, the oly #host, the name of >esus and the entire "ew Co1enant is to transform us and make our character Fust like is4 B)ut, brother Dollar,B you say, BI could ne1er be like >esusCB Aes, you canC When you were born;again, the seed of is image was planted on the inside of you in your spirit; :3

3:. ha1e is power behind them4 'he fruit of the %pirit is empowered by the :6 .. against su!h there is no la).#he %ruit of the /pirit and the Anointing man4 When you recei1ed the anointing of the oly #host. look back at #alatians 8:/0 and notice the last phrase: 0. is character was painted on you in powerC What more could you needD Po)erful "ruit 'he fruit of the %pirit is more than optional e=uipment in the Christian life4 It is more than Fust a list of pleasant =ualities e1ery belie1er should try to possess4 'he fruit of the %pirit is a powerful component in the o1ercoming life. it is imperati1e that the power of the anointing be used in harmony with and under the powerful influence of the fruit of the %pirit4 If you want to see the true power of the fruit. and is crucial to those who want to operate in the gifts of the %pirit4 When people try to operate in a gift of the oly %pirit without the fruit of the %pirit. the gift becomes corrupted and does not operate in its fullness4 >esus gets no glory from such abuse of the anointing4 7!nd remember..+49 'herefore. and therefore. the primary purpose of the anointing is to glorify im4 %ee >ohn .0 'hat literally means nothing can stand against these attributes4 "o force on earth is more powerful than these characteristics4 'hese nine characteristics ha1e the ability to get results4 "othing can stop them from producing what they are supposed to produce4 Why are they so potentD 'hey are the personality traits of the oly %pirit.

the :: .why doesn't it operate more fully in my life0 #ood =uestionC Remember we learned how operating in the anointing in1ol1es paying a priceD Well.. because the power behind it is the source of BsweatlessB 1ictory4 !sk yourself. the fruit naturally grows and de1elops4 It is a natural part of the process4 owe1er.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing anointingC 'he fruit of the %pirit always wins. operating in the fruit of the %pirit also in1ol1es paying a price4 $1en though it is already on the inside of you.B you are not manifesting the oly #host. BIs my Foy 1ictorious o1er depressionDB BIs peace defeating a tendency to worryD. "f the fruit of the /pirit is so powerful.and if it is already inside me.B BIs faith o1ercoming a spirit of fearDB If the answer is works much like your body4 $1ery physiologically normal person.. the reason for this difference is e*ercise4 %ome people work their muscles more than others4 'hey apply pressure in order to de1elop the muscle4 'he same principle applies to the fruit of the %pirit4 !s you grow and mature as a Christian.. if you apply the necessary pressure.. while others ha1e small. weak ones4 #enetic factors aside. has a bicep muscle on each arm4 Aet some people ha1e large. there is a price to pay if you want it fully manifested in your life4 Aour spirit.empowered fruit of the %pirit4 #enuine fruit of the %pirit has the power to get the Fob done4 (e Ultra:"ruitful Aou may be wondering . powerful biceps. for instance.

#he %ruit of the /pirit and the Anointing growth will be more dramatic and pronounced4 Aou will become ultra. and you will see4 $o* ever% one that thirsteth* !o#e %e to the )aters* and he that hath no #one%. by the amount of time and effort each one spends in culti1ation4 'he farmer who wants a bountiful har1est will work 1ery hard and consistently to take care of his crop4 'he other will do Fust enough to get by4 Aou see that in the spiritual realm as well4 'hose who are really hungry to e*hibit the characteristics of the oly #host will spend more time working and culti1ating in order to de1elop them4 It all depends on how badly you want them4 Isaiah said those that were thirsty needed to go to the waters and buy4 %omething must be gi1en out before anything can be recei1ed4 <nfortunately some people ha1e de1eloped a Bwelfare mentalityB about the fruit of the :. fruitfulness and others do notD Look back at the scripture we read in Isaiah 88:.fruitful4 Cultivating Lour $arvest Why do some Christians de1elop this ultra. 'he reason some belie1ers ne1er e*hibit any growth or de1elopment of the fruit of the %pirit is they ha1e not been hungry and thirsty enough to culti1ate it4 In the natural. you can tell the difference between a farmer who really wants a har1est and one who does not. !o#e %e* u%* and eat. . %ea* !o#e* u% )ine and #il7 )ithout #one% and )ithout pri!e.

you ha1e probably only culti1ated it a little bit4 ?aith and Foy are only two of the characteristics or BfruitB of the %pirit. Foy or peace that they possess4 What they fail to appreciate is all the practice that was re=uired to de1elop those attributes4 'hey do not see all the times that person had to bite their tongue when an unkind word tried to lea1e their lips4 'hey do not see the perse1erance in tribulation that brought them to where they are now4 !ll they see is the end result4 If you really want the fruit of the %pirit. you will ha1e to grow and culti1ate the little faith you already possess4 %oon it will begin to mature and flourish4 If you find that your BFoyB only works a little bit.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing %pirit4 'hey want a handout4 'hey want to stand in a prayer line and ha1e the minister lay hands on them to recei1e more faith4 It does not come that way4 If you want bigger faith. e1er fail4 De1eloping the fruit of the %pirit is not an e1ent. it is a process which re=uires work4 &any people see strong brothers and sisters in Christ and want to immediately ha1e the lo1e.- . they will ne1er. come to the waters and buy4 . get started on the culti1ation process todayC &ake a =uality decision to do whate1er is necessary to make it grow4 If you really want the power. but they are all de1eloped in the same way4 Aou BbuyB them with diligence. practice and effort4 Once they are yours.

it is time you found out. . B'emperanceD Aou@1e got to be kiddingD I@m not e1en sure I know what it isCB Well. because without it..orinthians -:)5 'he fruit of the %pirit plays an indispensable role in bringing you 1ictory in life4 $ach one is an awesomely powerful weapon in the arsenal of the anointing4 Aet one stands out from all the others in importance in helping you operate in the power of #odGthat is temperance.power and self. you will ne1er be in a position to gi1e an appropriate e*change for the anointing4 ! lack of will.9 Chapter 9 The "ruit of Te#peran!e and the Anointing "2nd every man that striveth for the mastery is tem'erate in all thin%s.discipline will characteriEe your entire spiritual life4 When you want to . your flesh and soul no longer dictate your course of action4 If you fail to de1elop temperance. you can forget about tapping into the full power of the anointing4 &ho's the (oss' 'emperance basically means Bself.control4B It is the ability to control the flesh and bring it into subFection to the spirit4 When you de1elop temperance." 3 . I can hear some of you now.

it@s already on the inside of youC ?orget about disciplining your flesh4 Aou can Fust call on the anointing if you get into trouble4B Aour mind and body will con1ince you that there is no need to fast and pray4 'hen one day when trouble arri1es.(ut 1 7eep under #% od%* and ring it into su 8e!tion. 1 therefore so run* not as un!ertainl%. 3o) the% do it to o tain a !orrupti le !ro)n. you will not because your flesh will say you are too tired4 When you want to fast and seek the face of #od. ut )e an in!orrupti le. you will not because your flesh will demand otherwise4 Without temperance. so fight 1* not as one that eateth the air. And ever% #an that striveth for the #aster% is te#perate in all things.lest that % an% #eans )hen 1 have prea!hed to others* 1 #%self should e a !asta)a%. +1 Corinthians 9-2?:29. BAou don@t ha1e to go to all that trouble to ha1e the anointing4 !fter all. the flesh gets4 Once your flesh starts calling the shots.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing get up early and pray. what the flesh wants. you are going to ha1e to de1elop the fruit of temperance4 (aul said it well: 2no) %e not that the% )hi!h run in a ra!e run all* ut one re!eiveth the pri@e' Co run* that %e #a% o tain. (aul warns that unless you get your body under . you will disco1er that your spiritual power has been turned off because you ha1e not been paying the bill4 'here are no two ways about it4 If you want to operate in the anointing as #od desires you to./ . your mind will be more than willing to Fump on the bandwagon and pro1ide great rationaliEations4 It will tell you.

and that Bo!7 )as Christ. 3o) these things )ere for e>a#ples* to the intent )e should not lust after evil things* as the% also lusted. you will become a castaway4 In the #reek. 3either let us te#pt Christ as so#e of the# also te#pted and )ere destro%ed of serpents.#he %ruit of #emperance and the Anointing control. let@s take a close look at what (aul says ne*t4 5verthro)n in the &ilderness Aoreover* rethren* 1 )ould not that %e should e ignorant* ho) that all our fathers )ere under the !loud* and all passed through the sea.ut God is faithful* )ho )ill not suffer %ou to e te#pted a ove that %e are a le.for the% dran7 of that spiritual Bo!7 that follo)ed the#. (ut )ith #an% of the# God )as not )ell pleased.for the% )ere overthro)n in the )ilderness. B&oreo1er4B &oreo1er means that what follows is e1en more important than what preceded4 %o. ut )ill )ith the te#ptation also #a7e a )a% to es!ape* that %e #a% e a le to ear it. the word translated castaway means unappro1ed. 3either e %e idolaters* as )ere so#e of the#. reFected. And )ere all apti@ed unto Aoses in the !loud and in the sea. as it is )ritten* The people sat do)n to eat and drin7* and rose up to pla%. And did all eat the sa#e spiritual #eat. And did all drin7 the sa#e spiritual drin7.0 . worthless and reprobate 71oid of Fudgment94 'hat is a pretty stiff warningC Aet he does not stop there4 e continues with the word. 3either #ur#ur %e* as so#e of the# also #ur#ured* and )ere destro%ed of the destro%er. +1 Corinthians 1D-1:1D*1/. . 3either let us !o##it forni!ation* as so#e of the# !o##itted* and fell in one da% three and t)ent% thousand. There hath no te#ptation ta7en %ou ut su!h as is !o##on to #an.

. . And did all drin7 the sa#e spiritual drin7. and all passed through the sea and )ere apti@ed unto Aoses in the cloud and in the sea. let@s read the first fi1e 1erses of that passage again. B>oe Christian was under the co1ering of #od and had been deli1ered from the bondage of his pre.. (ut )ith #an% of the# God )as not )ell pleased..for they were overthro)n in the )ilderness..9 . .. ... B e e1en drank from the well of eternal life4B 14 89 .. translating the Old Co1enant imagery into "ew Co1enant reality4 14 .. B!nd he was baptiEed in the oly #host with the e1idence of speaking in tongues and had the anointing inside of him4B 14 09 .for they dran7 of that spiritual =oc& that followed them" and that =oc& was Christ. B!nd he ate spiritual teaching from 5enneth Copeland.our fathers )ere under the !loud. . B)ut #od could not gi1e him the power to get results in its fullness because e1ery time pressure came to his flesh he was defeated due to a ... And all did eat the same spiritual #eat. .sal1ation life4B 14 /9 ...Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing 'he Israelites fell and were o1erthrown 7the #reek word translated o1erthrown means slain or killed9 because of a problem they had in the wilderness4 What was that problemD ! lack of temperance4 'o show you how that same problem affects us today.+ . .. 5enneth agin and the entire ')" family4B 14 +9 .

idolatry takes many forms4 Aortif% therefore %our #e# ers )hi!h are upon . 1ery few belie1ers today are battling an urge to make an image of a cow and bow down before it4 owe1er.for 1 the 6ord th% God a# a 8ealous God* visiting the iniFuit% of the fathers upon the !hildren unto the third and fourth generation of the# that hate #e.8 .control4B Child of #od. let@s e*amine these Bfatal fourB more closely4 3dolatry Thou shalt not #a7e unto thee an% graven i#age* or an% li7eness of an% thing that is in heaven a ove* or that is in the earth eneath* or that is in the )ater under earth.Thou shalt not o) do)n th%self to the#* nor serve the#.#he %ruit of #emperance and the Anointing lack of temperance or self. that which happened to Israel in the wilderness can also happen to you4 Aou may ha1e wonderful blessings from #od. fornication. possession of a gra1en image is not necessary in order to be in1ol1ed in idolatry4 !s (aul indicates in Colossians 0:8. Ob1iously. tempting Christ and murmuring4 5eeping in mind that each one of these can be o1ercome with temperance. +=>odus 2D-?:E. but you will ne1er see the promised land of Bsweatless 1ictory in the anointingB if you lose control of your flesh and sin e1ery time the pressure hits4 Aou must master your flesh4 Aou must de1elop temperance4 The "atal "our 'here were four maFor areas in which the children of Israel were o1ercome: idolatry.

fornication. pride. it is wrongC )efore you start congratulating yourself for being free from fornication.3 . forni!ation* un!leanness* inordinate affe!tion* evil !on!upis!en!e* and !ovetousness* )hi!h is idolatr%. I used to ha1e a weakness for apple pie4 !pple pie was 1ery. howe1er. 1ery good to me. whate1er ensla1es you or keeps you in bondage is your idol4 It could be cigarettes. tele1ision or e1en your spouse4 If it comes before obeying the Word. slothfulness. there is a more subtle form4 It is a form that many people are in1ol1ed in without e1en realiEing itC I am talking about spiritual fornication. money. &any Christians are in1ol1ed in idolatry in the sense that they are ser1ing or gi1ing a disproportionate amount of their affection to things other than #od4 ?or e*ample. then it is your idol4 +ornication 'he second member of the B?atal ?ourB. but it was not 1ery good for me4 (raise #od. let me tell you something4 !lthough illicit se* is the most ob1ious and blatant form of fornication.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing the earth. in its most literal form in1ol1es se* between two people outside of the confines of marriage4 I hope I do not ha1e to tell you. which has the same deadly effects as its physical counterpart4 What is spiritual fornicationD In the eyes of #od it is simply close friendship with the things of the world4 . your Fob. through the fruit of temperance I now ha1e that appetite under control4 Whate1er you work for.

3: . when you line yourself up with the world@s system.ut he that doeth the )ill of God a ideth for ever. And the )orld passeth a)a%* and the lust thereof. physical and spiritual4 Tem'tin% .#he %ruit of #emperance and the Anointing Le adulterers and adulteresses* 7no) %e not that the friendship of the )orld is en#it% )ith God' &hosoever therefore )ill e a friend of the )orld is the ene#% of God. +Ja#es ?-?. +1 John 2-1E:19. you in1ol1e yourself with something in opposition to your bridegroom. you ha1e the power to choose #od@s way of doing things4 'emperance protects you from falling into both types of fornication. "or all that is in the )orld* the lust of the flesh* and the lust of the e%es* and the pride of life* is not of the "ather* ut is of the )orld. >esus Christ4 'hat is spiritual fornication4 Aou can either operate your finances according to the world@s system or the Word@s system4 'he choice is yours4 Aou can li1e life the world@s way or #od@s way4 'he way you choose is determined by the focus of your lo1e4 6ove not the )orld* neither the things that are in the )orld.6 . When temperance is operating in your life.:8. 1f an% #an love the )orld* the love of the "ather is not in hi#.hrist !nother function of the fruit of temperance is to pre1ent you from Btempting Christ4B 'o Btempt ChristB is to speak against #od@s rightfully ordained authority4 Aou can see an e*ample of such beha1ior in "umbers /. 'he world@s system and way of operation is diametrically opposed to #od4 'herefore.

. and #u!h people of 1srael died.... %edition is an incitement of resistance against lawful authority..Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing And the people spa7e against God* and against Aoses* &herefore have %e rought us up out of =g%pt to die in the )ilderness' for there is no read* neither is there an% )ater.. pray o1er the situation and e*ercise the fruit of temperance4 'rust me. &oses. please do not tempt Christ by speaking against is anointed4 %peak only the Word and that which is positi1eGespecially where it concerns those who are in spiritual authority o1er you4 Do not speak against your pastor4 If you are ha1ing problems submitting to your pastor or spiritual leadership in any other form. the% )hi!h do su!h things shall not inherit the 7ingdo# of God. )y speaking against #od and against is designated leader. the children of Israel tempted #od4 When they did. witchcraft and murder4 %o do not fool yourself into thinking it is no big deal4 #od hates itC Child of #od. and is listed by (aul among uncleanness.: . #od takes this sort of thing 1ery seriously Gnot Fust in the Old 'estament but in the "ew 'estament as well4 In #alatians 8:./. they died4 Ob1iously.. it is in your best interest to do so4 . seditions* M #urders . And the 6ord sent fier% serpents a#ong the people* and the% it the people.. keep your mouth shut. (aul calls it sedition4 3o) the )or7s of the flesh are #anifest* )hi!h are theseAdulter%* forni!ation* un!leanness* las!iviousness* idolatr%* )it!h!raft . and our soul loatheth this light read.

hearted try and then gi1e up in discouragement4 Roll up your spiritual slee1es. get determined and get busy doing the following three things: . It is easy to fall into murmuring while in the middle of assigned tasks4 Don@t do it4 &urmuring will not make them any easierI in fact.. it will make them more difficult4 When you are tempted to complain. it does not come easily4 It re=uires &<C culti1ation4 %o do not gi1e it a half. e*ercise temperance and force your mouth..-:. do all that you do in a spirit of Foy as unto the Lord4 $o) to Cultivate the "ruit of Te#peran!e !lthough temperance is a powerful force that can unleash the anointing in many areas of your life.#he %ruit of #emperance and the Anointing 7%ee ebrews . .4 Ta#e that Tongue.0:.649 :urmurin% 'he final member of the B?atal ?ourB that temperance helps you o1ercome is murmuring4 &urmuring is complaining about circumstances and situations that apply uncomfortable pressure to your flesh4 I Corinthians . 3either #ur#ur %e* as so#e of the# also #ur#ured* and )ere destro%ed of the destro%er.says. mind and flesh to line up with the Word of #od4 'hen. 'he first thing you must do in order to de1elop the fruit of temperance is learn how to control your mouth4 I remember one point early in my marriage when my .

=ven so the tongue is a little #e# er* and oasteth great things. 1f an% #an offend not in )ord* the sa#e is a perfe!t #an* and a le also to ridle the )hole od%. (ehold* ho) great a #atter a little fire 7indleth4 And the tongue is a fire* a )orld of iniFuit%. and )e turn a out their )hole od%. help me4 I need temperance4 I need some self. and. (ehold* )e put its in the horses #ouths* that the% #a% o e% us.-- . I knew I needed help4 I went into the ne*t room and prayed. (ehold also the ships* )hi!h though the% e so great* and are driven of fier!e )inds* %et are the% turned a out )ith a ver% s#all hel#* )ithersoever the governor listeth. Words are important4 Words got you your house4 Words got you your car4 Words got you your name4 Words describe who you are4 WordsC WordsC WordsC 'his is a word created world we are li1ing in. there is a relationship between your body and the words that come out of your mouth4 Aour tongue can defile your whole body4 'he words . BLord.3 tells us why this is so important4 A% rethren* e not #an% #asters* 7no)ing that )e shall re!eive the greater !onde#nation. "or in #an% things )e offend is the tongue a#ong our #e# ers* that it defileth the )hole od%* and setteth on fire the !ourse of nature. as this passage of scripture points out.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing wife and I were ha1ing a Bdiscussion4B %he told me to stop yelling at her4 BI@& "O' A$LLI"#CCCB I heard myself scream4 When I realiEed what I was doing.control4B 'aming your tongue will gi1e you temperance4 >ames 0:. and it is set on fire of hell.

at that time in their li1es. strength.. you will begin to gain mastery o1er your flesh4 If you speak words of slothfulness. discipline and 1ictory. that is where you will end up4 It is up to youC Words are potent4 'hey created the entire uni1erse 7 ebrews . and make it strong enough to o1ercome e1en the weakest areas of your flesh4 owD Look at #alatians 8:.0 'hat@s what >esus said about his disciples in &atthew /3:+.4 e had specifically asked them to pray for im while e went through is temptation in the #arden of #ethsemane4 When e returned from praying.-. the disciples@ spirits had no control o1er their flesh4 ! lot of Christians today ha1e the same problem4 If you are one of them. your body will be turned and will begin to flow in that direction Fust as surely as a bit in a horse@s mouth turns the horse4 On the other hand. I ha1e good news for you4 Aou need not li1e a willing. 0The spirit indeed is )illing* ut the flesh is )ea7.:094 'hey can also create temperance in your life4 If you will diligently speak words of life.34 This 1 sa% then* &al7 in the Cpirit* and %e shall not . e found them asleep4 %adly.spirit.#he %ruit of #emperance and the Anointing that come out of your mouth will determine what will be in your flesh4 If you ha1e words of sickness and po1erty in your mouth. laEiness and gluttony. that is precisely the direction in which your flesh will head4 Aou must control your mouth or your mouth will control you4 /4 (uild Up Lour Cpirit:Aan.flesh lifeC Aou ha1e the ability to build up your spirit. if you continually speak words of health and prosperity.

. +Jude 2D. you will build up your spirit man4 !nother way to de1elop the inner man is through speaking in tongues4 'ongues is designed to build you up4 (ut %e* eloved* uilding up %ourselves on %our #ost hol% faith* pra%ing in the $ol% Ghost.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing fulfill the lust of the flesh. $e that spea7eth in an un7no)n tongue edifieth + uilds up.-/ . >esus did it for us4 )elie1ers who do not understand grace gi1e up and =uit once they ha1e been o1ercome by their flesh a couple of times4 'hey fail to de1elop temperance because they think they must do it on their own4 owe1er. walk by the Word4 When you do. 'he way to ha1e 1ictory o1er the lusts of the flesh is to walk in the %pirit4 We do that by simply walking in line with the Word4 >esus said is words are spirit and life 7>ohn 3:3094 If you want to walk according to the 'ongues can and will build you up spiritually4 With a strong spirit. ebrews +:. but we recei1e them anyway because of is grace4 We did not do anything to earn them. you can o1ercome the weakness of the flesh4 04 A#a@ing Gra!e 'he last powerful way to de1elop temperance is by getting an understanding of and recei1ing #od@s grace4 #race is simply undeser1ed lo1e and fa1or4 Aou and I do not deser1e to enFoy the wonderful promises of #od. +1 Corinthians 1?-?.3 says: 6et us therefore !o#e oldl% unto the throne of . hi#self.

you will begin to ha1e temperance and self. go boldly to the throne of grace4 Don@t go through all that BI@m not worthyB garbageC >ust recei1e #od@s grace4 It is there to help you4 It is there to pro1ide access to #od so that you can draw near to im in your darkest hour4 It is there so that you can come to is throne without hesitation or reser1ation and say. BLord. help me. When your flesh tries to control your life. #od@s grace will help you continue until you ha1e gained mastery o1er your flesh4 #od@s grace will bring you closer than e1er to e*periencing the fullness of the anointing4 .-0 .#he %ruit of #emperance and the Anointing gra!e* that )e #a% o tain #er!%* and find gra!e to help in ti#e of need.control4 WhyD )ecause you will be bold enough to go to #od in a time of need to ask for help in de1eloping it4 When you mess up. you will not =uit4 Aou will get up and get back in the battle4 !s you do.B and e will be there4 Once you recogniEe your position in grace.


#od has listed these forces in this order to indicate their rank and importance in our li1es4 . gi1e us the ability to win4 We ha1e also seen that no law or force can stand against the fruit of the %pirit4 "o trouble. doubt. pride or lasci1iousness will pre1ail against you4 'he fruit of the %pirit guarantees 1ictory4 'he e1idence of their power may not be instantaneous." 3 . but once you ha1e paid the price.2eeping $is &ord "Love never fails./0: love* 8o%* pea!e* longsuffering* gentleness* goodness* faith* Aee7ness* te#peran!e. you will not lose4 The Greatest of These. insecurity. no hate. tribulation or circumstance can o1ercome you if these forces are pre1alent in your life4 Once you ha1e culti1ated them.1D Chapter 10 6ove and the Anointing.-8 . 1iolence. wa1ering. depression..orinthians 13:0 >#219? We ha1e already seen the strong relationship between the fruit of the %pirit and the anointing4 )oth. "othing in #od@s Word is placed there randomly or haphaEardly4 %o it is important to note the order in which the fruit of the %pirit are listed in #alatians 8://. e1il. working separately and together..

according to ebrews 3:.. faith will not work4 Without faith.. temperance will not work4 'hat is their order4 "otice that without the fruit of lo1e. goodness will not work4 Without goodness. +3AC(. long.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing 'he first one on the list is Blo1e4B Lo1e is the most important and powerful force of all4 Without it. "ow.0 . is the 1ery anchor of the soul4 Aet.-3 . ut the %reatest of these is love. none of them will work4 Lo1e is the most important thing4 It is the key to operating in all the rest of the fruit of the %pirit4 'hat is essentially what (aul was saying in I Corinthians . you know that faith is an awesomely powerful force4 !nd hope. meekness will not work4 !nd without meekness.0:. peace will not work4 Without peace. lo1e gi1es you the ability to win against all odds4 It literally ne1er fails4 WhyD )ecause #od ne1er fails and B#od is Lo1eB 7I >ohn +::94 Lo1e is consistent and diligent in accomplishing what you need accomplished in your life4 It will not stop working until it has gi1en you 1ictory4 Lo1e e1en works to energiEe your faith4 #alatians 8:3 says that 0faith )or7eth % love. lo1e is bigger and more important than both of them4 6ove N 3on:Ctop <i!tor% Like the anointing. Foy will not work4 Without Foy.suffering will not work4 Without longsuffering. according to (aul.04 (ut no) a ideth faith* hope* love* these three. gentleness will not work4 Without gentleness.

!o##and#ents. and that faith is powered by the force of lo1e.ove and the Anointing+ 'eeping &is )ord %ince lo1e ne1er fails.8 says. ut perfe!t love !asteth out fear.:. those faith.../+9. our lo1e is made perfect4 When our lo1e is made % 7no) )e that )e are in hi#. longsuffering.-6 .0 If you will culti1ate the fruit of lo1e in your life..:/0.stopping fears that ha1e held you back for so long will be cast out fore1erC Lo1e will gi1e you 1ictory4 2eeping $is &ord >ohn . when you speak to the mountains in your life with faith in your heart 7&ark . then our Foy.+:. When you combine these two truths: 7.9 (erfect lo1e casts out all fear and 7/9 the lo1e of #od is perfected in us when we keep is Word: you find that BdoingB #od@s Word is the key to de1eloping the lo1e that casts out fear4 When we BdoB the word. peace. those mountains must mo1e4 Lo1e makes your faith unstoppable4 'hat is easy to understand when you consider the fact that the biggest hindrance to your faith is fear4 !s we learn from I >ohn +:. >esus 1ery plainly tells us that we demonstrate real lo1e for im when we obey im4 'herefore. 0There is no fear in love.. etc4 can also be made perfect4 'hen we can truly say that we will ne1er fail4 .0 01f %e love #e* 7eep #% ere. +1 John 2-E. one of the best ways to show your lo1e for #od is by doing is Word4 (ut )hoso 7eepeth his )ord* in hi# veril% is the love of God perfe!ted.

keeping the Word is only one side of the coin of lo1e4 'he flip side in1ol1es de1eloping an intimate lo1e relationship with #od4 Read on and you will find out how4 .-: .Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing Lo1e is a force that cannot be stopped4 Aet.

we ha1e seen how humility.30 'hus far. . but they do not care to know im as a person4 In a way. prayer. people who think this way will get nowhere4 ." :atthew )):3.-. healings and benefits.. This is the first and %reat commandment.Chapter 11 6ove and the AnointingDeveloping a 6ove Belationship )ith the "ather 11 "Thou shalt love the Lord thy !od with all thy heart" and with all thy soul" and with all thy mind. fasting and the fruit of the %pirit all play a part in positioning the belie1er to recei1e the power to get results4 !ll of these are 1itally important elements in an anointed belie1er@s life4 Aet there is one other4 'his element is more important 7and more rewarding9 than any of the others discussed thus far4 I am talking about paying the price for the anointing through lo1ing fellowship with the ?ather4 It is a price too many are not willing to pay4 'oo many people want the power without the personal relationship4 'hey are interested in recei1ing #od@s miracles. these people want to Btake ad1antageB of #od4 'hey want the benefits of marriage without the commitment4 'hey want to ha1e the e*pensi1e outfit from the department store without paying the price for it4 %adly.

so I can be closer to im4 'hen. it should be a dialogue4 I begin to talk to im and e talks to me4 e warns me of things4 e shows me things4 e shows me what I need for the day and what I need to be careful of4 e asks me to Fudge myself in different areas of my life4 I do. B#ood morning.. but their moti1ation is wrong4 It is good and proper to use fasting and prayer as an e*change for the anointingGbut only when your ultimate heart moti1ation is to grow in intimacy with #od4 Closer Than a (rother ow well do you know the know the oly %piritD Do you treat im wellD Do you greet imD When you wake up in the morning.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing $1en many preachers and teachers pray. B#ood morning4 ow are youD !re you ready for todayDB I reply. there is silence4 I want to gi1e the oly %pirit time to talk to me4 (rayer should ne1er be a monologue. what do you say to imD $1ery morning when I get up.- . fast and read the Word only in an attempt to get #od@s power4 'hey ha1e the right actions. I enter into the room and close the door4 I say. I begin to pray in the spirit and dig deep inside of me4 I pour out all that I ha1e inside of me before the ?ather4 I empty myself before im so that e can fill me . I walk out of my room towards my prayer room at the end of the hall4 I ha1e my blanket on my shoulder4 I look like Linus from B(eanuts4B When I get to the end of the hallway. BAes4B 'hen I begin to pray4 !fter I ha1e finished praying. oly %pirit4B Do you know what I hear im sayD e says.

my body is tired. therefore. B?ather. Lord4B I hear im say. but I thank you that your strength goes from e1erlasting to e1erlasting4 I lo1e you. Lord4B !nd e always doesC !nd at the end of the day. BI lo1e you too.. and act like e is not4 I welcome im and the host of angels that come with im4 In the midst of my counseling sessions and all throughout the day. a friend with whom I ha1e diligently worked e1eryday to de1elop an intimate . I open my mouth and talk to im4 I am not concerned about what people say when they look at me thinking that I am craEy. I say. I do not ignore im. I say. ... gi1e me wisdom4 #i1e me wisdom. I can go to im as a friend. because I know that I ha1e an in1isible friend who is there with me4 I know that e is there with me. BLord. I know it is the ?ather talking to me4 In any temptation that I ha1e there is not much pressure because I do not want to disappoint e who watches as I sleep. I praise and worship im4 'he oly %pirit is not imaginary4 e is more real than real itself4 e is a person4 When I am dri1ing my car. who wakes me up and who fellowships with me e1ery moment of the day4 I think of im through the night4 I ne1er ha1e nightmares4 &y dreams are not dreams of defeat but of 1ictory4 I dream about is Word o1ercoming the enemy4 'he Word that I meditate on before I lay my head on the pillow is the same Word that wakes me up in the morning4 I am filled with is presence4 In the time of trouble.ove (elationship with the %ather with is lo1e and is presence4 !s I walk out of the room.ove and the Anointing+ 1eveloping a . son4B When I hear BsonB.

e is always there4 my friend that sticketh closer than a brother4 e is "ow ask yourself. BDo I ha1e that kind of relationshipDB If you do not. >esus said: Thou shalt love the 6ord th% God )ith all th% heart* and )ith all th% soul* and )ith all th% #ind. howe1er. and years and years of work and sacrifice4 &y lo1e for .. then you must begin to work on de1eloping one4 It is impossible to know or e*perience the personality of the oly %pirit any other way4 Lour "irst Priorit% "othing takes precedence o1er knowing and lo1ing #od4 In &atthew //. +verses /9:/G. We are commanded to lo1e #od more than anyone or anything4 &ost BreligiousB folks would claim that this is a 1ery easy thing to do4 I disagree4 When I first got sa1ed. days and days. I had a difficult time lo1ing #od more than anyoneG especially my mother4 I could not honestly say that I lo1ed #od more than her4 'he truth was that I lo1ed my mother more than I lo1ed #od4 !nd for a 1ery good reasonGI knew her betterC "o one can e1er truthfully say they lo1e someone until they ha1e spent time with that person4 When I was first sa1ed./ . I had not spent any real time with #od4 'herefore. it was impossible for me to say I truly lo1ed im4 "ow.Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing relationship4 When I go to im. This is the first and great !o##and#ent. I can say that I lo1e him more than anything else in this world with great confidence because I ha1e spent =uality time growing in lo1e with him4 It was a gradual process that in1ol1ed hours and hours.

depart fro# #e* %e that )or7 iniFuit%.ove (elationship with the %ather im still grows. but unless you know im./0 dramatically illustrates this fact4 Aan% )ill sa% to #e in that da%* 6ord* 6ord* have )e not prophesied in th% na#e' and in th% na#e !ast out devils' and in th% na#e done #an% )onderful )or7s' And then )ill 1 profess unto the#* 1 never 7ne) %ou. you will not be able to stay with im in eternity4 2no) $i# "irst in the &ord (ractically speaking. the more you will be able to operate in is Bpersonality4B 5nowing and lo1ing your ea1enly ?ather is the most important matter in your life4 &atthew 6://. .ove and the Anointing+ 1eveloping a . !s we see in this 1erse..+:.94 'herefore. 01f %ou've seen #e* %ou've seen the "ather0 7>ohn .0 . many people mistakenly belie1e that they can e*press their lo1e to the ?ather solely through their good works4 'hat certainly is one way to show #od you lo1e him. there are two maFor things you can do to culti1ate a lo1e relationship with your ea1enly ?ather4 'he first one is this: %earch is Word4 Aou need to disco1er what #od is like4 %o look in the Word to find out about im4 <se it to e*plore is ways and is manner of doing things4 >esus said.. and it will continue to do so throughout eternity4 #od wants to know you and fellowship with you personally4 e wants you to know im intimately so e can clothe you with is power and ability4 'he more BpersonalB your relationship with the ?ather becomes.

Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing

you can look at the life and character of >esus in the )ible and find out about #od4 Aou can find out why #od does what e does and why e reacts to certain beha1iors in certain ways4 If you will search im out, e will re1eal imself to you4 Remember, #od rewards those who diligently seek im 7 ebrews ..:394 !s e does, your senses will become attuned to im4 Aou will begin to find that you know what is of im and what is not4 'hen you can mo1e to the ne*t step toward de1eloping an intimate relationship with im4 'he word BknewB in 1erse /0 means to know by e*perience or effort4 It implies knowledge gained as a result of prolonged practice4 'hat kind of BknowingB re=uires intimacy4 'he )ible says in #enesis +:. that !dam BknewB $1e4 'his does not mean that !dam got ac=uainted with her4 It means that he was physically intimate with her4 e became one with her4 'hat is how #od wants to know youGintimately4 %uch BknowingB will cost you4 It re=uires time and effort4 It means you will ha1e to gi1e up your plans and your will in order to disco1er is plans and is will4

Cpend Fualit% ti#e )ith God
'his is supremely important4 Aou must spend =uiet, =uality time alone with your ea1enly ?ather4 Doing so may re=uire a great sacrifice on your part4 Aou may ha1e to discipline your flesh and get up before the rest of the house is stirring4 Aou may ha1e to gi1e up tele1ision and mo1ies4 Aou will probably e1en need to gi1e up some ..+

.ove and the Anointing+ 1eveloping a .ove (elationship with the %ather

fellowship time with your brothers and sisters in ChristC I know from e*perience that e1en seemingly spiritual acti1ities can begin to rob you of the indispensable time with #od4 $arly in my ministry, I would spend great amounts of time in my room fasting and praying4 I would lay aside e1ery distraction and commune with #od4 !s a result, I had is anointing4 I had is plan4 %hortly thereafter, I disco1ered what caused great ministries to fall4 In many cases it was not pride or sin, it was the distractions, the demands of schedules and people4 (eople can become so busyGgoing here to preach, going there to counsel, attending this meeting, attending that conferenceGthat they completely schedule out the beautiful fellowship time with the oly %pirit4 I saw myself falling into the 1ery same trapC !ll of the people, all of the departments and all of the problems had become a distraction4 !lthough I was still getting up early to spend time with the Lord, e had become Fust another item on my schedule4 'here was no fle*ibility for the oly %pirit to say, BCan we talkDB If e did, I would ha1e had to respond, B"o Lord, I ha1e a counseling session4B When I came to that realiEation, the Lord cautioned me4 e said, BChoose4B We all ha1e to make that choice4 Aou will choose whether to make time with #od your top priority or to let your life;gi1ing anointing be ruined by the demands of people and schedules4 &aking all else secondary to time with #od may sound drastic, but it is nothing in comparison to the Foys and rewards of intimacy with the ?ather4 ?or those who ..8

Understanding God's Purpose for the Anointing

are truly thirsty for #od@s power, the choice is a simple one4

The Anointing is for Lou
'he awesome endowment of hea1en@s power is not Fust for prominent tele1ision preachers4 It is not reser1ed only for specially selected men and women of #od4 It is #od@s fer1ent desire that you operate in the anointing tooC e has made it a1ailable for you4 e wants to clothe you with is power and ability4 It is is ability that will gi1e you the power to get results in e1ery endea1or4 e wants to bring glory to is name by empowering you to walk in BsweatlessB 1ictory o1er the enemy4 'he crucial =uestions for you at this moment are, B ow badly do you want the anointingDB and B ow much are you willing to gi1e to walk in the anointingDB4 I trust your answer is, BWhate1er it takesCB