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price& quantity. In I !I" also the bar code system had been started for a product as well as for cheating & hide the correct information for answer sheet. . This method is mainly in foreign countries where big departmental store were there product are plenty it is not possible to human being to remember the price of every product.What is bar code? This is a system where user will find small bar of different thickness & space printed on a package which is read by a reader machine which will convert the thickness of bar into a name of a product.

and a cable used to connect the reader with a computer. arcode scanners can be connected to a computer throu#h a serial port. A barcode reader consists of a scanner. or an . a decoder (either builtin or external). "eyboard port.#"$%&!' #arcode reader A barcode reader also called a price scanner or point-of-sale (POS) scanner is a hand-held or stationary input device used to capture and read information contained in a bar code. the data must be sent to a computer so that a software application can ma"e sense of the data. ecause a barcode reader merely captures and translates the barcode into numbers and!or letters.

A %%& scanner has a better read-ran#e than the pen wand and is often used in retail sales.pen wands. Slot scanners are typically used to scan bar codes on identification cards.) $he scanner converts the li#ht ener#y into electrical ener#y. and laser scanners. $ypically. and has to be moved over the bar code at a certain speed. ima#e scanners. A barcode reader wor"s by directin# a beam of li#ht across the bar code and measurin# the amount of li#ht that is reflected bac". ($he dar" bars on a barcode reflect less li#ht than the white spaces between them. a %%& scanner has a (#un( type • • . • A pen wand is the simplest barcode reader. slot scanners. %har#e-%ouple &evice (%%&) scanners. 't contains no movin# parts and is "nown for its durability and low cost. however. because it has to remain in direct contact with the bar code.interface device called a wed#e. A pen wand can present a challen#e to the user. which is then converted into data by the decoder and forwarded to a computer. $here are five basic "inds of barcode readers -. must be held at a certain an#le. A slot scanner remains stationary and the item with the bar code on it is pulled by hand throu#h the slot.

Speciali3ed lon#-ran#e laser scanners are capable of readin# a bar code up to .inches away and #enerally costs less than a laser scanner. and can easily read a bar code up to /0 inches away. $o reduce the possibility of errors. Hand-Free. to . )ach time the bar code is scanned* several readin#s are ta"en to reduce the possibility of errors.2 feet away. uses a small video camera to capture an ima#e of the bar code and then uses sophisticated di#ital ima#e processin# techni+ues to decode the bar code. A disadvanta#e of the %%& scanner is that it cannot read a bar code that is wider than its input face. either hand-held or stationary. 't uses a system of mirrors and lenses to allow the scanner to read the bar code re#ardless of orientation. • Barcode scanners: Hand-held. also called a camera reader. CCD .ob. A laser scanner.interface and has to be held no more than one inch from the bar code. 't can read a bar code from about . a laser scannin# may perform up to 122 scans per second. does not have to be close to the bar code in order to do its . • An ima#e scanner.

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. Scanhero Barcode Scanners 4%hina5 Scanhero barcode scanners.Barcode Sticker Barcode Cards 4%hina5 $here is a barcode in the card.

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