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Today the hospital is a place for the diagnosis & treatment of human ailments & restoration of health & well-being. The basic function of a hospital is to give proper treatment to the injured & sick without having any social, economic & racial discrimination. The hospital in an integral part of a social & medical organization, the function of which is to provide for the population, complete health care both curative & preventive in nature.

There are different types of hospitals as there is a distinction in their structure function & performance.





B) ON THE BASIS OF MEDICINE "#!$%T&'! &llopathic &yurvedic "omeopathic (nani #ther C) ON THE BASIS OF OWNERSHIP "#!$%T&'! overnment !emi. )oluntary &gencies $rivate *haritable D) ON THE BASIS OF SIZE "#!$%T&'! Teaching +istrict Tehsil.Taluka $rimary "ealth *enters .ovt.

IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING IN HOSPITAL SERVICES %f we want -ualitative & -uantitative improvement in the hospital services then principles of marketing management be applied. The following point justifies the importance of marketing management principles in hospital services. 67pansion & strengthening of 8ational "ealth $rogramme for effective implementation for achieving the goals of 8ational health policy. /. OBJETIVES OF IXTH PLAN 1997-2002 RELATING TO HEALTH SERVICES . 1. 5. 0aking refined treatment available. 0otivation potential users. Refined behaviour of the provider. 4.. . The marketing principle aims at satisfying the user & further makes the hospital self-supportive. 2. 0aintaining financial viability. 3.. *reation of additional services. &ggravating health consciousness. enerating internal resources & become self-supportive. .

6ffective implementation of &%+! control programme with state support as per re-uirement. *onsolidation of the infrastructure created up to )%%%th plan under minimum needs programme./. Reorientation for the medical & para-medical health services providers who are at the grass-root level & with whom the community have direct contact. . 2. %mprovementation of 0ental health policy & provision of 0ental "ealth !ervices at grass root level through the e7isting infrastructure. Taking special steps for controlling 6pidemic situations in Tribal. (nani. 1. 3. $roviding ade-uate coverage to %ndigenous systems of 0edicines :%!0. !ub-plan &rea especially !ensitive %ntegrated Tribal +evelopment $rojects. 9. such as &yurveda. 4. !trengthening of transfusion of blood & blood product services through state blood transfusion *ouncil. and !idda & "omeopathy. 5. Training .

!eth 'okoomal entrusted +r. when the establishment of large private hospitals was not common. !eth *hanrai came from a family of philanthropists who had businesses in many countries. multi-specialty Trust hospitals of the country. $eddar Road that is a main artery of !outh 0umbai and overlooking the &rabian !ea.a(. %n the late 4=s. Se+h Chan'a(-! )(!(#n %a! ( .'#/0h+ +# 'ea"(+1 "a'0e"1 . The na e Ja!"#$ %a! &e'()e& *'# +he na e! #* Se+h L#$## a" & h(! %(*e S +. The family had already supported many small & large projects.. <aslok "ospital is situated at +r. +eshmukh 0arg.1 h(! B'#+he'2(n2"a% Da&a Ma+h'a&a! . the institution was conceptualized & endowed to the city of 0umbai by !eth 'okoomal *hanrai. Ja!#+(."e en+e& an& . !hantilal 0ehta the task of establishing an ultra-modern centrally located medical centre where people of all races and creeds could receive the benefits of advanced health care.JASLOK HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE The <aslok "ospital & Research *entre is one of the oldest tertiary care.

comple7 problems as well as a training institution. %n addition <aslok treats patients from some institutions including orphanages like the A?al &sha TrustB free of cost. The number of consultants has increased from the initial 3= to around /31 with . beds in the hospital are offered free of charge and .== beds are given at concessional rates. <aslok is now a fullfledged teaching institution and conducts postgraduate courses as well as a nursing school being recognised the 8ational ?oard of 67aminations in // specialties. and other states and abroad. *oncessions are also offered . %ndira inaugurated the hospital on 4th <uly . andhi <aslok "ospital is a private. full-fledged multi-speciality hospital with 154 beds of which 45 are %*( beds.>51.A!!# /"". Research activities in various fields in collaboration with other institutions in india & abroad 0ore importantly. The erstwhile $rime 0inister 0rs. %t attracts patients not only from 0umbai but all parts of 0aharashtra. $rominent citizens from all over the country have availed of the advanced facilities at the <aslok "ospital. The departments are e-uipped with state of art e-uipment and manned by trained & dedicated staff many of who now run training programs. <aslok also attracts a significant number of patients from abroad. & having department of nursing school with 2>3 -ualified nurses & 4= students at any given time. &s of date. the hospital has evolved into a tertiary referral centre for providing advanced. !ince it@s inception. the hospital has maintained a significant number of free and concessional beds./2 fully trained resident doctors. 2. out of 154 regular beds. The institution now has around 13 established specialities and these are growing steadily. The "ospital has also played an important role in serving the less fortunate sections of the society which was an important part of the vision of its founders.

#bstrectis & ynecology. & 8%*(. along with $ulmonary function laboratory (rology. "ealth *heck E(p.8. +epartment Dully e-uipped %.+epartment of &nesthesiology. +epartment of eneral surgery & &llied with various supra major & advance surgeries #peration Theatre with modern Dacilities.$atient Dacilities.T. and 0R% !enior *itizens and an active social work department helps the needy patients with donations from Trusts. 8uclear 0edicine Radiation #ncology. $hysiotherapy. with To7icology. 8ephrology. of *hest +iseases.. having full-fledged *ath 'ab for &ngiography &nd &ngio $lasty with 6. ?lood ?ank. 6. !upport !ervices. Radio immunoassay :R%&.. with 'atest $et-!can. 0olecular 0edicine & ?iology. +epartment of Radiation #ncology. eneral surgery. *linical 8europhysiology. of %nfertility management and &ssisted Reproduction :%)D. *T !can. advanced $ediatrics & 8eonatology. 0icrobiology. Cell +eveloped vesicular surgery dept. &dvanced +ental surgery. $sycharity. & / + 6*"#. 8euro !cience +ivision including 8eurology 60 with 6voke $otentials and nerve conductive studies and 8eurosurgery. #ncosurgery. +ept. %maging & %nterventional Radiology department with *onventional Radiology. 0ammography. *asualty.(. $lastic surgery.. !urgical $athology & 6lectron 0icroscopy. astroentrology.*. *ardiology. . $harmacy. +ept. #phthalmology. %mmunology. enetics. modern *ardio )ascular & Thoratic !urgery. #rthopedics & Trauma !ervices. %n. "aematology. $%*(. 6ndocrinology. 8euroradiology. $athology & Transfusion medicine. Cell-developed specialties and services are available at <aslok "ospital & Research *entre are. with 'ithotripsy (ltrasound.*. %nternal 0edicine. +ermatology. 0a7illo Dacial $rosthesis..

1=am to .am to .=am !aturday ..a/!e C"(n(3 E.1=am to .e'+en!(#n C"(n(3 C"(n(3 Da1! & T( e Driday E 1pm to 2pm Thursday E 9.1=am Thursday E /pm to 2pm Thursday .#'+! In4/'1 C"(n(3 Men#../noon C"(n(3 Pe'(.("e..=am to . am to .pm Cednesday E .=am to .9..=am to . &%+! "%) & Tuberculosis "%) & 'iver +isease ./pm-2pm & Hea&a3he C"(n(3 Pe&(a+'(3 Rhe/ a+#"#01 C"(n(3 In*e3+(#/! D(!ea!e! C"(n(3: "%) ./ noon Tuesday & Thursday /pm to 2pm Tuesday & Thursday .!1 C"(n(3 0uscle +isorder *linic H1.9..=.1=am to ./noon Cednesday E .1=pm to 4pm 0onday . am to .3"(3$ #n +he &e.a'+ en+ na e +# 'ea& &e+a("! Na e #* +he *linic S.he'a" Va!3/"a' C"(n(3 Va'(3#!e C"(n(3 A'+h'(+(! & Rhe/ a+(! Thursday .=am Tuesday & Thursday Thursday /pm to 2pm !aturday .pm Thursday .

/ !pasticity *linic .. pm to 2 pm Cednesday .. pm !aturday . to 1pm Tuesday-> am to . am to .!aturday E . am to ../ noon to . Tuesday E . pm Tuesday ...=am Driday E /pm E 1pm M#)e en+ D(!#'&e' C"(n(3 H(.am-. pm to 2 pm Driday .pm E 2pm :6valuation F Ced & Driday >am-. Ne/'#.("a'1 C"(n(3 La3+(3 C"(n(3 Ne/'#..>am E ./ noon.!13h#"#0(3a" Te!+(n0 0onday.a+#.=am to E 2pm :6valuation F 0onday >am to . Cednesday & C"(n(3 Driday >am to /pm M##& D(!#'&e' C"(n(3 $ain *linic Cednesday ... pm Driday E ./ to /pm Driday ./ noon %nfertility ./ noon Tuesday .!13h(a+'1 C"(n(3 W# en! Men+a" Hea"+h C"(n(3 0onday & Thursday . %)D *linic 0onday to Driday E .

!tress test. etc. &vanto high Dield 0R% amma & $6T *ameras / *ath 'abs 1+ . +iagnostic services available in <aslok "ospitalF !tate Eof-the-art .4 Drame light-speed *T . 8uclear 0edicine. /+ E 6chocardiography and non-invasive cardiac lab !tress Test (ltra !onography +igital subtraction &ngiography . 66 . and advanced imaging services can be re-uisitioned based on a prescription from your physician.. "igh resolution total body 0R% 0agnator.MAR5ETIN6 MI7 OF JASLO5 $R#+(*T 0%G +iagnostic !ervices $atient Dacilities 0edical !pecialties 6mergency 6-uipments !ervices &s you can see from above diagram <aslok has various types of product & services. /+ 6cho. D(a0n#!+(3 Se')(3e!: 2 +iagnostic services including various pathological tests. Radio-%sotope tests. 1/ *hannel. 60 .

0olecular 0edicine & enetics Pa+(en+ Fa3("(+(e! -#$+ !ervices -%n $atients !ervices -*asualty -$reventive "ealth *heckup -+ay *are -?lood ?ank -$ackages #ffered -&dmission $rocedure -+ischarge $rocedure -+iagnostic !ervices .&.%.uidelines -"ospital Timings -Tariffs -#ther Dacilities -"elping "and -%nternational $atients . :Radio-%mmunoassay.+igital G-Rays 8uclear 0edicine $athology "ematology 0icrobiology "istopathology and 6lectron 0icroscopy ?iochemistry %mmunology R.

'#&/3+(#n & 6ene+(3! 2Ca'&(#"#01 2Ca'&(# Va!3/"a' & Th#'a3(3 S/'0e'1 2Ca'&(a3 Reha.e3(a"(+(e!:2 2Ane!+he!(#"#01 2A!!(!+e& Re.e&(3 & T'a/ a 2Pa+h#"#01 2Pe&(a+'(3! & Ne#na+#"#01 2Ph1!(#+he'a.("a+a+(#n & P'e)en+()e Ca'&(#"#01 2Che!+ D(!ea!e! 2Den+a" S/'0e'1 2De' a+#"#01 2En&#3'(n#"#01 & Me+a.Me&(3a" S.!+e+'(3! & 61ne3#"#01 2On3#!/'0e'1 2O.h'#"#01 2Ne/'#!3(en3e 2N/3"ea' Me&(3(ne 2O.#"(! 2ENT 26a!+'#en+e'#"#01 26ene'a" S/'0e'1 2I a0(n0 In+e')en+(#na" Ra&(#"#01 2In+e'na" Me&(3(ne 2In+en!()e Ca'e Un(+ 2Ma8(""#*a3(a" P'#!+he!e! 2Me&(3a" On3#"#01 2M#"e3/"a' Me&(3(ne & B(#"#01 2Ne.h+ha" #"#01 2O'+h#.1 2P"a!+(3 S/'0e'1 2P!13h(a+'1 2Ra&(a+(#n On3#"#01 2Ra&(#( / #a!!a1 9RIA) .

2U"+'a!#/n& 2U'#"#01 ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT The +ept of &nesthesiology provides anesthesia services to patients undergoing surgical procedures. $re-medication and conduction of anaesthesia. FACILITIES & SERVICES • • • • • • • • $re-operative check-up. . regional and local %ntensive monitoring and peri-operative monitoring #bstetrics analgesia 0onitoring of critically ill or seriously injured patients. +iagnosis and treatment of painful syndromes. &cute pain care & post operative pain relief &naesthesiaF eneral.

5== angioplasties and more than 3=-pacemaker implantations being performed annually. $atients from cardiac centers all over %ndia are received and treated in this department. !ervices as part of the hospital@s emergency Red &lert calls for patients re-uiring cardio pulmonary resuscitation. 8eurology astroenterology Radio diagnosis & radiotherapy 8uclear medicine &?#(T T"6 +6$&RT068T The <aslok "ospital *ardiology +epartment is commonly recognised as one of the leading centers for best -uality cardiac care.e'a+(#n +hea+'e +he De. 'abour analgesia $ost-operative pain relief via continuous epidural service and $*&. *T and 0R%. .a'+ en+ . and chronic pain relief analgesia.O/+!(&e +he #. %t is a high volume centre with over /3= coronary angiographies. &naesthesia for day care surgery 0onitored anesthesia care is provided for *ardiac *ath 'ab %maging including radiography.'#)(&e! 9OPD) • • • • • • • • • • • • • #$+ anaesthesia services &cute pain.

en+ a)a("a."e • • • • • To facilitate successful angioplasty in comple7 cases the cath labs are e-uipped with intravascular ultrasound. !tate-of-&rt. %mplantation of &%*+s and combination devices. Rotablator. which are available for carrying out procedures round the clock. special thrombus e7traction catheters and delivery catheters. %nsertion of a variety of stents including the latest medicated. &mbulatory "olter 0onitoring &denosine thallium and dobutamine /+-6cho . thereby saving many lives. %&$?. /+-6cho and *olour +oppler • Transeosoplageal 6chocardiography. drug coated stents."e %t has two fully e-uipped. Se')(3e! A)a("a. N#n2In)a!()e Ca'&(#"#01 • !tress test. ?alloon 0itral )alvuloplasty.FACILITIES & SERVICES E:/(. 'atest e-uipment for 6$ study and Radio fre-uency ablation for diagnosis and treatment of *ardiac arrhythmias. This permits us to perform $rimary &ngioplasty for patients with acute heart attack in the shortest time. digitized and functioning *ath-'abs. ?iventricular pacing for heart failure. being amongst the few in the city. $T0R. • /2 hr.

The department of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery provides a wide range of very uni-ue services. ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT The department of *ardiovascular and thoracic surgery is one of the leading departments in the city with some of the best consultants surgeons in the city. Ca'&(a3 !/'0e'1 #**e'e& . &!+ and pulmonary and aortic valvuloplasty in children. FACILITIES & SERVICES The spectrum of cases covered includes all age groups from neonates upwards.Pae&(a+'(3 Ca'&(#"#01 +iagnosis by *ardiac *atheterisation and interventional treatment including closure of $+&. all of which are absolutely state of the art and on a level of results that is on par with international standards. The spectrum of cases covered includes all age groups from neonates to octogenarians.

This department is also structured to prevent "eart +isease from taking . This is an attempt by the hospital to provide ongoing care.e&(a+'(3 . for patients recovering from cardiac events and for post cardiac interventional care.a+(en+! by minimal invasive techni-ue Va!3/"a' !/'0e'(e! • %ncludes aortic surgeries and peripheral vascular surgeries *ombined carotid and bypass procedures ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT <aslok "ospital has recently opened the +epartment of $reventive *ardiology and *ardiac Rehabilitation. modified maze repair or replacement is also performed. for mitral valve S/'0e'1 #n .• • • • *ongenial heart surgery 0itral valve repair !ingle and double valve replacement &ortic root replacement C#'#na'1 a'+e'1 !/'0e'1 by various approaches and focused on total revascularisation • • $rovides permanent and long term results Thoracoscopic surgery done routine by on a large number of patients procedure %n addition to the above.

FACILITIES & SERVICES $rimary & !econdary $revention is addressed and individualized program provided through a well-designed risk stratification system. which involvesF • • • • • 6valuation and stratification of risk factors present 6valuation of body composition to find out areas which need to be strengthened $rovide an individualized prescription based on the assessments for physical activity.its toll through its programs for $rimary $revention. nutrition. and treatment of the risk factors that may be present *ounselling on lifestyle factors and providing relevant guidance for preventing cardiovascular disease manifestation $roviding educational material %ndividualized interventions for effective behavioural modification . +epartment of $reventive *ardiology and *ardiac Rehabilitation are e-uipped with Telemetry e-uipment to monitor online 6* for a completely supervised program as well as e7ercise e-uipment.

pulmonary and other medical problems."an+ R## FACILITIES & SERVICES E:/(. %t has bed strength as much as 45 as follows F • Me&(3a" & Ca'&(a3 ICU %(+h . post open-heart surgery patients. Ne/'#"#01 an& ne/'#2!/'0e'1 ICU %(+h .emergency lab investigations 6-uipped to measure all haemodynamic and ventilatory parameters &rterial blood gas measurement by modular system Two cardiac catheterisation laboratories available round the clock. en+ • &ll %*(s are e-uipped with state-of-the-art ventilators and monitors with modular pressure transducer system %ntra-aortic balloon pump $ortable 7-ray facilities."a!+1 Un(+ %(+h ? Be&! %(+h @ Be&! • • • • • 5(&ne1 T'an!. thoracic and oncosurgery patients. *T scan & 0R% facilities available round the clock • • • • • • . H(0h &e.> Be&! In+en!()e Pae&(a+'(3 Ca'e Un(+ with 9 beds caters to paediatric including neonate age groups. S/'0(3a" ICU %(+h .ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT The %ntensive *are (nit has the latest state-of-the-art e-uipment and is well known for highly -ualified and e7perienced specialists.< Be&! for cardiac problems.en&en31 /n(+ %(+h < Be&! P#!+ An0(#.= Be&! for general.

interim and final bills are available. *redit cards :limited.67pert senior intensivists are available round the clock in all %*(s. Ot !" F#$%&%t%!' Ca+e'(n0 Se')(3e! & modern and most hygienic kitchen with -ualified chefs and with well-trained waiters serve the meals to patients under supervision of dieticians. Pha' a31 . are also accepted. The relatives staying with patients may also utilize the meal facility in the dining hall and the cafeteria in the podium. Ban$(n0 Fa3("(+(e! ?anking facilities to deposit the advance.

. The $harmacy is connected to all the floors as well as to every department and the drugs can be re-uisitioned on line. #$+ patients are also permitted to purchase medicines from the pharmacy.relations .. !pecial discounts have been approved by 0anagement on some costly cancer & cardiac drugs :conditions apply. • • #$+ patients are also permitted to purchase medicines from the pharmacy. F"#'(!+ & florist shop is available in the podium of the hospital for providing facilities to friends. Se')(3e! A)a("a.Round the clock pharmacy services are available. #n line computer system. !urgical items prescribed from the hospital are supplied directly to patients in the various %*(s and floors and to the operation theaters. !pecial discounts have been approved by 0anagement on some costly cancer & cardiac drugs :conditions apply. connected to all the floors as well as to every department and the drugs can be re-uisitioned on line."e • +istribution of medicines .

so normal people can easily access it. things are changing at the hospital./"an3e & /2 hours ambulance service is available with highly skilled team of doctors and paramedics. patients who will only go to ood !amaritan "ospital for treatment. PLACE OF JASLOK &s you@ve probably noticed.who want to convey good wishes to the patients through flower bou-uets. leaders who empower their staff to succeed & visitors who can not stop speaking about the e7cellent service at ood !amaritan.a+(en+ !a+(!*a3+(#n. to facilitate the movement of patients. ?y keep these things in mind they place <aslok at local area. O/' 0#a" (! +# 3'ea+e a 3/"+/'e +ha+ (! /"+( a+e"1 *#3/!e& #n . A . physicians who are waiting to practice medicine here. They have employees who look forward to coming to work. .

for medical search engine & other medical web sites. P'(n+ Me&(a . we have developed links for travel sites. • *omplement the material from the 0?& core cources by demonstrating application to the health sector. !eminars *onference &s part of our services to conference delegates. $lace is also important make the success to the organization. $R#0#T%#8 0%G *onference $rint Cork !hop 0edia &dvt.&s you know place of <aslok is natural gift. !eminar • 67pands the breadth & depth of students understanding of health sector mangement. in the near future. for miImedical jobs &. %t has seaside area because of which patient get peace of mindH he can get netter air etc.

comfortable. This $rivacy statement only applies to data collected by hospital newspaper on this website. %t offers suppor to the patients & their family members. . A&ssurance to healthcare worldwideB & also to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual at much lower cost. air-conditioned patient rooms e-uipped with nurse call system. care. W#'$ Sh#. %t is famous for the pleasant. %ts mission is to provide. new places. television & telephone facility during their treatment. new doctors & other personnel.This site contains web pages created by "ospital 8ewspaper & third party content providers. PEOPLE OF JASLOK The <aslok "ospital is committed to treating patients with medical e7cellence. who find themselves in such environment where they have to interact with mew people. compassion & tenderness. The <aslok "ospital is like a home of e7perienced medical professionals in enhancing the patient care.

tests.3== & 6conomy is Rs. clinical pathology nursing services. linen & nursing.33=.. catering. investigation.3===. etc. emergency services. %n the <aslok "ospital. for J&@ class Rs. laundry./3==. when the people came for checking. the doctor also giving suggestion on having food.%**( for !uit is Rs.4== per day.4== The above tariffs include meals. &s the <aslok is the private hospital it charges high fees with better comforts. & telephone bills. "ospital is providing modern &most hygienic food with -ualified chefs & well-trained waiters. They do not include the consultant sectors visits.PRICE MIX OF JASLOK %t is very important J$@ in the whole marketing mi7. PROCESS MIX OF JASLOK %n the <aslok "ospital. the doctors are having physical e7amination or taking some tests. laborites. 2===. The charges for surgical %*(. for J&@ class is Rs. on which basis they are given medicines to the patients. PH(SICAL EVIDENCE OF JASLOK HOSPITAL . $atients can give payment in cash or by credit. if the patients is having any surgery or accidents hospital providing intensive care. operation. etc. procedures. blood bank. drugs. laboratory charges. for J*@ class is Rs. /=K surcharges levied on rooms. the bed charges for !uit +elu7e is Rs. & for 6conomy is Rs. doctor@s fees. .

eneral wards. <aslok provides fast services of ambulances for their patients. clinics. %t is for those people who re-uired special treatment. . medical shops. emergency wards are provided for the patients. #n the backside of <aslok "ospital there is a sea face. which creates healthy atmosphere. %n the hospital intensive care unit is a heart of hospital.%t includes the surrounding as well as the inner atmosphere of the hospital.