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Crops Production 2002-2003 The overall production of food-grains for 2001-2002 is estimated at 211.

32 million tonnes which is 15.40 million tonnes more than the last year.  The production of Rice during 2001-2002 is e pected to !e slightly lower than the targets. "roduction of Rice during 2001-2002 has !een estimated to !e #1.$1 million tonnes as against the target of #3.00 million tonnes.  The production of %heat for 2001-2002 is estimated at &1.4& million tonnes against target of &' million tonnes.  The (oarse (ereals production at 34.&2 million tonnes for 2001-2002 is more than the target of 33.0 million tonnes.  The estimated production of (otton during 2001-2002 at 11.$# million !ales is higher !y a!out 2.14 million !ales of 1&0 )g. each compared to 2000-2001.  The *ugarcane production during 2001-2002 at 2#2.2 million tonnes which is slightly lower than the all time record during 1###-2000 at 2##.32 million tonnes.

$4 $. etc.00 #. 5adhya "radesh.5# 3. Achievements ice The area coverage during 2001-02 is estimated at 43.00 220. 2owar 4.ndhra "radesh. *mall 5illets #. 2ute . %heat 3.00 !ales/8 11. Rice 2. the production of Rice was #1. (otton .00 10. as against 44. .$4 14. The !road crop-wise !rea) up of targets of production for 2002-2003 are as under -. The area coverage during 1harif.52 0.42 1.00 10$.4& million tonnes during 2001-2002 as against the production level of $'.3$ million ha. "ulses Total 7oodgrains 10. 3arley '. Crop outlook for 2002-2003: The "lanning (ommission fi ed the target of foodgrains production for the 20022003 at 220.&2 million tonnes as against the production of 31.'& million tonnes during 2000-2001.tonne/ 1harif . 2002 is reported to !e less as compared 2001-02 due to drought particularly the states of :ttar "radesh. 3a4ra 5.20 (ontinued in 1harif 9 Ra!i Total #3. Ragi &.00 8 (otton la)h !ales 1&0 )g each 88 2ute and 5esta la)h !ales 1'0 )g each.'0 13.&$ million tonnes during 2000-2001.00 10$. Ra4asthan.3$ &'. .#2 million ha. during previous year.'0 13.$2 million tonnes during 2000-2001.Food-grains Production Performance During 2001-2002 +uring 2001-2002.million tons/ 0ame of the (rop 1. 5esta .Rainy/ Ra!i .$1 million tonnes as against the production of '4.%inter/ &'.52 0.00 5. *ugarcane .$5 $.-do-/88 12. 5ai6e $.00 2. The production of (oarse (ereals during 2001-2002 is estimated at 34. The production was estimated at #1.00 million tonnes.-do-/88 13.$' 12.23 $.52 150.42 1. The production of %heat was &1. while rice has !een damaged !y flood in 3ihar.$5 1$.00 &'.50 2.50 2.4' 10#.$1 million tonnes during 2001-02.20 3200.1.00 110.$' 10. (hhatisgarh.

54 million tones. The first advance estimates provided !y the +irectorate of ?conomics 9 *tatistics.0 million tonnes.4& million tones. it has increased from 10. 5adhya "radesh. 2uly in various parts of the country. a set !ac) in %heat production was noticed !ecause of adverse weather condition resulting wheat production to a level of $'. indicate that 1harif production is li)ely to !e 1#. The contri!ution of %heat production to the total foodgrains has increased from 14 per cent during 1#$5-$$ to a!out 35 per cent during the year 2000-01.3& million tones during 1###-2000. The states of >u4arat. shown consistent increase in the country. 5aharashtra and Ra4asthan e perienced severe drought condition resulting in less area coverage and poor crop growth. <n terms of volume. in ma4or coarse cereals producing states. (rops suffered due to sever drought in the month of 2une. The area coverage under wheat during 2002-03 in the states of 5adhya "radesh. !y and large.1$ million tones. . +uring the year 2001-02. an all time record in %heat production. Coarse Cereals The production target of (oarse (ereals during 2002-03 is 33. >u4arat and 5aharashtra is less than the normal which may result in low production of wheat.!heat %heat production has. during the year 2000-01.&$ million tones.40 million tones during 1#$5-$$ to &$. Ra4asthan. =owever.00 million tones of which target for 1harif is 25.'4 million tones and Ra!i is &.pril 2002. The main reason for less wheat production as against the target of &' million tones was rise in temperature during the months of 5arch and . The target for the year 2002-03 has !een )ept at &'. wheat production has !een estimated to a level of &1.