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MapSource for Beginners Version 1.


– A Complete Step By Step Guide


MapSource for Beginners – A Complete Step By Step Guide
T is document is intended as a complete step-!y-step guide for !eginners using MapSource MapSource is t e soft"are t at is supplied "it most Garmin #andsets$ MapSource is t e soft"are t at is installed on your %C& not to !e confused "it t e 'nit (irm"are& " ic is installed on t e G%S unit itself )you s ould not need to do anyt ing "it t e 'nit (irm"are !y default as it s ould !e ready configured for you to use out of t e !o*+ T e figures used in t is guide are from ,indo"s Vista& t erefore t e appearance of te*t styles and font types may differ from t at of ,indo"s -%& do not !e alarmed !y t is& t e MapSource soft"are is e*actly t e same ot er"ise.
$./T01 if you are using a Garmin 23c or non-automoti4e unit& your MapSource may !e slig tly different t an t at s o"n ere& t is tutorial uses t e automoti4e 4ersion of t e MapSource soft"are in t e screens ots and e*amples.

5egal 6isclaimer T e aut or is not in any "ay responsi!le for any damage to you or your
G%S arising as a result of using t is document. T is document is pro4ided to you freely as elp for MapSource& it is not appro4ed !y Garmin at t is time and t erefore t ere is no additional support offered.

Audience T is document is intended to elp t ose not familiar "it MapSource get up and
running and familiar "it t e main features of t e application and a fe" additional items. It is not intended as a compre ensi4e reference guide as it only !rus es o4er many of t e finer MapSource options.

Configuring MapSource for use "it a G%S andset MapSource is a piece of
soft"are t at allo"s you to amongst ot er t ings& 4ie" maps& find places& plan routes& use "aypoints and 4ie" trac7s and upload or do"nload t is information to and from your G%S andset. Bot MapSource and 'nit (irm"are updates are a4aila!le to you from t e Garmin "e!site at """ it is usually a good idea to c ec7 for t e latest 4ersion of MapSource periodically from t e site )or if you prefer& you can use t e Garmin ,e! 'pdater utility also a4aila!le from """ +. It is t e aut or8s opinion t at it is not necessarily al"ays a good idea to c ec7 directly for ne" (irm"are updates to t e unit )particularly for !eginners+ as it may result in t e G%S unit !ecoming unusa!le !efore you !egin if a mista7e is made " en installing a ne" 4ersion of (irm"are. 5et8s start at t e !eginning& "it an e*planation of t e terms used !y MapSource1 ,aypoint1 A point t at is sa4ed on a map& t is may or may not also a4e a category assigned to it. 9oute1 A line !et"een t"o or more "aypoints




Copyrig t 6a4id 9o!ertson :33; ) """ + If you find a mista7e in t is document or "ould li7e to suggest an impro4ement please contact da4id<!est! (ree for use and copying pro4ided t is footer is included Version 1.1& 11t .o4em!er :33;

- %age 1

a4igation.motorcycle-na4igation.ote 1 If you a4e not purc ased at least one map product for t e MapSource soft"are you "ill not !e a!le to use t e G%S unit to it8s full a!ility (rom t e MapSource application& you can see " ic 4ersion of MapSource you a4e installed !y clic7ing on A#elp8 -B AA!out MapSource8 (ig.+.> )released :2t Septem!er (ree for use and copying pro4ided t is footer is included . MapSource itself can andle se4eral map products !eing loaded into it.Version 1.1 Trac71 A recorded log of " ere your G%S as !een and " en. . 1 – T e #elp 6rop 6o"n Menu in MapSource """. en MapSource is purc ased t ere is usually a map " ic is eit er included in t e price of t e G%S unit& or in some cases& sold separately& t is tutorial "ill use City .!e """.1=.. To c ec7 " et er you a4e a map product installed see t e drop do"n list !o* in (ig.MapSource for Beginners – A Complete Step By Step Guide .net """.a4igator 0urope 4?& " ic is t e current latest 0uropean Map 4ersion at time of "riting. Map1 T e detailed electronic picture used in t e MapSource application itself. ) """. A!out MapSource At t e time of "riting& t e current latest 4ersion of MapSource is + If you find a mista7e in t is document or "ould li7e to suggest an impro4ement please contact da4id<!est! Copyrig t 6a4id 9o!ertson :33. More t an one map can !e used on t e same MapSource Application at t e same time and can !e s"itc ed !et"een during t e session as re@uired.!est!i7ingroads. 1.

Version 1. .o4em!er :33.1& 11t .%age : .

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