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In contrast to programs that are not AI . language comprehension . Other smart tools can be used to screen the millions of data that is generated on a bench looking for patterns of behavior of its customers or to detect trends in the securities markets .CONCEPT Artificial Intelligence is a combination of science computer . providing expert advice on various topics. data structure and algorithm development of insertion.mathematical symbols . Other types of programs like compilers and database systems . physiology and philosophy. as well as the attempt to create machines capable of performing tasks that are thought to be typical the scope of human intelligence . fault diagnosis . expert systems. CHARACTERISTICS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE A key feature that distinguishes the methods of Artificial Intelligence numerical methods is the use of non. because behind it is running a program of Artificial Intelligence . The tasks that have been studied from this point of view include games . robotics. This is how the systems database management increasingly sophisticated data. coined the term Artificial intelligence in 1956. He goes to his techniques as needed to incorporate into a computer system. The program specifies how to find the sequence of steps required to solve a given (declarative program ) problem. The findings of a declarative program are not fixed and are partially determined by the intermediate conclusions reached during the considerations to the specific problem . but not enough to fully distinguish . or even chat with them our language. following a defined algorithm . which specifies explicitly how to find the output variables for any given variable input ( program procedure). so general and broad as it is that collects several ( robotics . Artificial Intelligence is to enable computers to somehow simulate human intelligence. We can interrogate some Internet databases in natural language. knowledge or own human characteristics. language translation . also process and is not considered symbols using AI techniques . The idea to build a machine that can perform tasks perceived requirements of human intelligence is attractive . The sequence of steps followed by the program is influenced by this particular problem . for example). The object- . all of which have in common the creation of machines Fields can think. deletion and location data . The behavior of programs is not explicitly described by the algorithm.

oriented languages share this property and are characterized by their affinity with Artificial Intelligence . La fuzzy logic : take decisions under conditions METHODOLOGIES of uncertainty . otherwise it is inactive. Neural 2. One of the most commonly used is called feedforward architectures : with input .Redes : this technology is powerful in certain tasks such as classification and pattern recognition . with a close solution and not necessarily accurate . the synapse is excitatory or inhibitory . or diagnosis of tasks in a real-world system : with little information. The interaction between the neurons takes place across synapses . three-dimensional plane . In two dimensions . This model considers that a neuron can be represented by a binary unit: every moment their status is either active or inactive. With as simple as perceptron architecture can not perform more than one kind of " Boolean " very simple functions called linearly separable . If you want to perform more complex functions with neural networks . etc. For each configuration of states of the input neurons (stimulus) response perceptron obeys the following dynamics : synaptic potentials are summed and compared to a threshold. These are functions where the input states with positive output can be separated from those negative output by a hyperplane . Applicability to data and ill-structured problems without the Artificial Intelligence techniques programs can not work with this type of problem . called hidden neurons . DIFFERENT 1. Actually a perceptron is a neural network as simple as possible . such as accounting and scientific calculations . the response of the neuron is active . . is a straight . The argument based on knowledge implies that these programs incorporate factors and real-world relationships and knowledge of the area in which they operate . According to the sign. A multilayer network can be defined as a set of perceptrons . A hyperplane is the set of points in the space of input states which satisfy a linear equation. This weighted sum is also called field . The perceptron consists of inputs from external sources . it is necessary to insert layers of neurons between the input and output . Artificial Intelligence programs can distinguish between program reasoning or inference engine and knowledge base giving you the ability to explain discrepancies between them. Unlike programs for specific purpose . If the field is greater than a threshold . is one where there are no hidden layers. and output connections . It is based on the concept of "learning " by aggregation of a large number of very simple elements. An example is the resolution in task-oriented goals and planning. linked together by synapses following various layered architectures.

there is no possibility associative .000 for construction of the East River. that is. unless it is used continuously. http://inteligenciaartificialudb. but purified with filters. The pool uses the same river water. Experience . but may be associated with inputs or outputs stimuli or responses . .com/2008/01/concepto-caractersticasy-metodologas. each vehicle knows its position . However.blogspot. These race cars not unlike the Matchbox toy unless handled alone.html EXAMPLES OF INVENTIONS Some are initiatives that are not yet built. At the time . So it is with the floating pool . in a month earned over $ 250. making decisions for yourself and be removed from the track to your opponent. The driving experience is more physical than cognitive . Knowledge -based systems can not easily emulate this kind of experience. on the island of Manhattan. Systems Based Reasoning Models represent a significant attempt to encapsulate this deep knowledge and reason with him. With a mobile application you can take (partial) control of the vehicle and making skills. another Kickstarter project. but already have the funds to do so . Operating a Neural Network is governed by rules of propagation of activities and status updates . to solve problems that have been previously known . mainly because of the limited capacity of robotic technology . conventional knowledge based systems have many difficulties to duplicate this kind of experience. this knowledge is easily forgotten . this year's toy the honor of being on the list is earned Anki Drive. You may not understand exactly what is happening within a system ( black box) . If the star two years ago were remote control helicopters . This type of experience reflects the heuristic that skill or knowledge is acquired mainly through observation.connections to the hidden and output them to the layers . The deep theoretical knowledge is acquired through study and formal training as well as through direct problem solving. The skill is acquired primarily through physical exercise and constant practice. motor and theoretical . Knowledge -based systems are excellent to represent associative knowledge. Because of its theoretical nature . The theoretical experience and deep knowledge allows humans to solve problems that have not been seen before. Skills and Knowledge The types of experiences that are of interest in knowledge-based systems can be classified into three categories: associative . Thanks to artificial intelligence components .

developed by Motorola. Selection of Time also includes scientific experiments.6 x.The innovations also includes the Smart Lens DSX -0X 100 Sony mountable optical zoom lens with 3.Beltran. In practice .html . other innovations OCULUS RIFT : virtual reality helmet inexpensive to play in immersive three-dimensional environments. As he explains. emits a specific 18 bit signal that can be detected by the phone or computer . this is one of the most controversial inventions .elpais. the body is the password . It should be taken once a day and now it's just a prototype. MOTO MISSION R : This vehicle reaches 240 mph and can travel 225 kilometers without refueling . ARGUS 2: Artificial Retina and artificial lenses that restore vision to people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa . http://www. ideal for those who struggle to memorize password online. Built in aluminum and titanium. but will not be for a few gadgets . is mostly difficult to have any real social impact. it is likely that many of the products have finally come to Chile. However. but generally no innovations to solve problems every day. it considers that with few exceptions. developed by Portuguese and Spanish researchers . The greater rarity of the list is a password pill. a humanoid 1. which transforms the cell into professional camera . which is stronger than vodka or tequila. Pill password. Robots and robotic technology are other regulars in this ranking. It includes a chip that is activated by acid in the stomach ." he says. is the first designed to trace and rescue missions . a disease that can lead to blindness . GRAVITY LIGHT : Lamp producing light 25 minutes only by the force exerted by the weight of a bag of rocks. as a new alcoholic drink made of coffee .8 meters developed by the Agency for Defence Technology USA (DARPA ) . For Rodriguez . " There is an artificial pancreas and creating memories that people induced to forget the trauma .com. Its electric motor generates zero emissions. By doing so. This year's highlight is Atlas . sand or water that hangs on the side .uy/vida-actual/lista-logros-inventos-cientificossegun. generating ethical questions about the advisability of exposing a nano object whose actual effect today ignore .