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P16.6 Billion loss in coco industry in Eastern Visayas
Eastern Visayas, country’s second top coconut producing area, suffered a P16.60 billion loss after super typhoon Yolanda flattened coconut farms in five provinces.
Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Regional Manager Edilberto Nierva said 33.82 million trees have been damaged, accounting 46% of the region’s 72.75 million thriving coconut trees. “Nearly half of damaged trees will have no chance of recovery because these were either snapped or toppled by strong wind and storm surge,” said Nierva, who temporarily holds office in a canteen after their office was destroyed by the supertyphoon. Of the 33.82 million affected trees, 15.04 million were categorized as totally damaged, 9.06 million severely damaged, 4.98 million slightly damaged, and 4.84 million moderately damaged. “It will take one year for slightly and moderately damaged trees to regenerate. Severely damaged trees will not bear fruit for two to three years,” Nierva added. Reynaldo Redoña, a 43-year-old coconut
farmer in Barangay Pago, Tanauan, Leyte said that of his 300 bearing trees, about 285 trees were toppled or sheared by the storm. “Only 15 trees were left standing, but it will take years before these remaining trees will produce nuts,” said Redoña, gesturing towards his typhoonravaged farm that provides up to P6,000 quarterly income. The farmer, whose family survived from the storm by hiding under a lavatory, is unsure if his 15-year-old son could finish college since it will take about five years before they will regain their income after replanting. Cornelio Castila, a 73year old coconut farmer in Barangay Calao, Burauen, also in Leyte, hopes the government will immediately implement replanting activities or else people will go hungry in the next few years. “Of the 400 planted

School children at the Pawing Elementary School in Pawing, Palo in Leyte receives educational kits from the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) on Jan.30. (TOTEX ARCUENO)

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PNP to hire more cops this year 2 drugs suspect nabbed in buy-bust operations DENR to plant more trees as natural barriers
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Hernani mayor asks livelihood projects from government
HERNANI, Eastern Samar- Two months after his impoverished town was devastated by supertyphoon Yolanda, Mayor Edgar Boco said much help is still needed for them to start their lives again after they were hit from a “hellish nightmare.” His people of more than 11,000 are still reeling from the aftermath of the typhoon with no one to run for their daily survival except for the relief extended by the national government and various humanitarian aids, said Boco. According to him, the main sources of income of the people, fishing and farming, were seriously affected due to Yolanda. The town lost of agriculture and infrastructures combined reached to P1.5 billion. The loss was simply astounding the mayor said considering that his town has only an annual income of around P36 million, of which P1 million is from local taxes. “That is how we badly need the help of to page 3

Lesson learned from Yolanda

trees, only less than a hundred were spared by strong wind, but some of these remaining trees were badly damaged,” said Castila, who earns P2,000 monthly from cultivating four hectares of coconut farm. Castila’s plight is shared by 1,160,332 coconut farmers in the region cultivating 295,191 hectares of land slammed by supertyphoon on November 8. Nierva said their agency will distribute 15.04 million trees for massive replanting activities in the next five years, with a funding requirement of P16.5 million. Leyte, a major coconut growing province, suffered a P12.16 billion loss. Other coconut producing provinces also posted income loss due to storm’s wrath. These are Eastern Samar (P3.29 billion), Samar (P588.97 million), Biliran (P465.77 million) and Southern Leyte (P91.92 million). Benjamin Yu, PCA regional regulation officer projected a 338,242 metric tons loss in copra output due to storm destruction. “Coconut oil production is expected to slowdown by half since two major oil mills in Leyte were slammed by storm. Considering the extent of damages in these plants, it will take years for these plants to recover and resume normal operation,” Yu added.

the DENR information officer said.” Daloos said. Acting on the strength of search warrant issued by Executive Judge Eprehem of the Regional Trial Court branch 18 in Hilongos. including at the Office of the Ombudsman or administrative case if he/she is already an employee of the government. She said that the implementation of NGP in the region have been “reconfigured” to give more priority to “coastal intervention” over reforestation in upland communities.08.469 nonuniformed personnel. not have been dishonorably discharged from military employment or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government. (PR) March 02 . his office will nevertheless initiate an all-out campaign against street pushers and peddlers. PIO PRO8) In order to protect the communities against the devastating effects of future storms. Losañes noted that while Eastern Visayas continues to be free from big-time drug syndicates. (PINSP ROMUEL NACAR. DENR-8 regional information officer Purificacion Daloos said that the tragedy caused by Yolanda call attention to the need to revive the region’s damaged coastal forests to make its coastlines less vulnerable to extreme weather events.27 in Barangay Tagnipa. leads the women judges in Eastern Visayas in a gift-giving outreach titled “Yolanda Lend-A-Hand Program. Acting regional director Police Chief Supt. one Eric Salar alias Eric White. (RYAN GABRIEL ARCENAS) LLOSA . drug and physical tests to be administered by the PNP. The following are the general qualifications for appointment in the police service: Filipino citizen.57m in height for females and weigh not more or less than 5kg from the standard weight corresponding to his/her weight. passed the psychiatric/ psychological. “The massive coastal rehabilitation program shall cover worsthit areas in Region eight particularly the province of Leyte including the city of Tacloban as a major concern given its being a major population center. Police Regional Office 8 under the leadership of Police Regional Director Chief Superintendent Henry Losañes. about 28. PD 907 Regional Trial Court Branch 43 presiding judge Evelyn Rinos-Lesigues. the PO1 Recruitment Program for this year is to be implemented.000 uniformed attrition (proposed).” the police regional chief said.” recently conducted at the Tacloban City Jail and Leyte Provincial Jail in Palo benefittimg female inmates to show that court judges also care for them. 2. Region 8 director of Philippine Women Judges Association (5th from left. For the region’s quota allocation. but the undertaking will cover practically the entire eastern seaboard of Eastern Visayas. RA 6506 (Licensed Criminologist) RA 1080 (Bar and Board Examinations).900 hectares of coastline under the NGP. has activated its screening committees that will process the mandatory minimum requirement and other documents submitted by the applicants.021 believed to be proceeds from his illegal activity. food resources and livelihood opportunities for coastal communities. as well as other sustainable activities like ecotourism and coastal management. 2014 PNP to hire more cops this year CAMP RUPERTO K A N G L E O N . 6. P4. In an interview. the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is targeting 380 kilometers of coastline for the restoration of mangrove and beach forest in Eastern Visayas which was ravaged by super typhoon Yolanda. not have been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude.358 uniformed unfilled (2013 attrition) and 7. “The surge can only destroy the leaves.2 E A S TE RN S A M A R NEWS (Honor Graduate). on Jan. She said that their main objective is to restore the region’s degraded coastal forests to make its coastlines less vulnerable to extreme weather events.” she said. Mangroves are natural barriers against tsunamis. PI Garcia in Naval town in Biliran province resulted in the arrest of 49-year old drug suspect Lito Aquino.” Losañes said adding that drug charges were already filed against the arrested suspects. Daloos added that the DENR have allocated around P347 million for the restoration of mangrove and natural beach forest in coastal areas devastated by Yolanda. Leyte. The suspects were brought to police stations for further investigation while recovered illegal items were brought to the Regional Crime Laboratory Office for examination. flooding and calamities following Yolanda’s devastation. a police team led by Police Chief Insp. 36.LeyteAs part of the modernization program of the Philippine National Police. Palo. should not be destroyed. was nabbed by joint operatives from the PRO8 Regional Intelligence Division (RID) and Southern Leyte Police Provincial Office (SLPPO) in a buy bust operation 3:30 p. Meantime. but it cannot uproot the mangroves because they are so deeprooted and strong that they will re-grow in time. some 19 million seedlings and propagules from mangrove trees and beach forest species like Talisay will be planted over 1.000 and cash amounting to P1. eligible in accordance with the standards set by the commission which are NAPOLCOM PNP Entrance.” she added.45 and one Luger 9mm pistols and several rounds of ammunitions during the search. Daloos said that the DENR is looking at the reversion of abandoned government-leas ed ponds to mangroves DENR to plant more trees as natural barriers in order to boost coastal protection. or CSC Professional.000 for uniformed personnel regular quota. at least 1. storm surge and other wave action. The establishment of “coastal green belts” will be done in clusters to allow fisher folk access to the shorelines. “If the mangroves in Leyte and Eastern Samar have not been decimated. For this year. Leyte– At least two persons suspected to be involved in illegal drugs trade were arrested by the police in separate sting operations across the region January 27.827 would be hired by the PNP under this program distributed as 13. Confiscated from Salar were four small plastic sachets containing white crystalline substance suspected to be methamphetamine hydrochloride or “shabu” with an estimated market value of P2.possess a formal baccalaureate degree from a recognized learning institution. and must not be less than 21 nor more than 30 years of age. Wilfredo Amordo raided the house of Aquino that also resulted in the seizure of six sachets of suspected “shabu”.(PR) 2 drugs suspect nabbed in buy-bust operations CAMP KANGLEON. Under their plan for 2014. “The campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs will always remain as one of our primary concerns. Henry Losañes informed that the intensified campaign against illegal drugs is in response to the present emphasis and demanding issues of drug law enforcement wherein drug pushers have become so aggressive in plying their trade. and therefore. the implementation of search warrant in Brgy. “We will make it sure that they will be spending the rest of their lives in jail. age and sex. have no pending criminal case in any court. In Maasin City. Lawmen also confiscated one Colt caliber .m. lower photo).62m in height for males and 1.000 cash and several paraphernalia that includes digital weighing scales and lighters. Samar and Leyte including the city of Tacloban in order to minimize the impact of storm surges. with good moral character. processing and date of oath-taking will be disseminated as soon as this Office will be furnished with a copy of the Letter of Instruction (LOI). Palo. the storm Lesson learned from Yolanda surge in those areas would have been dissipated its strength. The DENR started in 2014 its massive treeplanting activity under the government’s National Greening Program (NGP) in the coastal areas in the provinces of Eastern Samar.

Carmen. died when Yolanda struck on Nov. a coastal village of Tanauan where he played soccer with 15 kids of the barangay. The king of Sweden. 2014 NEWS E A S TE RN S A M A R 3 Football superstar Beckham visits E. Beckham visited Barangay Santo Nino. She lost her son Martin. we were happy. Rodolfo. there is no income of our people.willing to extend help-came into to page 5 the 27-year old Sacramento said. said. a 13 year old boy who was among the 300 lucky children who met the global superstar said that he and other children gave Backham a massage at his back. Beckham also signed his signature with his soccer number 23 at Sharina’s notebook. the first Swedish king to visit the country. Viana. According to the couple.m. Football superstar David Beckham visited this city and the nearby town of Tanauan.” the mayor added.. said that he was happy not only to see Beckham in person but had a rare chance to play with him at their school’s grounds.” Jerusalem said. The king said that one of the characters of being a scout. Gustaf.”Ojeda said.. walked from the tarmac to the tent. said that he had heard stories that many of the scouts in this city and other affected areas by Yolanda made great efforts not only in ensuring their safety but even the members of their respective families. 53 and from the village of Brgy. Eleterio.” Boco said. considered to be one of the most familiar faces in the world and one of the most popular soccer players.four of the 12 siblings-at the height of the supertyphoon when their house was washed out by the storm surge.” Sharina giggled as she revealed that Beckham even changed his wet shirt before them. There.564 members and 4. said that over two months after Yolanda. “I am here in my capacity as a scout and I heard a lot of scouting in your country.” King Gustaf paid tribute to scouts bravery during Yolanda King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden paid his tribute to the “tremendous jobs” of the local boy scouts during the massive disaster during his visit this city. Vince and Venus. Beckham also created his own heart artwork made colored paper. “We have not only lost our home and source of income but even a child of ours. (JOEY A. The scouts lost their uniforms due to Yolanda. died due to the typhoon.” referring to the houses that were totally destroyed due to Yolanda. Football superstar David Beckham visited Yolanda victims in Tacloban City and Tanauan. At least 276 boy scouts across the region. But now. In turn. The experience was too much for us to bear and comprehend.V. I was able to see him up close and personal. interacting with the kids. Leyte on February 13 and 14. the country’s national president of the BSP. a soccer player who also teaches the sport at the Bethel International School based in Palo town. The couple’s two other children. (JOEY A.. “her husband. of supertyphoon Yolanda. 75 at the San Jose National High School and 100 at the San Fernando Central School during his visits to these two public schools. Leyte has about 28.” Ojeda said. Beckham stayed at their house for almost 30 minutes as he asked them how they are now living after the storm and if they are being provided with aid. John Kelvin Dado. nothing will happen if there will be no interventions that will come from our government. Upon disembarking from a vehicle. Beckham mobbed by the media. Three. GABIETA) Hernani. amid tight security provided by the local police and burly white men apparently hired by the Unicef(United Nations Children’s Fund)of which Beckham is one of its ambassador of goodwill. GABIETA) . Beckham also visited the house of couple Trinidad Ojeda and her partner Rodolfo Mueba whose youngest child. He also promised to return and give possible help to our family. He really went out of his way just to be with us.from page 1 our government and the different international groups who are helping us at present.” Gustaf. “He kept on asking how we are now and if everything’s okay with us.were “washed out. Aside from giving the family a rare photo with him. The family lives on fishing prior to the typhoon.March 02 . “I have a personal souvenir from him. Keith Sacramento.8. “He just kept on smiling while we were giving him a massage at his back. “I just see him in television but for almost 20 minutes. he sat in one corner of the huge tent where the children entertained him by singing “Ako ay Pilipino. Leyte. In photo above shows one of the world’s most familiar faces being mobbed during his visit at the Tacloban astrodome.” “I only see him in television. “He consoled us saying that everything happened for a purpose and we’re all be OK. They also gave Beckham flowers made CHEERS. all survivors of the Supertyphoon Yolanda. this week and in the process providing comfort and cheer to the victims. Beckham arrived in this city on February 13 at the Daniel Z. Simon Hang Bock.08. The 38-year soccer player arrived at the area at 1:38 p. four themBatang. “Our people could now be starving without these assistance. cajoling babies and asked the mothers how they were coping after the massive disaster that struck this city three months ago. He said that of the 13 barangays of Hernani. 20 them in Tacloban. 12. The fishing boat owned by her husband. Jade Maceda. their lives remain to be at the standstill. accompanied by Boy Scout officials of their country. was washed ashore. There. honorary chairman of the World Scouting Foundation and said to be one of the top donors of the scouting organization. survived the tragedy. “among others. We shake his hands which were sweaty. He also admitted that he has no idea who was Beckham. said that he was happy to see his “idol. evacuees and kibitzers immediately proceeded to a white tent provided by the Unicef where he met the 300 children. The king. who visited this city on January 25 on board a chartered plane at around 9:18 am. (ROEL T.AMAZONA) by the children from a colored paper. chairman of the World Organization Scout Movement and Vice President Jejomar Binay. particularly by the UNICEF. personally distributed Boy Scout uniforms to 175 pupils. particularly children. he stayed for more than an hour.” the boy said. said in a brief press conference held inside a huge tent of the United Nations. . we see him play with us here. Dolores Jerusalem. Three and Four.500 in Tacloban. “Of course. Romualdez Airport and immediately proceeded to the Tacloban Convention Center or astrodome. No matter how we’ll try to rebuild our lives and our town. And the following day.” the Grade 6 student of the Santo Nino Elementary School of said village said. (Also) I am here to see the destructions and many scouts did tremendous jobs here. now temporary homes to more than 400 families.

His argument for this is beautiful. there are residents whose homes were totally washed out or partially destroyed by Yolanda have started building their homes within the easement area. homeless survivors are yet scouring their way through the rubbles on hope of salvaging pieces of their belongings or at least some debris they could piece together for a makeshift abode. whether we like or not. yes. in fact. Tacloban city is not part of the “green belt” area in EV’s eastern board under the national greening program of the government. in an interview. we have to make that desire fervent! We need to constantly feed it to keep it burning We can increase our desire of God by growing in the virtues—more humility. “Whether or not (the residents) have a land title. the time of waiting to see our ultimate end.” (Jn 17. with the warning that. that revered Church Father whose works have left a great. disclosed that restoring the coastal forests in the region will set the foundation for the reconstruction and recovery of both coastal communities and urban areas in the affected provinces in coordination with the local government units concerned. Llorente and Balangiga (Eastern Samar) and Basey (Samar). We need to overcome our fear or bias against theology. Augustine. PD 1067 states among others “banks of rivers and streams and the shores of the seas and lakes throughout their entire length and within a zone of three meters in urban areas. For now. He was talking about heaven. Its distinctive contribution is to put in more substance. Apparently. twenty meters in agricultural areas and forty meters in forest areas.” He said that since we don’t see heaven now and yet we long for it. Meaning as he was quoted in a SunStar online news. Theology not only has a rightful place in the sun.339 families from coastal communities. This is affront to the local edict which in a separate interview with city administrator and lawyer Tecson John Lim does not discriminate titled land owners from squatters. the city government will have to hasten up in coming up with the proper building code and master plan for the city lest they find it difficult to ease the dwellers due mainly on lack of political will. Meantime. I thought of sharing it.” it is therefore clear that in urban areas. it is indeed theological and therefore requires a theological mind.” This the news said will affect about 7. in spite of the “no-build zone” ordinance that the city council had passed and later approved by Mayor Alfred Romualdez. Through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).” It is to make room for the tremendous amount we will receive— God himself. the be-all and end-all of Christian life. The time of our life. is a time to cultivate our holy desire to the max. if their original houses lie within the “no-build zone area. feels the need to to page 5 fter three months after Eastern Visayas was beaten by supertyphoon Yolanda last year. though. Not that it is going to do away with common sense and the regular operation of our reason. It actually has to occupy the pride of place in our vast and ever-growing field of knowledge and the sciences. the national government has. even if the object of such belief is just our own selves. Precisely. DENR Sec. along their margins are subject to the easement of public use in the interest recreation. It always has to relate with our existing sciences and arts. Sadly. more faith and charity.900 hectares of coastline. God. That desire not only has to be maintained. Then you set about stretching your container. or whether we affirm or deny it. After all. There should be a comprehensive and doable plan or sadly lose the meaning of this ordinance. we need to keep on desiring it to prepare ourselves for it. or nothing transcendent. It is to be carried out in all coastal communities across the archipelago. especially nowadays. This amount will include largely the payment for the survivors who will take part in the effort in a cash-forwork system. explore and explain our beliefs and apply them to our life. This is in line as well with the National Greening Program of the government. . 2014 A matter of desire A BEAUTIFUL thought crossed my mind the other day as I was reading some writings of St. Guiuan. and pace with them. earmarked P347 million for the restoration of mangrove and natural beach forests in coastal areas battered by Yolanda. we actually cannot avoid doing theology. The coastal rehabilitation plan are slated to be undertaken in Dulag (Leyte). This mangrove and forest area is the basis of the 40-meter easement if PD 1067 (Philippine Water Code) is the very reason of the easement. floatage. Augustine. when he made a very succinct conclusion that: “The entire life of a good Christian is in fact an exercise of holy desire. no building permit will be issued to (them) if (they) will put up residential houses within 40 meters of the shorelines.” To emphasize the expanse of the “no-build zone. The idea of stretching or enlarging the container to receive a tremendous amount that we expect can be translated into not only keeping but also increasing our desire of God whom we expect to come to us in overwhelming abundance. navigation.19) Imagine…Christ himself. “Suppose you are going to fill some container and you know you will be given a large amount. to provide space for fishermen’s access to the shorelines and other sustainable activities like ecotourism and coastal management. we need to understand that we all need to do theology. we would already be doing at least some theology. fishing and salvage. who is already God.4 E A S TE RN S A M A R OPINION March 02 . the easement is three meters. while in forests areas 40 meters. in agricultural areas 20 meter. give meaning and direction to all of them according to the light of faith that brings things to a supernatural order. if not indelible impact on Christian believers through the centuries and up to now. A EDITORIAL The green belts of EV In the reforestation plan with respect to the “no-build zone” policy. We might as well develop our theology as fully as we can! Now back to St. that they also may be sanctified in the truth.08. It also has to increase as time passes. more patience and understanding—in the tenor of what Christ himself said once: “For them do I sanctify myself. the government envisions to establish coastal “green belts” in clusters. The 40-meter easement order that government authorities will implement in coastal communities following the attack of killer supertyhoon Yolanda is not exclusively for execution in areas ravaged by the monster storm on November 8 last year particularly the eastern seaboard of Eastern Visayas. With this. Such fear has no basis since. Theology will always be in need of common sense and reason. some 19 million seedlings and propagules from mangrove trees and beach forest species such as talisay plant will be sown over 1. Ramon Paje.” they will have to wait until they get their new houses in a relocation site. In short. in Tacloban City. The contrary is true. there are yet hundreds of families hanging on their nooks in the overcrowded and uncomfortable evacuation sites for absence of a new permanent shelter. We are creatures of belief. But the moment we try to understand.

EASTERN SAMAR. Makati City and to the Local Registrar of Llorente. Manila.... . Gales Street. One of the recipients was Gimine Ann Pacanan... it shall be held on APRIL 8. said that 34 borrowers have already received loans in northern Cebu and several areas in Tacloban City... 2014. SO ORDERED... Can-avid.. FREDDIE A.from page 3 DTI extends loans to Yolanda hit businessmen The Small Business Corporation (SBC) reported a total of P200 million loan applications from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Visayas regions displaced by super typhoon Yolanda. 15012 x.: 026 BLOCK NO. 326 For: CANCELLATION of an ENTRY IN the CERTIFICATE of LIVE BIRTH x. (JOEY A. to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of March. file his opposition ORDER thereto. of L. Samar and Eastern Samar. East – 024 – A. through counsel. at the session hall of this Court.) FILOTEA M. Respondents CIVIL CASE NO. Eastern Samar... E. The effect is symbiotic. judgment be rendered (1) granting the adoption of herein minor child by herein petitioners – spouses Freddie A.. Eastern Samar. Eastern Samar IN RE: PETITION FOR ADOPTION OF minor child JOHN ALFRED BUENAFE DALINA & CANCELLATION OF THE CERT. Leyte. Dalina and Thelma B. together with a copy of the petition to the Office of the Solicitor General. to wit: ARP No. “Let us work together. The Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer (PSWDO) is hereby directed to conduct a Child and Home Study Report. Dalina of the Local Civil Registrar of Maydolong. MA. 2014 at 8:00 o’clock in the morning at which any interested person may appear and oppose the petition. E. fill our hearts with a desire to serve you.-x NOTICE OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SALE Upon Extra-Judicial substance. (2) granting and bestowing upon said minor child all the rights and privileges appurtenant to a legitimate child. meat shop. “The loan is a big to page 6 A matter.60). Dalina under Registry No. Borongan City. May our thoughts and our actions give you glory. represented by Caridad Buenafe Baula. 35. It was cool and his hands were so smooth. may.. Mortgagor. belt and Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Eighth (8th) Judicial Region BRANCH 2 Borongan. 315 For: EXTRA-JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE OF REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE UNDER ACT NO.8. NO. the lending arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). CADASTRAL LOT NO. Every other week. Let us seek to do your will. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and 215. set this case for hearing on May 2. Petitioners -vsLCR of Dolores. West – 027-J.. and (5) other reliefs which are just and equitable under the premises are likewise prayed for. December 5. Eastern Samar IN THE MATTER OF THE CORRECTION OF ENTRY IN THE CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH OF BYRON BUENAFE BAULA BYRON BUENAFE BAULA. Eastern Samar. 16-22.. Legaspi Village.. without further notice. South – L. particularly his gender and sex from “female” to “male”.” ESB: March 2. 2014. Let copy of this Order be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation and duly accredited to publish judicial or legal notices in the province of Eastern Samar at the expense of the petitioner.M.. whose family owns a grocery shop. PROC. against PORTIA G. 2014 Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Eighth (8th) Judicial Region BRANCH 2 Borongan.. his true and correct gender.. at the main entrance of the Municipal Building of Can-avid.” he said. “We have now processed applications of 135 borrowers with a total loan application of about P200 million. Atty. rep. Petitioner -versusTHE LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR OF LLORENTE. within fifteen (15) days from Notice of the petition or from the last date of the publication of this Order.. Eastern Samar. Philippines.) NATHANIEL E. We are proposing additional budget in the form of support to SBC operation to serve more entrepreneurs.. 9-15. 2014. “We pulled out play during the disaster. SO ORDERED. 2014 NEWS carabao slide. NO. AS AMENDED x. a decree of adoption be issued placing herein minor child John Alfred B. the same is hereby set for hearing before this Court on March 26. but we are encouraging the banking sector to start lending. Eastern Samar. 2014. within fifteen (15) days from notice of the petition or from the last date of publication of this Order. 2014 (Sgd. Samar and the Solicitor General. Finding the petition to be in due form and substance. Gales St. Paul’s words: “It’s when I am weak that I am strong. He also donated same items to 100 students at the San Fernando Central School and one of them was Jobez Timatiga. pants. PRADO thru counsel. 2014 (Sgd.. Open wide our hearts to the needs of all our brethren.. The SBC offers special loans to displaced businessmen with one year grace period and an interest rate of 5% to 6%. Concan All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above stated time and date. the following property with all its improvements... Perhaps a prayer we can use to trigger this holy desire as we start the day every morning could be the following: “As this day begins. her counsel. The state-run corporation. 16-22. and to conduct counseling sessions with the biological parents on the matter of adoption of the adoptee. Any person having or claiming any interest in the adoption of minor John Alfred B. Any person having or claiming any interest under the entries in the record of birth the correction of which is being sought may. Makati City. GABIETA) E A S TE RN S A M A R 5 King. attorney’s fees and expenses of foreclosure.) NATHANIEL E. motorcycle and bicycle parts. Furnish copy of this Order. the PSWDO. Borongan City. Luna Cacanando said they expect to complete the release of initial loan applications to SMEs in the next three months. It will have multiplier effect since businesses that will resume operation would hire workers and need supplies. together with a copy of the petition to the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG).” Domingo said. Dolores. Brgy. 134 Amorsolo St. praying among others that after notice and hearing. to correct the entry in his record of birth. “Providing loans will definitely help. food processing. soft drinks distribution. The Grade V student said that he felt “great” not only to see in person the king but to shake his hand as well. SO ORDERED. MANILA. January 28.08. Eastern Samar. We have to be wary of abandoning this trust especially when we suffer some persistent human misery. grocery shop. Let a copy of this Order be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Eastern Samar and accredited by this Court to publish judicial and legal notices. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date. Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo led the release of checks to 13 Yolanda-displaced SMEs in Eastern Visayas amounting to P8. Hicao. charges. an order be issued canceling the annotation in the Certificate of Live Birth of the petitioner that she is legitimated by the subsequent marriage of her parents. National Statistics Office.8. 2013. 2014.. at 9:30 in the morning. to the Provincial Prosecutor.” (2 Cor 12. the undersigned or his duly authorized deputy will sell at public auction on MARCH 26. LATOJAIRASGA Clerk of Court VI And Ex-Officio Sheriff ESB: March 2. Eastern Samar METRO ORMOC COMMUNITY COOPERATIVE (OCCCI). January 21. consisting of t-shirt. (4) ordering the registration anew of the fact of birth of herein minor John Alfred B.. 2009-276 which for all legal intents and purposes is a null and void document having been issued through inadvertent misrepresentations of herein petitioners.. Furnish copy of this order and of the petition to the petitioner. file his/her opposition thereto. 08.” the 10-year old boy said. Southern Leyte.. Dalina and forthwith... 16-22. we also need to increase our trust in God’s providence. “Our goal is to help more SMEs.) Atty... BALDONO Presiding Judge (Sgd.from page 4 sanctify himself that we also may be sanctified in the truth! Obviously. Dalina praying that after due publication. Borongan City. 9-15. printing.10) that tell us that we can use our shortcomings and failures to get even closer to God.--x ORDER substance.. SPS. Petition for Sale under Act No. National Statistics Office.” Cacanando said. 9-15. judgment be rendered directing the Local Civil Registrar of Llorente. Eastern Samar.-x This is a verified petition for correction of entries in the Certificate of Live Birth filed by petitioner Byron Buenafe Baula. Eastern Samar KRIZZIA IMARI A. by CARIDAD BUENAFE BAULA. Purify our hearts from all desire for evil. notice and hearing.. Recently. It should be part of our holy desire for holiness to grow always in our trust in God’s ever-merciful providence. .. OF LIVE BIRTH OF JOHN ALFRED DALINA UNDER REG. pharmacy. Mortgagee.: 07 BOUNDARIES: North – 025-Casarino. OFFICE of the SOLICITOR GENERAL. May they not be deprived of our love. PROC.: 05-0500800243 LOCATION: Brgy. NSO. The king accompanied by Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez visited the San Jose National High School where he gave a set of uniform. the Civil Registrar General. Eastern Samar to the highest bidder for CASH or MANAGER’S CHECK and in Philippine currency. ESB: March 2. PRADO.March 02 . Eastern Samar LAND AREA: 94 SQ. 8. -versusPORTIA G. 2013 amounts to TWO HUNDRED FIFTEEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED NINETYTWO PESOS AND SIXTY CENTAVOS (PhP Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Eighth (8th) Judicial Region BRANCH 4 Dolores. And all persons who are interested. 9-15. Legaspi Village. 2014 at 10:00 a..9 million.m. construction supplies trade. and also his first name from “Viron” to “Byron”. LCR of Dolores. Dalina. Let’s always remember St. 130-11 x. Dalina in the category of a legitimate child of herein petitioners. given our shortcomings and our tendency to be big in desire and intention but small and unstable in performance. lumber.. They need to have strategy on how to help affected businessmen considering the scale of destruction in several areas. The petition being sufficient in form and Republic of the Philippines Regional Trial Court 8th Judicial Region BRANCH 4 Dolores. Dalina and Thelma B. Eastern Samar and the Civil Registrar General... and franchise of three Monterey Meat shop branches in Tacloban. JALICE B.. Send a copy of this Order. Samar. farm machineries. ESB: March 2.. SBC president and chief operations officer Ma. BALDONO Presiding Judge A verified petition had been filed before this Court by petitioner KRIZZIA IMARI A.. pharmacy. 16-22. we sent teams in affected areas to process about 15 to 20 applications. Dolores. since he knows how to make use even of our defects and failures to fulfill the ultimate design and purpose for us.. 2014. set this case for hearing on May 6. lower than the 10% to 12% interest for regular financing program. Manila and to petitioner and his representative Caridad Buenafe Baula.. DALINA Petitioners SPEC. MENDOZA.192. THE CIVIL REGISTRAR GENERAL. I T P A Y S T O A D V E R T I S E budget from our existing programs to provide loans to affected SMEs.. “I feel great to see the king. Apelado and the petitioners. NO.: 2912 ASSESSOR’S LOT NO. Let a copy of this Order be published at the expense of the petitioners once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Eastern Samar duly accredited by this Court.. February 19. The beneficiaries are engaged in businesses like healthcare.8. to 75 students. at 9:00 o’clock in the morning at the session Hall of this Court. and his counsel.. 3135/1508 filed by METRO ORMOC COMMUNITY COOPERATIVE (OCCCI). I believe that’s scouts are good at because they know to help each other. and to submit her reports thereon before the date of hearing. Eastern Samar and the National Statistics Office.-x ORDER This is a verified petition for adoption of minor John Alfred Buenafe Dalina filed by petitioners-spouses Freddie A.. at the expense of the petitioners. Amen.8. Eastern Samar. 2014 (Sgd. Respondents SPL.. 3135.” she added. vehicle and parts. the cancellation of the Live Birth Certificate of John Alfred B. (3) ordering the Local Civil Registrar of Maydolong. and hardware. Can-avid. excluding penalties. 134 Amorsolo St. EJF No.” Domingo told reporters. DALINA & THELMA B. scrap metal. ESTORNINOS Presiding Judge .. praying that after due notice and hearing. MENDOZA. 2009-276.

Let a copy of this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in Region VIII and the Province of Eastern Samar at the expense of the petitioner. is trying to address. 2014 at 8:30 in the morning in the Session Hall of this Court. the focus of its intervention is on the farmers in worst hit agrarian reform communities (ARCs). I will be here.08. Philippines.000 SMEs were affected by the destructive typhoon in the three Visayas regions. the extent of damage on community facility or assets specifically related to farming like irrigation.” Valenciano told the audience. Guiuan. Her family has been into retail business for 17 years.” the singer said.” said Medalla who held her younger sister before big waves hit and damaged their house. Petitioner’s Last name: from “SALVEDEA” to “SALVEDIA”. At the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).” “Sana Maulit Muli” and Walang Hanggan. publication and hearing.900 are back to school. Va l e n c i a n o rendered some of his most popular songs “Di bale na lang”. an ORDER be issued directing the Local Civil Registrar of Guiuan. Included in the survey is gathering of data on the available labor force of the affected family within the ARC. is a Unicef(United Nations Children’s Fund) Philippines G o o d w i l l ambassador for the last 16 years. The survey is to come up with a master list of the farmers in said areas who Popular singer Gary Valenciano wows school children during his January 30 visit at Rizal Central School. 2014 (Sgd. Guiuan. 11. had an enrolment of 2. 85-680. Eastern Samar. B. He’s a master performer and motivates children. it reveals that about 200 farmers in 20 barangays within the ARCs of the said municipalities would benefit from the program. EASTERN SAMAR. February 13. Let a copy thereof be furnished to the Solicitor General. Rita. We still have to decide whether to reopen our grocery shop and pharmacy because it will need more capital. once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks prior to the date of hearing to afford person or persons who may have opposition to file the same. and the Assistant Provincial Prosecutor. 2014 in the afternoon. one of the biggest in Tacloban. 9-15.-x ORDER Eastern Samar. Eastern Samar to correct the entries in the Certificate of Live Birth of Petitioner. 495 have transferred to other places. having been identified as the worst hit municipalities in Samar per result of the rapid survey earlier conducted. whose younger sister. time and place as above-stated. Eastern Samar. You are not alone. and farm areas still filled with debris caused by the super typhoon that needs clearing.8.6 E A S TE RN S A M A R NEWS March 02 . and attend on said hearing at the date.. local and foreign.. “Gary V has been one of our strongest supporters and genuinely cares for the welfare of children. particularly the following: A. shall directly benefit from the program. TIJOL) ESB: March 2. Guiuan. “School activities and concert like this helped me recover from that traumatic experience. for information and appropriate action.MENIANO) Before this Court is a verified Petition filed by VILMA CORTEZSALVEDIA. (SARWELL Q. SO ORDERED in Chambers. after due notice..” “ Warior is a child. Christine Faith... Since January 6. 16-22. a Grade 2 pupil of Rizal Elementary School perished during the onslaught of the supertyphoon. through counsel. let the initial hearing of the petition be set on April 24. CORTEZ”. .) ROLANDO M. Respondent Special Proceeding No. “Gaya ng dati. (TOTEX ARCUENO) Unicef Philippines chief of communication said the organization to continue to address educational needs of children along Yolanda’s path. They decided to shutdown their shops after losing about P10 million from storm surge and looting incidents. SALVEDEA” to “DIONESIA R. Branch 3. the affected farmers shall render labor on their own respective areas. The DTI said that about 50. The school. Office of the Civil Registrar. LACDO-O Presiding Judge . Pure Energy. Headed by provincial agrarian reform program officer I Segundino L. 1379 For: CORRECTION OF They had 30 workers. known in showbiz world as Mr. Among those who saw the popular singer perform was Grade 5 pupil Jilian Medalla. Per preliminary report from the Program Beneficiaries Development Division of DAR Samar. stating among others the grounds why said Petition should not be granted. and DAR shall implement monitor and supervise the implementation of the program in the identified affected areas.570 before Yolanda.MENIANO) DTI. This is the perfect place and time for him to inspire children. Regional Trial Court. or any other needed farm inputs. Unicef has been here with you before and during the disaster and we will be here with throughout the recovery. yet. Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 8th Judicial Region Branch 3 Guiuan. Under the auspice of the Sustainable Livelihood Recovery Program. (DAR-Samar PIO TERESITA D. “I am honored to be with children who suffered the impact of the worst disaster but still managed to smile. Pagliawan. the victims are still in dire need of assistance to which every agency and sector. ENTRIES x. only 1. 2014 DAR help Samar farmers hit by Yolanda C AT BA L O G A N CITY.. The catastrophe has killed at least 5 children.from page 5 help for us to restart the meat shop business. Petitioner’s Middle name: from “CORTEX” to “CORTEZ”. Zafrin Chowdhury. C.” Pacanan said. Petitioner -versusTHE LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR OF GUIUAN.. In an effort to revive the livelihood industry of the affected farmers in the ARCs. another round of survey is being undertaken in the ARCs of Marabut. (SARWELL Q.It is over three months since super Tyhoon Yolanda wrought havoc in the Visayas regions that cost lives and leaving severe damages to the economic livelihood and properties in these regions. with Local Civil Registry No. a rapid survey and assessment was conducted by DAR late last year in partnership with the United Nations’ World Food Programme to come up with information as to priority areas in the province needing immediate assistance. The singer. It appearing that the Petition is sufficient in form and substance. praying of this Honorable Court that.. Eastern Samar VILMA CORTEZSALVEDIA. “Instead of children roaming around. Basey and Sta..” Chowdhury said. The singer’s visit to Tacloban is part of his being an ambassador of the UNICEF (United Nation’s Children Educational Fund). Va l e n c i a n o encouraged children to come back to school as he performed songs he popularized at the Rizal Park on January 30. Middle name and last name of Petitioner’s Mother (Maiden name): From “DIONESIA C. Gary V brings cheers to school children Singer Gary Valenciano brought cheers to teachers and children in this city’s Rizal Elementary School who are still coping up from trauma caused by supertyphoon Yolanda. Information on family with no labor-abled body is also included in the survey to come up with an appropriate project and assistance that can be delivered to them under the same program. the UN-WFP shall pay the farmer for the labor rendered-one laborer per family under the cash for work sub-project of the program.” Natutulog ba ang Diyos?. I encourage them to come back to school and pursue their dreams.