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HackMaster Errata Player's Handbook

p. 16 - In Table 1A: Strength, the order of Ability Scores should be 22/ 1, 2!, 2!/ 1 not 22/ 1, 2!, 22/ 1. In addition, the "a# $ress %alues for &/ 1 and should be s'itched. The "a# $ress for &/ 1 is !(, and ! for a Strength of . The "a# $ress for a 2(/ 1 is )2 , not 62 . p. 1) - The defense ad*ust+ent, reaction ad*ust+ent, and +issile ad*ust+ent for the de#terity %alues 1(/ 1 and 11 are (. p. 1) - Table 1,: -e#terity should be changed to the follo'ing: Ability Score 20 20/51 21 21/51 22 22/51 23 23/51 24 24/51 25 Defensive Adjustment -5 -5 -6 -6 -6 -7 -7 -7 -8 -8 -8 Reaction Adjustment +5 +6 +6 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 +8 +9 Missile Adjustment +6 +6 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 +8 +9 +9

September 12, 2006
p. 2. - The ;igh 5l%es At a <lance table should state at the botto+ that =DThe nu+ber of languages an elf can learn is li+ited by his Intelligence 2see Table 1-3 or byE p. 24 - 5l%es cannot use their stealth abilities 'hen 'earing 5l%en /hain "ail. p. !( - The ca%alier is not one of the allo'able classes for the <runge 5lf. p. !( - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for <runge 5l%es in the <runge 5l%es At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acrobatic, Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Ani+al /o+panion, Astute 0bser%ation, ,lind 9ighting, ,o' ,onus, /old >esistance, -agger ,onus, 9orest "o%e+ent, <race @nder $ressure, ;eat >esistance, Aa%elin ,onus, Been Sight, Cess Sleep, "agic Identification, $hotographic "e+ory, See6ing <rasping ;ands, Sibling 5+pathy, Si#th Sense, Spea6 7ith $lants, Spear ,onus, Spell Abilities, Trac6 <a+e Ani+al, Trident ,onus. p. !1 - The ca%alier is not one of the allo'able classes for the -ar6 5lf 2-ro'3. p. !1 - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for -ro' in the -ro' At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acrobatic, Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Ani+al /o+panion, Astute 0bser%ation, ,lind 9ighting, ,o' ,onus, /old >esistance, /onstitution/;ealth ,onus, -agger ,onus, 9orest "o%e+ent, <race @nder $ressure, ;eat >esistance, Aa%elin ,onus, Been Sight, Cess Sleep, "agic Identification, "ining Sense, $hotographic "e+ory, See6ing <rasping ;ands, Sibling 5+pathy, Si#th Sense, Spea6 7ith $lants, Spear ,onus, Spell Abilities, Trident ,onus. p. !1 F The -ro' spell ability -ar6ness should be -ar6ness, 1 foot radius. p. !2 - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for <no+es in the <no+es At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Ani+al 9riendship, Astute 0bser%ation, ,lind 9ighting, ,re'ing, /lose to the 5arth, -agger ,onus, -art ,onus, -efensi%e ,onus, 5ngineering ,onus, 9orest "o%e+ent, 9reeGe, ;ide, "ining Sense, 0pportunist, $otion Identification, Short S'ord ,onus, Sibling 5+pathy, Si#th Sense, Sling ,onus, Stealth. p. !2 - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for <no+e Titans in the <no+e Titans At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Ani+al 9riendship, Astute 0bser%ation, ,lind 9ighting, ,re'ing, /lose to the 5arth, -agger ,onus, -art ,onus, -efensi%e ,onus, 5ngineering ,onus, 9orest "o%e+ent, 9reeGe, ;ide, "ining Sense, 0pportunist, $otion Identification, Short S'ord ,onus, Sibling 5+pathy, Si#th Sense, Sling ,onus, Stealth. p. !! - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for <no+elings in the <no+elings At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Ani+al 9riendship, Astute 0bser%ation, ,lind 9ighting, -agger ,onus, -art ,onus, -efensi%e ,onus, 5ngineering ,onus, 5#perience ,onus, 9orest "o%e+ent, ;ide, "ining Sense, $otion Identification, Si#th Sense, Sling ,onus, Stealth. p. !& - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for ;alf-5l%es in the ;alf-5l%es At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acrobatic, Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Astute 0bser%ation, ,alance ,onus, ,lind 9ighting, ,o' ,onus, /old >esistance, ;eat >esistance, Been Sight, Cess Sleep, $hotographic "e+ory, >esistance, Sibling 5+pathy, Si#th Sense, S'ord ,onus. p. ! - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for ;alflings in the ;alflings At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Astute 0bser%ation, ,alance ,onus, ,lind 9ighting, ,re'ing, -agger ,onus, -etect 5%il, 5#pert ;aggler, ;ide, 0pportunist, >eaction ,onus, Sibling 5+pathy, Si#th Sense, Taunt. p. !6 - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for ;alf-0rcs in the ;alf-0rcs At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3:

p. 1. - A $/ 'ith a high /01 al'ays reco%ers hit points according to nonco+bat ti+e. p. 1. - A $/ of a race 2gno+e titans and pi#ie fairies3 that recei%es only half the hit points rolled per le%el still recei%es the full /01 bonus or penalty. p. 14 - Table 15: The chance to i+pro%e s6ill for a 7isdo+ of 22 is 1 8, and is 168 for a 7isdo+ of 2!. p. 21 - There is no sa%e against the 9ascinate ability that results fro+ high /o+eliness, e%en by races 2such as el%es3 'ho are resistant to char+ spells. There is no penetration for the !d6 roll to resist orders fro+ characters 'ith high /o+eliness. p. 22 - ,art:s ;onor score should be 6, not . p. 2 , 2., !(-!) - In the racial At a <lance tables, all instances of =>estricted Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased= should be changed to =Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased.= p. 2 - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for -'ar%es in the -'ar%es At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Astute 0bser%ation, A#e ,onus, ,lind 9ighting, ,re'ing, /lose to the 5arth, /onstitution/;ealth ,onus, /rossbo' ,onus, -ense S6in, -etect 5%il, -etect $oison, -eter+ine Age, -eter+ine Stability, 5ndurance, 5%aluate <e+s, 5#pert ;aggler, ;it $oint ,onus, Illusion >esistant, "ace ,onus, "eld Into Stone, "ining Sense, $ic6 ,onus, >esistance, Short S'ord ,onus, Sibling 5+pathy, Si#th Sense, Stealth, Stone Tell, Touched by ?urgain, 7arha++er ,onus. p. 26 - A fe+ale d'arf 'ho sha%es her beard 'ill suffer an honor loss e%ery ti+e she encounters another d'arf. p. 2. - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for 5l%es in the 5l%es At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acrobatic, Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Ani+al /o+panion, Astute 0bser%ation, ,lind 9ighting, ,o' ,onus, /old >esistance, -agger ,onus, 9orest "o%e+ent, <race @nder $ressure, ;eat >esistance, Aa%elin ,onus, Been Sight, Cess Sleep, "agic Identification, $hotographic "e+ory, See6ing <rasping ;ands, Sibling 5+pathy, Si#th Sense, Spea6 7ith $lants, Spear ,onus, Spell Abilities, Trident ,onus.


HackMaster Errata
Acti%e Sense of S+ell, Acute Alertness, Acute Taste, A+bide#trous, Attac6 ,onus, ,lind 9ighting, -a+age ,onus, -ense S6in, 5ndurance, "ace ,onus, Sibling 5+pathy. p. !6 - ;alf-0gres should ha%e the tough hide talent listed under Talents. All half-ogres get this talent free. p. !6 - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for ;alf-0gres in the ;alf-0gres At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acti%e Sense of S+ell, A+bide#trous, ,lind 9ighting, -a+age ,onus, -ense S6in, 5ndurance, "ace ,onus, Sibling 5+pathy, Tough ;ide. p. !) - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for ;u+ans in the ;u+ans At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acrobatic, Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Astute 0bser%ation, Attac6 ,onus, ,alance ,onus, ,lind 9ighting, -etect Secret -oors, 5ndurance, 5#perience ,onus, <race @nder $ressure, ;it $oint ,onus, Been Sight, Cess Sleep, 0pportunist, $hotographic "e+ory, >esistance, See6ing <rasping ;ands, Sibling 5+pathy, Si#th Sense, Tough ;ide. p. !) - The list of Additional Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased for $i#ie 9airies in the $i#ie 9airies At a <lance bo# should be as follo's 20ther talents +ay appear in other boo6s3: Acrobatic, Acute Alertness, A+bide#trous, Astute 0bser%ation, Attac6 ,onus, ,lind 9ighting, 9aerie Bind "artial Arts, 9lutter, ;it $oint ,onus, Been Sight, "agic ,onus. p. !) - The pi#ie fairy =danger sense= is clarified in The Ad%enturer:s <uide to $i#ie 9airies. p. !4 - In Table !A: /haracter /lass <roupings, the Assassin should be listed under the Thief <roup, not the /leric <roup. p. && - In Table !;: ,arbarian $rogression Table, the Ce%el Title for an 11th le%el barbarian should be /hair+an of the ;orde, not ,arbarian. p. &) - @nder ;ac6 $angs, the phrase =obsessed 'ith deadly co+bat= should be changed to =obsessed 'ith co+bat.= p. &) H &. - The gno+e titan cannot be a ca%alier. p. &. - The ca%alier +ust select the specific type of lance in 'hich he is proficient. p. &. - 5l%en and half-el%en ca%aliers can use short co+posite bo's. p. 1 - Bnights 5rrant do need a /onstitution score of 1( or higher as is stated in the class description, but they do not recei%e a 1(8 5$ bonus for high ability scores. p. 2 - The Bnight 5rrant recei%es the s6ill 5ndurance for free, not the talent. p. 2 - The Bnight 5rrant +ust spend the ,$ reIuired to get the free specialiGation. p. ! - The +on6:s added 'eapon da+age is sub*ect to the da+age cap for the 'eapon. p. & - The +on6 ability Inti+idating -isplay 'or6s on any creature 'ith an Intelligence of J that can see the +on6. p. & - Inti+idating -isplay only negates the first action of the affected creature. p. & - >eally Inti+idating -isplay is only effecti%e until the %icti+ is attac6ed. p. 6 - $aladins +ust 'orship la'ful good ga'ds. p. . - The follo'ing paragraph should be inserted after the first paragraph of the second colu+n: A ranger can learn +agic-user spells 'hen he reaches 4th le%el. ;e uses his spells according to the rules for +agic users. ;e gains a spellboo6 and a fe' spells for free. 5#actly ho' +any and 'hat 6ind are up to the discretion of the <". The rest of his spells +ust be obtained through ad%enturing. A ranger is not able to use +agic-user scrolls or other +agic ite+s unless specifically noted other'ise. ;e can +e+oriGe a nu+ber of +agic-user spells eIual to the nu+ber of druid spells that can be +e+oriGed at one e#perience le%el lo'er. p. 4 - In Table !AA: "agic-@ser $rogression Table, for 5#perience Ce%el ., Accu+ulated ;it $oints should be =.,= not =a.= p. 6( - In the bo# for ,attle "age, <no+e Titan should be added to the Allo'ed >aces. p. 6! - /lerics +ust ha%e the sa+e align+ent as their ga'ds.

September 12, 2006
p. 6! - $i#ie fairy clerics can use all pi#ie fairy 'eapons. p. 6& - 0n the list of 'eapons allo'able by the different ga'ds, the ter+ bo's includes crossbo's for the ga'ds Arnuya and $angrus, but not for 1a%inger. p. 6 - In the bo# for druids, the align+ents allo'ed should be True 1eutral, not any. p. 6) - 0n Table !CC: Thief 5#perience Ce%els, the +issing line for a se%enth le%el thief should read across as follo's: &2, (1 - )(,((( / ) / ) / 9ingers+ith p. 64 - 7hen bac6stabbing, the 'eapon range is +ultiplied, not the 'eapon dice. Thus a bac6stab 'ith a 'eapon that does 2d& da+age 'ould ha%e additional da+age dice of 2d&. p. 64 - The thief can use the read languages starting at first le%el, and can begin to put points into it at first le%el. p. )( F Assassins lose 2( points of te+poral honor if their class is disco%ered. p. )( - The first paragraph of the second colu+n should ha%e the sentence =This gi%es the+ roughly a (8 chance of 6illing the %icti+ if both the assassin and target are the sa+e le%el.= instead of =This gi%es the+ roughly a (8 chance of 6illing the %icti+ if both the assassin and target are first le%el.= The co+plete assassination rules 'ill be in the <"<. p. )( - Align+ent languages do not e#ist in ;ac6"aster. p. )( - The chance of disco%ery for an assassin in disguise is a flat chance, and does not increase 'ith the a+ount of ti+e he spends in disguise. p. )! - If the class being dual-classed to has no pri+e reIuisites, only the reIuire+ents of the ne' class +ust be +et. The $/ +ust still ha%e a 1 in the pri+e reIuisite of the original class to +a6e the change. p. )! - 7hen rolling hit points for a +ulti-classed character, the total is di%ided by the nu+ber of classes, not the nu+ber of dice rolled. p. ) - In colu+n t'o, the second paragraph under >olling for Kuir6s and 9la's should read: The upside is that you can earn +any +ore ,$s 'ith this option. ,efore rolling for Iuir6s and fla's the player +ust co++it by stating aloud ho' +any ti+es he:s rolling on Table 6A: 9la's and Kuir6s d1((. A player can roll a +a#i+u+ nu+ber of nine ti+es. The ,$s earned depend on the ,$ %alue listed for the resulting Iuir6 or fla' in /hapter 6. p. )) - The ;onor +odifier for Sla%e /lass 2SC/3 is -1(, the sa+e as Co'er Co'er /lass 2CC/3. p. ). - The ne' >acial "odifiers to /ircu+stances of ,irth table is as follo's. All +odifiers are to the die roll. Racial Modifiers to Circumstances of Birth Race Dwarves, all Elves - Drow - Gray - Grunge - High - Wood - All others Gnomes - Gnome Titan - All others Half-Elves Halflings, all Half-orcs Half-ogres Human Pixie Fairy 5 -5 15 -5 25 35 0 15 0 15 0 10 -30 -40 0 50 5 -8 10 -5 -5 -5 15 25 -20 20 10 20 Table 4G 5 Table 4H 15


'ithout penalty..Table &B: A roll of . L. p. p. 1&( . the te#t says that you can con%ert e#cess .Nision I+paired. and once on the +inor +ental Iuir6 table 69.onorM= and a roll of !1-6( should correspond to ="other 'as a prostitute.aldness fla'.= p.A +etal leg could be hea%ier than a 'ooden leg and could rust if not properly +aintained. and t'o-handed 'eapons. he can add a J1 bonus to his +astery die roll. 'ith t'o ' beginning . p. the father:s identity is al'ays 6no'n. A good cleric can turn -ar6 Bnights at an effecti%e e#perience le%el ! le%els lo'er than their o'n le%el. It does not allo' a character to go bac6 in ti+e to before co+bat started. although they can be used by characters 'ith high strengths. 1(1 . .asted +odifier should be -2 as listed in the spell description. you roll the dice and they co+e up (!. 2006 that your /hance to I+pro%e S6ill %alue is ( 8. p. the ro' labeled fifteen is for honor %alues of 11-1 .uilding $oints. /ost: .Anyone that is hit by a full tan6ard 2hurled3 +ust +a6e a sa%ing thro' %s.An honor purge can only be used to a%oid the specific action that caused the character:s death. unless one of the follo'ing is true: a3 The do'ned +onster is healed abo%e Gero hit points.onorM added to its description. A $aladin can turn a -ar6 Bnight as a cleric e#perience le%els lo'er than his o'n. 1or+al bo's. This bonus can be applied any nu+ber of ti+es as long as the character succeeds in different circu+stances.erGer6er or a Oealot of $angrus. Talents and $roficiencies Cist3. petiteR Se'ing 1eedleR and $eashooter /rossbo' are all siGe Tiny 2T3. ! . p.irth 'as a result of rape.@nder Treasure Types. ?ou cannot ad*ust your Ability Scores after Step . . In the case of a result of 411((. threatening to capsiGe the ship. breath 'eapon 'ith a J2 bonus or be blinded for 1d&-1 rounds. A%ailability: 4 /4(/. p. p. p. ). a roll of (1-( should ha%e L-! to beginning . p. . L-1( to beginning . including the deceased. 9or e#a+ple.should ha%e the follo'ing nu+bering: !1-& . regardless of class 'eapon restrictions.: Illegiti+ate . the follo'ing sentence should be inserted into the first paragraph: =The peashooter crossbo' can be used by a pi#ie fairy of any class. let:s say your party co++andeers a sailing %essel and you decide to sail it bac6 to port. )1 of the <"< supersedes this list. Anyti+e you roll under your /hance to I+pro%e S6ill %alue 'ithout +odifiers 2see Table 15: 7isdo+3 'hen +a6ing a s6ill +astery chec6.@nder Cefto%er .= not =?oung adult or +iddle-aged +e+ber of the opposite se#. 1(2 .$s for these Iuir6s.lind. Beep a running tally bet'een training on your record sheet so you don:t lose out on any bonuses later.ac6Cust: A $/ 'ho gains both . p. The original attac6 roll +ust be sufficient to hit the ne' target. p. 1!! F Table 12/: The . )4 . . As the group holds its breath. 161 . >e+aining attac6s can be used to finish off the original target. but the s6ill le%el cannot e#ceed 12 8. 111 . A stor+ suddenly rises up. 1(& . . ). 9ather un6no'n.= p. of the character creation process. the current paragraph should be replaced by the follo'ing paragraph: S6ills currently possessed can also be i+pro%ed through for+al and infor+al instruction 2*ust li6e gaining ne' s6ills as described in /hapter 113.0n Table &. . 1(( .The Status of $arents table +ust be used for each 6no'n parent. p. sp.HackMaster Errata p.-ar6 Bnights can turn $aladins as a cleric e#perience le%els lo'er.: $eashooter /rossbo's ha%e the follo'ing progression: Ce%el 1-6: 2/1 Q Ce%el )-12: /2 Q Ce%el 1!J !/1 p.= not =/o+pulsion to accu+ulate as +any boo6s or scrolls as possible.7hit+ore:s -elicious -eception should be 7rygal:s -elicious -eception. the entry on coins should ha%e the follo'ing sentence added to the end of the first paragraph: =1( coins ha%e a co+bined 'eight of one pound.. 11. lbs.Table 4/ should ha%e the follo'ing entry before 'ines6in: Kui%er.onorM. 12( F Table 4N: The <reat 5l%en Cong .= p.A fighter can only specialiGe in a single 'eapon.onor cannot be burned during character creation.Short bo's cannot use sheaf arro's.$s into 2 fractional ability points or 2 gp. but could specialiGe in both +elee and ranged use of 'eapons such as daggers and hand a#es. p. . she +ust i++ediately re-roll on Table 6/.6 results in ) siblings. Thus. It grants its J1 bonus to A/ against one +elee attac6 per round in each of these situations. Noila. p. They +ay be used in one hand by a pi#ie-fairy. a roll of (6-!( should correspond to =. he rolls the +astery die three ti+es and his honor die three ti+es and adds the total to the rele%ant ability 2See Appendi# 9: S6ills. +issile 'eapons.ac69renGy/. 1(2 . b3 The attac6ing $/ is a sa+urai and is applying follo' through fro+ a second target he has 6noc6ed to Gero hit points.ac6Aournal 1 . because of the trau+a.-114 F 0nly co+posite and great el%en long bo's can be +odified to grant a bonus to da+age due to high Strength. the entry for a roll of 21-2& should be =?oung adult or +iddle-aged +e+ber of the sa+e se#.6 . 1ote that you add the rele%ant ability only once.loodthorn StilettoR >apier. p. 1(1 . 9ar Sighted &6.-114 .@nder 0btaining 1e' S6ills. p. At this point. 4& . the character rolls the +astery die once for each e#penditure of the . . 1!6 . )4 F Alternate Sibling Tables 'ere printed in .9ollo' through da+age can nor+ally only be used once per round.and /rossbo' specialists should use the Cight P-bo' colu+n pg. 42 .The S6ill Sets list on p. 114 .( . 1(2 . p. All pi#ie-fairies +ay beco+e proficient in these 'eapons. 4. p. entry 1) should read =/o+pulsion to accu+ulate as +any *e'els as possible. a birth by a surrogate +other. p.In the description of crossbo's. but your character has learned so+ething significant 'hich 'ill increase his ability to gain fro+ his later course'or6. p. The ne#t ti+e your character ta6es the appropriate s6ill course during training.= p. 7eight . and ha%e an A/ of 1( plus their -e#terity ad*ust+ent. 11. as long as they purchase the 'eapon proficiency. as it is only applied 'hen an opponent is brought to Gero hit points. 1ear Sighted p. you +ay only con%ert the+ into 2 gp.Table ).ac6Cust during character creation can only beco+e a .$ cost of the s6ill. p.Table 6..irth Table. the follo'ing paragraph should be inserted after the first. 1ote that +ost sets of arro's co+e 'ith a free Iui%er. . 4) . but no additional follo' through is possible.The follo'ing sentences should be added to the description of buc6lers: =The buc6ler can be used. 1(1 .The 'eapons: . 114 . p. 42 . p.0n the 5#tra $ersonality Table. do not gi%e strength bonuses.@nder I+pro%ing S6ills. 1!. . p. The player +ust pay one 213 . 1.: . and the <" has you +a6e a penaliGed s6ill chec6 to see if you can successfully re-rig the sails and bring the ship out of danger. 46 .o' has an >09 of 1. co+posite or other'ise.Nision I+paired.= p. p.ac69renGy and . your character +ay ha%e learned so+ething ne' 2you:ll need to as6 your <"3. 9or e#a+ple.= p. They do not recei%e the . 114 . one eye 6-)( .Carge characters using the bastard s'ord in one hand use the t'o-hand da+age %alue. 116 .The second paragraph under Touch Spells and /o+bat should ha%e the follo'ing sentence added at the end: =5ne+y creatures count as un'illing targets.@nder Table )A 5#planation the first paragraph should read as follo's: Initial 7eapon $roficiencies: the nu+ber of 'eapon proficiency slots granted to characters of that group at 1st le%el. 0ne special 'ay to increase the a+ount that a s6ill is i+pro%ed during training is to use it in an appropriate circu+stance for dra+atic or i+portant effect. ?ou announce you ha%e the sea+anship s6ill.0n the 0bsession//o+pulsion table.The follo'ing sentence should be inserted into the description of the "ale $attern .Table ).$ to fill each proficiency slot 'ith a 'eapon.6 .= Also. There is no li+it to the nu+ber of +astery die and honor die rolls that can be purchased. -uring the character creation process.uilding $oints. .The nu+bers listed in the honor colu+n are the upper li+it for that ro'. if a character buys a s6ill at three ti+es the cost. p. ?ou chec6 your 7isdo+ score 21!3 and see September 12. 114 . not only ha%e you sa%ed your entire party. after the first sentence: =If a fe+ale character rolls this fla'. 9ather un6no'n..

p.onus should be restricted to .$ cost of 1(. 2 ) . 1./onstruction Tools has a . !1(-!11 . p. !14 F The 5ye of the Tiger Ad%antage s6ill li+its a character 'ith +ultiple attac6s to a single attac6 that round. p. p. p./le%el. the Area of 5ffect should be 2(ft.((( sI. !!) . A +a#i+u+ of 16 faeries +ay be created at one ti+e. p. not . it also pre%ents the le%el drain. p.asic s6ill can effect 1.$/s 'ith Astute 0bser%ation get a J1(8 to 0bser%ation s6ill chec6s.9aerie $hanto+s creates 1d6 phanto+s per le%el of the caster.@nless specifically stated other'ise in the +onster description. not chapter 1& or 16.Stitch can be used to repair da+age to ar+or or eIuip+ent caused by a fu+ble. the character +ay +a6e another s6ill chec6 to select another target. . Cooting 'ill only reco%er %aluable ite+s if they are there. .eat See6ing 9ist of Thunder should ha%e the follo'ing te#t: This spell creates a dise+bodied hand that rushes to'ard an open fla+e and e#plodes 'ith +agical energy 'hen it hits. the reference for the s'i++ing rules should be the <"<. The spell reIuires an open fla+e at least as large as a torch. p. death attac6s. basic s6ill does not increase the chance of brea6ing or har+ing an ite+. 2) . !2( . p. <"s should apply +odifiers in situations 'here the actual reading of a poe+ is helpful in the interpretation if the $/ cannot read it hi+self. September 12. not 5l%es.The footnotes labeled D. It should be called Sea+anship. p. p.$ cost of 1. !!4 . p. p. p. p. as long as the body has not decayed significantly. The da+age done is sonic in nature and sounds li6e and e#tre+ely loud thunderclap. p. 2006 p. 216 . @sing the looting. you are not sub*ect to the poison. The course difficulty lists a +odifier. !2) . p. 1. p.An a+bide#trous character can use t'o 'eapons of different siGe categories 'ithout penalty. glo%es. The target fla+e. !12 . If the player rolls eIual to or less than his learning ability he successfully +asters the course and earns a roll of the "astery -ie.3. 262 . 7hen the spell is successfully cast.The follo'ing Talent should follo' 9aerie Bind "artial Arts: Flutter: (2) [Pixie fairies] 9lutter allo's a pi#ie fairy to use the +o%e silently s6ill 'hile flying. but pre%iously established conditions do apply. basic s6ill is appropriate for any character class to use. .6 . 14! . !!) . not !d!J!. *ust li6e other classes. !1( .If the target of a "ortal /o+bat is 6illed. & . a "agic "issile of S6e'ering 'ould do !d&J! hp da+age to the second target. but cannot restore ar+or hit points.DDD under the Arcane S6ills table refer to s6ills that no longer e#ist. 2. p.The >igor-"ortis spell affects all creatures e#cept those that do not ha%e physical bodies or +uscles. Insect $lague is the sa+e as the fifth le%el cleric spell Insect $lague 2I.Cesser >eani+ation: A /ure-All can re+o%e Iuir6s and fla's gained %ia this spell.The -etect Secret -oors talent is a%ailable to .The talent 5#perience $oint . if it is inani+ate.The arcane s6ills should ha%e the follo'ing S6ill -ifficulties: Arcane Core J2(8 -i%ine Core J2(8 Spellcraft J2 8 p. !() . 166 .asic: The Cooting. unless specifically stated other'ise in the ability description.The s6ill "usical Instru+ent should be re+o%ed fro+ the table Tas6s: Artisan and $erfor+ing Arts.The s6ills $inch and Trap S'eep 29ull S'eep3 should ha%e a . /larification: This Talent does reIuire the character to ha%e the +o%e silently s6ill. 222 . p. . nor does it reIuire >eading/7riting.The . A $/ 'ith this talent gets J 8 to the Tightrope 7al6ing and Tu+bling s6ills if he ta6es those s6ills. p. A looting character is still sub*ect to any +onsters.) .The re%erse of Cight is the sa+e as the second le%el +agic-user spell -ar6ness. . 141 . !!1 . e%en if the rounds declared for the initial target ha%e not yet elapsed. or half that 'ith a successful sa%ing thro'. ho' to treat and store the hide. !1) .e can also esti+ate the a+ount of hide needed for %arious ite+s such as boots. 7riting and /o+prehension/Interpretation s6ill does not gi%e the $/ the ability to read or 'rite. 222 . p. cloa6s. The sa+e applies to paralysis. and 'ithout penalty.9alse Nision is also an Illusion/$hantas+ spell. J 1 ft. p. but the character +ay choose 'hich currently 'ielded 'eapon to use.%. 1.In the description for the s6ills s'i++ing and s'i++ing dog paddle.The te#t for the spell Insect $lague should be as follo's: 5#cept as noted abo%e. 2 . The s6ill can be used 'ith either +elee or ranged 'eapons. dia+eter sphere.The spell .2 .HackMaster Errata p. p. the phrase =7hen 7hit+ore:s -elicious -eception= should be =7hen 7rygal:s -elicious -eception=.The -ense S6in talent should ha%e a . J 1 ft.Ciar. 1 : >adius. -ia+eter. !(. !(4 . If a 7raith hits you but Stones6in pre%ents the da+age.e 6no's 'hat s6ills to use. 2 1 . traps or other barriers that 'ould pre%ent hi+ fro+ ta6ing an ite+. p. is e#tinguished 'hen the spell is cast. p.9eeble+ind reduces one:s Intelligence to 2.u+ans.A target of -ragon Spea6 'ill li6ely be upset if the character using the s6ill fails his s6ill chec6.The $aralyGation spell should ha%e a range of 1(ft. !!( .The paragraph under /ourse -ifficulty should ha%e the last three sentences replaced by the follo'ing te#t: 7hen a course is co+pleted the player +a6es a chec6 against their Cearning Ability. all special effects that are deli%ered by an attac6 are only deli%ered if the attac6 does da+age. 'hich is added to the die roll."end can be used to repair da+age to ar+or or eIuip+ent caused by a fu+ble. S6illed should ha%e a >ele%ant Ability of 2I1TJ/.ide talent grants the ability to hide as a barbarian of the sa+e le%el:s hide in natural surroundings ability./le%el and the Area of 5ffect should be 2(ft. !24 F The s6ill Sea+anship Suite is not a s6ill suite. .A3/2./le%el. not 1 ft.The follo'ing s6ill should be added after Shield >epair 27ood3: Skinning [(Strength+Wisdom)/2 / Sophisticated / 1 B. @sing the looting.The Ani+al 9riendship spell affects only ani+als of neutral align+ent. not those 'ith no align+ent 2as all ani+als are aligned3.Acrobatic S6ill Suite should si+ply be the Acrobatic talent. p.] A character 'ith this s6ill 6no's the proper procedure for obtaining the hide fro+ a dead ani+al or beast.-i+inished >ite 'ill not 'or6 on creatures not affected by a >aise -ead spell. . !!6 . and 'hich part of the hides are the +ost %aluable or usable. 1)4 .$ cost of 1. p. "on6s 'ith this talent get a J1 to their A/ in +elee co+bat. all those 'ithin 2( feet of the target fla+e ta6e 1d& da+age per le%el of the caster. p. !(. p. 2 ) .. feet in the 2d6 +inutes ti+e fra+e. p. If a %eno+ous sna6e bites you but does not do da+age.The $ush spell should ha%e a range of 1( ft. !12 . The character +ust ha%e a sharp 6nife and an ani+al to s6in in order to get the hide. and does not auto+atically allo' any pi#ie fairy to fly silently. $rereIuisite: 1one "astery -ie: 1d. This includes 'alls and any ite+s that the looter can access in that space.P. e#cept that it has the stat bloc6 of the Cight spell. not 2ft.Cooting. !!. p. !!. for that s6ill. 2 4 . but a nor+al s6ill. They should be ignored. # 2(ft. /ourse /ost: 6 ( gp.u+ans and $i#ie 9airies.In the description for 7rygal:s -elicious -eception.In the e#a+ple. p. p. !!) .& . p.The -i+inished >ite spell can be used any length of ti+e after the death. as deter+ined by their Intelligence. p.u+ans and <no+elings.DD.9or $ris+atic Sphere.The $oetry. p. !21 . but cannot restore ar+or hit points. etc. 2(! . etc. Treating the hide ta6es +ore tools. /ourse -ifficulty: 8 p. . p.

tunneling and stone'or6. Drow] A character 'ith this talent is fa+iliar 'ith +ining.$ cost of . It also cannot deter+ine the intent of things. . p. for e#a+ple. pits.o'e%er. September 12. p.The talent "ining Sense should ha%e the follo'ing te#t. The description is incorrect. and deadfalls 21-! on 1d63R -eter+ine appro#i+ate depth underground 21-& on 1d63R -etect unsafe 'alls.The follo'ing Talent should follo' "ace .The See6ing. note that this coupon does not allo' the $/ to sub%ert genetics by ha%ing his parents be a co+pletely different race 2$/ cannot be a full-blooded gno+e 'ith t'o el%en parents.The follo'ing Talent should follo' Tough . Mining Sense: (5) [Dwarves. they instead recei%e a J1 +odifier to all chec6s of that type. In addition.$ cost. such as $ainted "ages.o'e%er. p. but 'ill not pro%ide specifics such as the actual bonus of an ite+ or a co++and 'ord. . Gnomes. not i+pressions left by things such as footprints or cart trac6s. .alf-el%es. 0nly one player coupon 2and/or one <" coupon3 can be played during character creation.$hotographic "e+ory: This gi%es the caster the ability to +e+oriGe and cast one additional spell per spell le%el.e. !&( . i. 5l%es. . 1)3. !!4 . The character +ust be able to read the docu+ent to recall its contents.HackMaster Errata p. do not gain additional spells fro+ $hotographic "e+ory.y concentrating for one round the character can: -etect grade or slope in passage 21. and floors 21-) on 1d1(3R -eter+ine appro#i+ate direction underground 21-! on 1d63. "agic-users 'ho don:t +e+oriGe spells. /lerics. If the character already possesses one of the abo%e talents. and certain Gealots still benefit for their +agic-user spells3. p. !&( . This talent reIuires the character to concentrate on a specific page or scene in order to +e+oriGe a =still photo. $olyglot allo's a $/ to ta6e a class-restricted talent. The range of Si#th Sense is 2( feet. it +ust still be used during character creation. and rangers gain no spell +e+oriGation benefit for their clerical spells 2rangers. the line =29ull-blooded el%es get a 4(8 resistance3= is e#traneous and should be re+o%ed.u+ans. bards. !!4 . 3. <rasping . Infra%ision does not affect Si#th Sense. allo' a character to auto+atically find his 'ay out of a dungeon 'ithout the use of a +ap si+ply because the character passed that 'ay before. not his clerical spells. In addition. it 'as granted as a bonus racial talent. a +a#i+u+ result on the die al'ays fails in these instances.Si#th Sense can only detect actual things. druids.The >esistance talent is a%ailable to -'ar%es.5l%es are not resistant to See6ing. p. !!4 .onus: Magic Bonus: (5) [Pixie fairies] A character 'ith this talent recei%es a plus one to all sa%ing thro's against spells or other +agical effects. . An 1$/ 'ould charge at least 1(( gp per le%el for this ser%ice.ide: Track Game Animal: (5) [Grunge Elves] A character 'ith this Talent recei%es a J1( bonus to the trac6 ga+e and identify ani+al by trac6s s6ills. <rasping . but this does not change the 'ay that talent perfor+s. this coupon eli+inates the !( . 2006 /oupon . !!4 . !&( .u+ans not -'ar%es.ands talent can be used once per day. !&( . p. p. p.= It 'ill not.ands. . /oupons . ceiling.The 9reeGe talent for gno+es has a . bounty hunters. 9inally. a dual class hu+an cleric/+agic-user could ta6e the Spell >aGor talent 2SS< p. 9or e#a+ple. p. but it 'ould only affect his +agic-user spells.on 1d63R -etect ne' tunnel/passage construction 21on 1d63R -etect sliding/shifting 'alls or roo+s 21-& on 1d63R -etect stone'or6 traps. )23. 9or dual class casters this pro%ides one additional spell per spell le%el per class. for e#a+ple3. and the $/ +ust be created using the gene pool +ethod 2<"< p. . !!4 .general: /haracter creation counts as one session. The character +ust possess these s6ills to gain the benefits.$olyglot: If used 'ith the Ta6e After talent 2<"< p. !!4 .@se of the "agic Identification talent 'ill only gi%e a general description of the ite+. This talent only grants +agicusers the ability to +e+oriGe an additional spell. Gnomelings. @se of $hotographic "e+ory to recall a docu+ent reIuires +ore than a glance or a distant %ie'ing. so it 'ould not 'arn a $/ 'ith this talent that a detected creature 'as about to attac6. and +ay affect any creature only once e%er.

. 5ach casting of the spell grants only one attac6.A blood +age can use a +agical ite+ that has functions that he is unable to use. 4 F /asting -eirdra:s >ec6less -'eo+er auto+atically results in a 'ild surge. 'hen rolling on the le%el %ariation table.The follo'ing additional spells are a%ailable for 5le+entalists: 9or Air 5le+entalists: /ontrol 7inds. p. ) . the caster +ust be able to touch the tattoo.In order to cast a spell fro+ a tattoo. !! . -ruid Ce%el & 2for applicable ele+ent only3 p. p.lood +ages can use 7oeful casting for spells cast fro+ scrolls. as it is an In%ocation spell as 'ell as an 5nchant+ent spell.-elayed "agic "issile: /asters hit by later +issiles do not get a sa%ing thro' to a%oid disruption unless they nor+ally ha%e that ability. and other plants 'ithin d12 feet of blood +age are destroyed. >ecipients of spell tattoos +ust be li%ing 2non-undead3 creatures. but upon returning to elf for+. It +erely increases the effecti%eness of the spell-*ac6ing. . and t'o rando+ spells.The spell A -ay in the Cife allo's one to do e%erything that a +e+ber of the ne' race 'ould be allo'ed to do. /leric Ce%el ! Cog of 5%erburning. and sole practitioners +ay abandon schools. p. !& F 0n Table &/ a roll of 22 should read =All fruits.lood Thirst should ha%e a range of Touch. p. p. .The sentence that begins =. ! . 2) .last.onus spells recei%ed fro+ the Kuality of 5ducation 9inal >esults table are deter+ined rando+ly by the <". 1(( . a fleeting effect is any spell 'ith a duration of one round or less.! . Sil%er <lobes is also a /on*uration/Su++oning spell. -ruid Ce%el & 9or All 5le+entalists: /on*ure -e+i-5le+ental. 46 . p. 'hiche%er occurs first. p.= p. p. /leric Ce%el ! $rotection fro+ 7ater. and the in6 costs t'ice as +uch. "ulti-class characters can use any allo'ed 'eapon to fill this slot. The correct %ersion.. p. 9ind Traps is a second le%el spell and 9ind Treasure is a fourth le%el spell. .ac6Aournal 16. 6 . 4) . p. but cannot use those specific functions. !! . September 12. one per round until all +issiles are fired or the spell duration has ended. 4& . %egetables. p.A blood +age can use 5nchant an Ite+ to create a +agical ite+. )( . a !rd le%el spell. p. Icy . The creature has no 6no'ledge or +e+ories. The spell fires caster le%el/! +issiles.If a <" allo's it. 0ld School "entor: Tattoos ta6e up 2 pounds of body +ass per le%el and double the effects of Table &<.The spell Snap -ra6e should ha%e a da+age %alue of 1d6/le%el. /leric Ce%el 1 5ternal 9la+e. . talents. 2 . 41 . p. and the painted +age +ust use his last slot each day to cast his security blan6et spell or cast nothing 'ith that slot. !& . They cannot research non-1ecro+antic spells. both at the ti+e of tattooing and the ti+e of casting. le%els and e#perience only translate to the old character if the old race 'ould allo' such de%elop+ents. not !d6/le%el.. /leric Ce%el ! 7hirl'ind. reIuiring a to-hit roll. 7asteful "entor: The character needs t'ice as +uch tattoo in6 per tattoo.<no+e Titans can be blood +ages. $lant +onsters recei%e a sa%ing thro'. they 'ould lose all le%els that e#ceeded their allo'ed li+it. a +agic-user can be a +e+ber of a +agical organiGation at character creation. p. !& .Specialists +ust ha%e ability scores of 16 or higher in I1T 2their pri+e reIuisite3 to recei%e a 1(8 5$ bonus.0nly spells fro+ captured spell boo6s or scrolls are destroyed 'hen copied or learned. 7rite. "a*or: 68 chance of +ishap. p.The follo'ing Kuir6s and 9la's affect $ainted "ages in the follo'ing 'ays: /lu+sy 9ingers: Adds 1d& to the casting ti+e of all spells. spells cast by unorthodo# practitioners are sub*ect to the sa+e rules concerning anti-+agic Gones. p. p. it is possible to get a second 'ild surge.-espite their different +ethods of spellcasting. -ruid Ce%el Soften Stone.Still casting can be used in co+bination 'ith arcane s'indler and/or %oiceless casting.and'riting: Tattoos use up 2 pounds of body +ass per spell le%el. & . they could e#ceed the nor+al le%el li+itations for being an elf. 1(. In addition. .9or the "eta+orpher sole practitioner. 1( F Icy Sphere has been changed. !2 . not spell-li6e effects such as 'ands. 26 . -etect Illusion is a first le%el spell and -etect /har+ is a second le%el spell. -ruid Ce%el 2 2for applicable ele+ent only3 $rotection fro+ 5le+entals. /leric Ce%el 1 Sin6 Into 5arth. plus 2 8 of the nor+al cantrips to a +a#i+u+ of nine. 14 . p. p. /hintGy "entor: Starts 'ith >ead "agic.Noiceless casting can be used in co+bination 'ith arcane s'indler and/or still casting.-etecti%e spells are not $o'er 7ords.7itch: This pac6age is not a%ailable to -ouble Specialist and Sole $ractitioner In%o6ers.lood "ar6 should ha%e a range of Touch. & .. p. p.Spell >aGor only applies to spells.lood +ages ha%e a -1 8 penalty to learn non-1ecro+antic spells. -ruid Ce%el & 9or 9ire 5le+entalists: Ignite. p.The painted +age is only a%ailable to hu+ans. & . 114 . but any s6ills.4 . It:s first-le%el replace+ent. p. p.HackMaster Errata Spellslinger's Guide to Wurld Domination p. -ruid Ce%el ! 9or 5arth 5le+entalists: Strength of Stone. If they continued casting the spell. p.lan6et: -1(8 chance 'hen learning a ne' tattoo. 9or e#a+ple.igh Spell-Aac6er does not allo' one to spell-*ac6 at an earlier le%el than they 'ould 'ithout the talent.. !& .The spell /ytogenesis creates a creature of the sa+e age and se# as the creature 'hose part 'as used to fuel the spell. ! . !! .= p. he could use the dagger as a 'eapon but could not use the char+ ability. p. if a J! dagger had a /har+ $erson ability. double <" consults= should refer to =third le%el pyrotechnician spells= instead of =third le%el anti-+age spells.0nly specialists. p. p. 2They could still 6eep all e#perience earned3.The talent .$ainted +ages ha%e a -1 8 penalty to learn non-1ecro+antic spells. !4-&( . p.Seers should ha%e /lairaudience and /lair%oyance as third le%el spells.aarpang:s "e+ory Bic6 that allo' for increased spell +e+oriGation or retention do not affect painted +ages. 12( . p. is also described there.olistic practitioners or unorthodo# practitioners +ay not. 2006 Security .The 1 e#tra 'eapon proficiency a%ailable in the land-grant uni%ersity table should read =9ree 'eapon proficiency=. 42 . is in . grunge el%es and pi#ie fairies. p. Carge . one sa%e per creature targeted.Sil%er <lobes: The sa%ing thro' should be for half-da+age. 2& . 9or e#a+ple. p. p.Arcane s'indler can be used in co+bination 'ith %oiceless casting and/or still casting.Spells such as . .9ind Traps can also be cast by -etecti%e Sole $ractitioners. reIuiring a to-hit roll. 6& . 22 . They cannot research non-1ecro+antic spells. Sloppy $en+anship: "inor: !8 chance of +ishap. p. /leric Ce%el 1 Oone of S'eet Air. -ruid Ce%el & 9or 7ater 5le+entalists: 5#tinguish. They should ha%e /lairaudience and /lair%oyance as third le%el spells. an elf character could cast the spell and turn the+sel%es into a hu+an. p. &) . p. p. !& .-i%ination 5nhance+ent is only in the school of -i%ination. -ruid Ce%el 2 7arp Stone or "etal. p. /leric Ce%el 6 7eather $rediction. ."anor:s "indsight is also a -i%ination spell.eing ad+itted to the 0racles of $athorgia 'ill re+o%e any for+s of insanity of a +agic-user. /leric Ce%el 6 7ind /olu+n.. 1 .

'or6 for the double specialist and sole practitioner as they do for nor+al 'iGards. They cannot +e+oriGe t'o first le%el spells in the space of their first le%el +e+oriGation. he can only +e+oriGe actual 2nd le%el spells 'ith the ring. li6e the >ing of 7iGardry or .The bonus spell that the double specialist and sole practitioners recei%e is a bonus spell and not a bonus spell slot.onus Spells . "e+ory Increases: Spells and +agic ite+s that increase spell +e+oriGation. 2006 Revised tables from SSG 1st print Chapter 1 ) . 0nly one first le%el or second le%el spell is allo'ed for the first le%el bonus spell.HackMaster Errata Spellslinger's Guide Clarifications .aarpang:s "e+ory Bic6. e%en though he can nor+ally cast !rd le%el spells 'ith 2nd le%el +e+oriGations. September 12. If a >ing of 7iGardry increases a double specialist:s 2nd le%el spells. as they can 'ith their other first le%el spell slots.

.HackMaster Errata Revised tables from SSG 1st print Chapter 1 September 12. 2006 .

2006 4 .HackMaster Errata September 12.

HackMaster Errata September 12. 2006 1( .

2006 11 .HackMaster Errata September 12.

2006 Additional table not included in SSG 1st print .Level Limits per race for new classes 12 .HackMaster Errata September 12.

HackMaster Errata Additional table revised from SSG 1st print .Quality of Education Final Results September 12. 2006 1! .

uge. 1!) .arbarian.At 1st le%el . p. &6 . e%en 'ithout a +entor. a <ladiator should progress as a . 1(4 .HackMaster Errata Combatant's Guide to Slaughtering Foes p. p.A character 'ith the 7ilderness 7arrior pac6age +ust abide by the 'eapon restrictions of his race and class. p. s6ills i+pro%e by 8 per le%el.The Cuc6y talent does not pro%ide a bonus to hit rolls or da+age rolls. p.0n Table 2. /a%alier. !. resulting in an >09 of 1/2 for a .d: Archer. p.A naginata is another na+e for a glai%e. 2006 p. p.The +odifiers in the training tables reference the old table nu+bers.7hen using . hit point rolls. & . !2 . unless the style is granted by their order and no da+age is specified.7eapon /onstruction: A non-+agical superior or e#traordinary 'eapon cannot ha%e J1 bonuses to-hit and to crit base se%erity le%el. p. .0n Table 1. p. Combatant's Guide Clarifications .Ad%anced T'o-7eapon 9ighting: A+bide#trous pi#ie fairies do not need this proficiency to dual-'ield t'o Tiny 'eapons.The -ai6yu has a range of )(/1&(/21( and an >09 of 2 2to +atch <oods and <ear3. as the Sabre used in . p. 2! .7eapon proficiencies that are gained through the training tables in the /o+batant:s <uide do not cost .orse Iuir6. 2 F Shield .d.$.arbarians gain s6ills and ad%ance le%els by going to school li6e +ost other classes.a S Table 2Aa Table 4 S Table 2B Table 4a-b S Table 2Ba-b Table 1( S Table 2C p. not the ne' ones. they only ta6e up one slot together 2li6e the crossbo' proficiencies3. and an >09 of 1 for a Cight /rossbo'. not C. 2-h %s.0n Table 2. 2!.$s. p.SC. p. !2 . cre+e de la cre+e gets the co+ple# geo+etric esti+ation s6ill free and ! rolls of the +astery die. September 12.6 .Table 2. they 'ere i+paled by a spear. The siGe of a Sabre should be ".ea%y /rossbo'.A crossbo' archer gains the crossbo' bonus talent at no cost.oly Bnight +ust select the specific type of lance in 'hich he is proficient. Cuc6y Talent . !4 . U9reeV 7eapon $roficiencies .-4 .Table 1S . ) . 2) . p.a++er and An%il Style F d6 p. 1) . &1--&. 2! F The s'ashbuc6ler recei%es both the snappy co+ebac6 and tu+bling s6ills at the standard le%el and . p. @pon selecting a 'eapon or 'eapon and shield co+bination. hac6ing 'eapon. $i6e+en.The . &! . &2 F Table 29: If a s+all character rolls a ) on table 29. 5#a+ples include sa%ing thro's. .oly Bnight.a: /rT+e de la /rT+e can gain the Stealth talent. &4 . 0nly rolls that directly affect only the character recei%e a J1.0n Table 2."on6s using "artial Arts /o+bat Styles do da+age according to the style instead of their nor+al unar+ed attac6 da+age.b: . a gladiator can begin to de%elop his trade+ar6 fighting style. a shabby result gi%es the character the Ani+al $hobia: . so+e honor die rolls.d& . training table rolls.uge.ac6"aster is not a +odern fencing sabre. -ai6yu .ola has a range of 1(/2(/!( and a >09 of 1. 7eapon $hobia 6 7eapon $re*udice &/4 p.-a+age for the Batana.0n Table 2. not the Stealthy "o%e+ent talent. p.a-6 Table ) S Table 2i Table . p. p. p.The .The Speed 9actor of a >apier should be -1. a result of A%erage allo's one to purchase the +aintain self-discipline for 1 . 14 .. p. and . but they do ta6e up a 'eapon proficiency slot. the gladiator can begin +a6ing /hance to I+pro%e S6ill chec6s 2see p. 1& .A $/ can only ta6e the Cuc6y talent for one die type.. p.9or the follo'ing Iuir6s. If you recei%e both the long bo' and short bo' proficiencies. ) . the .uge crossbo's.ash can be used 'ith any siGe shield. This is a per+anent reductionR you can buy the s6ill as +any ti+es as you 'ant for 1 . 2 F Trip Attac6 can be used 'ith any siGe 'eapon.$ %alues are: "aintenance /o+pulsion 0utla'ed . p. 6--/reating a 1e' 9ighting Style3.$. p. ) . The corresponding table nu+bers are as follo's: Table 1 S Table 2/ Table 2 S Table 2Table ! S Table 25 Table & S Table 29 Table S Table 2< Table 6 S Table 2.i: 5ngineers. The Speed 9actor of a Sabre is correct as printed 213.The sentence starting =At 2nd le%el= should read as follo's: At 2nd le%el. and +ust ta6e spear as a proficiency. -ai6yu bo's cannot be strength-+odified. but rather a & lb. 14 .0T. p.0n Table 2.ola .a: Cight Infantry. ability chec6s. a result of 5#cellent gets both short and long bo' proficiencies in addition to the other benefits. &! .The na+ed fighting styles ha%e the follo'ing +astery dice: A#e Stor+ Style . in 'hich case their unar+ed attac6 da+age is applicable.erGer6er. since the J1 to-hit already pro%ides a J1 to crit . 2! . cre+e de la cre+e should recei%e a free s'ord proficiency in addition to the other benefits. &! . .Sailor S6ill Suite has a >ele%ant -ie of 2-5PJ7IS3/2.d& Stri6ing Staff Style . a large-siGed archer negates the siGe penalty. giant-siGed creatures should be 2d6. *ust li6e superior training. . p. 12.oly Bnights get 2(J1d12 hit points. p.obilar Infantry. S Table 2A Table . Table 6a-6 S Table 2. .g: Infantry. Shield of -eath Style . . +astery die rolls. && . etc.

12) . The $/ thief al'ays uses it as though he 'ere a second-le%el +on6. not (./)/6/ /&/!. 12.-1!1 .-11=. If the -i%ine Shield pro%ides an A/ bonus greater than &. 9or Gealots of racial ga'ds.ra%ery 2/har+3 /onsecrate ./ure All 'ill only cure Iuir6s and fla's gained since character creation. 9or e#a+ple. p. . 'hen using a +issile 'eapon. p.A city bloc6 can support the li%es and 'or6 of (( people.-i%ine S+ite is sub*ect to the da+age cap. 2006 p.e# 27arding3 /loa6 of . p. ! ( gp. 6 . 11& . p.2 .= p. p. 6!. )1 .$s. p. /hosen ones ha%e no le%el li+its.Cife S+ite is not sub*ect to the da+age cap.9i%e /ity "instrel Society $o'ers: A 9i%e /ity "instrel can only use his healing perfor+ance ability once per day. p. )& . (8 I+pro%ed 0%erbearing: 1d. 'hen using a +elee 'eapon. are considered +agical traps. 114 . 1 ( gp. or. the hit point progression 'ould be 4/. p. 4 .@nder Tu+bling 2e%asion3 the J28 penalty should be J1(8.ealing: The e#tra hp gained fro+ curing a character 'ith >ecepti%e . )2 .The le%el colu+n headings should be shifted t'o colu+ns to the right.The spells belo' are +issing fro+ the table: . p.9ollo'-through . $ro#i+ity 9use. 1(( gp. p. p.A Aongleur can use his his Auggling s6ill to deflect +issile or hurled 'eapons too large to catch. the Gealot +ay progress to le%el 2( regardless of cleric li+its. The Griftmaster's Guide to Life's Wildest Dreams p.The +issing +astery die. regardless of racial restrictions. !2 . 1in*as recei%e 2( points per le%el for their thief s6ills 2cannot apply +ore than 1( points to a single s6ill each ti+e3.. (8 Neterinary . p.1in*as assassinate as an assassin of eIual le%el.ealing3 $lant <ro'th 2$lant3 p.Triggered spells. if a cleric has a -i%ine Shield at J).-a+age for a "aul against Tiny opponents is 2d&. . p. -1 8 9eint: 1d6. Zealot's Guide Clarifications Ce%el Ci+its: The le%el li+its for sha+ans and Gealots are the sa+e as for clerics of the sa+e race. course cost. . 62 . the hit points for the highest le%el are eIual to the bonus J2. p.HackMaster Errata Zealot's Guide to Wurld Conversion p. 1( . 1on-druid Gealots cast 1eutraliGe $oison as a &th le%el spell 2-ruids cast as !rd le%el3. 12. (8 p. 2 ( gp. he surprises and successfully bac6stabs his intended %icti+. &6 . he +a6es a successful called shot to the bac6 of an una'are %icti+.Stones to Spiders is a &th le%el -ruid spell. !(( gp.o6alas ha%e I1T and 7IS as pri+e reIuisites.The >ele%ant Ability for 9ast -ra' should be -e#terity. If these conditions are not +et. 2(( gp.$rotection 9ro+ $ossession has a duration of 1 turn/le%el. )& . 1!(-1!1 . 1 . such as <lyph of 7arding and 9ireball. 12& . as long as the 'eight of the +issile or 'eapon does not e#ceed one-third of his 'eight allo'ance.The area of effect for -iagnose In*ury is 0ne creature per round.>iot: The I+pro%ised 7eapon +on6 ability does not i+pro%e 'ith le%el. p.e can do this spontaneous assassination if. p.The -i%ine Shield talent protects the character fro+ attac6s fro+ all directions. 4.eroes: 9east 2. 22 gp. 2.ealing: 1d6. (8 I+pro%ed @nar+ed /o+bat: 1d6. 1( .The description of spontaneous assassinations should be changed to read =.-1!1 . )& . .9aerie 9ire should also be in the /o+bat sphere.The Atheist Iuir6 is 'orth 1 . . such as $angrus. replace =4-11= 'ith =.8 I+pro%ed Subdual: 1d&.ealer 2including the caster hi+self3 can be passed along to the follo'-through recipient. 12! . p.0n Table 2A: >esults of >esidency.Oealots of Cathander ha%e access to the 1ecro+ancy sphere at le%el ) for >aising and >esurrection spells only. 2( . and course difficulty for the Oealot:s <uide s6ills are as follo's: -istraction: 1d.A +instrel recei%es the 0pportunist and Taunt talents. p.8 I+pro%e /o%er: 1d6.rea6 . p. .. 2( . September 12. the attac6 is a nor+al attac6. )! . p.oly Sy+bol 2-e%otional3 9ire Seeds 25le+ental 9ire3 9lutter Soft 27arding3 9ocus 2-e%otional3 .Oealots of . p.

1 . Speed 9actor: 6 -a+age %s. p. 2006 The Adventurer's Guide to Pixie Fairies /hapter 1 . p. 1( . 1 . plus any bonus/reduced percentages due to race." Table 5!: SiGe =C= creatures e+ploying .ide in Shado's ability of the thief 2 83.andpie 2per ser%ing3 1 sp p.3: 1 SiGe: C -+g Type: .( .. !d& / < 2d. p.Table . copper 1 sp ingot. p.ac6"aster.'nie/Cife and -eath /hange L$i#ie bro'nies cannot be +ulticlass illusionistsM: $i#ie bro'nies freIuently choose illusionist as a class..ea%y /rossbo'.ase A%ailability: . fae-born. 5l%ariels use the half-elf +odifiers fro+ that table. 1 6 .$i#ie Sprites at a <lance LsidebarM: =/an create sleep arro's= /larification: As noted in the Sleep Arro's section on page 1 . -e#terity or ar+or. ) . p. sil%er 1 gp p. 6) Table !113. and is +ostly used for close co+bat 'arfare. soldier. "on6s and $/s using "artial Arts can use these to add J1 to their unar+ed attac6 da+age. Anyone affected by the oint+ent cannot be a'a6ened by non-+agical +eans. gri#ie p.uge.i & / "ed &( / Co' ! p.Table 1-1: The Bo%nor is eIui%alent to cp.A beacon lantern 'ill burn 2 hours per pint of la+p oil.. This bonus increases by 8 'ith each ani+alist le%el 2+a# ability 4 83.= p. and gri#ies list Acrobatic S6ill Suite as an Additional Talent..onuses: 9ly at 12= 2A3 per round p.uilding $oint .6 . p. p. It does not +ean that 1 ounce of pi#ie dust is only 'orth (( gp.$i#ie . 16 F Oealots: =Oealots 2O<3: Aside fro+ the ga'ds of the Seelie /ourt 2see ne' Gealots belo' and the >eligion section in /hapter Si#: /usto+s and /ulture3. p. ) .Table $. There is a racial co+pulsion against sharing the for+ula . gold 1( gp ingot. 4 . 'hile el%ariels can beco+e Gealots of ga'ds that fa%or el%es. This should si+ply be Acrobatic. September 12. and 1/2 for Cight /rossbo'. T 1d& / S 1d6 / " 2d& / C 2d6 / . p.Oealots of 5ngue. 26 F Steelbo': Second to last sentence should read: Though capable of inflicting +assi%e da+age 2double da+age 'ith ball and sheaf arro's3. 14( . e%en through torture or +ind-affecting spells or abilities. 12 . charlatan. / "ed .HackMaster Errata Goods and Gear'nies at a <lance LsidebarM /hange: Talents: J1(8 bonus on s6ill chec6s for fi#ing +echanical de%ices. +ostly as replace+ent co+ponents. 1 6 . /hange: .= 2/3 per round >e+o%e: Allo'able /lasses: bard.$i#ie -ust: See page ) abo%e.o'e%er. &! .Iron cat cla's do 1d! da+age %s. pi#ie fairies occasionally beco+e Gealots of other ga'ds as 'ell. =$rices for pi#ie dust %ary on the open +ar6et.3 /larification: Special $o'ers: At 4th le%el. using these +agical tric6s to set practical *o6es or to re+ain unseen 'hile the %icti+ 'al6s into the pi#ie bro'nie:s trap.. /larification: 5l%ariel rangers are not reIuired to be of good align+ent.Ani+alist /hange: Allo'ed >aces: 5lf. p. opponents of all siGes. a )th-le%el Gealot of Biel6rop +ay not sacrifice a %icti+ of 1st or 2nd-le%el as part of his annual sacrifice. <a'd of -eath /hange: The line about annual %icti+ sacrifices should read as follo's: =5ach %icti+ +ust be of a le%el no +ore than 1-& le%els belo' his o'n. 1 . lead 6 cp ingot. 1 1 .uge crossbo's ha%e a >09 of 1/& for . 1aturally. 22 . -epending on the <":s ca+paign.onus: & /hange: The align+ent line should read as follo's: ="ust be of true neutral or any chaotic align+ent 2usually chaotic neutral3. /haris+a "ultiplier should read /o+eliness "odifier for . bronGe 6 cp ingot.= Addition: 9or e#a+ple. fae-born 16 .3: 12 SiGe: C -+g Type: . should be: ingot.Table $.. A pi#ie sprite still needs the bo'yer/fletcher s6ill to create arro' shafts.Oealots of Biel6rop.. Speed 9actor: -a+age %s.. half-el%es to 1&th le%el.under no circu+stances 'ill a pi#ie sprite gi%e up this 6no'ledge. 26 .Table 1(-1(: .. or the 'eapons+ith s6ill to create arro'heads. 4T: T'o-handed S'ord /ost: ( gp 7eight 2lbs. the price could easily reach 2((( gp/ounce or +oreW p.-4. half-elf.. pi#ie hybrid. p.ase A%ailability: . they +ust still +eet any other reIuire+ents of that Gealot class.$i#ie -ust: ="agic-users are constantly e#peri+enting 'ith ne' 'ays to use the +ystical dust. .. pi#ie sprites create sleep oint+ent that they use to coat arro'heads. . <a'ddess of Allanices and 0aths /hange: Allo'ed >aces: $i#ie fairy. electru+ gp ingot. p. ya6uGa. +ithril 1 gp ingot. 2d1( / < 2d12 .i .$i#ie 9airies. if he 'ants it to ha%e any +eaning. .: . 4T: 9rying $an Speed 9actor 1 -a+age %s. but +ost +agic-users are 'illing to pay around (( gp an ounce.In . fae-born. and hu+ans and pi#ie hybrids are unli+ited. p.Oealots of "ab. <a'd of 9ear and $oison /hange: Allo'ed >aces: $i#ie fairy.$i#ie .uge.ac6"aster 1( coins 'eigh 1 pound. an ani+alist gains the .ase /osts 1( gp/nightR 1 gp/hourR or sp/act. 4T: <reat A#e /ost: 2( gp 7eight 2lbs. 2( . he can safely follo' the dictates of his faith if the %icti+s are of !rd-le%el or higher.The costs for ingots on Table )-6. p. it does not ha%e the range of a standard co+posite longbo'. ..= Addition: <ri#ies +ay beco+e Gealots of ga'ds that allo' grel. T 1d6 / S 1d&J1 / " 1d& / C 1d&-1 / . 1d&-2 / < 1 p. platinu+ ( gp ingot. hu+an.Table $. 1! . 25l%es +ay progress to 1!th le%el. )6 . They do not recei%e an auto+atic ability to create the arro' or arro'head itself. 26 . p. ada+antine 1 ( gp ingot. .5l%ariels at a <lance LsidebarM /hange: >acial .= . 14 .onuses: 9ly at 1. All da+age done by Iron /at cla's is considered real da+age.Thief s6ills: All pi#ie hybrids e#cept 5l%ariels use the pi#ie fairy +odifiers to thief s6ills 2$. T 1d& / S 1d6-1 / " 1d1( / C !d6 / . 2 . .( / Co' ) p.$i#ie Ceprechauns at a <lance LsidebarM /hange: >acial .= /larification: This is si+ply a note of 'hat +ost +agical researchers are 'illing to pay a pi#ie fairy for an ounce of their dust. iron 2 cp ingot.

7ith <" consent. 6& . /alled shots to ar+or 'ing holes: /alled shots to ar+or 'ing holes are +ade at a -. or Spendthrift Iuir6s. Intrusi%e. 9lighty . in the case of s6inned tattoos3 or the +ini+u+ le%el needed to cast the spell. &4 . p. 6( . p. p. . p. Part 2: _____Cleric: Table 6P (ZG) _____Fighter: Table 6N (CG) _____Magic-user: Table 6L (SSG) _____Thief: Table 6R (GG) 91-00 Table 6K (Pixie Fairy book) p. 2pages )!-)&3 . September 12. &) . !1 .. and 9lagellu+ are all siGe S. in addition to the range +odifiers. a <" +ay reIuire a called shot to 6iss successfully. 9light and 9alling 7ing +a#i+u+ da+age: 7ings can ta6e a +a#i+u+ of 2(8 of the creature:s total hit points before being incapacitated. 01-09 Table 6B (PHB) 10-18 Table 6C (PHB) 19-27 Table 6D (PHB) 28-31 Table 6E (PHB) 32-40 Table 6J (Pixie Fairy book) 41-50 Classbook Flaws _____Cleric: Table 6O (ZG) _____Fighter: Table 6M (CG) _____Magic-user: Table 6J (SSG) _____Thief: Table 6Q (GG) 51-57 Table 6F (PHB) 58-64 Table 6G (PHB) 65-71 Table 6H (PHB) 72-78 Table 6I (PHB) 79-84 Classbook Quirks. 6( . p.$. I1T d1(. 2 feet ta6es 2 seg+ents. Addition: The da+age for eating additional "ushroo+s of $sychedelic 5nhance+ent is 1d& points of cu+ulati%e da+age 21d& for the second. !2 . They +ay be used once per day. They +ay be used once per day. p. etc.Spells/Cast >esort Addition: Any $layer /haracter affected by the Cast >esort spell is ineligible for tourna+ent play."agic Ite+s/5ternity 7ine Addition: The sa%ing thro' bonus fro+ 5ternity 7ine only lasts as long as the into#icating effects of the drin6.Spells/CiGenG:s -ar6 7ings /hange: Ce%el: Addition: CiGenG:s -ar6 7ings +ay only be cast on a 'illing target. it is an auto+atic +iss. /01 d12. as the te#t says. >09 for dropped +issiles is 1. -5P d.ates . 6 . /. !) . and 2 . !( . 6! . 'hiche%er is greater.$s. 6 . p."agic Ite+s/"ushroo+s of $sychedelic 5nhance+ent /hange: Table 9 should ha%e d2( listed as the die type to roll. /at o: nine tails.athing/<roo+ing. The $/ gets a -& to-hit per 'eight category greater than allo'ed 2including the current category3 for any atte+pt of this 6ind.Spells/?outhful >e+o%e: .only hu+ans can be dual class characters. 2d& for the third. .2 seg+ents for 6( feet--other figures are rounded to the nearest fro+ real 'orld nu+bers3. the character need not be a blood +age to cast this spell..all and chain. p.$ for being +arried. to recei%e full . there is a delay bet'een the ti+e an ob*ect is dropped and 'hen it hits: feet ta6es 1 seg+ent. p.((( p. p.Table 2A: 9ractional Ability -ie >oll by /lass Addition: Ani+alist fractional die rolls are ST> d6. Table 6A L$. p. as this 'ould be beyond the effecti%e +a#i+u+ range for the +issiles.Table -: $o'er >unes /larification: Spell-li6e po'er runes 2'ith effects identical to an e#isting spell3 function at the le%el of the $/ 2or for+er $/.-a+age. all dual classed characters are bound by the rules in the $. p.o'e%er.Ar+or Addition: Tailored tiny ar+or +ade fro+ e#otic +aterials 2see <oods and <ear3 should ha%e the cost +ultiplied by 1. and ( feet ta6es ! seg+ents 2!. 2006 9urther+ore. <$ %alue (.Spells/"erge $i#ie -ust /hange: Ce%el: ! p.$ for the first child.-ropped "issiles 2'eapon proficiency3 /larifications and Additions: -ropped +issiles cannot cause +ore than 1(d6 da+age. 7IS d2(. 1) . !2 . . p. the $/ gets .Table -: $o'er >unes/>e66run /larification: >e66run only re+o%es Iuir6s and fla's gained after character creation. any $/ can be +arried. and any non-sterile $/ can ha%e children.0bligations//hildren >e+o%e: $i#ie-ni#ies +ay cherry pic6 this obligation for full .(((. 6( . Spouses and children gained after character creation are 'orth no .sM: 9la's and Kuir6s d1(( If you are using any of the . to hit. in the case of s6inned po'er runes3 or the +ini+u+ le%el needed to cast the spell."arriage and /hildren /larification: If a <" allo's a player to roll for +arriage and children. you +ay 'ish to use this table %ersion instead. $/s cannot accurately drop +issiles larger than 2 8 of their 'eight allo'ance.Kuir6s /larification: 1on-pi#ie hybrids +ay =cherry pic6= the /hatterbo#. 'hiche%er is greater.3. If the target +o%es so+e'here that the dropper 'as not anticipating." classboo6s. plus a cu+ulati%e 1(8 chance per +ushroo+ of losing all per+anent effects fro+ the pre%ious +ushroo+s. Custy. &1 ."agic Ite+s/Cipstic6 of Cife -raining Addition: 9or creatures 'ith s+all areas of e#posed s6in.o'e%er.uilding $oints. 6! . /larification: These lances and polear+s deal additional situational da+age li6e their full-siGed counterparts. p.Table -: $o'er >unes/"or6run /hange: 5ffect: J2 8 bonus on arcane s6ill chec6s p.o'e%er. 66 . If the target is acti%ely 'atching the dropper 2not casting. /hange: 5$ %alue 1 . fighting. the $/ gains no additional Iuir6s and fla's due to reincarnation.Spells/Surrogacy Addition: The Surrogacy spell +ay only be cast on a 'illing target.-ual /lassing /larification: The section on dual classing 'as accidentally included for co+pleteness. etc. but they +ust roll on Tables !< and !.Table &A: /o++on $i#ie 9airy 7eapons Addition: .3 the target gets a J& to his A/.HackMaster Errata p.Table /: Tattoos /larification: Spell-li6e tattoos 2'ith effects identical to an e#isting spell3 function at the le%el of the $/ 2or for+er $/.$. !) .$ for the second child. 6& .A d&. >eincarnated and 5nd of the Cine cannot be re+o%ed through the use of the >e66run po'er rune. p.. . p. 6( . . Part 1: _____Cleric: Table 6P (ZG) _____Fighter: Table 6N (CG) _____Magic-user: Table 6K (SSG) _____Thief: Table 6R (GG) 85-90 Classbook Quirks. 6 . /0" d p. 6! .

not any Strength-related chec6s.Co%es the S+ell of S+o6e in the "orning is a +a*or "ental Iuir6 'orth 1( . assassins. -15 to 4H Rillan: -10 to 4G.Canguage.0rutan. ."agic ite+s not suited to <iff ha%e a 2(8 chance to +alfunction.7hen rolling fla's and Iuir6s.irth 2Tables &< H &. thie%es. p.ac6Aa++ing. . chosen ones. Gealots. Gealots. +agic-users. brigands.0rutan can be clerics.. Gealots. They are slightly s+aller than +ost giff. and $ithengi >acial . 6-) . fighters. chosen ones.$ for a +inor. rangers. and acrobats. <iff +ust be proficient in a 'eapon to use any 'eaponspecific s6ills or talents. and pirates 2rogues3. 1( . They +ay not +ulticlass. +agic-users. pirates. Gealots. . . thie%es. p. p. 2 .$ for a +a*or. the Iuir6s/fla's +ust be acIuired %ia rando+ rolls. thie%es. p. the $. soldiers.3 Apes of Gronnanar Orutang: -5 to 4G. $yg+y giff also do not double their starting . chosen ones. They +ay be +ulticlass cleric/+agic-users.ac6Aa++er Kuir6s Physical. p. but they lose the racial +agic resistance. +agic-users. -ice at 1st le%el. p.. regardless of class. chosen ones. bounty hunters. gladiators. . battle +ages. Gealots.onuses: <iff +ay beco+e proficient 'ith any 'eapon. -55 to 4H Orc: +15 to 4G. 4 . Minor 74-80 Jammer Addiction 8 81-90 Roll twice on this table 91-00 Roll once on this table and once on PHB Table 6A [HackJammer] Flaws and Quirks /larification: /herry-pic6ing . sha+ans. Part 1: MU: Table 6K SSG Cleric: Table 6P ZG Fighter: Table 6N CG Thief: Table 6R GG 83-88 Classbook Quirks. p. 6nights errant. gladiators. p. Gealots. chosen ones. p. fighters. soldiers. Minor 31-40 Elven Sense of Time 7 41-46 Jammerphobia 10 47-52 Planetphobia 10 53-58 Phlophobia 8 Mental. p.$ithengi-siGed eIuip+ent costs 2# nor+al prices.$ %alue. Table 6A L. .onuses: They gain the bonus on Strength chec6s.0rcs can be clerics. and a J 8 to -1. instead of adding the+. $antrog. <iff battle +ages +ust ha%e the follo'ing talent: Pygmy (0 BP) [Giff] 0nly :pyg+y: giff are able to beco+e battle +ages. +10 to 4H Dracon: -20 to 4G. 6nights errant. ) . thie%es. praying for spells.0ther actions that reIuire additional Slo' . pirates. bounty hunters. and assassins. . 7hen creating a pyg+y giff subtract the height and 'eight +odifiers fro+ the base score on Table 1-. brigands. druids. They +ay not +ulticlass. gladiators. bounty hunters.ac6Aa++erM 9la's and Kuir6s d1(( 01-10 Table 6B PHB 11-20 Table 6C PHB 21-30 Table 6D PHB 31-34 Table 6E PHB 35-50 Classbook Flaws MU: Table 6J SSG Cleric: Table 6O ZG Fighter: Table 6M CG Thief: Table 6Q GG 51-57 Table 6F 58-63 Table 6G PHB 64-70 Table 6H PHB 71-76 Table 6I PHB 77-82 Classbook Quirks. bounty hunters. They +ay not +ulticlass. 6 .8 to $$. p.3 Apes of Gronnanar (all): All apes are ambidextrous Dracon: No modifier Giff: No modifier Lizardman: No modifier Orc: No modifier >acial "odifiers to Social Standing 2Table &9 in $.-racon can be clerics. and thie%es.>illan can be clerics. 16 . he 'ill act under the effects of . ) .<iff +ay be clerics. +5 to 4H Pantrog: No modifiers to dice rolls Pithengi: +5 to 4G. sha+ans. They +ay not +ulticlass. 4 . -80 to 4H /hapter 1: $ositi%e Ape Social "odifiers should be negati%e +odifiers for $/s created on <ar'eeGe 7urld. assassins. casting spells. and assassins. use the follo'ing tables.ac6Cust until he is able to satisfy his urge by eating sentient hu+anoid flesh. 2006 p. p. Major 59-63 Loves the Smell. 1 .If a $/ 'ith /annibalistic @rges fails his sa%e %s.CiGard "en can be clerics.$.Table 1/: 0rcs should ha%e a .. p. soldiers. gladiators. fighters.HackMaster Errata HackJammer Chapter 1: Player Characters in HackSpace >acial "odifiers to .CiGard "en do not get an honor bonus for entering co+bat 'ithout ar+or.<iff >acial . 6nights errant. September 12.ac6Cust. Minor 01-10 Air Sickness 5 11-20 Light Sickness 5 21-30 Space Sickness 5 Mental. chosen ones. berGer6ers. 1 .3 Apes of Gronnanar Orutang: +5 Pantrog: No modifier Pithengi: -25 Rillan: +15 Dracon: No modifier Giff: -5 Lizardman: -50 Orc: -60 >acial "odifiers to /ircu+stances of . pirates. +10 to 4H Lizardman: +5 to 4G. Part 2: MU: Table 6L SSG All other classes: See Classbook Quirks Part 1 89-00 Table IJ: HackJammer Quirks Table IA: . fighters. gladiators. Such characters do not suffer the penalties for using +agic ite+s that other giff do. fighters. 2te#t changed to +atch table3 p. . 10 64-68 Cannibalistic Urges 11 69-73 Red Shirt 10 Personality. pirates. soldiers. fighters. 12 . They +ay not +ulticlass. They +ay not +ulticlass. +agic-users. soldiers. "odern. chosen ones. and acrobats. 4 . Gealots. 6 . J 8 to 0C. bounty hunters. 1 . fighters. chosen ones. Gealots.reathing s6ill chec6s include spell +e+oriGation.$ithengi can be clerics. thie%es.andedness 2Table &. <ro++ish has a J2 8 learning difficulty and a d& +astery die for non-<ronnanarians. p.$antrog can be clerics. and infiltrators. berGer6ers. To get the full . $. They +ay not +ulticlass. If the nor+al %ersion of the ite+ can be used by a $ithengi there is no additional cost. and +instrels. 4 . barbarians. p. acrobats. sha+ans. +20 to 4H Giff: -10 to 4G. p. and ha%e a greenish tint to their s6in.. p. 4 .. fighters.ac6Aa++er Iuir6s and fla's is *ust li6e cherry-pic6ing other Iuir6s and fla's: & . and .

HackMaster Errata p. Gronnanar: Cleric Chosen Ones* Druid Shaman Zealot** Fighter Barbarian Berserker Bounty Hunter Cavalier Dark Knight Gladiator Knight Errant Monk Paladin Pirate Ranger Samurai Soldier Holy Knight Magic-User Abjurer Transmuter Conjurer Diviner Enchanter Illusionist Invoker Necromancer Elementalist Battle mage Blood mage Painted Mage Wild Mage Thief Acrobat Assassin Bard Brigand Charlatan Infiltrator Minstrel Ninja Pirate (thief) Yakuza Orutan 12 U N/A N/A 20 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 9 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 10 12 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Pantrog 5 U N/A N/A 18 U N/A 15 15 N/A N/A 10 14 N/A N/A 15 N/A N/A 16 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 6 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Pithengi 7 U 16 16 18 13 N/A N/A 8 N/A N/A 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 N/A 8 N/A 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Rillan 10 U N/A N/A 18 14 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 10 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 10 12 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Dracon 12 U N/A 9 20 14 N/A N/A N/A N/A . 14 . Gronnanar Orutan Pantrog Pithengi Rillan Dracon Giff Lizard Man Orc 12/18 10/18 13/20 12/19 11/18 11/19 8/18 8/18 DEX 10/18 10/18 3/16 3/17 3/17 3/17 3/18 3/18 Racial Ability Requirements CON 3/18 3/18 3/18 3/18 8/18 8/18 6/18 8/18 INT 3/16 3/18 3/16 3/18 8/18 3/16 3/18 3/17 WIS 3/18 3/17 3/17 3/17 8/18 3/17 3/18 3/16 CHA 3/18 3/18 3/18 3/18 8/18 3/18 3/16 3/18 COM* 0/13 0/13 0/13 0/13 0/12 0/12 0/12 0/14 * Comeliness in the eyes of humans and demi-humans. 11 September 12. This score can be much higher in the eyes of their own people. ** See race restrictions per individual Zealot types.N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 7 N/A N/A N/A Giff 5 U N/A N/A 18 15 N/A N/A 12 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 N/A N/A 15 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 10 N/A Lizard Man 7 U N/A 7 18 12 N/A N/A 12 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 N/A N/A N/A N/A 10 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 11 N/A 7 N/A 9 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Orc 5 U N/A 7 18 15 15 U 10 N/A N/A 10 10 N/A N/A 5 N/A N/A 15 N/A 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 5 N/A 11 N/A 12 N/A 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A * Chosen Ones may become and advance in their class indefinitely at the whim of their patron Gawd. Table 1B: Class and Level Limitations Ape. 2006 Table 1A: STR Ape.

Ada+antite /loc6'or6 .alfling Slinger is 14 . &.7here%er it says =2recei%es t'o rolls of the +astery die in addition to that nor+ally gained 'hen purchased3= replace 'ith =2recei%es t'o rolls of the +astery die3=. p. &.The . .$ cost of <no+e Tu+bler is 1) . p. 121 . The +aterial co+ponent is a ger+inated seed. If sa%e is failed. p.oon is only the nor+al effects of 'eapon +astery. physical effects. .anded 'ith Ad%anced T'o-. p. p. p. 2) . The penalty for +ultiple uses is -2(8 cu+ulati%eR the penalty for using it on a target 'ho has seen the $/ is -1(8 cu+ulati%e.asic 9ighting Styles are proficienciesR they do not ha%e s6ill percentages. +agic 'eapons still get t'o sa%es %s.All Ad%anced 9ighting Styles ha%e d& for their +astery dice.anded 9ighting.. Appendix A: New Monsters p.$. >eplace Single 7eapon 'ith Ad%anced Single 7eapon 9ighting. 1 .S'ord -ance does not reIuire a ballroo+ dancing chec6R the S'ord -ance s6ill chec6 is sufficient.arbarians can use 9urnace . HackJournal 16 p.$ cost of @lti+ate Archer is !( .ac6"aster. /ontacts initiated by lo'erle%el $/s 'ill be 'ith di%ine representati%es rather than the ga'ds the+sel%es. the s6ill chec6 reIuired for all ad%anced fighting styles is sufficient. p... >opefight gi%es a J2 to-hit and J1 to A/ 'hen used successfully. 21 ..arbarians get the full 5$ %alue for destroying .$ cost of Noyageur is 2& .0nly single-class fighters can be @lti+ate Archers. but each ob*ect +ust indi%idually fit inside of a cube +easuring 1:/le%el # 1:/le%el # 1:/le%el. p. !( . p.7eapons 'ith Secret /o+part+ents get -1 to sa%ing thro's %s.The . &1 .$.alfling Slinger does not allo' non-single-class fighters to gain specialiGation or +astery. a 6th le%el caster could create ! ob*ects 'ith a total %olu+e of 216 cubic feet. p. all of 'hich are in the /o+batant:s <uide. &) .$. . p.$ cost of . It gi%es the . p. "elee 7eapon "asters can get . 2! .HackMaster Errata Chapter 3: The Dry Dock p. 24 ./reate 0bstacle creates an ob*ect no larger than 1:/le%el # 1:/le%el # 1:/le%el in %olu+e. p. 1o other to-hit bonuses apply. &6 . $/s 'ith @lti+ate Archer are not eligible for sanctioned tourna+ent play. 4! .Alteration Illsti'illy:s <reat S+o6y -odecagon Neil . as they really 6no' their 'eapon of choice.astion does not reIuire a s6ill chec6. -ouble 7eapon is the only one here that is rele%ant to . &. 116 . Gealots 'ith access to $lant !. 122 .Shield . !! . each of 'hich +ust indi%idually fit inside of a cube +easuring 6: # 6: # 6:R no creating a 216: # 1: # 1: colu+n. +a6ing a s6ill chec6 and holding attac6s for the round gi%es an A/ bonus eIual to the to-hit bonus fro+ ST>.= p.5%ocation S+o6e Screen . 26 .0nly single-class fighters can beco+e "elee 7eapon "asters. contents +ust +a6e appropriate sa%es as 'ell. T'o-.lade allo's the attac6er to lose his da+age bonus fro+ ST> in e#change for applying his to-hit bonus fro+ ST> to his A/. All of the listed course costs should be +ultiplied by 1(. !! .-'ar%en A#elord does not allo' non-single-class fighters to gain specialiGation or +astery.o+b . HackJournal 13 p.orrors ha%e 6 hit dice.Ab*uration 0lfactory Illusion ."o%ing .ad .orrors ha%e ) hit dice. p. and 7eapon and Shield 'ith Ad%anced 7eapon and Shield 9ighting. crushing blo' before being bro6en.$ cost of Iron 9ist is & .igh "astery and <rand "astery t'o le%els earlier. $latinu+ /loc6'or6 . plus the ability to +o%e and fire as an elf.ardened /orset does not stac6 'ith other ar+or. 6 . . !1 .The A/ fro+ a . as they really 6no' their 'eapon of choice. p. p. 2 .lac6s+ithing s6ill.Spi6ed po++els don:t affect crit se%erity.$. the s6ill chec6 reIuired for all ad%anced fighting styles is sufficient.The . &6 . /le%er dealers don:t find it easy to s'indle the+.ac6Aa++er ships if they cannot freely associate 'ith the class po'ering the ship. p. 2.5%ocation S+o6y Ser%ant .o%aran:s $retense does not allo' for parrying during the round in 'hich attac6s and +o%e+ent are gi%en up. .Alteration S+o6e Signals . &) . p. By The Sword p. 2( ..ardened /orset get a -2 to their -5P due to the constraints on +o%e+ent. p. p.o+e <a'd is a first-le%el spell.9reeGe 7eapon: "agical 'eapons that sa%e are unaffected by the spell. p. p. /ertain acts that reIuire di%ine contact.ac6Aa++er . Illusion/$hantas+ <reater S+o6e Signals .Alteration S+o6e of Nisions . nor+al/crushing blo's.>einforced blades get J1 to sa%ing thro's %s.Three-Kuarters Stance reIuires Ad%anced T'o-. &4 . 2( .9ertile Cand can be cast by druids. The Special . The duration for both spells is 1 turn J 1 round/le%el. @lti+ate Archers can get .igh "astery and <rand "astery t'o le%els earlier. p. /le%er dealers don:t find it easy to s'indle the+. .ac6"aster. In any description replace the te#t =one-handed s'ord on Table 2-1: /o++on -ueling 7eapons= 'ith =any one-handed 'eapon 'ith a speed factor under 2.>opefight does not increase the to-hit and da+age bonuses deri%ed fro+ Ad%anced Single 7eapon 9ighting.-i%iner:s Tric6 does not reIuire a 7isdo+ chec6. 2( . 2006 p.el+s. The price +odifier should be J1/2. p. $/s 'ith "elee 7eapon "aster are not eligible for sanctioned tourna+ent play.5%en 'ith Iron 9ist used against the+.$.orror is a Stea+ caster.arbarians cannot tra%el on . !2 . 2( .el+s.The .The ./on*uration/Su++oning.-i%ination S+o6ing Sphere of -oo+ . p.and -eception does not reIuire a 7isdo+ chec6./on*uration/Su++oning HackJournal 15 p. as Ad%anced Single 7eapon 9ighting does not gi%e to-hit and da+age bonuses.$ cost of "elee 7eapon "aster is 62 . p. 9or e#a+ple. A roll under the +astery le%el is reIuired to get the A/ bonus.$.The . .$. p. or a pinch of salt for the re%erse. 1 -1) .anded 9ighting. The Special . September 12.$ cost for -'ar%en A#elord is 14 . Appendix B: New Spells and Magic Items p. not the "etal'or6ing s6ill. 14 .The . $/s 'earing a .The Special Attac6 for an 5lectru+ /loc6'or6 ./ontact . & -&4 .oon is only the nor+al effects of 'eapon +astery. &6 . 'ill not 'or6 if the ho+e ga'd cannot be contacted.@nseen >epair /re' is a /on*uration/Su++oning spell. p. &6 . not t'ohanded fighting style at (8.9inely balanced 'eapons gi%e no benefit in . and +agic-users 'ith access to Alteration spells. !2 .Illusion/$hantas+ S+o6e .9or Three-"o%e+ent -efense. /reate <reater 0bstacle allo's this %olu+e to be di%ided bet'een one obstacle/t'o le%els of the caster.Spell Spheres -e+i-S+o6e "onsters . as they are designed to destroy +agic ite+s. &. p.S+o6e $o'der is inert in the at+osphere and on the surface of AldraGar. &6 . such as -i%ination or di%ine inter%ention reIuests.

so a pi#ie fairy +ay not use t'o daggers 2t'o-handed 'eapons for a pi#ie fairy3.. the barbarian recei%es the double de#terity bonus to his A/. 9or e#a+ple.u+ans and halflings cannot breed. 9or e#a+ple.e rolls a & and a 4 on his +astery die.asic s6ill. /lass S6ills: /lass s6ills 2i. or stac6ed. but lost pluses cannot be restored. 'ould only be chain +ail J1. 'ith t'o additional le%els of . 5ach additional ti+e you pay the cost of the s6ill. 0nce the target is deter+ined. If there is da+age that e#ceeds the hit point total of the shield. 0ther'ise treat the attac6 as a nor+al to-hit roll. Their ar+or. one for each cost of the s6ill spent. if chain +ail J2 too6 1( points of da+age to drop to chain +ail J1. spells. such as bards. . +agical as 1& 12 . a +ulticlassed character should go through the School -ays sections of each of the applicable class boo6s. the effects are cu+ulati%e. . you do da+age to the shield. . a roll of 12 or higher indicates that the character has learned a ne' s6ill or s6ills.oo6s and "ulti-classing: If the class boo6s are being used. If the shield is destroyed. ). and a +astery die of 1d1(./.e decides to i+pro%e his Ar+or >epair: .asic s6ill. <arrison the fighter 'ants to purchase the tas6 s6ill Ar+or >epair: . As the ar+or ta6es da+age.asic s6ill. Si+ilarly. 'ere it to sustain 1. . a high /onstitution 'ill not re-gro' lost li+bs. Ar+or . 9or each plus the ar+or has. can learn cantrips the sa+e 'ay as standard +agic-users. a suit of chain +ail J2 'ould ha%e a hit point regression of . roll for da+age as you 'ould nor+ally. after sustaining 1( points of da+age to it. unli6e the Ar+or >epair: . a !. . September 12. Si+ilarly. of the <"<. <arrison:s player has si# 263 building points left o%er. After purchasing the rest of the s6ills he 'anted. the ar+or only absorbs hits for non-penetration dice. . This is your s6ill +astery.$s can only be used to reroll the +ost recent result before any additional rolls or decisions ha%e been +ade. and a 2 and a & 2!J2-1 for penetration3.e spends the si# 263 building points to get t'o +ore rolls of the +astery die. spell-li6e effects. Ar+or >epair: . acid.ide Ar+or 2A/ 63 and "ediu+ Shield 2J! A/3 has an A/ of !. 1! . if 'orn. you pay the building point cost and record the s6ill on your character sheet. the ar+or absorbs 2 points 2fro+ the t'o nor+al dice3. but his intelligence is only &. you can spend the building point cost of the s6ill again. you get to roll the +astery die and your honor die and add the result to your s6ill +astery.reeding: . 'ith all of the da+age going directly to the ar+or or shield. "agical ar+or can be repaired to the full le%el of the current enchant+ent.. There is no li+it to the nu+ber of ti+es one can ta6e a talent 'ith the 'ord =bonus. "agical Ar+or can only be da+aged by crits. could only ha%e 2 points repaired. any e#cess is applied to the character. . p.onor die. 'ith the e#ception being daggers and hand a#es.oats: 1o s6ills are needed to operate a raft.onus S6ill "astery points are used for i+pro%ing s6ills the character already as 14 1 14 . /o+bat $rocedures: /o+bat procedures ta6e a full round unless other'ise stated in the s6ill description.$ >egression: "agic Ar+or has +ore hit points than nor+al ar+or. . 21 .Shield ta6es 1 point of da+age. Those that reIuire an attac6 roll ta6e the ti+e of one attac6. special abilities of classes3 do not ha%e percentages.$s +ay only be spent for rerolls for rolls being +ade in /hapters & and 6 in the $. e%en though they cannot 'ield it one-handed. ?ou roll the +astery die. If you choose. the Kuir6/9la' tables in the classboo6s.Ar+or ta6es 1 point of da+age per die.o'e%er. applying the called shot penalty if you are hitting the original target. so the rele%ant ability is 4 L21 J&3/2 rounded do'n S 4M. 2006 . Ar+or and Shield .is final s6ill +astery is ! 8 216J&J4J2J&3. first deter+ine the target. /o+pounding Talents: Any talent 'ith the 'ord =bonus= in it can be co+pounded. All others do not stac6. The ./ritical . Ar+or and Shield . you do add your .arbarians and "agical Ar+or: If the enchant+ent of +agical ar+or reduces the bul6 fro+ =fairly= to =non-=. etc.uying Initial S6ills: 7hen you purchase a s6ill during the character generation process. ?ou then reference Appendi# 9: S6ills. The sa+e rules apply to +agical shields.= /onstitution: $/s 'ith a high /onstitution still need a /ure /ritical 7ounds or a /ure-All to re+o%e the per+anent effects of a critical hit. if you hit so+eone 'earing ar+or and do penetration.$ /alled Shots: /alled shots can be +ade to ar+or and shields at J2 to hit. or on the $riors and $articulars tables in the classboo6s.. the sa+e suit of chain +ail J2. 9or e#a+ple.. Initially. Talents and $roficiencies to find the rele%ant ability and +astery die. absorbs one point of da+age and the rest goes to the+. . the rest goes to the character 1.HackMaster Errata General HackMaster Clarifications Ability score loss: The loss 2or gain3 of an ability score that +o%es that score belo' 2or abo%e3 the class +ini+u+ 2or +a#i+u+3 for that score does not cause that character to lose that character .sa+e as 14 1) .e. only 2 points could be repaired. one of their 'eapons +ust be s+aller in siGe and 'eight than the other.astard S'ords: S+all hu+anoids use the t'o-handed da+age 'hen 'ielding a bastard s'ord./.sa+e as 14 16 .e. .sa+e as 1& 11 and belo' . and special attac6s including breath 'eapons. <arrison:s base s6ill percentage for Ar+or >epair: .$s gained in one step can only be used for rerolls in later steps. rust +onsters. for the t'o =pluses= of the ar+or.$s gained fro+ Iuir6s and fla's cannot be used to reroll Iuir6s and fla's results. So the +agical chain +ail J2.I Table: 0n table 1&.e then rolls 1d1( and gets a ). . If being attac6ed by a first le%el fighter 2'ho needs a 1 to hit3.asic. and gets a 1.oth 'eapons +ust also be usable by that character in one hand.asic has a building point cost of three 2!3. In this case. 9or nor+al attac6s the enchant+ent of the ar+or absorbs one point of da+age fro+ the attac6 'ithout ta6ing any da+age itself. A+bide#terity and 9ighting 'ith T'o 7eapons: If an a+bide#trous character fights 'ith t'o 'eapons. a rele%ant ability of 2-5PJI1T3/2. If I do 2d& da+age to chain +ail and I roll a &. add a roll of your honor die and add the result to the rele%ant ability. and the target ta6es ) da+age.uilding $oints and >erolls: .uilding $oints for "ulti-/lassed /haracters: A +ulti-classed character gets the higher of the t'o building point totals for his classes. since a third point 'ould restore the J2 enchant+ent. If you do +a6e a called shot 'ith a +issile 'eapon on a target in +elee 'ith other -e#terity is 1 . /alled Shots and 9iring into "elee: "a6ing a called shot on an opponent in +elee does not eli+inate the possibility of hitting the other people in +elee.irth Tables: The necessary changes to the birth tables are in the errata section for $. . . . . 7hen you buy a s6ill during the character creation process. roll to-hit. due to penetration da+age or 'hate%er./6/&/2/1. . The he calculates the rele%ant ability. .$ /larification: 7hen you +iss on an attac6 roll by an a+ount eIual to or less than the A/ bonus of the player +ar6s this on the character sheet ne#t to the s6ill. Ar+orer S6ill: The Ar+orer s6ill grants the ability to repair ar+or as the Ar+or >epair: . that da+age is applied to the person. and the rest goes to the character 1& .co+plete +iss. "agical shields ta6e 1 point of da+age regardless of the a+ount of da+age absorbed.. Thus. the ar+or has an additional le%el of A/ 'ith the +a#i+u+ nu+ber of hit points. the rele%ant ability is the a%erage of t'o or +ore abilities. or ro'boat.ere is ho' shields 'or6: /haracter . penetrating attac6s. /lass s6ill-li6e abilities: Any class-granted s6ill-li6e ability does not count as the prereIuisite for other s6ills. In so+e cases. Thus. and a ! for penetration. <arrison has a%erage honor. . so he rolls a d!. 'ith ar+or ta6ing 1 point fro+ the e#cess. not both. /lass . . <arrison:s player pays three points for the s6ill and records it on his character sheet. . canoe. ar+or ta6es 1 point of da+age.asic is 1)8 24J)J13. and 'ould no longer be considered +agical ar+or.Shield ta6es da+age 2rolled by 'eapon3 fro+ the hit. it loses its +agical bonus first. This +ust be used on s6ills the character does not already 6no'. applying all the da+age to the shield:s hit points. points of da+age. the ar+orer +ay atte+pt to repair a piece of ar+or again after failing his s6ill chec6 the first ti+e. i. . /antrips: 1on-+agic-user classes 'ith +agical spell abilities.. the follo'ing are the results: 2( . "agical Ar+or cannot be repaired beyond the le%els of +undane ar+or.. .

In this case. it only adds once. These prereIuisite s6ills are gained at a +astery le%el of (8.onus Talent: This talent gi%es you 1 e#tra hit point anyti+e you roll a hit die. . in any situation and for any reason.Spells that are not of a duration Instant or $er+anent can be dis+issed by the caster at any ti+e after casting prior to the e#piration of the spell. Thus a first le%el +on6 'ith 1()( 5$ 'ho declares he 'ill self train 'ill not be capped until he reaches 2((2 5$. Strength 'ould get J2& to da+age 21.onor 'indo' and the -ishonorable 'indo' is his highest le%el plus half of each additional le%el. <auntlets of 7uss Slapping: These gauntlets add both the strength bonus to da+age and the actual strength score to da+age.onor.onor unless other'ise indicated.oly A%enger. he has 1()(. he gains no 5$ for the encounter and 1/2 5$ for the session. This language +ust co+e fro+ their initial languages list. -ual-/lassed 9ighters: A dual-classed character 'hose first class is fighter and is specialiGed in a 'eapon +ust choose 'hether to attac6 'ith his fighter bonus or any bonuses he gains for his ne' class. 9inally. can spea6 their nati%e language. . -iscounted S6ills: A . but does not include gno+elings. his e#perience point a'ards are i++ediately capped. free s6ills gained during $riors and $articulars cannot be used to ta6e s6ills that reIuire prereIuisites. 5l%en /hain " points can be lost 'hen le%eling due to penalties fro+ lo' constitution or bad honor. The talent can only reduce penalties to (. and his total 'ill increase fro+ 1()(.it $oints: .$s are trac6ed until the end of character creation. any prereIuisites for that s6ill are also recei%ed free. 0nce his ne' class le%el has e#ceeded the class le%el of his fighter. 5#perience $oint /ap: 7hen a character gains enough e#perience points to Iualify for the ne#t le%el. 2006 9ractional Ability Score increases due to le%eling: 9or +ulti-classed characters. if a character declares that he 'ill self-train upon Iualifying for the ne#t le%el. 22 . /haracters 'hose Intelligence allo's the+ to spea6 +ore than one language +ay purchase additional languages 'ith building points. use the rules for ar+or +ade of unusual +etals applied to the 5l%en /hain "ail stats. "ulti-class characters recei%e the . you can spend building points after ha%ing chosen your race to raise your abilities. -ual-classing $/s can go through the applicable Training -ays fro+ the appropriate classboo6. $/s 'ho dual class to the 9ighter class cannot specialiGe. It has a s6ill percentage of 1((8. Spells reIuiring concentration ob%iously reIuire no ti+e to dis+iss.onor for "ulticlass and -ual-/lass /haracters: 9or a +ulticlass or dual-class character. Initiati%e: Spellcasters casting spells of 1 seg+ent or less 'ho ha%e their co+ponents ready 2if reIuired3 cast their spells after characters 'ith negati%e initiati%e rolls. class or pac6age for $/s.e. including penetration dice. his effecti%e le%el for deter+ining the <reat . At any ti+e. for instance3 should not be created 'ithout <" appro%al and input.$ bonuses and penalties of all of their classesR for e#a+ple. not to pro%ide an attac6 bonus. The %alue rolled is di%ided by the nu+ber of classes. "agical 5l%en /hain "ail. but they get ability score ad*ust+ents as they ad%ance in le%els. at 'hich point unused fractional .andboo6. as listed on Table 4S. a <" can refuse to let into his ca+paign any $/ created outside of his ca+paign or that 'asn:t 'itnessed by hi+. at the option of the player and 'ith <" per+ission. The 5$ %alue of the ite+ is only a'arded once.onus: ?our /onstitution bonus to hit points applies to e%ery hit die you roll. Additionally. . i. This includes the ca%alier suble%els and +ultiple hit dice instances. In this case. the $/ gains 1(8 of the 5$ per 'ee6 for 1( 'ee6s. <" -iscretion: The <" reser%es the right to refuse any character race. but not a side6ic6 or protXgX. 9ractional . -ual-/lassed /haracters: -ual-classed characters do not gain any building points 'hen they ta6e on a ne' class. 9ractional Ability Scores are a%eraged in the sa+e 'ay that hit dice are a%eraged. In order to +a6e 5l%en /hain "ail 2not chain +ail +ade of el%en steel3. proteges. because of a class or other reason. 0nce he trains and beco+es second le%el.oly Bnights are considered to be paladins for the purposes of using a . is nor+al chain +ail +ade by el%es. 5$ for "agic 7eapons and Ar+or: 7hen gaining 5$ for +agic 'eapons and ar+or. The only ti+e it does not add to actual dice is 'hen rolling percentile dice 22 ten-siders3 to get a nu+ber bet'een 1 and 1((. and 'ill recei%e no +ore until he trains at a school. he once again gains 5$. not 'ith spells. September 12. ?ou can use building points to raise abilities abo%e the racial +a#i+u+s and thus Iualify for the =i+possible= classes.urning 1( points of honor for an honor die burns 1( points of per+anent honor. . /hosen 0nes. If he uses his fighter bonuses. 9aerie Bind "artial Arts: The Talent 9aerie Bind "artial Arts confers a bonus to-hit and da+age only 'hen attac6ing 'ith a 'eapon or 'ith one:s bare hands.I roll cannot be used to ta6e s6ills 'ith a prereIuisite2s3 unless the character already has the prereIuisite2s3 at (8 or higher. a character 'ho has pre%iously declared he 'ill self-train +ay train for+ally at a school. Initiati%e: A $/ can change the target of his attac6 at any ti+e prior to the attac6 roll. Thus. A character 'ho has enough 5$ to self-train is not reIuired to self-train. regardless of Intelligence.HackMaster Errata /onstitution . Thus. a first le%el ranger 'ould get their hit point bonus 2or penalty3 t'ice.onor or not.onor is lost or gained. A character +ay ne%er spea6 +ore languages than allo'ed by their Intelligence. =I+possible= /lasses: So+e races ha%e racial ability li+its and/or ad*ust+ents that +a6e it see+ i+possible for the+ to Iualify for certain classes that they are allo'ed to Iualify for.o'e%er. and side6ic6s. -ar6+en: -ar6+en are treated as half-el%es for anything not specifically co%ered in the description in Annihilate the < $oint .onor: . These languages ha%e a s6ill le%el deter+ined li6e any other s6ill. if a first le%el +on6 has 42( e#perience points and recei%es 1 ( +ore. and does not lose any 5$ for doing so. /harlatans. @nless other'ise $oint . Thus >anger/"on6 is an acceptable dualclass co+bination. the <" reser%es the right to re*ect a $/:s use of the Cegacy Talent. Initial Canguages: 5%ery character. They recei%e all the benefits that a paladin 'ould. a fighter/+agic-user does suffer a penalty to learn co+bat s6ills.ench+en: A +onster can be a hench+an. J 63. -eadeye: The called shot penalty reduction is a flat -2 reduction and is in addition to any other to-hit bonuses/penalties. -e+i-hu+ans +ust choose these additional languages fro+ the initial languages list in their race description. since he recei%es 1/2 off of +ilitary s6ills for being a gno+e titan and 1/2 off Acade+ic s6ills for being an illusionist. . Thus.u+ans +ay choose any language..$ cost for +ilitary Acade+ic s6ills. although they suffer e#perience penalties if they use the specialiGation before e#ceeding their pre%ious class le%el 'ith their ne' class. rounded up. This action ta6es one round.$s are lost. 5l%en chain +ail as listed in the +agic ite+s section of the <"< is "agical 5l%en /hain "ail J1.oly A%enger: .o'e%er.oly Bnights/. and all percentage ad*ust+ents are to real . but does not gain any 5$ until he goes up in le%el. It follo's the nor+al rules on ar+or +ade 'ith e#ceptional +etals.onor: <reat . -ual-/lassing A+ong Subclasses: It is possible to dual-class a+ong the subclasses of a single class group. a character 'ith an 1. . . the title gno+e does include gno+e titans.$. 7hen +ultiple discounts are a%ailable. In particular. 9ree S6ills: Anyti+e a free s6ill is recei%ed. his 5$ are not capped until he reaches t'ice the a+ount of 5$ he needed. you +ust be an elf and ha%e a s6ill +astery le%el of 12 8 in ar+orer. 9ree s6ills gained through a good .$ cost to Gero . a gno+e titan illusionist 'ould pay 1/& the . /lerics 'ith the 1oble pac6age and character classes not nati%e to the ca+paign setting 2Sa+urai and 1in*a. -ual-classing $/s cannot ta6e ne' talents or pac6ages. /hain "ail +ade of el%en steel by nonel%es is not el%en chain +ail. A 6/ / Thief/9ighter/"age 'ould use the 11th le%el %alues to see if he 'ere in <reat . . <no+es H <no+e Bin: @nless specifically stated other'ise. 9ighters 'ho dual-class to another class can 6eep their specialiGation. he +ay stac6 any bonuses 'ithout penalty. <reat .onor: 7hen . 5nding spells early . as listed on Table 4S in the $layer:s .onor grants a J1 to 5N5>? die rolled. all integer ad*ust+ents are ad*ust+ents to te+poral . The $/ is considered to be practicing 'ith the 'eapon as he tra%els. . It is possible for an elf to +a6e chain +ail out of el%en steel. . he does not recei%e any +ore e#perience points. and /hain "ail +ade of 5l%en Steel: 5l%en /hain "ail. the discounts stac6R for e#a+ple.$ discount recei%ed through a class or pac6age cannot reduce the .

. This +eans that the +agical bonus to da+age is al'ays used in full. 7hen le%eling. "ost -a+age A'ard: The +ost da+age a'ard goes to the character 'ho inflicted the +ost da+age 'ith a single spell or 'eapon stri6e in a single round. d1. 1$/s 7ith $/ /lasses: $/ races.ide. If he is proficient in the club. rounding do'n.((( all dice should be rerolled. 9ro+ that (( 5$. for a d1((. . "ulticlass co+binations that do not include paladin or ranger but do include either fighter. So+e of these talents are uniIue. rounding do'n any fractional results. That +eans that a character 'ith J) to da+age fro+ Strength and J2 fro+ specialiGation 'ill only ha%e a J.ecause of align+ent conflicts. and is e#e+pt fro+ the cap. @sing the pre%ious e#a+ple. a hu+an +ale 'ith Cadies: "an 'ould ha%e a J! /0" to half-elf fe+ales. side6ic6s. 9or e#a+ple.e.. and so the talent does not ha%e an effect on 'eapon attac6s. a +agic-user 'ho caused 1( points of da+age to 16 orcs 'ould be considered to ha%e inflicted 16( points of da+age. ?ou can role-play your character so that they do not use certain s6ills 'hen a certain personality is acti%e. it is not considered lethal force. and penetration does apply. "ultiple $ersonality Kuir6: "ultiple personalities do not ha%e their o'n Iuir6s. 2006 "ulligan: A "ulligan allo's a character to reroll a single die.. then it is treated li6e a spell and can be disrupted. his to-hit bonus is: -2 2non-proficiency penalty3 J1 2preferred 'eapon3 J Strength J +iscellaneous bonuses Ci6e'ise.ench+en. he is not sub*ect to the unar+ed attac6 rules on p. attac6 as +onsters 'ith the appropriate nu+ber of hit dice. before penetration. adding the constitution bonus. the character 6eeps the benefits and restrictions of the pac6age. This talent can be purchased by fe+ale characters for use on +ales 2"en:s Cady3. ability increases due to le%eling. 9or e#a+ple. Si+ilarly. he first cuts that in half because he is a gno+e titan.alf-breed co+binations not listed in the ruleboo6s should be considered inco+patible. 0pen hand da+age for non-+on6 characters does not ha%e a Strength da+age cap li6e a 'eapon. roll on the tables in the $.reed /o+binations: .HackMaster Errata Cadies: "an: The effect of this talent is reduced to J2 for different races 2J! for half-breeds 'ith half of the $/:s race. netting hi+ (( 5$.is opponents do not get a free attac6. 1e' . and it does not do penetration da+age. Any and all 5$s in e#cess of this are lost. "on6 Stunning Ability: "on6s stun their opponents 'hen their un+odified tohit roll e#ceeds 'hat is needed to hit the opponent by or +ore. then his to-hit bonus is: -2 2non-proficiency penalty3 J -1 2not preferred 'eapon3 J Strength J +iscellaneous bonuses "on6 . They can apply the Attac6 .ide Talent: A +on6 +ay ta6e the talent Tough . "on6:s @nar+ed Attac6s: . "on6s and Tough . he 'ould ha%e a +a# da+age bonus of J1( 2J. Self-Training: If you self-train by acIuiring t'ice the nu+ber of 5$s reIuired to ad%ance to the ne#t le%el.onus: The +a#i+u+ bonus to da+age for any 'eapon is the +a#i+u+ potential da+age for that 'eapon. and stac6s 'ith any nonproficiency penalty. so does the +a#i+u+ da+age bonus. They cost at least ! ti+es as +uch. This is because only 2 8 of the da+age is real. they attac6 as a the appropriate class of their le%el. additional hit points are calculated by rolling the hit points. the protXgXs of gno+e titans can learn (8 of the +entors: e#perience. 2! . da+age. $ac6ages +ay only be ta6en by $/s in the class group for the boo6 in 'hich they appear. The talents that each race recei%es free are listed on the racial At a <lance tables under Talents. 9or e#a+ple. or d1(. A +ulti-class character can choose to ta6e his rolls on any or all of the tables to 'hich he is entitled. his to-hit bonus is: J1 2preferred 'eapon3 J Strength J +iscellaneous bonuses If the +on6 is not proficient 'ith the club. These +ust be specified prior to +a6ing the first roll. as a 'eapon. "agic ite+ cap: . >acial Talents: There are t'o types of talents a%ailable to each race. fla's or s6ills. or assassins. due to strength and all other bonuses. and so+e are a%ailable to be purchased by other races. s6ill +astery le%el. thie%es. 9or purposes of +ulligans. he can gi%e up to (8 22 ( 5$3 to his protXgX..(((. 1(( of the <"<. a +on6 is 'ielding a club 2a 'eapon on the +on6:s preferred 'eapon list3. "ulti-class . "on6s do not gain additional attac6s 'ith 'eapons li6e the other fighter classes. or assassin are fine. a +on6:s open hand da+age is capped for strength.alf . the character gets credit for all of the re+aining . a +on6:s open hand attac6s are considered lethal force. 9or e#a+ple. These co+binations +ay be released in a future supple+ent. and -1 on all others. they +ust be fighters 2not paladins or rangers3. This bonus/penalty applies 'hether the +on6 is proficient 'ith the 'eapon or not. $enetration >olls: $enetration 2rolling again 'hen you roll the +a#i+u+ on a die3 is only used for critical se%erity le%el. but only a J2 to d'ar%en fe+ales3. "agical +issile 'eapons get no speed +odification unless the ite+ description says other'ise. +agical healing and the . a fighter/+agic-user/thief 'anting to ta6e three rolls could ta6e one fro+ each class boo6.onus to their nor+al list of 'eapons. and adding the 6ic6er and constitution bonus.ecause the +on6:s unar+ed attac6s are considered lethal co+bat. if the character 'ere using a long s'ord J2. and protXgXs are bound by the sa+e +agic ite+ rules as $/s. 'hen encountered as 1$/s. then it cannot be disrupted. "agical Aging: All +agical aging effects reIuire a syste+ shoc6 roll. "a# -a+age . nor do they get J& to hit and da+age. These talents are described in Appendi# . if a gno+e titan earns 1((( 5$ for an $oints: At character creation. if a 'eapon:s da+age changes 'hen used against different siGed creatures. three fro+ the $. but there are no additional . to da+age 'ith a 'eapon that does 1d. since lore+asters are in the <rift+aster:s <uide. The e#ception to the rule is +agic 'eapons. If an attac6 or spell results in instant death. Thus.ench+en: 7hen a +on6 gains hench+en at 6th le%el. i.. If it is an innate spell-li6e ability. if a player rolls three 1:s on !d& for da+age inflicted by a . 0n the other hand. and di%iding by the nu+ber of classes. as they are considered to be a single die.onor die 'hen used for one of the abo%e things. J2 +agical bonus3. the >anger/-ruid is only a%ailable for grunge el%es and el%ariels.. and the final %alue is up to the <". $i#ie 9airies and "agic: $i#ie-9airies +ay cast spells 'hile ho%ering. you i++ediately reduce your e#perience to the +ini+u+ you need for your ne' le%el. his to-hit bonus is: -1 2not preferred 'eapon3 J Strength J +iscellaneous bonuses If the +on6 is not proficient in long s'ord. those that are free. >acial Spells and Spell-li6e Abilities: If the race can cast a spell. thief. +agic-users cannot beco+e lore+asters. he can reroll 1d&. >anger/-ruid: .uilding $oints. If they are described as ha%ing $/ le%els or are capable of gaining le%els. "on6:s Ar+ed Attac6s: "on6s recei%e a J1 to all to-hit rolls 'ith a certain list of 'eapons. adding the results. all the da+age is real. and those that need to be purchased 'ith . September 12. "on6s can ta6e the attac6 bonus talent for their unar+ed attac6s. Kuir6s and 9la's: 0nly +e+bers of the appropriate class or +ulti-class can roll on the class boo6 Iuir6 and fla' tables. If a character 'ith a pac6age decides to dualclass. if a +on6 is attac6ing 'ith a long s'ord 2not a preferred +on6 'eapon3 and he is proficient. If for any reason he is unable to use his special +on6 A/. The talents 'hich need to be purchased are also listed on the racial At a <lance tables under >estricted Talents 7hich "ay be $urchased. So. he +ay use his natural A/ of .$s gained. di%iding by the nu+ber of classes.. hit points for a +ulti-classed character are deter+ined by rolling the hit points for each class. three fro+ any one of the class boo6s. $rotXgX e#perience: Ad%enturing protXgXs recei%e a nor+al 1$/:s share of e#perience 2 (83 in addition to any e#perience they recei%e fro+ their +entors. but it does not i+pro%e his special "on6 A/. $i#ie 9airy 5Iuip+ent: $i#ie-9airy %ersions of non-'eapon eIuip+ent in the player:s handboo6 has 1/2) the 'eight and 1/2) the %olu+e.ea%y /rossbo'. If the player is uncertain about class selection.$ of the creature2s3 affected. "on6s and the "ultiattac6 Talent: A +on6 that ta6es the +ultiattac6 talent applies it both to their ar+ed attac6s and open hand attac6s. "agical 7eapons and 7eapon Speed: "agical +elee 'eapons get a -1 to 'eapon speed unless the ite+ description says other'ise. 9or e#a+ple. @nli6e a non-+on6. $rotXgXs: $rotXgXs recei%e e#perience straight fro+ their +entors. $ac6ages: $ac6ages +ay only be ta6en by single-classed characters and can only be ta6en at character creation. or t'o fro+ one boo6 and one fro+ another. "on6s do not apply their J1 to-hit for certain 'eapons to their unar+ed attac6s.

All other spell le%els are uni+portant. 7eapon "aintenance and -egradation: The rules for 'eapon +aintenance and degradation in the <"< are for 'eapons and ar+or that suffer daily use.ac6Aournal 4. he needs to sleep at least ten hours as 'ell. filling his third slot. plus subseIuent re%isions re%ie'ed BenGer H /o+pany and the . so he pays 1 . =The child of un+arried parents is typically one social class lo'er than the social class of the father 2. e%en if the other is banned to the+. If you are illegiti+ate. Turning undead has a range of 2( ft. . Cet:s say he rolls a ). they count as one creature against the li+it.e 'ould turn the first 2 spectres 2& creatures against his allot+ent3. Nisit the . regardless of indi%idual prereIuisites. . ). Therefore. Spellcaster "o%ing and /asting: A spellcaster cannot choose to +o%e prior to casting a spell in that round unless the $/ has the "obile /asting Talent 2.$ to beco+e specialiGed in the bastard s'ord. If an undead is not auto+atically turned. it absorbs the da+age regardless of 'hether the effect is in an enclosed space so that the effect ='raps around= the shield. of the $. a le%el is calculated for the suite as a 'hole and for the indi%idual s6ills. <arrison spends one +ore .co+3. e%en if so+e of the suite s6ills ha%e prereIuisites that aren:t at the nor+ally reIuired le%el of (8.e also 'ants to be proficient in the long bo'. The dagger proficiency co%ers both +elee and ranged attac6s. 7eapon $roficiencies: A distinction +ust be +ade bet'een a 'eapon proficiency slot and the 'eapon proficiency itself. T'o 7eapon 9ighting and >anged/Thro'n 7eapons: It is not possible to gain an additional attac6 'ith ranged or thro'n 'eapons 'hen attac6ing 'ith t'o 'eapons. roll 2d& to deter+ine the +a#i+u+ nu+ber of creatures affected.$ to get a long bo' proficiency..."A 7ar /ollege. once a spellcaster casts enough spells to bring hi+ eIual to or belo' his nor+al nu+ber of +e+oriGed spells. Spells 9ro+ "ultiple Schools: A spell that is of t'o schools can be cast by any +agic-user that can cast spells fro+ one of the schools. re-roll the result. All infor+ation is Z/opyright 2((!-2((6 BenGer and /o+pany.0nce a cleric has turned undead. 2((!. if the $/ needs to +e+oriGe a )th le%el spell. and 'ithin his 4( degree arc. 7eapon proficiencies co%er all uses 'ith a particular 'eapon. and affects undead in a 4( degree arc fro+ the front of the 7ild and Nengeance /lass Spells: 7ild and Nengeance /lass spells are not a%ailable to non-7ild and non-.$ to do so 2fighters get the first 'eapon proficiency free. adhering to the sa+e restrictions as a first le%el thief. The tan6ard. 8 of the ti+e3.. you +ay ad%ance the indi%idual s6ills in that suite by the+sel%es. If an undead type is auto+atically turned or destroyed 2a T or .andboo6 assu+es that the character is operating 'ith +a#i+u+ efficiency. 7ith his ! re+aining affected creatures. In a +i#ed group. 2((6 by Sharon Allsup 2i+peratri#Yg+ail. Since he is a fighter. The >09 in the $layer:s . Turning @ndead . <arrison has filled all four of his initial proficiency slots and spent ! . it +eans the social class of your parents could be higher. It is possible that an ani+al could be slaughtered 'ith the slaughter: li%estoc6 and slaughter: ga+e ani+al s6ills.$3.$ to be proficient in the +orning star. If you start your career 'ith a na+ed spell in your spell boo6. 1otes: This file includes the official errata fro+ the BenGer H /o+pany 'ebsite.e can affect ! +ore creatures. untrapped hoard. you either ha%e the share'are %ersion 2if one is a%ailable3 or you got the license through your +aster:s site license 2if there is no share'are %ersion3. . Spell*ac6ing: The 1(8 spell +ishap penalty applies to all spellcasters 'ho spell*ac6. you +ust pay the one 213 . but any offensi%e acti%ity on his part 'ill negate the turn. he 'ould turn the ! closest s6eletons. e%en if the roll is not high enough to turn the+. The cleric can perfor+ non-aggressi%e actions. and s6eletons behind the spectres. .e can therefore affect up to ) creatures 'orth of creatures 2re+e+ber undead that are not auto+atically turned count as t'o creatures 'orth of creature3.oards: 1o 5$ are gained fro+ ta6ing treasure fro+ an unguarded. The t'o spectres are not affected. /lass eligibility is go%erned by the article on the sub*ect in . 9or e#a+ple.$ cost or ta6ing a bloc6 of instruction is in the <"<. this 2d& is rolled after e%erything else is resol%ed.result on the turning table3.lood +ages respecti%ely unless the spell description specifically states other'ise. and this already in%ol%es using both hands in +ost cases. All are 'ithin 2( ft. a character is only considered spell*ac6ed 'hen he has +ore than his nor+al allo'ance of spells +e+oriGed. All rights reser%ed. Turning "i#ed @ndead: 7hen turning +i#ed groups of undead. he can +aintain the turn as long as his holy sy+bol is continued to be presented to the undead that 'ere turned. Talents: In the class boo6s. As6 your <" for details. he gains the thie%ing abilities of a first le%el thief. he +ust sleep for at least ten hours. The cleric rolls bet'een 1 and 14 on his turning chec6.e then rolls his 2(-sider. ."A 5rrata section of the BenGer H /o+pany discussion foru+s for current errata reIuest sub+ission guidelines. S6ill Suites: S6ill suites can be bought at first le%el. has caused so+e confusion. and one . There are t'o possible outco+es: September 12. the first 2d& 'orth of creatures are affected. Spellslinger:s <uide Kuir6s/9la's 2Table 93: Table 9 of the Spellslinger:s <uide supersedes any Iuir6s and fla's the character +ay ha%e. hurled proficiency co%ers both full and e+pty tan6ards. so he chooses the bastard s'ord. If the $/ needs to +e+oriGe eight first le%el spells and one-se%enth le%el spell. If a roll indicates that one of these spells is in a character:s spell boo6. At any ti+e a character can choose to use either the indi%idual s6ill %alue or the suite s6ill %alue for a particular s6ill. other'ise he 'ould ha%e spent & . The first thing the cleric does is roll 2d&."A 7ar /ollege has not been included. he no longer suffers the 1(8 spell +ishap chance. Spell "e+oriGation: The $/ +ust sleep for a nu+ber of hours at least eIual to the +ini+u+ reIuired ti+e for the highest le%el spell he needs to +e+oriGe. and affects the first non-affected creature of the eligible type 'ithin range. Any infor+ation that has not been appro%ed by BenGer H /o+pany and the . If a cleric is of high enough le%el to turn 2d& additional undead of a certain type. 9or e#a+ple. a fifth le%el cleric has 2 spectres and closest to hi+. The closest undead are affected first.= This does not effect the social class you rolledR the social class you roll is your social class. 2& . by Topher Bersting 2topherY6ersting. as they use different +ethods. such as a 9ireball. This docu+ent 'as co+piled on August 1 . Spell Cicensing >ules: The spell licensing rules in the SS< do apply to the na+ed spells in the $.ac6Aournal 1&3. The slots are free and are deter+ined by Table )A $roficiency Slots on page 1(1. and last re%ised on Septe+ber 12.HackMaster Errata Shields and Area 5ffects: If a shield is positioned to absorb da+age fro+ an area effect spell. Social /lass and Illegiti+ate /hildren: The state+ent on Table &< on p. so he auto+atically turns the ne#t ! closest s6eletons. but they still count as & against his li+it. . they count as 2 creatures against the li+it. 7hen recording the +astery le%el for the s6ill suite. Those that sit unused for long periods of ti+e are co%ered by rules co+ing out in the /o+batant:s <uide. <arrison the 9ighter gets four 'eapon proficiency slots at first le%el. Ci%estoc6 are those ani+als traditionally do+esticated or found on far+s. In order to fill the slot 'ith a 'eapon proficiency. his first 'eapon proficiency is free. If you posses a s6ill suite.o'e%er. The cleric rolls a 2( on his turning chec6.$ cost of the 'eapon proficiency. 2. but needs a 2( to turn a spectre.. Slaughter: <a+e Ani+al: A ga+e ani+al is any ani+al that is not li%estoc6. @ntrained S6ills: The co+plete list of s6ills that can be used 'ithout paying the . 8 of the ti+e3. LAnyM +eans any race. A fifth le%el cleric auto+atically turns s6eletons. Thus an illegiti+ate hu+an 'ho rolls ""/ +ight ha%e parents of @"/ or higher 2. The actual 'eapon proficiencies are the 'eapons you choose to fill these slots. if there are any. or a breath 'eapon. @nguarded .e is granted 6 discretionary points to distribute a+ongst the thie%ing abilities. Thief Abilities for the Assassin: 7hen the an assassin character reaches third le%el. The highest le%el of spell that needs to be +e+oriGed deter+ines the ti+e. 2006 1. . The state+ent reads.

2 . 4) .Table &5: A cleric only recei%es a point of honor for healing a $/ or 1$/ if the $/ or 1$/ is healed to their +a#i+u+ nu+ber of hit points. Kuir6. but 'ill not cause unlit torches to ignite. Ar+ at 5lbo': /annot use hand. See page 4! of the <"<. 7hen used by a neutral cleric.A 9ortuitous -is6 of -i+ensions can be used during co+bat. the S'ord of Sharpness should be J1. p.J!. fu+ble on an additional nu+ber for each disabled or +issing finger 2stac6s 'ith Iuir63. p. and each die of falling da+age as a . 6 .olt of .lindness. 4 . allo'ing a >09 of 1.The honor a'ard for allo'ing an opponent to dra' first blood does apply if the character uses the 5ye of the Tiger Ad%antage s6ill. i. p.Table A2 should be corrected to read: !)-!4 . it is *ust a nor+al spatula.. ). the follo'ing effects apply: 9oot: "o%e+ent reduced by (8 until healed.olt of -e+on Slaying J! 1!2-1!!: . .it -ie..a++er of Thunderbolts can be thro'n by a +ediu+ or large character 'ith a 14 or better strength. 1. table .If a caster of greater than 6th le%el creates or recharges a 'and. p. for any reason. p. p. 0n any fall of ( feet or +ore. unless other'ise le%el creates or recharges a staff.Table 11AA: The +ini+u+ cost for /ure All has an additional cost of 1.. 9inger: -rop carried ite+s on a failed Strength chec6 %ersus half the Strength %alue. 2 ! .HackMaster Errata GameMaster's Guide p. 1(. <roin: "o%e+ent reduced by (8 until healed. Thus. 2 ! .4 .it -ice could da+age the target. note that pi#ie fairies and other pi#ie hybrids are not considered half-breeds for the purpose of the Ta6e After talent.Table 1&. 2!1 . but if ta6en.Ta6e After talent: This talent does not allo' the $/ to select other talents based on the race Ta6en After. -e#terity reduced by 2 until healed.olt of S6e'ering J 1 (-1 1: . they +ust be ne' s6ills.The nu+bers on table A2! are off. . the effect 'hen used is still that of a 6th le%el caster. and 11 dice of da+age respecti%ely.olt of .I. 1!6-1!): . he does not pass the . p. s6ills the character does not possess.The <$ %alue for 'eapons listed on Table A22 should be ti+es the 5$ %alue listed.There is also a !8 chance that a flatulent character 'ill cause any lit torch 'ithin 1( feet of the character to e#plode. 214 .urting p. An eligible $/ 2such as a half-elf3 using this talent to ta6e after a hu+an parent +ay dual-class. 22. . p.olt of Stone Shattering 1 &-1 : . These do not need to be ta6en. Ar+ at Shoulder: /annot use ar+ or hand. The casting ti+e for stored spells is fi%e seg+ents. 26& . The . . Game Master Clarifications 9alling -a+age for Special /reatures: 7hen applying falling da+age to creatures that can only be hit by +agical 'eapons. This enco+passes all of the +agical -ie such that a creature of that .racelet of "issiles appears here instead of on p. -eafness./rystal .olt of 7oe J& &1 -&2 -agger of Thro'ing 41. e%en if a higher le%el +agic-user charged the ring. 214 .luntness 1!(-1!1: . 1( . 2006 p."aster Teachers 'ill train for as long as a student 'ishes to train after the ./onstitution loss resulting fro+ trau+a da+age can be reco%ered at a rate of one point per day of rest. Thus. 2!.The Sacred Spatula of . >ead "agic.-1!4: . 1!6 . )2 . a long s'ord J2 'ould ha%e an 5$ %alue of . p. the stun effect. a creature hit only by J1 'eapons 'ould ha%e to fall ( feet before ta6ing any da+age. Strength 'ould get J2& to da+age 21.ealing &( .If a caster of greater than .4& Cong .0n Table A2!. p.I is co+pleted.and: /annot use hand.olt of 7ithering J2 16 -16): . p. 214 . and 1(J& 'ould reIuire . .-124: . a character earns ne' s6ills.olt of Throat See6ing J1 162-16&: . . 9or e#a+ple. fall prone . holy 6nights and chosen ones get the 8 of a paladin. 2)1 . 1.elo' Bnee: /annot use leg.If a li+b is disabled as the result of a called shot that is not a critical hit. the target ta6es no le%el caster. 2! . 1ote that &J1.olt of >eturn-@pon-/o++and J& 1&. a character 'ith an 1. 9la'3 and (( gp per critical 'ound healed. p.olt of <rappling 1!. 1 .attering 12.: . "o%e+ent reduced by (8 until healed.a++er of Thunderbolts: A . ho'e%er. Ceg Abo%e Bnee: /annot use leg. If the fall has enough . then the fall does full da+age.olt of Thrashing 1 4-161: .1 for the necessary hit dice.(( and a <$ %alue of &((( gp. F Table &/: 9ailing a s6ill course results in a -1 honor a'ard for all align+ents.olt of >ea%ing J6 1&&-1& : . -e#terity reduced by 1 until healed. 21! . in addition to the 2(( gp per hit point. p. p. Treat the falling da+age as a creature. -isease.olt of -e%astation J. and needs to spend another 'ee6 at school.a++er returns auto+atically to the 'ielder. p.((( gp per condition cured 2. p.olt of "ultiple 7ounds 1&2-1&!: . 4.all: The spells /o+prehend Canguages.Special =strength slings= can be purchased to ta6e ad%antage of the Strength -a+age . 11( . 0n a si+ilar note. -2 to hit. and Tongues increase the chance of successful usage by 8 per caster le%el.The =after battle= 9atigue 9actor e#a+ples should calculate encu+bered 9atigue 9actor as /01/2 # 5ncu+brance "odifier instead of /01 # 5ncu+brance "odifier. the follo'ing rule applies. p. p. An6le: "o%e+ent reduced by (8 until healed.olt of Slaying J! 1 2-1 !: . -iagnose In*ury has a cost of 1(( gp.. the effect 'hen used is still that of an .-1&4: .. . . but gi%es up the ability to +ulti-class.olt of Ther+al 9ury 1 6-1 .. p. 6J2. The e#act spell +ust be cast into the ring to recharge it. unless other'ise noted.olt of >end 9lesh J. Infra%ision. "ace of -isruption p.Table &/: 9ailing a s6ill course should be -1 for all align+ents. he 'ould ta6e full da+age. 0ther'ise. p. Ceg .ashing J 4). p. The follo'ing nu+bers should replace the printed nu+bers bet'een 126 and 16) 2the second one3.olt of -espair J6 1!&-1! : .aarpang only besto's the po'er of healing on food 'hen used by a good cleric. . J 63. There is no sa%ing thro' %s.4. "o%e+ent reduced by (8 until healed. In addition. 2)2 'ith the other +agical 'eapons.The description for Co6i:s .I table. 1&6-1&): .e. 126-12): .olt of .onus at three to fi%e ti+es the nor+al price.: 0n a roll of 12 or higher. . p. . if. a character gets a result of less than 2 on the . 2&. p. .<auntlets of 7uss Slapping: These gauntlets add both the strength bonus to da+age and the actual strength score to da+age. -2 to hit.The 'earer of a >ing of -eath and >eincarnation 'ill be reincarnated at the location of his death.All clerical group $/s get the !8 di%ine inter%ention bonus as a cleric. p.ellacious $ain J2 1&(-1&1: . 2 . September 12. -e#terity reduced by 2 until healed.46 "ace of .o' of Stru++ing J1 4 .>ing of Spell Storing: Spells cast fro+ the ring are cast at the +ini+u+ le%el needed to cast the spell.

T 2indi%idual3 Tainter: Ite+s touched by a tainter +ust sa%e %s. . >esiGing of "agic /lothing and Ae'elry: The possessor of +agical clothing and *e' Any eyestal6 2not +ain eye3 ability 'ith the 'ord =>ay= in its description reIuires a roll to-hit. Smackdown the Slavers p.-rin6ing an eli#ir of health 'ill allo' a character to a%oid the effects of the poison fog. . Quest for the Unknown p. bracers. . 2((!. B 2<ibbering3 . 2in lair3 A.& . 2((6 by Sharon Allsup 2i+peratri#Yg+ail. . K# 2in lair3 0gre. can 'ill it to resiGe to fit properly.and. <host: All clerical group $/s of 6th le%el or higher are i++une to the <host aging and fear effects. September 12. and rings. -a+age caps apply. 1otes: This file includes the official errata fro+ the BenGer H /o+pany 'ebsite.obgoblin: Treasure should be A.eetle.Oarba:s Interposing . . "agical ar+or and shields do not resiGe at 'ill. -. plus subseIuent re%isions re%ie'ed BenGer H /o+pany and the . 24 . 2006 Little Keep on the Borderlands p. 26 . they get the applicable to-hit and da+age +odifiers. death. and last re%ised on Septe+ber 12. . and a +aneu%erability class of /. unless other'ise stated in the description. This docu+ent 'as co+piled on August 1 .igh: Treasure should be A.The fog 'ill not tra%el through +agical portals to/fro+ >obinloft. p. K. !. not spell. p. All rights reser%ed."A 5rrata section of the BenGer H /o+pany discussion foru+s for current errata reIuest sub+ission guidelines.HackMaster Errata "onsters 'ith Strength Scores . <iant 9ire : -a+age: !-12 . as long as the function of the ite+ is 6no'n to the possessor. Robinloft p.>oo+ !!: The drun6en orcs should ha%e A/ : Studded leather 2A/ )3 J +ediu+ shield 2J!3 ."A 7ar /ollege has not been included. Nisit the . Any infor+ation that has not been appro%ed by BenGer H /o+pany and the .eholder: Targets of the -eath >ay attac6 of the co++on beholder get a sa%ing thro' %s. All infor+ation is Z/opyright 2((!-2((6 BenGer and /o+pany. " 2indi%idual3. either 'ith 'eapons or 'ith natural 2non-punching/'restling3 attac6s. ."A 7ar /ollege. / 2in lair3.drun6enness 2-13 Hacklopedia of Beasts .Treasure: B 2indi%iduals3.9or +onsters 'ith listed ST>. !6 . <oblin .The bugbear sha+an has a >ing of $rotection J2. /.and should be Oarba:s <uardian .utterfly Steed: The butterfly steed has a +o%e+ent rate of 26= 'hen flying. S. . by Topher Bersting 2topherY6ersting. such as cloa6s.The icons for the light catapult and ballista are re%ersed.

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