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Realm of the Rising Sun

History: For thousands of years the Elves Dominated the Realm, their influence spread across the land to the northern waste and west to the great deserts, they worshiped to gawds of nature an balance but found that when tribes of men, orcs and ogres began to multiply in their realm such balance was impossible to maintain, so they used their superior knowledge and magic to conquer and enslaved the “lesser” species, turning them into a military and labor force to expand their influence. The Empire of the Rising sun reigned over the realm for millenia, the Elves grew decadent, and they became callous and cruel to their slaves performing various interbreeding experiments of them to make the perfect slave, feasted on pixie meat, and dabbled in dark magic’s. This sowed the seeds of rebellion among the subjugated. Among the humans a secret order was established to learn the elves magical knowledge they gathered this knowledge via any means and reserved it for future generations of men A sect of Ogres breed using various magic’s found that they could command powerful magical forces. Over the course of 300 years they fought against their oppressors forming an alliance, whittling down the elves resources and using their own magical might against them. The rebellion was hard fought but in the end the realm was free, those that were not killed were enslaved by their former slaves while the rest fled into the wild. The rebellion split into 3 empires, Humans took, the Golden Island as their own, the Ogers and orcs took the Jade Mountain in the west and a splinter group of Mages that practiced Blood Magic and Necromancy took the Obsidian Tower in the north. Some have gone back o their more primitive ways and a collection of barbarian tribes known simply as the Horde roams the outlands. It has been 500 years since the rebellion (500AR) the Golden Empire is thriving as is there staunch allies the Jade Empire, 100 years ago a group of Dwarves came to their shores offering trade form the farther reaches of world. The exiled elves sulk in the Feywild and plot revenge calling themselves the Shadow hunters, In the northern waste the Obsidian Empire is now a looming threat and their Dread Pirate fleet terrorizes the seas.

Golden Empire
Racial makeup (Human 70%, Dwarves/halfling/Gnomes) (5%), Half-orcs (10%) Half-Ogers(5%), Elf/Pixie Slaves (10%) Religions: Entire Japanese Pantheon is venerated here, popular Gawds are: Amaterasu Omikami: LG (sun, Light), Kishijoten NG (luck), Raiden N (thunder) Societal Alignment: LG/LN Government: Feodality Current Leader: The Golden Emperor, Shogun Capital: The Golden city Legal system: World Empire Political Factions: Emperors Guard, Crimson Ink Order, 5 Shogun’s with 5 Daimyo’s each each Daimyo can have 25 Samurai Diplomatic Relations: Allies: Jade Empire, Salty Beards Enemies: The Horde, Shadow Hunters, Obsidian Empire

Obsidian Empire . Gruumsh. Brandobaris. Port Vergadain Legal system: World Empire Political Factions: Captains. The Horde (trade only) Enemies: Dread Pirates. Ama-Tsu-Mara. Shadow Hunters. Susanowo Societal Alignment: N / CN Government: Syndicracy Current Leader: Admiral Grall Firebeard. Salty Beards Enemies: The Horde. Oger (10%) Half-orcs (25%) Half-Ogre(20%). Aquatic Elves The Horde Racial makeup (Human 80%. Draper. Jade Empire. Elf/Pixie Slaves (25%) Religions: Marduk. Council of Mystics Capital: The Jade Mountain Legal system: World Empire Political Factions: Racial groups. CEO Capital: Torgal Island.Jade Empire Racial makeup Orc (20%). Shadow Hunters. Hokalas Societal Alignment: LE/LN Government: Magocracy Current Leader: The Jade Emperor. Jade Empire. Military. Loot & Danger Trading Company) Racial makeup (Dwarves 80% Halfling 7% Gnomes 8% Other 5%) Religions: Vergadain. Vaprak. Slavers Diplomatic Relations: Allies: Golden Empire. Half-orcs (10%) Half-Ogers(5%) Religions: Varies from tribe to tribe Societal Alignment: CN Government: No Central Government Current Leader: Every Tribe has its own leader. Trade Guilds Diplomatic Relations: Allies: The Golden Empire. Mystic’s. Hordemaster may rise to unite Capital: none Legal system: Barbarian Tribe Political Factions: Each Tribe Diplomatic Relations: Allies: Salty Beards (trade only) Enemies: Golden Empire. Chairman of the Board. Obsidian Empire Salty Beard Clan (Coin.

Grawdyng Societal Alignment: N / CE Government: Monarchy Current Leader: Obsidian Emperor Capital: Obsidian Tower Legal system: Magocracy Political Factions: Magelords Diplomatic Relations: Allies: Dread Prirates Enemies: Golden Empire. Jade Empire. Slaves (human. Pixie slaves (10%) Religions: Arnuya. Shevarash. Jade Empire. Shadow Hunters Dread Pirates Racial makeup (Undead 45% Goblins 35% . Shadow Hunters. Kuchooloo. Aquatic elves . Grawdyng Societal Alignment: NE Government: Autocracy Current Leader: Dread Captain Capital: Skull Port Legal system: none Political Factions: nonw Diplomatic Relations: Allies: Obsidian Empire Enemies: Salty Beards.Other 20% ) Religions: Yen-Wang-Yeh. Kuchooloo. Fenmarel Mestarine Societal Alignment: CN / CE Government: Monarchy Current Leader: Tilredias Carrin Capital: The Feywild Legal system: Barbarian Tribe Political Factions: Tribes Diplomatic Relations: Allies: Aquatic Elves Enemies: Golden Empire. Obsidian Empire Obsidian Empire Racial makeup Human 15% Undead 65% Living Slaves 20% Religions: Yen-Wang-Yeh. ogre) 5%.Shadow Hunters Racial makeup Elves 85%. orc.

Charlatan. social class is automatically slave class. but they all receive the spell like abilities talent at no cost. Specialist. Non related Zealots Humans: All humans from the Golden Empire get 3 mastery dice of a single Skill Suite that fits with the social class and background And the Lucky Talent Dwarves Halflings. Battle Mage. Cavalier.Aquatic Elves Racial makeup Elves 90%. dinner at worst. Wild Mage. Can be Monk. Elementalist. Paladin. They are naturally magical thus can take magical classes. Pixie Fairies: Are considered magical animals. or Power Speaker Elves: All PC elves will be slaves. Knight Errant. . can be illusionists. they are barred from learning magic. Double Specialist. they are well treated pets at best. Dark Knight. Dread Pirates Class / Race Notes General restrictions: Barred Classes: Magic-User. Holy Knight. Elementalist. Battle Mage. Gnomes: get 3 mastery die of the Sailor Skill Set and they get the Aquatic Background Talent (regardless of race) Dwarves can also be Swashbucklers. Nixie slaves (10%) Religions: Istishia Societal Alignment: N / CN Government: Monarchy Current Leader: Queen Elahras Capital: unknown Legal system: Barbarian Tribe Political Factions: unknown Diplomatic Relations: Allies: Shadow Hunters Enemies: Salty Beards. Always will be considered property. and Yakuza Half Ogre: May change their +2 str for a +2 int (+0 to in net) can be a Painted Mage. Dwarves and Gnomes lose their underground detection abilities Gnomes can be illusionist Half-Orcs: May change their +1 str for a +1 int or their +1 con for a +1 wis. Ninja. Blood-Mage.

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