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Quiz: TQM - Managerial

1. TQM is about meeting quality expectations defined by a. b. c. d. e. 2. Marketing Top management The sales force The customer*** The quality control group

The quality of services is often defined by perceptions that are highly a. b. c. d. e. ub!ective*** "eliable "egarded #efined Tangible


The %apanese term for continuous improvement is a. b. c. d. e. &oka'yoke (ai)en*** (anban Muda *utomation


Quality at the source involves a. b. c. d. e. #iscarding defective items after production ,nspecting goods after they are produced ending defective products back for re-ork ,nspection of ra- materials ,dentifying quality problems at the source and correcting them***


/iving -orkers responsibility for seeking out quality problems and correcting them is a. 0ontinuous improvement

c. . c. a. They are given a bonus They are allo-ed to participate in competitive bidding Their contract is rene-ed They are nominated for an a-ard Their materials do not have to be inspected upon arrival*** 9. &assing the buck 1rainstorming 2mployee empo-erment*** 2mployee involvement tudying business practices of companies considered 4best in class5 is called a. d. d. 3. a.nternal failure 2xternal failure *ppraisal &revention*** "eplacement . b. d. e. Quality planning8 employee training in quality measurement8 and cost of maintaining records of information and data related to quality are example of -hat type of costs. &roduct recalls <itigation resulting from product liability issues <oss of business =verhead*** #issatisfied customers >. b. d. c. &air-ise comparison 1enchmarking*** 0ompetition #reamscaping #iscouraging 6. b. c. e. d. b. c. e. :hich of the follo-ing is not an important cost of poor quality. e. e. 7nder TQM8 if suppliers meet preset quality standards a.b.

. d. b. crap <itigation costs resulting from product liability issues*** "e-ork Quality inspections 2mployee training 1$. b. c. a. c.1?. . a. d. Machine do-ntime due to failures in the process8 scrap8 and re-ork are examples of -hat type of costs.nternal failure*** 2xternal failure *ppraisal &revention "eplacement 12. e. c. 0osts of quality inspections8 testing8 test equipment8 and labs are examples of -hat type of costs.nternal failure 2xternal failure*** *ppraisal &revention "eplacement 1+. e. c. b. e. 2xternal failure costs include a.nternal failure 2xternal failure *ppraisal*** &revention "eplacement 11. e. a. :arranty claims8 customer complaints8 and costs of litigation are examples of -hat type of costs. b. d. The plan'do'study'act cycle is often called the . . d.

e. b.a. c. . c. b. b.dentifying important customer requirements*** Aumerically scoring customer requirements based on their importance 16.-e fare relative to our competitors*** peed of introduction . To evaluate the financial strength of competitors To identify customer requirements that should be pursued and ho.the product compares -ith its ma!or competitors etting specific goals to address the specified problems . c. b. e. d. e. c.. Translating scores into specific product characteristics 2valuating ho. d. . d.n using quality function deployment8 one -ay to find out precisely -hat features customers -ant in the product is a. 1. d. e. TQM activity approach #eming -heel*** 0ontinuous improvement cycle Quality circle *ction -heel * useful tool for translating customers@ everyday language into specific technical requirements is a. Quality function deployment*** Quality circles Quality of design catter diagrams 0ause'and'effect diagrams 13. The important thing in quality function deployment competitive evaluation is a. Quality function deployment begins by a. b. c.ntervie-ing the company sales force *naly)ing the changes in features historically *sking top management Talking to process engineers 0onducting focus groups*** 19.

0ause'and'effect diagrams are often called a. b. d. The number of competitors (no-ing our product -ell The strength of the relationship bet-een customer requirements and product characteristics is sho-n in the a. c. :hat is a schematic diagram of the sequence of steps involved in an operation or process. 0hecklists catter diagrams &areto analysis 0ause'and'effect diagrams*** Clo-charts 22. d. b. e.nverse matrix 2?.d. b. :hat quality control tool resembles a Bfishbone. c. The last step in constructing the house of quality includes a. Trade'off matrix &roduct matrix "elationship matrix*** trength matrix . 1>. e. c. #etermining ho. b.B a. 0hecklists catter diagrams &areto analysis Cishbone diagrams*** Distograms 2$. d. d. . advertise etting targets for our o-n product*** #etermining attack our competitors@ products #esigning the product 0omparing results -ith past sales 21. e. e. e.

c. 0orrelation*** Deteroscedasticity *greement #isagreement 0ausality 26. * technique used to identify quality problems based on their degree of importance is a. d. *ttributes of these defects. d. 2+. b. d. e. * checklist is a list of common defects and a. c. 0ontrol chart &areto analysis 0hecklist Clo-chart*** catter diagram 2. b. b. catter diagrams are particularly useful in detecting the degree of linear relationship bet-een t-o variables. e. e.*** "elative importance of these operation or process -orks. a.. e. Aumber of occurrences of these defects.chart*** &rocess chart :hat tool is useful in helping everyone develop a clear picture of ho. #eming &areto*** .a. Eisibility of these defects. b. 0osts of these defects. c. 0hecklist 0ontrol chart catter diagram Clo. This linear relationship is also called a. c. b. 23. d.

b. e. #eming pointed out that 9. d. :ho is often referred to as the father of quality control.F of quality problems are caused by a. a. b. :orker error Aumerical quotas &rocesses and systems*** 0arelessness uppliers . e. 2d-ards #eming*** %oseph %uran &hilip 0rosby Martin Marietta 0ount &areto $1. c. b. e. :. d. 29. c. d.chart &rocess chart $?. c. b. &areto analysis*** Clo-charts 0ause'and'effect diagrams 1enchmarking 0ontrol charts 2>. c. e. :hich of the follo-ing sho-s the frequency distribution of observed values of a variable.c. catter diagram 0ontrol chart Distogram*** Clo. e. d. #avis 0rosby %uran * chart sho-ing the number of defects that result from different causes -ould be used in a. d. a.

e. e. b. b. c.$2. a. d. :hich of the follo-ing is not attributed to &hilip 0rosby. 2mployee training &rocess design &roperly functioning equipment Daving good suppliers . The most important factor in the success or failure of TQM efforts is a. d. a. c.5 $+..5 tressed the idea of prevention of defects The notion of )ero defects The phrase 4Quality is free. e. b. :hat did #eming believe is the key to improving quality. d. The concept of the quality trilogy*** The phrase 4#o it right the first time. Marketing understands the changing needs and -ants of customers by -orking closely -ith them Cinance translates general definitions of quality into vague dollar terms*** *ccounting has accurate costing methods 2ngineering properly translates customer requirements into specific engineering terms Duman resources hires employees -ith skills necessary to -ork in a TQM environment .mproving the system*** $$. /etting started quickly The use of statistical process control The genuineness of the organi)ation@s commitment*** The use of cause'and'effect diagrams 2mployee training $. c. b. e. d. c. * company cannot achieve high quality if a.

5 $. . *lthough it -ould be nice if the -ord processor checked the form of a -ord like 4to85 too85 and 4t-o.Homework: TQM .could you poka' yoke this operation. hingo told a story of a poka'yoke he developed to make sure that operators avoided the mistake of putting less than the required four springs in a push button device. The existing method involved assemblers taking individual springs from a box containing several hundred8 and then placing t-o of them behind an =A button and t-o more behind an =CC button. 1y kitting individual boxes of four springs8 operators could make sure no springs remain in the box after the assembly operations. :hen exiting the -ord processor8 a prompt asks -hether or not you -ant to save the document. *re there any others you -ish the packages had. =ne common poka'yoke is part kitting. GiiH Many -ord processors -ill make backup files at various points in time. Do.n spite of all efforts8 someone may perceive that the clerk -as not courteous.Managerial 1.s the goal of ix tores. . The one area -here ix igma maybe difficult is that many aspects of service quality are based upon customer perception''for example''the courtesy of the clerk. The typical computeri)ed -ord processing package is loaded -ith poka'yokes. 2. 1ut in spite of this problem8 every effort should be made to attain ix igma in both manufacturing and service settings. igma quality realistic for services such as 1lockbuster Eideo * goal of ix igma can also be used for services. <ist three. GiiiH Many -ord processors -ill automatically correct certain -ords -hen they are misspelled8 such as 4the. .5 :ord processors have made tremendous strides in this area.

. or gasH Trash pickup'city or private 7. +h!sical #roducts involved in airlines and restaurants are food and seating* 2. &ostal ervice tate auto license bureau Movie theater Aursing care #ome stadium &re'school /ambling casino 1arberJbeauty shop ecurity service &hoto developing =ne'day training seminar 0ity police department "ock concert Travel agent .nformation systems department *merican 2xpress 0ard 0atered -edding 0omputer repair Theme park 7. ..standardi)ed is the product andJor service from the same company from one time to the next.or choose any other service not on the list G but check -ith the me for an =(H...nterior decorating 0ar -ash *irline #efense attorney #ry cleaner *ccounting firm 1ank checking account Mexican restaurant Ae-spaper tudent copy service .. "#ecific "ervice Chosen: Ex#lain $ll %our $nswers & '%es( or ')o( is not acce#table* 1. *rmy combat unit &et grooming Dospital emergency room &urchasing dept. in mfg firm .. .s there a physical product involved.Exercise: TQM .Managerial Consider the following basic definition of service ualit!: 2xcellent /ood &oor Eery poor quality quality quality quality I I I I you you you you -ould -ould -ould -ould highly recommend this service recommend this service not recommend using this service recommend against using this service Choose one of the following service situations: *uto brake !ob 2xecutive search firm Cinancial planning 7sed car sales <andscaping Cederal 2xpress Temporary office help agency &ublic utility Gelec.unique or ho. :hich is dominant8 the product or the service. . Do.

a minor defect. a ma!or defect. *fter the service is delivered8 is corrective action possible. while an emergenc! room visit is customized* $. "#eed. $ defect ma! mean #a!ments for a lawsuit settlement. Man! times both are #ossible* The wrong hair color can be fixed* 1e can give a refund of the cost of the hair coloring* 9.i*e* hair turns orange. . courtes!.s the customer involved in the production and delivery of the service. The customer is t!#icall! involved in the service industr!* The! come to #lace the order & make their selections & and then wait for the service* -or exam#le. and the cost of re#airing the item* 6. comfort. but not as bad as a critical defect . /ive t-o or more examples of the costGsH of a defect for the company. lost customers. taste. /ive three specific examples of characteristics of the product andJor service that -ould determine ho. food #oisoning. Do-. The! are not the same* "ervice ualit! factors can affect satisfaction* .$ car wash is standardized.s service quality most affected by the contact employee8 by technology8 or by management. etc* +.s service quality the same as customer satisfaction. :hat is an example of a critical defect.-ell the quality of the service is rated. hair falls out/* Ma0or defect is a bad #roblem.i*e* #lane crash.i*e* #lane is a few minutes late. restitution. . the! are #art of #roduction and deliver! when the! are getting a haircut & decide what to have done and have it done* . 2t de#ends on the service chosen* >.. wrong change is given/ 3. . 2xplain your choice. Critical defect is the worst #ossible #roblem . #lane is stuck on runwa! for hours and runs out of food and drinks/* Minor defect is 0ust a small #roblem .