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Thurgood Marshall was born in strictly segregated Baltimore in 1908.

Marshall grew up in the shadow of the Jim Crow laws that kept both him and his family from fully enjoying the fruits of living in America. Marshall’s father was a waiter and his mother was a public school teacher so while he was nowhere near upper class he was certainly not lower class. Marshall went on to attend Lincoln University, an African-American institution in Pennsylvania. Most of the students at Lincoln were the potential black elite that were zealous about racial equality. After attending Lincoln Marshall went to Howard University, an all-black law school, where he was introduced to Charles Houston. Houston was a Harvard Law graduate and civil rights activist who took Marshall under his wing and showed him the ropes. A lot of Marshall’s expertise in regard to the law could be attributed to his mentor Charles Houston. One of the main ideas that Marshall took from Houston was the belief that black lawyers “should be social engineers” for the Civil Rights movement. Marshall’s biggest achievements are the Brown vs Board court case which he won and set the Separate but Equal principal. Marshall was also the first AfricanAmerican elected to the Supreme Court.