Scream of Kuchooloo Setting: Saryn Ar’Keet: Fernwickle isle / Eurth Synopsis A Kuchooloo cult has re-occupied an ancient temple

on Fernwickle isle. hey ha!e "een performing "i#arre rituals in!ol!ing the sacrifice of pi$ie fairies. he Sacrifices are part of a plot orchestrated "y Kuchooloo himself to draw in his forces from another dimension% one where Kuchooloo once reigned "efore he was imprisoned at the "ottom on the ocean of Aldra#ar. he ad!enturers must unco!er the plot and stop the Kuchooloo cult from "ringing an army or horrors across from the other dimension. &istory Kuchooloo once slum"ered on the planet Eurth% many of his dark ser!ants form across the cosmos came to Eurth to pay him homage% some set up colonies and "ases in the hidden places of Eurth and they recruited some of the nati!e human population to ser!e Kuchooloo. 'hen Kuchooloo re awoke to continue his feud with &ester the (awds that had tried to forget the ancient old one were helpless to stop their destruction. A single mortal man% whose name has long "een forgotten% sacrificed himself% to separate Kuchooloo form his home dimension and imprison him at the "ottom of the ocean. Kuchooloo has spent millennia gathering a small num"er of worshipers on (arwee#e 'urld to reunite him with his minions. Additional )ules Firearms on Eurth Note these rules are temporary and may be replaced with the Aces and Eights firearm combat system Note: gunpowder dose not work on Garweeze Wurld, any firearm on Garweeze Wurld is useless. Firearms: the character must ha!e a proficiency in a particular type of gun *shotgun% .+,% ect- if a character has firearm proficiency and uses an unfamiliar weapon they take the standard related weapon penalty. Any non Eurth "orn character without a firearm proficiency takes a ./ to-hit penalty and fum"les on a 0-,% Eurth "orn characters only take the standard non proficient penalties when wielding firearms% this simulates their general familiarity with firearms as opposed to non nati!es% the re!erse applies to Eurth "orn characters with medie!al weapon types *swords% pole arms% ect- e$cluding clu"s and other simple weapons. Firearms do damage "y type as indicated on ta"le $$. hey naturally critical on a 01-23 if called shots are made they critical on a 04-23% normal rules for called shots and critical hits apply. All firearms fum"le on a 0-2 roll. 5haracters recei!e half *rounded down- of their de$terity to-hit "onus when using firearms.

Divine Magic -ong ago ancient forces isolated Eurth form outside contact with the . they may thin& that some sort of monster has charmed the people into <ust wal&ing into it mouth to eat them and no one seems to notice. Specialist.awds. if you loose more than 9 sanity points in a single e(perience.awds is reestablished temporarily and higher1level spells are open to +lerics and members of the +leric group. your adventures are from a pre1industrial society. how will they react when a bus comes roaring down the street and people file in. most adventures set on Eurth will probably ta&e place inside a magic one when fighting dar& forces. various religions are practiced on Eurth though very few clerics e(ist among those religions. Any Standard MU. how much was magic used to do many of the things that technology dose in the :)th century= 5ave inventive gnomes built contraptions similar to the ones here. if you fail you will loose a specific amount of sanity. and other learned scholars &now where those places are and have set up bases within the magic ones. this will have to factor in to who ma&es sanity chec&s and when.uir& Sanity decreases and increases thought out the game. those that fail ta&e some sanity losses when and if they defeat said monster they may get some or all of that sanity bac& for van. 'ut on the other side of the coin. they are used to seeing monsters all the time. A very few 'lood Mages e(ist on Eurth and practice dar& magic powered by life forces.awds. !"#E$ #he minions of %uchooloo. the character ma&es an intelligence chec& if successful they blan& out for a period of time . #he above scenario wor&s well for normal everyday people that delve into the un&nown.M will have to be creative in dealing with culture shoc& and with sanity losses. players see a monster they ma&e sanity chec&s. #heir acceptance of technology will depend on their home world. at one time magic flowed freely to Eurth but its power and practice has dwindled. Double Specialist or Sole practitioner.Magic on Eurth Eurth has a very limited amount of magic on it. such use of magic is deadly on Eurth and a blood mage my cast spells anywhere but adds 1) to #able *+ 'loodmage casting effects in the SS. +ontact with the . #he +lerics that do e(ist cast spells through personal faith alone because Eurth has been isolated from contact with the . but these actually wor&= #he . Sanity wor&s by rolling d1)) under your current sanity score.uir& and 1* for every ma<or mental . in1fact some of their friends may be monsters.arwee e /urld and Eurth is opened. Sanity Everyone has a base sanity we compute as 223!#4/3S4+5A6786 ( 9 1: for every minor mental . but what about a group of adventures that were transported to this world. will be limited in the following ways Magic above cantrips and 1st level spells is only usable in certain areas of Eurth see the worldwide map for magic friendly ones. /hen the 0ortal between .uishing the beast and having piece of mind.

they last an amount of hours ? to their '0 value. #hese are temporary .-2 per each minor mental :uirk -+ for each ma<or mental :uirk 5haracter 5lasses on Eurth he following are the a!aila"le classes for Eurth nati!es. 3f a character looses more than :)> of their sanity in a single hour have them roll on the minor mental . Scream of Kachooloo Character Creation (Eurth Inhabitants) Step 0-roll a"ility scores as per Apendi$ 6 Step 2 5hoose a )ace Eurth 6nha"itants must choose &uman Step 7 )oll 8riors and 8articulars as per Appendi$ 6 Step + 9uirks and Flaws cherry pick or roll randomly as per appendi$ 6 )e-roll any :uirks and flaws that do not make sense such as enmity towards (omlelings when no (omelings e$ist on Eurth .uir&s.ounty &unter @onk @age (roup: Aery limited spell selection (eneral @B: spells only work in specific C#onesD .uir&s table. if they fail their 3!# chec& they will not clearly understand what is going on or not remember the encounter. to effects ta"le 'ild @age: Spells work e!erywhere "ut suffer a >03E to spell mishap .lood @age: Spells work e!erywhere "ut >.as detailed on the temporary insanity time table.uir&s table in the 05'. Ad<ust A"ility scores as per appendi$ 6 Step 4 5hoose 5lass *see class details "elow- Step / calculate honor and sanity points &onor as per appendi$ 6 Sanity points = ***int>wis>cha-/7. Step . 3f the :)> loss happens within half an hour have them roll on the ma<or mental .$ . All Eurth ?ati!es are &uman Fighter group Fighter Soldier .ut a 8sychotic A!ersion to 5lerics would mean that the person will a!oid 8riest and clergy in his 'urld.

5leric (roup Fnly a"le to cast 2nd le!el spells till rift is open 5leric Shaman Gealot of Kuchooloo hief (roup 6n!estigator *new classhief Acro"at Assassin .rigand @instrel ?in<a .

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