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11122 3 Hours / 100 Marks
Instructions –

Seat No.

(1) All Questions are compulsory. (2) Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary. (3) Figures to the right indicate full marks. (4) Assume suitable data, if necessary.

Marks 1. Attempt any FOUR of the following: a) How to check, how many fonts are available in the computer system? Explain with example. b) Explain following checkbox class methods with appropriate example: (i) (ii) (i) (ii) void setLabel(string str) boolean getState( Scrollpanes Tree ) 16

c) Give the use of following swing controls.

d) What is the use of Generic Servlet? State the difference between generic servlet and http servlet. e) Describe the use of the following: (i) (ii) f) (i) (ii) Reserved sockets DNS (Domain Naming Service) getConnection( createStatement( ) )

State the use of following methods

test2.e. The applet will have a button labeled “Find Average”. b) WAP to create following tabbed pane (FONT) Tab l . test3 each out of 25. strike. super script.Spacing (List : spacing. Insert the integer values from three text fields. Open using AWT.12259 2. font size) Tab 2 . b) Give the use of following methods of connection and statement interface: (i) (ii) createStatement( ) executeQuery( ) 16 (iii) getResultSet( ) c) WAP to create menubar in frame. test1. Attempt any TWO of the following: a) Write a program to create an applet that will accept values of three test marks i. When the user will click on the button the average of test marks will be displayed in the fourth text field. [2] Marks Attempt any THREE of the following: 18 a) What is Frame? Write a procedure to close frame with the help of example. Where menubar contains menu items such as File. . 3.Font (Three combo boxes: font. The user will enter the marks in three separate text fields. font style. d) Write a program to display three text fields. and a button below to all on Applet. After pressing the button the background colour of the applet will be changed as per the RGB combination of the values given in the text field. shadow) Tab 3 . Edit and View and sub menu items included under file menu such as New. position margin) c) Classify JDBC driver types according to their architecture.Effects (Four check boxes: subscript.

6 P. Give the use of following methods of URL class with example. 5. a) Attempt any THREE of the following: (i) (ii) 12 What is the purpose of using URL connection class? Illustrate with suitable example. UPS. e) Write a program to display a JcomboBox on an Applet. insert and delete records in the result set. The comboBox will have following items . . (1) getProtocol( (2) getPort( (3) getHost( (4) getFile( ) ) ) ) (iii) Explain the techniques of session tracking/management.O. c) Illustrate the use of accept( ) and close( socket with suitable example. b) Attempt any ONE of the following: (i) (ii) Explain use of cookies with example. keyboard.12259 4. battery. Describe how to Update. (iv) Describe servlet life cycle in brief. b) Describe the syntax and use of four methods for navigation through data base records using result set objects.mouse.T. [3] Marks Attempt any FOUR of the following: 16 a) What is InetAddress? Explain the factory methods of InetAddress. ) methods of server d) What is default Mutable Tree Node? Elaborate its use by giving example. Stabilizer.

memory capacity. Display them on Applet window. c) Write a program to create a servlet that handles HttpGET and HttpPOST requests. b) Write a program to display a JcomboBox and a just on an Applet. Columns : Company. . number. determine total number of mobiles belongs to ‘ABC’ company. [4] Marks Attempt any TWO of the following: 16 a) Create Database table. DSN : Mobile Entries : 05 Using above database.12259 6. cost. Arrange them in ascending order. ComboBox will have five country names as members and list will have their capitals as members when user selects a particular country from comboBox the equivalent capital should get selected from list. write a java program.

12259 11122 3 Hours / 100 Marks .