Contoso, Ltd. Contoso, Ltd.

was established in 1990 to provide a forum for professional public relations consultants throughout the state to meet, exchange views about general business issues affecting the profession, and further skills development. The founder of Contoso, end! "ase, is still the #xecutive $resident and continues to maintain a high level of integrit! and %ualit! in all that Contoso does, as well as provides invaluable services to all its members. &eetings are on the second Tuesda! of each month and we call CLnetworks. The format of the CLnetworks follows an an informal agenda, which ma! include member introductions, a short organi'ation business review, and a presentation on professional skills b! an expert guest speaker. (ttending these meetings is an &embership opens to individuals who provide personal relations consulting services. There are two categories of members, )eneral and (ssociate. )eneral &embers are those who earn at least *0+ of their annual income as time or pro,ect derived fees from public relations consulting services. (ll other members are (ssociate &embers. -ou can obtain further information from an! officer. Contoso, Ltd. .ervices Contoso also provides comprehensive public relations services including advertising and marketing communications services for a variet! of diverse corporations, businesses, and non/profit organi'ations. 0t1s a full/service agenc!2 Contoso has handled public relations and advertising for ever!thing from sewing machines and fro'en foods to computer software applications and book promotions. Contoso works with a variet! of clients in the 3orthern 3ew #ngland area, 4oston, 3ew -ork, and 3ew 5erse! in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, education, and computer

software.ispla!s : #xhibits . Contoso is committed to creative. (nnual 8eports.pecial #vents T"98adio 0nterviews9(ppearances 3ews Conferences . 3ewsletters. logos and more. $osters .trategic $lanning : .irect &ail .ite $roduction "ideo $roduction &ultimedia Corporate9Compan! 0mage Communit! 8elations . e believe dedicated teamwork is the ke! to helping our clients achieve success. innovative solutions. results/oriented advertising and col lateral including annual reports. brochures. Contoso also offers in/house graphic design capabilities to produce distinctive. corporate identit!. 6ollowing is a list of services provided b! Contoso7 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3ews 8eleases &edia 8elations9#ditorial Contacts $ublic 0nformation Campaigns 6undraising Campaigns . ith a philosoph! of providing hands/on attention and personali'ed service for our clients.eminars : orkshops eb . high/%ualit! work. and responsive service.evelopment Collateral94rochures.

e also provide a new service called 0ncorrect. and our expert editors can correct errors and suggest changes. Customers can send their documents to us via e/mail.• $hotograph! e hope that !ou too will take full advantage of these services. ord .