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Jayden Perry 4A 3/23/14 Argumentative Essay Today I am going to be writing an argumentative essay on why it is wrong to practice more than

one religion. Why is it wrong to practice more than one religion? I believe that it is wrong because you already have one god and you have your own beliefs with one religion. You should only have one god you believe in and your own beliefs with that god. There is no way of committing yourself fully to more than one religion while being true and faithful to them both. I know that a few of the religions that I am a bit familiar with are drastically different from each other for example: My mothers side of the family are Mormon and they are very into the church and they were all baptized at eight-years old and the boys in the family all went on LDS mission when they turned nineteen years old and they are gone for two years to faraway places most of the time and they believe that it is their duty to spread word about their religion through the book of Mormon to the rest of the world. My fathers sides of the family are mostly catholic, my grandparents go to church once a week on Sunday for about one hour, and most Catholics get baptized when they are still infants usually by the priest at the church which they attend also they take sacrament which is believed to represent the body and blood of Christ which is served in a form of bread and wine they also believed Jesus was crucified on a cross and rose again days later and he was also the son of Mary who was a virgin. There are many other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Baptists, and Christianity. These religions all have many different beliefs which are not even close to the same and I believe that they all believe in a different god. Now let me explain why it is wrong to practice more than one religion. First of all how would this even be possible to follow and believe while having more than one god in your life? The Mormons do not believe that you should drink caffeine, drink alcohol, and have tattoos, piercings, or altering your body to make yourself look different. The Catholics believe that it is ok to do some of those things in moderation as long as you are not harming yourself or anyone else in the process. How could you believe in both of those things at once? The Mormons believe in three levels of heaven, one is the celestial kingdom; another is Terrestrial, and the Tellestial. Now I cannot even begin to tell you how the difference on how these three kingdoms of heaven are to be determined as your fate, but as far as I know Catholics only believe in heaven and hell. How could you believe in both of these religions at the same time when there are so many differences to a person like me who doesnt know neither one of these religions from the inside of their church walls,

As for the religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Baptists, and Christians I cannot even begin to tell you anything about them. I am pretty sure that they contrast as much as the Mormon and Catholic religion do. I do know that on my moms side which LDS my uncles get married in the Temple are and my family and I are not allowed inside. While on my fathers side which are Catholic we are allowed to go inside of the church and participate in the ceremony with them, I believe this is because the Mormon religion chooses to get married in a pure more sacred setting. I do realize that most of these religions are different but I do believe some of them have the same values and principles as each other as far as teaching others to be a trustworthy and hardworking person while also following your beliefs in whichever church that you belong to. I do know of people in my family that have actually changed religions because of someone that they chose to get married to and they wanted to raise a family together and practice the same religion. In closing I would like to say that I myself do not care which religion that a person chooses to be as long as they are respectful to others. This is only my opinion and I do not claim to be a religion expert but these are just simply some of the reasons why I think it would be a problem to practice more than one religion.