Unity of Big Bang and Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario

By John Paily

There exist many contrasting theory of origin and existence of universe. Two prominent ones are Big Bang and Ekpyrotic Universe scenario. They and all other scientific theories of origin, including spiritual one can unite, wiping out the inconsistencies when we visualize universe as Living one. Living body deteriorates, when the breath stops and spirit leaves. From this fundamental reality, to assume that life is built on Gene and DNA appears absurd. There is something beyond matter; a space-time within life that carries real information of life in spiritual form. The spirit that is moving in and out is the carrier of information and sustainer of life. The material body we visualize is a reality that is juxtaposed between two Space-Time Realties that are opposing but are one. There are three forms of information movement; 1] Respiration that sustains life, 2] Creativity that creates its own images and thus dividing one cell into two [Parallel worlds]. 3] Reproduction where masculine information conceives to conquer time and perpetuate. To understand life, just imagine two parallel lines or strings with a positive and negative end opposing each other [see fig]. They by virtue of attraction can condense towards a center Black Hole, beyond a point this becomes repulsion and explosion. This means behind the Black Hole is a White Hole through which it emerges to repeat the process. When it reaches an outer limit it implodes and thus repeating expansion and contraction. This design and its functioning needs to be understood from a point of ratio relationship between two parallel stings or right and left. To understand reproduction, we need to visualize a parallel world [Feminine world with opposite relationship]. When stressed to third critical point, the Creating Spirit conceives with in the feminine and explodes from within. It is Big Bang as well as Ekpyrotic Scenario where right changes into left viceversa. Universe needs to be understood as consciousness and

Resultant force MALE TIME



Fig - Creation Secret of Universe – The Unity of Big Bang and Ekpyrotic Scenario

intelligence or information of the Creator Spirit unfolding and enfolding to sustain itself. For detailed Information explore the link http://www.scribd.com/doc/208568404/The-String-Atom-of-Life-SoulConsciousness-and-Future-Technologies

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