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(Starting from the first sloka, the next sixteen slokas are called Narayani Stuthi.

Narayani denotes “the innate power behind ultimate god”. It also means “she who pro ides the basis for all li ing things.” !r “She who is the power behind "ord Narayana. ” !r the power of illusion behind "ord Narayana or she is who is personification of sal ation or She who is fit to be worshipped by #e as. $ "iteral translation in %nglish language by &.'. 'amachander Sarvasya budhi roopena, janasya hrudhi samsththe, Swargapavargadhe devi, narayani namosthuthe. (ey )oddess, who li es in e erybody*s mind as intelligence and who grants hea en and sal ation to people, !ur salutations to you, Narayani. Kalakashtadhi roopena parinama pradhayini, Visvasyoparathou shakthe, narayani namosthuthe. (ey powerful one, who leads to e olution of earth from the micro time and who is the main force in the destruction of the world, !ur salutations to you, Narayani (+ashta is the time when eyes blink and open naturally for ,- times and kala is ./ kashtas. 0hese are small measurements of time. $ Sarva mangala mangalye, Shive, sarvartha sadhake, Saranye triambike Gowri narayani namosthuthe. !h )oddess who is a gi er of all good things, who is peaceful, who is a gi er of all wealth, who can be relied upon, who has three eyes and who is golden in colour, !ur salutations to you, Narayani Srushti sthithi vinasanam sakthi bhoothe, sanathani, Gunasraye, gunamaye, narayani namosthuthe. (ey goddess who is the power behind creation, upkeep and destruction. (ey goddess who is for e er, who is depended upon by three characters of sath a, 'a1as and 0hamas and who is filled with all good characteristics, !ur salutations to you, Narayani Saranagatha deenaartha, parithrana parayane, Sarvsyarthi hare devi, narayani namosthuthe. (ey )oddess, who takes care of those who surrender to you and those who are suffering, (ey )oddess who remo es all sufferings from the entire world, !ur salutations to you, Narayani Hamsa yuktha vimanasthe, brahmani roopa dharini, Kaushambha ksharike devi, Narayani namoshthuthe.

Narayani Graheethogra maha hakre. who has the form of "ord 3araha and who does only good. !ur salutations to you. Narayani namosthuthe. !h )oddess who holds aloft the great holy wheel. !h )oddess who holds mace. Narayani Shivadhoothi swaroopena hatha daithya maha bale. . !h )oddess who has the form of the "ord Narasimha. damshtro dhyutha vasundhare. shive. !ur salutations to you. Narayani Nrusimha roopenogrena hanthum daithyan kruthodhyame. Narayani namoshthuthe. Narayani. !ur salutations to you. Narayani namosththe. who is of the form of "ord Subrahmanya. Narayani namosthuthe. !aheswari swaroopena narayani namosththe. who holds a great spear. !ur salutations to you. who killed the 3ruthra asura and who has the form of Indra. conch and bow in your hands. who shines with thousand eyes. !ur salutations to you.!h goddess who tra els in the air plane with swans. who has a horrifying look and who is ready to kill asuras and who takes care of the three worlds. maha vrushabha vahini. Narayani !ayura kukkuda vruthe. Trilokya trana sahithe. maharave. narayani namoshthe. Vruthra prana hare. Varaha roopini. sahasra nayanojwale. !h )oddess who has the form of "ord Shi a. "raseedha Vaishnavi roope. who holds the earth in her frontal teeth. maha shakthi dhare anaghe. Kaumari roopa samsthane. !ur salutations to you. !h )oddess with the holy crown. Samkha hakra gadha sarnkhya graheetha paramayudhe. wheel. be pleased with us. Narayani Trishula handrahi dhare. Ghora roope. !ur salutations to you. and who is the form of "ord 3ishnu. who is without sin. who is ha ing the form of "ord 2rahma and who sprinkles water mixed with #hurbha grass. !f )oddess who is with cock and peacock. who holds aloft the great 3a1rayudha. who adorns herself with the crescent and snake and who rides on the great bull. who holds a trident. narayani namosthuthe. Narayani Kiritini. maha vajre.

Narayani !edhe. thamasi. sradhe. vare. narayani namosthuthe. who is of the form of upanishads. Narayani . !h )oddess who is wisdom of intelligence. (ey )oddess "akshmi. pushti swadhe. who is permanent. !ur salutations to you. Niyathe. Narayani %akshmi lajje mahavidhye.!h )oddess who has the form of Shi a #hoothi. saraswathi. !ur salutations to you. who is the personification of shyness. please be kind on us. who has a horriying look and who has a great sound. Narayani namosthuthe. $hamunde. !ur salutations to you. and who is our )oddess. 'a1o and 0hamas. who killed the giant called 4unda and who is goddess +ali. who has the form of the manes. who is the goddess of the properties of Sath a. bhoothi bhabravi. who is the goddess of words. who killed the great army of asuras. druve. who is greatest. !aha rathri maha maye. munda madhane. who has a religious temper. !h )oddess who has a fearful face because of her teeth. Narayani #amshtra karala vadane. siro mala vibhooshane. who looks ery strong. !ur salutations to you. who adorns herself with the garland of skulls. thwam. praseedhesa. narayani namosthuthe. who is the night of deluge and who is the cause of all the worlds.

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