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interview rooms.% To mana$e these ris"s we have underta"en ris" assessments o relevant wor" activities! particularly or the purpose o identi yin$ violence ris" actors and the necessary controls% 2e believe that reducin$ the ris" depends on the desi$n o wor"places to$ether with appropriate wor"in$ procedures and sta trainin$% For that reason! where we have the opportunity to redesi$n wor"places such as 333333333333333333333 +eg reception spaces.First Published February 2009 Reviewed and Updated February 2011 Disclaimer These example orms! chec"lists and model policies are provided by #arbour or $eneral $uidance on matters o interest% &n ma"in$ these documents available to a $eneral and diverse audience it is not possible to anticipate the re'uirements or the ha(ards o any subscriber)s business% Users are there ore advised to care ully evaluate the contents and adapt the orms and chec"lists to suit the re'uirements o each situation% #arbour does not accept any liability whatsoever or in*ury! dama$e or other losses which may arise rom reliance on this in ormation and the use o these documents% +opyri$ht o these documents remains with #arbour and whilst subscribers are permitted to ma"e use o them or their own purposes! permission is not $ranted or resale o the intellectual property to third parties% Organisations for whom verbal or physical violence at work is a concern. Read the Barbour Guide on Bullying and iolence at !ork for further information and also "#$ titles such as %&'G() iolence at !ork * Guide for $mployers.a ety /xecutive as 01ny incident in which a person is verbally abused! threatened or assaulted in circumstances relatin$ to his or her employment)% 2hilst we do all that we can to avoid it we reco$nise that sta involved in 333333333333333333333333333 +detail roles or activities. #ee further information in the Barbour Bullying and iolence at !ork Guide. patients. %f your risks relate to persons working within premises and being threatened by persons able to gain unauthorised access. you may wish to add a sentence here e-plaining security measures which have been applied.iolence at wor" is de ined by the -ealth and . or all appropriate sta as identi ied throu$h our ris" assessments% 2e robustly investi$ate any reported incidents o violence to our sta and learnin$ points are incorporated into wor"in$ procedures and uture premises desi$ns as applicable% Mana$ement and occupational health support is o ered to those who have su ered rom verbal abuse or physical assault and it is our policy to involve the Police and see" a conviction o any person who assaults our sta % &ote that it may not be necessary to undertake all of the risk control measures listed. should include this section in their policy’s arrangements section. members of the public.uired to cover all of the areas described. Violence . although similar measures will be re. we ensure that we include improvements to reduce the ris" o violence% 'elete these two sentences if you do not have control over any workplace design issues which could reduce the risk. are at ris" o violence perpetrated by 33333333333333333333333333 +detail source eg customers. Alter and add to this as necessary to reflect the controls in place within your business. control and restraint. self defence. 2e provide trainin$ in 33333333333333333333333 +eg conflict resolution. A Barbour Model Policy: Violence .

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