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NEWS 9 TERM 1 2014


Leadership Team News

Dear Parents, Welcome to this week's newsletter.

P&F News
Congratulations to the P&F for the fantastic disco on Friday night. The children who were able to come enjoyed dancing and games, as well as some yummy food on the night. Thanks to Martin, his P&F team and all of the parents who volunteered to assist. We are very lucky to have such wonderful parent support in the school. The next general P&F Meeting is on Tuesday evening, 25 March at 6:30pm in the school staff room. All parents are warmly welcomed to attend. One of the main items up for discussion will be the proposed P&F levy.

Curriculum News
Visible Learning: Currently we are looking at ways that data informs our planning. Our Visible Learning team are in the process of developing tools that will assist us to do an audit in this area. These tools will be used with staff and some students after the Easter holidays. Autism: We have had a team of teachers looking into the research and information around Autism. This will assist our whole staff be better informed on this important area. Brainwaves: Some of our students have recently attended the BrainWays extension activities that are offered to nominated students from the coast schools.

Enrolments for Prep 2015

The interviews for new Prep children will be held straight after the Easter holidays. Many applications have already been received. If you know of new families wanting enrolment at St Augustine's, please let them know that now is the time to get enrolment forms into the school office. Currently we are looking to have 2 groups of Prep for next year. A third Prep class would only be considered if there were enough numbers to completely fill a third group.

Whole School Mass

The first whole school Mass for 2014 will be celebrated this Thursday 27 March at 9am in the Mary MacKillop Centre. As this is the season of Lent, it may be a good opportunity to do something extra as you journey to Easter. We would love you to join us for this Mass. The last week of Mini Hotdogs for morning tea and lunch time will be Monday and Tuesday of next week, they cost 50c and all money goes to Project Compassion. Please support us for our last week.

Easter Celebration
We look forward to preparing for Easter with the Year 7 Easter presentation. Please join us next Friday at 9am for this special time of remembrance and reflection. The Resurrection story will be celebrated on Tuesday, the first day back in Term 2. Again you are welcome to join us for this re-enactment by Year 6 at 2:40pm in the Mary MacKillop Centre.

ANZAC Ceremony

The Annual ANZAC Ceremony will be held at St Augustine's school on Thursday 24 April at a time to be confirmed. All family and friends are welcome to attend and join us for a tea/coffee afterwards. If you know veterans who would like to join us please invite them as our guests (please notify Mrs Marrison). Details for the Community March and the Brisbane ANZAC Square commemoration will be in next weeks newsletter.

Staff News
John Cameron, Acting Principal for Term 2, will be coming to visit us on Friday. Stephen Montgomery will be attending the Queensland Catholic Primary Principals Conference from next Tuesday afternoon until Friday. Lynne Rohanna will look after any parental issues during this time.

Stephen Montgomery, Lynne Rohanna and Jane Marrison (Leadership Team)

General News
ICAS Testing

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) testing is once again being offered to students from Years 3-7 inclusive. Subjects being offered are, Computer Skills, Science, Writing, Spelling, English and Mathematics. If you are interested in your child participating in these tests, please note the closing dates for all entries is 1 April. There are entry fees for all subjects. Closing dates are strictly adhered to and no money will be refunded for children who are unable to sit the test on the day. These conditions are set by the UNSW, who coordinate the tests and marking. Certificates and results are provided to all children who participate.


Testing Date

Entry Fee

Entries Close

Computer Skills

Tuesday 20 May


Tuesday 1 April, 2014


Wednesday 4 June


Tuesday 1 April, 2014


Monday 16 June


Tuesday 1 April, 2014


Tuesday 17 June


Tuesday 1 April, 2014


Tuesday 29 July


Tuesday 1 April, 2014


Tuesday 12 August


Tuesday 1 April, 2014

Please provide the exact money in a sealed envelope, clearly stating childs name, class and test(s) being taken. These envelopes are to be dropped into the accounts office before 1 April, 2014. Thank you. Laurie Hallinan (ICAS Organising Teacher)

Winter Uniform
Winter uniforms are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop, Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings 8:15 am 9:30am.

Speech and Drama Notice

The end of term is fast approaching and we are all looking forward to the Easter break! This is an important reminder notice to please check that your term fees have been paid. For classes to continue next term, all fees must be up to date by the end of this week. If you are unsure, please contact me. All accounts for term two will be emailed out to all families during next week. The payment date will still be the end of week two, term two, 2 May - but accounts will be emailed much earlier. This is the first time we have used email. If you have recently changed your email address, please advise immediately. Enjoy the end of this busy term! Anita Eldridge (Specialist Teacher) (

Spanish Lessons

Las vacaciones se acercan - The holidays are approaching but before we go to our well deserved break, I would like to

update everyone on the progress of our Spanish Class. TERM 1 - It has been 6 weeks since our first Spanish class and the children are still enthusiastic and interested, which is a pleasure to see. Even though Term 1 was considerably shorter than expected, comprising of 7 weeks instead of 10 weeks for Spanish Class, we have learnt some very important aspects of the Spanish Language. The children now understand and can apply the concept of feminine and masculine words, as well as being able to tell the colours, the numbers, the family members and the concept of action words (verb conjugation). Weve created our class routine around the childrens expectations of h aving a small break for fun games and a snack at about 4:15pm, followed by a video or musical activity for the benefit of learning pronunciation. FUN Judging from the enthusiasm and willingness to learn, I believe weve had a lot of fun too! The favourite part of our lesson seems to be the song time where the children learn a surprise song each week containing the concepts being introduced in the lesson, as well as pronunciation and vocabulary. TERM 2 - Resumes on Tuesday 22 April and will comprise of 10 weeks of teaching.

New Students Welcome!

If youve been thinking of joining our Spanish class, its not too late. Next term well be learning more communication skills on how to be polite when speaking in Spanish, how to ask questions, please and thank you, and description and personalities of people around us. If you havent attended Term 1 its not a problem, next terms learning scope is very much targeted at getting the children to make conversation in Spanish. Buenas vacaciones a todos y nos vemos luego! (Happy holiday everyone and see you soon).

Kathia Faranda (Spanish Teacher)

Library News
RIBIT (Read In Bed Its Terrific!)
Welcome to RIBIT and congratulations: Kelly R, Jasmin H, Madison L, Georgia N, Mitchell B, Maurice S, Elli H, Kai M and Lavinia B. Congratulations to our other RIBIT readers this week: Zak M, Noah L, Jack F, Zac H, Caden S, Fletcher C, Ryder D, Bella H, Oscar S and Matilda Y. Benji S and William O are now into their second round of RIBIT reading. Well done. Keep up the reading everyone! Lonnie Rutland (Librarian)

Year 5-7 Winter Sport
The second round takes place this Friday 28 March. Please find updated Venues, times and Opposition for this Friday 28 March (for all three sports!) for the newsletter. Netball: (All games at Mallawa Drive, Palm Beach) 5A 5C 6A Soccer: 5 Girls 6 Girls 7 Girls 5 Boys 6 Boys 7 Boys Rugby League: 11A Open A Round 1 Results:
Netball: 5A: defeated St Andrews 4-0 5C: lost to Burleigh Heads 1-0 6A: lost to Caningeraba 13-1

vs vs vs

Forfeit Broadbeach Burleigh Heads

School 1:45pm 12:45pm Court 8 Court 6

vs vs vs vs vs vs

Varsity Varsity 1 Elanora 2 Elanora 1 St Andrews 2 Varsity 2

12:45pm 1:35pm 12:45pm 1:35pm 12:45pm 1:35pm

Sidd Bigg Oval Mallawa Drive School Sidd Bigg Oval Mallawa Drive School

F4 F4 F1 F5 F4 F1

vs vs

Forfeit Elanora

School 12:40pm Pizzey Park F2

Soccer: 5 Girls defeated St Andrews 4-0 6 Girls lost to Elanora 9-0 7 Girls drew with St Andrews 4-4 5 Boys defeated Mudgeeraba 10-0 6 Boys defeated Elanora 10-0 7 Boys defeated Elanora 3-1

Rugby League: 11A lost to Elanora 40-10 Open A lost to Elanora 40-10

Uniform Requirements: The following gear is required weekly: Netball Normal Sports Uniform.

Soccer St As football socks (Uniform Shop), shin pads (Sports Store). Rugby League - St As football socks, mouth guards (compulsory and from a Chemist or Sports Store), boots (secondhand boots available in Uniform Shop), shoulder pads and head gear (Optional from a Sports Store). Open Rugby League boys Shorts and socks order running late. Available week 1 of term 2 (Mr Dolan will discuss uniform requirements for rounds 1-3 of this term). Jerseys will be distributed to both Soccer and Rugby League players on Thursday 20 March.

Cross Country Training

A fantastic number of students have been turning up during the last few weeks for Cross Country training or simply wanting to improve general fitness at morning training on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 7:50am. Joggers are required for these sessions (black school shoes not allowed). We look forward to seeing students involved (Years 1-7 welcome), with House Colour points being awarded and added on to the final points tally at next terms Cross Country Carnival (Wed 23 April). Please meet Mr Dolan in the undercover area outside the tuckshop. Current points for attendance after 3 weeks: Currumbin Blue Whales 147 Coolangatta Gold Marlins 145 Tugun Green Sharks 149 Kirra Red Dolphins - 201

QLD State Primary Schools Swimming

St As wishes both Damien S and Ellena P all the very best this week, as they are participating in the Queensland State Titles for swimming. Good luck Damien and Ellena!

Primary School Sport District Representatives

Congratulations to the following students who have gained District South Representation: Netball 11 years: Halle G is off to the District Carnival on Tuesday. Good luck! Basketball 12 years: Abbey H

NRL Backyard League Year 3-7 Program

One hundred and twenty-five students in Years 3-7 (boys and girls), will again be involved in the NRL sponsored Backyard League Centre here at St As this Thursday lunch time. The sessions consist of games and challenging activities that will provide an opportunity for your child to improve their coordination, spatial awareness, social skills and fitness. It is also a great way to make new friends. All sessions are taught by professional NRL Game Development Officers. The best thing about the Backyard League Centre is that it is completely FREE, and your son/daughter will receive their very own football so they can continue to play with their friends. All they need to do is return the registration form (class teachers have these) and attend the 3 sessions (each Thursday 1.20pm 2.00pm till end of term) which is during lunch time. We look forward to this weeks activities.

Total Football Academy Soccer

Total Football Academy will be running an after School soccer program during Term 2 at St Augustine's Primary School. The program is for Prep to Year 4 pupils. Registration forms will be distributed during a free demonstration. During the 6 week program games will be played inside an inflatable soccer field, which captures the imagination of students, giving them a great soccer experience. Training will take place inside a skills square focusing on different skills each week, such as dribbling, turning and shooting. As part of the program, players can also purchase a soccer kit (top and shorts). The program starts on Monday 5 May, 3.15pm - 4.15pm. To sign up online visit or call Andy Robinson on 0413 888 643. Mr Shaun Dolan (Sports Co-ordinator)

P&F News
General Meeting 25 March 2014 6:30pm Staffroom (P&F Levy)
Information on website and below.

Mother's Day Stall

Special gifts for the special "mum" in your life (5 May - 9 May)

St A's Running / Walking Group

Meeting at Dune Caf (Palm Beach Parkland, Pirate Park). Every Wednesday 5:00pm (Runners 5km; Walkers 3km or 5km). All parents/guardians welcome (Adults only at this time). Get fit or stay fit!

Dear Parents, The P&F would like to inform you why your contribution is important:

St Augustines Parish Primary Primary School is given an amount per student from the school fees to cover education equipment, books, chairs, desks etc. and maintenance costs. As you can imagine, once these costs have been covered there is little remaining from this budget to cover other costs. The P&F therefore would provide core funding support to the school in areas identified by the School and P&F as priorities to extend the schools capacity to add value to the learning experiences of students.

Levy of $100 per family ($25 per Term)

Funding from the Levy may include: P&F Federation Levy, Leadership shirts, School Digital Electronic Sign, Large Information Board for Top Car Park, Landscaping, Covered walkway from Monica Block (Prep) to Brady Block, Technology, the purchase of additional Books for the Library; Football Jumpers and other Sports Uniform for the Sports Teams; additional Art Room Equipment; and improvements to the vehicle access points to the school to facilitate access by emergency and other vehicles when necessary. Actual use of funds is decided at P&F meetings for the needs and priorities of the school. In previous years the P&F fundraising has funded items for the Art Department, Music Department, Library, student computers, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, technology etc. The P&F have voted on and passed the motion that there will be a levy (July 2013), it is just that we need to finalise whether it will be voluntary contribution or compulsory levy. We sincerely thank parents for their contributions last year but to achieve goals we need a levy. As you can see the Levy would benefit children in all levels of the school right from Prep to Year 7. To ensure that the P&F can continue to fund and enhance the current programs within the school we ask for your support through the payment of the Levy.

Thank you for your support, Martin Sanders ( P & F President

Tuckshop Roster

TUCKSHOP COOKING/HOME BAKING: Thank you for sending in ONLY cakes/biscuits etc. made from safe or nut free products to sell at our tuckshop. NO almond meal please.

Please click on the link for the 2013 Tuckshop Price List.

Date: Monday 24 March

Tuckshop Helpers: Tuckshop Closed (Mini hot dogs 50c)

Home Baking Roster: -

Tuesday 25 March

Tuckshop Closed (Mini hot dogs 50c)

Wednesday 26 March

S Dickinson, Y Gibson

M Suddes

Thursday 27 March

R Strotton, M Dellar

B Smith

Friday 28 March

S Morley, B Barea, P Gabriel

E Navin

Wednesday 2 April

T jones (11:00-2:30), L Creedy (8:30-11:30)

Coming Events

Monday 24 March Tuesday 25 March Thursday 27 March

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program (FULLY BOOKED) P & F Meeting, 6:30pm in Staffroom Whole School Mass, 9am

Monday 31 March Monday 31 March - Thursday 3 April

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program (FULLY BOOKED) Year 6 Surfing ICAS: Computer Skills competition payment due $8.80 ICAS: Science competition payment due $8.80 ICAS: Maths competition payment due $8.80

Tuesday 1 April ICAS: English competition payment due $8.80 ICAS: Spelling competition payment due $12.10 ICAS: Writing competition payment due $18.70 Friday 4 April Monday 21 April Tuesday 22 April Tuesday 22 April Wednesday 23 April Wednesday 7 May Tuesday 13 May Wednesday 14 May Thursday 15 May Tuesday 20 May Thursday 29 May Saturday 31 May Wednesday 4 June Monday 9 June Tuesday 10 June Monday 16 June Tuesday 17 June Thursday 24 July Friday 25 July Tuesday 29 July Tuesday 29 July Monday 4 August End of Term 1 Holiday Term 2 commences Triple P - Positive Parenting Program Reconnect Session St A's Cross Country District Cross Country NAPLAN Testing NAPLAN Testing NAPLAN Testing ICAS Computer Skills Catholic Cross Country Confirmation and First Communion, 6pm ICAS - Science Competition Queen's Birthday holiday Regional Cross Country ICAS Writing competition ICAS Spelling competition St A's Field Events St A's Track Events ICAS - English competition Track and Field "C Schools" Track and Field Championship Day

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Students of the Week


Willow F William M


Emilliana G-F


Ayla C/Zac P


Callum H


Caleb T


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Zara D


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Bayley F

Term Dates

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Professional Development and Planning Days To be advised Wednesday 29 January - Friday 4 April Tuesday 22 April - Friday 27 June Monday 14 July - Friday 19 September Tuesday 7 October - Friday 5 December

Community News
For Sale
Camper Trailer ready for Easter camping. $3000 Very Good Condition comes with Stormcover and other extras. Call 0408 590223 or email for details.

House for Rent

House for rent in Currumbin Waters, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, pool, double garage. Robinson place, Currumbin Waters. Phone Jenny Martin 0409 773 811. $650 per week.

We need your help!

Our next big Fundraiser is this Saturday at Fitness First at Robina on Bermuda Street from 7am with all proceeds going to Peace for Rhys. We will be holding a Morning Tea so we need all our lovely mums and dads to get baking. Suggestions could be muffins, cupcakes, quiches, slices, cakes and any special treats that you like to make at home. Could we please ask that anything you bake is NUT FREE due to Rhyss Allergies as he will be helping us out in the morning. Any cake stands that we could use for the day would be greatly appreciated. Please clearly mark your items and they will be returned to the office on Monday morning.

Please we please drop off all your wonderful cooking at the office on Friday morning or afternoon and they will be collected by Lisa and Michelle. We thank you in advance for all your time and effort in helping us raise the funds to get our friend Rhys to France... The Peace for Rhys Team.