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About the Platform_

What we do
// The Platform as a member forum
The Platform provides a forum to exchange knowledge,
build consensus and formulate joint approaches around
critical and emerging issues in agriculture, rural develop-
ment and food security

// Activities
Policymakers and practitioners generate and promote
common messages that raise the prole of rural develop-
ment in international policy debates
// Adding value
The Platform amplies the efforts of its members by
facilitating the exchange of their development know-how
and consolidating it into a robust knowledge base for joint
advocacy work
// Rationale
To promote effective policy, and public and private, both
external and domestic, investment in rural development,
the Platform members advocate with policy- and decision
makers, share knowledge amongst themselves and all
relevant actors, and facilitate networking and cooperation
with and between all relevant actors
// Structure
The Platform is a network of 37 bilateral and multilateral
donors, international nancing institutions, intergovern-
mental organisations and development agencies
// Members
The Platform is currently chaired by the Ministry for
Foreign Affairs of Finland and Foreign Affairs, Trade and
Development, Canada
About the Platform_
Why we do what we do
// Poverty reduction is the aim
Agriculture, rural development and food security are
broadly accepted as key drivers to sustainably reduce
// Integration into the overall international
development agenda
Rural development needs to be recognised as a critical
element of the international sustainable development
// Donors must work together to maximize
development impact
Sustainable and efcient development requires a coor-
dinated global approach which the Platform supports
// Increasing aid to agriculture and rural
development is not enough
Platform members promote policy and investment
for more effective development in support of
agriculture and rural development

// Contact
The Platform secretariat is hosted by the German
Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
BMZ and managed by GIZ
Secretariat of the
Global Donor Platform for Rural Development at GIZ
Godesberger Allee 119, 53175 Bonn, Germany
+49 228 249 34166

Tackling rural poverty,