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Performance Review Guidelines for Self-Appraisal

Self-Appraisals offer numerous benefits to the appraisal process including greater perceived accuracy, fairness and improved understanding of the demands and expectations of the organization. We recommend that the SelfAppraisal be completed and submitted to your manager approximately 2 weeks prior to your Performance Appraisal discussion.

The Performance Review Form provides periodic written review of individual performance, in the context of the ongoing performance management process. It is designed to facilitate constructive discussion between the employee and manager in order to clarify performance objectives, provide feedback about the employees performance with respect to skills and behaviors, provide a framework for identifying the employees development plans, and serve as a basis for merit increase decisions. Managers and employees are responsible for completing a yearly performance review as part of ongoing performance discussions. Preparation for the performance review discussion should begin with the employee completing a self-appraisal.

The Human Resources Department is available to answer questions and to provide assistance to managers and staff members on any aspect of the performance management process, including the performance review form.

I Major Areas of Responsibility (This is what you do)

This section of the Performance Review form is used to record the three or four major activities or goals that you are responsible for in your job as well as the evaluation criteria for these. The major activities typically reflect duties described in the job description and/or performance goals. Evaluation criteria encompass such standards as impact, timeliness, cost effectiveness, client satisfaction, accuracy, consistency, etc. During the review period, the manager and staff member are encouraged to review progress in meeting identified goals or activities, and the manager may decide to revise, add, or delete any of these in order to best meet changing organizational needs.

II Performance CompetenciesSkills and Behaviors (This is how you do it)

At the beginning of the review period, the manager and employee are responsible for reaching a shared understanding of the key skills and behaviors as they relate to the individuals job description and have been established by the manager. While the employee will be evaluating him or herself regarding the key skills and behaviors, the manager is ultimately responsible for assessing the staff members performance against the agreed upon performance expectations and reviewing the assessment with the individual. Performance that does not meet expectations should be addressed in the Development Plan section of the Performance Review.

III Overall Assessment

The manager completes a brief summary of the employees overall performance. (Employee does not complete this section.)

IV Development Plan
There are four kinds of Development Plans:

1) Development to close performance gaps: the manager, in conjunction with the staff member, should identify development plans for any goals, skills or behaviors which are assessed at the Needs Improvement performance level.

Development plans which address performance at the Needs Improvement performance level should be reviewed and discussed through ongoing performance discussions.

2) Development to enhance job skills and performance: plans identified by a manager with the individual to provide opportunities for a staff member to enhance job-related skills and performance.

3) Development for career advancement: plans identified by the manager and individual to enhance the promotability of a staff member.

4) Development for career exploration: staff members may initiate a development plan to provide opportunities for career exploration through cross-training or mentoring activities.

V Performance Goals and Expectations

This section is used to begin the performance management process for the next review period. Goals typically reflect major job activities and may be modified throughout the year based upon changing organizational needs.

Employee Self-Appraisal
Name Job Title Peter Taiye Erin Project Manager ___________ Date of Review 19/12/13 Department ___PMO______________ Review Period _Jan 2013- Dec 2013_______________

Date Appointed to this Position ___January 201

Managers Name and Title_______________________________________________________________

Section IMajor Areas of Responsibility

Major Areas of Responsibility/Goals These typically relate to the major activities that you perform on your
job and/or the goals that have been established by your manager and discussed with you. This is also an opportunity to describe noteworthy accomplishments. Primary Performance Expectations: Responsibilities/Goals Notes/Comments on Achievements & Areas for Improvement

I set a daily target for myself and at the end of the day evaluate my performance against my deliverables. Deliverables/Performance(KPI)

Revenue Target

I make sure I get everything necessary to make sure I get my documents signed ASAP


I make sure I get the best out of my installers to make sure they deliver timely without snags. I make sure I interact with Huawei and Operators staff to get firsthand information from them and to make sure escalation are kept within the region I make sure all Project are delivered completely with the SLA

Time of delivery

Section IIPerformance Competencies (Skills and behaviors)

These skills and behaviors have been identified as important for most employees. Other skills and behaviors may be added if needed. Please review and consider how you have demonstrated these in your job and how you might improve on these going forward. Competency Area Taking Responsibility: Completes
assignments in a thorough, accurate, and timely manner that achieves expected outcomes; exhibits concern for the goals and needs of the department and others that depend on services or work products; handles multiple responsibilities in an effective manner; uses work time productively. Customer Focus: Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect; goes above and beyond to anticipate customer needs and respond accordingly.

Notes/Comments on Competency Areas and Suggestions for Improvement I have known a long time ago that taking responsibility is a great leadership quality, I dont allow my subordinate to take direct responsibility from the top management in case of failure in achieving the total project deliverables, I take the chunk of the blame because I make the most decision, though I further punish my subordinate for failures on their part.

I make sure our customers are satisfied with our service, though I use to make sure this feat is met by all means before the management enlightened me then when I was brought in to the Head office for citation and there the companys aim and objective was properly highlighted to me.

Problem Solving/Creativity: Identifies

and analyzes problems; formulates alternative solutions; takes or recommends appropriate actions; follows up to ensure problems are resolved.

Collaboration/Teamwork: Uses
diplomacy and tact to maintain harmonious and effective work relationships with coworkers and constituents; adapts to changing priorities and demands; shares information and resources with others to promote positive and collaborative work relationships; supports diversity initiatives by demonstrating respect for all individuals.

Communication/Interpersonal Skills:
Is able to effectively communicate and to influence others in order to meet organizational goals; shares information openly; relates well to all kinds of people; is able to speak well and write effectively.

On the contrary to the believe of the management that PM cannot handle installation is not true, before I became a project manager in my former place of work, I worked as a core implementation Engineer for two years before I took over as a BSS Engineer where I supervise field installation and I carry out installations myself. The only area I dont work on is the MW orientation alignment which I told the GM before my employment was offered to me. The EMTS project we just started I took part in the installation of the trial site we worked on and the sites we installed completely without snags. No QC was carried out also. I work with both the installers by giving the remote support and if sites are close to the office I occasionally visit sites which are giving installers technical issue. Collaboration with Logistic department I give support to the logistic department in terms of motivating drivers and helping in site location and addresses in terms of community issue I render assistance, even financial support even up till now the Logistic manager still owe me for over a month for my assistance in helping that materials are delivered in good time I wake up mid night to send money through the internet to drivers on transit. As much as possible I try not to enforce anything on my subordinate I make sure they see the companys goal and I make sure they know that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well at the first time. I dont shout on my installers and I dont exercise authority over them.

Section IIIGrowth and Development Plan

Employee: Describe two or three of your top strengths and one or two growth/development opportunities. Provide this to your manager for discussion and review. Damage control- I dont panic under pressure, I established that character in Asaba Region when Mr Chris and Mr Parthiban was making life miserable for our previous PMs at the region then Strengths: Interpersonal relation- this is a God gift and I use it well by making sure I get the right thing from the right people.

Sincerity and Dedication towards my job, sincerity is a virtue I dont joke with and I will do everything good to keep that feat.

I am a very reserve person many, and I use my nature to study others by talking less and listening more. What will you (employee) do? (This can be as simple as
reading a book, serving on a team, observing someone who does it well, asking for feedback on a behavior that youre trying to change, etc.)

I read a lot, and I do a lot of research I sleep late and wake up early I have over 500 ebooks on my laptop and I make sure I read at least 50-100 pages of books a day. I am currently doing PGD in Theology, this is a year program. I am reading my book on PMP Title Preparing for the PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL Certification Exam Third Edition Authored by Michael W Newell. I also have several books on PMP both hard and soft copy which I am studying on my own till I finish my PGD before I can enroll for my PMP Certification Exams I will appeal to the management to sponsor me for courses that will further broaden my scope in project management so that I can be more valuable to the company.

What can the manager do to support this?

Section IVPerformance Goals & Expectations ( for next review period)

Name: Job Title: Peter Taiye Erin Project Manager Review Period Start Date: Jan 2013- Dec 2013 _ Managers Name: __________________________

Goals for Next Review PeriodIdentify three to five goals to be accomplished during the next review period by
thinking of the major activities related to your job. At the end of the review period, rate how well these goals were achieved. Keep in mind that during the review period, goals and evaluation criteria may be revised, added, or deleted in order to best meet changing organizational needs. This form should be helpful in completing next years performance review. SMART Goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) My Specific goal is I will make sure Rem-Bam become the best Huawei SBC for Airtel and EMTS project, though we just started, I will make sure we build and earn Huawei trust just as we did in MTN project and I will make sure this is achieved in as quickly as possible. How we know it was achieved

My Measurable is that I will spend my time with Huawei EMTS PMs I will travel to Kano to make sure I meet often with Huawei PMs there and I will always push my NPM to make sure he meet often with the Airtel PMs in Lagos to discuss about our involvement in their projects

My Attainable Goal is to make sure we achieve our complete installation without snags and with the least possible cost of installation. And I will make sure EMTS Kano Region is entirely For Rem-Bam My Realistic Goal is that I will ensure all my target are met

My Timely Goal is to make sure that both my short and long term goals are met in as quickly as possible.

Appendix: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Business and Financial Managers
The following skills that are applicable can be incorporated into the Major Areas of Responsibility Section 1 and/or the Performance Competencies Section 2. Competencies/Skills Notes/Comments on Competency Areas and Suggestions for Improvement
(optional but strongly encouraged)

Financial Acumen: Demonstrates

knowledge of and effectively implements GAAP; demonstrates knowledge of and effectively implements internal finance/accounting policies and procedures; meets university deadlines. Business Knowledge: Demonstrates through accuracy; understands the departments mission; plans for short term goals as well as longer term financial planning; understands the roles of central staff and supports company needs for financial reporting; contributes to university work groups to develop and enhance business practices and policies.

I make sure all my financial report are submitted to the accountant and my NMP for verification and I will make sure from January everybody I mobilized will sign against the amount I mobilized them with and will be scanned and submitted to the accountant. To check my accountability. I make sure PO, VO, CR are signed ASAP and other necessary support documents are submitted immediately Huawei signed their documents with operators. I will continue to see areas where we can reduce expense without tampering with the quality of installation.

HR, Payroll, Oracle, SIS systems:

Ability to understand and integrate related program or process changes into the unit; reviews & assesses programs for effectiveness.

Managing and measuring work:

Clearly assigns responsibility for tasks and decisions; sets clear objectives and measures; monitors process, progress and results; provides feedback (both up and down). Hiring and Staffing: Is a good judge of talent; recruits & hires the best people available from inside or outside the organization; is not afraid of selecting strong people; assembles and orients talented staffs. Delegating: Comfortably and effectively delegates both routine and important tasks and decisions; broadly shares both responsibility and accountability; tends to trust people to perform; lets direct reports finish their own work.

I make sure that staffs are not redundant and effective time keeping are recorded for staff and their performance are also properly documented.

I am capable of selecting and recommending good staff to the company.

Proper delegation of duties is an effective way of getting jobs done easily and efficiently, I still thank the management for helping me realize this key factor in target realization, because this quality used to be a minus for me in time past.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusiveness: Manages a diverse

group of people equitably; hires variety and diversity without regard to class; supports equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all. Developing Self: Shows evidence of personal development (e.g. software skills enhancement, financial training); completes specialized training as appropriate (e.g. research, compliance, etc.); identifies ways to improve efficiency and accuracy. Developing Others: Provides challenging tasks and assignments; holds frequent development discussions, completes performance reviews, etc; is aware of each direct reports career goals; constructs compelling development plans and executes them; pushes direct reports to accept developmental moves; provides mentoring; is a people builder.

I have never been biased to anybody I recognize their strength and I judge staffs by that. Those I have recommended to my NPM and NQCM didnt disappoint them.

I develop myself in excel, Visio, Auto card, and Math Lab programs.

I have conducted training both in house and on job training to many of our staffs and I will continue to train with challenging task