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Brazil Christian Mission

Brazil Christian Mission L. David & Ruth Sanders Starla Azevedo

C/0 Jerry Turner

P. O. Box 12 Anthony, KS 67003

70.259-970 Brasilia, DF
Brazil, SA

Recife, Brazil

Darel Boston, Board Chairman darel


The missionaries and board of BCM are very grateful for the many who pray and

give for this work of Christ in Brazil. Many crises have been resolved & victories won
because of God's intervention. Your prayerful support makes that possible.

An experience of many mission minded people has been Faith Promise. It's a way for people who have given all they can, to give "more than they were able" (II Cor. 8:3). The benefit reaches the missionary of course, but it also wonderfully benefits the donor.

"In dependence upon God I will endeavor to give each month to Brazil Christian
Mission this amount: $ ."

What a simple line, and similar to other pledges. But the concept of "faithpromise" is more. Yes, I'll give an amount I can afford from my assets or income. But I'll add an amount I'll have to trust God to provide. I'll watch for it, give it when I get it, pray about
it, rejoice and praise Him.

May He choose not to provide? Of course; but He invites you to trust Him. And IF you believe Him for it. He is able to bless! Many donors have experienced His grace in providing, and their FAITH has grown, their WITNESS increased.
We're going to be in prayer for you. And we'll be doing what you're doing; seeking God's will as we trust Him for a faith promise amount each month to BCM. However much you promise and the Lordprovides, it will be used "for the least of
these" in Brazil. To God be the glory!
Board: Brazil Christian Mission


1. Unusual and unexpected:

* Somebody bought my
* Inheritance
* Tax return * Bonus

(boat, bike, coat, farm, house,...)


2. Change of habit:
* Ate out less often

* Altered vacation plan * Christmas gifts: drew names rather than buy-for-everybody
3. New earnings; * Garage sale * Part time job

4. Pray Expecting: * God answers in His own perfect way and time.
* Your focus on His mission invites

His providence for your promise.


1. Continue present giving; PTE for what you're already giving to the Lord's

2. When you have decided on the added amount to give, enter that figure on one Faith Promise slip and mail it in the return envelope. Retain the other for daily prayer. 3. When sending your checks to BCM, please note how much is Faith Promise. Your receipts will keep you informed of progress toward your

4. Prayer, Prayer and more Prayer continues to be the path to successful

Missions, and successful Faith Promise.


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Subject: Report from Sanders


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Greetings. Hello. Blessings. Salutations from L. David and Ruth E. Sanders


L. David was Invited to participate in a celebration in a new (one month) congregation, in one of the satellite villages (cities), Guara, in the Federal District of Brasil - Brasilia by the "Retired Rector" (Osorio Gongalves) of the College of Theology. For several years we have been fellowshipping a "reformed group" from a Roman Catholic base families of the "Community of the Crucified One" in Homestead (Pittsburgh) Penn. When the last bishop passed away some of the group voted to form groups of a New Testament Faith (Restoration) thinking. Ray Gurley of Hazelwood (Pittsburgh) had introduced the Community to
L. David several years ago.

During several years groups of their missionaries brought DVBS types of programs for children
and teens in Brasilia and Recife. In the process of time leaders discussed the New Testament Church and prayed about how they could fellowship with a free Church.

Minister (Joel) Tomas Matrascia, one of the priests asked how could he participate in the New Testament fellowship and be affiliated with the Restoration Movement. He had been baptized by immersion in the early days of their reformed fellowship and studied with the rector Osorio and Lloyd David and attended various congregations in Brasil. The elders in various churches
heard his testimony and declaration of faith.

Minister Osorio had opened a new congregation. Brother Joel asked to be "set apart" as a missionary evangelist pastor in this new congregation in Brasil to be sent to USA and lead his
congregation into the New Testament pattern.

(Joel) Tomas Matrascia and two other brothers from Pittsburgh made a more recent trip when they contributed to construction of a new building for a children's home. Joel and Thomas Lunardi stayed another week and visited several churches and returned to USA mid-April.

Joel was approved for ordination by the elders of the new church and he asked Lloyd David Sanders to participate in the ''laying on of hands" ceremony with various elders-pastors

1. Joel Matrascia, L. David and Ruth Sanders and Philip McAfee stopped at the Sanders for an hour during the time that Philip gave them a short tour of Brasilia. 2. Ministers Osorio, Gerson, Marinho, Joel and L. David. 3. Thomas, Lloyd David and Joel. 4. Cerimonial anointing. 5. Joel and Lloyd reviewing scriptures. 6. Dedication, prayer and vote of faithfulness...
<Ordination 05142011.JPG>

^ Servins Christ In Brazil

s %

? / /

Lloyd &Ruth Sanders

Luiz & Staria Azevedo

\ Missionaries in Brasilia

Missionaries in Jaboatao

s s s
Jerry Turner, Treasurer
Box 12

I i

Anthony, KS 67003

Oct. 1,2011

Words will never be adequate to express gratitude for those who faithfully support Brazil Christian Mission, month after month, year after year. What a terrific circle of Kingdom classics you are! May God continue to bless you richly!

Jesus is described, years before His coming, by the prophet Isaiah as one who "had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him..." (Isa. 53:2) BCM may appear that way to many; like Jesus, it has always been poor. But also like Jesus, it has always had a heart for "the least of these" (Matt. 25:40).

Luiz and Starla Azevedo work among the poorest, and are poor themselves. It is necessaiy for them to move from the home they've been renting for several years. That is probably a blessing, since it was far from ideal either as a home or as a site to do their work. But a place to
move that is better, affordable, and also a site from which to

minister...that place is not yet found, but urgently needed.

Two requests: (1) Please pray (fast and pray if you will), that God would reveal His just-right solution to the need. (2) Please make whatever extra gift He is enabling you to give as the cost of moving is added to an already-broken budget.

Again, THANK YOU for generous and faithful giving. Your gifts wrapped in prayer are keeping workers on the field, and benefitting "the least ofthese" every day.L. David and Ruth continue to cope with health issues, but are doing well enough to keep serving. Praise The Lord.
May our Lord keep the Sanders and Azevedos in effective

ministry, and may He use your efforts and ours in the process.

Darel & Jo Ann Boston, Jerry Turner, Marybelle Schreiner, John Gates, Brad Moore, John & Elnor Van Der Wege, Julie Fiedler, Ora