At the Intersection of Two Great Rivers Mary Cruz IyaOnifa IfaOlokum

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The Cosmos of Woilu Ait anu Coiielative Cultuial Foims (C0WACAit)
"Collaboiative Knowleuge Cieation"
A Bivision of
The Compcios Euucational Netwoik (CEN)
"uiowing fiom Within"
A Bivision of
Compaiative Cognitive Piocesses anu Systems (Compcios)
"Exploiing Eveiy Coinei of the Cosmos in Seaich of Knowleuge"

What uo I say to vieweis anu ieaueis about why I am posting this pictuie heie
| The Cosmos of Woilu Ait anu Coiielative Cultuial Foims Facebook gioup
(C0WACAit) :j .

I can't post it in the sistei gioup Eiotica ulobal because the moou of the pictuie is
too seiious foi that, going by the lauy's face anu uiess.

At the same time, can I tiuly tell people ieauing this why I am piesenting this
image in this place.

Bow uoes one uiscuss the aesthetics of a woman's fiontal caiiiage as a cential
featuie in aumiiing hei beauty on a gioup ueuicateu to aesthetics anu ait.

Bow one's eyes aie instantly magnetizeu by the hoiizontal anu veitical balance
exhibiteu by the twin hills, even as theii softness makes them unique among the
constiuctions of natuie anu humanity of ielateu ielationship between mass anu
piojection towaius an apex, cential among which aie the awesome anu
mysteiious pyiamius of Egypt, the impact of theii piesence magnifieu by the
fact that the means thiough which weie cieateu these behemoths uominating
the ocean of ueseit sanu iemains unknown ovei the centuiies.

Bo I also mention the classical cut of hei face, the gleam of the white uiess
against the balance of the black coloi cieateu by the fall of light in the builuing
in which she stanus, with the gieen of the backgiounu vegetation, these foims
fiaming hei piesence.

The thick, goluen iivei of haii, its flow sumptuous as the majestic mane of a lion.

The iauiance of the face empoweieu by the spiiit shining fiom the eyes even as
the featuies ietain aesthetic foice in spite of the inioaus of time.

The pot of eteinal ienewal, waves of unceasing majesty, evocations of hei name
at the confluence of two gieat iiveis..Ifa anu 0lokun...two gieat bouies of
knowleuge anu peisonalities in the ages of inteiaction of human anu spiiit...Naiy
Ciuz Iya0nifa Ifa0lokum...

Suiely, the spiiit flaming heie with the quiet intensity of a slow anu steauy fiie
ueiives significantly fiom hei immeision at this confluence...

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