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Elina St-Onge - 11 Important Tips To Raise Your Consciousness

April 30, 2013 by Elina St-Onge. 39 Comments.

What does raising !ons!io"sness# a!t"ally mean$ %t is o&ten portrayed as some sort o& s"per-h"man a!!omplishment that 'ill grant "s spirit"al s"per po'ers( b"t it is simply abo"t be!oming &reer 'ithin o"rsel)es. *he &reer 'e &eel 'ithin + not be!a"se# o& this or that + the ,%-.*E/ 'e are. 0e!oming enlightened is simply abo"t lightening up. We !an no' &orget abo"t be!oming something more spe!ial.# /aising o"r !ons!io"sness is simply the pro!ess o& lightening "p o"r load o& baggage so 'e !an mo)e &reely and &l"idly as the light beings that 'e already are1 .ere are 11 tips and insights 2'ith lin3s to tal3s and g"ided !learing meditations4 that ha)e personally helped me lighten "p my o'n load and shi&t my !ons!io"sness.

1. Be You in Every Moment

5ep, it6s that simple. /epla!e pretense 'ith yo"r presen!e. 5o" don6t ha)e to 'ait "ntil yo" &eel good,# per&e!t,# enlightened# or 'ait &or something to happen &or yo" to rela7 into yo"r o'n being. 5o" don6t need to loo3 at anothers 8o"rney and !ompare, 8"dge or do"bt yo"rsel& either. *his type o& thin3ing 8"st tri!3s yo" o"t o& the per&e!tion o& you in this moment any'ays. 9o matter 'hat yo" are &eeling or 'hat the sit"ation is, just be you and let the rest "n&old. Find that place which is effortlessly at rest within itself. Be therebe one with that. :oo8i *al3 ; -"ided Clearing on <"dgment = Comparison

2. Let Go of the Fear of Feeling

*his is a big one. >is!o)ering 'ho 'e are is no di&&erent than opening the door o& a ho"se + the ho"se being a metaphor &or o"r h"man mind. %t6s a great step, 'e6re letting some light in1 0"t does it mean 'e ha)e )isited it thoro"ghly$ >oes it ne!essarily mean 'e ha)e e7perien!ed ea!h room, opened e)ery !loset, and e)en spent some time in the s!ary# basement$ ?erhaps 'e ha)e @"i!3ly pea3ed in ea!h room, b"t ha)e 'e ta3en the time to e7plore them &"lly, meditate in them, open the 'indo's to let some light in, and perhaps do a little !lean "p$ Are 'e o3ay 'ith lea)ing the doors open &or "s and others to see$ *he light o& o"r a'areness isn6t limited to entering 'hat is !om&ortable and a!!eptable to the mind. %t is here to ill"minate all rooms + e)en those d"sty !losets 'ith all o& the old, emotionally !harged baggage 'e ha)e been rel"!tant to e7plore. What has laid dormant 'ithin ea!h room is o&ten ignored. 0"t no', the 'inds o& !hange are blo'ing all doors open and many o& "s are &eeling and re-e7perien!ing many emotions that 'e ha)e on!e prote!ted o"rsel)es &rom &eeling again. *he only thing that blo!3s "s &rom seeing the blessing in letting the 'ind blo' "s open is the &ear o& &eeling. When 'e !hoose to not be !ontrolled and de&ined by this &ear anymore, 'e nat"rally 3eep all o& o"r doors open 3no'ing that it !annot brea3 'ho 'e are, b"t only identities 'ith old patterns that 'ere limiting o"r inner-&reedom and pea!e any'ays.

The intent of this journey isnt to feel good but rather to feel whats actually unfolding within us right now. in other words our intent isnt to feel better but to get better at feeling. !ur authentic state of presence is joyful har"onious peaceful and lo#ing. $owe#er to awa%en to our presence initially re&uires journeying through the current condition of the e"otional body. 'ichael Brown The (resence (rocess .o' to 9a)igate Emotions ; -"ided Clearing

3. Identify With Nothing Not Even a !"iritual Identity#

Dis-identify from labels: Can yo" identi&y as nothing in parti!"lar$ Aor e7ample, loo3 at a b"nny, a bird or a &lo'er. %s the b"nny hopping aro"nd thin3ing it6s a b"nny, is the bird singing be!a"se it 3no's that6s 'hat birds do,# and is the bea"ty o& a &lo'er e7perien!ed )ia it6s name, or is it simply 'itnessed in silen!e$ *he same goes 'ith "s. ,et6s not dismiss the 0E%9- 'ithin the term h"man being.# *he less 'e let o"rsel)es be de&ined by identity, the more spa!e 'e allo' &or o"r o'n a"thenti! presen!e to shine thro"gh, and the lighter and more ali)e 'e &eel. *a3e a moment to breathe in this )ery moment and identi&y as 9O-*.%9-. *here yo" are( Dis-identify from thoughts and emotions: *his is also a great reminder 'hen it !omes to letting o"rsel)es &eel. We are !"rrently li)ing in times 'here a lot o& st"&& is !oming to the s"r&a!e &or release, 'hether it be belie& systems, blo!3ed emotions, tra"ma imprints, identities and per!eptions. *he smoothest 'ay to mo)e thro"gh it all is to not only release the &ear o& &eeling, b"t to not al'ays 8"mp to identi&y 'ith 'hat stories and emotions !ome thro"gh. *his !an be a !hallenge, b"t it helps to 3no' that dis-identi&ying is not something 'e >O, b"t is something 'e A/E "nderneath all that 'e6re trying to do1 Bnderneath the mental noise, 'e are .E/E, observing 'hat passes and feeling all sensations 'itho"t 8"dging or identi&ying. When 'e !ons!io"sly mo)e &rom identi&i!ation to deta!hed obser)ation, 'e shi&t &rom resistan!e and !on&"sion to pea!e and !larity. Feelings are )ust *isitors +ont ,dentify 'ooji *al3 ; -"ided Clearing on ,etting go o& Atta!hments to %dentity, /oles, >e&initions, ?eople = the O"tside World 0eyond %dentityC -"ided :editation

4. Dont Be so Har on Yoursel!

/aising !ons!io"sness# is not a serio"s mission. *here6s no sel&8"dgment or % 'on6t ma3e it# 3ind o& thin3ing re@"ired. /emember, 'e6re here to be h"man and a'a3en thro"gh this h"man &orm + not deny it altogether. We6re not la!3ing pea!e be!a"se 'e ha)e allo'ed o"rsel)es to be h"man, 'e la!3 pea!e be!a"se 'e 8"dge and resist !ertain aspe!ts o& being h"man 'hile !hasing and

o)er)al"ing others. We are not here to ma3e o"rsel)es an enemy and see3 to destroy o"r egoD 'e are simply !hoosing to be!ome !ons!io"s o& ho' it !"rrently operates and ma3e some ad8"stments 'itho"t an o"n!e o& 8"dgment. We !an de&initely gi)e o"rsel)es a pat on the ba!3, planet Earth is one intense s!hool. 0"t it is 'ith great lo)e and e7!itement that o"r so"ls are intending to ma3e a shi&t, not 'ith sel&-8"dgment. +o you really thin% you can e"body your true nature of peace and unconditional lo#e by fighting and judging yourself- $igher .elf *al3 ; -"ided Clearing on ,ightening Bp

$. %on&t Ma'e (er)onal Gro*th Into a Mean) +o ,Get What You Want-

When 'e are identi&ied 'ith the ego, 'e belie)e in the tho"ght % la!3 and there&ore m"st &ill# 'hen in tr"th, 'e are 'hole and !omplete. E)en 'hen it !omes to o"r o'n spirit"al de)elopment, 'e !an get !a"ght "p thin3ing i& % !lear this pattern, % !an then mani&est the Eideal6 relationship, stop that e7perien!e and get 'hat % 'ant instead# or %& % !lear my &ear right no', % !an pre)ent it &rom happening later.# As m"!h as a shi&t in !ons!io"sness does shi&t o"r reality, holding on to e7pe!tations still &o!"ses o"r a'areness o"tside o& "s and there&ore 3eeps "s in the )ery state 'e thin3 'e 'ant to mo)e beyond. 9oti!e ho' in this state o& e7pe!tation, 'e still 8"dge o"r !"rrent e7perien!e + o"r )ery messenger and tea!her + and loo3 o"tside o& o"rsel)es &or something better.# When 'e are tr"ly beyond past &ears and inse!"rities, not getting 'hat 'e 'ant# 'on6t a&&e!t o"r inner-pea!e be!a"se o"r tr"e so"r!e o& pea!e is 'ithin any'ays. %t doesn6t mean 'e !an6t ha)e 'hat 'e desire, it only means o"r entire sense o& sel& and inner-pea!e 'on6t be dependent on it. %n a state o& inner-&reedom, not only more possibilities 'ill open "p to "s, 'e6ll ha)e the eyes to see it1 %& % had to in)ent a mantra abo"t this, it 'o"ld be this oneC I am releasing what no longer serves to be FREE within myself, not to project outcomes. /ou find peace not by rearranging the circu"stances of your life but by reali0ing who you are at the deepest le#el. 1 2c%hart Tolle F >ay E)ent ; -"ided :editations on .o' :ani&esting *r"ly Wor3s

.. Be More Intere)ted in Your /ea0tion +han In Who1What +riggered It

%& 'e tend to al'ays rea!t in the same old 'ays to spe!i&i! s!enarios, it might be time to @"estion o"r rea!tions instead o& pointing o"r &ingers o"t there. % !an tell yo" &rom e7perien!eC &o!"sing solely on e7ternal triggers leads no'here. When 'e a!!ept that o"ter !ir!"mstan!es and other so"ls !an play

!ertain roles to ma3e "s a'are o& o"r sensiti)ities, 'e realiGe it is &"tile to shoot the messengers. We sho"ld a!t"ally than3 the messengers &or the message they bring1 S"re, the "rge to rea!t !an be strong, b"t this is a per&e!t opport"nity to apply the 'isdom and simply sit 'ith o"r &eelings. 0y allo'ing 'hat 'e &eel to 8"st be, 'e are able to deta!h &rom o"r rea!tion and see things &rom a higher perspe!ti)e. , reacted this way because , let "yself be affected by others judg"ent This person attac%ed "e because of their own insecurity ,t upset "e because it re"inds "e of a past scenario , ha#e not yet "ade peace with3 *hese are e7amples o& 'hat realiGations may o!!"r 'hen 'e ta3e the time to obser)e 'hat is ta3ing pla!e. When 'e a!3no'ledge the !ore belie&s behind o& o"r rea!tions and let them go, o"r !ons!io"sness nat"rally raises beyond old patterns. 4e dont bla"e the "ail carrier for bills that are deli#ered just as we dont bla"e the "irror for what it reflects. 5i%ewise its pointless reacting to reflections of our un1integrated e"otional charge. 'ichael Brown The (resence (rocess ?.S. E)en 'hen it !omes to the !orr"ption o& this 'orld, it is not by al'ays /E-AC*%9- in the same old 'ays that 'e are going to C/EA*E real !hange. Obser)ing the 'orld instead o& rea!ting to the 'orld doesn6t mean apathy or being passi)e. %t is a !omplete and ne"tral a!3no'ledgment o& reality, in 'hi!h 'e are &ree to !reate something di&&erent. /ea!tion tends to go in !ir!les and perpet"ate a )i!tim mentality instead o& bringing the a'areness that 'e are all !o-!reators. *al3 ; -"ided Clearing on Staying 0alan!ed &rom Within

2. Ma'e Friend) With +he 3n'no*n

Ahhh the s!ary "n3no'n( b"t 'hat i& it6s not that s!ary$ What i& the "n3no'n is simply 'hat 'e ha)en6t !reated yet$ 0%9-O1 *hat6s e7a!tly 'hat it is. We !reate moment to moment &rom a &ield o& in&inite possibilities. We are nat"rally &l"id beings. %& 'e are really a&raid o& the "n3no'n, 'e sho"ld be s!reaming right no' be!a"se 'e6re in it1 0"t that6s not the state 'e 'ant to be in. We 'ant to @"it dragging the past along 'ith "s and stop pro8e!ting an image o& 'hat o"r &"t"re sho"ld or !o"ld loo3 li3e. When 'e do this, it is li3e 'at!hing three !hannels s"perposed on one s!reenC 'e got o"r past, o"r present and an imagined &"t"re all playing at on!e. We !an6t see !learly1 .o'e)er, 'hen 'e dis-identi&y &rom the past and let the &"t"re be "n3no'n, all that is le&t &or "s to see is 'hat is realC *his moment. %n this moment, e)erything is !lear and &resh, e)erything is &or "s to e7perien!e and !reate 'ith. Areedom !an only be &elt in this moment1 A&ter all, it6s by !onstantly pro8e!ting a 3no'n past into an "n3no'n present that 'e get st"!3 in o"r patterns. ,t is a"a0ing the energy we spend holding on to our past fears in order to predict our future "isery. 4ed rather be afraid and in control than to dare fully enjoy the present "o"ent. Fran6ois 5ange

*al3 ; -"ided Clearing on 0eing in the :oment

". Dont O#er-$nal%&e

-onna @"ote my pal <oe :artino hereC 7nswers to our challenges are often &uite si"ple. ,f you find yourself analy0ing and re1analy0ing all the ti"e its li%ely you are spending too "uch ti"e in your head. 8et out of your "ind9 The answers will co"e when they need to. *his is a )ery )al"able insight. We tend to belie)e the mind 3no's 'hat is best &or "s and 'ill e7ha"st o"rsel)es by depi!ting the moment, a past e)ent or &"t"re potential in e)ery angle possible. We !an rela7D it is not the mind6s 8ob to &ig"re o"t# ho' to re!ei)e insight. *he mind is a pra!ti!al tool &or tas3s that !an be !ompleted 9OW, b"t 'as ne)er meant to go on o)er-dri)e 'hen it6s not needed. All !reati)ity, insight and 'isdom a!t"ally !omes &rom the spa!e bet'een o"r tho"ghts + &rom 0E%9-. So it !an sa)e "s some time to 3no' that not all ans'ers are &o"nd in the mind. %& 'e thin3 abo"t it, i& 'e begin to analyGe it, i& 'e start to arg"e 'ith it or try to &ig"re it o"t,# 'e6ll be!ome lost in tho"ght. 9o one gets any'here trying to &ig"re o"t a s"nrise. A s"nrise is something yo" 8"st be 'ith. And yo" get &rom it 'hate)er yo" get &rom it. %& yo" try to analyGe a s"nrise, the e7perien!e the s"nrise has &or yo" 'ill go a'ay.# + 9eale >onald Wals!h *al3 ; -"ided Clearing on A!!essing %nner--"idan!e = *r"sting Sel&

4. Be In +he Body

One, i& not *.E most e&&e!ti)e 'ay to !onne!t 'ith the moment, @"iet the mind, release resistan!e, drop 8"dgment, &eel o"r inner-g"idan!e and raise o"r !ons!io"sness is to !onne!t 'ith o"r body. When 'e are !a"ght "p in the mind, noti!e ho' o"r 'hole attention and energy seems to be s!attered aro"nd o"r head and body + not here, no' and 'ithin. An e&&e!ti)e 'ay to bring "s ba!3 to reality is to !onne!t 'ith 'hat is nat"rally present + s"!h as the mo)ement o& o"r breath and the )ery sensations o& o"r body. *his brings o"r a'areness o"t o& the stream o& !omp"lsi)e thin3ing and into the silent mo)ement o& energy 'ithin. 8o into your inner body feel that your energy field is ali#e. 7nd youll notice youre not thin%ing any"ore. /ou can still listen. 2c%hart Tolle

%nner 0ody -"ided :editation

15. Love Freely

>o yo" !arry barriers and prote!tions aro"nd yo"r heart, pre)enting lo)e to &lo' &reely$ :any o& "s ha)e adopted the belie& that lo)e !an h"rt, or that !onditions need to be met be&ore 'e !an allo' lo)e to &lo'. *his one hits home &or me sin!e % ha)e o&ten !losed mysel& o&& 'hen % &elt re8e!ted or sa' that lo)e 'asn6t e@"ally re!ipro!ated. % !an see no' ho' this is a )ery restri!ti)e ill"sion that a!t"ally !reates more tension and s"&&ering. %& 'e tr"ly 'ant to lighten "p, 'e need to let the doors o& o"r hearts open e)en i& this means releasing b"ilt "p pain &rom the past. *his 'ill not only release o"r old per!eptions o& !onditional lo)e, b"t 'ill also gi)e "s the opport"nity to e7perien!e the &reedom o& "n!onditional lo)e &or others and most importantly o"rsel)es. *he tr"th is, lo)e al'ays &lo's e&&ortlessly bet'een all beings regardless o& e7ternal appearan!es and roles. We A/E ,o)e, and 'e are one1 When 'e let go o& the &ear o& &eeling and allo' energy to &lo' in and o"t o& the heart, 'e 'ill realiGe it is not lo)e that h"rts. Bn!onditional lo)e is o"r nat"ral stateD 'hat is h"rting# are the prote!tions and !onditions 'e b"ild aro"nd it. $ow we relate or rather how well we lo#e depends on how e"pty we are of ideas concepts e:pectations. ;i" 2ng Seminar ; -"ided Clearings on >eCoding /elationships

11. 'oo( at a )icture o! )lanet Eart*

/ou see how di"inuti#e your life and concerns are co"pared to other things ,n the uni#erse3 The result is that you enjoy the life that is before you3 ,t allows you to ha#e inner peace. 7stronaut 2dward 8ibson


$+out t*e aut*or

Elina St-Onge
Che!3 o"t my ne' Eboo3 I.o' *o Change *he WorldI .ereC /01/!ow-"o-#hange-"he-$orld.pdf
.i *here1 :y name is Elina and %I)e been 'riting &or Colle!ti)e E)ol"tion sin!e 2010. :y main &o!"s as a 'riter is to "n)eil the 'isdom and lessons % learn &rom my personal e7perien!es and obser)ations, and share it 'ith all o& yo" in hopes that it 'ill assist others to see the !hallenges 'ithin their o'n 8o"rney in a ne' light. A bit more abo"t meC % lo)e photography, % en8oy dra'ing, %Im a pretty de!ent per!"ssionist, % lo)e nat"re and animals, % li3e grilled )eggie paninis... other than that, % ha)e no set li&e plan b"t % aim to en8oy the moment and stay open to all possibilities1 Aeel &ree to e-mail meC elinaJ!olle!ti)e-e)ol"tion.!om httpsCKK'''.yo"t"be.!omK'at!h$)Lt1%M2N0!OEF=&eat"reLplayerPembedded :ore &rom Colle!ti)e E)ol"tion *he ?roblem With ?ornC Something We Sho"ld All Consider httpCKK'''.!olle!ti)e-e)ol"tion.!omK201FK03K11Kthe-problem-'ith-porn-something-'e-sho"ld-all-!onsiderK Smart .ealthC A ,oo3 %nto %nno)ati)e Aitness *e!hnology :ar!h 19, 201F by Colle!ti)e E)ol"tion

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