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Dear Sir/Madam:

Mahmoud Otoom
Telecom Engineer
(Designing, Installation, Configuration, Testing & Maintenance)

My name is Mahmoud Hasan Mohammad Otoom, male gender and single marital status. Im a Telecommunication Engineer born in Amman jordan on 27th April 1988. Currently im seeking a challenging opportunity with reputable wellestablished organization to share and enrich my knowledge, and improve my abilities. You can contact me on +962787772228 . Thank you for your time and consideration.

Thank You Ihab Hinnawi Umniah CEO Description: Thank You Mhmoud Otoom For Being Valuble Member Of Umniah 3.75 EVO Lunch, Your Contribution Has Been Key To Our Resounding Success, We Wouldnt Have Come So Far Without You.

Work History
ZTE CORPORATION; October 2013 - Present.
BSS Engineer. Description:

Installation, Commissioning and Troubleshooting of ZTE SDR BTS8700, BTS8800, BTS8900. Installation & Commissioning of RRU single band sector & dual band sector R8881, R8882). Pre swap & post swap alarm testing using ZTE EOMS Tool & solve the alarms. Handling DTRU addition, deletion, shuffling and resource shuffling in BSCs. Various troubleshooting in configuration and hardware of BSCs and the BTS sites. High priority actions to sort out critical network issues such as CROSS CALL, DROP CALL and other quality effecting incidents. Performing and monitoring various O&M projects such as BTS s/w upgrade, MINOS upgrade, External Clock Synch connectivity. Responsible for all the activities in zone like Site creation, TRX addition, Creation, deletion, Sites rehoming faulty material management, Planned Outage, Quality alarms, Zero traffic cells etc. BTS alarm handling like Frequency correction, Cross connection handling, TRX creation/ deletion. Looking after all the Service affecting faults such as TRX fault, VSWR,Handover drop etc. Up gradation of BTS sites for better network performance. Coordinating with the field technicians, Engineers and Installation teams to resolve any network degrading faults generated at BSC, BTS sites. E1 Provisioning for all Cell sites in region, traffic defining and interfaces. Performance monitoring and Testing of E1s using BER meter.

Umniah Mobile Company; June 2012- June 2013

Telecom & Power Implementation Engineer.


Telecom & power project management & coordination (New site installation, Optimization, Supervision, Testing, Configurations, Maintenance, Acceptance & Clearance). Conduct site survey and prepare technical site survey reports such as LOS survey & survey for Frequency. Make an test for signal before and after new sites installation such as signal (strength, Quality & interference) and making the required adjustments. Installation, commission, troubleshooting, and maintenance of various communication equipment such as UHF Equipment, BSC Equipment (Huawei BSC6900 series), BTS Equipment (Huawei BTS3900 series, Huawei BTS3012) & (ZTE 8700, 8900). Perform VSWR and DTF on feeders and antenna system using site Master & analyzer. New MWLinks (RTN series, Pasolink, Harris, NEC, Red Line) installation, commission, configuration, alignment, integration & cascading. Installation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance of IBS, Microcell sites until site onair. Installation urgent mobile car sites on record time. Installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance solar system, wind system & DC systems. VPN (Cisco systems) installation & supply a telecom services with high quality standard for an VIP customers. Wimax D & E version equipments installation, commission, maintenance& backhauling.



Mahmoud Otoom
Telecom Engineer
(Designing, Installation, Configuration, Testing & Maintenance)

Umniah Mobile Company; December 2011 - June 2012.

Transmission Engineer (Maintenance/Planning).

Description: Maintain and Emphasize the Network Availability (to exceed 99.99%) BTS preventive & corrective maintenance for Multivendor Huwaei & ZTE (BTS 3012, SDR 3900,ZXSDR 8800 & ZXSDR 8700). Installation, commissioning, management and troubleshooting for Multivendor M/W equipments (Harris, NEC, Huawei & Pasolink). RTN (910,950 & 980) Commissioning, Troubleshooting and Maintenance and mastering, U2000 web LCT. All BSC and MSC Connections for multi-vendor Huwaei and ZTE. Node B integrations & backhauling to RNC & NE40 for Multivendor Huawei & ZTE. WiMax 16d, 16e commissioning, maintenance & backhauling. Site Survey for new LOS. Design SDH, PDH MW links Ring. Tracking for MW links that assign as Spear part, that to not send teams to wrong side. Put plans to tack advantages of RTN900 MW links from applying Ring topology. Complete map fromBSS to have sites that have 2nd cabinets. Compression and matching O&M site name & code with RF site name & code. Get data from RF division to decide where new sites, to plan capacity wise.

Orange Company; January 2011 - June 2011

Transmission Data & Switching Trainee Engineer. Description: I trained under the supervision of engineers in the field of switching and transmission.

Others Info.:
JEA Languages Arabic(Native), English. Education
Al-Balqa' Applied University, 2006-2011 BA. in Telecommunication & Software Engineering.


Designing Mobile Jamming System Device "Graduation Project". Jordanian Driver license. Umniah Mobile Company 3G Project "Huawei & ZTE " Region. ZTE Swap Project.

Future Planes

MS Office, ZTE SDR Tools, Web-LCT,Mentum Ellipse, I Manager U2000,Site Master/Analyzer, Matlab, AUTOCAD.

Preparing For PMP Exam.