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APRIL 2014 - Volume 10 - Number 4

National Park Service Stalls Buzza Addition

Dominium Project cant block historic building or tunnel
By Bruce Cochran
Dominium Developers project proposal to expand the Buzza Building site cant currently move forward due to restrictions outlined by National Park Service Technical Preservation Services. In 2012 Dominium Developers purchased the Buzza Building, built in 1904 and now on the National Register of Historic Places. Utilizing a combination of federal and state tax credits, environmental cleanup grants, and tax-exempt bonds provided by the City, Dominium converted the building to 136 units of affordable housing for tenants called Buzza Lofts. In November 2013 Dominium Developers presented a proposal to the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood for a six-story luxury apartment building on the Buzza property. Just south of the Midtown Greenway, the plan called for a six-story building to be located on the northeast side of the Buzza Lofts property between Dupont and Colfax Avenues facing 29th Street. The project would have been situated over the current parking lot for the Buzza apartments. Had it been built as planned the building would have visually

Ackerberg to Finalize Calhoun Square Purchase Early April

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Ackerberg looks to re-urbanize Square

Ackerberg announced they will be purchasing Calhoun Square, a 170,521-square-foot shopping center located at 3001 Hennepin Avenue in the core of the Uptown. The center was built in 1984 and renovated in 2008. Major tenants include LA Fitness, Kitchen Window, H&M, Famous Daves, BayStreet Shoes, Timberland and CB2. Ackerberg is the right owner for Calhoun Square. Their feet on the ground involvement ACKERBERG page 7

A view looking south across the Midtown Greenway toward the historic tunnel and Buzza Building in the background. 29th Street runs over the tunnel.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

occluded the northwest corner of the historic Buzza building and physically blocked a historic Midtown Greenway tunnel. Since those historic preservation federal tax credits for the Buzza Building are managed by the

National Park Service, they are the party responsible for enforcing them. In a document sent to Dominium Developers, the National Park Service Technical PreservaBUZZA page 7

Whats So Funny About City Council?

T2P2 will present Lisa Bender April 3 for civics-inspired improv
Minneapoliss new 10th Ward City Council member Lisa Bender is tackling lots of issues at City Hall. On Thursday April 3 at 7 p.m. shell have one new challenge to face: improv comedy. Join us for a special conversation with Council Member Lisa Bender at Salem Lutheran Church with Minneapoliss own civics-inspired improv comedy troupe, The Theater of Public Policy (or T2P2). Well get to talk with Council Member Bender about issues ranging from new development to streetcars to composting. Then the improvisers from The Theater of Public
FUNNY page 12
The owners proposal to demolish and sell 2320 Colfax Ave. property was denied again by the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission this past month. (Photo from Mpls. CPED Staff report at

2320 Colfax Stands for Now

Heritage Preservation denies appeal

The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) convened on March 18 to consider whether the rooming house at 2320 Colfax Ave. merits historic value, given the special circumstances of the case, to allow the owner Michael Crow to sell the property for demolition and development. The special circumstances refer to Crow, who is in poor health. Over the past decade he has had two open heart surgeries, back surgery and expects to have another back surgery that will make it impossible for me to ever be able to do the work that is required to run the rooming house, Crow has explained. Rooming houses are much more labor intensive than other types of rentals. Its very important to me not to leave a mess for my family if something does happen to me. COLFAX page 12

The Theater of Public Policy (or T2P2).

(Photo courtesy of T2P2)

2 - APRIL 2014

Opinion Exchange
The Inconvenient Truths of Southwest Light Rail
Guest Editorial by LRT Done Right
The history on this is clear. The county pushed the idea of the Kenilworth Corridor over our objections. Former Mayor R.T. Rybak Events have moved rapidly since last months release of results from the SWLRT studies ordered by Gov. Dayton in October 2013. St. Louis Park has strongly rejected the freight reroute option identified by the rail study. TC&W, the railroad operating in the Kenilworth Corridor, swiftly concluded the reroute is technically infeasible. The Minneapolis City Council quickly passed a unanimous resolution supported by Mayor Hodges. The resolution reaffirmed the Minneapolis City Councils initial condition for LRT in the Kenilworthnamely, the rerouting of freight and no co-location with LRT, and that now includes LRT in shallow tunnels. The Met Council, scrambling for acceptance of co-location by Minneapolis and the MPRB, just proposed extending the shallow tunnels under the Kenilworth Lagoon, thus abruptly reversing the Met Councils prior position of the technical impossibility of this very plan. To review, when the Minneapolis City Council voted on the Kenilworth LPA in January 2010, they understood the LRT [Kenilworth] alternatives require that the existing freight rail service be rerouted through St. Louis Park (SWLRT Alternatives Analysis, 2007). Freight relocation was Hennepin Countys policy from the beginning of SWLRT planning and is documented in many places. However, Hennepin County never understood the actual costs and feasibility both technical and political of moving freight out of the Kenilworth corridor before recommending Kenilworth as the LPA in 2009. Nor did Hennepin County obtain agreement with the freight company before it recommended Kenilworth as the preferred alignment. These were serious and basic planning failures that didnt come to light until January 2013 when the freight operator, TC&W, rejected the set of relocation options proposed at that time in the DEIS after a great deal of money, time, and political capital had been invested in preliminary planning of the Kenilworth alignment. An inconvenient truth the Kenilworth alignment was a non-route from the very start. The heavily publicized conflict between Minneapolis and St. Louis Park is caused by Hennepin Countys selection of an alignment based on failed planning and impossible premises.

Editorial: To Fix SWLRT Start Over

After listening to, reporting on and experiencing the results of the same conversation about light rail priorities and funding in Seattle for years, I can confidently say Minneapolis is doing this wrong. Furthermore, pushing forward a poorly and improperly planned project solely because a representative is concerned about losing access to competitive federal funding is a terrible justification, not to mention misuse of taxpayer money, for plowing ahead with a monumental construction project that will have endless runoff costs that will only fall on the taxpayers eventually. Seattle made the right choice when determining the priority of where light rails were built and which were built first. Lines that focused on commuter benefits to and from suburbs will be the last to be built and funded because thats the logical and smart course of action. Putting energy and money into the lines and transit solutions that will directly and most significantly relieve city congestion, seriously increase ridership and promote revitalization of key urban corridors makes irrefutable sense. There were several lines up for consideration in Seattle, and while the lines out to the eastside and to the north suburbs absolutely matter, they were not given priority because after years of debating it was obvious that its more important and practical to build out from the city than into it with sparse ridership. Tackle the citys density first.
LRT page 9

More Inconvenient Truths

SWLRT as planned is suburban infrastructure, a commuter train that was designed under FTA transit criteria from almost a decade ago, which prioritizes time savings for suburban commuters over improved transit service for people making shorter trips. FTA criteria were recently updated to giveequal weight to more dense urban environments. The Kenilworth route fails to serve Minneapolis densely populated communities and permanently routes suburban commuters away from easy contact with the commercial areas of southwest Minneapolis, actually increasing social and economic insulation between suburbs and city. The disproportionate beneficiary of one-seat, time-saving rides will be the southwest suburbs where 81 percent of SWLRT riders will get on and off per the Met Council report. The Kenilworth route does not provide even closely equivalent numbers of one-seat, time-saving rides in urban locations where 19 percent of SWLRT riders would get on and off accordTRUTHS page 12

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APRIL 2014



A view looking west down 29th Street.

Bender welcomes 29th Street Reimagining

$350k will launch research, planning efforts for corridor
By Gabrielle Landsverk
The Facebook post What could 29th Street be like if it was re-imagined as a people-oriented pedestrian space? by Ward 10 City Council Member Lisa Bender sparks the start of a community conversation regarding neighborhood-friendly growth and development of 29th Street in Uptown between Lake Street and the Greenway. According to Will Bornstein, president of the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA), planning is in the early stages of development. Were at the very beginning of the process, Bornstein added. Although $350,000 has been set aside for possible rebuilding of 29th Street, this funding will only cover preliminary research into the options available for development. However, Bornstein added that interest in improving 29th Street is reaching critical mass. Theres a strong consensus that 29th Street could become a vibrant part of the neighborhood, he said. Although the space has currently been used for neighborhood events, such as weekend farmers markets, the street cuts through a key locus of development in Uptown, around which many small businesses and apartment buildings have grown, according to Tim Dray, Vice President of LHENA. I see that corridor along there as one of the final integral parts to the development going on, Dray said. Dray explained that improvement of the street could create more space for vendors and entertainment, making it a new hub of local activity, particularly for weekend events. The city has empowered the neighborhood. [] They come to us to ask about what feels right, Dray said. Both LHENA and the Ward 10 Council Office plan to include residents in the process through public meetings. Ward 10 Council Aide Ben Somogyi said the timeline for the project currently includes a design process that will be influenced by public meetings in the near future.
The Minneapolis FirstTech store at 2640 Hennepin Ave.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Theres a strong consensus that 29th Street could become a vibrant part of the neighborhood.
Dray added he hopes the neighborhood grows in ways that benefit the residents, not just private investors or developers looking for a lucrative contract. We would like to see something there that really focuses on the needs of the neighborhood, Dray said. Its really important that we develop something thats sustainable. To achieve this goal, LHENA and other Uptown committees have been working closely with city officials to ensure that residents interests are represented.

First Apple retailer closes Rochester and Uptown stores after 37 years of service
Citing rapid and dramatic market changes in the industry, FirstTech stated in the announcement, competition has increased and margins have decreased, making it more and more difficult to run our business profitably and still provide the high level of service we are known for. Reflecting on 37 years of business in Uptown, Harvey Zuckman, Executive Vice President, and East Calhoun neighborhood resident described his experience. We always took the greatest pride that our business helped sustain more than 50 households year after year. We did all we could to ensure that for the future. It is profoundly painful that we wont be able to do that moving forward. So many of our employees have been with us for one, two, even three decades. We are so grateful for their loyalty and dedication. FirstTech is so much more than a business, it is a group of individuals who all feel like family. The company made the announcement on March 20 and closed its 2640 Hennepin Ave. and Rochester stores at the end of March.

There will be a great amount of input during the public hearing process, Somogyi said. I think this is a really great opportunity for the neighborhood to get involved in reshaping what could really be a fantastic asset.

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4 - APRIL 2014

crime & safety

Crimes By Location
Aggravated Assaults Arson Auto Theft Burglary Business Burglary Residential Domestic Aggr. Assault Larceny (Other Theft) Narcotics Arrest
Denise Williams, Clinical Services Program Manager at The Bridge for Youth speaks about the sexual exploitation of youth. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

February 8 - March 19
Burglary Residential includes garages, attached or unattached, and may include unlocked or open doors. Map Notes

Chelsea Adams, Crime Prevention Specialist 612.673.2819 or

R Rape Robbery Business Robbery Person Shooting *Sound of Shots Fired Theft from Motor Vehicle
*ShotSpotter detects gunshots using multiple sensors, triangulates the position of the gunshot with great accuracy, and immediately alerts 911 operators, who can quickly dispatch police.

Larger icons represent more recent activity within the four week period.

The State of Youth N Bridge for Youth hosts educational

presentation at Temple Israel
Provided by the Bridge for Youth, (1111 W. 22nd St.)
The Bridge for Youth, a non-profit organization serving runaway, homeless, and abandoned youth, hosted a presentation on March 18 at Temple Israel to call attention to an ongoing crisis in Minnesota: the sexual exploitation and commercialization of youth. More than 100 service providers attended the event. Every day in Minnesota, 214 girls are sold for sex five times a day through the Internet and through escort services according to the Womens Foundation of Minnesota. This conservative estimate excludes activity on the streets, in gangs, and in hotel rooms. Efforts by the Womens Foundation and other Minnesota organizations, led to the passing of the Safe Harbors law in 2011. Under that law, enacted this past January, sexually exploited and trafficked children ages 16 and under, are now treated as crime victims, not criminals. The presentation was designed to educate audiences about the gateway or front-end of youth sexual exploitation and commercialization. What sets a child on the path to exploitation and later commercialization? Is there opportunity for prevention or intervention? Drawing from real life stories, leaders of The Bridge for Youths Clinical Services Team, David Mathews, PsyD, LICSW and Denise Williams, MA, discussed whos at risk, what the warning signals are for exploitation, and how the clinical team works with victims and potential victims. In addition to the presentation, the event also included a live theater performance. St. Paul-based Blank Slate Theatre presenting Bottom, a youth-written, youth-acted play exploring the life of a Minnesota teenager recruited into commercial sex trafficking. Theater is a useful tool to educate audiences about a sensitive subject while exposing the complexities of the issue. The Bridge for Youth was founded 43 years ago in 1970 to meet the needs of vulnerable girls on the streets of the West Bank who were at-risk for prostitution and exploitation. Safe Harbors introduced a major change to the legal system in how at-risk youth are treated, said Dan Pfarr Executive Director at The Bridge for Youth. With the law came increased attention on the rights of victims and the need for more social services support. Despite the passage of 43 years, sexual exploitation still exists. Were eager to bring community members together at this event and continue that advocacy for children.

About The Bridge for Youth

The Bridge for Youth, a 42-year old organization, serves homeless, runaway, and abandoned youth. Core services include operating a 24-hour crisis hotline and an emergency and extended-stay shelter for youth ages 10 to 17. Licensed mental health professionals provide free walk-in and by-appointment counseling along with support groups for kids, parents and families.

About Blank Slate Theatre

Blank Slate Theatre offers onsite drama, art, and movement workshops oriented towards personal growth, healing, and self-expression.

APRIL 2014


Testing the Water at 1700 Lake Street

A view looking northeast at the three story 16Twenty project.

courtesy of Peterssen/Keller Architecture)

(Digital illustration

The four properties on the northwest corner of Lake Street and James Avenue.

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

About Blending In Shorter 16Twenty shows promise

By Bruce Cochran
With the East Isles neighborhood approval already in its back pocket Peterssen/Keller Architecture gave another presentation March 17 to the East Calhoun Livability Committee for the mixed use building 16Twenty on the northeast corner of Lake Street and James Avenue. If approved by the City, the development would encompass three properties: 1620 Lake St., 1618 Lake St. and 2915 James Ave.. As a three-story 24,000-square-foot building with five to six apartments on the top floor, office space on the second floor, and retail on the first, the building measures at 38 to 40 feet high. Additionally, with no basement, the plan calls for 18 parking spots on the ground floor. The owner of the three properties on the site, Bill Frothinger first presented a project in October 2012 for a five-story mixed use building on the same site. That concept met with high resistance from the neighborhood primarily due to the five-story height of the plan. The most recent rendition from architects Peterssen/Keller shows a lower height that matches surrounding buildings. The site includes all C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District zoned properties and the site lies within the Shoreland Overlay District. Three residential structures currently occupy the site and two have been converted to commercial uses. All three structures will be demolished if the project is approved. Those properties are currently occupied by residents and businesses. A preliminary review of the development from City planners suggested the following applications may be required: A conditional use permit to increase the height of the building from the requirements to the Shoreland Overlay District requirement, which is 2.5 stories/35 feet to 3 stories. The proposal would need the permit to cover the 3 to 5 feet of the current design that exceeds the 35 feet. Variances to reduce the east interior and rear (north) yard setbacks A variance to reduce the off-street parking requirement from 19 spaces to 18 spaces A site plan review The East Calhoun Livability Committee voted a no-contest support letter to be voted on at the East Calhoun Board Meeting in April. The architect plans to submit a land use application on behalf of the owner Frothinger, for review at the May 5 City Planning Commission meeting.

CPM Development seeks community feedback on condo concept

At an early preliminary meeting CPM Development and Elness Swenson Graham (ESG) Architects made a presentation to The East Isles (EIRA) Zoning and Land Use Committee on March 18 to explain their plan to develop the northwest corner of Lake Street and James Avenue into a six-story condo building. The development plan originally involved an apartment building for the four properties located on the northwest corner of Lake Street and James Avenue. After deciding apartments would not be economically viable, ESG decided to propose a condominium project for the corner. The six-story, 38-unit development with 64 stalls of parking, one level below grade would require the current C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District zoning for the site to be changed to R-6, Multiple-family District, high density zoning. The four properties included in the project proposal1700, 1704, 1708 and 1714 Lake Streetare all independently owned. CPM was candid about their intention: if the project was a nonstarter with EIRA they wouldnt pursue development. Although approval by the neighborhood is not required, when a project receives neighborhood approval it can potentially make it easier to acquire needed variances and approvals by the City. Although EIRA welcomed the development of the existing property, the committee voiced two main objections. The group agreed the building was too tall for properties located in the Shoreland Overlay District of Lake Calhoun. The District only allows for a height of 35 feet. The six-story proposal was 65 feet. EIRA also did not support the spot zoning required by the plan. CPM and ESG thanked the neighborhood for a candid discussion and did not give any more information about their next move. Given the strong negative feedback the developer and architects will probably try to modify their design in order to win more neighborhood approval before submitting any formal design to the City Planning Department or requesting zoning changes or variances.

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6 - APRIL 2014

METRO invites public to create art for Green Line opening

Winner receives cash prize, free year of rides
Metro Transit is inviting public submissions of artwork for a commemorative poster that will be distributed when service begins June 14 for the METRO Green Line. Submissions for the commemorative poster contest can be sent now through Friday, April 11. Entrants are encouraged to incorporate the METRO Green Line name, a METRO Green Line train and build on a connections theme. Artwork that reflects the unique communities along the 11-mile light-rail corridor is also encouraged. The contest is open to all Minnesota residents who are at least 18 years old. We are thrilled to provide residents this unique opportunity, Metropolitan Council Chair Susan Haigh said. The Green Lines opening is a historic moment not just for the Twin Cities, but for the entire state. This is a great chance to be a part of that history. A panel including community representatives from each new Green Line station area will narrow the submissions down to five finalists by Friday, April 25. The public will be invited to vote for their favorite artwork at between April 28 and May 9. The winning artwork will be printed on posters that will be freely distributed during the METRO Green Lines grand opening. A larger 2-foot by 3-foot poster will also be made available for sale online. The grand prize winner will receive a year of free rides on any Metro Transit bus or train, $500 and a professionally framed copy of the poster. Runners-up will receive a Go-To Card valid for three months of bus and train rides. Artwork from all of the finalists will be displayed at Union Depot on opening day. For complete contest rules and information on how to submit artwork visit Questions about the contest can be referred to poster@metrotransit.orgor 612-349-7104.

Hip Bone
Review: Bone Yard
By Beth Marsh
When I saw the sign reading Opening in MarchBone Yard I immediately thought it might be another rib joint. My research revealed that the name came about by public vote, and that this new restaurant, which now occupies the former home of the Old Chicago restaurant, offers a cornucopia of varied and delicious Southern-style dishes. What do you think of when you think of Southern food? Fried chicken? Theyve got sweet-tea brined, grilled chicken breast that is served with succotash and braised kale. Collard greens? Theyre served with lots of bacon love, according to the menu. Grits? Several kinds are available as side dishes, and the Shrimp & Grits with onions, peppers, and spicy tomato sauce is listed as a Specialty Dish on the dinner menu. Fried green tomatoes? Theyre cornmeal breaded, with Creole aioli on the side. The dining area is dominated by a square, centerpiece bar, but tables and booths abound. The industrial-style dcor, with charcoal gray walls and plenty of hardware, is softened by the west-facing bank of windows on the Hennepin Avenue side. Several wall-mounted televisions were tuned to sports channels. On the Sunday that my companion and I lunched at the Bone Yard, almost every available seat was occupied. Because of the seemingly instant popularity of the place, and the lack of sufficient off-street parking, I suggest that patrons make an early-hour reservation. From the Snacks & Picnic Plates

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

menu, we chose The Pastors Plate to munch on as we read over the menu. It arrived on a wooden cutting board, with shaved pit ham, two deviled egg halves, a generous scoop of creamy pimento cheese to spread on the two buttermilk biscuits, thinly sliced home-made style bread-and-butter pickles, and some sweet, peppery jelly. This plate is ideal to be shared by two people, or could be stretched to serve more diners by ordering a separate side order of either biscuits or skillet cornbread. Upon tasting the Carolina Pulled Pork sandwich on an onion bun that my companion and I shared, memories surfaced of the years I spent in North Carolina and Missouri and the great food that I was introduced to there. In true Missouri style, the pork was dry-rubbed, and the deep, smoky flavor came from the in-house hickory smoker. Even the ribs on the menu are smoked, rather than dripping with BBQ sauce. Instead of French fries, thinly sliced, oval-shaped, twicecooked, crispy Cottage fries accompany all sandwiches. I spooned a scant amount of the coleslaw onto the sandwich to add a little crunch. All I can say is Yum. e concoction, we really didnt care. The Happy Hour specials are too numerous to list, but Specialty Dishes, Specialty Libations, and Beer, Cider, and Tallboys are available at very low prices. Several down-home desserts are listed on the dessert menu. We took home a sharable portion of the cast-iron skillet baked Peach Cobbler with a drop biscuit bottom, bourbon peach filling, and oatmeal streusel topping; it is served warm with vanilla ice cream and caramel bourbon sauce. The ice cream melted, but after we had tasted one bite

of this delectable concoction, we really didnt care. The very friendly staff topped off a great dining experience. I will definitely return soon to try out more offerings from the dinner menu, or to partake of the weekend brunch. If you have never experienced true Southern cooking, you will not regret throwing caution (and your lowfat, low-carb diet) to the wind when you dine here. Bone Yard is what Southern hospitality and down-home cooking is all about, with the addition of a few modern culinary touches. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, I rate Bone Yard as follows: Food = 5, Beverages = 4, Service = 5, and Atmosphere = 3. Beth Marsh is a longtime resident and fan of South Minneapolis. During off-hours from her proofreading and copy-editing day job for an advertising agency, she enjoys movies and creative writing, and she is in the process of illustrating her childrens book.


Bone Yard
2841 Hennepin Avenue 612.466.6688

MondayWednesday: 11am- Midnight ThursdayFriday: 11am-2am Saturday: 9am-2am Sunday: 9am-Midnight Happy Hour: 4pm-7pm
Lads and lassies dressed in green for a wee bit o fun on March 8. Runners endured cold temperatures for the 100% Irish for a Day TC 5K and TC 10 Mile around Lake Harriet. More info at (Photo by Wayne Kryduba)

Snacks & Picnic Plates: $5.95-12.95 Po Boys: $9.95-14.95 Burgers, Tacos, & Sandwiches: $10.95-14.95 Sides & Fixins: Individual servings: $3.95 For yall servings: $6.95 Salads: $5.95-11.95 Specialty Dishes (main dishes): $9.95-17.95

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APRIL 2014


1800 Lake Files Suit Of Its Own Lake and Knox LLC alleges negligence of
hired architecture, engineering firms

The upscale units proposed wrap around the northeast corner of the Buzza Building (right).

(Digital illustration by BKV group)

BUZZA from 1

1800 Lake apartments.

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Lake and Knox LLC, owners of the 1800 Lake apartment building, filed a lawsuit March 6 against the architecture and engineering firms that designed plans for the 1800 Lake construction project that has resulted in the illegal discharge of groundwater into the Chain of Lakes. Lake and Knox LLC named BKVG Group of Minneapolis, RLK Incorporated of Minnetonka and Braun Intertect of Minneapolis as defendants in the suit, alleging professional negligence and breach of contract. However, Lake and Knox LLC are the defendants in a lawsuit filed by the City and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board over the illegal discharge of groundwater for the past two years. The owners requested a jury trial for the ongoing lawsuit, which is tentatively scheduled for January 2015. The owners held a temporary dewatering permit during construction, but continued to pump water post-project completion without the necessary permits. Lake and Knox were given until October 2013 to choose an option to solve the dewatering issue, but failed to do so. The building opened in October 2011 and the City estimates more than 100 million gallons of groundwater per year are being pumped into the Chain of Lakes.

tion Services clarified its position on the building of an addition to the Buzza Building property. The letter, dated February 27, 2014, clarifies conditions for any future building on that site in order to receive the tax credits. The rehabilitation of this property as described in the Historic

Certification Application will meet the Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation provided, the letter stated. Those points primarily referred to protecting the tunnel access and not occluding views of the Buzza Building. The proposed project may not damage, cover or demolish any

portion of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad (Midtown Greenway Trench) Grade Separation tunnel and abutment and views of the Buzza Tower and surrounding structure from Colfax should not be blocked. Will Bornstein, President of the Lowry Hill East neighborhood board described the boards general consensus on any project on that site. Although the current surface parking lot (on the northwest corner of the site) is not the best use of that part of the property, Bornstein said, the best project would not foreclose the possibility of making use of that historic tunnel at a future time and that such a project wouldnt occlude views of the Buzza building.

Healthy To Go
A contractor finishes the cedar siding on the outside of the new Agra Culture restaurant due to open at 2929 Girard Ave. S. by May 1. From the owners of Yogurt Lab (located next door) comes a fast-casual healthy food concept that includes healthy foods-to-go such as hand-pressed juice, protein bowls, smoothies and salads. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Chris Barnes, Vice President and Project Partner at Dominium Partners responded to the letter by saying the project is on hold while his company looks at the information from the National Park Service to see if the project is still feasible.

inUptown is unsurpassed, from a community and business involvement standpoint, Kitchen Window owner Doug Houemoeller said. Kitchen Window has been a tenant of Calhoun Square since 1989. They get the importance of each project that they touch being unique, andIcouldnt be more excited to be a partner in their plans, Houemoeller added. We are incredibly excited to make Calhoun Square lively again. Well be focusing our leasing efforts on local entrepreneurs, regional players, and new to the market national retailers,to really make this asset a destination, as well as continuing the strong dining reputation that the Center has long had,Ackerberg CEO Stuart Ackerberg said. In addition to a focus on leasing efforts, Ackerberg plans to overhaul the interiors of Calhoun Square and has engaged the services of award-winning architect and designer David Shea of Shea Architects. Well also be investing in renovations, to help Calhoun Square differentiate itself from some of its suburban counterparts; its goingto be fun tore-urbanize this uniquely urban asset. Were confident that we have the vision, focus, and team to make this gem shine again, Ackerberg said. Ackerberg is also investigating improvements that can be made to what is referred to as the Girard Meander, a pedestrian friendly walkway that begins at Calhoun Square, extends past the newly completed Walkway project, and through Ackerbergs MoZaic project, connecting Uptown residents and those visiting the area from the Midtown Greenway to the core of the area. Terms have been agreed to for the purchase of Calhoun Square by Ackerberg from the seller.The expected closing date is early April. Ackerberg is a privately held real estate related development, investment, and management organization with experience in designing, constructing, renovating, financing, and operating commercial and residential projects. For more than 50 years the company has developed, owned and/or renovated, and managed in excess of over 7 million square feet of retail, office and industrial property. For more information, call 612-824-2100 or visit the companys website at

8 - APRIL 2014

CARAG report
Lake St. 36th St.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group

The CARAG Board meets the third Tuesday of each month, 7 pm at Bryant Park Community Center, 31st and Bryant. All CARAGresidents are welcome and urged to attend.

Lynch, & Samantha Strong. Excused Absence: Nancy Riestenberg

agenda as presented. Approved. Motion, seconded to approve the February 18, 2014 minutes. Approved.

property owners are not cooperative over time, the use of eminent domain will be considered. Bender is working with City staff to develop plans for redesign and reconstruction of W. 29th St. She expects a community meeting on this topic sometime in May. Bender is working with city staff to create a park-let in the 10th Ward. Park-lets are small park spaces within on-street parking spaces, and are now common in San Francisco and Philadelphia. CARAG is interested in partnering to get a park-let in the neighborhood. A food truck is interested in locating at a commercial parking lot near 31st Street and Hennepin Avenue. Benders office will research this item further and get more information for the CARAG Land Use & Transportation committee to consider in April.

egy 1.1.2 Graffiti Prevention to this project. Approved. Engel proposed contracting unused 2013 Community Participation Program (CPP) funds for projects identified in CARAGs Neighborhood Priority Plan (NPP). Motion, seconded to contract $10,092 in 2013 CPP funds for NPP projects. Approved.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG), Monthly Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, March 18, 2014. DRAFT: Subject to approval at the April 2014 CARAG Meeting. Minutes recorded and submitted by Michelle Beauliu.

Board Members Attending: Michelle Beaulieu, Diana Boegemann, Carol Borski, Cameron Conway, Jay Lindgren, Maura

Hennepin Ave.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs is a gourmet sausage and hot dog business that has garnered attention for its great food at pop-up stores around Minneapolis. The owners Craig Johnson and Tobie Nidetz have been working on an online Kickstarter capital campaign in order to raise money for a permanent location. (Check out Prairie Dogs on The fundraising efforts are still short of their goal but the owners have said they will still try to raise the money required through other means if necessary in order to open a permanent storefront. Currently the owners of Prairie Dogs have not signed a lease but the location they are hoping to move into is the old Dunn Bros Coffee shop at 1506 Lake St., next to Brueggers Bagels on Humbolt Ave. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Bryant Square Park (3101 Bryant Ave S)


CARAG Earth Day Clean Up

Saturday, April 26 9:30am-Noon Bryant Square Park Rec Center (3101 Bryant Avenue S) Keep our Uptown neighborhoods clean and green by joining your CARAG neighbors for the Annual Minneapolis Earth Day Clean Up. The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board will supply trash bags and a limited supply of gloves (So please bring your own gloves if you have them). No pre-registration required For more information, visit

Join the CARAG E-update at to receive emails about CARAG activities and events.

CARAG | 3612 Bryant Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55409 | | 612.823.2520

Lyndale Ave.

Introductions & Announcements

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. Board members and attendees introduced themselves.

Bryant Square Park Update: Jaree Peppers

The ice rink had a record 5,500 skaters this season. Sign up for t-ball and baseball starts In April at the park or online at

Community Forum
Neighbors were encouraged to look for an article written by Maura Lynch about the Home Energy Squad energy audits. It appeared in the CARAG E-Update and will be in the April UNN.

City Council Report: CM Lisa Bender, Matthew Crockett

The City has begun the process of creating a redevelopment district for the Lake & Nicollet area. The formal process signals to existing property owners that Minneapolis is interested in purchasing land in the area. If the

Treasurers Report: Samantha Strong, Scott Engel

Financial reports were available including account balances, February activity, and FY14 first
CARAG page 11

Agenda & Minutes

Motion, seconded to approve the

CARAG Board Vacancy

Three candidates were nominated to fill the vacant CARAG Board seat- Terry Ford, Brad Klein, and Tricia Marcle. Candidates introduced themselves and an election took place. Klein was elected and each person was encouraged to participate on a CARAG committee.

THE UPTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS IS NOW AVAILABLE AT THESE SELECT LOCATIONS Bremer Bank Brueggers Bagels Bryant Square Park Cheapo Records Chiang Mai Thai Common Roots Cafe Dunn Bros (Hennepin & 34th) Dunn Bros (Lake & Bryant) Falafel King Famous Daves BBQ Gigis Caf Health Resource Center Hennepin-Lake Liquors Isles Bun & Coffee Its Greek to Me Joyce Food Shelf Joyce United Methodist Church Kowalskis Market Magers & Quinn Mohn Electric & Lighting Lagoon Theatre Parents Automotive Pizza Luce Rainbow Foods Sebastian Joes Ice Cream Cafe Southwest Senior Center Subway Spyhouse Coffee Shop Uptown Diner Tea Garden Treetops At Calhoun Vail Place Walker Place The Wedge Co-op YWCA (Uptown)

Land Use & Transportation Committee: Cameron Conway

The LU&T committee discussed a Change of Non-Conforming Use Permit for 3041 Aldrich Avenue S. The property has a residential zoning classification, but currently operates as a commercial photography studio. A new building owner would like to operate a wellness center co-op with a variety of small health and fitness studios. The owner has plans to rent parking from the New Wine Church across the street for customers. Motion, seconded to support the Change on Non-Conforming Use Permit for 3041 Aldrich Avenue S. Approved. (One abstention). Calhoun Square will be sold by NY based Black Rock to local developer Ackerberg Group in April. Ackerberg representatives are tentatively scheduled to attend the May 20 CARAG Neighborhood Meeting to discuss their plans.

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting

Tuesday, April 15, 7pm

CARAG Super Sale The Neighborhood Garage Sale Saturday, May 17, 8am-4pm
Sale Yard Sign Only $10 to Register Metro-Wide Advertising Maps Listing 50+ Sales Renters May Register for a Sale at Bryant Square Park Register online at:!


NRP Implementation Committee, Jay Lindgren

The NRP Implementation Committee recommends allocating $2,000 from NRP Phase 2 funds towards a community utility box wrap project with the Uptown Association (UA). UA will contribute funds, as well, in an attempt to receive a matching grant from the Citys Innovative Graffiti Prevention Program. A community process will involve residents, business owners, and artists to create and install the wraps. Motion, seconded to approve allocation of $2,000 from Strat-

Sale Location: Front Back Side Inside Bryant Square Park (Circle) Refreshments: Yes No (Circle) Describe Your Sale Items (40 letters/characters or less): Name Address Phone Email Fee: $10 (Checks payable to CARAG) Deadline: 5pm, Wednesday, May 14 Send/Deliver Registration to: Stephen Eisenmenger 3338 Fremont Ave S More Info: (612) 823-2520 or

APRIL 2014 LRT from 2


Short Redhead Reel Reviews

By Wendy Schadewald [Rating Legend: (4=Dont miss, 3=Good, 2=Worth a look, 1=Forget it)] 300: Rise of an Empire (R) (2)
[Strong sustained sequences of stylized bloody violence throughout, a sex scene, nudity, and some language.] After a Greek general (Sullivan Stapleton) kills a Persian king (Agal Naor) in this blood-spurting, violent, action-packed, repetitive, 3D, 102-minute film where numerous severed heads roll, a revenge-driven mortal, turned god king (Rodrigo Santoro) orders his top, ruthless Naval commander (Eva Green) to the high seas to squelch the Greek military horde.

Then worry about connections in and out for commuters. Commuters from the suburbs going into Minneapolis already have excellent rapid bus transit options to get them to and from work quickly and efficiently. To provide those commuters with a minor supplement by building the current Southwest Light Rail Transit corridor as proposed rather than developing a line that would benefit city residents and in city commuters is absurd. Uptown, from the southwest neighborhoods to the edge of downtown, is bursting at the seams with too many cars and residents who could actually and would make use of a viable transit option. Theres only one bus that goes down Nicollet all day long. One. Bus. And one that stops every block at that and lacks connections to go east or west except by catching the 21 on Lake Street. Thats ridiculous. Similarly ridiculousto cross the river into the North Loop and Northeast riders must bus into downtown and transfer or take the 6 and transfer on the other side of the river. Either way youre looking at an hour commute to move five miles. How did it become possible that a light rail line that doesnt address any of these critical areas and problems is the plan Hennepin County and the Metropolitan Council are currently pushing and weakly trying to defend? I watched similar conversations and plans unfold for six years in Seattle so I am baffled by what is currently happening in Minneapolis. This is not how major cities should tackle serious transit projects. There are two critical conversations to have about light railone should focus on fixing congestion for city residents and urban revitalization, and the second should address regional commuter options and only after giving the former conversation priority. The key parties in Seattle were smart enough to separate the conversations properly and now not only does Seattle have one major link from the airport downtown that connects south Seattle neighborhoods that needed serious revitalization

The Bag Man (R) (3)

[Violence, sexual content, and language.] A literally and figurative dark, violent, 108-minute film based on James Russos book Motel in which a hit man (John Cusack) is instructed by his elusive boss (Robert DeNiro) not to open a mysterious bag as he waits at a secluded, rundown hotel operated by a nosy manager (Crispin Glover) and finds himself helping a woman (Rebecca Da Costa) on the run from two men.

Divergent (PG-13) (3)

[Intense violence and action, thematic elements, and some sensuality.] After a woman (Shailene Woodley) takes a test that proves inconclusive to determine to which one of five societal groups she belongs in this intriguing, action-packed, futuristic, star-studded (Kate Winslet, Ray Stevenson, Mekhi Phifer, Theo James, and Maggie Q), 140-minute film, she leaves her family (Ashley Judd, Tony Goldwyn, and Ansel Elgort) to train as a protector with other peers (Zo Kravitz, Jai Courtney, Miles Teller, et al.).

Uptown April Film Schedule

Listed in order of release date and subject to change. Please see for final titles, dates and times.

ted (Bill Murray, Jude Law, Owen Wilson, Tom Wilkinson, Willem Dafoe, Jason Schwartzman, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban, Harvey Keitel, F. Murray Abraham, and Mathieu Amalric), 99-minute film in which a respected concierge (Ralph Fiennes) at an old-world European hotel during the 1940s is helped by a dedicated lobby boy (Tony Revolori), who is in love with a baker (Saoirse Ronan), when he erroneously is imprisoned for the murder of a wealthy dowager (Tilda Swinton) and then tries to prove his innocence after escaping prison with a tenacious policeman (Edward Norton) and a greedy son (Adrien Brody) hot on his trail.

(ahem, Nicollet), another in the city is underway to connect the extremely dense neighborhoods Capitol Hill and the U-District, Seattle also has federal funding and voter approved tax legislation for the extensions that will go east and north to service the suburbs. Seattle seriously engaged all communities in the conversations and developed a good plan. It is apparent Minneapolis has not done either of those things. Minneapolis transit planners and stakeholders needs to seriously reassess priorities and use common sense. The current SWLRT will not be a solution for anyone but a poorly conceived and even more poorly executed attempt at bringing Minneapolis up to date on the national level as a major city with responsible and viable transit options. This line will maintain current neighborhood divisions, prevent residents from exploring their own city, and waste a lot of money that should go toward a better plan. It will do all of this while not relieving traffic congestion at all. If anything, maybe the buses that service those neighborhoods very well already will have a few more seats empty in the mornings and evenings. Maybe. Thats a side effect that will do nothing for this city and its residents nor for residents in the suburbs because those commuters will still only have the viable means to go downtown in the morning and go home at the end of the day. This outcome is painfully predictable. Everyone is arguing about SWLRT for a reason. The plan doesnt make sense. Federal funding is competitive for a reasonbad plans shouldnt be funded. Start over and do it right. Or cities like Seattle will look to us as an example of what not to do while they successfully complete their light rail systems that actually accomplish what theyre meant to. UNN Editorials represent the researched and written opinions of UNN Editor Jessica Van Gilder and UNN Art Director Bruce Cochran, which are independent of the newsroom and managing board.

Joe (R) (3)

[Violence, disturbing material, language, and some strong sexual content.] [Opens Apri. 25] A gritty, dark, engaging, well-acted, 117-minute film based on Larry Browns 1991 novel in which a hard-drinking, kindhearted, ex-con, lumber company foreman (Nicolas Cage) befriends and takes on a struggling, determined, 15-yearold teenager (Ty Sheridan), who lives in a rundown shack with his abusive father (Gary Poulter), oblivious mother, and mute sister in Texas, as the boy tries to get the upper hand from his violent, alcoholic father and a lowlife troublemaker (Ronnie Gene Blevins).


1320 Lagoon Ave. 612.823.3020 Jodorowskys Dune Dom Hemingway 4/11 Alphaville The Raid 2 4/18 Alan Partridge 4/25 Finding Vivian Maier The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden Watermark

The Face of Love (PG-13) (3.5)

[Brief drug references.] After the death of her husband (Ed Harris) while on vacation in Mexico five years earlier in this intriguing, heartbreaking, well-acted, 92-minute film, a lonely, widowed house stager (Annette Bening) in Los Angeles begins dating a divorced art professor who is a dead ringer for her beloved spouse to the surprise of her jealous neighbor (Robin Williams) and her horrified daughter (Jess Weixler).

2906 Henn. Ave. 612.392.0402 4/4 Nymphomaniac Volume II 4/11 Under the Skin 4/18 The Railway Man 4/25 Only Lovers Left Alive *Opens either at Lagoon or Uptown

Mr. Peabody & Sherman (PG) (3)

[Some mild action and brief rude humor.] Adventures ensue in Paris during the French Revolution in 1798, in ancient Egypt in 1332 B.C., in Italy during the Renaissance in 1608, and in Greece during the Trojan War in 1184 B.C. by using a time machine when genius mutt Mr. Peabody (voiceover by Ty Burrell) invites a bullying schoolgirl (voiceover by Ariel Winter) and her parents (voiceovers by Stephen Colbert and Leslie Mann) over for dinner after his 7-yearold, adopted human son (voiceover by Max Charles) gets into trouble with the principal (voiceover by Stephen Tobolowsky) in this entertaining, family-friendly, funny, pun-filled, star-studded (voiceovers by Stanley Tucci, Allison Janney, Dennis Haysbert, Mel Brooks, Patrick Warburton, and Lake Bell), 3D, 92-minute animated comedy, which is based on the 1960s cartoons from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (R) (3)

[Language, some sexual content, and violence.] Over-the-top characters dominate this deliciously wacky, funny, cameo-dot-

Jefferson Elementary
April Calendar
1-4 Spring Break 7 9 Site Council 5pm, (NO PTO) CPEO Graduation Walking Wednesday

Muppets Most Wanted (PG) (2.5)

[Some mild action.] While Kermit the Frog (Steve Whitmore) is stuck in a Russian gulag with other prisoners (Danny Trejo, Ray Liotta, Jermaine Clement, et al.) in this family-geared, action-packed, cameo-studded (Christopher Waltz, Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek, Stanley Tucci, Tina Fey, Tom Hiddlleston, Zach Galifianaki, Chlo Grace Moretz, Toby Jones, Frank Langella, Ty BurFILM page 12

K- 12 Parent Advocacy Workshop Series: Education as a Civil Right

Rights of Undocumented Parents & Students Saturday, April 12, 10am- 2pm Richard Green Central School, 3416 4th Ave S Childcare, breakfast and lunch provided Raffle prizes awarded Parent Workshops presented in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Somali Jefferson Community School, 1200 W. 26th St. Community Contact: Elizabeth Hale 612.668.2749,

Zanzibar Cafe
Zanzibar Cafe is due to open by May at 1404 Lake St. (next to Stellas Fish Cafe) (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

10 - APRIL 2014

ECCO report
Lake St. 36th St.

East Calhoun Community Organization

ECCO meets the first Thursday of each month, 7 pm at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 34th & Irving. All ECCOresidents are welcome and urged to attend.

Council Member: Lisa Bender, Ward 10

Minneapolis is working toward offering curbside organics citywide. Regarding Southwest LRT: The City Council passed a resolution (on March 5) to restate their position that they do not support co-location of LRT and freight in the Kenilworth Corridor (including the option for shallow LRT tunnels). Parking restrictions are in place until April 1. No parking on even sides of non-snow emergency routes. Airplane noise: The FAA will not be implementing RNAV for departures at MSP at this time. RNAV will be implemented for arrivals. A City Council working group will continue to focus on airplane noise. The City is working on a redevelopment plan for the Kmart site on Lake/Nicollet that would allow the City to purchase property. The Citys lawsuit against 1800 Lake is in the discovery phase.
Lyndale Ave.

Foresters are observing the stressed trees on the 31st Street median. If the trees dont survive, they will be replaced with drought tolerant trees. Re Emerald Ash Borer (EAB): The Park Board has been removing ash trees and will replant this year. They are planning a public meeting to share their Ash tree replacement plan. The Park Board does not treat diseased trees, but they do allow resi-

dents to hire certified arborists to treat boulevard trees. According to the Park Board, there is no definitive evidence that the treatment chemicals are killing bees. Re RNAV: Commissioner Tabb is supportive of seeking an environmental study before the MSP airport is allowed to expand and implement RNAV.

ECCO Meeting Minutes for March 6, 2014. (East Calhoun Neighborhood Monthly Meeting) Minutes recorded and submitted by Monica Smith and approved by the ECCO Board by electronic vote prior to publication.

RNAV Update
As noted above, the FAA will

not be implementing RNAV for departures at MSP at this time. Heather Wulfsberg and Ruth Cain had a conference call with Congressman Jim Oberstar (former chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee) about RNAV. Oberstar suggests speaking with the air traffic controllers for more information about RNAV. The ECCO Board is focusing on proECCO page 11

Hennepin Ave.

Board Members Present: Linda Todd, President; Andrew Bornhoft, Vice-President; Susie Goldstein, Treasurer; Anja Curiskis; Kate Davenport; Paul Harstad; Liz Heyman; Ben Jilek; Lara Norkus-Crampton; Harry Savage; David Tompkins; and Heather Wulfsberg. Board Member Absent: Emily Balogh Guests: Commissioner Anita Tabb; Council Member Lisa Bender; Matthew Crockett, Ward 10 Council office; and ECCO resident Bob Hentges. ECCO Board President Linda Todd called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Park Board Commissioner: Anita Tabb

The Park Board will be installing a solar array at Parade Stadium. The solar project at the Tin Fish will be installed in 2015-16.

Peddling Around
Joe and Christine Peterson sell raffle tickets at the Kenwood Annual Masquerade Auction at St. Marys Church. All proceeds from the March 8 auction went to Kenwood Elementary School. More than $50,000 was raised to spend on Kenwood Arts and Academics residencies, resources and other school enhancements. More info at kenwood.mpls. (Photo by Amy Jeanchaiyaphum)


T H U R S D AY, A P R I L 3

ECCO Board and Neighborhood Meeting St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave S
Guest speaker Simon Blenski, Bicycle Planner to discuss plans for the 36th Street Bikeway. The complete agenda will be posted on on April 1. T U E S D AY, A P R I L 8

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

free workshop
Grow Beautiful Apples Organically
Tuesday, April 8, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave S Presented by Keith Kozub, Owner and Manager, White Pine Organic Apple Orchard, River Falls, WI ~~Written Materials Provided~~ Sponsors: East Calhoun Community Organization & Green Team No Pesticides Needed! Enjoy Organic Apples from Your Own Yard!

Free Workshop! Grow Organic Apples St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave S
See Free Workshop (right) for more information. M O N D AY, A P R I L 2 1 7:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m.

Livability Committee St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave
The Livability Committee reviews current zoning proposals in the neighborhood and addresses safety, trafc and parking concerns. S AT U R D AY, A P R I L 2 6

All are welcome!

Earth Day Clean Up at Lake Calhoun

9:30 a.m. - Noon

earth day event

Earth Day Clean Up at Lake Calhoun
Saturday, April 26, 9:30 a.m. - Noon
Meet at the Tin Fish (Lake Street at East Calhoun Parkway) Volunteers needed and appreciated. Join your East Calhoun neighbors in this annual Minneapolis city-wide spring clean up. Stop by and help as you can! No pre-registration required. Bring your own work gloves. Trash bags and directions will be provided.
The East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO) invites and encourages participation by every resident to each program, service and event organized by ECCO. Should you require an accommodation in order to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please let us know by contacting Monica Smith at 612-821-0131 or at least ve days before our event.

See Earth Day Event (right) for more information.


Saturday, May 31 1:00-3:00 p.m. East Calhoun Bicycle Festival Saturday, June 7 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. ECCO Super Sale Saturday, June 7 5:00 p.m. ECCO Block Party, featuring a puppet show and potluck picnic!
Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to learn more about our events and programs. Send a request to or call Monica Smith at 612-821-0131.

APRIL 2014


community events calendar

(Please send your calendar listings to with the subject line: Community Calendar. Submit by the 15th of each month to be included, space permitting, in the next issue.)



sa Birchs physical performance theatre has been produced and reproduced throughout the Twin Cities, U.S. and internationallysince her first Minneapolis performance at The Walker in June 1993. Author and performer of fifteen full-length works, over 100 short performances and The Red CurtainCabaret, Melissa is also a professional singer. Gorgeous and well-crafted, Birch nailsdown ambiguous feeling with total accuracy, likea Zen archer. said City Pages.

Dunn Brothers - 7:30pm 3348 Hennepin Ave. 612.822.3292

The Socrates Cafe is an open meeting. The evening is spent discussing a short list of questions of philosophy that range all over the map from self identity, capital punishment, perception and anything else in between. Bring your questions and prepare to engage your mind.



Uptown Diner - 6:15pm-9pm 2548 Hennepin Ave. 612.821.0131

Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm 810 Lake St. 612.825.8949
Directed byMelissa Birch on Thursdays, April 3-17. This engaging and surreal work follows the fate of six sisters searching for the love of god in the unsuspecting back channels of timeless travel.Positing the performance in the subconscious schism, after nature, before nurture, director Melissa Birch inquires into contemporary tensions between biology and status quo, where stimulation and social order stand in for trickier spiritual dilemmas. Devised with Genevieve Muench,Samantha Johns, Rene Copeland, Lauren Rae Anderson, Sharon Picasso and more. The director, Melis-

Socialize with your neighbors and enjoy a delicious chili dinner at the East Isles Residents Association Annual Meeting. Receive Uptown updates from Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Goodman, Park Board Commissioner Anita Tabb, and Michael McLaughlin from Lowry Hill District Business Association. To register for this free event, contact Monica Smith at 612.821.0131 or

where Ben (John Middleton) and Mary (Angie Timberman) fire up the grill to welcome the couple (Anna Sundberg and Tyson Forbes) whove moved into the long-empty house next door. The fledgling friendship soon veers out of control shattering the fragile hold that newly unemployed Ben and burgeoning alcoholic Mary have on their way of life with unexpected comic consequences. The play opens April 11 and runs through May 25. Ivey Award-winning director Joel Sass will design and direct Detroit, which is steeped in David Lynch-y surrealism, dark comedy and the suggestion that we all have a secret self, he said. The characters are at a turning pointabout to fall into a financial abyss, or just starting to climb out. Theyre all questioning their cultural assumptions about status, comfort, ambition and communitythe original suburban ideal. Tickets: $25-43

Thomas Beach - 7:30am Lake Calhoun 612.230.9622
The YMCA invites runners, walkers, kids and families to join the funand get healthy exercise on Saturday, April 19, at the Y Run 5K and 10K at Lake Calhoun. There will also be a 1-Mile Kids Fun Run. All runners, walkers, and strollers are welcome. Both races and the Fun Run will begin at 7:30am near Thomas Beach. The 5K and 10K will be chip-timed. Proceeds from the event will support youth and family.



Bryant Square Park - 9:30am-Noon 3101 Bryant Ave. 612.370.4907

Keep the Uptown neighborhoods clean and green by joining your CARAG neighbors for the Annual Minneapolis Earth Day Clean Up. The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board will supply trash bags and a limited supply of gloves (So please bring your own gloves if you have them). No pre-registration required. For more information, visit

Bryant Lake Bowl - 8pm 810 Lake St. 612.825.8949
Foxy Tanns dreams have come true! This is her homage to the wacky tabacky, weed, pot, greenery, grass, cheese, trees, bud, doobage, mary jane, ganja, smoke, herb, chronic. Joining in this heartfelt tribute are RedBone,Victoria DeVilleandJeez Loueez-The Powerhouse of the Midwest. Other local luminaries will be gracing the stage with their improbable marijuanalogues and impromptu modern dance interpretations to Bob Dylan. Come celebrate everybodys favorite indigenous plant! Performers: Foxy Tann, RedBone, Victoria DeVille, Jeez Loueeze (St. Louis) and other local luminaries. Tickets are $20.


Lake Calhoun - 9:30am-Noon Lake Street at East Calhoun Pkwy

Join your East Calhoun neighbors in this annual Minneapolis city-wide spring clean up. Volunteers needed and appreciated. Stop by and help as you can! No pre-registration required. Bring your own work gloves. Trash bags and directions will be provided. For more information, visit



Jefferson Elementary - 6pm-7pm West 26th Street 612.377.5023

The Jungle Theater 2951 Lyndale Ave. 612.822.7063
The Jungle Theater presents the regional premiere of Detroit, playwright Lisa DAmours award-winning dissection of what it means to be middle class in this era of economic uncertainty. Detroit takes place in a first-ring suburb outside a mid-sized American city

The annual meeting will include presentations by elected representatives and neighborhood leaders about the most pertinent neighborhood and citywide initiatives. There will also be free food and drink donated by local businesses. Neighborhood Priority Plans regarding public space improvements and environmental initiatives will be presented. Elections will also be held. This is a good chance to hear about all the work your local officials are doing for the Lowry Hill East area.


Lakewood Cemetery - 10am-11am 3600 Hennepin Ave. 612.822.2171

Attendees can enjoy complimentary refreshments while learning about the benefits of planning ahead: legal advice and tools to help protect ones family, including powers of attorney, wills, trusts and health care directives, memorial and cremation choices at Lakewood, and how to organize information using an Emergency Record Guide. Speakers include Ronald Gjerde, Jr., president, Lakewood Cemetery and Angela T. Fogt, associate, Gray Plant Mooty (law firm). This free seminar will be held in Lakewoods Garden Mausoleum reception room and followed by a guided tour of the Garden Mausoleum at 11am. Open to the public. Seating is limited.



The Uptown Neighborhood News

If We Were Any More Local Wed Be Sitting On You.
ECCO from 10 CARAG from 8

Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm 810 Lake St. 612.825.8949

Hosted by Austin Anderson, five teams are given six weeks to complete a short film. There are no prizes. No awards. They just want live feedback. Tickets are $5-$10 sliding scale.

quarter reports. The 17th Annual CARAG Chilly Chili Fest brought in more than $1,800 and 135lbs of food for Joyce Uptown Food Shelf. A new 1-year office lease was not available and will be voted upon in April. The VOA- Southwest Senior Center proposes raising the monthly rent from $220 to $230 per month.

tecting Lake Calhoun from air and noise pollution.

sewer rehabilitation construction. The ECCO Board voted to co-sign the letter. Neighborhood and Community Relations (NCR) is hosting the 2nd Annual Community Connections Conference on Saturday, March 22 from 8 a.m. 4:30 p.m. at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The event is free. Registration is open. There will be a public Meeting for roadway improvements on Hennepin/Lyndale Avenues (between Franklin Ave and Dunwoody Blvd) on Tuesday, March 25, 6:30-8 p.m. at the Walker Art Center. Project website: hennepinlyndaleproject. com. The Minneapolis Health Department has published a resource guide to help aging citizen navigate the city services they need. The Healthy Homes resource guide can be found at

and energy are welcome. Tastemakers is hosting a discussion about the decline in the bee population on Tuesday, March 18, 6-8 p.m. at the Ritz Theater. Linda Todd will attend to learn more for a possible project in East Calhoun. Uptown Neighborhood News: Anja Curiskis The paper continues to seek more ad revenue and story ideas. Bicycle Festival, Anja Curiskis Planning is underway for the 2nd annual Bicycle Festival, Saturday, May 31 at 1-3 p.m. at St. Marys. Midtown Greenway Coalition Paul Harstad will serve as ECCOs representative to the Midtown Greenway Coalition Board. Thanks to Harry Savage for his service on the MGC Board. Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis The Policy Advisory Committee selected the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) for Midtown transit improvements: a dual alignment of enhanced bus on Lake Street and rail on the Midtown Greenway. Funding has not yet been identified for the project. Livability Committee The next meeting is Monday, March 17, 7 p.m. at St. Marys. The agenda includes a proposal for a three story, mixed-use development on the NE corner of Lake St and James Ave and

a variance request for a single-family home at 3347 E. Calhoun Pkwy. Presidents Report: Linda Todd RNAV update: A joint hearing of the House and Senate Transportation committees was held on March 4 about MSP airport noise and expansion. The ECCO Board submitted a letter petitioning our legislative representatives to devise legislation to protect the Chain-of-Lakes from negative impacts of increased air traffic. Southwest LRT: Harry Savage will prepare a resolution supporting Southwest LRT to present to the Livability Committee at its March 17th meeting. Linda Todd and Kate Davenport will represent the ECCO Board at the Uptown Opportunity Task Force meeting on March 25th. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. Next meeting is Thursday, April 3, 2014, 7 p.m. at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church.

Staff Report, Monica Smith

The ECCO Board approved the 2013 CPP Annual Report. Highlights of the report will be posted on our website: The ECCO Board approved $400 to host the 3rd annual puppet show on Saturday, June 7. The Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary asked ECCO to co-sign a letter to the Metropolitan Council requesting mitigation for negative impacts of the

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m.

Committee Reports
Communications: Andrew Bornhoft The website now includes a link to the Uptown Neighborhood News Facebook page. A suggestion was made to include a calendar feature to the ECCO events page. Green Team, David Tompkins Kathy Scoggin and David Tompkins are the co-chairs of the Green Team. The next meeting is Wednesday, March 12, 7 p.m. at Dunn Bros. on 34th and Hennepin. New members, ideas

Dive Right In
According to their website Louies Wine Dive is obsessed with really, really good grapes and honest ingredients utilized in creative and flavorful food. With locations already in Des Moines, Kansas City and Omaha, Louies Wine Dive will be opening soon just below Blue Apartments at 800 Lake St. More info at (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Purchase over $60 & receive FREE 6 pack of Aquafina Water at Kyles Market

12 - APRIL 2014 TRUTHS from 2

ing the Met Council. Although often promoted as serving North Minneapolis, SWLRT only skirts North Minneapolis with fewer than 800 boardings and alightings per day or only 400 people making round trips at the Van White and Royalston stations combined by 2030, again per the Met Council, much fewer than any other single SWLRT station. Connections between North Minneapolis and Eden Prairie could be created tomorrow

by building a transit station at Plymouth and Penn, serviced with the very successful and popular SouthwestTransit commuter buses.

A Minimal Increase in Regional Transportation Capacity

SWLRT as planned does not significantly improve the areas transportation capacity. According to the 2012 Draft Environment Impact Statement (DEIS) about three-fourths or 11,000 of the roughly 14,750 actual people

(or about 29,500 one-way riders) projected to use the SWLRT are already riding a bus or carpooling.For $1.55 billion, SWLRT would increase area transit capacity by at most 4,000 6,000 round trip rides. For example,the Met Council is hoping to entice at least 50 percent of the Southwest Transit express bus riders mentioned above even though 99 percent of those surveyed in April 2013 were satisfied with the service, and 75 percent said they would continue to prefer it over LRT if given the

option. Unlike Southwest Transit express bus service, SWLRT does not stop in downtown Minneapolis, but at Target Field. This outcome of the Kenilworth alignment raises serious questions regarding long-term ridership of suburban commuters, who would need to walk several blocks to work in all kinds of weather.

and LRT in the Kenilworth Corridor.While not favoring a specific reroute option, LRTDR advocates rerouting SWLRT to equitably distribute the benefits and burdens to maximizethe $1.55 billion public investment. See
FUNNY from 1

The Inequity of SWLRT

Urban dwellers should be aware that in 2007, Minnetonka and Eden Prairie made it clear that running SWLRT through the Hennepin County-owned recreational trails in their communities, comparable to the Kenilworth Trail in Minneapolis, would be detrimental to their cities quality of life and limit development opportunities. They didnt seek mitigation of a weak route; they sought a better, more valuable alignment for their suburban cities. Consequently, $300 million was added at that time to improve the alignment for those cities, taking the overall project budget up 30 percent from about $900 million to about $1.2 billion. The SWLRT budget was thus maxed out at the front end for the southwest suburbs creating enormous pressure to keep costs down for building and planning in Minneapolis. Eden Prairie and Minnetonka have roughly 2 to 3 times more open space acreage per person than does Minneapolis, $110,000 -$116,000 in median household income, as well as a lower unemployment rate than Minneapolis.

Policy will take everything they hear and bring it to life through completely unscripted comedy. Plus there will be ample time for your questions of Council Member Bender. Youll learn, youll laugh, youll go home knowing more about Minneapolis than you did coming in. The Theater of Public Policy uses unscripted theater to unpack and re-imagine big issues and ideas. Each week they invite informed guests to discuss a particular issue in an interview format. Then a team of talented improvisers bring the ideas, anecdotes, questions, debates, and memes to life through improv comedy. To learn more about The Theater of Public Policy or to see a video about how their show works, visit Salem Lutheran Church is hosting this event as part of their Salem Arts Series of free events for the neighborhood. Salem is an ELCA congregation in ecumenical partnership at SpringHouse Ministry Center. The show will be held at SpringHouse, located at 610 W. 28th St., Minneapolis. To learn more about Salem Lutheran and the SpringHouse partnership, visit The public is invited to this free event.
FILM from 9

The 2320 Colfax Avenue property is pictured above circa 1900.

(Photo from Mpls. CPED Staff report at

COLFAX from 1

Although the Community Planning & Economic Development Staff Report prepared for the HPC supports the demolition, the HPC Committee voted five to three to deny Crows appeal. The meeting of the HPC comes after a lengthy fight that began in October 2012 over the future of the property. The most recent development was an appeal filed on behalf of the owner Michael Crow, in February 2014. They said we did not try hard enough to sell the building to someone

other than a developer, Crow said. Kathleen Kullberg, a Lowry Hill Resident had this to say.

Though I am pleased with the results of the HPC decision, I think this is a very complex issue with many aspects. As homeowners, we only have a legal document that gives us the temporary right to be the stewards of the property until such time as it is transferred. Undeterred, Crow said he will We are merely responsible for immediately appeal the HPCs caring for the property till it is decision. passed to the next person or gen-

eration and therefore we have a duty to maintain or enhance its value.There are environmental, zoning, historic, and aesthetic responsibilities as well as considering what is overall best for the future of the surrounding neighborhood. I believe there must be some common ground and a reasonable compromise that can be made to allow the neighborhood and Mr. Crow to move forward to a satisfactory conclusion.

The Environmental Impact of SWLRT

SWLRT as planned will not deliver positive environmental impacts according to the DEIS. For example, auto emissions will increase at heavily trafficked crossings along the route and at all SWLRT stations especially those with park and ride facilities.When air quality does improve around the year 2050, it will be due totighter auto emissions standards, not because more people are riding the train. In fact, assuming most people make round trips, this alignment will only get 4,000 cars off the road at rush hour by 2030if were lucky. Thats a tiny fraction of the current 132,000 cars daily on I-494 at Hwy 168, at a cost of $380,000 per car off the road. In addition, SWLRT will encourage further decentralized development or sprawl.

rell, Cline, Dion Josh Groban, Tony Bennett, Usher Raymond, Sean Combs, and Til Schweiger), 112-minute, animated musical comedy, his criminal mastermind imposter and evil cohort (Ricky Gervais) steal priceless artwork all around Europe and plan the ultimate heist of the Crown Jewels in London as the Muppets (Eric Jacobson, David Goetz, Bill Barretta, Matt Vogel, and David Rudman) play to sold-out audience.

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (NR) (2)

After an aging fishing enthusiast (Stellan Skarsgrd) takes in a battered woman (Charlotte Gainsbourg) he finds on the streets in this risqu, odd, melancholy, star-dotted (Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Connie Nelsen, Jamie Bell, Willem Dafoe, and Udo Kier), 2-hour, Lars von Trier film, she begins to tell him of her sexual adventures beginning when she lost her virginity) to a motorcycle rider (Shia LaBeouf) as a precocious 15-year-old girl (Stacy Martin) and later her sexual exploits to a string of men (James Northcote, Jeff Burrell, et al). 1986 through 2014 by Wendy Schadewald. The preceding films were reviewed by Wendy Schadewald, who has been a Twin Cities film critic since 1986. To see more of her film reviews, log on to www.

In Conclusion
A non-route chosen due to failed planning for freight, failure to equitably serve urban populations, little increase in transit capacity, preference given to suburban commuters, trails, and economic development, and lack of real environmental benefit. Take them separately or together; these are some of the truths of the SWLRT as it currently exists. Only a different route will fix the fundamental problems with the SWLRT. LRT Done Right (LRTDR), a grass-roots group, formed last summer when the Met Council proposed co-location of freight

Brrrrrr-ing It!
Minnesota law enforcement presented the Polar Bear Plunge as part of the year-round Law Enforcement Torch Run events benefiting Special Olympics Minnesota. Two new features this year were the Pee Wee Plunge (for kids) and fireworks as part of the March 1 event on Lake Calhoun. More info at (Photo by Thomas Dean Photography)