Lets Read The Bible: Genesis Chapter Seven In Genesis chapter seven, we learn in greater detail of GOD S aweso

!e plan of saving "preserving# ever$ %ind of living creat&re that have the breath of life in the! and that lives on dr$ land called earth' We learn that GOD gathered every kind animal and bird and creeping thing (insects and bugs) together into one very specific location to be gathered into the Ark which GOD had commanded Noah to build before the flood waters were sent upon the whole earth under heaven (the sky) We learn how long it rained upon the earth before it was time to enter into the Ark! and we learn of a specific order which all life that GOD was saving aboard the Ark entered in We learn Noah! his three sons! Noah"s wife and his three sons wives were the last to enter into the Ark before GOD closed the door shutting them all in the life saving Ark of protection and preservation Noah"s Ark is a foreshadow of the Ark of GOD that GOD did later send into the world to save every man! woman and child that would put their faith (belief! trust) in! to save them (us) from our sins! in the GOD#$AN %esus &hrist! the only begotten 'on of GOD %esus &hrist is the ultimate Ark of 'alvation for every man! woman and child that will put their faith (trust) in %esus &hrist alone for their salvation from sin and (ell (second death#eternal damnation#eternally separated from GOD forever) We learn in greater detail how long it rained on the earth before the waters were deep enough to lift the Ark upon the waters We learn that not only did it rain upon the earth! but that GOD also opened underground rivers of waters to increase the flow of waters that were sent to destroy all living life that lived upon the face of the earth (on dry land) at the time that the flood waters were sent by GOD We learn that after the )* days and )* nights of rain that fell upon the whole earth were shut off then the waters that remained deep on the face of all of the earth remained deep for an additional +,* days We learn more about this event of when GOD sent a flood to destroy every living breathing thing that lived upon all of the earth (dry land)! so to cleanse the earth of all the wickedness that had filled the whole earth before the flood waters were sent in Genesis chapter eight &ontained within the pages of -he (oly .ible are layers of knowledge and mystery that are revealed not all at once! but slowly as each page is peeled away to reveal greater depth and understanding of the knowledge already learned -he (oly .ible is like archaeology as with archaeology scientists take great care to dust away fractions of dirt and dust one layer at a time to reveal the mysteries that each layer of earth has in store for them to discover As students of -he Word of God! we are to take great care to read! to mediate (to seriously think) on each and every layer (word) that are revealed to us on each and every page that are contained in -he Word of GOD $oving through -he Word of GOD too fast will increase the possibilities that something is missed or overlooked which will lead to confusion and broken understanding of depths

of the message and lessons that are being taught as they continue to move along to greater depths within the layers of the heart of GOD -he Word of GOD is the heart of GOD! it is how $an (us) learn about GOD on a personal level -o really know GOD we must be willing to patiently listen to what GOD is saying and meaning as (/ is speaking to us A good and meaningful relationship with GOD takes time and is built up with the layers of depth from the pages and words that GOD is revealing to us through (0' Word (the pages and the words) in -he (oly .ible Let s Read The Bible Genesis ( + 1And the 2ord said unto Noah! &ome thou and all thy house into the ark3 for thee have 0 seen righteous before me in this generation 4 Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens! the male and his female5 and of beasts that are not clean by two! the male and his female 6 Of fowls also of the air by sevens! the male and the female3 to keep seed alive upon the face of all the earth ) 7or yet seven days! and 0 will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights3 and every living substance that 0 have made will 0 destroy from off the face of the earth , And Noah did according unto all that the 2ord commanded him 8 And Noah was si9 hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth : And Noah went in! and his sons! and his wife! and his sons" wives with him! into the ark! because of the waters of the flood ; Of clean beasts! and of beasts that are not clean! and of fowls! and of every thing that creepeth upon the earth! < -here went in two and two unto Noah into the ark! the male and the female! as God had commanded Noah +* And it came to pass after seven days! that the waters of the flood were upon the earth ++ 0n the si9 hundredth year of Noah"s life! in the second month! the seventeenth day of the month! the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up! and the windows of heaven were opened +4 And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights

+6 0n the selfsame day entered Noah! and 'hem! and (am! and %apheth! the sons of Noah! and Noah"s wife! and the three wives of his sons with them! into the ark3 +) -hey! and every beast after his kind! and all the cattle after their kind! and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind! and every fowl after his kind! every bird of every sort +, And they went in unto Noah into the ark! two and two of all flesh! wherein is the breath of life +8 And they that went in! went in male and female of all flesh! as God had commanded him5 and the 2ord shut him in +: And the flood was forty days upon the earth3 and the waters increased! and bare up the ark! and it was lift up above the earth +; And the waters prevailed! and were increased greatly upon the earth3 and the ark went upon the face of the waters +< And the waters prevailed e9ceedingly upon the earth3 and all the high hills! that were under the whole heaven! were covered 4* 7ifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail3 and the mountains were covered 4+ And all flesh died that moved upon the earth! both of fowl! and of cattle! and of beast! and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth! and every man5 44 All in whose nostrils was the breath of life! of all that was in the dry land! died 46 And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground! both man! and cattle! and the creeping things! and the fowl of the heaven3 and they were destroyed from the earth5 and Noah only remained alive! and they that were with him in the ark 4) And the waters prevailed upon the earth an hundred and fifty days 1 -o listen to an audio version of Genesis chapter :5 http5##www biblegateway com#audio#mclean#k=v#Gen : -o read an easier to understand modern day /nglish translation of Genesis : provided by GOD"' WO>D translation (oly .ible5 http5##www biblegateway com#passage#? search@GenesisA4*:Bversion@GW -hank you to everyone who have =oined in our 12et"s >ead -he .ible1 reading and study! and please feel free to invite your family and friends to come to this blog on .ubblews or to visit 'cribd com#NelsonDoyle a dedicated &hristian ministry blog to =oin in with us in

our .ible reading and study as we travel through the pages of -ime and -ruth as we get to know GOD our &reator and 'avior (%esus &hrist) more personally (Note5 All 'criptures used in the writing of this post comes from -he Cing %ames Dersion (oly .ible and it can be used freely for both personal or commercial uses as its status is Eublic Domain ) 0 think GOD for revealing the depths of (0' heart made known to us through -he Word of GOD (in written form 1-he (oly .ible1) 0n %esus" name! Amen

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