Kurukshetra University, Kuruksehtra
In partial fulfilment of the requirement for The Degree of Submitted to the

Bachelor of Commerce (Computer Application)
Session 2013-2014

Under supervision of: Ms. Amangeet kaur Lect,. Deptt. of Comp.Sc. & App.

Submitted by: Anju B.Com. III(C.A.)

Mukand Lal National College

Department of Computer Applications

Yamuna Nagar




 Certificate   Acknowledgement Preface


 Introduction to Problem area  Existing System  Limitation of the existing system  Proposed System  Advantages of Proposed System  System Analysis & Designing  Input Design  Output Design  Coding  Output  Limitations of Project  Further Scope





III (CA) 2 .&eptt" of .ecturer.al National .omputer /cience ' )pplications whose a!le guidance0 regular counselling0 $een interest0 constant encouragement and his will to help us" # also li$e to con%ey my sincere and special than$s to &r" /helesh *apoor0 Principal0 (u$and .Com.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This is time to extent my sincere gratitude to those people who directly or indirectly helped me in implementing this pro ect !eyond all expectation" # would li$e to con%ey my heartily inde!tedness to &r" Neeti &aryal ' (s" )mangeet *aur +.ollege0 Yamuna Nagar for pro%iding me such facilities and infrastructure re1uired for completion of this pro ect" # am also grateful to my Parents and friends who ga%e me full support and their precious to me to me and my pro!lem0 faced during my pro ect wor$" Anju B.


So realising this fact & acc. The departmental stores where are shop. I have chosen B. This degree course arises at providing the students knowledge about various applications of computes. industry government & institutions of students like colleges and universities although a lot of work in this directions has been done and gap between demand and supply of computer professionals. The banks where we transact money and devcies we used in our homes are being radically attended by computers. Computers usage is growing leaps & bounds in business.PREFACE Computers are revolutionalising every aspect of life. The offices where one work. schools and colleges we attend.Com with Computer Applications at my esteemed institutions Mukand Lal National College. to time demand when computers are necessary and important achievement. Yamuna Nagar. 4 .


INTRODUCTION TO PROBLEM AREA /tudying the manual system of Purchase 6rder /ystem and %arious information re1uirements0 it has !een proposed to de%elop the computeri7e system for transaction" )s computer is capa!le of processing large amount of data at a %ery high speed with high degree of accuracy" The data can !e stored in small space for years together without any trou!le and can !e retrie%ed whene%er re1uired in few seconds" #n the proposed system0 data will !e entered into the computer online" #n the 8Purchase 6rder /ystem8 data is mainly stored in the main menu file" This file is further di%ided in the purchases" &aily sale0 other expenses and 1uit" #n purchasing goods a menu is there in which files of add item monthly record are placed" Then lastly there is 1uit entry" Through the 1uit entry we can come out from the main menu" 19 .


These good are sold out as the demand of the purchaser. The register making takes much more time and also these are calculation which may be some time not accurate . A slip is issued by the stores to confirm the arrival of the goods from the responsible authority. The goods are passed to the store and the entry of the bills is made in the incoming register. These purchase of raw products is maintained in registers. 12 . after confirmation the entry is made in stores receipt register. also there can not be done any comparative study. On the arrival of the goods the first entries made at the gate and for this a separate registered is maintained.EXISTING SYSTEM In the manual systems of the entries regarding the raw material are passed in different books.

.( 13 .<#/T#N= /Y/T.#(#T)T#6N 6: .

System saves the stationary which cost heavily now a days.LIMITATION OF EXISTING SYSTEM 1) The system is complicated one and involves a lot of hardworking. 6) Mistakes can be in this system because calculation are manual. 2) It is time consuming one because the calculations and the operation of reports are manual 3) 4) 5) The system is unreliable and inaccurate The maintenance of minimum stock level is difficult. 14 .


The computer department passes the copy daily bill register to stores to confirm the entry and incoming goods later. The department passes the copy of daily issue register to confirm the issue of all items during the day. 12 . quality and item code regarding the goods. passes a slip to computer department. When the goods are issued to the workshop slip is passed to the computer department and the respective entries are made onto the computer.PROPOSED SYSTEM The problem of the manual data processing led to the introduction of computerized method. follows the same procedure. The store The slip contains ifnormation regarding value of goods. The goods being passed on to the stores and then the bill are recorded in the store incoming register. The system basically The entry is made at gate in register.


2. Large amount of data can be stored with the help of powerful storage media like floppies. Redundancy of information has been controlled. disks etc. load is greatly reduced in case of invite quotation. In this system. 14 . 5. This system is useful to enter and store the data 4. Purchasing involves lesser economy 3. finalization of quotation and preparing of transaction orders and reminders etc. System saves the stationary which costs heavily nowadays 6.ADVANTAGES OF PROPOSED SYSTEM 1.


For enterprises an Inventory of materials become essential in order. 6 7 To make possible economic in transportation etc. semifinished goods and finished goods stocked in order to meet expected future demand. It is physical work of goods kept for the purpose of future affairs.SYSTEM ANALYSIS Purchase is defined as any idle in coming resource of an enterprise. To absorb fluctuations in market. Inventory means lock up of capital of an enterprise. To provide adequate of price discounts bulk purchase To take advantage of batching and longer production runs To serve as a buffer in case of delayed delivers of raw materials and rejections or against uncertain lead time 5 To provide feasibility to allow changes in production plan in view of change in demand etc. It is generally used to indicate raw material. Inventory is not meant for immediate use. 1 2 3 4 To purchase smooth and efficient running of the business. Maintenance of inventory also cost money by way of expenses or 29 .

usage rate and critically. PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM: Basically two types of Purchase Order System can be for seen. B) MIN-MAX SYSTEM: For each type of Inventory minimum level is set that demands safety to prevent out of stock conditions.stores. equipments. The minimum 21 . This calls for the Broadly speaking Purchase Order System refers to the function of directions goods through the entire manufacturing minimum cycle from the requisition of raw materials to the investment and the best possible customer service. inventories in the most profitable manner. 1 2 FIXED PROBALISTIC A) ABC ANALYSIS: When there may items are classified on the basis of their value. insurance etc. personal.

e. INVENTORY RISKS: Can be traced to three basic factors i. deterioration and obsolescence. or price cutting by competitors. introduction of a new competitive produce.level also gave the ordering proving. in the first a sufficient supply is kept to meet the current demand during lead time necessary to fill the order. An order of sufficient size is placed to bring the inventory the max front when the minimum level is reached. C) TWO BIN SYSTEM: In this system. the stock of each items is separated into two files. Price may also decline when the supply 22 . 1 Price Decline: May result from any increase in the market supply of product. Price decline.

remains same and there is decrease in the general market demand. particularly in high style merchandise may render finished goods and even raw material absolute. 3 Obsolescence: Changing customer taste. 23 . 2 Product Deterioration: May result due to holding of a product too long or when stocked under improper physical conditions. The considering all this we see that inventories are risky assets to be manage and therefore calls for a very efficient control.

R R.o" Transaction8 ?hen pro ect is executed following main menu is printed" Main M nu P 6 A # B ..R 6R&.P6RT ()/T.R .).N&6R ()/T.R #//@.SYSTEM DESIGNING &esigning a software is most important phase of software phase of software de%elopment" #t re1uires careful planning0 logical thin$ing on the part of system designer" /ystem design for proposed system comes under following phases> 1" #nput &esign 2" 6utput &esign 3" :ile &esign 4" #nput &esign> #nput designing is a part of o%erall system designing which re1uires careful attention as collection of input data is most expensi%e part of the system" #nputs are used to detect errors to some extent in !etween the programming procedures" # ha%e included following inputs in my pro ect of 8Trading . ()/T. PR6&@.T ()/T.R P.<#T ?hen first option is selected then Recei%ed (aterial (enu will !e displayed with data entry regarding purchases of new goods" 24 .NT A.(.

NTRY #//@. $ #t tells the price of the =ood" #t tells how much the =ood costs and gi%es its unit price" OUTPUT DESIGN$ 6utputs are re1uired to produce result of processing to the user" 6utput will !e in the form of a screen where different options will !e displayed" #n output designing there is report menu" #T is fourth option of main menu" #t gi%es the output design of the system" #t has !een further di%ided to three options gi%en !elow" #//@.INPUT DESIGN O! SALES MENU " Goo# Co# $ #t is the num!er gi%en to product for identification" This num!er should !e falling within 10203 num!ers which are specified" % Goo# Nam $ #t tells the name of the =ood which is sold to the customer" ?ithout $nowing the name of =ood one canCt sell that =ood" & Cu'(om ) Nam * A##) ''$ #t is re1uired for issuing the !ill" #t tells whom the =ood is sold" + Uni( P)i.NTRY #//@. B@. ()/T. (6&#:Y . ( B #//@.R . .NTRY 25 .RY .

( R. R.P6RT ()/T.<#T NEXT MENU IS O! REPORT$ #t has following options> R.< .R # / < #T.P6RT #//@.<#T !ILE DESIGN struct Dchar pcodeE5FG char pnameE29HG char descE29HG char typeE3HG char unitpE5HG char 1tyE5HG char maxE5HG char minE5HG Fproduct0 mproductG This structure defines the product details in respect to there data type" struct Dchar pcodeE5HG char pnameE29HG char descE29HG char minE3HG char 1tyE5HG char maxE5HG 22 .P6RT .

urrent 1ty" char maxE5H > (aximum 1ty" char unitpE5H > @nit Price char typeE3H > =oods type The !asic data types are same so ma or data %aria!les are defined" 23 .char unitpE5HG char typeE3HG FitemG This structure defines the issue item details in respect to there data type" char pcodeE5H > #t defines the product code" char pnameE29H > #t defines the product name" char descE29H > #t defines the description of goods" char minE3H > #t determines the min 1ty" char 1tyE5H > .


() ch# "# ti&3'() 02ende 1*2ende ) st uct % ch# ocode&'() ch# .() ch# t$"e&-() ch# unit"&'() ch# .h> #include<" ocess.() ch# cit$&3'() ch# contno&3.h> #include<ct$"e.t$&'() ch# *#/&'() ch# *in&'() 0" oduct1*" oduct) st uct % ch# "code&'() ch# "n#*e&+.() ch# ./* PURCAHSE ORDER SYSTEM */ #include<stdio.t$&'() ch# *#/&'() ch# unit"&'() ch# t$"e&-() 0ite*) st uct % ch# 2code&'() ch# 2n#*e&+.() ch# desc&+.h> st uct % ch# "code&'() ch# "n#*e&+.h> #include<dos.t$ &'() ch# to"#id&'() ch# to"#$&'() 0o de 1o de 31*o de ) 2oid *#in67 % ch# ch) 2oid "*enu671o*enu6712*enu671 *enu67) int !d8DETECT1!*8.h> #include<st in!.() ch# desc&+.() ch# #dde&+.h> #include<! #"hics.) init! #"h69!d19!*1: :7) cl sc 67) 25 .t$&4() ch# icode&'() ch# 2code&'() ch# 2n#*e&+.() ch# *in&-() ch# .t$5&'() ch# .h> #include<conio.

1.1-7) !etch67) @hile637 % cl sc 67) setcolo 63'7) setAillst$le631RED7) ect#n!le6'.1.1:" ess #n$ ?e$ to continue:7) !etch67) close! #"h67) cl sc 67) init! #"h69!d19!*1: :7) sette/tst$le631.1: EC EIFT:7) outte/t/$634'1+<.1:SYSTEM:7) sette/tst$le631.1''.7) AloodAill6-.1:PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM:7) sette/tst$le631.7) sette/tst$le631..1.1:PRO=ECT:7) outte/t/$6+'.1:IC NUFT:7) 39 .1'...7) setcolo 6LHFTE7) AloodAill6-.1: N C DATA NUERY MODUEE:7) outte/t/$63B.1 :**** PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM ****:7) outte/t/$63B.13D..1:PURCHASE PRODUCT:7) outte/t/$63B..1+-.1+.1:PURCHASE ORDER:7) outte/t/$6+.1-'.1++.7) setAillst$le631RED7) ect#n!le6'.1-7) outte/t/$6+'.7) outte/t/$63<..1-..1-'.sette/tst$le631.1.1-7) outte/t/$63..1'..1'.13.1:O>:7) outte/t/$63'.1: E>TER YOUR CHOFCE:7) ch8!etch67) ch8tou""e 6ch7) s@itch6ch7 %c#se JPJ C "*enu67)K e#?) c#se JOJ C o*enu67)K e#?) c#se JHJ C 2*enu67)K e#?) c#se JRJ C *enu67)K e#?) c#se JEJ C K e#?) 0 iA 6ch88JEJ7 K e#?)0 0 2oid "*enu67 %ch# ch3) cl sc 67) @hile637 % int !d8DETECT1!*8.1:E C DATA E>TERY MODUEE:7) outte/t/$63B.13D..1: HC HE>DOR DATA:7) outte/t/$63B.1''.1+.1.1-.13'7) sette/tst$le631.1'..) init! #"h69!d19!*1: :7) cl sc 67) setcolo 6.1: OC ORDER PEACF>G:7) outte/t/$63B..13..1-.1'.1-7) outte/t/$63.1:M C DATA MODFMFCATFO> MODUEE:7) outte/t/$63B.1+B.1+-.1: RC REPORT :7) outte/t/$63B.7) outte/t/$63.1: PC PURCHASE PRODUCT:7) outte/t/$63B.13.

..1'.1+-.1'.1:N C DATA NUERY MODUEE:7) outte/t/$64.ue $67)K e#?) c#se JIJ C K e#?) iA6ch388JIJ7 K e#?) 0 0 $ou choice...) init! #"h69!d19!*1: :7) setcolo 6.13D.1-.1:R C DATA E>TERY MODUEE:7) outte/t/$64.1:I C EIFT:7) outte/t/$64.1''.1: ORDER PEACE:7) outte/t/$64.1:G C GOOD RECEFHE E>TRY MODUEE:7) outte/t/$64.1+<.1+.1:A C AMOU>T PAYME>T E>TRY MODUEE:7) outte/t/$64..133..1+B....7) setAillst$le631RED7) ect#n!le6'.: 7) 0 2oid o*enu67 %ch# ch+) cl sc 67) @hile637 %int !d8DETECT1!*8.1.1:ente $ou choice.ue $67) K e#?) c#se JGJC o!ood67)K e#?) c#se JAJC o#*ount67) K e#?) c#se JIJC K e#?) 0 iA6ch+88JIJ7 K e#?) 0 0 2oid 2*enu67 % ch# ch-) cl sc 67) @hile637 31 ..: 7) ch+8!etch67) ch+8tou""e 6ch+7) s@itch6ch+7 %c#se JRJC oent $67)K e#?) c#se JMJC o*odi67)K e#?) c#se JNJC o.1:ente ch38!etch67) ch38tou""e 6ch37) s@itch6ch37 %c#se JEJC ent $67)K e#?) c#se JMJC *odi67)K e#?) c#se JNJC .1-'.1+B..13.7) sette/tst$le631.1-7) outte/t/$63.7) setcolo 6LHFTE7) AloodAill6-.1:M C DATA MODFMFCATFO> MODUEE:7) outte/t/$64.outte/t/$634.

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2n#*e7) 45 .t$&i(7) iA6 <8++7 OO) else % !oto/$6+1++7)" intA6:" ess #n$ ?e$ to continue:7) !etche67) cl sc 67) !oto/$6-.!oto/$631B7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSS:7) 84) @hile6A e#d69o de 1siQeoA6o de 7131A"7 P8..) 0 0 OO ) !oto/$631 7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSS:7) !etch67) 0 2 e"67 % MFEE *A") int ) A"8Ao"en6:2ende .)i<')OOi7 " intA6:Rc:1o de .d#t:1: :7) close! #"h67) cl sc 67) !oto/$6.)i<')OOi7 " intA6:Rc:1o de .7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSS:7) !oto/$631'7)" intA6:o de .t$ :7) !oto/$631B7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSS:7) 83.ocode&i(7) !oto/$63'1 7)Ao 6i8.)i<+.1-7)" intA6:ORDER REPORT:7) !oto/$631.2code7) !oto/$63'1 7)"uts62ende .)i<4)OOi7 " intA6:Rc:1o de .icode&i(7) !oto/$6+.1 7)Ao 6i8.7 % !oto/$631 7)"uts62ende .2code&i(7) !oto/$6-.code icode 2code 2n#*e . cit$ cont#ctno.1-7)" intA6:**** HE>DER REPORT ****:7) !oto/$631.1 7)Ao 6i8.2n#*e&i(7) !oto/$6'31 7)Ao 6i8.7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS:7) !oto/$631'7)" intA6:2ende code 2ende n#*e 2ende #dd.7 % !oto/$631 7)Ao 6i8.)OOi7 " intA6:Rc:1o de .)i<')OOi7 " intA6:Rc:1o de .. :7) !oto/$631B7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS:7) 84) @hile6A e#d692ende 1siQeoA62ende 7131A"7 P8.

1-7)" intA6:****HE>DER REPORT****:7) !oto/$631.1 7)"uts6o de ..t$57) !oto/$6'41 7)"uts6o de ...t$7) !oto/$6-<1 7)"uts6o de .7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSS:7) !oto/$631'7)" intA6:o de code icode 2code .41 7)"uts6o de . cit$ cont#ctno:7) !oto/$631B7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSS:7) 84) 0 0 OO ) !oto/$631 7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS:7) !etche67) 0 ! e"67 % MFEE *A") int ) A"8Ao"en6:o de +.cit$7) !oto/$6'D1 7)"uts62ende .t$ .D1 7)"uts62ende .#dde7) !oto/$6.t$ .7 % !oto/$631 7)"uts6o de .t$5 to"#$:7) !oto/$631B7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSS:7) 84) @hile6A e#d69o de 1siQeoA6o de 7131A"7 P8.contno7) iA6 <8++7 OO) else % !oto/$6+1++7)" intA6:" ess #n$ ?e$ to continue:7) !etche67) cl sc 67) !oto/$6-.d#t:1: :7) close! #"h67) cl sc 67) !oto/$6+.t$ 7) !oto/$6.1-7)" intA6:**** GOOD RECEHF>G REPORT ****:7) !oto/$631.!oto/$6-+1 7)"uts62ende .icode7) !oto/$6+.ocode7) !oto/$63'1 7)"uts6o de .to"#$7) iA6 <8++7 OO) else % 42 .2code7) !oto/$6-+1 7)"uts6o de .7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSS:7) !oto/$631'7)" intA6: 2ende code 2ende n#*e 2ende #dd.

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t$5 to"#$ to"#id:7) !oto/$631B7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSS:7) 83.t$ .t$ .1-7)" intA6:**** PAYME>T REPORT****:7) !oto/$631.) 0 0 OO ) !oto/$631 7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSS:7) !etche67) 0 LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT 44 .else % !oto/$6+1++7)" intA6:" ess #n$ ?e$ to continue:7) !etch67) cl sc 67) !oto/$6-.7)" intA6:SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSS:7) !oto/$631'7)" intA6:icode 2code .

6. 5. It does not display the code list itself. Unable to share data on multi user plateform.LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT 1. 4. 3. It does not provide sales menu respect to company name. It works on GIGO concept. No user security options such as password are given. 2. 45 . It does not display the Good menu of purchase with amount.


51 . It can be further connected with tax calculation still it provides major head of expenses and income to calculate net income.FURTHER SCOPE A development never ever can be fully summarized or concluded. 1. 3. Still I will try my beset to conclude all the concepts regarding my project. It can be further connected with detailed stock of goods. It can be further connected with vb and this can be converted into vb from C for the better designing. 2.


Bhalla 53 .S.REFERENCES For the completion of this project.D. Sharma N. 2 3 Programming with C Let us C Business management by Dennice Ritche by Yashwant Kanitkar by Dr. Gupta B. I have taken help from the following books: 1.S. R.

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