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705P01281 April 2010 WorkCentre 7120 Service Documentation EDOC Version 1.0 SGS Version 1.0 IMPORTANT NOTICE
NOTE: This CD requires Next Generation PWS Release 9 or higher.

Products on CD
WorkCentre 7120

Change Highlights
This is the Initial Issue of the EDOC for WorkCentre 7120 Translated Warnings French, Italian, German, and Spanish translated versions of the English warning statements are included at the point-of-need. Additional Files NOTE: Adobe Flash Player ActiveX (Flash Player 9) will automatically be installed on the PC. NOTE: In order to view the PDF files in this EDOC, you will require an Adobe Reader. If you need to install the Adobe Reader, browse to the AdobeReader folder on the root of the CD and install one of the four languages for Adobe Reader 9.3: AdbeRdr930_en_US.exe (English), AdbeRdr930_fr_FR.exe (French), AdbeRdr930_de_DE.exe (German), or AdbeRdr930_es_ES.exe (Spanish).

Go to the BUS station and select Check for Downloads. Although not required, it is recommended Start Transfer be selected if there are files to download. Failure to perform this step may result in an unsuccessful BUS Subscription to the Tech EDOC source. NOTE: The instructions below are written for the Win2000 and WinXP PWS. Perform the following steps to install the WorkCentre 7120 Service Documentation on the PWS: 1. If an older version of the EDOC is installed, go to and perform the UNINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS for EDOC. Then return to this procedure and continue with the instructions below. 2. Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. 3. From the Taskbar, click Start. 4. Select Run.

5. On the command line, type g:\setup.exe. (If g:\ is not the CD-ROM drive, substitute the appropriate drive letter for the CD-ROM drive.) Select OK. 6. In the Select Target Drive dialog frame, select [-c-] then select OK. 7. In the Choose Install Type dialog frame, select Typical Install. 8. Read the Welcome screen, then select Next. 9. The Select Features screen will appear. NOTE: Selecting Edoc Data and/or Edoc Figures is optional and will require additional hard drive space (i.e. Space Required and Space Available will be displayed at the bottom of the Select Features screen). Installing the Data and/or Figures on the hard drive will improve PWS performance; however, the install time will increase. (Ensure the PWS is connected to an AC outlet if intended to download Data and/or Figures.) 10. Select Next. 11. After the InstallShield Wizard Complete frame displays, the installation is complete. Select Finish. The Adobe SVG Viewer and/or the Flash Player 9 will run, if required. NOTE: When the SVG Viewer Software License Agreement appears while browsing EDOC, accept the license agreement or the viewer will be disabled. NOTE: In the following step, there is an extended period of time before the OK appears on the Master Installer screen. Please be patient and allow time for the OK to appear. 12. On the Master Installer screen, select OK to exit. NOTE: The product installed on the PWS (i.e. Case Management/Your Products) is WC_7120. NOTE: Go to the BUS station and select Check for Downloads. If any Tech EDOC files are available for download, select Start Transfer.


To uninstall the WorkCentre 7120 Service Documentation and all its components, select Start> Settings> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs> Xerox NG EDOC WorkCentre 7120. NOTE: If the product is not listed in Add/Remove Programs, it was probably installed from the EDOC Manager DVD or was part of the PWS Image (e.g. new or re-imaged PWS). If the EDOC Manager DVD is available, use it to remove the EDOC, then go to step D. If the EDOC Manager DVD is not available, continue with steps C and D. B. Select the Remove or Change/Remove button, and then click Yes in the Confirm File Deletion dialog box. Click Finish to continue. C. Open Windows Explorer, go to <C>:\Xerox\edoc and check for a folder called wc7120. If present, delete the folder and all its contents. A.

D. Unsubscribe the WorkCentre 7120 Tech EDOC source located in the WorkCentre 7120 Family Category of the BUS Subscription list. NOTE: During the Prelaunch timeframe, the BUS Category will be Temp Category 05. At launch or a few days before, the Category will change to WorkCentre 7120 Family.

Acknowledgements The service information found in this EDOC includes combined input from the Product Development Teams (Engineering), Field Engineering, Creative and Technical Communications North America (CTC-NA), and Xerox field service personnel world wide. Prepared by Creative and Technical Communications North America 800 Phillips Road, Building 0218-01A Webster, New York 14580 ISO9001 and ISO27001 Certified 2010 Xerox Corporation. All Rights Reserved. XEROX and XEROX and design are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.