A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan In Kindergarten Reading I.

OBJECTIVES: At the of the end lesson, the students should be able to: 1. identify different places in school 2. locate the different places in school 3. take care of the different places in school II. SUBJECT/TOPIC: Reading – Different Places in School III. MATERIALS: • • • • • big book of the story “One Smile” diorama labels boxes art materials for the activities

IV. PROCEDURES A. Introductory Activities • Meeting Time o Prayer song o Weather song o Checking of Attendance Drill Review of Past Lesson

• •

B. Developmental Activities • Storytelling o Teacher will ask the class the standards before telling a story. o Teacher will read the story “One Smile” with the help of illustrations and pictures.

Big Group Activity o Teacher will ask questions that will lead to the presentation of the lesson. o Guiding Questions:  If you are Amy, will you also be nervous to go to school? Why or Why not?  Have you experienced what Amy felt while she’s inside the school?  What did you do to overcome the feeling of nervousness?  Are you happy that you’re in school today?  What are the places in school that are mentioned in the story? o Teacher will present a diorama of a school. o She will call some pupils to label the places by placing sticks beside the area which bear the name of the place. o After presenting the diorama, teacher will post pictures of the different places in school. She will ask the pupils to connect the pictures with its correct label. o Teacher will ask some ways on how to take care of the different places in school. Small Group Activities o Decorate Your Own Room  Each group will be given a box. The box will represent the room or place inside the school. They will be given materials and miniature furniture that will help them decorate the room.  Starfish – Classroom  Goldfish – Library  Octopus – Principal’s Office  Turtle – Canteen  Crab – Comfort Room Evaluation o The pupils will be given worksheets to answer. (Worksheet attached) Indoor/Outdoor Activity o The teacher will let the class have a trip around the school. This would help the children be familiarized with the different places in school.

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