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Specifications, appearances, colors (including body colors), equipment, materials and other aspects of the SUZUKI products shown in this leaflet are subject to change by SUZUKI at any time without notice and they may vary depending on local conditions or requirements. Some models are not available in some regions. Each model may be discontinued without notice. Please inquire at your local dealer for details of any such changes. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Enjoy riding safely. Read your Owner's Manual carefully. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

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300 Takatsuka-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu City, JAPAN 432-8611

Product Concept
INAZUMA has been created in response to the growing demand for reliable but cost effective means of transport. To meet this demand, we have aimed the design at user-friendly performance and fuel efficiency but have not compromised on styling, features and finish quality. By using equipment such as front/rear hydraulic disc brakes and many aluminum parts instead of steel the finish quality is that normally expected of models in higher categories. This level of finish is complemented by premium styling and a comprehensive instrument panel featuring gear indicator, maintenance reminders and a 3-mode rpm indicator. The quality, versatility and enjoyable riding experience of the INAZUMA will appeal to a wide range of customers. From those looking for a quality commuter, to riders returning to motorcycling and even those newly licensed riders looking for their next step before moving onto bigger models.

Styling Design Modern, imposing styling which projects the image of the B-KING
The styling of the INAZUMA is inspired from the B-KING which brought a styling innovation in motorcycle world. The modern imposing design will result in this motorcycle being chosen by a wide range of customers. The engine has a high-class appearance which accentuates its mechanical beauty. It has been carefully designed down to the last detail, and emphasizes symmetry through the elaborate design of the area around the cylinder heads, the left and right twinmuffler type fully-plated exhaust system which projects to the rear, and so on.

Aggressive and impressive character line
Character line which sweeps upward from the front toward the rear. It imparts a feeling of speed and the impression of aggressiveness.

Aluminum-like side panels add an accent to the styling design

Aluminum-like panels are used for the side panels. They add an accent to the styling design.

Dauntless and powerful front mask
The combination of the small and sharp head cowl and the distinctively shaped headlight makes for a dauntless and powerful appearance.

High quality fit and finish in rear section
The glamorous seat tail cover, which provides the impression of volume and sharpness, ensures riding comfort together with ease of getting on/off. The rear combination light uses a double lens arrangement employing a clear lens which covers the outside of the tail/brake light, imparting a high quality image.

Impressive and beautiful exhaust muer
The left and right twin-muffler exhaust system consists of 2 exhaust pipes section, 1 collector section, and 2 mufflers section. The mufflers hang outward from the engine provides an impression of power. In addition, the shiny chrome plating creates beautiful flowing lines. A tapered end cap is equipped to provide an aesthetically pleasing effect when the motorcycle is viewed from the rear.

Front turn signals

The front turning signals have been built into the fuel tank cover, following on from the B-KING.

Rearview mirror
The stylish rearview mirror has been exclusively designed for the INAZUMA.

Use of a chrome-plated cooling water pipe

A chrome-plated pipe in order to preserve its beautiful form. Together with the exhaust pipes, the cooling water pipe produces a beautiful flowing line, resulting in a high-class appearance.

Separate handlebars
The separate handlebars project a high-class and sporty image.

Engine Liquid-cooled twin cylinder engine with superb and practical performance as commuter
The newly designed liquid-cooled SOHC in-line 2-cylinder engine with 6-speed transmission has user-friendly characteristics in low-to-mid range engine speed, considering riding in urban area.

Chassis Highly reliable chassis design

The chassis is designed for ease of use as commuter. Newly designed robust frame
The newly designed robust semi-double cradle frame was designed based on meticulous strength calculations, resulting in enhanced handling stability.

High performance mono-suspension design

The rear suspension employs a mono-suspension in order to secure adequate stroke and reduced weight. The use of a mono-suspension simplifies the appearance of the rear section, and thus also helps to enhance the overall styling design.

Power curve image of INAZUMA

Broad low-to-mid range power with 6-speed transmission

Crankshaft output

A long-stroke engine (bore 53.5 mm x stroke 55.2 mm) is designed for practical low-to-mid range engine speed (around 4,000rpm) enables comfortable riding in various conditions from commuting to touring. 6-speed transmission contributes to comfortable ride and better fuel consumption.

Controllable front and rear disc brakes

The INAZUMA is equipped with controllable hydraulic disc brakes both for front and rear, resulting in high controllability and braking performance.

Rear brake Engine speed (rpm)

Stable 17-inch tires and aluminum cast wheels

The motorcycle is fitted with a 110/80-17 tire at the front and a 140/70-17 at the rear. This makes for increased handling stability and a more sporty appearance.

Fuel injection (FI) system

FI system electronically controls the injection volume and the injection timing to the optimum values according to the riding condition, based on information from various sensors including an O2 sensor, in order to improve fuel economy and reduce harmful substances in the exhaust gas. This also contributes to improved idling stability and almost linear throttle response, and makes for stable performance.

Integrated type crankshaft and a coupling type balancer shaft

The use of an integrated crankshaft contributes to improved engine performance as well. The 180 crankshaft is fitted with a coupling type balancer shaft which suppresses vibration and also reduces noise, thus ensuring comfortable and quiet riding over a long time.

Aluminum parts used throughout

For the high-quality appearance normally associated with larger capacity, higher cost motorcycles, aluminium parts have been used in areas such as the foot controls, foot rest brackets and the pillion grab bar. In addition to the high-class appearance and sporty image, the use of aluminium results in and overall lighter motorcycle for increased performance, agility and economy.

Footrest bracket/Shift pedal

Footrest bracket/Brake pedal

Pillion footrest

Grab bar

Electrical High-quality multi-function instrument cluster

The instrument cluster has been reduced in size to enable it to fit inside the compact headlight cowl. Despite its small size, however, it incorporates a wealth of functions. It uses a large LCD display and LED indicators, making for high readability and a high-class appearance.

Specifications / Body Colors Specifications

Engine type Bore x Stroke Displacement Compression ratio Fuel system Ignition system Starter system Transmission Suspension (front) (rear) Brake (front) (rear) Tire (front) (rear) Fuel tank capacity Headlight Overall length Overall width Overall height 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC 53.5 mm x 55.2 mm 248 cm3 11.5 : 1 Fuel injection Electronic ignition, fully transistorized Electric 6-speed constant mesh Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped Swing arm, coil spring, oil damped Disc Disc 110/80-17M/C57H 140/70-17M/C66H 13.3 L 12V35/35W 2,145 mm 760 mm 1,075 mm 1,430 mm 165 mm 780 mm N/A

Large LCD display

A large LCD display is located to the right of the meter. It has the functions of a speedometer, fuel meter, odometer, twin trip meter, gear position indicator, maintenance interval indicator and a clock.

LED indicators
LEDs are used for the liquid temperature warning lamp, oil pressure warning lamp, FI warning lamp, neutral lamp, high beam indicator, and turn signal indicator, resulting in reduced power consumption. Because LEDs do not have filaments, they do not burn out, thus ensuring long life.

Wheelbase Grand clearance Seat height Curb mass

Liquid temperature warning lamp

Oil pressure warning lamp

FI warning lamp

Body Colors
Pearl Nebular Black (YAY)

Neutral lamp

High beam indicator

Turn signal indicator

Gear position indicator

This indicator shows which gear position the machine is in at present. It enables the rider to obtain the desired acceleration performance.

3-mode rpm indicator

This indicator enables one of three modes, the standard mode (lamp unlit), normal mode, and eco mode, to be selected. In the normal mode, the indicator lamp lights when the engine reaches the speed that is appropriate for normal cruising, enabling the rider to judge the gearchange timing. In the eco mode, the indicator lamp flashes and lights at a lower speed compared to the normal mode, notify the rider to travel at an economical speed.

Maintenance interval indicator

The maintenance interval indicator notifies the rider of when the oil is due to be replaced. It can be set to light after first 1,000 km, and every 500 km thereafter to 5,000 km in order to remind the owner of the machine when to change the oil.

Candy Cardinal Red (PDD)

* The indicator lamps are shown lit for the purpose of photography.