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Chemistry and Materials Research ISSN 2224- 3224 (Print) ISSN 222 - !" # ($nline) %ol.3 No.

& 2!'3

Synthesis, Characterization, and Antibacterial Studies of Mn (II) , Fe (II) , Co(II) , Ni(II), Cu (II) and Cd(II) Mixed- Li and Co!"lexes Containin A!ino Acid ( L-#aline) And ($,$%"henanthroline)
(Noori.). *ayad & ((+aghreed ,ashim. -l- Noor & (-theer. -. Mahmood & ((I.tiha/ )adhim Malih ( Ira0ia 1ni2ersity& 3aghdad-IR-4 ((Chemistry 5e6artment .I.n --I-,aithem College o7 8d9cation& 1ni2ersity o7 3aghdadCorres6onding a9thor: e-mail: 7ayad #; taghreedalnoor;yahoo&com Abstract - new si< mi<ed =igand com6le<es o7 some transition metal ions Mn (II) , Fe (II) , Co(II) , Ni(II), Cu (II)and non transition metal ion Cd(II)) with =-2aline (%al , ) as a 6rimary =igand and '&'!-6henanthroline (6hen) as a secondary =igands ha2e .een 6re6ared. -ll the 6re6ared com6le<es ha2e .een characteri>ed .y molar cond9ctance& magnetic s9sce6ti.ility in7rared &electronic s6ectral and --- . +he com6le<es with the 7orm9las ?M(%al)2(6hen)@ & MA Mn (II) & *e (II) & Co(II) & Ni(II)& C9 (II) &and Cd(II) & =- %al ,A (C ,''N$2) &(C'2,BN2) A(6hen) &ey 'ords( -mino -cid&( =-2aline)& '&'!-Phenanthroline& mi<ed ligand com6le<es& -nti.acterial acti2ities& s6ectral st9dies Introduction +he st9dy o7 the coordinated systems metal ion - amino acids has .ecome increasingly im6ortant in recent times&and 7rom di77erent 6oints o7 2iew. Increasing worldwide interest was con7irmed in '"" '& when 8C co9ntries selected C3iocoordination ChemistryC as one o7 se2en 6riority research 7ields. ?'@%aline (a..re2iated as %al ,) is an D-amino acid with the chemical 7orm9la. ,$2CC,(N,2)C,(C,3)2 .=-%aline is one o7 2! 6roteinogenic amino acids. ?2@ widely distri.9ted .9t rarely occ9rs in amo9nt e<ceeding '!E . It is .ranched chain amino acid and can .e deri2ed 7rom alanine .y the introd9ction o7 two methyl gro96 6resent on D-car.on atom. ?'-2@ .5e2ere9< and co-worFers ?3& 4@ showed that introd9ction o7 a second com6eting ligand (s9ch as '&'!-6henanthroline& 2&2-.i6yridine) lowers the dimensionality o7 the str9ct9res since their chelation to the metal ion lea2es 7ewer sites 7or dicar.o<ylic acid coordination.Protonation and Gn(II) com6le<ation o7 N-s9.stit9ted amino acids& 2aline (,2=')and glycylglycine (,2=2)&with 4-amino-'&#-dihydro-'-methyl- -nitroso-#o<o6yrimidin-2-yl as s9.stit9ent& were st9died .y 6otentiometric and 1%H%is meas9rements. 3ianions =' and =2 s977er three 6rotonation ste6s in a09eo9s medi9m corres6onding to the amide and car.o<ylate gro96s o7 the amino acidic moiety& and the nitrogen atom o7 the nitroso gro96 o7 the 6yrimidine 7ragment.? @Metal com6le<es o7 the ty6e ?M(==)3@nI& where == is either '&'!-6henanthroline or a modi7ied 6hen ligand& are 6artic9larly attracti2e s6ecies 7or de2elo6ing new diagnostic and thera6e9tic agents that can recogni>e and clea2e 5N- ?#@. +he ligands or the metal in these com6le<es can .e 2aried in an easily controlled manner to 7acilitate an indi2id9al a66lication& th9s 6ro2iding an easy access 7or the 9nderstanding o7 details in2ol2ed in 5N-- .inding and clea2age ?J@.'& '!- 6henanthroline 7orm sta.le com6le< salts with 2ario9s metals o7 the transition series o7 the general ty6e M(6hen)3K2.L,2$. +he coordinating a.ility o7 '& '!-6henanthroline is 6ossessed .y a o7 its sim6le deri2ati2es. ?B@ +he 09aternary mi<ed anion o7 rare earth with 2&3-dimetho<yl.en>oic acid and '&'!-6henanthroline has .een synthesi>ed 7rom the water-ethanol sol9tion. 8lemental analysis shows that the com6le<es general 7orm9la is R8(2&3-5M$3-)2N$3Phen (R8 A =a& Nd& 89& 5y). ?"@ +he 6resent 6a6er deals with the synthesis& s6ectral and magneto chemical st9dies o7 metal(II) com6le<es with =- %aline (%al ,)as a 6rimary ligand and '&'!-6henanthroline (6hen)as a secondary ligand )*Materials and Methods a- -ll chemicals 9sed were o7 reagent grade (s966lied .y either MercF or *l9Fa) and 9sed as s966lied. -ll the metal ions Mn(II)& Co(II)&Ni(II)&C9(II)&*e(II) and Cd(II) were o7 -nalar grade (35,). +hey were 9sed in the 7orm o7 chlorides witho9t 79rther 69ri7ication. .- Instr9ments: *+IR s6ectra were recorded as )3r discs 9sing *o9rier trans7orm In7rared S6ectro6hotometer Shimad>9 24 *+I.R B4!!s. 8lectronic s6ectra o7 the 6re6ared com6le<es were meas9red in the region (2!!- ''!!) nm 7or '!-3 M sol9tions in 5M* at 2 MC 9sing shimad>9-1.%-'#!.- 1ltra %iolet %isi.le- S6ectro6hotometer with '.!!! N !.!!' cm matched 09art> cell. Ohile metal contents o7 the com6le<es were determined .y -tomic -.sor6tion(-.-)+echni09e 9sing Pa6an -.--#JQ Shimad>9. 8lectrical cond9cti2ity meas9rements o7 the com6le<es were recorded at room tem6erat9re 7or '!-3 M sol9tions o7 the sam6les in 5M* 9sing 6w" 2J


Chemistry and Materials Research ISSN 2224- 3224 (Print) ISSN 222 - !" # ($nline) %ol.3 No. & 2!'3

5igital cond9cti2ity meter (Phili6s). Melting 6oints were recorded .y 9sing St9art melting 6oint a66arat9s .chloride ion content were also e2ol9tion .y(Mohr method)&Magnetic s9sce6ti.ility meas9rements were meas9red 9sing 3r9Fer magnet 3M# instr9ment at 2"B) 7ollowing the *aradayRs method. +he 6ro6osed molec9lar str9ct9re o7 the com6le<es were determinated .y 9sing chem. o77ice 6rogram& 35K (2!!#). C- Qeneral synthesis o7 the mi<ed ligands metal com6le<es?'!-''@ - sol9tion o7 '&'!-6henanthroline (!.'B!g& ' m mol) in a09eo9s ethanol (':''! ml) '!mmol) and sol9tion o7 =-2aline ( o&234& 2 m mol) in a09eo9s ethanol (':'&'! ml) containing sodi9m hydro<ide (!.!B& 2mmol) were added sim9ltaneo9sly to a sol9tion o7 MCl2.n,2$ (' m mol) in a09eo9s ethanol (':'&'! ml) in the stoichiometric ratio. ?2%al:M: 6hen@.( Scheme ') the a.o2e sol9tion was stirred 7or '-ho9re and allowed to stand 7or o2er night .the 6rod9ct 7ormed was 7iltered o77 &washed with a09eo9s ethanol (':') and dried in air & and analy>ed em6loying standard method .


H2 N

':'(,2$:C2, $,) 2

H 3C CH H3 C

O- Na+ C O

I 2 Na$,


H 2N H3 C

O - Na + C O N N CH C CH CH 3 O H 3C CH3 CH CH 3

H 3C




':'(,2$:C2, $,)
H 2N



MA Mn (II) & *e (II) & Co(II) & Ni(II)& C9 (II) &and Cd(II)

Sche!e ($) ( Sche!atic re"resentation +re"aration of the Co!"lexes ,M(#al))("hen)Antibacterial Acti.ities( ?'2@ +he anti.acterial acti2ity o7 the ligands and some there com6le< were tested on Qram 6ositi2e .acteria& Sta6hylococc9s & and Qram negati2e& 8 .coli & Pse9domonas& and 3acill9s. +he sol2ent 9sed was dimethyl 7ormamid(5M*) and sam6le 7rom ' to 2!! SgTml were 9sed. -nti .actericidal acti2ities o7 each com6o9nd were e2al9ated .y the well-di779sion method. ' cm3 o7 a 24 h .roth c9lt9re containing '!# C*1Tcm3 was 6laced in sterile Petri-dishes. Molten n9trient agar(' cm3) Fe6t at ca. 4 oC was then 6o9red in the Petri-dishes and allowed to solidi7y. +hen holes o7 # mm diameter were 69nched care79lly 9sing a sterile corF .orer and these were com6letely 7illed with the test sol9tions. +he 6lates were inc9.ated 7or 24 h at 3JoC. /* 0esults and 1iscussion Characteri>ation o7 Metal Com6le<es. Qenerally& the com6le<es were 6re6ared .y reacting the res6ecti2e metal salts with the ligands 9sing ':':2 mole ratio& i.e. one mole o7 metal salt : one mole o7 '&'!-6henanthroline and two moles o7 sodi9m 2alinate. +he synthesis o7 mi<ed ligand Metal com6le<es may .e re6resented as 7ollows 2%al , I2Na$, 2%al- NaI I ,2$ 2%al- NaI I 6hen I MCl2 ?M(%al)2(6hen)@ I 4,2$ I Na Cl (where 6hen is '&'!-6henanthroline and %al , is amino acid =-2aline ). +he 7orm9la weights and melting 6oints & are gi2en in (+a.le I ). 3ased on the 6hysicochemical characteristics (+a.le I)& it was 7o9nd that all the com6le<es were nonhygrosco6ic& sta.le at room tem6erat9re .+he sol9.ility o7 the com6le<es o7 ligands was st9died in 2ario9s sol2ents. +he com6le<es are sol9.le in dimethyl s9l7o<ide (5MS$)


Chemistry and Materials Research ISSN 2224- 3224 (Print) ISSN 222 - !" # ($nline) %ol.3 No. & 2!'3

and dimethyl 7ormamide (5M*) while insol9.le in water and common sol2ents s9ch as ether& chloro7orm& and car.on tetrachloride.. +he molar cond9ctance 2al9es o7 the com6le<es in 5M* sol2ent at '!-3 M concentration are 2ery low ( U'!) signi7ying their non-electrolytic nat9re ?'3@. -tomic -.sor6tion and chloride ion content : 2he ato!ic absor"tion meas9rements and chloride ion content (+a.le-') 7or all com6le<es ga2e a66ro<imated 2al9es 7or theoretical 2al9es. In concl9sion& o9r in2estigation this s9ggest that the ligands acid =- 2aline and '&'!-6henanthroline coordinate 'ith M (II) for!in octahedral geometry. Fourier-transform infrared spectra and !ode of coordination ( +he most im6ortant in7rared s6ectral .ands that 6ro2ide concl9si2e str9ct9ral e2idence 7or the coordination o7 the ligands to the central metal ions. +he im6ortant IR 6eaFs o7 the com6le<es are shown in +a.le 2. In the in7rared s6ectra o7 the com6le<es& the .and d9e to (C3N) ring 2i.rations o7 the 9ncoordinated '&'!6henanthroline cm-' was shi7ted to ' BB cm-' in the com6le<es. +his shi7t .y 33 cm-' to a lower 7re09ency shows that '&'!-6henanthroline is coordinated to the metal centers ?'2@. Similarly& in the *+IR s6ectra o7 the com6le<es& the C-, and CAC stretching .ands 9ndergo a coordination-ind9ced lower 7re09ency shi7t o7 '2 cm-' and 'B cm-'& res6ecti2ely ?''@. +he in7ra red s6ectr9m o7 7ree ligand =- 2aline (e<hi.ited a strong .and aro9nd (33B2) cm-$ that corres6onds to the stretching 2i.ration o7 (N-,) I ($-,)& while another strong a.sor6tion .and at ('J4 ) cm-' is a66eared which co9ld e<6lained as ($C$)asym where the ($C$) sym was noticed at ('3!!) cm-' ?'4@ +he s6ectra arising 7rom the com6le<es re2eals that the a.sor6tion .and .elonging to the stretching 2i.ration o7 (N-,) o7 the amine gro96 ha2e .een 7o9nd in the range .etween (33J!-33!!) cm-' shi7ted to lower 7re09ency .y (B2-'2) cm-' s9ggesting the 6ossi.ility o7 the coordination o7 the ligand (%al -) thro9gh the nitrogen atom at the amine gro96 ?'4-'#@ -.sor6tion assigned 7or ($C$)sym was noticed at the range ('422-'3B2) cm-'&shi7ted to higher 6osition .y (''2-"2) cm-' while the .and ca9sed .y ($C$) asym a66eared .etween ('#'2-' 32) cm-' lowered .y (2'!-'3!) cm-' & which indicates the coordination o7 the car.o<ylic gro96 to the central metal ion ?'4-'J@ .Metal-nitrogen (M-N) and metal H o<ygen) ( M-$) .onds were 79rther con7irmed .y the 6resence o7 the .ands aro9nd (# !-4 !)cm-' and ( 4!-4!!) cm-' res6ecti2ely ?' -'#@. 2he 5#-#isible S"ectrosco"y and Ma netic !easure!ents( +he electronic s6ectra o7 the ligands and there com6le<es were recorded in 5M* and their assignments are gi2en in +a.le (3). +he 7ree ligand '&'!- Phenanthroline s6ectral data dis6lay two .ands at 3'' nm (32' 4 cm' )& 33B nm (2" B# cm-')) attri.9ted to V W V( and n W V( transitions and the s6ectr9m o7 the 7ree ligand (=2aline)& e<hi.its a.sor6tion 6eaF at (2B! nm)(3 J'4 cm-') and an intense 6eaF at 32! nm (3'2 ! cm-')& which assigned to (VW V()& and (nW V() transition res6ecti2ely ?'J@ .+he electronic s6ectr9m o7 the Mn(II) com6le< e<hi.ited three s6in allowed .ands in the region '4 B"cm-'& 'B J!cm-' and 2422! cm-' assigned to the transitions #- 'g 4+'g (4Q)( ')& #-'g 4+2g (4Q) (2) and #- 'g 48g& 4+'g (4P) (3) res6ecti2ely& indicating octahedral geometry ?'"-2!@.+he o.ser2ed magnetic moment o7 the Mn(II) com6le< are .'23.M. corres6onding to 7i2e 9n6aired electrons indicates high s6in octahedral en2ironment ?2!@. In the C9(II) com6le< is o.ser2ed m9lti6le a a.sor6tion .and at a.o9t ''2'! cm-' H'# '! cm-' .9t they are o2erla66ed. 3eca9se &octahedral com6le<es o7 C9(II) are o.ser2a.le distorted .y Pahn-+eller e77ect and the str9ct9re o7 com6le< is to name 6se9do-octahedral. It was to taFen notice o7 to6 o7 the 6eaF as a.sor6tion .and and dHd transition at a.o9t '3!'! cm-' (28gW2+2g) 7or C9(II) com6le<. +he electronic s6ectr9m o7 Ni(II)- com6le< e<hi.ited three .ands in the region '!B!!& '#J!! and 2 #J! cm-' corres6onding to the transitions 3-2g W3+2g& 3-2gW3+'g and 4-2g W3+lg (P) res6ecti2ely 7or octahedral geometry?24@. +he magnetic moment 2al9e o7 this com6le< was 7o9nd 3.'' 3M which was 2ery close to the 2al9e o7 a distorted octahedral en2ironment. +he electronic s6ectra o7 Co(II)- com6le< dis6layed three .ands at '!2 !& ' #4! and '"#J! cm-' corres6onding to the transitions 4+'g W4+2g(*)& 4+'g W4-2g(*)& and 4+'g W4+'g (P) res6ecti2ely?24@. +hese transitions as well as the meas9red 2al9e o7 magnetic moment 4.B2 3M s9ggested the octahedral geometry 7or this com6le<. +he electronic s6ectral data along with the o.ser2ed magnetic moment o7 C9(II)= ('.BJ 3M) com6le< s9ggested 7or a distorted octahedral geometry. Cd (II) com6le< is diamagnetic in nat9re and its electronic s6ectra do not 79rnish any characteristic d-d transitions e<ce6t charge trans7er (=MC+) .ands as e<6ected 7or d'! systems. +he electronic s6ectra o7 the *e(II) com6le< e<hi.ited three .ands at 32!nm (3'2 ! cm-') 33 nm ( 2"B ! cm-') and 'Bnm('"3! cm-' ) d9e to the 6resence o7 a charge trans7er (=MC+) and +2g W 82g. +he magnetic moment 2al9e o7 this com6le< was 7o9nd .J 3M which was 2ery close to the 2al9e o7 octahedral en2ironment.


Chemistry and Materials Research ISSN 2224- 3224 (Print) ISSN 222 - !" # ($nline) %ol.3 No. & 2!'3

+ro"osed !olecular structure ( St9dying com6le<es on .ases o7 the a.o2e analysis & the e<istence o7 ,e<a coordinated ?M(C ,''N$2)2(C'2,BN2)@ were& M(II)A Mn(II) & C9(II)& Ni(II)& Co(II)& *e(II) & and Cd(II). 6ro6osed models o7 the s6ecies were .9ilt with chem. 35 shows in *ig9re(').



Fi ure ($) ( 2he "ro"osed structure and /1- eo!etrical structure of the co!"lexes Antibacterial Acti.ities( +he >one inhi.ition o7 .acterial growth were meas9red in mm de6ending 96on the diameter as shown in +a.le (4) *ig9re. (2)+he anti.acterial acti2ity res9lts re2ealed that the ligands and there com6le<es shown weaF to good acti2ity when com6ared to the Control (5M*) . ?2'-22@ +he res9lts o7 antimicro.ial screening& indicate that si< com6le<es shows more acti2ity against Sta6hylococc9s a9re9s& 8scherichia coli& and 3acill9s than Pse9domonas. +he anti.acterial res9lts e2idently showed that the acti2ity o7 the mi<ed ligand com6le<es more 6rono9nced when coordination to the metal ions .+he acti2ity o7 these s9.stance may .e d9e to car.o<yl gro96 . ?'2@ References 1-Yuichi Shimazaki, Masako Takanib and Osamu Yamauchi , Metal complexes of amino acids and amino acid side chain groups Structures and properties , !alton Trans ,"#$%&"#'()*++(, *- - . /li0u and S 1s0aku,) Spectroscopic and 2otentiometric Studies of .-)*--0drox0benz0l,-3-4-5aline 6obalt )11, 6omplex, 7 8iokemistri 5olume **, .o * pp(1-(" )*+1+, 9-M /i:az /hmad Tak, ;arukh /r:mand, and Sarta: Tabassum, S0nthesis of .e< ;i=e 6oordinated 6opper)11, and .ickel)11, 6omplexes of 3-5aline and >inetic Stud0 of 6opper)11, <ith 6alf Th0mus !./ Metal-8ased !rugs ,5olume (, 1ssue 1-*, 2ages #1-(+)*++*, %- 8hushana=athi, 2eketi? 5eeras<ami, 8oddu? 5ipla=aprasad, @ppuleti? Aao, Bollapalli .ages<ara, 6hemical speciation of binar0 complexes of 3-=aline <ith 6o)11,, .i)11, and 6u)11, in prop0lene gl0col-<ater mixtures , 6hemical Speciation and 8ioa=ailabilit0, 5olume *$, .umber 1, ;ebruar0 , pp $"-'*)', )*+19, -R. =Xo6e>-Qar>Xon& & M.=. Qodino-Salido& P. -rran>-Mascar&M.-. *ontecha-CXamara& M.5. Q9tiXerre>%alero& R. C9esta& & P.M. Moreno.(Protonation and Gn(II) com6le<ation with 2ersatile 2aline and glycylglycine N-6yrimidines deri2ati2es: crystal str9ct9res o7 layered Y?Gn(,=')2@ .2,2$Zn and ?Gn(,=2)2(,2$)4@)& Inorganica Chimica -cta 3 J 66 2!!JH2!'4(2!!4) '- > 8innemans,2 3enaerts, > !riesen, 6 BoCrller- Dalrand, )/ luminescent tris)*theno0ltrifluoroacetonato,europium)111, complex co=alentl0 linked to a 1,1+-phenanthroline-functionalised sol& gel glass, 7 Mater 6hem ,1%, 1(1-1($ )*++%, "- 2 3enaerts, / Storms, 7 Mullens, 7 !E-aen, 6 BoC rller-Dalrand,> 8innemans, > !riesen, )Thin ;ilms of -ighl0 3uminescent 3anthanide 6osmplexes 6o=alentl0 3inked to an OrganicF1norganic -0brid Material =ia *-Substituted 1midazoG%,$-fH-1,1+-phenanthroline Broups , 6hem Mater , 1" )*+,, pp $1(%&$*+1)*++$, #-A Aez=ania, - Sara=ania and - -adadzadehb, )S0nthesis, 6r0stal Structure, Ilectrochemical and ;luorescence Studies of a .o=el Jn)11,-;luorophore, 1,1+-2henanthroline-$,'-dione )2hen-dione,, 7 1ran 6hem Soc , 5ol ", .o % !ecember, pp #*$-#99 )*+1+, (- Kia 3i, -ong Liang, Kiao-li Dang, Shi-lM 6hen, -ui-6hun Jhao,GS0nthesis and characterization of mixed ligand complexes rare earth <ith *,9-dimethox0lbenzoic acid and 1,1+-phenanthrolineH 7, Buang pu 91)*,N pp %9'-%9(, )*++%, '!-P.). 3hattacharya& ,.P. =awson& P.). 3arton& (', NMR St9dies o7 NicFel(II) Com6le<es 3o9nd to


Chemistry and Materials Research ISSN 2224- 3224 (Print) ISSN 222 - !" # ($nline) %ol.3 No. & 2!'3

$ligon9cleotides: - No2el +echni09e 7or 5isting9ishing the 3inding =ocations o7 Metal Com6le<es in 5N-) Inorg. Chem. 42& BB''-BB'J (2!!3). ''-).3r9gger [ 6oordination 6hemistr0 Ixperimental Methods\ london .9tter worthRs 8ngland ('"J3). '2- P. MelnicF. -nd - & 5el.rgs& [Medical Microbiolog0\ McQraw ,ill-1S- (2!!J). '3-O. P. Qeary& [The use of conducti=it0 measurements in organic sol=ents for the characterization of coordination compounds, \Coordination Chemistry Re2iews& 2ol. J& no. '& 66. B'H'22& ('"J'). '4. NaFamoto] ) [1nfrared spectra of 1norganic and coordination compounds [485 th ] P.Oiely and Sons& New yorF& ('""#) . ' - L.&Nishida. -.Niin9ma.& ).-.e.& Inorg. Chem. Comm9n. '2 66 '"BH2!!(2!!"). '#- N.). *ayad & +aghreed ,. -l-Noor and *., Qhanim& Synthesis &characteri>ation and anti.acterial acti2ity o7 mi<ed ligand com6le<es o7 some metals with '-nitroso-2-na6hthol and =-6henylalanine & Chemistry and Materials Research& %ol 2& No. &66'B-2"(2!'2). 'J- N.). *ayad &+aghreed ,. -l-Noor and *., Qhanim& Synthesis& Characteri>ation& -nd -nti.acterial -cti2ities $7 Manganese (II)& Co.alt(II)& Iron (II)& NicFel (II) & >inc (II) -nd Cadmi9m(II) Mi<ed- =igand Com6le<es Containing -mino -cid(=-%aline) -nd Saccharin& /d=ances in 2h0sics Theories and /pplications, 5ol (, pp1-1*)*+1*, 'B- ). NaFamoto& 1nfrared and Aaman Spectra of 1norganic and 6oordination 6ompounds, Pohn Oiely and Sons& New LorF (4th 8dition) ('"B#). '"-=iwang Piwen Cai& Gon-Oang Mao& Kiao-=ong *eng and Pim- Oang ,9ang& nicFel com6le<es .ridge .y 9n9s9al(N&$&$^)-coordinated -amino acids : Syntheses& str9ct9ral characteri>ation and magnetic 6ro6erties& Trans Met 6hem & 2"& 6 4'B (2!!4). 2!-=e2er -3P ('"B4). Inorganic S6ectrosco6y& 2nd edn (8lse2ier Science P9.lisher& -msterdam)& ('"B4). 2'--F. Manihar Singh and M. Phalg9ni Singh.& Mi<ed =igand com6le<es o7 Co66er(II) with Pyridine-2Car.o<amide and -mino acids& 7 1ndian 6ouncil of 6hemist& 2#&6 '!#& (2!!") 22. Cha9dhary RaFhi and Shelly& Synthesis& S6ectral and Pharmacological St9dy o7 C9(II)& Ni(II) and Co(II)Coordination Com6le<es& Aes 7 6hem Sci.& '( )& 66'- & (2!''). 2able ($) 2he "hysical "ro"erties of the co!"ounds M *" (de) 8c BJ-"! 2"! 3!!d 2J! 2J3 2"" d 2"" 2"# d ! oh!-$ c!) !ol-$ '.4 2.# 3.3 2.B 4. .4 3.# #.4 6Metal 2heor y ''.J '2. ! '2.4# ''."2 '3.3 '2.42 6 Metal 7x"eri!ent '2.4 '2. # '2.#" '2.4 '3."B '3.!#

Co!"ounds , =- %al Phen AC'2,BN2 ?Mn (6hen)(%al)2@ Co? (6hen)(%al)2@ Ni?(6hen)(%al)2@ *e? (6hen)(%al)2@ C9 ?(6hen)(%al)2@ Cd? (6hen)(%al)2@

M *'t ''J.' 'B!.2' 4#J.42 4J'.42 4J'.'B 4#B.33 4J#.!3 4 2

Color Ohite Ohite .rown-red Rose red green .rown-red 3l9e Ohite

Cl6 Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil

m A Molar Cond9cti2ity& de Adecom6osition , ?(6hen)(%al)2@A (C ,'!N$2) 2(C'2,BN2)@ (6hen) 3 (C'2,BN2) _ (C ,''N$2) A , =- %al


Chemistry and Materials Research ISSN 2224- 3224 (Print) ISSN 222 - !" # ($nline) %ol.3 No. & 2!'3

Co!"ound L- #al : +hen C$):;N) ,Mn ("hen)(#al))-

2able ()) F2I0 s"ectral data of the Li ands and there co!"lexes ((N: sy! (C99-) (C:)cyclic C99 ) C99 ) Str (C3N) asy! - -sy!
asy! sy!

M-9 -

M-N -

33B! 324!3!4J.r 33 ! s

2J"!2w 2"3's 2BJ!w

' BB -

`' # `s



'44! sh


!J 2! !! 4"! 43! 2!

#!! #'! #!! # !w #2! #2!

33J! sh 2"24m ' J!`s '#!! . '4'! w '"! Co, ("hen)(#al))33!! . 2" 4w ' J `s ' 3! w '4'! s '2! Ni,("hen)(#al))33J! . 2" 4w ' 232s ' #! . '43! w '3! Fe, ("hen)(#al))33#! . 2" 4w ' B22s ' !s '4'! s '4! Cu ,("hen)(#al))33J! . 2J"!2w ' !m ' "! . '3"! . 2!! Cd, ("hen)(#al))Sym: symmetric& asy: asymmetric& 6y: 6yridine& str: stretching& 2.s: 2ery strong& s: strong& m: medi9m& w: weeF& sh: sho9lder

2able (/) 7lectronic S"ectral data, !a netic !o!ent, of the studied co!"lexes and t'o li ands Co!"ounds = !ax(n!) 32! 2B! 33B 3'' #B 3B 4'2 "J #3" !B&F "2 "B 3B" 32! 33 'B (c!-$) 3 J'4 3'2 ! 2" B# 32' 4 '4 B" 'B J! 2422! '2 '! ' #4! '"#J! '!B!! '#J!! 2 #J! 3'2 ! 2"B ! '"3! Assi n!ents n( ( n( ( #- 'g W 48g& 4+'g (4P) #-'g W 4+2g(4Q) #- 'g W 4+'g (4Q) 4+'g W4+2g 4+'g W4-2g 4+'g W4+'g 3-2g W3+2g 3-2gW3+'g 4-2g W3+lg (P) =MC+ =MC+ +2g W 82g eff (<M)

L- #al :

) +hen (C$):;N

,Mn ("hen)(#al))-


Co, ("hen)(#al))-




Fe, ("hen)(#al))-


Cu ,("hen)(#al))Cd, ("hen)(#al))-

J#B 3''

'##3B 32' 4

28gW2+2g =MC+

'.BJ !.!! 5iamag


Chemistry and Materials Research ISSN 2224- 3224 (Print) ISSN 222 - !" # ($nline) %ol.3 No. & 2!'3

2able (>) Sho'ed the inhibition circle dia!eter in !illi!eter for the bacteria after)> hour incubation "aid and /4C for co!"lexes Compounds Control(1MF) ,Co ("hen)(#al)),Ni ("hen)(#al)),Fe ("hen)(#al)),Cu ("hen)(#al)),Cd ("hen)(#al))3! 2 3 4 4 4! 2 3! ! ! 4! ! 4! 3! 4 ! 4! 4! 3! E .coli Pseudomonas Staphylococcus Bacillus


Chemistry and Materials Research ISSN 2224- 3224 (Print) ISSN 222 - !" # ($nline) %ol.3 No. & 2!'3

I coli

I coli

I coli



2seud 2seudomonas




8acillus - ?Co(6hen)(%al)2@

8acillus 3- ?C9 (6hen)(%al)2@ 4- ?*e (6hen)(%al)2@

8acillus '- ?Cd(6hen)(%al)2@ 2- ?Ni (6hen)(%al)2@

Fi ure* () ) shows the antimicro.ial acti2ity o7 com6le<&'&2&3&4& ) a66ear the inhi.ition >ones against 6athogenic .acteria (E .coli , Pseudomonas ,Staphylococcus and Bacillus)


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