William Broeksmit Hanging

Richard Talley - self inflicted nail gun wounds

American Title Services

James Stuart Jr. Unknown


Wells Fargo

Swiss Re AG

Anshu Jain

Deutche Bank
National Bank of Commerce

David Bird (Reporter) Missing

Merril Lynch

London Whale Traiding Scandal, manipulation of foreign exchange markets

Tim Dickenson cause unknown

Jamie Dimon
John Bellando Jr.

Bruno Iksil
JP Morgan
Gabriel Magee Jumped

Javier MartinArtajo

Julien Grout

Edmund (Eddie) Reilly - jumped in front of train

Midtown Vertical Group

Mike Dueker Jumped

Li Junjie - Jumped

Russell Investments

Ryan Henry Crane suicide

Kenneth Bellando Jumped

US Federal Reserve


Autumn Radtke Jumped

First Meta

Levy Capital

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