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Over the last few decades, technology has evolved in leaps and bounds. The people cannot deny how technology has drastically changed the way the world lives, works and learns. Technology has taken the world into a whole new level of knowledge that became the new standard in the industry. Today, it has not only improved the world of work but also the world of education. Learning was taken into new grounds because of technology. From the dusty and screechy traditional chalkboards that the teachers have to use to educate their students with was now changed to computers and mobile devices. Lectures and lessons through books given to students before were now replaced with power point presentations and PDFs on mobile devices. Aside from the rise of learning through mobile devices, e-learning system was also introduced to academes to provide a better modernized teaching technique in honing individuals to be future professionals.

FEU-East Asia Colleges E-learning system plays a vital role in giving the students the opportunity to learn anywhere at any time as long as they have an online access. Through this, academic resources could be distributed by the professor to the class, online quizzes could also be conducted, and completion of requirements could be easily managed. This system bridges the communication between the educational instructors to the students.

Through this study, the proponents decided to reengineer the design of the E-Learning System of FEU-East Asia College to give the users ease in accessing the system. This study aims to integrate and use the database of enrollment to make the e-learning system more organized and efficient.