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PAST SIMPLE OR PRESENT PERFECT Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentences

Q1 - He ..... there when he was a child

has lived lived

Q1& - It stin!s in here1 someone ........... smo!ing

!as has been

Q2) - He,s in hospital (ecause he ............. leg

has broken broke

Q21 - I,0e !nown her since we ......... at school together
!ere have been

Q2 - I ........ her since last year

haven t seen didn t see

Q22 - It,s ages since we ........

spo'e have spo'en

Q3 - They ......... a few minutes ago

left have left

Q23 - It,s (een ages since we ........ from 2a0e

have heard heard

Q4 - She .......... unemployed since she left school

has not been !as not

Q24 - The last time I saw 3ran ........ ages ago

!as has been

Q - They ....... the contract last wee!

finalised have finalised

Q2 - I ........ from her lately

haven t heard didn t hear

Q" - The film .......... yet

hasn t started didn t start

Q2" - I %ust ........ the time to go to the cinema recently

didn t have haven t had

Q# - She ........ ill since Thursday

!as has been

Q2# - I ........ %ust 4eg and 5rian at the party

have seen sa!

Q$ - I ........ the pro%ect last night

have finished finished

Q2$ - I ........ (usy for the past fortnight

!as have been

Q& - 'oo!- someone ....... their hand(ag in the room

left has left

Q2& - She ......... away for the last two wee!s

has been !as

Q1) - ............ to *ome+

Did you ever go Have you ever been

Q11 - I can,t get into my house (ecause I ........ my !eys
lost have lost

Q3) - ......... to the concert on 3riday+

Did you go Have you been

Q31 - This is the first time I ........ here
have been !as

Q12 - -o(ody ....... the phone when it rang

ans!ered has ans!ered

Q32 - I ....... them since my schooldays

have 'no!n 'ne!

Q13 - I ......... up smo!ing last year

"ave have "iven

Q33 - He ......... yet

hasn t arrived didn t arrive

Q14 - .ou can,t see her (ecause she ......... home

has "one !ent

Q34 - They ........... the contract yet

didn t si"n haven t si"ned

Q1 - ............... to the /nited States+

#id $o% ever "o &ave $o% ever been

Q3 - The newspaper ......... 0ery successful lately

hasn t been !asn t

Q1" - I ne0er ......... my grandmother as she died (efore I was (orn

'ne! have 'no!n

Q3" - He ...... during the war

died has died

Q1# - It,s the first time I ........ ca0iar

ate have eaten

Q3# - I ......... (rea!fast (efore lea0ing home this morning

haven t had didn t have

Q1$ - The first time we ......... was %ust the other day
spo'e have spo'en

Q3$ - I ....... a ta6i so I came on the (us

haven t fo%nd didn t find

Q3& - 7ohn,s ner0ous (ecause he .......... such a difficult test (efore

has never ta'en never too'

Q4) - 4y stereo ....... wor!ing last night

stopped has stopped

Q41 - Two people ....... at the game on Saturday
!ere arrested have been arrested

Q42 - I .......... a holiday for ages

didn t have haven t had

Q43 - 8e ....... out on Saturday night

haven t "one didn t "o

Q44 - I ....... it last wee!

bo%"ht have bo%"ht

Q4 - She hasn,t ........ here for ages

been "one

Q4" - I .......... to water-s!i in 1&&3

learnt have learnt

Q4# - She ....... an a(solute fortune last year

has earned earned

Q4$ - The weather ....... dreadful for the whole two wee!s we were there
!as has been

Q4& - -o one ...... to do it yet

has mana"ed mana"ed

Q ) - I ...... the dog for a wal! (ecause it was raining

haven t ta'en didn t ta'e

Q 1 - I ........... finished the e6am in time yesterday

onl$ (%st finished have onl$ (%st finished

Q 2 - The weather ..... dreadful at the wee!end

has been !as

9ast simple or past perfect+

Choose the correct ans!er)
Q1 - 5y the time we ::::; e0eryone had left.
arrived had arrived

Q4 - 8hile I was coming to wor! this morning the shops weren,t open
These t!o verbs describe a sim%ltaneo%s event and state The first verb describes a lon" action and the second a short one

Q - The (us dri0ers had (een on stri!e for two wee!s (efore they managed to reach an agreement with the management
The past perfect is stresses the len"th of the stri'e The past perfect sho!s that the problems !ere easil$ resolved

Q2 - I ::::: a long time ago.

finished had finshed Either co%ld be %sed here)

Q" - 8hile you were studying at uni0ersity; I was doing a proper %o(
These t!o actions !ere at the same time The st%d$in" !as interr%pted b$ doin" the proper (ob

Q3 - 5y that time; e0ery(ody :::: e6hausted.

!as had been Either co%ld be %sed here)

Q# - Had you e0er wor!ed so hard (efore you %oined the (an!+
The past perfect is %sed to sho! that the person is still !or'in" hard The past perfect is %sed to emphasise the difference bet!een the ban' and !or' before (oinin" it

Q4 - She told me she :::: it ages ago.

did had done Either co%ld be %sed here)

Q$ - I was ha0ing a (ath when the dog and cat started fighting
The spea'er !as o%t of the bath !hen the fi"ht happened The spea'er !as still in the bath !hen the fi"ht happened

Q - I :::: of it until you mentioned it.

didn t hear hadn t heard

Q& - I,d (een waiting for half an hour (efore the train finally arri0ed
The spea'er !as still !aitin" !hen the train arrived The spea'er had "iven %p !aitin" before the train arrived

Q" - I :::: enough time to finish the e6am.

didn t have hadn t had Either co%ld be %sed here)

Q1) - He got up and went to the shops

The t!o actions happened sim%ltaneo%sl$ The$ happened in se*%ence

Q11 - I,d read it long (efore it (ecame successful

The spea'er hadn t finished readin" it !hen it became s%ccessf%l The spea'er had finished readin" it !hen it became s%ccessf%l

Q# - If I ::::; I,d ha0e helped.

'ne! had 'no!n Either co%ld be %sed here)

Q12 - Someone had already finished their wor! (efore I arri0ed

The past perfect is %sed to "ive sho! the difference in time bet!een the t!o actions The past perfect is %sed to sho! that the spea'er is ne"ative abo%t the person

Q$ - If I ::::; I,d tell you.

'ne! had 'no!n Either co%ld be %sed here)

Q13 - I was going to go to the party

The spea'er !ent to the part$ The spea'er didn t "o to the part$

Q& - -o sooner :::: than I realised what was going on.

did I arrive had I arrived Either co%ld be %sed here)

Q1) - /ntil last month; I ::::: it (efore.

didn t tr$ hadn t tried

9ast Simple; 9rogressi0e 9erfect

Choose the correct ans!er)
Q1 - He (ought the car after he,d got his new %o(
These actions happened at the same time &e "ot the (ob first

Q2 - He was going to (ring the film in this afternoon; (ut forgot it in the end
&e didn t brin" the film even tho%"h he had planned to &e didn t brin" the film beca%se he had no plan to

Q3 - It was the first time she had tried a 0irtual reality game
The past perfect is %sed beca%se it is the first of t!o past actions The past perfect is %sed beca%se it !as the first time ta'es the past perfect

9resent 9erfect <9age 1=

Choose the correct ans!er)
Q1 - I ha0e done it yesterday.
Correct Incorrect

Q2 - I ha0e done it yet.

Correct Incorrect

Q3 - I ha0e done it last wee!.

Correct Incorrect

Q4 - I ha0en,t e0er done it.

Correct Incorrect

Q - I ha0en,t done it yet.

Correct Incorrect

Q" - I ha0e met her se0eral times.

Correct Incorrect

Q# - I ha0en,t seen her recently.

Correct Incorrect

Q$ - I ha0en,t had time to do it today.

Correct Incorrect

Q& - I ha0e e0er tried it.

Correct Incorrect

Q1) - I ha0e yet to do it.

Correct Incorrect
Q11 - I ha0e ne0er (een there.

Correct Incorrect