University of Vermont College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Course: HLTH 141 Healing Touch Level 1 Placement : Undergraduate Prerequisites: none Course Credits: 1 Faculty: Kathleen Scacciaferro, RN, MSA k cacciaferro!g"ail#co" $%&'()('%&*+ Course Description: Healing Touch ,HT- i a .iofield thera/0 that i an energ0'.a ed a//roach to health and healing# 1t u e touch to influence the hu"an energ0 0 te", /ecificall0 the energ0 field that urround the .od0, and the energ0 center that control the energ0 flo2 fro" the energ0 field to the /h0 ical .od0# The e non'inva ive techni3ue utili4e the hand to clear, energi4e, and .alance the hu"an and environ"ental energ0 field thu affecting /h0 ical, e"otional, "ental, and /iritual health and healing# 1t i .a ed on the heart'centered caring relation hi/ in 2hich the /ractitioner and client co"e together energeticall0 to facilitate the client health and healing# The goal of HT i to re tore har"on0 and .alance in the energ0 0 te" /lacing the client in a /o ition to elf heal# Healing Touch co"/le"ent conventional health care and i u ed in colla.oration 2ith other a//roache to health and healing# A trong co""it"ent to /er onal gro2th i re3uired# Course !"ectives: 1# 5e cri.e the hu"an energ0 0 te" relation hi/ to /h0 ical, e"otional, "ental, and /iritual health# &# 5i cu the energ0 /rinci/le .a ic to Health Touch# (# A e the energ0 field and energ0 center # 4# 1dentif0 a .a ic Healing Touch e3uence# *# 5e"on trate /ecific intervention techni3ue u ed in Healing Touch )# 5i cu a//lication of Healing Touch in /er onal and /rofe ional /ractice# Course #opics: 6nerg0 0 te" conce/t related to health 7a ic of the energ0 0 te" 8 energ0 field and energ0 center Location and function of the chakra A e "ent of the energ0 field and energ0 center Meditation for centering and "aintaining energ0 flo2 9rinci/le and /ractice of Healing Touch Selected intervention techni3ue : 7a ic Healing Touch e3uence, Magnetic 9a e , Magnetic :learing, :hakra :onnection ,1 on 1, & on 1, elf-, Headache Techni3ue ,ten ion, "igraine, inu -, Ultra Sound, La4er, :hakra S/read, Mind :learing ,;/tional9rinci/le of elf'healing 9er onal develo/"ent a a healer Legal and /rofe ional a /ect of touch thera/ie

#eaching Strategies: Lecture Meditation 5e"on tration < 9ractice, :la 9artici/ation =ork.ook Course Policies: Attendance i e>/ected for the entire 1) hour of cla # :la /artici/ation i al o e>/ected# All cour e a ign"ent "u t .e co"/leted for a /a ing grade to .e achieved# The taking of note during a cheduled cla of a U?M cour e for the /ur/o e of elling the note or other co""ercial /ur/o e i /rohi.ited 2ithout the 2ritten /er"i ion of the /rofe or# $rading Policy: +@'1%% AA +('+) A +%'+& A' $@'$+ 7A $('$) 7 $%'$& 7' @@'@+ :A @('@) :

Course %ssignments&'valuation (ethods: 1# 5e"on tration of Healing Touch techni3ue in cla Bcla /artici/ation 8 *%C &# :o"/letion of ho"e2ork: a# 5ocu"entation of Healing Touch e ion including Magnetic 9a e , Magnetic :learing, :hakra :onnection, Headache Techni3ue , Ultra Sound, La4er, :hakra S/read 1%C .# Self'A e "ent 1%C c# 5evelo/"ent of a elf'care /lan including elf chakra connection 1%C d# 5ocu"entation in a elf'care Dournal 8 2hat 0ou did and didnEt do, 2hat 2orked, 2hat 0ou noticed energeticall0 a.out 0our elf e /eciall0 doing the elf chakra connection# Ten entrie # &%C )equired Course (aterials: Healing Touch Level 1 Note.ook The la. fee i for a Healing Touch 1nternational certificate of co"/letion 2ith contact hour #