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Please note the following points......... 1. Please check your emails regularly.

will not accept that you have not received the mails, nor will the centre point of contact inform u over the phone. Its your responsibility to keep a check. 2. Black bound Report to be submitted on 29-03-14. Time management is a must. Be assured of negative markings......if late submission 3. The margins will be 1 and half inches on the left and the remaining 3 sides it will be 1 inch. Calculate yourself in cm. Margins= 1 inch from all sides and gutter margin= 0.5 inch on left side 4. The page nos begin with the Chapters i.e. after the INDEX and ends with the RECOMMENDATION. The initial sheets, certificates, annexure, glossaries and bibliography will not have page nos. However, minimum 100 pages is the project as whole which includes sheets with and without page nos...... 5. The Executive Summary is before the Index 6. College certificate, company certificate (optional), Executive Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation and Bibliography is a must........... 7. Students wanting to show their projects, kindly make arrangements for a laptop too as my computer has been infected with viruses many times........... 8. Sample sheets and guidelines for completing the project have already been provided. Please adhere to the guidelines. Incomplete and incorrect projects will not be accepted. 9. The company certificate and college certificate has to be color Xerox/print.................Use of proper English and correct spellings is a must. Margins spacing have to be uniform........You can frame your own acknowledgement but few names have to be mentioned as told in the class. 10. Please clearly understand the CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION .........and write it well........ even the executive Summary.............. 11. If there is DATA Analysis, then interpretation and findings have to be mentioned........... 12. Conclusion is the pros and cons that you observed or gathered after the data analysis and Recommendation is the suggestions given by you for the improvement...... 13. Annexure contains the copy of your questionnaire or forms (if any), no page no for annexure........... 14. Glossary contains the full form of abbreviated words or terminology

15.The project has to be duly signed by you the date and place should be mentioned and then by the guide after which the director will sign......
16. After submitting the project, please remember to sign in the attendance sheet. 17. The submission of the project will be on 29th March 2014 and the vivas will be in 1st week of April 2014. Shall again confirm the dates........... 18. Any other queries, please feel free to clarify.

PROJECT CONTENT Chapter I: Introduction and Research methodology 1.1 General Introduction of the project 1.2 Objectives of study (minimum 4) 1.3 Scope of Study 1.4 Review of Literature 1.5 Research Methodology 1.5.1 Formation of problem 1.5.2 Hypothesis (if any) 1.5.3 Collection of data (primary & secondary data) 1.5.4 Research Instrument 1.5.5 Making Sampling Plan 1.5.6 Research Limitation Chapter II, III, IV, V (Make chapters depending on your topic try to meet all the above mentioned objectives) Chapter VI a: Data Analysis and interpretation and (Instruction : Diagrams, Graphs, Tables etc must be on a separate sheet with minimal text) Chapter VI b: Findings Chapter VII: Conclusion Chapter VIII: Recommendations Chapter IX: Annexure (one set of questionnaire and/or additional information, if any) Chapter X: Appendices / Glossary Chapter XI: Bibliography (authors name {year}, title of the book, name of the publication with address), (website), etc OTHER GUIDELINES Font Size : 12 + heading 16 Font type: times New Roman Line Space: 1.5 Total no. of pages: minimum 100 Header: Title of the project (on the right hand side) Footer: page no(on the right hand side) Set your Right Margin, Left Margin and justify each paragraph Project should be black leather bound with gold embossing Papers should be executive bond paper. (Instruction: Plain paper project will not be accepted) Soft copy of the project in the CD with cover and labeled. This needs to be stuck on the last page of the book