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We are a company dedicated to serving you and your family!

A Three Year CARF Accredited Agency


Personal Availability: Positive Progress Services provide "first response" to their recipients in a face to face basis and also telephonically on a 24/7/365 basis, with the capacity for face-to-face emergency response within 2 hours.

Positive Progress Services "Helping Families One Home at a Time" 305 E. Third Street, Suite # 5 P.O. Box 1678 Pembroke,NC Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Phone: (910) 521-7461 (Line 1 / After Hours)


Serving the Following Counties: Robeson, Scotland, Columbus, Bladen, Hoke

(910) 521-7462 (Line 2) Fax: (910) 521-7463 Email:positiveprogressservices@g

Positive Progress Services

"Helping Families One Home at
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a Time"

What is Psychosocial Rehabilitation?

Do you need help adjusting to your environment?

Do you want to change your life???

If you have four of these symptoms....
  Are you depressed? Are you homeless? Do you have a substance abuse issue?  Do you have thoughts of suicide or have attempted

Positive Progress Services Provide Mental Health Assessment An intensive clinical and functional face-toface evaluation of an individual's presenting mental health, developmental disability, and / or substance abuse condition that results in the issuance of a written report, providing the clinical basis for the development of a PersonCentered Plan (PCP) and recommendations for services/ supports/ treatment.

PSR can help you increase functioning in your environment and help improve your ability to live as independently as possible. PSR services are based on the principals          

of recovery equipping consumers with skills emphasis on self determination using natural and community supports individualized intervention emphasizing employment emphasizing the here and now, early intervention providing a caring environment practice dignity and respect promote consumer choice in the process emphasizing functioning and support in real world environment.

suicide?    Do you have legal problems? Do you have difficulty taking your medications daily? Have you been admitted to the hospital more than 2 times in a year?

Once complete, the assessment will help establish either a tentative or definitive diagnosis. With this information, the clinician can inform the patient of the results, and treatment can begin.

Positive Progress Services is here for you !!!!!