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Philosophy of Education

Children are not empty vessels to be filled with knowledge" (as traditional pedagogical theory had it). They are "active builders of knowledge-little scientists who construct their own theories of the world." (Piaget, Jean)

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James Telman! Social Studies Major ! GTC Primary Education Certication!

Greetings,! ! My names is James Telman, and I am a primary education certied teacher. As an educator, I see it an opportunity not only to teach, but to mentor, guide, motivate, encourage, inspire and prepare my students to become responsible citizens. I believe that, as an educator, I play a vital role in the maturing of every student that passes through my door. Teaching is my passion, and I believe that there is nothing better than helping to change a life and prepare one for success. I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm help push an educational message. (Irwin, Steve)!

! Every day as a teacher I have a chance to reach, teach, encourage and inspire a child. It is important that within the classroom children are taught skills such as reading, writing, comprehension, problem solving, work ethic and endurance. I also believe that it is important to teach students to be okay with failure, and that we can always learn from our mistakes. Learning these skills are necessary building blocks to being a successful productive citizen.!

! A teacher not only needs to know the information of a given subject, but how to deliver the information or skill in a meaningful way. I believe that all children are capable learners, and that it is up to the teacher to nd a

Grand Valley State University

James Telman

way to reach everyone of them. Because the needs of students is forever changing, I believe that it is my responsibility to adapt to that change and ensure that every students learning styles, intelligence's and needs have been met in one way or another. !

! In order for students to learn, they need a learning environment that is comfortable and dedicated to reach every form of learning. In my ideal lesson and classroom, I will be looking to reach the multiple intelligences of my students. I believe in engaging my students in the use of multiple literacies, technology, inquiry and also by creating thought provoking lessons. I believe in expanding students knowledge by asking higher level questions and challenging their abilities. As a people we are able to know what we are capable of, only when we have been challenged.!

! An effective learning environment must have a effective classroom management environment. I believe that children need consistency and daily routines. My ideal classroom management is based off of Love and Logic, Capturing Kids Hearts and Harry Wongs classroom management. Through the integration of all three I will be looking to create a classroom with consistency, empathy, rules, consequences, relationship building, trust, excitement and follow through. It is my belief that follow through is the most important part of my own integrated philosophy. If there is no follow through within a classroom, then any action or word said or done is like dust in the wind. I will be true to my word. With follow through I will be expressing and enforcing consistency, routine, rules, consequences and trust.!

! Though I am a certied teacher, I will always consider myself as a student teacher. I will always be looking for new and exciting ways to develop and deliver a lesson in the best possible way. As an educator I believe that it is vitally important that I continue my education in the studies of teaching every subject matter. By collaborating with my fellow colleagues as well as working through professional development, I will be looking to always improve and sharpen my teaching skills.

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