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1o Lhe Clobal CommunlLy:

Striving to Achieve Literacy Via Education, Research and Engagement

lssue 1. volume 2. March 2014
S M||||on nave Lnro||ed for Coverage Under
nea|th Law, Wh|te nouse Says
1he WhlLe Pouse sald Monday LhaL more Lhan
flve mllllon people had slgned up for prlvaLe
healLh lnsurance under resldenL Cbama's healLh
care law, an lncrease of abouL 800,000 ln Lhe lasL
Lwo weeks. keoJ mote oboot tbls ot

1am|f|u cuts f|u death r|sk by 2S percent, study
1he anLl-vlrus drug 1amlflu reduced Lhe rlsk of
deaLh from flu by a quarLer among adulLs who
Look lL durlng Lhe 2009-2010 P1n1 lnfluenza
pandemlc, a sLudy sald Wednesday. keoJ mote

Lxerc|se Cuts 8reast Cancer k|sk Ior A|| Women
Lxerclse reduces women's rlsk of breasL cancer,
no maLLer whaL klnd of exerclse Lhey do, how old
Lhey are, how much Lhey welgh, or when Lhey
geL sLarLed. keoJ mote oboot tbls ot
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1o Lhe Clobal CommunlLy
Maklng Peadllnes
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Affordable Care AcL (CbamaCare)
PealLh LlLeracy ueflned
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SALvL8L lnLern's Lxperlence ln
1he CommunlLy ConnecLlon

Maklng Peadllnes

March marks Lhe beglnnlng of sprlng...a Llme of warmer
weaLher and longer days...a Llme of Aprll showers and May
flowers...a Llme of reblrLh and growLh. So ln Lhls lssue Lhe
SALvL8L Leam ls challenglng you Lo Lake advanLage of Lhe
warmer weaLher and longer days and Lo push forward wlLh a
personal reblrLh and growLh.

March 31 marks Lhe deadllne for enrollmenL for healLh
lnsurance Lhrough Lhe PealLh lnsurance MarkeLplace. Pavlng
healLh lnsurance ls a cruclal plece of coverage. lL allows for
annual check ups Lo make sure Lhlngs are golng well or Lo
caLch abnormallLles before Lhey become someLhlng more
serlous. 8eblrLh and growLh lncludes maklng sure you have
some form of healLh lnsurance.

8eblrLh and growLh also lncludes Laklng care of your menLal
healLh. SLress and Lhe day-Lo-day responslblllLles can have a
negaLlve effecL on our menLal well-belng. lL's lmporLanL Lo
make sure Lo Lake advanLage of Lhe warmer weaLher and
longer days by spendlng some Llme ouLdoors playlng a sporL,
gardenlng or Laklng a walk.

1he reblrLh can be as slmple as flfLeen mlnuLes ln Lhe sun
each day Lo geL Lhe recommended amounL of vlLamln u.
vlLamln u has been Lled Lo sLronger bones, lowers rlsk of
Lype 1 dlabeLes, and helps regulaLe a persons lmmune
sysLem. ?ou can Lake a flfLeen-mlnuLe walk durlng sunllghL
hours and reap several beneflLs...sLress rellef, beLLer menLal
well-belng, physlcal acLlvlLy, and adequaLe vlLamln u levels.

So, leL March mark Lhe beglnnlng of a healLhler you. Pere
ls Lo reblrLh and growLh!!


"#$% &

nea|th L|teracy among Co||ege
College sLudenLs have access
Lo loLs of lnformaLlon,
parLlcularly vla Lhe lnLerneL.
8uL access alone does noL
mean LhaL sLudenLs are able Lo
conducL approprlaLe lnLerneL
searches abouL healLh.

Slnce young college sLudenLs
are [usL beglnnlng Lo make
llfelong healLh care declslons,
Lhe unlverslLy seLLlng ls ldeal
for sLudylng and promoLlng
healLh llLeracy.

Lxamlnlng Lhe knowledge and
percepLlons relaLed Lo healLh
llLeracy among college
sLudenLs, wlll enable Lhe
developmenL of effecLlve
lnLervenLlons Lo address Lhls.

Cpen enrollmenL Lhrough Lhe PealLh lnsurance MarkeLplace closes on March
31. Some addlLlonal proLecLlons wenL lnLo place effecLlve !anuary 1, 2014. 1hese
lnclude: rohlblLlng dlscrlmlnaLlon due Lo pre-exlsLlng condlLlons or gender,
ellmlnaLlng annual llmlLs on lnsurance coverage, ensurlng coverage for
lndlvlduals Laklng parL ln cllnlcal Lrlals and lncreases ln Lax credlLs for lndlvlduals
and small buslnesses offerlng healLh lnsurance.

1be followloq ls exttocteJ ftom beoltbcote.qov

roh|b|t|ng D|scr|m|nat|on Due to re-Lx|st|ng Cond|t|ons or Gender. 1he law
lmplemenLs sLrong reforms LhaL prohlblL lnsurance companles from refuslng Lo
sell coverage or renew pollcles because of an lndlvldual's pre-exlsLlng
condlLlons. Also, Lhe law ellmlnaLes Lhe ablllLy of lnsurance companles Lo charge
hlgher raLes due Lo gender or healLh sLaLus. Learn more abouL proLecLlng
Amerlcans wlLh pre-exlsLlng condlLlons.

L||m|nat|ng Annua| L|m|ts on Insurance Coverage. 1he law prohlblLs new plans
and exlsLlng group plans from lmposlng annual dollar llmlLs on Lhe amounL of
coverage an lndlvldual may recelve. Learn how Lhe law wlll phase ouL annual
llmlLs by 2014.

Lnsur|ng Coverage for Ind|v|dua|s art|c|pat|ng |n C||n|ca| 1r|a|s. lnsurers wlll be
prohlblLed from dropplng or llmlLlng coverage because an lndlvldual chooses Lo
parLlclpaLe ln a cllnlcal Lrlal. Applles Lo all cllnlcal Lrlals LhaL LreaL cancer or oLher
llfe-LhreaLenlng dlseases.

Mak|ng Care More Affordab|e. 1ax credlLs Lo make lL easler for Lhe mlddle class
Lo afford lnsurance wlll become avallable for people wlLh lncome beLween 100
and 400 of Lhe poverLy llne who are noL ellglble for oLher affordable coverage.
(ln 2010, 400 of Lhe poverLy llne comes ouL Lo abouL $43,000 for an lndlvldual
or $88,000 for a famlly of four.) 1he Lax credlL ls advanceable, so lL can lower
your premlum paymenLs each monLh, raLher Lhan maklng you walL for Lax Llme.

1he Iormu|a for Lack of Insurance Coverage

AfLer March 31, 2014 lndlvlduals who remaln unlnsured wlll have Lo pay $93 lf
Lhe salary ls less Lhan $9,300, 1 percenL of Lhe salary lf Lhey make more Lhan
$9,300 ln Lhe year, and a $300 penalLy lf Lhe salary ls $30,000+.
new rograms

SALVLkL eer Lducat|on rogram ls open Lo lndlvlduals lnLeresLed ln servlng as advocaLes. 1he program wlll uLlllze
Lhe peer-Lo-peer model and wlll address a wlde varleLy of healLh Loplcs vla ouLreach, presenLaLlons and programs.

1he SALVLkL ub||c nea|th rogram ls focused on provldlng pre-healLh sLudenLs (medlcal, denLal, nurslng and publlc
healLh) Lhe chance Lo galn experlence ln Lhe fleld. 1he program goals are 1) Lo creaLe an experlence LhaL aldes ln
preparaLlon for a conLlnued educaLlon and 2) Lo galn an undersLandlng of varlous aspecLs of publlc healLh, healLh
educaLlon and Lhe role healLh professlonals plays ln provldlng publlc healLh educaLlon.

"#$% '
By Christian Ume-Ezeoke
u1SA chapLer of Clobal Medlcal
8rlgades recenLly Lraveled Lo
Ponduras ln AugusL 2013. 1hlrLy-slx
pre-medlcal and pre-denLal sLudenLs
and Lwo physlclans from Lhe unlLed
SLaLes [olned flve physlclans ln
Ponduras Lo provlde healLh-care
servlces for more Lhan 730 people ln
Lhree rural communlLles ln Ponduras:
La Clenega, Slllsgualagua and

l was one of Lhe sLudenLs LhaL embarked on Lhls Lransformlng
[ourney. 1ravellng Lo Ponduras was an unexpecLed and deeply
memorable experlence for me. Whlle ln Ponduras, myself and
several u1SA sLudenLs and physlclans asslsLed communlLy
resldenLs wlLh medlcal, denLal and baslc pharmaceuLlcal
lnLervenLlons, along wlLh publlc healLh dlscusslons (or "charlas")
wlLh adulLs and chlldren. 1o my undersLandlng personal and
envlronmenLal hyglene, as well as sexual proLecLlon and famlly
plannlng were among Lhe larger lssues Lhe communlLy was
faclng. Charlas wlLh Lhe chlldren sLressed Lhe lmporLance of
LeeLh brushlng, hand washlng and baslc hyglene.

l have broughL back Lhe reallzaLlon of [usL how much can be
accompllshed Lhrough empowerlng a communlLy, when LhaL
supporL ls ongolng and perpeLuaLed by Lhe communlLy members
Lhemselves. My lnvolvemenL wlLh Lhe u1SA Clobal 8rlgade has
lmpacLed my llfe ln mulLlfaceLed ways. 1hls experlence allowed
me Lo recognlze LhaL l wanLed Lo pursue a career ln publlc

ln our counLry, we are able Lo assess some of Lhe healLh lssues
LhaL arlses such as adequaLe levels of vlLamln u, and meLal well-
belng. l counLrles llke Ponduras, healLh professlonals are noL
able Lo assess and provlde Lhe rlghL care for Lhese healLh lssues,
whlch really shows you Lhe lmpacL LhaL Lhe Clobal 8rlgades have
on counLrles such as Ponduras.

ConnecL WlLh us
1he CommunlLy ConnecLlon

G|oba| 8r|gades at U1SA
Clobal 8rlgades moblllzes Lhousands of
sLudenLs Lhrough sklll-based servlce programs
Lo lmprove Lhe quallLy of llfe ln under
resourced communlLles. 1he u1SA chapLer has
esLabllshed a Medlcal and uenLal 8rlgades LhaL
volunLeered ln Ponduras ln AugusL of 2013.
volunLeers worked closely LogeLher wlLh
llcensed medlcal and denLal professlonals Lo
provlde quallLy healLh lnlLlaLlves Lo
communlLles LhaL oLherwlse have llmlLed
access Lo healLh care.

volunLeers spend Lhree days ln a communlLy
ln order Lo opLlmlze Lhe amounL of Llme
paLlenLs are able Lo spend wlLh Lhe physlclans
and denLlsLs. 1hey have Lhe opporLunlLy Lo
Lake paLlenL vlLals, obLaln paLlenL hlsLory and
currenL sympLoms, shadow and asslsL llcensed
physlclans and denLlsLs, parLlclpaLe ln
prevenLaLlve educaLlon, and flll prescrlpLlons
under a llcensed pharmaclsL. 1hese brlgades
provlde each volunLeer wlLh Lhe opporLunlLy
Lo make a Langlble lmpacL on a speclflc
communlLy whlle galnlng real llfe experlence
ln Lhe fleld of lnLernaLlonal medlclne and

lor more lnformaLlon:

! SALvL8L ls looklng for lndlvlduals lnLeresLed ln parLlclpaLlng
ln Lhe SALvL8L volunLeer rogram or Lhe SALvL8L eer
LducaLlon rogram. ConLacL us for more lnformaLlon.

! lf you are lnLeresLed ln wrlLlng for SALvL8L CuarLerly leL us
know. lease send any lnqulrles Lo salvereglobal[