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IV. V.

Introduction Status/Accomplishments Problems Encountered and Actions Taken to Address the Problems Activities/Tasks Remaining Lessons Learned and Good Practices

00 Total Project Cost: . Recipient Organization: Project Manager: FEDERICO NABONG DENR/LGU Recipient Agency/Organization Coordinator: Funding Agency: Project Period: ADB.000. GEF APRIL-DECEMBER 2012 Php 385. INC.Project Title: GIANT CLAM STOCK ENHANCEMENT PROJECT LINASIN FISHERFOLK ASSOCIATION.

Project Location −Smallest MPA in Zambales −33% live coral cover −37 fish species. 17 families −Target species 39% −Coral indicator species 57% San Felipe .


I. for mitigating and reducing coastal problems. • . an indication of the stakeholders’ and local leaders’ awareness of the significance of the local natural resource management. Introduction  RATIONALE The MPA establishment was identified during the formulation of the Integrated Coastal Resource Management (ICRM) Plan of the Municipality of San Felipe. within the context of a marine reserve. • Stock enhancement as part of the Habitat Management activities was one mechanism accepted during the formulation of Marine Protected Area (MPA) Management Plan for San Felipe.

60.00 . Introduction  PROJECT COST • Php.I.000. 385.000 LGU San Felipe counterpart • TOTAL Project Cost: Php. 325.000 from ADB thru DENR – ICRMP • Php.

Zambales and Endorsing to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Funding and Implementation of the Identified Project Interventions” • Sangguniang Bayan Ordinance No.Awarded and signed on September 27. 2011-092 “Resolution Adopting the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Management Plan of the Municipality of San Felipe. 12 s. Introduction  LEGAL BASIS • Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 2012 “San Felipe Marine Protected Area Ordinance” • Memorandum of Agreement .I. 2012 .


. • The Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) will directly assist the MPA Manager. PNP. DA-BFAR. The LCE will be supported by the MPA Technical Working Group (TWG) who will be a group of technical representatives from concerned agencies such as DENR.I. Sangguniang Bayan Representative and Regional ICRM Center Representative. Introduction  MANAGEMENT BODY • The San Felipe MPA shall be managed by the Local Government Unit of San Felipe with the local chief executive (LCE). PO Chair and the committees in the implementation of this conservation project. MPDO.

Monitoring of growth and survival of clams . Seeding of giant clams in the identified site e.I. Introduction  PROJECT ACTIVITIES a. Identification of suitable site b. Strengthening and capability building of POs implementing the project c. Purchasing of juvenile clams from Pangasinan hatchery d.

Introduction  OBJECTIVES The project aims to rehabilitate and promote natural recruitment of giant clams and to conserve. To increase giant clams population in the MPA.I. To sustain the reef condition and fish stocks in the MPA. . The specific objectives of the project are: 1. To provide additional source of income for the local fishers and MPA Council through enhanced ecotourism and user fees system. protect and sustain the management of fishery and aquatic resources in the area. 2. and 3.

II. FARMC attended the meeting Presentation of approved Biodiversity Conservation Project Proposal and Work Plan . Project Accomplishment Consultation/Pre implementation meeting • • • October 2012 LGU personnel's. fisherfolks. PO members and Officers.

2012 Conducted site assessment and giant clams inventory inside the core zone of the MPA Delineated the selected site for giant clams seeding project Map of the proposed site prepared Assessment and inventory report prepared and submitted .Site Assessment & Selection • • • • • December 14.

familiarization. tagging and monitoring were learned by the participants . 17 PO members and LGU staff attended the On-site Exposure & Training on Feb. Bolinao Clams identification. Fariñas.Giant Clams Stock Enhancement Training and Exposure Trip • • Mayor Carolyn S. 2013 at UP-MSI Ocean Nursery. 23-24.

MPA Launching & Installation of Marker Buoy .

Installation of Buoy Markers .

Giant Clam Seeding .

Monitoring of seeded giant clams • • • • Once a week monitoring of giant clams conducted by the PO Monitoring report prepared and submitted Seeded giant clams measured individually and diseases identified Giant clams predators removed .

Exposure Trip and Training on Giant Clam Stock Enhancement • UP-MSI. Bolinao. Capability Training & MOA Signing for Zambales Marine Protected Area Network (ZAMPAN) • La Union • February 19-22.II. 2013 . 2013 2. Pangasinan • February 23-24. Project Accomplishment Trainings 1.

etc.IEC Activities 1. 2. tarpaulin. IEC Drive at Coastal Barangays . Preparation and Installation of Signage.

Procurement Tridacna gigas 8pcs  Tridacna squamosa 16pcs  ~49cm shell length ~25m shell length TOTAL 24pcs .

00) (2.492.000.00) 200.000.00 (10.00) 57.000.00) 61.50 .00) (15.000.00 (100.00) 15.437.000.000.00) (25.000.Financial Cash Beginning (Opening Balance) Mobilization Fund Conduct of Site Assessment Coordination at UP-MSI 1st Payment Exposure Trip &Training on Giant Clam Stock Enhancement Procurement of Giant Clams 2nd Payment Monitoring of BioCon Project Construction of MPA Headquarters Gasoline for Patrolling at BioCon Retention Fee Repair of MPA Headquarters TOTAL 500.249.00 (10.000.750.00) (80.00 31.50 (10.070.

Issues and problems Illegal fishing and poaching  Demarcation of MPA core zone  No incentives and insurance for Bantay Dagat  .

Lessons Learned Close coordination with community especially fisherfolks and law enforcement officers  Importance of trainings  .

Next steps • • • • • • • Continuous patrolling of the MPA Continuous monitoring of the BioCon Project Replacement of lost marker buoys Installation of additional marker buoys Purchase of snorkling gears and communication equipment Repair of MPA Outpost Provision of insurance for Bantay Dagat .

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