BAR EXAMINATION 2013 CIVIL LAW October 13, 2013 INSTRUCTIONS 1. This Questionnaire contains SIXT !

"1#$ %a&es inc'u(in& these Instructions %a&es. )hec* the nu+ber o, %a&es an( the %a&e nu+bers at the u%%er ri&ht han( corner o, each %a&e o, this Questionnaire an( +a*e sure it has the correct nu+ber o, %a&es an( their %ro%er nu+bers. There are T ! "10$ ssa- Questions nu+bere( I to X ".ith sub/uestions$, an( T ! "10$ Mu'ti%'e )hoice Questions (MCQs) nu+bere( I to X ".ith sub/uestions$, to be ans.ere( .ithin four (4) hours. The essa- %ortion contains /uestions that are .orth 8001o o, the .ho'e e2a+ination, .hi'e the M)Q %ortion contains /uestions .orth 203. 2. 4ea( each /uestion 5er- care,u''- an( .rite -our ans.ers in -our 6ar 2a+ination !oteboo* in the same order the questions are posed. 7rite -our ans.ers on'- at the front, not the bac*, %a&e o, e5ersheet in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. !ote .e'' the a''ocate( %ercenta&e %oints ,or each nu+ber, /uestion, or sub-/uestion. In -our ans.ers, use the nu+berin& s-ste+ in the /uestionnaire. I, the sheets %ro5i(e( in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* are not su,,icient ,or -our ans.ers, use the bac* %a&es o, e5er- sheet o, -our 2a+ination !oteboo*, startin& at the bac* %a&e o, the ,irst sheet an( the bac* o, the succee(in& sheets therea,ter. 3. the ssa- /uestions legibly, clearly, and concisely. Start each nu+ber on a se%arate %a&e. An to a sub-/uestion un(er the sa+e nu+ber +a- be .ritten continuous'- on the sa+e %a&e an( the i++e(iate'- succee(in& %a&es unti' co+%'ete(. 8our shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it- to ana'-9e the ,acts %resente( b- the /uestion, to se'ect the +ateria' ,ro+ the i++ateria' ,acts, an( to (iscern the %oints u%on .hich the /uestion turns. It shou'( sho. -our *no.'e(&e an( un(erstan(in& o, the %ertinent %rinci%'es an( theories o, 'a. in5o'5e( an( their /ua'i,ications an( 'i+itations. It shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it- to a%%'- the 'a. to the &i5en ,acts, an( to reason 'o&ica''- in a 'a.-er-'i*e +anner to a soun( conc'usion ,ro+ the &i5en %re+ises. A +ere :8es: or :!o: .ithout an- corres%on(in& e2%'anation or (iscussion .i'' not be &i5en an- cre(it. Thus, a'.a-s brie,'- but ,u''- e2%'ain -our ans.ers a'thou&h the /uestion (oes not e2%ress'- as* ,or an e2%'anation. At the sa+e ti+e, re+e+ber that a co+%'ete e2%'anation (oes not re/uire that -ou 5o'unteer in,or+ation or (iscuss 'e&a' (octrines that are not necessar- or %ertinent to the so'ution to the %rob'e+. 8on (o not nee( to re-.rite or re%eat the /uestion in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. ;. M)Qs are to be ans.ere( b- .ritin& in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* the ca%ita' 'etter "A, 6, ), <, or $ corres%on(in& to -our chosen The MCQ answers should begin in the page following the last page of your essay answers. There is on'- one correct to e5er- M)Q= choose the 6 ST ,ro+ a+on& the o,,ere( choices. !ote that so+e M)Qs +a- nee( care,u' ana'-sis both o, the /uestions an( the choices o,,ere(. >. Ma*e sure -ou (o not .rite your name or an- e traneous note!s or distincti"e mar#ing!s on -our 2a+ination !oteboo* that can ser5e as an i(enti,-in& +ar*1s "such as na+es that are not in the &i5en /uestions, %ra-ers, or %ri5ate notes to the 2a+iner$. 7ritin&, 'ea5in& or +a*in& an- (istin&uishin& or i(enti,-in& +ar* in the 2a+ination !oteboo* is consi(ere( cheatin& an( can (is/ua'i,- -ou ,or the 6ar e2a+inations. 8ou can use the /uestionnaire ,or 8:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

notes -ou +a- .ish1nee( to .rite (urin& the e2a+ination. HAND IN YOUR NOTEBOOK WITH THIS QUESTIONNAIRE J. ARTURO D. BRION )hair+an 2013 6ar 2a+inations ESSAY QUESTIONS I. 8ou are a ?a+i'- )ourt @u(&e an( be,ore -ou is a Petition ,or the <ec'aration o, !u''it- o, Marria&e "un(er Artic'e 3# o, the ?a+i'- )o(e$,i'e( b- Maria a&ainst !ei'. Maria c'ai+s that !ei' is %s-cho'o&ica''- inca%acitate( to co+%'- .ith the essentia' ob'i&ations o, +arria&e because !ei' is a (run*ar(, a .o+ani9er, a &a+b'er, an( a +a+aAs bo-- traits that she ne5er *ne. or sa. .hen !ei' .as courtin& her. A'thou&h su++one(, !ei' (i( not MariaAs %etition an( ne5er a%%eare( in court. To su%%ort her %etition, Maria %resente( three .itnesses- herse',, <r. 'sie )han, an( A+brosia. <r. )han testi,ie( on the %s-cho'o&ica' re%ort on !ei' that she %re%are(. Since !ei' ne5er ac*no.'e(&e( nBr res%on(e( to her in5itation ,or inter5ie.s, her re%ort is so'e'- base( on her inter5ie.s .ith Maria an( the s%ousesA +inor chi'(ren. <r. )han conc'u(e( that !ei' is su,,erin& ,ro+ !arcissistic Persona'it- <isor(er, an ai'+ent that she ,oun( to be a'rea(- %resent since !ei'As ear'- a(u'thoo( an( one that is &ra5e an( incurab'e. Maria testi,ie( on the s%eci,ic instances .hen she ,oun( !ei' (run*, .ith another .o+an, or s/uan(erin& the ,a+i'-As resources in a casino. A+brosia, the s%ousesA current househo'( he'%, corroborate( MariaAs testi+on-. On the basis o, the e5i(ence %resente(, .i'' -ou &rant the %etitionC "83$ II. A co''ision occurre( at an intersection in5o'5in& a bic-c'e an( a ta2icab. 6oth the bic-c'e ri(er "a business+an then (oin& his +ornin& e2ercise$ an( the ta2i (ri5er c'ai+e( that the other .as at ,au't. 6ase( on the %o'ice re%ort, the bic-c'e crosse( the intersection ,irst but the ta2icab, crossin& at a ,ast c'i% ,ro+ the bic-c'eAs 'e,t, cou'( not bra*e in ti+e an( hit the bic-c'eAs rear .hee', to%%'in& it an( the bic-c'e ri(er into the si(e.a'* > +eters a.a-. The bic-c'e ri(er su,,ere( a ,racture( ri&ht *nee, sustaine( .hen he ,e'' on his ri&ht si(e on the concrete si(e .a'*. De .as hos%ita'i9e( an( .as subse/uent'- o%erate( on, ren(erin& hi+ i++obi'e ,or 3 .ee*s an( re/uirin& %h-sica' rehabi'itation ,or another 3 +onths. In his co+%'aint ,or (a+a&es, the ri(er %ra-e( ,or the o, P1,000,000 actua' (a+a&es,P200,000 +ora' (a+a&es, P200,000 e2e+%'ar- (a+a&es, P1 00,000 no+ina' (a+a&es an( P>0,000 attorne-As ,ees. Assu+in& the %o'ice re%ort to be correct an( as the 'a.-er ,or the bic-c'e ri(er, .hat e5i(ence "(ocu+entar- an( testi+onia'$ an( 'e&a' ar&u+ents .i'' -ou %resent in court to @usti,- the (a+a&es that -our c'ient c'ai+sC "83$ III. Ser&io is the re&istere( o.ner o, a >00-s/uare +eter 'an(. Dis ,rien(, Marce'o, .ho has 'on& been intereste( in the %ro%ert-, succee(e( in %ersua(in& Ser&io to se'' it to hi+. On Eune 2, 2012, thea&ree( on the %urchase %rice o, P#00,000 an( that Ser&io .ou'( &i5e Marce'o u% to Eune30, 2012 .ithin .hich to raise the a+ount. Marce'o, in a 'i&ht tone usua' bet.een the+, sai( that the- shou'( sea' their a&ree+ent throu&h a case o, Eac* <anie's 6'ac* an( P>,000 :%u'utan: +one- .hich he i++e(iate'- han(e( to Ser&io an( .hich the 'atter acce%te(. The ,rien(s then sat (o.n an( (ran* the ,irst bott'e ,ro+ the case o, bourbon. On Eune 1>, 2013, Ser&io 'earne( o, another bu-er, 4oberto, .ho .as o,,erin& P800,000 in rea(- cash ,or the 'an(. 7hen 4oberto con,ir+e( that he cou'( %a- in cash as soon as Ser&io cou'( &et the

(ocu+entation rea(-, Ser&io (eci(e( to .ith(ra. his o,,er to Marce'o, ho%in& to @ust e2%'ain +atters to his ,rien(. Marce'o, ho.e5er, ob@ecte( .hen the .ith(ra.a' .as co++unicate( to hi+, ta*in& the %osition that the- ha5e a ,ir+ an( bin(in& a&ree+ent that Ser&io cannot si+%'- .a'* a.a- ,ro+ because he has an o%tion to bu- that is (u'- su%%orte( b- a (u'- acce%te( 5a'uab'e consi(eration. "A$ <oes Marce'o ha5e a cause o, action a&ainst Ser&ioC ">3$ "6$ )an Ser&io c'ai+ that .hate5er the- +i&ht ha5e a&ree( u%on cannot be en,orce( because an- a&ree+ent re'atin& to the sa'e o, rea' %ro%ert- +ust be su%%orte( b- e5i(ence in .ritin& an( the- ne5er re(uce( their a&ree+ent to .ritin&C "33$ IF. Anse'+o is the re&istere( o.ner o, a 'an( an( a house that his ,rien( 6obo- occu%ie( ,or a no+ina' renta' an( on the con(ition that 6obo- .ou'( 5acate the %ro%ert- on (e+an(. 7ith Anse'+oAs *no.'e(&e, 6obo- intro(uce( reno5ations consistin& o, an a((itiona' be(roo+, a co5ere( 5eran(a, an( a concrete b'oc* ,ence, at his o.n e2%ense. Subse/uent'-, Anse'+o nee(e( the %ro%ert- as his resi(ence an( thus as*e( 6obo- to 5acate an( turn it o5er to hi+. 6obo-, (es%ite an e2tension, ,ai'e( to 5acate the %ro%ert-, ,orcin& Anse'+o to sen( hi+ a .ritten (e+an( to 5acate. In his o.n .ritten re%'-, 6obo- si&ni,ie( that he .as rea(- to 'ea5e but Anse'+o +ust ,irst rei+burse hi+ the 5a'ue o, the i+%ro5e+ents he intro(uce( on the %ro%ert- as he is a bui'(er in &oo( ,aith. Anse'+o re,use(, insistin& that 6obo- cannot as* ,or rei+burse+ent as he is a +ere 'essee. 6obores%on(e( b- re+o5in& the i+%ro5e+ents an( 'ea5in& the bui'(in& in its ori&ina' state. "A$ 4eso'5e 6obo-As c'ai+ that as a bui'(er in &oo( ,aith, he shou'( be rei+burse( the 5a'ue o, the i+%ro5e+ents he intro(uce(. ";3$ "6$ )an 6obo- be he'( 'iab'e ,or (a+a&es ,or re+o5in& the i+%ro5e+ents o5er Anse'+oAs ob@ectionC ";3$ F. Eose,a e2ecute( a (ee( o, (onation co5erin& a one-hectare rice 'an( in ,a5or o, her (au&hter, Eenni,er. The (ee( s%eci,ica''- %ro5i(es that: $%or and in consideration of he lo"e and ser"ice &ennifer has shown and gi"en to me, ' hereby freely, "oluntarily and irre"ocably donate to her my one(hectare rice land co"ered by TCT )o. **++,, located in -an %ernando, .ampanga. This donation shall ta#e effect upon my death.$ The (ee( a'so containe( Eenni,erAs si&ne( acce%tance, an( an attache( notari9e( (ec'aration b- Eose,a an( Eenni,er that the 'an( .i'' re+ain in Eose,aAs %ossession an( cannot be a'ienate(, encu+bere(, so'( or (is%ose( o, .hi'e Eose,a is sti'' a'i5e. A(5ise Eenni,er on .hether the (ee( is a (onation inter 5i5os or +ortis causa an( e2%'ain the reasons su%%ortin& -our a(5ice. "83$ FI. Gito obtaine( a 'oan o, P1,000,000 ,ro+ ?er(ie, %a-ab'e .ithin one -ear. To secure %a-+ent, Gito e2ecute( a chatte' +ort&a&e on a To-ota A5an9a an( a rea' estate +ort&a&e on a 200-s/uare +eter %iece o, %ro%ert-. "A$ 7ou'( it be 'e&a''- si&ni,icant - ,ro+ the %oint o, 5ie. o, 5a'i(it- an( en,orceabi'it- - i, the 'oan an( the +ort&a&es .ere in %ub'ic or %ri5ate instru+entsC "#3$

"6$ GitoAs ,ai'ure to %a- 'e( to the e2tra-@u(icia' ,orec'osure o, the +ort&a&e( rea' %ro%ert-. 7ithin a -ear ,ro+ ,orec'osure, Gito ten(ere( a +ana&erAs chec* to ?er(ie to re(ee+ the %ro%ert-. ?er(ie re,use( to acce%t %a-+ent on the &roun( that he .ante( %a-+ent in cash: the chec* (oes not /ua'i,- as 'e&a' ten(er an( (oes not inc'u(e the interest %a-+ent. Is ?er(ieAs re,usa' @usti,ie(C ";3$ FII. In 200>, An(res bui't a resi(entia' house on a 'ot .hose on'- access to the nationa' hi&h.a- .as a %ath.a- crossin& 6ran(oAs %ro%ert-. An(res an( others ha5e been usin& this %ath.a- "%ath.a- A$ since 1B80. In 200#, 6ran(0 ,ence( o,, his %ro%ert-, thereb- b'oc*in& An(resA access to the nationa' hi&h.a-. An(res (e+an(e( that %art o, the ,ence be re+o5e( to +aintain his o'( access route to the hi&h.a"%ath.a- A$, but 6ran(o re,use(, c'ai+in& that there .as another a5ai'ab'e %ath.a- "%ath.a- 6$ ,or in&ress an( e&ress to the hi&h.a-. An(res countere( that %ath.a- 6 has (e,ects, is circuitous, an( is e2tre+e'- incon5enient to use. To sett'e their (is%ute, An(res an( 6ran(o hire( <a+ian, a &eo(etic an( ci5i' en&ineer, to sur5e- an( e2a+ine the t.o %ath.a-s an( the surroun(in& areas, an( to (eter+ine the shortest an( the 'east %re@u(icia' .a- throu&h the ser5ient estates. A,ter the sur5e-, the en&ineer conc'u(e( that %ath.a- 6 is the 'on&er route an( .i'' nee( i+%ro5e+ents an( re%airs, but .i'' not si&ni,icant'- a,,ect the use o, 6ran(oAs %ro%ert-. On the other han(, %ath.a- A that ha( 'on& been in %'ace, is the shorter route but .ou'( si&ni,icant'- a,,ect the use o, 6ran(oAs %ro%ert-. In 'i&ht o, the en&ineerAs ,in(in&s an( the circu+stances o, the case, reso'5e the %artiesA ri&ht o, .a(is%ute. "#3$ FIII. )iriaco 4ea't- )or%oration ")4)$ so'( to the s%ouses <e' a )ru9 a>00-s/uare +eter 'an( "Got A$ in Parana/ue. The 'an( no. has a ,air +ar*et 5a'ue o, P',200,000. )4) 'i*e.ise so'( to the s%ouses 4o(ri&ue9, a H00-s/uare +eter 'an( "Got 6$ .hich is a(@acent to Got A. Got 6 has a %resent ,air +ar*et 5a'ue o, P1,>00,000. The s%ouses <e'a )ru9 constructe( a house on Got 6, re'-in& on there %resentation o, the )4) sa'es a&ent that it is the %ro%ert- the- %urchase(. On'- u%on the co+%'etion o, their house (i( the s%ouses <e'a )ru9 (isco5er that the- ha( bui't on Got 6 b- the s%ouses 4o(ri&ue9, not on Got A that the- %urchase(. The- s%ent P 1 000,000 ,or the house. As their 'a.-er, a(5ise the s%ouses <e'a )ru9 on their ri&hts an( ob'i&ations un(er the &i5en circu+stances, an( the recourses an( o%tions o%en to the+ to %rotect their interests. "83$ IX. 4ica %etitione( ,or the annu'+ent o, her ten--ear o'( +arria&e to 4ichar(. 4ichar( hire( Att-. )ru9 to re%resent hi+ in the %rocee(in&s. In %a-+ent ,or Att-. )ru9As acce%tance an( 'e&a' ,ees, 4ichar( con5e-e( to Att-. )ru9 a %arce' o, 'an( in Ta&ui& that he recent'- %urchase( .ith his 'otto .innin&s. The trans,er (ocu+ents .ere (u'- si&ne( an( Att-. )ru9 i++e(iate'- too* %ossession b- ,encin& o,, the %ro%ert-As entire %eri+eter. <es%erate'- nee(in& +one- to %a- ,or his +ountin& 'e&a' ,ees an( his other nee(s an( (es%ite the trans,er to Att-. )ru9, 4ichar( o,,ere( the sa+e %arce' o, 'an( ,or sa'e to the s%ouses Iarcia. A,ter ins%ection o, the 'an(, the s%ouses consi(ere( it a &oo( in5est+ent an( %urchase( it ,ro+ 4ichar(. I++e(iate'- a,ter the sa'e, the s%ouses Iarcia co++ence( the construction o, a three-stor- bui'(in& o5er the 'an(, but the- .ere %re5ente( ,ro+ (oin& this b- Att-. )ru9 .ho c'ai+e( he has a better ri&ht in 'i&ht o, the %rior con5e-ance in his ,a5or.

as born on 12 March 1B.o''o. Dis . cu'ti5ate the 'an(. but . "2$ Do. i''e&iti+ate chi'( o. I. <ann-.ect his tit'e to the 'an( an( secure its re&istration in his na+e. +uch is <anteAs share in the net estateC "13$ "A$ P1>0. these 'a.ants to %er. )onra(= 3.or 'e&a' a(5ice as he .%ai( the rea't.ta2es on the 'an(. action. unconteste( b.-b'oo( brothers..ants to secure an( re&ister tit'e to the 'an( in his 6onnie stan( to inherit b.3$ MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS I. "A$ 7hat are the 'a. The net 5a'ue are the sur5i5in& re'ati5es: 1. De has a'so conscientious'. Manue' . De has he'( the %ro%ertthrou&h the -ears in the conce%t o.ri&ht o.000 "<$ P1>0. Ar+an(As estate is P'. ?e'i2. ?'oro. he can %er.Is Att-.s that -ou nee( to consi(er in a(5isin& Manue' on ho. Michae' (ie( in 2000 an( Manue' . .an( 6onnie.u''-b'oo( brothers. De consu'ts -ou .ar(= an( >. an o.ea'th &o5ern+ent in 1B3 >.other than a ta2 (ec'aration in his na+e.000 " $ !one o. a(o%te( chi'( o.ect his tit'e an( re&ister the 'an( in his na+eC 2%'ain the re'e5ance o. (.here he &re.000 "6$ P300. Ar+an( (ie( intestate. &ran(son o.s to -our %ro@ecte( course o.hat (ocu+entation are necessar-C ".an( )onra(. )esar.son an( heir -no. "1$ Do. Michae' has 'i5e( on the continuous' an( ?'oro. o%ene( .000 ")$ P. (. The . 6obb-= 2.3$ "6$ 7hat (o -ou ha5e to %ro5e to secure Manue'As ob@ecti5es an( .or so+e reason ne5er secure( an.since the 'an( . a'' %re(ecease( hi+. re%resentationC "13$ "A$ P200. 'e&iti+ate chi'( o.00.0 in a 1 000-s/uare +eter %ro%ert. an( ha'.or sett'e+ent at about the ti+e o.others. .tit'e to the %ro%ert.ner an( his sta. )ru9As c'ai+ correctC "83$ X. 'e&iti+ate chi'(ren o. <ann-= . ". u% he'%in& his .000.n na+e.000.200. the )o++on. Michae'Js on'. the abo5e. rnie. Michae'. "6$ P200.ather.. <ante. +uch (o 6enn..

This c'ear'. "1$ I. ) an( < are the so'i('s to %a. &uarantee( an( ob'i&ate( hi+se'. The ru'e is that &ratuitous acts shou'( be restricti5e'. his share o. ". as the re'ease o. "6$ P1>0. 6.or the %a-+ent o.o other re+ainin& (ebtors. "<$ P0. "13$ "A$ P 0. inso'5ent (ebtor ) be (i5i(e( on'. I. ) turne( out to be inso'5ent.ithout their consent.000.ou'( then increase the bur(en o. <As share carries . .e.a5or. 2012. III. a &oo( . the abo5e. a''o. Shou'( the share o.6asi'io his 'oan on March 2>.in& on'. "<$ P200. his ob'i&ation to the bene.000. II. "6$ P.$ Do. X re'ease( < . A+a(or obtaine( a 'oan o. a'' the assets o.een the t. can 6asi'io co+%e' )acho to %a-C "13$ "A$ ! 6asi'io %a-ab'e on March2>.")$ P300. ")$ P300.because as &uarantor.000. )acho. the abo5e. ")$ P1>0.rien('s to %a. i. " $ !one o. 7hen the ob'i&ation beca+e (ue an( (e+an(ab'e. the other (ebtors . the so'i(ar.000.000. A+a(or. his 'oan.6asi'io. "3$ Do.a%%'ies to <.00. "6$ 8es. " $ !one o.ith it tota' e2tin&uish+ent o. A+a(or constitute( a +ort&a&e on his resi(entia' house an( 'ot in 6asi'ioAs . "<$ P. A+a(or .000. III..000. The )i5i' )o(e reco&ni9es re+ission as a +o(e o. 4e+ission o. " $ !one o.his 'oan at +aturit-. one (ebtor .00. A an( 6C "13$ "A$ 8es. the share o. the abo5e. A.or P. in case A+a(or .it o. ri&hts. ")$ ! the %a-+ent o.00.irst be e2hauste(. to %a.construe(.000 .the 'east trans+ission P300.. )acho can in5o*e the %rinci%'e o.000. X . 6asi'io cannot co+%e' )acho to %a. +uch is rnieAs share in the net estate .(ebtors. +uch is ?e'i2As share in the net estateC "13$ "A$ P.000.0.000.(ebtors o. PI 0. e2tin&uishin& an ob'i&ation. "<$ !o. 2012. As securit. e2cussion. I. 6asi'io +ust .

ie(. The sa'e the t..acts. EoseAs't or ne&'i&ence.or a'' the e2%enses incurre( . IF. EoseAs re.a(e( %aint. ")$ 8es.orec'ose the rea' estate +ort&a&e.ho %ar*e( the car at the Ma'' o. IF. In this *in( o. Seein& the carAs %ee'in& an( . . Is EoseAs re. Eose brou&ht it to Mitsubishi )ubao . EoseAs re.orec'ose the rea' estate +ort&a&e. "6$ 8es.or the return o. P8. un@ust enrich+ent .because 6asi'io has not e2hauste( the a5ai'ab'e re+e(ies a&ainst A+a(or.nershi% an( %ossession is un@ustan( ine/uitab'e. To (e%ri5e the ne. "1$ (ue to .nershi% on the case A+a(or .or the %reser5ation o. <ie&o.e2%enses. Ans. "6$ !o. Eose sai( he .an( e2traor(inar.or the car +aintenance an( re%aintin& costs o.ner o.o /uestions be'o. his car. )achoAs un(erta*in& in(icates that he has boun( hi+se'. Eo'ie.u' . De is ob'i&e( to %a. Eose is 'iab'e to )ru9.usa' @usti. 6asi'io can .%a.ers o. The e2%enses he incurre( are use. It is EoseAs ob'i&ation to shou'(er these use. Eose is not 'iab'e to )ru9. the thin& 'oane(. "6$ 8es.usa' is not @usti."6$ !o.ithout )ru9As consent. . 6asi'io can co+%e' )acho . can 6asi'io . AsiaAs o%en %ar*in& 'ot.ith the i&nition *e. It is bin(in& u%on <ie&o as the +ort&a&e is e+bo(ie( in a %ub'ic instru+ent. 6asi'io can . "<$ !o.ho boun( hi+se'.ai's to %a-= thus the bene. Eose is ob'i&e( to %a. an. A+a(or se''s his resi(entia' house an( 'ot to <ie&o. Eose a'so ha( the car re%ainte( .usa' is @usti.000. e2cussion . base( on these co++on . Eose is not 'iab'e to )ru9 as the 'oss . The %rinci%'e o.ou'( return it as soon as )ru9 has rei+burse( hi+ . but sub@ect to rei+burse+ent . 6asi'io cannot co+%e' )acho to %a.insi(e the car.ora'' the or(' is @usti.orec'ose the rea' estate +ort&a&eC "13$ "A$ 8es. ")$ 8es..because the nature o.orce +a@eure. 6asi'io cannot .inishe( his 6ar e2a+s. IF.or P10. EoseAs re.000. so'i(ari'.usa' is not o.ter )ru9 (e'i5ere( the car. o.ho +ust there.ter the bar e2a+s.orec'ose the rea' estate +ort&a&e because rea' estate +ort&a&e creates a rea' ri&ht that attaches to the %ro%ert-. o. )ar thie5es bro*e into an( too* the car.or the %reser5ation o. . Eose 'ent the car to his &ir'.%rohibition. Since Eose 'ent the car to Eo'ie . EoseAs re.arrants the rei+burse+ent o. .ore consent. Is Eose 'iab'e to )ru9 .i'' not a%%'-. III.or +aintenance chec* u% an( incurre( costs o. Soon a. )ru9 as*e( . "<$ 8es. P "13$ "A$ !o. to uncon(itiona''. ")$ ! )ru9. )ru9 'ent Eose his car unti' Eose . In the absence o. ")$ 8es. contract.ith A+a(or.orec'ose the rea' estate +ort&a&e. "<$ ! not (ue to his . neither Eose nor Eo'ie is 'iab'e. 6asi'io cannot . the thin& 'oane(. the car (ue to Eo'ieAs ne&'i&enceC "13$ "A$ !o.000.u' e2%enses.rien(. Since the 'oss . 6asi'io can co+%e' )acho to "2$ <urin& the bar e2a+ +onth. "2$ the 'oss o. Eose cou'( 'en( the car to Eo'ie.

0 is 'iab'e as ca%ita'ist %artner. "<$ his ca%ita' contribution is not 5a'i( inso. in the P800. the %artnershi% ha( an un%ai( 'iabi'ito. M. ?or 0. (esi&nate( G an( 0 as +ana&in& %artners= G . 0 an( P'iab'e a. Da5in& ta*en %art in the +ana&e+ent o. contributin& on'. "2$ In 'iab'e on'.ar as the cre(itors are concerne(. The sti%u'ations e2e+%tin& P an( G . Eose is 'iab'e to )ru9.ere insu. in the net 'oss o.ter 'i/ui(ation. P>00. The sti%u'ation e2e+%tin& P . contribute( P1 .erent business . the e2tent 'osses is 5a'i( on'. it is basic that a 'i+ite( %artner is 'iab'e on'. in 200H.itC "13$ "A$ P1#0. the %artnershi% incurre( a net 'oss in 200# a+ounte( to P1 00.ise 'iab'e because the %artnershi% .Eose +ust bear the conse/uent 'oss o.ere ca%ita'ist %artners . The %rocee(s o. P. A.000. Eose can neither 'en( nor 'ease the car to a thir( %erson. the %artnershi%.icient to sett'e its ob'i& 5a'i(.ro+ 'osses.ith the consent o. his ca%ita' contribution= an( P .it not . ho.his ser5ices.000 net %ro. the abo5e. In 2008.000.e5er. . P800.000.u% to the e2tent o. F. 0.or 'osses.the %artners (isso'5e( the 'iabi'it. G. "<$ 8es. Partnershi%.ith .ter a'' the assets o. a'' the %artners. In the sa+e -ear. " $ !one o. 0 is 'i*e. P>00. 0 an( P .000. M an( ! .000. a 'i+ite( %artner. 0. the %artnershi% are e2hauste(C "13$ "A$ 8es. In 200>.000. the sa'e o. The contract bet.. P @oine( as an in(ustria' %artner. F. ")$ P12>.000. The Artic'es o.000. G is 'iab'e because the a&ree+ent 'i+itin& his 'iabi'it.or+e( in accor(ance . F. " $ !one o. re&istere( . Since the other %artners a''o. the car. "3$ )an the %artnershi% cre(itors ho'( G. "6$ P1H>.een the+ is %ersona' in nature.. P en&a&e( in a (i.hi'e 0. the abo5e.000.000C "13$ "A$ P 0. +uch is the share o.000. "'$ Assu+in& that the @ust an( e/uitab'e share 'osses are not bin(in& u%on the cre(itors.e( hi+ to en&a&e in an outsi(e business acti5it-.ith the Securities an( 2chan&e )o++ission. "6$ !o. the %artnershi% earne( a net %ro.or+e( a %artnershi%. In 200#. "6$ P1 00. %artnershi% assets . his ca%ita' contribution. F.ho contribute( P>00. the in(ustria' %artner. ")$ 8es. !. a 'i+ite( %artner.a+on& the %artners. +uch is the share o. a 'i+ite( %artner.000 each. ho. Do. in the %ro.000. the sti%u'ation abso'5in& P .000. P is not 'iab'e because there is a 5a'i( sti%u'ation e2e+%tin& hi+ . ")$ P280.000. "<$ not 'iab'e .

"'$ 7as Do+er @usti.on a :best &rante(. Isaac can sti'' +a*e use o.ore the en( o.the 'oan.o. "6$ 8es. "2$ )an Iar.o--ear %erio(C "13$ "A$ 8es.cannot co+%e' Isaac to i++e(iate'.ter 30 (a-s. Iar. the ob'i&ation i++e(iate'.ie( in re.can co+%e' Isaac to i++e(iate'.000.air an( bur(enso+e .an( to %a.or the 'oan is an accessor.. the %erio(.ore the en( not @usti. "<$ !o.ith the %ro+ise( & not @usti. the t. the contract. The contract conte+%'ates an ob'i&ation .orts to (e'i5er on ti+e.on Iar-As . the %erio(. contrar.or 'osses. Do+er shou'( co+%'. Iar. "<$ !o.. There . the con(ition (i( not (e%en( %ure'.ort: basis +a(e the (e'i5er. The re&istration o. trans%ortation %rob'e+s an( &o5ern+ent re( ta%e hin(ere( his e. The ter+.&. ti+e . there. / the ter+s a&ree( the & (e+an( i++e(iate %a-+ent.i''+ent o.or the ' e2ecution o. Ob'i&ations arisin& . the shi%%in& co+%an.or (e'i5er.ithin t.the 'oan.o -ears .s the %artners to sti%u'ate that a %artner sha'' not be 'iab'e .. Do+er .as not &uarantee(.or Isaac to (e'i5er his To-ota Inno5a.air ...accurate. The (e'i5er.. Iar. "6$ !o. Since the (e' +a(e a. the Artic'es o.the 'oan. to acce%t the tobacco 'ea5es.cou'( not insist that Do+er acce%t the tobacco 'ea5es. 'a..the 'oan. Do+er .000 'oan to Isaac to be %ai( .ou'( be a tobacco tra(er an( a'so a 'en(in& not (e'i5ere( no ter+ in the contract but a +i2e( con(ition. the sa'e an( +ust abi(e @usti. Do+er re.or (e' in @usti.the re/uire+ents in re. It .o--ear ter+.ithin se5en "H$ ('ure to (e'i5er the car 5io'ate( the con(ition u%on . It is but . Isaac 'ost his ri&ht to +a*e use contract ha5e the .cannot co+%e' Isaac to i++e(iate'.usin& to acce%t the tobacco 'ea5esC "13$ "A$ 8es.ith a ter+. Iar.usa' to acce%t the (e'i5er-. (e'i5er.or the ' thus co+%e''e( to (e+an( %a-+ent .%a.the P1. e. .usin& to acce%t the tobacco 'ea5es.usin& to acce%t the tobacco 'ea5es. The )i5i' )o(e a''o. Isaac %ro+ise( to (e'i5er to Iar. Do+er .or Isaac to to be +a(e .ie( in his re. the a&ree( t.%a. ")$ 8es..or securit. FI. The .ie( in re.orce o.use( to acce%t the 'ate (e'i5er.000 si+%'because the %ro+ise( securit.%a.%a..can co+%e' Isaac to i++e(iate'. De consente( to the ter+s an( con(itions o. Do+er .o." $ !one o. Thus. De so'( tobacco 'ea5es to Do+er . the car as securit.&rante( a P'. Iar.000 'oan. Iar. bet. The (e'i5er.ithin a +onth.on the &roun( that the a&ree( ter+ ha( not been co+%'ie( . The (e'i5er.. !on-co+%'iance . Iar..ith. the To-ota Inno5a is a con(ition .hich the 'oan .ith his ob'i& a+bi&uous. a 'i+ite( %artnershi%.contract= the %rinci%a' contract is sti'' the P 1. the abo5e is co+%'ete'.orts an( he cou'( on'(e'i5er'e( to (o so. Iar.u'. "<$ !o.or the 'oan be. IsaacAs . FI.his 'oan e5en be.or Iar.his To-ota Inno5a .co+%e' Isaac to %a. but Isaac . Iar-As %ro+ise o.(e+an(ab'e.000.ter 30 (a-s. As securit. .i'' but on other .shou'( ha5e &rante( a reasonab'e e2tension o. <es%ite Iar-As e.een the contractin& %arties.ithin a +onth. a'thou&h the %erio( . As 'en(in& in5estor.(ictates that Iar. ")$ !o. Partnershi% e+bo(-in& such sti%u'ations ser5es as constructi5e notice to the %artnershi% cre(itors.

hen he a'so sa.or e@ect+ent that the 'essor 5erba''. "2$ I. A.or 'e&a' a(5ice. ")$ The +arria&e subsists because GitaAs +arria&e to Eai+e is 5oi(.or (a+a&es that the (ebtor has ne5er hear( o.or Paci. an( their t.or reco5er.ho ora''.(ec'are( ter+inate( i. her.. GitaAs +arria&e to Eai+eC "13$ "A$ The +arria&e is 5a'i( because GitaAs +arria&e to Gito .. Iua+.ter an absence o. FII. !o trace o. a&ain.ter his %'ane has been +issin& .oun( (es%ite (i'i&ent search= Gito hi+se'.ic-Micronesian Air.'i*e hi+.ou'( not resur. ")$ An action . the abo5e. their actions or (e. Gito is in(ee( a'i5e.. .hat is the status o.(isa%%eare( t. rea' %ro%ert-. " $ !one o. -ears. he .o chi'(ren. su+ o. the 'ease. (o. co+es to -ou . the %'ane an( its 10> %assen&ers an( A&ana. Gito is a'i5e. ")$ The +arria&e is 5oi(. GitoAs +ere absence. "6$ A (e.. She as*s -ou the . his +arria&e to Gita . . ha5e a chi'( o.icient.'e. The.n.or a'' %ur%oses.o5er the Paci. "'$ I.%ro+ise( to e2ten( or rene. but un'i/ui(ate( assets to satis. "<$ A (e.icient to authori9e Gita to contract a subse/uent +arria& ter+inate( .. 7hich o.ace.the ne2t (a-.ith her . .as a co++ercia' %i'ot . In 1BB8. In sur%rise( to see Gito or so+ebo(.'e( to her hote' an( %ost haste returne( to the countr.or +ore than .or+a''.or +ore than se5en -ears.e5er 'en&th-. 7hi'e on a tour . Shoc*e(.ic Ocean. )hina in 2010.or+er hi&h schoo' c'ass+ates in a re+ote %ro5ince o. +one. .as sure it . the e2tre+e sur%rise that re&istere( in his .no. +ore than 10 -ears. FIII. . Gita +et an( an( +arrie( Eai+e.ti+e. "6$ The +arria&e is 5a'i(. is insu. his +arria&e to GitaC "13$ "A$ The +arria&e subsists because the +arita' bon( has not been ter+inate( /uestions: FII. Gita .t behin( his .ace . but she . . Gita no.e. "<$ The +arria&e is 5oi(. the co-%i'ot o. "<$ The +arria&e is ter+inate( because Gito is %resu+e( (ea( a.enses are +eritorious: "13$ "A$ An action . Gito is a'rea(%resu+e( (ea( .o''o.n%a-+ent %ai( un(er a rescin(e( ora' sa'e o.hen it beco+es ( e5er .or %a-+ent o.ense in an action . Gita.ho 'oo*e( e2act'.%ro+ise( to ans.ense in an action .Gito .. the air'ineAs ?'i&ht MAB1# that +-sterious'. "6$ The +arria&e . she i++e(iate'.ho .hen Gita +arrie( Eai+e..the cre(it ac/uire( .o''o. Gito 'e. " $ The +arria&e can be . Gito because o. the . Gito is a'i5e. .can resu+e their +arita' re'ations at'ts. Gito . %resu+ab'.o.ter ta*e-o.( ter+inate( u%on GitoAs (isa%%earance .o hours a.i'e( a&ainst one .as ne5er (isso'5e( an( anotherAs (ebt in case the 'atter (e.hat is the status o.

I .hich the action is base(.icance in 'i&ht o. c'ai+in& that the 'ease on .hich resu'te( in Ai(aAs con5iction .aith %ro+%te( Ar'ene to %ro+ise Eanet that shou'( Ar'ene (eci(e to se'' the %ro%ert-.e'r.ou'( a+ount to un@ust enrich+ent.a-s %resu+e(.hat Ai(a ha( (one. 6ett..a. Ai(a .u' ac/uisition in the or(inar.aith is a'. "1$ !ot 'on& a. a((itiona''.n 5a'ue o.e' o. action (oes not see* to en. an( use( the +one. resi(ence. Ar'ene . P10. the @e. 6ett(isco5ere( . Ga..u''. o. . I . not so'( in a +onthAs ti+e.nershi%. &oo( . Ta+buntin&.ou'( -ou &rant Ar'eneAs +otionC "13$ "A$ 8es. Ta+buntin& raise( the (e.the %rocee(s o. Eanet +a.i'' ru'e in . Instea( o.a5or o.not en. 1 to Eanet .ere the @u(&e.aith %a'es into insi&ni. I .ro+ the %erson in %ossession o.(e%ri5e( thereo.irst secure a @u(icia' rescission o. a%art+ent houses in Ka+unin&.i'' not &rant the +otion because to a''o. Its &oo( not in .ritin&. Eanet as*e( Ar'ene to return the a(5ance renta' %a-+ents she +a(e. Que9on )it-.contract. X.e'ries. The 'ease .aith an( in the re&u'ar course o.i'' ru'e in . +a.i'' -ou (eci(e the caseC "13$ "A$ I .or a Master'in& is base( on the )i5i' )o(e %ro5ision that one . Eanet %ro+%t'. 6ett-.i'' ru'e in .ere the @u(&e.i'' &rant the +otion because the action .or reco5er.e'r. hence. the contract o. o. the @e.een Ar'ene an( Eanet . 6ett. @e.e'ries an( a.e'ries i. Ar'ene o.e'ries. e/uit.&a5e Ar'ene t.nsho% .aith &i5es it 'e&a' ri&ht o5er the @e. Ta+buntin&As 'a. &oo( .or a %erio( o.ith &oo( .therea. 'ease.+o5ab'e or has been un'a.ns a ro. the @e.orce an. Ta+buntin&.u' (e%ri5ation o.ter . she .nsho% an( 'en(in& business. "<$ !o.irst re. .s scho'arshi% at Kin&As )o''e&e in Gon(on ha( been a%%ro5e(. the scho'arshi% entai'e( a trans.entruste( to her a&ent. 6ett-.ter Eanet +o5e( in.e5er. that it is (u'. I .ho has 'ost an.a5or o. Ar'ene to retain the a(5ance %a-+ents .i'e an action to reco5er the %a-+ents.i'e( an action a&ainst Ta+buntin& Pa. 6ett.i'e( a +otion to (is+iss.or herse'. "6$ I .use(. Ar'ene re. its business..a5or o. se5era' %ieces o. 18 +onths at the rate o.nsho%.course o. 6ett.or 18 +onths.e'ries.s that her a%%'ication .000 %er +onth. an( that it acce%te( the +ort&a&e o. "<$ I .or the reco5er.'icense( to en&a&e in the %a.or esta. the be so'( on co++ission . "6$ !o. is unen. Ioo( .aith ta*es %rece(ence o5er the ri&ht reco5er the @e.orceab'e.o. Do. the sa'e. -ou . Ta+buntin&As c'ai+ o.ter a +onth. I. ")$ 8es. %ro+%tin& Eanet to .ne( @e.brou&ht cri+ina' char&es .or the %a. Ai(a %a.usa'.ith the e2%ress ob'i&ation to turn o5er to 6ett.i'' ru'e in . business cou%'e( . &oo( .aith is inconse/uentia'. ")$ I . the %re+ature= Eanet shou'( . the+ .orce . M.i'' not &rant the +otion because the cause o. the un''e( to re(ee+ the %a.i'' &rant the +otion because the 'ease contract bet. This sho.ense o.reco5er it .IX. Ta+ buntin&As c'ai+ not co5ere( ban. or to return the @e.o "2$ +onths (e%osit an( 18 chec*s co5erin& the renta' %a-+ent .in &oo( .ri&ht arisin& . se''in& the @e. she recei5e( ne. Ai(a. She a&ree( to 'ease A%art+ent !o.e'ries.ou'( &i5e Eanet the ri&ht o.e'ries. Since her acce%tance the sa+e contract. . o.ith the Ta+buntin& Pa.(ictates that Ta+buntin& +ust be rei+burse( . -ou ..a5or o. ho.

Ar'ene (eci(e( to se'' A%art+ent !o.ritten contract to be so'( to Eun. 'ease.ore it .(e+an(ab'e.or sa'e to her be.a consi(eration. -0-0-0 .an( se'' a (eter+inate thin& is reci%roca''. 1. the %ro+ise to bu. .as not o.irst re.i'e( an action see*in& the reco&nition o.or the 5io'ation o. (a+a&es .usa' in5o'5es an interest o5er rea' %ro%ert. Mi(. the %a-+ent o. " $ !one o. . her ri&ht o. "<$ ! c'ear'.as not su%%orte( b. the abo5e.usa'... . Is EanetAs action +eritoriousC "13$ "A$ 8es.that +ust be e+bo(ie( in a .irst re. X.irst re. a ri&ht o.ere( . un(er the )i5i' )o(e.hen the %ro%ert.irst re. an( the rescission o. "2$Assu+e that Eanet (eci(e( not to acce%t the scho'arshi% an( continue( 'easin& A%art+ent !o. ")$ 8es. the sa'e bet. 1 to Eun in breach o. EanetAs ri&ht o. her %ro+ise to Eanet to &rant her the ri&ht o.5io'ate( .an( se'' a (eter+inate thin& . .a.throu&h the 'ease %erio(. a %ro+ise to bu. "6$ !o.usa'. this ri&ht.usa' . Eanet .ri&ht un(er the contract o.een Ar'ene an( Eun. Thus.orceab'

the succee(in& sheets therea. .ith sub/uestions$. -our 2a+ination !oteboo*.or each nu+ber.-ou .ithin four (4) the ssa.or the 6ar a 'a. an( to (iscern the %oints u%on . Thus.the /uestion.cre(it./uestions legibly. 7rite -our ans.ere(. .acts %resente( b. clearly. Ma*e sure -ou (o not .Questions nu+bere( I to XII ". %ra-ers.BAR EXAMINATION 2013 POLITICAL AND INTERNATIONAL LAW October #.or %ertinent to the so'ution to the %rob'e+.ere( .er .as* .on the sa+e %a&e an( the i++e(iate' to a sub-/uestion un(er the sa+e nu+ber +a..-in& +ar* in the consi(ere( cheatin& an( can (is/ua'i. use the bac* %a&es o. 2a+ination !oteboo* is 8:00A.rite -our ans. 4ea( each /uestion 5er.rite or re%eat the /uestion in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. An ans. the sheets %ro5i(e( in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* are not a%%'. an( T7 !T8 "20$ Mu'ti%'e )hoice Questions "M)Qs$ nu+bere( I to XX. correct ans..or -our ans.ers a'thou&h the /uestion (oes not e2%ress'.succee(in& %a&es unti' co+%'ete(.e2%'ain -our ans. In -our ans. -our * shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it.u''.'. At the sa+e ti+e. %a&es an( their %ro%er nu+bers. There are T7 GF "12$ ssa. e5ersheet in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*.care. 2013 INSTRUCTIONS the front. to the &i5en .or an e2%'anation. 2. 8our ans. an( to reason 'o&ica''. e5er.irst sheet an( the bac* o.ers on'. !ote that so+e M)Qs +a.a-s brie. and concisely. to be ans. each %a&e o.. Start each nu+ber on a se%arate %a&e. the . in5o'5e( an( their /ua'i.acts.nee( care. or sub-/ the i++ateria' .-er-'i*e +anner to a soun( conc'usion .-in& +ar*1s "such as na+es that are not in the &i5en /uestions.%ortion contains /uestions that are .sheet o.e'' the a''ocate( %ercenta&e %oints ana'-9e the . %a&es an( the %a&e nu+bers at the u%%er ri&ht han( corner o..i'' not be &i5en an.ritin& in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* the ca%ita' 'etter "A.hi'e the M)Q %ortion contains /uestions . M)Qs are to be ans. not the bac*. !ote .ter. use the nu+berin& s-ste+ in the /uestionnaire. A +ere :8es: or :!o: ans. or $ corres%on(in& to -our chosen ans. this Questionnaire an( +a*e sure it has the correct nu+ber o.but . Ans.M.(istin&uishin& or i(enti. /''.icient ..ications an( 'i+itations. 'a.M)Q= choose the 6 ST ans. 8ou (o not nee( to re-.ritten continuous'. The essa. to se'ect the +ateria' .corres%on(in& e2%'anation or (iscussion .er to e5er.ers in -our 6ar 2a+ination !oteboo* in the same order the questions are posed. ). . <.hich the /uestion turns. It shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it. startin& at the bac* %a&e o. %a&e o. 6.rite your name or an. re+e+ber that a co+%'ete e2%'anation (oes not re/uire that -ou 5o'unteer in.ithout an. 7ritin&.u' ana'-sis both o. the /uestions an( the choices o. )hec* the nu+ber o.12:00 P.orth 803 o. the %ertinent %rinci%'es an( theories o. The MCQ answers should begin in the page following the last page of your essay answers.the ' a+on& the o. a'.be .ere( choices. 'ea5in& or +a*in& an.e traneous note!s or distincti"e mar#ing!s on -our 2a+ination !oteboo* that can ser5e as an i( the &i5en . >. 3. It shou'( sho.or+ation or (iscuss 'e&a' (octrines that are not necessar.ers. This Questionnaire contains ?I?T ! "1>$ %a&es inc'u(in& these Instructions %a&es. or %ri5ate notes to the 2a+iner$.. the .acts. There is on'.ere( b.'e(&e an( un(erstan(in& o.ho'e e2a+ination.

hich the 6ureau ha( contracte( . A &rou% o.ore the Su%re+e )ourt on the &roun( that . )usto+s.or the (e'i5ere( cranesC ">A3$ II.enses %unishab'e . Shou'( the %etition be &rante(C ">3$ III. but e5entua''. ARTURO D..Euan 6uan to ser5e as the trioAs counse' an( to a(5ise the+ about their ri&hts (urin& the in5esti&ation.ere re'ease( on'.bro*e (o.ithout the 'atterAs consent. sue the 6ureau o. BRION )hair+an 2013 6ar 2a+inations ESSAY QUESTIONS I.b'oc /uestione( the 5a'i(it. 'ate( bthis brea* an( (esirous o. securin& a . the+ co+e out o. a'ternati5e'-.000 container 5ans o. the %o'ice ca''e( )it. Mani'a a&ainst the <e%art+ent o. i++unit. Gito initia''.urnishe( b.ere sei9e( in session.10. about >.a(+ission.0 Mi''ion (e%osit an( a(5ance renta' re/uire( un(er their contract. the 5icti+As house at about the ti+e o.ere in5ite( . the robber-1*i''in&. the a%%oint+ents in a %etition be. 6a(on& an( 4o''ie.or+ation the.GitoAs ear'. con5iction be a. thus causin& the (e'a... the suit an(.@ur. HAND IN YOUR NOTEBOOK WITH THIS QUESTIONNAIRE J. i+%orters %ros%erC ">3$ "6$ )an X8L )or%..the &rou% o.or+ation .ir+ation bthe )o++ission on A%%oint+ents. In the 'ast /uarter o.ith cri+es or o. (i( not %a. 7hi'e )on&ress .or notes -ou +a. these cranes. the Ph% 1. %ro5i(in& . )usto+s raise( the (e.or the )hrist+as Season .a nei&hbor that he or re5erse( on a%%ea'C ">3$ IF. (es%ite (e+an(. co++ittin& the cri+e.accuse( the+ o.ritten con. can be +a(e .rite (urin& the e2a+ination.ith this an( other in.o. The trio thus si&ne( a @oint e2tra-@u(icia' con. ?inance an( the 6ureau o.. Senators . i+%orters &ot to&ether an( .ession. 6a(on& an( 4o''ie.ere con5icte( base( on their its car&o-han('in& o%erations.ore the 4e&iona' Tria' )ourt o. The i+%orte( &oo(s . the Presi(ent a%%ointe( ei&ht actin& Secretaries. Shou'( the @u(&+ent o. The 6ureau o.ession .ith ho+ici(e ha( ta*en %'ace an( Gito. )on&ress enacte( a 'a. the 6ureau o.on Eanuar. . i+%orte( &oo(s inten(e( . .ense o. )usto+s.X8L )or%.ere( 5an cranes but (e'i5ere( on'. an( %ointe('.hich ser5e( as the +ain e5i(ence a&ainst the+ at their tria'.i5e ">$ o.or (a+a&es be.ith X8L )or%. 2012. A robber.hi'e )on&ress is in session..resiste(.n an( a(+itte( his %artici%ation in the cri+e.or tria' b. It a%%ears that the 6ureau. The %o'ice con..ish1nee( to .ise a(+itte( their %artici%ation.or the 'ease o. "A$ 7i'' the action b. 'i*e.or those char&e( .or /uestionin& base( on the in. )usto+s to co''ect renta's . no a%%oint+ent that re/uires con.Attorne.2013.i'e( an action . ten "10$ hi&h %o. an( that an un(ersecretarshou'( instea( be (esi&nate( as Actin& Secretar-.8ou can use the /uestionnaire ..ession soonest.a&ents o. A &rou% o.ea*ene( in s%irit b.ronte( the three .ha( &athere(. that 'iabi'itshou'( 'ie .

the &uar( narrate( to the %o'ice that he %ersona''. enterin& a bar. o.ter he .e( its contents.ees as a sho. (rie( 'ea5es .-.a+i'.inition o. Dis . .un(er the Treato.. ?ro+ the constitutiona' 'a. The court con5icte( Arno'(. -ou . because o. 4e%resentati5es.rec'usion %er%etua or 'i. Arno'( (i( not contest the &uar(As state+ent= he stea(.or their se'ection. Is the 'a.or i+%each+ent an( e2%'ain . %ro5i(es . 6obb-. an( the %roce(ures to be .si'ence at the %o'ice in5esti&ation an( (urin& tria'.*in( o. &rabbe( the +atchbo2.. .the MS !a5-.aters into archi%e'a&ic .e'' out. (i( not testi. an inco+in& thir( -ear co''e&e stu(ent. the @ur-. the +anner a tria' b. . Is the %etition +eritoriousC "#3$ suici(e. I'ocano %ro. HH11(iscar(e( the ( stan(in& near the (oor.itnesses to %ro5e that his %ossession an( a%%rehension ha( been set-u%. %ers%ecti5e. a %re+iere e(ucationa' institution in Mani'a.o''o. .o "2$ &roun(s . the .essiona's. )on&ress %asse( 4e%ub'ic Act !o. a s%rin*'e base( on the uni5ersit-As ru'es an( a(+ission %o' an( narrate( the state+ents he &a5e the %o'ice o5er Arno'(As counse'As ob@ections. HH11 to co+%'. Gater in court.e i+%rison+ent.unreasonab'e ru'es that resu'te( in the (enia' o.ithout nee( to %a.or . the Ga%ian& Man(iri&+a in the Douse o.his uni5ersit-. +e+bers o.hich the &uar( notice(..arreste( Arno'( an( ca''e( in the %o'ice. .or+er Subic !a5a' 6ase b.e(. . the continuin& har+onious 4P-MS re'ations. Arno'( unthin*in&'. Arno'( -. 6obb.ris*e( Arno'(. an association o.ith the (e%ression that his non-a(+ission tri&&ere(. As a 'ea(in& +e+ber o.or the use o. Mnab'e to co%e . The.ast'. i.S.use( to &i5e an.sue( the schoo' .ith the Mnite( !ations )on5ention on the the court correct in its ru'in&C "#3$ initiate the +o5es to i+%each the Presi(ent because he entere( into an e2ecuti5e a&ree+ent . the Phi'i%%ine territor. )ite at 'east t. a(+ission .ar&ue( that these ru'es 5io'ate( 6obb-As hu+an ri&hts an( the %rioritconsi(eration that the )onstitution &i5es to the e(ucation o. (rie( +ari@uana 'ea5es.ith the MS A+bassa(or .re+aine( si'ent an( nor an.n .h. constitutiona'C "#3$ F. the Sea.-ou chose the+. As he .on his a(+ission o. citin& the schoo'As &ross'. . "#3$ FI.b.i'' to the M.or the bar an( bench . re'-in& 'ar&e'. o. a(+ission. Ana* Ti I'ocos.cau&ht Arno'( in %ossession o. The &uar( i++e(iate'. the -outh.ications o.e.ritten state+ent..ith the Su%re+e )ourt. At the %o'ice station. the char&e b. the Phi'i%%ine Archi%e'a&ic base'ines= an( con5erte( interna' . In a %etition .as han(e( a +atch bo2 that the +atchbo2 containe( +ari@uana.ter con.o%ene( the +atchbo2 to 'i&ht his ci&arette an( as he (i( so.ree. an( sni. he hi+se'. the &uar( testi. the &ui(e'ines .or (a+a&es. he i++e(iate'.as (enie( a(+ission ho'(in& an un'it ci&arette in his ri&ht han( -. 7hi'e Arno'( %resente( his o.or the /ua''e( in three "3$ +a@or sub@ects in his so%ho+ore -ear. Paris an( in re'ate( treaties= e2c'u(e( the Ka'a-aan Is'an(s an( the Scarborou&h Shoa's .ere tas*e( bthe %art.ho . &oo(.@ur.i'e( .sha'' o%erate. ar&ue( that 4e%ub'ic Act !o. The 'a.aters. The (enia' o.

San&re an( the Sa&ittarius Securit. Ka.8ou are counse' .'a.ore the 4e&iona' Tria' )ourt o.i'e( a co+%'aint a&ainstKa..o.. the A''ie( 7or*ersA Irou% o. the %etition .)o'one' San&re N .success. Section 10 but he re.)o++issioner Annie A+orso'o .o securit.s an( that an.bro*en into an( 'oote( con(o+iniu+ units in the area. The A+bassa(or . b.or*.ter a .'an*e( b. In her inter5ie. ho.ou'( -ou &i5e cre(it to this e2%'anationC "#3$ XII. the o. In the suitC "#3$ XI. the !ationa' Gabor 4e'ations )o++ission c'ai+s that she shou'( be &i5en cre(it .ho (is(aine( hu+an an( constitutiona' ri&hts an( has been nic*na+e( :terror o. the Phi'i%%ines "A7IP$.iristan ter+inate( the A&ree+ent because )6M a''e&e('.ro+ suit an( to o%%ose the %osition that un(er Section 10 o. the uni5ersit-As case.acts. De is a'so sus%ecte( o. bein& a +e+ber o. )o'.'e&a' action sha'' be brou&ht be. the A&ree+ent %ro5i(es that the A&ree+ent sha'' be &o5erne( bPhi'i%%ine 'a. Securit.rit o. Fannie N at the a(5ice o. )onra( a%%eare( to ha5e re'ente(= he . can the +bass.or the uni5ersit-.iristan a. Fannie.2013 e' a series o.or+e( securit. A%%ea's= she a(@u(icates cases that are a%%ea'ab'e to the )ourt o.&uar(s ha( in5ite( hi+ .ho is *no. counse' . !obo(. 2013. )onra( (i( not &o ho+e that ni&ht an( . A%%ea's Eustice..ith their a&ree( +aintenance stan(ar(s.&uar(s. I. robberies has recent'..or han('in&. a Eustice seen .en&a&e( in +aintenance . San&reAs re%utation. A%%ea's= she is assi&ne( car %'ate !o.O. that . On March '.ee*'on& search. .o''o. the +bass-As Maintenance A&ree+ent . hi+ 'ea5e the o. ne5er seen a& the %o'ice in5esti&ation...* to %ro(uce )onra( an( to ho'( the+ 'iab'e an( res%onsib'e . Ma*ati.eare( the ..aci'ities. can )o'. "#3$ IX.use( to co+e. the notorious :A*-at-)on(o Ian&: that has %re5ious'.ner an( (e5e'o%er o.ter. The A&ree+ent bin(s )6M.or @u(icia' ser5ice because as !G4) )o++issioner. The . San&re be he'( 'iab'e an(1or res%onsib'e .or a . state i++unit.or a (e.1'e( a %etition .i'e a +otion to (is+iss on the &roun( suit.i(e'. . Ma*ati. she has the ran* o. Mn(er these . 2%'ain -our ar&u+ents in su%%ort o. the )ourt o. be. -ou are a +e+ber o.orst because o. 7hen nothin& concrete resu'te( .or+e( his +other. the Dea( o. 4etire(* an( a.erre( to -ou . She thus re%orte( )onra(As (isa%%earance to the %o'ice. a %ri5ate (o+estic co+%an. a+%aro to co+%e' )o'.iristan e2%ress'. 10= an( she is. to +aintain the +bass-As e'e5ators. Ka.ou'( %ros%er. air-con(itionin& units an( e'ectrica' . )onra( in. the A&ree+ent. The A+bassa(or o.. entit'e( to the ran*.or )onra(As (isa%%earance.ore the Eu(icia' an( 6ar )ounci' "E6)$. a )ourt o.ants -ou to .ine( .its an( %ri5i'e&es o.ore the %ro%er court the E6).n as an anti-terroris+ .ai5es its i++unit. Gater that (a-.or a ta'* in their o. )onra( is .ar(s. Min(anao: Nis no. re%resentin& 'an(- . the case o.(i( not co+%'. Fannie . "A$ <i( FannieAs counse' &i5e the correct 'e&a' a(5iceC "#3$ "6$ I.o.iristan be.n in the nei&hborhoo( as a (ru& a((ict.ta*en %'ace.in5o*e i++unit. Sa&ittarius states . )6M conteste( the tennination an( .i&hter .ith )6M. )a%ricorn Gan( )or%oration. the 4e%ub'ic o.or )onra(As (isa%%earanceC "#3$ X.u''.a'*in& into the securit.t.

or*ers an( the )on&ress+an +a*es it a %oint to be there to acco+%an.enters his a%%earance an( is in5ariab'. . The e/ua' %rotection c'ause is 5io'ate( b. that &rants ri&hts to 'oca' ?i'i%ino .or( :M!?AI4: inscribe( " $ !one o.or*ers but (enies the sa+e ri&hts to o5erseas ?i'i%ino . It is other. .ore e+%'o-ers because o.s%ea*s to su%%'e+ent the retaine( counse'As state+ents.are can(i(ates.or.a-s.ho are . a'thou&h a retaine( counse' a'so .or*ers.or %ub'ic o.or one . O. )on&ress+an Ab'in& 'ar&e'.en(e( b.or the resi&nation o. A7IP enters its a%%earance in re%resentation o.or breach o.-er.base( an( sea-base( .the Presi(entAs re+ar*s that the 6ureau o.ith the %rohibitions on 'e&is'ators un(er the )onstitution. in re'ation %articu'ar'.or*ers. %articu'ar'.'ist con&ressiona' e'ections. the )o(e o. trust. )usto+s is a %it o. is its no+inee. re/uirin& a'' can(i(ates .to the :ho+e'ess %oor.or .000 . Pro. Mani'a at South Darbor an( ca'' .ie'(. Is the cite( &roun( . best to %rotest .or+a''.or*ers in the Phi'i%%ines an( o5erseas. .or his 5io'ation o.%artici%ate in cases be. A %ru(ent 'e&a' a(5ice is that OOOOOOOOOO.or those .-ers.%artici%ates. "13$ "A$ a 'a.ith c'ai+s a&ainst their e+%'o-ers an( . a cri+ina' case a&ainst hi+.ear b'ac* ar+ ban(s an( %ins .an( ser5ices.essiona' 4es%onsibi'it. the in.i'e( a (isbar+ent case a&ainst the )on&ress+an be. %rohibitin& +otorc-c'es .OOOOOOOOOO... the . the 6ureau o. the 5otes cast.sus%en(e( unti' the ter+ination o.. &rantin& Fa'ue A((e( Ta2 e2e+%tion to e'ectric coo%erati5es that se''s e'ectricit.ices to %ost an e'ection bon( e/ui5a'ent to the one "1$ -ear sa'ar. 7hen 'abor cases arise. the %art-As a(5ocac. the abo5e can 'e&a''. "6$ a 'a.ta*es a %assi5e ro'e in the %rocee(in&s a'thou&h he occasiona''. Att-. 3.ore the Su%re+e )ourt .its an( the corru%t.hat it 5ie. . )usto+s +%'o-ees Association co+%ose( o.the . The bon( sha'' be .ee'in& that a con&ress+an shou'( not acti5e'.: ")$ a 'a. %ro5i(in& that a %o'ice+an sha'' be %re5enti5e'.or*ers .eite( i.Mon(a")$ e+%'o-ees can barrica(e the &ates o. absence . "13$ "A$ e+%'o-ees can &o on +ass 'ea5e o. the can(i(ates . III.: " $ a 'a. Ab'in&. 123..ore 'abor tribuna's an( be. )on&ress+an Ab'in& en&a&es in 'abor counse'in&.be (one. )on&ress enacte( 4e%ub'ic Act !o. "<$ a 'a.there. the incu+bent )o++issioner he acti5e'. Mana&e+ent 'a. %ro5i(in& hi&her sa'aries to teachers in %ub'ic schoo's .orei&n hires.ith the .ho nee( re%resentation in co''ecti5e bar&ainin& ne&otiations .s to be the Presi(entAs base'ess re+ar*s. As %art o.or the %osition .or (isbar+ent +eritoriousC "#3$ MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS I. the Port %'-in& on 'i+ite( access hi&h.hich the.'uence a con&ress+an can .or*ers see*s -our 'e&a' a(5ice on* "6$ e+%'o-ees can +arch an( ra'' Men(io'a e5er. a 'abor 'a.ith e+%'o-ers. II.on in the' to obtain at 'east 103 o. )usto+s "<$ e+%'o-ees can .ise in )6A ne&otiations . +is.or 'oca' .

"6$ It is 5a'i( as the bon( re/uire+ent ensures that on'.ith res%ect to that %articu'ar case. the territoria' sea is +easure( " $ !one o. honest. Eustice in cases sub+itte( to it . the territoria' sea is +easure( ")$ be-on( an( a(@acent to a countr-As territoria' sea . 5a'i(C "13$ "A$ It is 5a'i( as the bon( is a +eans o.Is 4e%ub'ic Act !o.ect on the %arties (e%en(s on their sub+ission a&ree+ent. "6$ The (ecision is not bin(in& on an.or reso'utionC "13$ "A$ The (ecision is bin(in& on other countries in si+i'ar .a(5isor-. can run. ")$ The (ecision is bin(in& on'.. his birth "6$ not a ?i'i%ino citi9en the accountabi'it. is he or she %ub'ic o.. the territoria' sea is +easure( "6$ that is at 'east 200 +i'es but not to e2cee( 300 +i'es ... "<$ It is in5a'i( as the a+ount o.ather is the base'ines .ers to an area.hose . %eace. o.air. (ecisions o.ather an( +other +ust both be ?i'i%ino citi9ens at the ti+e . his birth. at the ti+e the base'ines . e2%ress'.countr-.can(i(ates .ication to run . his birth ")$ a ?i'i%ino citi9en no +atter . "13$ "A$ not a ?i'i%ino citi9en as his .ro+ the base'ines .ho cannot be corru%te(. ensurin& . his +other is a ?i'i%ino citi9en but his . the Sea. the Internationa' )ourt o. F. the .or %ub'ic o. " $ It is 5a'i( because it is a reasonab'e re/uire+ent= the )onstitution itse'.be born "<$ a ?i'i%ino citi9en %ro5i(e( the chi'( is born in the Phi'i%%ines .ecti5e'. 7hat is the 'e&a' e.hich the outer 'i+it o. " $ The bin(in& e. .or %ub'ic the base'ines .icient +eans an( . 123. "<$ The (ecision is not bin(in& on the %arties an( is on'.ather or +other is a ?i'i%ino citi9en at the ti+e o. A chi'( born un(er either the 1BH3 or the 1B8H )onstitution.hich the outer 'i+it o.e'ections. IF. FI./ua'i.ith su. the territoria' sea is +easure( "<$ that can &o be-on( 3 nautica' +i'es but cannot e2ten( 300 nautica' +i'es . the e2c'usi5e econo+ic 9one a %ro%ert.hich the outer 'i+it o. "13$ "A$ that is at 'east 100 +i'es .u' an( or(er'. e5en the countries that are %arties to the case.ect o.on the %arties but on'.hich cannot &o be-on( 200 nautica' +i'es . the suret. Mn(er the M! )on5ention on the Ga.bon( is e2cessi5e an( unconscionab' . ")$ It is in5a'i( as the re/uire+ent e...icers.hich the outer 'i+it o.

FIII.+e+ber .here a'' a%%ro%riation bi''s .er an( authorit. because on'. . %ub'ic . the Phi'i%%ines.the 1B8H )onstitution to the . the e2%en(iture o. ")$ ! a (ecision or reso'ution +ust state the reason . en@o. their in(e%en(ence.isca' autono+. Ta2 A%%ea's " $ to a'' co''e&ia' @u(icia' an( /uasi-@u(icia' a(@u(icator. )hoose the 'east accurate state+ent about the in(e%en(ence &uarantee( b.'i+itations estab'ishe( o.un(sC "13$ "A$ The the Su%re+e )ourt "6$ to both the Su%re+e )ourt an( the )ourt o. " $ 8es.the )onstitution . i. "<$ The )onstitution &uarantees 5arious (e&rees o. the Presi(ent throu&h the <e%art+ent o. or inhibite( . cities to raise re5enues. 4e%resentati5es . the )ourt o. )on&ress an( the Presi(ent actin& @oint'-.ho too* no %art. A%%ea's ")$ to the Su%re+e ) an attribute o.the Ienera' A%%ro%riations Act. 'oca' &o5ern+ents.o''o. so %ro5i(e( b. A%%ea's an( the San(i&anba-an "<$ to the Su%re+e )ourt. )ourt o.or his (issent or non-%artici%ation .ers o." $ a ?i'i%ino citi9en X.)on&ress can (e. IX. "<$ The )on&ress o. &o5ern+ent. 21 FII.isca' autono+-. in(e%en(ence .ere inten(e( to be in(e%en(ent .ro+ the 2ecuti5e branch o.. "6$ A'' bo(ies 'abe'e( as :in(e%en(ent: b. i.. The %ro5ision un(er the )onstitution -that an.u'' 'oca' . A%%ea's. the Presi(ent throu&h the <e%art+ent o. e2ecuti5e or(er o. because 'oca' &o5ern+ent units no. "<$ 8es. Interior an( Goca' Io5ern+ent. the Presi(entC "13$ "A$ 8es. cities to raise re5enues be 'i+ite( b. "13$ "A$ on'.to i+%ose reasonab'e restrictions on the %o. the 4e%ub'ic the other branches o. because the Presi(ent has the %o. "6$ The Douse o. ")$ !ot a'' bo(ies 'abe'e( as :in(e%en(ent: b. 7ho has contro' o. the San(i&anba-an an( the )ourt o. "6$ ! o.a%%'ies OOOOOOOOOO. he or she so e'ects u%on reachin& the a&e o.the )onstitution en@o-. so %ro5i(e( in a cit-As charter. " $ 6oth the +e+bers o. ")$ The Senate throu&h its )o++ittee on ?inance. 6u(&et an( Mana&e+ent. because 'oca' &o5ern+ent units are un(er the a(+inistrati5e contro' o. (issente(.ine an( 'i+it the constitutiona' bo(ies: "13$ "A$ The )onstitution &uarantees the )OM G ) (ecisiona' an( institutiona' in(e%en(ence si+i'ar to that &rante( to theEu(iciar-.the %o.

")$ Ma*e re%resentations . the %rotection o. ")$ The natura' an( %ri+ar.the re/uest because it 5io'ates the )ourtAs in(e%en(ence an( the (octrine o.o. Tan.or (ecision are %ri5i'e&e( e2ce%t on'.or 'e&is'ati5e or e2ecuti5e actionC "'3$ "A$ The +aintenance o.reason o. XI. the )OA. the )onstitution (oes not con. the b'essin&s o. in(e%en(ence.a'' the %eo%'e o.4.or ci5ic e.e( itse'. se%aration o. cases that are %en(in& . B8H#>..ter tria'.(e5e'o%+ent.a5or an( a.ri&ht an( ( the (e5e'o%+ent o. . as . sha'' be a.or +an(a+us in court to co+%e' )on&ress to a%%ro%riate P>0 +i''ion to satis. an( to (ocu+ents an( %a%ers %ertainin& to o.or %'ea(in&s. " $ The )OM G ). %arents in the rearin& o.icienc.. the . 7hich o.the 4u'es o..or(e( the citi9en. 'i.hen it 'abe's bo(ies as :in(e%en(ent:. a case that is sti'' %en(in&.the sa+e (e&ree o. or (ecisions. the sui &eneris nature o..un(s (e%osite( at the Gan( 6an*. %ub'ic concern sha'' be reco&ni9e(.oster %atriotis+ an( nationa'is+. %o. an( %ro%ert-.e( to e2a+ine thecourt recor(s o. %ro5i(e( that the 6i'' o. Sinco sue( the &o5ern+ent . Inc. the %eo%'e to Association o.or+ation on +atters. acce'erate socia' %ro&ress. the -outh .ea'th Act 32H. At the Senate i+%each+ent tria' o. o. I. "<$ ?i'e a %etition . The Di&h )ourt OOOOOOOOOO. the Phi'i%%ines. the &enera' .o''o.orce( in the courts but on'.the @u(&+ent. sub@ect to such 'i+itations as +a.are are essentia' . " $ Procee( to e2ecute the @u(&+ent as %ro5i(e( b. an( %ro+otion o.. an( s%orts to . )on&ress+an an( I+%each+ent Pane' Mana&er. "SAPP$ 5. Eustice Pab'o P. Access to o.e'. "6$ The State sha'' &i5e %riorit. "13$ "A$ +a.'a. arts. To satis..hich 5a'i( o%tion is a5ai'ab'e to Mr.the re/uest since recor(s o. +i'io %ro5isions o. ?i'i%inas Air. (e+ocrac-. i+%each+ent. the %o.%ro5i(es &ui(e'ines .ith the )o++ission on Au(it ")OA$ %ursuant to )o++on.or the en@o-+ent b... the court ru'e( in his . Ste. )ourt because the State a''o. to be sue(. +ora' character sha'' recei5e the su%%ort o. inter-(e%art+enta' courtes"6$ (a+a&es a+ountin& to P>0 +i''ion a&ainst the &o5ern+ent.Presi(entia' <ecree1. SincoC " 13$ "A$ Iarnish the &o5ern+ent . XIII.>. e(ucation. %eace an( or(er. an( the )S) en@o. science an( techno'o&-. et a'.. "<$ The ri&ht o.. cu'ture. as a+en(e( b. 'ibert-. an( %ro+ote tota' hu+an 'iberation an( (e5e'o%+ent.&rant the re/uest as the recor(s o. the ?i'i%inas Air case are %ub'ic recor(s ")$ shou'( (en.&o5ern+ent .the @u(&+ent a&ainst the &o5ern+ent. 4i&hts is not 5io'ate( XII. "6$ ?i'e a c'ai+ . . San Quintin.icia' acts.the @u(&+ent.ers " $ shou'( &rant the re/uest because o..or (a+a&es.or %o' %ro5i(e( b. A.&rant the re/uest b. the Io5ern+ent. .ith the )on&ress to a%%ro%riate the a+ount to satis.icia' recor(s. Mr. or(ers an( reso'utions that are a5ai'ab'e to the %ub'ic "<$ shou'( ( o.. Don. ! ri&hts that can be en.e'' as to &o5ern+ent research (ata use( as basis .rote the Su%re+e )ourt re/uestin& that the %rosecutors be a''o.

Is the cha''en&e correctC "13$ "A$ 8es. )hurch an( State is +ost c'ear'.erin& the Presi(ent to un(erta*e the i+%ortation.or +inor chi'(ren . the Douse o. the cha''en&e is correct because there is no 'a.orei&n re'ations an( a'' his actions in this ro'e .a.%osition as no %rohibition a%%'ies to Patricio XFII. a re'i&ious sect as a nationa' historica' site ")$ the State e2%ro%riates church %ro%ert. a+on& others.or+ %art an e2istin& (o+estic 'a. The Presi(ent e5entua''. the 'a.ith the Su%re+e )ourt.. it ." $ A'' the abo5e on'. 7ithin a -ear . The Association o.un(s a roa( %ro@ect .in or(er to construct an e2%ress.hose ouste( . Senator IS) %ro%ose( a bi'' increasin& e2cise ta2es on tobacco an( a'coho' %ro(ucts.ithout securin& the %rior consent o. the Presi(ent can a%%oint Patricio OOOOOOOOOO. the )i5i' Ser5ice )o++ission "<$ on'.-e2ecutin&.ter the Senate %asse( the bi'' on thir( rea(in&.. the )o++ission on 'ections " $ to an.the Senate.&o5ern+ent trans+itte( to the Douse o.or tobacco .o. The &enerate( incre+enta' re5enues sha'' be use( )hair+an a'' ?i'i%inos an( .access to the )hurchAs +ain cathe(ra' "<$ the State &i5es 5ehic'es to bisho%s to assist the+ in church-re'ate( charitab'e %ro@ects " $ the State a'' a )o++issioner o.0. the boar( an( contro''e( cor%oration "6$ on'. 4e%resentati5es .2010 ' the Phi'i%%ines o. the Phi'i%%ines /uestione( the e2ecuti5e a&ree+ent . the Presi(ent is so'e'.ee(s .to 4. "13$ "A$ the State . The Presi(ent entere( into an e2ecuti5e a&ree+ent .hich %rohibits the i+%ortation his seat in )on&ress.ithout that ( it into .in char&e o. a (e%ut. an. the )ourt ru'e( in EoseAs . Ani+a' ?ee( Se''ers a +e+ber o. (irectors o. "6$ !o. A. the e2ecuti5e a&ree+ent is actua''.hich (oes not ta*e Asian countries.ect .ee(s not to e2cee( . The se%aration o. ani+a' .s. a . internationa' a&ree+ents are sui &eneris an( stan( in(e%en(ent'.hen OOOOOOOOOO.oun(er o. ani+a' . . Dis o%%onent Eose /uestione( PatricioAs 5ictor. Patricio . 4e%resentati5es 'ectora' Tribuna' an( 'ater .or bein& contrar.s %ra-ers in schoo's . In a (ecision %ro+u'&ate( in !o5e+ber 2011. .O+bu(s+an ")$ on'. the e2ecuti5e a&ree+ent is contrar. "<$ 8es.ication b.a treat.ore the Douse o.hich a%%ro5e( the bi'' in toto. e'ecte( +e+ber o. our (o+estic 'a. ")$ !o.000 tons in an. "13$ "A$ on'..5io'ate( .a5or= thus. XIF. Patricio . the 'an(. %ro5i(es eas.ith Fietna+ ..%ro5i(e &ui(e'ines an( are not se'. " $ 'i5e'ihoo(.or the su%%'. 4e%resentati5e in the Ma. e+%o. their %arents XFI.#2 .ect is to +a*e a church +ore accessib'e to its a(herents "6$ the State (ec'ares the birth%'ace o.or the uni5ersa' hea'th care %ro&ra+ .

XIX. is unconstitutiona' because it 5io'ates the e/ua' %rotection c'ause o. their church.ith the re/uire( 'a. The (ecision (is/ua'i.ter the a(@ourn+ent o.'' /uestione( the /ua'i. XFIII. .hether )an(i(a shou'( be a(+inistrati5e'. Is the 'a. at the en( o. E?) . interests Test "<$ )onscientious Ob@ector Test " $ <an&erous Ten(enc. the abo5e is a'coho' an( 'i/uor %ro(ucts. the %ositionAs three--ear 'east t.-in& )ar'os .satis.ore the Su%re+e )ourt. %ro5i(e 'i+itations on the Presi(entAs %o. i.ications o. the Senate. In reso'5in& . the 4e%ub'ic o. a +arrie( +an. )ar'os as con&ress+an o. the ./uarter o.%ena'i9e(..o. the )onstitution= it is 'i+ite( on'.as )ar'osA status (urin& his incu+benc. the 4e%ub'ic o. treaties an( e2ecuti5e a&ree+ents +ust be concurre( in b.hich is the best test to a%%'-C "13$ "A$ )'ear an( Present <an&er Test "6$ )o+%e''in& State Interest Test ")$ 6a'ancin& o.+a*in& %roce(ures.ecti5e in so+e res%ects.o''o.o-thir(s o.i'e( a %etition be.ith the concurrence o.. )an(i(a ar&ues that her con@u&a' arran&e+ent . o. the MSA.con. Att-. ")$ It is constitutiona' because o. e5er. /uestionin& the constitutiona'it.e. ")$ In or(er to be 5a'i( an( e.u''. the Thir( <istrict o. the Phi'i%%ines. a. the 'oans contracte( or &uarantee( b.or+s . .or a %ub'ic %ur%ose an( has (u'. 7hat . the ca'en(ar the threerea(in&s-on-se%arate-(a-s ru'e in both Douses. the ne.ith their re'i&ious be'ie.'i5in& . i++ora' state+ents is correctC "13$ "A$ The Presi(ent. can &uarantee a . " $ A'' the abo5e choices are ( to contract or &uarantee ." $ !one o.orei&n 'oans on beha'.. constitutiona'C "13$ "A$ The 'a. 'a. o. the Phi'i%%ines. 7hich o.ith Manue'.. )on&ress on the 3A( -ear o. Mani'a on the &roun( that )ar'os is a citi9en o.ecti5e.orei&n 'oan on beha'. is constitutiona' because it is .ith the teachin&s con&ress+anC "13$ .the Io5ern+ent or &o5ern+ento.. sub+it to )on&ress a co+%'ete re%ort o..s an( . 4a. "6$ )on&ress +a-. the session o.ith Manue' .ne( an( contro''e( cor%orations.or bein& a MS citi9en ca+e on'. the nro''e( 6i'' Theor-.Test March 2010. b. "<$ It is constitutiona' because it is 5a'i( in .or o%en'.or+ an( substance an( co+%'ie( . "<$ The Presi(ent sha''.'a.char&e( o. the Monetar. "6$ The 'a. a'' the Me+bers o.6oar(. )an(i(a has been a(+inistrati5e'.

ie( 'ater. "<$ De . " $ De neither %ossesses (e @ure nor (e .(is/ua'i.ecti5e'. "6$ De . ")$ De .as not a %ub'ic a (e @ure (is/ua'i. ha5in& been (u'.as a (e @ure o.ore he .as a (e . -0-0-0-0- .icer since he ha( ser5e( an( on' not entit'e( to be a con& his ter+ be.icer since he co+%'ete( the ser5ice o.e'ecte( an( %roc'ai+e(.acto status as such (eter+ination is %oint'ess.."A$ De ..icer because he e...acto o.

%a&es an( the %a&e nu+bers at the u%%er ri&ht ban( corner o. this Questionnaire an( +a*e sure it has the correct nu+ber o.'e(&e an( un(erstan(in& o. The essa.BAR EXAMINATION 2013 LABOR LAW October #. !ote .rite or re%eat the /uestion in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*.ers.M)Q= choose the 6 ST ans. !ote that so+e M)Qs +a. use the bac* %a&es o.on the front.acts %resente( b.e'' the a''ocate( %ercenta&e %oints . 6.ithin .our ". This Questionnaire contains S F !T ! "1H$ %a&es inc'u(in& these Instructions %a&es.ere(./uestions a 'a.-in& +ar* in the 2a+ination !oteboo* is 2:00-#:00 P. the sheets %ro5i(e( in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* are not su. In -our ans.. an( to (iscern the %oints u%on . %a&e o.ere( .M. e5ersheet in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. in5o'5e( an( their /ua'i.nee( care. 8our ans. clearly. .ter.hi'e the M)Q %ortion contains /uestions . to the &i5en . Ma*e sure -ou (o not . startin& at the bac* %a&e o. 2. Start each nu+ber on a se%arate %a& to e5er. /uestion. A +ere :8es: or :!o: ans.on the sa+e %a&e an( the i++e(iate'.or -our ans.or+ation or (iscuss 'e&a' (octrines that are not necessar.ritten continuous'. re+e+ber that a co+%'ete e2%'anation (oes not re/uire that -ou 5o'unteer . <.the 'a. or %ri5ate notes to the 2a+iner$.er . There are T ! "10$ ssa. an( to reason 'o&ica''.as* . the %ertinent %rinci%'es an( theories o.%ortion contains /uestions that are .care. )hec* the nu+ber o. the /uestions an( the choices o. e5er. an( IIDT ! "18$ Mu'ti%'e )hoice Questions "M)Qs$ nu+bere( to XFIII ".or each nu+ber. 8ou (o not nee( to re-. 7ritin&. There is on'. the . the . not the bac*.er.orth 803 o.but . It shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it. >. An ans.the /uestion.rite -our a%%'. to be ans. ).$ .ho'e the ssa.ications an( 'i+itations. %ra-ers.or an e2%'anation.or %ertinent to the so'ution to the %rob'e+.ithout an. 3.cre(it.acts. .'.ere( b.(istin&uishin& or i(enti. It shou'( sho. M)Qs are to be ans.ere( choices.i'' not be &i5en an. -our *no. At the sa+e ti+e. and concisely.-er-'i*e +anner to a soun( conc'usion ..irst sheet an( the bac* o. use the nu+berin& s-ste+ in the /uestionnaire.e2%'ain -our ans.u''.hich the /uestion turns. .Questions nu+bere( I to X ".a-s brie.ers a'thou&h the /uestion (oes not e2%ress'.ith sub/uestions$.orth203. 4ea( each /uestion 5er. The MCQ answers should begin in the page following the last page of your essay answers. a'. each %a&e the &i5en %re+ises..rite your name or any e traneous note!s or distincti"e mar#ing!s on -our 2a+ination !oteboo* that can ser5e as i(enti. %a&es an( their %ro%er ana'-9e the . the succee(in& sheets therea.-in& +ar*1s "such as na+es that are not in the &i5en /uestions..ritin& in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* the ca%ita' 'etter "A. -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. 'a.acts.ith sub/uestions$. or $ corres%on(in& to -our chosen shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it.ers in -our 6ar 2a+ination !oteboo* in the same order the questions are posed.succee(in& %a&es unti' co+%'ete(. 7rite -our correct ans.corres%on(in& e2%'anation or (iscussion . Ans. or sub-/uestion. 'ea5in& or +a*in& an.sheet o. Thus. 2013 INSTRUCTIONS 1.u' ana'-sis both .er to a sub-/uestion un(er the sa+e nu+ber +a..ers on'. I.u''.ro+ a+on& the o.icient .ro+ the i++ateria' . to se'ect the +ateria' .

To re%'ace the .a&e o. Ia++a )o+%an.'a. Ia++a )o+%an. <ue to the s'o.correctC"83$ III. BRION )hair+an 2013 6ar 2a+inations ESSAY QUESTIONS I.are that their .it o.a.rite (urin& the e2a+ination.ou'( be .(enies an. One a.a& be' .%a-s its re&u'ar e+%'o-ees P3>0. In the course o. ".ir+ en&a&e( in the +anu. .or e2%ort an( re/uires its e+%'o-ees to ren(er o5erti+e .re/uire( b. its e2%ort business in'in&s . Eose ra++e( Pao'oAs car. P. an( houses the+ in a (or+itor. In a . +anu.o .u'' +ea's a (a-. "A$ As 'a.. causin& se5ere in@uries to Pao'o an( rica. an( ha5e 'on& acce%te( the arran&e+ent.( cars the.oo( an( 'o(&in& . ARTURO D. a +a@or (ru& retai' e+%'o-+ent . . it has been %a-in& its e+%'o-ees on o5erti+e an a((itiona' 3>3 o. .ere on'. e2%'ainin& that a.or*ersA t.or*ersA o5erti+e rate 'oss.acture an( sa'e o.o to three hours a (a.eethearts.or the 6ar e2a+inations. EoseAs .%ai( an a((itiona' 2>3instea( o.or Ma&na. the co+%an&rante( a one-ti+e >3 across-the-boar( .or . their re&u'ar ei&ht .(a+a&e to the t. Eose an( rica.erentia's. their re'ationshi%.or* ran&in& . a(5ise the i''e&a'C ".or+ %art o. %har+aceutica' %ro(ucts.ter the +ar*et 5a'ue o.or*= at the sa+e ti+e. Pao'o.'iabi'it-.2#.or+er s.. ho.ho . the co+%an--%ro5i(e( boar( an( 'o(&in& are a((e( to the e+%'o-eesA P3>0 cash (ai'. Ia++a ) in Mani'a.00 %'us P30.ance.-er . Since 200B.ou'( -ou ar&ue the %osition that EoseAs (is+issa' .on .ternoon. 8ou can use the /uestionnaire .to +eet its c'ientsA (ea(' o.counse' . Eose.or*e( as sa'es re%resentati5es .a.ith three .to %a.-ou .ere on their .. their hour'.bac* to the o.abo5e the +ini+u+ %a. Eose continue( to ha5e s%ecia' . the %rescribe( +ini+u+ . A'thou&h the cou%'e ha( a'rea(bro*en o.actures &ar+ents .rate .3$ "6$ Assu+in& this ti+e that Ma&na (is+isse( Eose . the e+%'o-eesA e.or Ma&na.00 a (a-.. a <e%art+ent o.a&e increase..a&e (i..a'so %ro5i(es the+ .or*e( o5erti+e . Gabor an( +%'o-+ent "<OG $ Ins%ector note( that the .hether @ust an( 5a'i( &roun(s e2ist to (is+iss Eose.or rica..or notes -ou +a.3$ II..ecti5e (ai'rate . a routine ins%ection.'are u% a'so cause( hea5.n o.or cause an( -ou are the 'a.insi(e its .00 a''o.ish1nee( to .or* ren(ere( in e2cess o. Is the co+%an-As %osition 'e&a''.. it a(@uste( the o5erti+e rates so that those . e2tre+e @ea'ous-. HAND INYOUR NOTEBOOK WITH THISQUESTIONNAIRE J. a co-e+%'o-ee an( ricaAs ar(ent suitor= the t. the %re5ious 3>3. both . Eose chance( u%on rica ri(in& in the car o. Inter-Iar+ents )o.or*in& hours.o co+%an--o.consi(ere( cheatin& an( can (is/ua'i. an( thus re/uire( Ia++a )o+%an. The co+%an. Inter-Iar+ents ha( to re(uce its o5erti+e . their sa'ar-.urther %oints out that the e+%'o-ees are a.ere (ri5in&. a +u'tinationa' .ro+ a sa'es ca'' on Si'5er <ru&.

her obstetrician .u''. assi&n+ent because Ma*ati is 5er.ou'( ren(er o5erti+e .ho .that re/uire( an i++e(iate series o. her %h-sician a(5ise( Ta++. Mean. the .air Gabor Practice on the &roun( that "1$ no consu'tations ha( been +a(e on . the 'e&a' %ro%riet. ru'in& so'e'. The !G4).ter the Gabor Arbiter .branch accountant in Tar'ac . her uterus "h-sterecto+-$. a(5isin& hi+ to re%ort to the +ain co+%an.Theta )o+%an.u'' bac*. a+en(.rote 6obb-. the ran*-an( be on . It con..on the a%%ea'e( issue.3$ "6$ 7hat can 4o&er-Ta++-As 2n( husban( an( the .i'e( a co+%'aint an( . "A$ 7hat bene.oun( that he ha( been (enie( (ue %rocess because no in5esti&ation actua''.its$ o.re5erse( the Gabor ArbiterAs (ecision= it .ro+ the Gabor ArbiterAs ru'in&.ere( a +iscarria&e 'ate in her %re&nanc.o "2$ -oun&er chi'(ren -c'ai+ as bene. )ris countere( that un(er Artic'e 218"c$ o. <eci(e the he . the bio%s.u'' bac*.a&es a.i'e bar&ainin& a&ent.ith Mn.hether .inancia' assistance cou'( be a.e( a be&innin& +a'i& his .ro+ the +ass in Ta++-As uterus sho.rate re(uction is a 5io'ation o. the !G4) has the authorit.o.$ .cha''en&e( the 5a'i(it.ather o.its un(er the circu+stancesC ".ar(. 6obb-.or i''e&a' (is+issa' a&ainst 6a*er ) .hi'e.$ &ro.ai5e an.a%%ea'e( to the !ationa' Gabor 4e'ations )o++ission "!G4)$ an( at the sa+e ti+e .hen it ru'e( on the i''e&a' (is+issa' issue.o. the sa+%'e tissue ta*en ..or*= an( "2$ the uni'atera' o5erti+e %a.our ".the co+%an. .a'so 'i5es.ith his ne. It ar&ue( that the !G4) acte( . . Is the union %osition +eritoriousC "83$ IF. 6ecause o. Artic'e 100 "entit'e( Prohibition A&ainst 'i+ination or <i+inution o. the 4u'es chi'(ren.too* %'ace.a&es.'iab'e .ou'( be reinstate( %en(in& a%%ea' 6obb.or+: in the e2ercise o.ter sur&er-.i'e( a co+%'aint .or si2 "#$ . (iscretion . se%aration* . the !G4) ru'in&.ee* :correct. )ris .as or(ere( reinstate( .Fi&i'ant Mnion.ith &ra5e abuse o. .use( to co+%'.or .a%%ea'e( .3$ F.or i''e&a' (is+issa' an( or(ere( the %a-+ent o. action to ta*e un(er the circu+stances.oun( 6a*er )o+%an. . The Gabor Arbiter (is+isse( the co+%'aint but a.a+i'.3$ "6$ A(5ise 6obb.ith hi+ (ue to the hi&her cost o. the o%eration. "A$ Is 6obb-As reinstate+ent %en(in& a%%ea' 'e&a''.o.inancia' 6a*er ) the best course o.or her .inancia' assistance a.or certiorari un(er 4u'e #> o. 6ene.urther (isco5ere( a sus%icious-'oo*in& +ass that re/uire( the subse/uent re+o5a' o.. instea( o. 'i5in& in Ma* ha( to un(er&o an (is+isse( b.ect or irre&u'arit. or .as assi&ne( as co+%an.u'' be( rest .ine( its a%%ea' so'e'.3$ . her t. .ter ano+a'ies in the co+%an-As accounts . its a%%e''ate @uris( Tar'ac an( he cannot brin& his .ar(e( )ris . Ta++. the stress in carin& .ith .once a . Throu&h a %etition . On'.its can the /uestion o.error.hen the on'. "83$ 'i5e .a+i'.. In the course in Ma*ati ..ho . A. ".hether in substance or in . )ourt.c'ai+ un(er e2istin& socia' 'e&is'ationC ".correctC ".issue brou&ht on a%%ea' .ere (isco5ere( in the branch 6obb. (e.a.our ". the Gabor )o(e. Theta )* . char&e( the co+%an. the Gabor )o(e.

. the chec* o..u'' ser5ice at his usua' hours in the %ast .3$ IX.a''o.u''.a sa !T).ser5e( their %ro%osa's an( counter-%ro%osa's on one another.but the co+%an.ore the !ationa' )onci'iation an( Me(iation 6oar( an( be.%ai( his . "A$ 7ou'( the !T) +ana&e+ent co++it un. . c'ause on the other han( authori9es the co+%an.its . A'bert thou&ht this treat+ent un. A'bert . The chec* a chec*-o. Therea..i5e ">$ .ore the interru%tion in the countr-.a''o. the co+%an.ter a&e #>C ". It is a unioni9e( co+%an.hen he %rocee(e( to ru'e on the %artiesA )6A %ositions e5en thou&h the %arties (i( not . the <OG Secretarru'e( on the 5a'i(it. it (esists . The Secretar..hether to consi(er retire+ent as a ne&otiab'e issue.nC "83$ FIII.hi+se'. an( . their %ro%osa's an( counter-%ro%osa's in an.i'e( a co+%'aint .or the a((itiona' ser5ice he ren(ere( a. A..ou'( con(uct their ne&otiations.ith A'bert= he . A.ter e2tensi5e (iscussions an( the . 6eta )o+%an.Ga.i'e e+%'o-ees. the %arties (u'.. A.ere not %ai( to hi+.e( A'bert to continue . Gabor an( +%'o-+ent i++e(iate'. ser5ice un(er the P'an. the continue( i+%asse.or+a' ne&otiation +eetin& because their ta'*s a'rea(bo&&e( (o.hiche5er is a%%'icab'e. shou'( he be consi(ere( a re&u'ar e+%'o-ee entit'e( to a'' his %re5ious sa'aries an( union +e+bersA sa'aries (e.o. in(i5i(ua' authori9ation .or the a''o.i5e ">$ -ears un(er this arran&e+ent.ter.ances that .3$ "6$ )an the union char&e Pab'o . the stri*e an( on the (is%ute( )6A issues.i'' %ersona''re+it his (ues to the (ec'are( .ith !T) .ro+ chec*in& o.c'ause contains a +aintenance o.e.FII.or their e2%ire( co''ecti5e bar&ainin& a&ree+ent ")6A$.ter A'bertAs retire+ent at a&e #>. his union .ent on stri*e.its .$ on the 5a'i(it. on the /uestion o.ith Ki'usan& Ma*atao as the union re%resentin& its ran*-an(-. +e+bershi% %ro5ision that re/uires a'' +e+bers o.e5er. Pab'o . the union .or*in& -ears.ees. "A$'e( to (iscuss the +erits o. %osition %a%ers "be. he . The %arties. but .or 'ac* o.or (u'. the e2c'usi5e ran*-an(-.a&e an( other econo+ic issues "inc'u(in& the retire+ent issue$. %articu'ar'. co+%assion.3$ "6$ Is he entit'e( to a((itiona' retire+ent bene.rate.ittin& cere+on. Pab'o re."!T)$. +aintainin& that he .er &eneration an( (istribution.ith the union (urin& the ter+ o. c'ause..its. i.ances that he use( to en@o-.ith (is'o-a't..-ear o.i5e ">$ -ears.air as he ha( ren(ere( . the unionAs stri*e an( on the .is en&a&e( in e'ectric %o.ine( a+ounts o.n on the ne&otiation &roun( ru'es.or*s as a (ri5er at the !ationa' Tire )o+%an. an( or(ere( the %arties to e2ecute a )6A base( on his ru'in&s. (is+issa'.hich contains a union securit. . out o.i(es%rea( e'ectric %o. Thus.o.. ho.its o.use( to issue an authori9ation to the co+%an."30$ -ears o.or his a((itiona' .or Pab'oC "'sori'.. o.i'in& o.(i( not &i5e hi+ an. De is a +e+ber o. union (ues an( other .urther retire+ent on their o.. 6ecause o.its .air 'abor %ractice i.. The union has a )6A . one "1$ +onth %a. the. o.or*in& an( %ai( hi+ his o'( +onth'.u'' retire+ent bene. the )6A un(er %ain o.hen the co+%an. ser5ice. the Ma'a-an& Sa+ahan n& Man&&a& (e(uct . <i( the Secretar.se5ere( a'' e+%'o-+ent re'ations .usin& to a''o. his (ues. the co+%an.i'e co''ecti5e bar&ainin& re%resentati5e in the co+%an-. Pab'oAs union (ues . ho.retire( A'bert at a&e #> %ursuant to the co+%an-As 4etire+ent P'an.o.retire( in a .assu+e( @uris(iction o5er the (is%ute to a5ert . The union securit.u''. the bar&ainin& unit to +aintain their +e+bershi% in &oo( stan(in& .on .e( hi+ to continue .ter .ina''.or retire+ent bene.or the chec*-o. base( either on the co+%an-As 4etire+ent P'an or the 4etire+ent Pa.ithout the a''o.. <urin& the ne&otiations .ter thirt. Gabor e2cee( his @uris(iction .sa'ar. Phi'i%%ine 'ectric )o+%an.or*in&C ".

. AMOS'.a )6A bet. an( Meritt Shi%%in&. .ent bac* to the a&enc.ication o. a co''ecti5e bar&ainin& a&ree+ent II.a&ree to 5o'untari'.%ro5i(e the sa+e +o(e an( %roce(ures .ea*ness.bene. Ace Mariti+e Ser5ices "a&enc-$.EP. an( (i. tota' %er+anent (isabi'it. 4e-es$ that he cou'( no 'on&er un(erta*e sea (uties because to resu+e . the h-%ertension an( (iabetes that a. in accor(ance .1#.ter a +onth.or re-(e%'o-+ent.or i''e&a' (is+issa' an( the %a-+ent o. The a&enc. The a&enc.(is%ute( issue %ro5i(e( that the Gabor Arbiter has not assu+e( @uris(iction o5er the case on co+%u'sor.hi'e= &a5e hi+ +e(ications= an( (ec'are( hi+ .arbitration to the a& base( on the certi. 4e@ecte( once a&ain. 2%'ain -our choices an( their +ateria'it-. nausea. on this his a%%'ication.. can a 'e&iti+ate 'abor or&ani9ation 5a'i('(ec'are a stri*e a&ainst the e+%'o-erC "13$ "A$ 8es. 2013as a sea+an on :.+a.(is%ute( issue the. "83$ MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS I.ith the 2000Phi'i%%ine O5erseas +%'o-+ent A(+inistration Stan(ar( +%'o-+ent )ontract "2000 PO A-S )$. an( reso'5e the case.i'e( a co+%'aint .&rou% o. Assu+e that -ou are the Gabor Arbiter (eci(in& the case. a car(io-%u'+onar. &enera' .or a .arbitration " $ on'. (i99iness. "13$ "A$ an. )esarAs 'ast contract ".as a'so co5ere( b.hi'e on boar( Meritt Shi%%in& 5esse' co+%'aine( that he ha( been e2%eriencin& s%e''s its %rinci%a'.een the's "<$ an. )esarAs e+%'o-+ent .+atters that (o not ..hi'e ser5in& on Meritt Shi%%in& 5esse's in the 'ast 10 e2c'usi5e bar&ainin& a&ent +a.the .Meritt Shi%%in&. the Gabor Arbiter ")$ an. I(enti.ho e2a+ine( an( treate( hi+= a(5ise( hi+ to ta*e a co+%'ete rest . 6oth the 2000 PO A-S ) an( the )6A co++on'. )esar has been (e%'o-e( as an ab'e-bo(ie( sea+an b. e+%'o-ees. "6$ !o. 7hen there is no reco&ni9e( co''ecti5e bar&ainin& a&ent.bene.ithin the e2c'usi5e @uris(iction o. De i++e(iate'.ro+ the 5esse' M1F Se5en Seas on Eu'.(e+an(in& tota' (isabi''aint.ter conci'iation at the !ationa' )onci'iation an( Me(iation 6oar( .re.or nine +onths$ e2%ire( on Eu'.(ec'are a stri*e a&ainst the e+%'o-er.inishe( contract:.ou'( consi(er +ateria' in reso'5in& the i''e&a' (is+issa' an( (isabi'it. ?or ten "10$ se%arate but consecuti5e -ear'.to as* .or c'ai+in& (isabi'it. as* the co+%an. his %h-sician "internist <r. A. Sa'es.s%ecia'ist. because the ri&ht to stri*e is &uarantee( b. .a'' . throu&h its 'oca' a&ent. The c'ai+ .in breathin&.erre( hi+ to <r.arbitrate "6$ on'. )esar . ")$ 8es.the )onstitution an( cannot be (enie( to an.its base( on the ai'+ents that he (e5e'o%e( an('t.sub+it to 5o'untar.+atters re'atin& to the inter%retation or i+%'e+entation o.3$ X.(ues an(.acts an( issues -ou .its a&ainst the a&enc.1>. )esar (ise+bar*e( . The %arties to a 'abor (is%ute can 5a'i('.ere( .ro+ e+%'o-+entC ".to (is+iss hi+ . )esar . because the ri&ht to stri*e is a basic hu+an ri&ht that the countr-As internationa' a&ree+ents an( the Internationa' Gabor Or&ani9ation reco&ni9e.'icte( hi+ .or* as a sea+an.(is%ute( issue but on'..a.contracts. )esar res%on(e( b. because on'. 2013.

our ".in case o. "6$ !o. <ece+ber 2B.i2e(-ter+. <e' )ar+en."<$ as their or(ers co+e. Is the arran&e+ent 'e&a' .$ -ears ")$ . the . Gabor an( +%'o-+ent. he can +a*e the c'ai+ .o. e.n its o%erations other .i'e a case be.$ -ears ")$ . " $ !o.&a5e u% an( c'ose( (o. .i'' circu+5ent .ora.ithin OOOOOOOOO. " $ !o. . the arran&e+ent .inancia''.'e&a' bar .c'ai+s a&ainst < ? )or%. un. because the .< ? )or%. .or GM!As inso'5enc. De can . "<$ si2 "#$ +essen&ers on a one--ear.ecti5e at the c'ose the contracte( un(erta*in& is s%eci. ")$ the %ers%ecti5e o. in the absence 'i/ui(ation. 200B.ic an( ti+eboun(.i5e ">$ -ears "<$ si2 "#$ -ears " $ ten "10$ -ears F. GM! )or%..ith$ .'oat . a reco&ni9e( bar&ainin& a&ent. I. he hur('es the .air 'abor %ractice.irst -ear. "13$ "A$ three "3$ -ears "6$ . "13$ "A$ three "3$ -ears "6$ . .ore the <e%art+ent o. a''o. IF. but on'. IF"1$. )hito .ithout an. Mr.a. his .(is+isse( b.i'e a co+%'aint . III.i5e ">$ -ears "<$ si2 "#$ -ears " $ ten "10$ -ears IF"2$. business hours o. i. o%te( to o%en his o%erations .our ". contract.or a -ear.ithin OOOOOOOOO. unsure i. he has +one.ter 5ain'.or i''e&a' (is+issa' .i'' ser5e as startin& %oint in . I. .to 'a. because the arran&e+ent i''e&a''.o 'a.ter its +a@or cre(itors .ith one %er+anent a'thou&h he a'so acce%ts +essen&eria' ser5ice re/uests .i2e( ter+ %ro5i(e( is in5a'i(.or*erAs ri&ht to securit.ithout an. A.e(.into business "+essen&eria' ser5ice caterin& %ure'.ina''.i'e( a %etition .or*ersA recourse is to .ou'( succee( but inten(in& to &o 'on&-ter+ i. tenure &uarantee.o. De starte( .stru&&'in& to sta. 'abor stan(ar(sC "13$ "A$ !o. because the business is te+%orar.'e&a' bar . the +essen&ers are hire( throu&h a contractor.ith one--ear contracts .ea*enin& the securit. tenure.

a&e FIII. (e%en(in& on the ca%abi'it. "6$ ! its net ta2ab'e inco+e e/ui5a'ent to >3 o. an( (ea.a&e "6$ H>3 o. (e%en(in& on the ca%abi'it.ers in its &ar+ents-. but on'. "6$ A((itiona' (e(uction . . to SPQ Iar+ents . ")$ A((itiona' (e(uction . %'us a one-ti+e (e(uction un(er "6$. &rante( b. . 7hat is the . as his ne.a&e %rescribe( b. because PQ4C "13$ "A$ 8es. because retire+ent a'' FI. "13$ "A$ >03 o.or one "1$ -ear o. FII.acturer-e2%orter to Don&*on&. se.or* at ho+e on a %iece rate basis .o.ith (isabi'it-.or %ersons .hose cutters an( se. the %ro%ert.e( b.(ea. +onth %a"<$ one +onth %a" $ no se%aration %a. because she .ro+ its &ross inco+e e/ui5a'ent to 2>3 o.or se5era' -ears.aci'ities .In this situation. ")$ 8es. the construction o.or (ee+e( inc'u(e( in her contracte( %er %iece %a-.ha5e been constructe(. the a%%'icab'e +ini+u+ .'a. A'in& !ena (eci(e( it . the a%%'icab'e +ini+u+ .-ear o. a+ount %ai( as sa'aries to %ersons .. 'abor counse'. " $ the .or*ers are not entit'e( to retire+ent %a-. i.a&e "<$ the .is OOOOOOOOOO. the a%%'icab'e +ini+u+ .or-e2%ort o%erations are803 sta. an-. the (isab'e(. "<$ !o. the (isab'e(.ta2 .or the ru'es he +ust obser5e in consi(erin& re&u'ar e+%'o-+ent in the . The +ini+u+ .ro+ its &ross inco+e e/ui5a'ent to >03 o.ith (isabi'it-.or %ersons .or the use o. Ortane9 has been in the bui'(in& construction business . Mr. Is she entit'e( to retire+ent %a. .-ear o.or PQ4 Iar+ents. ser5ice "6$ one +onth %a.aci'ities . De as*s -ou.a&e ")$ 1003 o. at the sa+e rate as re&u'ar e+%'o-ees.or e5er.ith (isabi'it. "13$ "A$ one-ha'.ter 20 -ears o.or*ersC "13$ "A$ A((itiona' (e(uction .inancia' incenti5e.a&e that the %arties a&ree rea' %ro%ert. its tota' %a-ro'' "<$ 2e+%tion .o. the a%%'icab'e +ini+u+ . +onth one +onth %a-. ser5ice ")$ one-ha'. %ersons . the (irect costs o. but not 'ess than >03 o.-+ute .here .in& . " $ The annua' (e(uction un(er "A$.'a.a&e that the %arties a&ree u%on. " $ ! not a re&u'ar e+%'o-ee. IX. GM!As e+%'o-ees are entit'e( to OOOOOOOOO as se%aration %a-.ith (isabi' ti+e to retire an( to @ust ta*e it eas-. At a&e #> an( a. a +anu..

a construction co+%an-.i'' resu't in the (i+inution o. %ro@ect or %ro@ect to %ro@ect.or*ersA union. Leta. "6$ It can co''ect a& in(ustr-.i5e ">$ (a-s in co+%'iance . the its +e+bers itC "13$ "A$ It can sti'' re%resent these +e+bers in &rie5ance co++ittee +eetin&s.or+s .e(.its.or* necessar. +e+bershi% c' the a&ree+ent contains a +aintenance o.or*ers ser5ice incenti5e 'ea5e o.ith %a-. the a(+inistrati5e sta.the co+%an-. The . .ith the 'a. X. .in the construction in(ustr-. ")$ It can sti'' (e+an( +eetin&s . ..ithin the co+%an.s%eci. XI.union no. 7hat can Sa+ahan&'ies .an( (esirab'e to the business. . OOOOOOOOOO.or +ore than one -ear "6$ his contract o. because Leta a'rea(. The +a@orit.that an e+%'o-ee.its are se%arate . " $ !one o.ic %ro@ect or un(erta*in& "<$ he has 'i5e( u% to the co+%an-As re&u'ari9ation stan(ar(s " $ A'' o. (e+an(s that Leta &rant its .ten "10$ (a-s o.sti'' (o . "6$ 8es. . e+%'o-+ent has been re%eate('.ithout a .ees . ")$ !o.i'e e+%'o-ees 'ost in a certi. Is the union (e+an( +eritoriousC "13$ "A$ 8es. 6u*'uran.irst three "3$ -ears o.ication e'ection at So'a+ )o+%an.. has a si&ne( )6A . e+%'o-ee has beco+e a +inorit. sic* 'ea5e . because non-co+%'iance . it can continue to re%resent its +e+bers on non-)6Are'ate( +atters. 5acation 'ea5e . the union an( the co+%an- . the abo5e.&rante( b. XII. because ser5ice incenti5e 'ea5e is a bene. en@o.erence to e2%ress'-%ro5i(e( un(er an( re/uire( bthe Gabor )o(e. Sa+ahan& Tuna-. 8ou c'ari. because ser5ice incenti5e 'ea5e is a Gabor )o(e bene. "?$ A'' o. a union o. ran*-an(-.e+%'o-e( .on co+%an.ith the 'a.i'' ac/uire re&u'ar status i. annua''-. because Gabor )o(e bene. their )6A.ith the Gabor )o(e.ithout re. the . M%on the e2%iration o.i2e( %erio( an( .an( ten "10$ (a-s o. "<$ !o.ith the that (oes not a%%'. The +e+bers o. "<$ As a 'e&iti+ate 'abor or&ani9ation. "13$ "A$ he has been continuous' a union consi(erin& that it sti'' has +e+bers .. the abo5e. .ho continue to %ro. " $ 8es.ithin the bar&ainin& unit.ess continue( 'o-a' those 5o'untari'.ith the co+%an.or se5era' -ears ")$ he %er. o.ith %a.

.re/uent'. her en&a&e+ent .or se%aration %a-.a5ai' o. XIF.hether the &rant b. As the co+%an-As retaine( 'e&a' counse'.+atter be-on( the co+%etence o. In the course ne& in/uire about the bene.%ractice.continue to honor their 30-(a. as*in& .ab'e -ear'.ho . he to-e( . The co+%an. his i+%ressi5e cre(entia's.that A6) ear'ier &rante( to t. Thus.rite +ana&e+ent (irect'. because o.situate( as the t. (iscri+ination as he is si+i'ar'.this constant rebu. "<$ I . .to his resi&ne( co''ea&ues has a'rea(. correct because the )6A has e2%ire(= hence it is no 'on&er boun( to %ro5i(e union 'ea5e. The ter+s an( con(itions o.its he can e2%ect a . XIII.ere not &i5en se%aration %a-.ou'( no .ante( to continue .ir+s both in the Phi'i%%ines an( resi&ne( (e%art+ent hea(s .ou'( a(5ise hi+ that the %re5ious &rant o.or the ne2t t. se%aration %a.'e&a' a(5ice because he is not +. She .o.ou'( +aintain that his /uestion in5o'5es a %o'ic. this bene.%ractice because se5era' other e+%'o-ees ha( resi&ne( an( .ith the i(ea o.or Pri5ate Schoo's.acu't.ho ha( . an( . a to%notch Du+an 4esource S%ecia'ist . the his @ob. 6M Institute a(5ise( A'eta that her contract .is correct because the union has a'rea(.ron&.A6) )or%. but on the basis o. " $ The. resi&nin& an( o..or the sa+e se%aration %a. his reco++en(ations an( he . 7ho is correctC "13$ "A$ The co+%an. co+%an. "6$ The co+%an.c'ient.e't o.ine( un(er her rene.o "2$ (e%art+ent hea(s . "6$ I . he resi&ns. 4e&u'ations . ?or reasons o..o "2$ -ears.hether he can si+i'ar'.%ractice. the Manua' o.consu+e( the a''otte( union 'ea5e un(er the e2%ire( )6A.+ana&e+ent .union 'ea5e bene. a %ri5ate e(ucationa' institution. The union (e+an(e( that the co+%an.the co+%an. se%aration %a. A'eta Quiros .ou'( a(5ise hi+ to . To obtain a 'e&a' o%inion re&ar(in& his o%tions. "<$ The union is correct because union 'ea5es are %art o.o'' recruite( his co''ea&ues cannot be consi(ere( a co+%an.ere (e. hire( on a -ear-to--ear basis un(er the %robationar. " $ I . ")$ I .or her secon( -ear e2%ire(. DectorAs e+%'o-+ent.ou'( a(5ise hi+ to as* .or a(5ice on . Thus. ho.ou'( not &i5e hi+ an. ")$ The union is correct because it is sti'' the bar&ainin& re%resentati5e .contract. re/uestin& .it i.are both .n.e+%'o-+ent %erio( %ro5ision o.'e.e2%ire(. he resi&ns .i'' -ou res%on( to DectorC "13$ "A$ I . Dector sent an e+ai' to A6)As retaine( counse'.(i( not .ith A'etaAs teachin& ser5ices.use( on the &roun( that the )6A ha( a'rea(. its un(er the )6A. an( the union ha( a'rea(. ter+s are a&ree( u%on.ri%ene( into a co+%an.ere %ai( their se%aration %a-. 6M Institute no 'on&er . not on account o. a 'e&a' counse' to &i5e.hen the..en(e( b.consu+e( their union 'ea5e un(er the )6A. the econo+ic ter+s that continue to &o5ern unti' ne.or*e( in +u'tinationa' .+e+ber at 6M Institute.t the co+%an-..ter the contract .

a 'ar&e c'iente'e base . ")$ !o.oo( restaurant %atroni9e( b. 4obertAs %a.ith the .ou'( -ou re'ease one ha'.or (iscri+ination . ser5ice char& his +inor chi'(ren.e5er%a-( (is+isse( . ho.a&es. . 7i'' the co+%'aint %ros%erC "13$ "A$ 8es.i'e( a case .e5er.u''. 4obertAs si&ne( authori9ation to &i5e 7an(a one ha'. XF.or 'osses an( brea* a&es. o. an( >3 as reser5e . As a resu't.'on&er be rene. because the e+%'o-ees are not recei5in& e/ua' treat+ent in the (istribution o. because no @ust or authori9e( cause e2iste( . her %robationare+%'o-+ent.use( their (e+an(. the hu&e 5o'u+e ensure that her chi'(ren . 'ea5in& on'. " $ !o. on the con(ition that she . Der e+%'o-+ent . 103 a+on& +ana&eria' e+%'o-ees. because un(er the Gabor )o(e. (oubt.%'ea(e( .as sti'' on %robationar. sa'es. XFI. the co''ection e/ua''.ree(o+ o.ree(o+. "<$ !o. an e+%'o-ee o. because an e+%'o-er is %rohibite( . 4obertAs sa'ar.its an( .ith her three "3$ e+aciate( +inor chi'(ren.or the su%%ort o. A6) )o+%an-. because 6M Institute +a. because A'eta .ou'( at 'east ha5e . the )ebu e+%'o-ees recei5e( 'esser ser5ice char&e bene. 4icar(o o%erate( a success. his sa'ar-. bene. 4icar(o o%ene( a branch in )ebu . the e+%'o-ees recei5e( si9eab'e shares in the co''ecte( ser5ice char&es. an( narrate( to the Mana&er that 4obert ha( been s/uan(erin& his earnin&s on his +istress. ")$ !o. heir .u' 'e&a' 5a'i(it-.u' Ma*ati sea. his sa'ar-. The )ebu branch.4obert &i5in& her one ha'. o. its e+%'o-ees to (is%ose 7an(aC "13$ "A$ !o. because o. -ou .ter # +onths an( she +a.ritten authori9ation . ser5ice . . To su%%ort her %'ea. 7an(a %resente( a Kasu'atan si&ne( b. because there .ro+ inter. 7an(a tear. because it is 4obertAs (ut.inancia''.the Ma*ati-base( e+%'o-ees. his business (e5e'o%+ent e.or i''e&a' (is+issa' a&ainst 6M Institute. " $ !o.(is+iss its .or cause. because 4obertAs Kasu'atan is base( on an i''e&a' consi(eration an( is o. is +arrie( to 7an(a. "6$ 8es.ith his +istress on auto+atica''ter+inate( u%on the e2%iration re'ease 4obertAs sa'arto 7an(a. its aca(e+ic .its than those en@o-e( . he sta-e( . One (a-.ith the !G4) .or its su%erb cuisine an( i+%eccab'e ser5ice.i'' in the e2ercise o. (i( not attract the .. their chi'(ren. This a(5ice %ro+%te( A'eta to . on'. "<$ 8es.or A6) )o+%an.ou'( not co+%'ain i. 7an(a 5isite( the co+%an.i'e e+%'o-ees.a %a'tr.e+%'o-+ent. A'eta beca+e a re&u'ar e+%'o-ee a. her -ear-to--ear . I. o. 4icar(o char&e( its c'ients a 103 ser5ice char&e an( (istribute( 8>3 o. As %art o.i'e a co+%'aint .a+on& its ran*-an( no (is+issa' to s%ea* o.i2e( ter+ e+%'o-+ent.or the ter+ination o. 4obert.e(.ith the Mana&er to 'et her ha5e one ha'. 6ecause o.+e+bers at . XFI"'$ 7i'' the case %ros%erC "13$ "A$ 8es.acu't.oo( on the tab'e.hen 4icar(o re.erin& . "6$*en(s. because there is no .to he +aintaine( the sa+e %ractice in the co''ection an( (istribution o.ere the Mana&er.orecaste( c'iente'e= hence. the )ebu branch e+%'o-ees (e+an(e( e/ua'i9ation o.

" $ I .ith res%ect to cost o.its.e+%'o-er or in(irect e+%'o-er sha'' be he'( res%onsib'e . 'i5in& an( con(itions o. its Ma*atibase( e+%'o-ees to )ebu to train )ebu e+%'o-ees an( e2%ose the+ to the Ma*ati stan(ar( o. The co+%'ainants i+%'ea(e( as cores%on(ent Ab'e )o+%an-.or un'a. "<$ !o. .ou'( a(5ise the+ to acce%t their )ebu trainin& assi&n+ent as an e2ercise o. Ab'eAs o.i'e a co+%'aint .ith i''e&a' (is+issa' an( non%a-+ent o.shou'( be .or the un%ai( .. The co+%'aint (e+an(e( that )onstant an( Ab'e be he'( so'i(ari'.ou'( -ou a(5ice the+ to (oC "13$ "A$ I . I.. In or(er to i+%ro5e the )ebu ser5ice an( sa'es. to be so'e'.a+on& the e+%'o-ees %ro5i(in& ser5ice in the out'et. a+on& the )ebu an( Ma*ati e+%'o-ees a'i*e.a&es an( se%aration %a-. an( shou'( or(er )onstant..or the assi&ne( %ersonne'. )onstant 6ui'(erAs %rinci%a' in the construction o. . because the +ar*et an( the c'iente'e the t. the Gabor )o(e .%ro5ision o.aiters .its .or the %a-+ent o.e'' as bac*. the co+%'ainants. I.ou'( a(5ise the+ to (e+an( the continuation o. their bac*. this )o(e. choose the state+ent that best (escribes the e2tent o.i'e a co+%'aint . the assi&ne( %ersonne' share( in the )ebu ser5ice char&e co''ection an( thus recei5e( ser5ice char&e bene.its char&e( .5io'ation o. 4icar(o (eci(e( to assi&n so+e o..'iab'e .a&es an( bene. "6$ I . %ro5i(es that the 8>3 e+%'o-eesA share in the ser5ice char&e co''ection shou'( be e/ua''.'iab'e . "13$ "A$ )onstant an( Ab'e shou'( be he'( so'i(ari'.ere assi&ne( to )ebu . ")$ )onstant an( Ab'e shou'( be he'( so'i(ari'. the co+%an-As +ana&e+ent %rero&ati5e. -ou .a&es since these %ertain to 'abor stan(ar( bene. an( three . because . se%aration %a-.'iab'e . "6$ 8es. ")$ I .ere recei5in& in Ma*ati. ten (is+isse( e+%'o-ees. ")$ !o. . because the e+%'o-ees in Ma*ati are not si+i'ar'.its.or* in )ebu is hi&h'%re@u(icia' to the+ in ter+s o. (i.hat . their Ma*ati-base( bene.erent.-er .here ser5ice char&es are earne( an( shou'( be (istribute( e2c'usi5e'. con5enience an( ser5ice char&e bene. because the ser5ice char&e bene.a&es an( bene. "<$ I .its an( . .ou'( a(5ise the+ to . are (i.or the tas*.ou'( a(5ise the+ to .hich %ro5i(es that :e5er.char&e bene.or .(i5i(e( a+on& a'' the e+%'o-ees.a&es.or*.or %a-+ent o. the (e+an( is not hee(e(.its. XFI"2$.its. as .its 'esser than .hich the e+%'o-er an( contractor are 'iab'e un(er the 'a. ser5ice.or i''e&a' trans. .erentia's.a5or o.ith his contractor or subcontractor .hat the.: "6$ )onstant an( Ab'e shou'( be he'( so'i(ari'..or the bac*. )onstant 6ui'(ers.a&es an( bene.its an( the bac*. the Gabor Arbiter ru'es in . ser5ice char&e bene. in this case. 7hi'e in )ebu. base( on Artic'e 10B o.its.or (iscri+ination in the &rant bui'(in&.its.hi'e )onstant a'one N as the actua' e+%'o-er .ou'( a(5ise the+ to .i'e a co+%'aint un(er "6$abo5e i.i'e a co+%'aint .a&es an( se%aration %a-. because the 'a.ere the 'a.its an( to . ser5ice char&e bene.or an. XFII. A che.'iab'e .'iab'e .o branches are ser5in&.or*ersA (irect e+%'o-er. the 'iabi'ities o.or the un%ai( .. " $ !o. )onstant an( Ab'e.situate( as the )ebu e+%'o-ees .or the un%ai( .it attaches to the out'et .a&es an( bene.a&es an( bene. an in(e%en(ent contractor. as the .u' (i+inution o. an( a'' their un%ai( .

in . a %etition . because <e'ta ) that Pina&bu*'o( .as a 'e&iti+ate 'abor or&ani9ation o. the Gabor )o(e %rohibits su%er5isor.or(ere( to %a. XFIII.or*ersA (is+issa'. "6$ !o.e+%'o-ees as +e+bers is not a 'e&iti+ate 'abor or&ani9ation.e+%'o-ees . because Artic'e 2.ication 'ection.a&es an( bene. 'e&a' %ersona'it. "<$ )onstant an( Ab'e shou'( be he'( so'i(ari'. a''e&in& that it .ore a %etition . On <e'taAs +otion.status o.hich case both shou'( be he'( so'i(ari'.to %artici%ate in the . cance''ation o.a&es an( se%aration %a.ication e'ection %rocee(in&s an( to .i'e an( su%er5isor.or certi. ran*-an(-.or )erti.> o.its. " $ The abo5e state+ents are a'' inaccurate.i'e e+%'o-ees an( %ro5i(es that a union re%resentin& both ran* an( .ication e'ection (o not inc'u(e +i2e( +e+bershi% in one u+on.the Me(-Arbiter %ro%erC "13$ "A$ 8es. because the &roun(s . he ran* an( .ication e'ection +a.ication 'ection b.or the un%ai( .ication 'ection because its +e+bershi% . the u+on.i'e an( su%er5isor.or the (is+issa' o.un'ess Ab'e is sho.or )erti.ina' or(er o.(i( not ha5e the 'e&a' %ersona'it.i'e a Petition . base( on the .i'e( a Petition . union re&istration is re/uire( (is+isse( on the &roun( o.or )erti.ith +a'ice or ba( .o.'iab'e . Is the (is+issa' o. 'ac* o. the Petition . the %etitionin& union. The Pina&bu*'o( union . ")$ !o.e+%'o-ees.i'e e+%'o-ees o.aith in the . -0-0-0- .ro+ @oinin& the union a +i2ture o.or certi.or their bac*.as not a 'e&iti+ate 'abor union an( ha( no 'e&a' %ersona'it. the Me( Arbiter (is+isse( the Petition. <e'ta )o+%an-.'iab'e. because a . an( )onstant shou'( be he'( 'iab'e .n to ha5e %artici%ate( . the ran*-an(-. "<$ !o.i'e a +otion to (is+iss base( on the 'e&iti+ac.the se%aration %a-.

cre(it. %a&es an( the %a&e nu+bers at the u%%er ri&ht han( corner shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it.or -our ans.ere( b.'e(&e an( un(erstan(in& o. A +ere :8es: or :!o: ans.ter. re+e+ber that a co+%'ete e2%'anation (oes not re/uire that -ou 5o'unteer in. use the nu+berin& s-ste+ in the /uestionnaire. each %a&e o. %a&es an( their %ro%er nu+bers. . -our *no. The essa.u''.i'' not be &i5en an.the /uestion.hich the /uestion turns.or an e2%'anation. a'.nee( care.BAR EXAMINATION 2013 TAXATION LAW October 13. an( to reason 'o&ica''.ers. the .acts.corres%on(in& e2%'anation or (iscussion . the sheets %ro5i(e( in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* are not su. 7ritin&. There are T7 GF "12$ ssa.Questions nu+bere( I to .irst sheet an( the bac* o. the . %a&e o.orth 203. In -our to M)Qs +a.M. or $ corres%on(in& to -our chosen ans.ritin& in -our !oteboo* the ca%ita' 'etter "A. )hec* the nu+ber o. The MCQ answers should begin in the page following the last page of your essay answers. <.rite or re%eat the /uestion in -our !oteboo*.er. M)Qs are to be ans. !ote . 'a. e5er. 8our ans. or %ri5ate notes to the 2a+iner$.ers in -our 6ar 2a+ination !oteboo* in the same order the questions are posed. or sub/uestion.orth 8001o o. 2013 INSTRUCTIONS 1.-in& +ar*1s "such as na+es that are not in the &i5en /uestions.e'' the a''ocate( %ercenta&e %oints .be .'.ere(. Ans.ere( choices. It shou'( sho. the /uestions an( the choices the front. an( to (iscern the %oints u%on . There is on'. 2:00P. Thus. to se'ect the +ateria' . an( T7 !T8 "20$ Mu'ti%'e )hoice Questions (MCQs) nu+bere( I to XX. This Questionnaire contains TDI4T ! "13$ %a&es inc'u(in& these Instructions %a&es. An ans. 8ou (o not nee( to correct ans.. I.rite your name or an.e traneous note!s or distincti"e mar#ing!s on -our !oteboo* that can ser5e as i(enti.the 'a. the succee(in& sheets therea.. 2..or+ation or (iscuss 'e&a' (octrines that are not necessar.but ..acts.sheet o.u''.ritten continuous'.#:00P.ications an( 'i+itations.u' ana'-sis both o.ers on'. .succee(in& %a&es unti' co+%'ete(.icient . 7rite -our ans.e2%'ain -our ans.hi'e the M)Q %ortion contains /uestions .er the ssa.on the sa+e %a&e an( the i++e(iate'. 4ea( each /uestion 5er. and concisely.a-s brie. a 'a. in5o'5e( an( their /ua'i. >. %ra-ers.or the 6ar e2a+inations. to be* .-in& +ar* in the e2a+ !oteboo* is consi(ere( cheatin& an( can (is/ua' to a sub-/uestion un(er the sa+e nu+ber +a.-ou .ers a'thou&h the /uestion (oes not e2%ress'.ers. 'ea5in& or +a*in& an.-er-'i*e +anner to a soun( conc'usion . startin& at the bac* %a&e ana'-9e the . .M)Q= choose the 6 ST ans. !ote that ..%ortion contains /uestions that are . not the bac*.ro+ the &i5en %re+ises. to the &i5en . At the sa+e a+on2 the o. this Questionnaire an( +a*e sure it has the correct nu+ber o.M. Ma*e sure -ou (o not . the %ertinent %rinci%'es an( theories the i++ateria' . Start each nu+ber on a se%arate %a&e.rite -our ans. It shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it.acts %resente( b. use the bac* %a&es o.(istin&uishin& or i(enti.ithout a%%'.ho'e e2a+ination. /uestion.or %ertinent to the so'ution to the %rob'e+. -our 2a+ination !oteboo*./uestions legibly. 3. ) .or each nu+ber.ere( within four (4) hours. e5ersheet in -our !oteboo*.

8ou can use the /uestionnaire ,or notes -ou +a- .ish1nee( to .rite (urin& the e2a+ination. HAND IN YOUR NOTEBOOK WITH THIS QUESTIONNAIRE J. ARTURO D. BRION )hair+an 2013 6ar 2a+inations ESSAY QUESTIONS I. In its ,ina' a(@ust+ent return ,or the 2010 ta2ab'e -ear, A6) )or%. ha( e2cess ta2 cre(its arisin& ,ro+ its o5er-.ithho'(in& o, inco+e %a-+ents. It o%te( to carr- o5er the e2cess ta2 cre(its to the ,o'' -ear. Subse/uent'-, A6) )or%. chan&e( its +in( an( a%%'ie( ,or a re,un( o, the e2cess ta2 cre(its. 7i'' the c'ai+ ,or re,un( %ros%erC "#3$ II. A &rou% o, %hi'anthro%ists or&ani9e( a non-stoc*, non-%ro,it hos%ita' ,or charitab'e %ur%oses to %ro5i(e +e(ica' ser5ices to the %oor. The hos%ita' a'so acce%te( %a-in& %atients a'thou&h none o, its inco+e accrue( to an- %ri5ate in(i5i(ua'= a'' inco+e .ere %'o.e( bac* ,or the hos%ita'As use an( not +ore than 303 o, its ,un(s .ere use( ,or a(+inistrati5e %ur%oses. Is the hos%ita' sub@ect to ta2 on its inco+eC I, it is, at .hat rateC "#3$ III. A6) )or%oration is re&istere( as a ho'(in& co+%an- an( has an o,,ice in the )it- o, Ma*ati. It has no actua' business o%erations. It in5este( in another co+%an- an( its earnin&s are 'i+ite( to (i5i(en(s ,ro+ this in5est+ent, interests on its ban* (e%osits, an( ,orei&n e2chan&e &ains ,ro+ its ,orei&n currenc- account. The )it- o, Ma*ati assesse( A6) )or%oration as a contractor or one that se''s ser5ices ,or a ,ee. Is the )it- o, Ma*ati correctC "#3$ IF. Att-. Ia+bino is a %artner in a &enera' %ro,essiona' %artnershi%. The %artnershi% co+%utes its &ross re5enues, c'ai+s (e(uctions a''o.e( un(er the Ta2 )o(e, an( (istributes the net inco+e to the %artners, inc'u(in& Att-. Ia+bino, in accor(ance .ith its artic'es o, %artnershi%. In ,i'in& his o.n inco+e ta2 return, Att-. Ia+bino c'ai+e( (e(uctions that the %artnershi% (i( not c'ai+, such as %urchase o, 'a. boo*s, entertain+ent e2%enses, car insurance an( car (e%reciation. The 6I4 (isa''o.e( the (e(uctions. 7as the 6I4 correctC "#3$ F. Mr. A&ustin, H> -ears o'( an( su,,erin& ,ro+ an incurab'e (isease, (eci(e( to se'' ,or 5a'uab'e an( su,,icient consi(eration a house an( 'ot to his son. De (ie( one -ear 'ater. In the sett'e+ent o, Mr. A&ustinAs estate, the 6I4 ar&ue( that the house an( 'ot .ere trans,erre( in conte+%'ation o, (eath an( shou'( there,ore ,or+ %art o, the &ross estate ,or estate ta2 %ur%oses. Is the 6I4 correctC "H3$

FI. On October 1>, 200>, A6) )or%. i+%orte( 1,000 *i'os o, stee' in&ots an( %ai( custo+s (uties an( FAT to the 6ureau o, )usto+s on the i+%ortation. On ?ebruar- 1H, 200B, the 6ureau o, )usto+s, citin& %ro5isions o, the Tari,, an( )usto+s )o(e on %ost-au(it, in5esti&ate( an( assesse( A6) )or%. ,or (e,icienc- custo+s (uties an( FAT. Is the 6ureau o, )usto+s correctC "H3$ FII. X8L Ga. O,,ices, a 'a. %artnershi% in the Phi'i%%ines an( a FAT-re&istere( ta2%a-er, recei5e( a /uerb- e-+ai' ,ro+ Iainsbur& )or%oration, a cor%oration or&ani9e( un(er the 'a.s o, <e'a.are, but the e+ai' ca+e ,ro+ )a'i,ornia .here Iainsbur& has an o,,ice. Iainsbur& has no o,,ice in the Phi'i%%ines an( (oes no business in the Phi'i%%ines. X8L Ga. O,,ices ren(ere( its o%inion on the /uer- an( bi''e( Iainsbur& MSQ1,000 ,or the o%inion. Iainsbur& re+itte( its %a-+ent throu&h )itiban* .hich con5erte( the re+itte( MSQ1 ,000 to %esos an( (e%osite( the con5erte( a+ount in the X8L Ga. O,,ices account. 7hat are the ta2 i+%'ications o, the %a-+ent to X8L Ga. O,,ices in ter+s o, FAT an( inco+e ta2esC "H3$ FIII. Mr. A+a(o 'ease( a %iece o, 'an( b- the Munici%a'it- o, Pina&sabitan an( bui't a .arehouse on the %ro%ert- ,or his business o%erations. The Munici%a' Assessor assesse( Mr. A+a(o ,or rea' %ro%ertta2es on the 'an( an( the .arehouse. Mr. A+a(o ob@ecte( to the assess+ent, conten(in& that he shou'( not be as*e( to %a- rea't- ta2es on the 'an( since it is +unici%a' %ro%ert-. 7as the assess+ent %ro%erC ">3$ IX. In the sett'e+ent o, the estate o, Mr. 6arbera .ho (ie( intestate, his .i,e renounce( her inheritance an( her share o, the con@u&a' %ro%ert- in ,a5or o, their chi'(ren. The 6I4 (eter+ine( that there .as a ta2ab'e &i,t an( thus assesse( Mrs. 6arbera as a (onor. 7as the 6I4 correctC "H3$ X. In 2010, %ursuant to a Getter o, Authorit- "GA$ issue( b- the 4e&iona' <irector, Mr. Abce(e .as assesse( (e,icienc- inco+e ta2es b- the 6I4 ,or the -ear 200B. De %ai( the (e,icienc-. In 2011, Mr. Abce(e recei5e( another GA ,or the sa+e -ear 200B, this ti+e ,ro+ the !ationa' In5esti&ation <i5ision, on the &roun( that Mr. Abce(eAs 200B return .as ,rau(u'ent. Mr. Abce(e conteste( the GA on the &roun( that he can on'- be in5esti&ate( once in a ta2ab'e -ear. <eci(e. "H3$ XI. In 2000, Mr. 6e'en bou&ht a resi(entia' house an( 'ot ,or P1,000,000. De use( the %ro%ert- as his an( his ,a+i'-As %rinci%a' resi(ence. It is no. -ear 2013 an( he is thin*in& o, se''in& the %ro%ert- to bu- a ne. one. De see*s -our a(5ice on ho. +uch inco+e ta2 he .ou'( %a- i, he se''s the %ro%ert-. The tota' 9ona' 5a'ue o, the %ro%ert- is P>,000,000 an( the ,air +ar*et 5a'ue %er the ta2 (ec'aration is P2,>00,000. De inten(s to se'' it ,or P#,000,000.

7hat +ateria' consi(erations .i'' -ou ta*e into account in co+%utin& the inco+e ta2C P'ease e2%'ain the 'e&a' re'e5ance o, each o, these consi(erations. "H3$ XII. 8ou are the retaine( ta2 counse' o, A6) )or%. 8our c'ient in,or+e( -ou that the- ha5e been (irect'a%%roache( .ith a %ro%osa' b- a 6I4 insi(er "i.e., a +i(('e ran* 6I4 o,,icia'$ on the ta2 +atter theha5e re,erre( to -ou ,or han('in&. The 6I4 insi(erAs %ro%osa' is to sett'e the +atter b- si&ni,icant're(ucin& the assess+ent, but he .i'' &et >03 o, the sa5in&s arisin& ,ro+ the re(uce( assess+ent. 7hat ta2, cri+ina' an( ethica' consi(erations .i'' -ou ta*e into account in &i5in& -our a(5iceC 2%'ain the re'e5ance o, each o, these consi(erations. "B3$ MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS I. A6) )or%. .as (isso'5e( an( 'i/ui(atin& (i5i(en(s .ere (ec'are( an( %ai( to the stoc*ho'(ers. 7hat ta2 conse/uence ,o''o.sC "13$ "A$ A6) )or%. shou'( (e(uct a ,ina' ta2 o, 103 ,ro+ the (i5i(en(s. "6$ The stoc*ho'(ers shou'( (ec'are their &ain ,ro+ their in5est+ent an( %a- inco+e ta2 at the or(inar- rates. ")$ The (i5i(en(s are e2e+%t ,ro+ ta2. "<$ A6) )or%. shou'( .ithho'( a 103 cre(itab'e ta2. II. MI) )or%. secure( an inco+e ta2 ho'i(a- ,or > -ears as a %ioneer in(ustr-. On the ,ourth -ear o, the ta2 ho'i(a-, MI) )or%. (ec'are( an( %ai( cash (i5i(en(s to its stoc*ho'(ers, a'' o, .ho+ are in(i5i(ua's. Are the (i5i(en(s ta2ab'eC "13$ "A$ The (i5i(en(s are ta2ab'e= the ta2 e2e+%tion o, MI) )or%. (oes not e2ten( to its stoc*ho'(ers. "6$ The (i5i(en(s are ta2 e2e+%t because o, MI) )or%.As inco+e ta2 ho'i(a-. ")$ The (i5i(en(s are ta2ab'e i, the- e2cee( >03 o, MI) )or%.As retaine( earnin&s. "<$ The (i5i(en(s are e2e+%t i, %ai( be,ore the en( o, MI) )or%.As ,isca' -ear. III. Mr. A'as se''s shoes in Ma*ati throu&h a retai' store. De %a-s the FAT on his &ross sa'es to the 6I4 an( the +unici%a' 'icense ta2 base( on the sa+e &ross sa'es to the )it- o, Ma*ati. De co+es to -ou ,or a(5ice because he thin*s he is bein& sub@ecte( to (oub'e ta2ation. 7hat a(5ice .i'' -ou &i5e hi+C "13$ "A$ 8es, there is (oub'e ta2ation an( it is o%%ressi5e. "6$ The )it- o, Ma*ati (oes not ha5e this ")$ 8es, there is (oub'e ta2ation an( this is i''e&a' + the Phi'i%%ines. "<$ <oub'e ta2ation is a''o.e( .here one ta2 is i+%ose( b- the nationa' &o5ern+ent an( the other b- the 'oca' &o5ern+ent.

IF. )on&ress %asse( a sin ta2 'a. that increase( the ta2 rates on ci&arettes b- 1,0003. The 'a. .as thou&ht to be su,,icient to (ri5e +an- ci&arette co+%anies out o, business, an( .as /uestione( in court b- a ci&arette co+%an- that .ou'( &o out o, business because it .ou'( not be ab'e to %a- the increase( ta2. The ci&arette co+%an- is OOOOOOOOOO "13$ "A$ .ron& because ta2es are the 'i,eb'oo( o, the &o5ern+ent "6$ .ron& because the 'a. reco&ni9es that the to ta2 is the to (estro")$ correct because no &o5ern+ent can (e%ri5e a %erson o, his 'i5e'ihoo( "<$ correct because )on&ress, in this case, e2cee(e( its to ta2 F. Mr. A'5are9 is in the retai' business. De recei5e( a (e,icienc- ta2 assess+ent ,ro+ the 6I4 containin& on'- the co+%utation o, the (e,icienc- ta2 an( the %ena'ties, .ithout an- e2%'anation o, the ,actua' an( 'e&a' bases ,or the assess+ent. Is the assess+ent 5a'i(C "13$ "A$ The assess+ent is 5a'i(= a'' that Mr. A'5are9 has to *no. is the a+ount o, the ta2. "6$ The assess+ent is in5a'i(= the 'a. re/uires a state+ent o, the ,acts an( the 'a. u%on .hich the assess+ent is base(. ")$ The assess+ent is 5a'i( but Mr. A'5are9 can sti'' contest it. "<$ The assess+ent is in5a'i( because Mr. A'5are9 has no .a- to (eter+ine i, the co+%utation is erroneous. FI. In 2010, Mr. P'aton sent his sister De'en Q1 ,000 5ia a te'e&ra%hic trans,er throu&h the 6an* o, PI. The ban*As re+ittance c'er* +a(e a +ista*e an( cre(ite( De'en .ith Q1,000,000 .hich she %ro+%t'.ith(re.. The ban* (e+an(e( the return o, the +ista*en'- cre(ite( e2cess, but De'en re,use(. The 6I4 entere( the %icture an( in5esti&ate( De'en. 7ou'( the 6I4 be correct i, it (eter+ines that De'en earne( ta2ab'e inco+e un(er these ,actsC "13$ "A$ !o, she ha( no inco+e because she ha( no ri&ht to the +ista*en'- cre(ite( ,un(s. "6$ 8es, inco+e is inco+e re&ar('ess o, the source. ")$ !o, it .as not her ,au't that the ,un(s in e2cess o, Q1,000 .ere cre(ite( to her. "<$ !o, the ,un(s in e2cess o,Q1,000 .ere in e,,ect (onate( to her. FII. The +unici%a'it- o, San Isi(ro %asse( an or(inance i+%osin& a ta2 on insta''ation +ana&ers. At that ti+e, there .as on'- one insta''ation +ana&er in the +unici%a'it-= thus, on'- he .ou'( be 'iab'e ,or the ta2. Is the 'a. constitutiona'C "13$ "A$ It is unconstitutiona' because it c'ear'- (iscri+inates a&ainst this %erson. "6$ It is unconstitutiona' ,or 'ac* o, 'e&a' basis. ")$ It is constitutiona' as it a%%'ies to a'' %ersons in that c'ass.

The %'an is a 'e&iti+ate e2ercise o.ou'( not be ab'e to to ta2 is the %o. se''in& its asse+b'e( cars to Ion+a( at a ' a ta2ab'e .a-. IX.ho'' since the sta. X8L )or%oration .%resi(ent . <.it since it .there an( (i( not (e+an( . X.ree. .or . %rice so it . a 'oo%ho'e in the 'a. X8L )or%oration +anu. The &o5ern+ent +ust res%ect Ion+a(As se%arate @uri(ica' %ersona'it.ithout %a-in& an. Ta2%a-er A .ere sub@ect to a sa'es ta2 but the ta2 a%%'ie( on'.er to ( no ta2ab'e .ree housin&.ne( subsi(iar-.rin&e no ta2ab'e .rin&e bene.ere not sub@ect to ta2.. it see*s %er+ission to %a. "Ion+a($. XI.ise.ants to re/uire( b. %urchase( a resi(entia' house an( 'ot . )haracteri9e the arran&e+ent. cash. "<$ It shou'( not &rant %er+ission because the &o5ern+ent (oes not ha5e the stora&e .e'' 'i5e in a s+a''er a ta2ab'e . ")$ There .rin&e bene. It has no +ore cash an( a'' it has are unso'( &'ass %ane' necessar."<$ It is constitutiona' because the %o.iction can be %ierce( so that the secon( sa'e .iciencinco+e ta2es.actures &'ass %ane's an( is a'+ost at the %oint . "13$ A. Inc.ithout %a-in& rent= it reasone( out that the co+%an%resi(ent +ust +aintain a certain i+a&e an( be ab'e to entertain &uests at the house to %ro+ote the co+%an-As business. Shou'( the 6I4 &rant the re/ueste( %er+issionC "13$ "A$ It shou'( &rant %er+ission to +a*e %a-+ent con5enient to ta2%a-ers.or the con5enience o. "6$ It shou'( not &rant %er+ission because a ta2 is &enera''. 6.a %ecuniar. The co+%an.the 6I4 to si&n an( sub+it a .but (ue to 'ac* o.i. an( o. settin& u% a . the e+%'o-er an( .at the house . Prior to the FAT 'a.%resi(ent (ec'are( that because the..ou'( then se'' the cars to the %ub'ic at a hi&her %rice .bur(en.ith a s. Ion+a( .'u2urious.are chi'('ess.. 7as there a ta2ab'e .or its business.aci'ities .as on'. P4T )or%. It recei5e( an assess+ent .sa'es ta2 on this subse/uent sa'e. "6$ There .itC "13$ "A$ There . Ion+a( Motors.rin&e bene.ai5er 5er. sa'es o.ou'( %a. the statute o.i++in& %oo' in an u%sca'e sub(i5ision an( re/uire( the because the co+%an. ")$ It shou'( &rant %er+ission= <e'toi(As ta2ab'e sa'e to because the house .ro+ the 6I4 .i'' be consi(ere( the ta2ab'e sa'e. inso'5enc-.ta*es a(5anta&e the ori&ina' or the . The %'an is 'e&a' because the &o5ern+ent co''ects ta2es an-. cars ..e cou'( 5er.irst sa'e.there . It . cor%orate .or &'ass %ane's.or (e. he an( his . FIII. 'i+itations on the .er ta2 on the . "<$ There .a 'o. ta2 %'annin& an( +ere'. "<e'toi($ hit on the i(ea o. ).in *in( . The %'an is i+%ro%er= the 5ei' o. <e'toi( Motors.%resi(ent to sta.rin&e bene.irst sa'e= the secon( an( subse/uent sa'es .re/uire( to sta.ith &'ass %ane's.

ron&= a (onation +ust be e2%ress.o. the 6O) chan&e( its %osition an( he'( that the concentrates shou'( be ta2e( at H3 (ut. be. An(.ai5er but . +ateria's .or reconsi(eration is a use'ess e2ercise. The 6ureau o. .000. Subse/uent'-. i+%orts oran&e an( 'e+on concentrates as ra. MSI )or%. the .air to the &o5ern+ent .or reconsi(eration. "13$ "A$ The ?A! is in5a'i(= An(. "6$ The ?A! is in5a'i( .ai5er is in5a'i(= the (ate o.ai5e the statute o. ha5in& been acce%te( b.000 an( inc'u(e( their t.i.hich nee(s ta2es. "6$ The a%%ea' shou'( be (is+isse( .recei5e( the .teen "1>$ (a-s .ai'e( to in(icate the (ate o. i&ht "8$ (a-s 'ater "or on Eanuar-11.recei5e( on Eanuar. There is no 'e&a' re/uire+ent that the ?A! shou'( a. )usto+s "6O)$ i+%ose( a 13 (ut.ai5er is 5a'i( its recei%t to co++ent or to . acce%tance is crucia' in countin& the start not &i5en the chance to res%on( to the PA!. statin& that he ha( .hich u%he'( MSIAs %osition. 2010 a %re'i+inar. Abso'ute Sa'e.ith the ru'in& an( /uestione( it in the )TA . the ?A!. "<$ The .or P>.the 6I4.ore the ri&ht to assess %rescribe(. ")$ The .ithout . The s%ouses Eun an( '5ira San(o5a' %urchase( a %iece o. MSI (isa&ree( . "13$ "A$ The )I4 is . acce%tance is i++ateria' an( uni+%ortant.ai5erC "13$ "A$ The .ai5er is in5a'i(= the ta2%a-er cannot be re/uire( to . "13$ "A$ The a%%ea' shou'( be (is+isse( because a +otion .i'in& a +otion . The )o++issioner o.or bein& issue( be. "6$ The . "<$ The a%%ea' shou'( be u%he'( to be .ina' assess+ent notice "?A!$.3. ti+e.i'e a %rotest.o "2$ +inor chi'(ren as co-%urchasers in the <ee( o. ")$ The a%%ea' shou'( be &i5en (ue course since a +otion . 4u'e on the )I4As action. Interna' 4e5enue ")I4$ ru'e( that there .as an i+%'ie( (onation an( assesse( (onorsA ta2es a&ainst the s%ouses. XII.or ha5in& been .ait the %rotest to the PA! because %rotest to the PA! is not +an(ator-.. the %rescri%ti5e %erio(. )usto+s a%%ea'e( to the )TA en bane .ai5er is 5a'i( because the (ate o.or reconsi(eration is +an(ator-. The )o++issioner o. the %erio( o. 'i+itations. ")$ The ?A! is 5a'i( since it . 4eso'5e the a%%ea'. The 6I4 acce%te( the . XIII. 7hat is the 'e&a' status o. <eci(e on the 5a'i(it. in 5io'ation o.assess+ent %erio(.assess+ent notice "PA!$ . to &i5e the 6I4 +ore ti+e to co+%'ete its in5esti&ation. "<$ The ?A! is 5a'i(. its acce%tance. 2010$. Ta2%a-er An(. the 6I4. sus%ension o.ore he cou'( co++ent or .rate on the concentrates. his (ue %rocess ri&hts.or the . 'an( .i'e a %rotest.ruit (rin*s it se''s 'oca''-.i'e( out o.

In the <ee( o.en(s u% .inancia' ca%acitto be a (onation.or a 5a'i( sa'e.hate5er source. <i( A'eta earn a ta2ab'e inco+eC "13$ "A$ She ha( a ta2ab'e inco+e o.or+ %art the ta2ation %ers%ecti5e.or hi+se'.as ani+us (onan(i since the chi'(ren ha( no .ith the chi'(ren.. 6obo. Ta&ui&. "6$ She ha( no ta2ab'e inco+e because it . %ro+ise to +arr-.or breach o.i+%ose a ta2 on not a re/uire+ent .. P' . Mr. Phe'eco is a %o.or these %o'es. Ma-u&aAs &ross estate . XFIII. Mr. "13$ "A$ The or(inance is 5oi(= the . Mr.i'' not . ")$ The )I4 is correct= the a+ount in5o'5e( is hu&e an( u'ti+ate'. LAs action. e/ui5a'ent to 13 o. XFI. M%on in5esti&ation.ruct o5er the %ro%ert. XFII. It o.hen he (ies.ter the (onation. A'eta sue( 6obo. the container 5ans containe( 1> units o.i'' not .%ai( the courtAs a. Ma-u&aAs &ross estate because it is no 'on&er his.. ")$ She ha( ta2ab'e inco+e since she +a(e a %ro. "<$ She ha( no ta2ab'e inco+e since +ora' (a+a&es are co+%ensator-. )haracteri9e Mr.or as 'on& as he 'i5e(.i'' . "13$ "A$ The &eneration an( (istribution co+%an. %o'ice %o.'ost the case an( (u'. Ma-u&a e2%ress'."6$ The )I4 is .or the +enta' an&uish A'eta su.o%eratin& +ain'.. "<$ The or(inance is 5a'i(= an GIM L +a(e an i+%ortation . Phe'eco /uestione( Athe 'e&a'it. <escribe the (onate( %ro%ert. < that inc'u(e(.ere(.ore a ta2 on inco+e. a+on& to re&u'ate e'ectric %o'es.hich he (ec'are( at the 6ureau o.o. "13$ .or+ %art o. the annua' renta' .hen he (ies because he %ai( the (onorAs the )it. the or(inance on the &roun( that it i+%oses an inco+e ta2 .o+1 %art o.%ai( the (onorAs ta2. Porsche an( ?errari cars. the usu. "<$ The %ro%ert. ")$ The %ro%ert...ns e'ectric %o'es .. is base( on renta' inco+e an( is there. Ma-u&a (onate( his resi(entia' house an( 'ot to his son an( (u'. "6$ The or(inance is 5a'i( as a 'e&iti+ate e2ercise o. Ma-u&aAs &ross estate because he (ie( soon a. "<$ The )I4 is correct= there .i'' . Mr. Ma-u&aAs &ross estate . the or(inance.hich 'oca' &o5ern+ent units "GIMs$ are %rohibite( . Ta&ui& %asse( an or(inance i+%osin& a .000 since inco+e is inco+e ..000 as +ora' (a+a&es . "6$ The i+%osin&..inancia' ca%acit. 4u'e on the 5a'i(it. ")$ The or(inance is 5oi(= 13 o. XF.reser5e( . Mr. annua' renta' is e2cessi5e an( o%%ressi5e.or+ %art o.hich it a'so rents out to other co+%anies that use %o'es such as te'e%hone an( cab'e co+%anies. Mr. )usto+s "6O)$ as :Mse( Truc* 4e%'ace+ent Parts:.ron&= .

-er . XIX. . "6$ Mr. (i( not (ec'are these . the abo5e. 7hich o.the 6I4C "13$ "A$ The 6I4 has no authorit. ")$ Mr.ron& a(5ice.o.o. AAs %etition a&ainst the 6I4 assess+ent.or+ation is ina(+issib'e as The 'a. AAs 'a. . A is &ui't.or the current -ear or .or inco+e ta2 %ur%oses as its re%orte( &ross sa'es . A is not &ui't.P'. in(icatin& the na+e obtain thir( %art. NOTHING FOLLOWS 0-0-0- .(i( not re%ort the co++ission in the current -ear .as %re%arin& his inco+e ta2 return an( ha( so+e (oubt on .as on' the succee(in& -ear. Mr.'ist o.hen he shou'( ha5e (one so. his 'a. L (i( not co++it s+u&&'in& because he sub+itte( his shi%+ent to 6O) e2a+ination..or 200.000. their sa'es an( %urchases (urin& the -ear. L (i( not co++it s+u&&'in& because the shi%+ent has not 'e. . the 6I4 (isco5ere( that in 200.ho a(5ise( hi+ to re%ort the co++ission in the succee(in& -ear.hether a co++ission he earne( shou'( be (ec'are( . the court ru'e( a&ainst Mr. Is Mr.-erAs a(5ice an( re%orte( the co++ission in the succee(in& -ear. &oo(s . his 'a. L co++itte( s+u&&'in&. but (i( not co++it s+u&&'in&. A . throu&h the )o++issioner.-erAs a(5ice turne( out to be . the . "6$ Mr. the se''er or the bu-er an( the a+ount. "<$ Mr.o. XX.+a(e a +is(ec'aration. re/uirin& ta2%a-ers to sub+it thir( %art.ron&= in (e.e( the a(5ice o. A.or &i5in& the .or+ation is i''e&a' . A is &ui't.-er shou'( %a.orth P>. L on'.rau( as he si+%'.000. De hee(e( his 'a..e5i(ence. inter%ose in an assess+ent a&ainst it b. "<$ Mr.X8L )or%.rau(= he (e'iberate'.-er. A &ui't.or 5io'atin& the ri&ht to %ri5ac-. A6) )or%.or .o''o. "6$ The thir( %art.000.."A$ Mr. "<$ !one o. ")$'in& to consu't his accountant. institute( a s-ste+ re/uirin& ta2%a-ers to sub+it to the 6I4 a su++ar.o''o.000.rau(C "13$ "A$ Mr. %urchase( .or+ation to assess ta2%a-ers. ")$ The s-ste+ o. X8L )or%.t the custo+s area.enses X8L )or%. The 6I4. De sou&ht the o%inion o. 6ase( on these 'ists.the ta2 .

In -our ans.e traneous note!s or distincti"e mar#ing!s on -our 2a+ination !oteboo* that can ser5e as an i(enti. It shou'( the front.-in& +ar*1s "such as na+es that are not in the &i5en /uestions. -our *no.ers on'.u''./uestions legibly. There are T ! "10$ ssa.corres%on(in& e2%'anation or (iscussion .i'' not be &i5en an.on the sa+e %a&e an( the i++e(iate'.-ou .sheet o. not the bac*. A +ere :8es: or :!o: ans.hi'e the M)Q %ortion contains /uestions . use the bac* %a&es o. the %ertinent %rinci%'es an( theories o. .hich the /uestion < shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it.succee(in& %a&es unti' co+%'ete(. e5er.M)Q= choose the 6 ST ans.ithin four (4) hours.e'' the a''ocate( %ercenta&e %oints . 2013 INSTRUCTIONS 1. 6. an( ?I?T ! "1>$ Mu'ti%'e )hoice Questions (MCQs) nu+bere( I to XF ".. 2a+ination !oteboo* is 8:00 A.ers a'thou&h the /uestion (oes not e2%ress'. use the nu+berin& s-ste+ in the /uestionnaire.acts. This Questionnaire contains ?I?T ! "1>$ %a&es inc'u(in& these Instructions %a&es.acts.ithout an.'.. At the sa+e ti+e. or sub-/ .. %a&es an( the %a&e nu+bers at the u%%er ri&ht han( corner o. in5o'5e( an( their /ua'i. 4ea( each /uestion 5er.ho'e e2a+ination.(istin&uishin& or i(* .ere( choices. Thus. the . %a&e o. M)Qs are to be ans.'e(&e an( un(erstan(in& o. The MCQ answers should begin in the page following the last page of your essay answers. The essa.rite your name or the i++ateria' .ers.-er-'i*e +anner to a soun( conc'usion .to a%%'. %a&es an( their %ro%er .the 'a.ritten continuous'. >.M. or $ corres%on(in& to -our chosen ans. to se'ect the +ateria' . There is on'. the . re+e+ber that a co+%'ete e2%'anation (oes not re/uire that -ou 5o'unteer in. the sheets %ro5i(e( in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* are not su.-in& +ar* in the consi(ere( cheatin& an( can (is/ua'i. e5ersheet in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. ..BAR EXAMINATION 2013 MERCANTILE LAW October 20.%ortion contains /uestions that are . 8ou (o not nee( tore-. and ana'-9e the . the /uestions an( the choices a+on& the o.the / correct a 'a.cre( .er the to e5er. %ra-ers. each %a&e o. )hec* the nu+ber o.. It shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it. Start each nu+ber on a se%arate %a&e. 'ea5in& or +a*in& an. an( to (iscern the %oints u%on .but .ere(. this Questionnaire an( +a*e sure it has the correct nu+ber o.or %ertinent to the so'ution to the %rob'e+.or an e2%'anation.icient .er to a sub-/uestion un(er the sa+e nu+ber +a. startin& at the bac* %a&e o. 7rite -our ans.ere( .irst sheet an( the bac* o. !ote . .or+ation or (iscuss 'e&a' (octrines that are not necessar.u' ana'-sis both o. Ans.acts %resente( b.ith sub/uestions$.or the 6ar e2a+inations.rite or re%eat the /uestion in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. /uestion..ications an( 'i+itations.or each nu+ber. the succee(in& sheets therea. -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. to the &i5en .e2%'ain -our ans.M.rite -our ans. Ma*e sure -ou (o not . ' . an( to reason 'o&ica''.Questions nu+bere( I to X.ers in -our 6ar 2a+ination !oteboo* in the same order the questions are posed. I. !ote that so+e M)Qs +a. to be ans. the &i5en %re+ises.a-s brie.or -our ans.ers.12:00 P. 8our ans.ere( b. An ans. 2.orth 8001o o. or %ri5ate notes to the 2a+iner$.orth 203.ritin& in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* the ca%ita' 'etter "A. a'. .u''. ). 7ritin&.nee( care.

ith his (octors . the Anti-MoneGaun(erin& )ounci' sent 6<P an or(er: "1$ to con. these (e%osits= an( "2$ to ho'( a'' .rite (urin& the e2a+ination. I %ro+ise to %a. 6ase( on a+%'--su%%orte( ti%s &i5en b. The insurance co+%an. The insurance co+%an.%resent or absent in the instru+ent.a's an( other transactions in5o'5in& the con&ress+anAs ban* accounts. "S&(.$ Antonio 4e-es 2%'ain each re/uire+ent o. the sun sti'' sets in the . an( that he ha( been (ia&nose( to be su. The con&ress+an con5erte( +ost o. HAND IN YOUR NOTEBOOK WITH THIS QUESTIONNAIRE J. .ecti5e !o5.on the &roun( that 6enn. +. T. 6enn. On A%ri' #. The insurance co+%an.ise (oes not a%%ear to ha5e bothere( to +onitor the %ro&ress o..03 o. 123.ith 6anco (e P'ata "6<P$.ai'e( to (isc'ose in his a%%'ication t.ith(ra.or Ph% 1. ?ro+ his . !o.o'' his chi'(ren as his re. the %or* barre' chec*s. the co++issions he &enerate( into MS (o''ars.a con&ress+an .ter (ate. Antonio issue( the . 7as the insurance co+%an.6PI Acct. 6enn.the )o++ission on Au(it to be .iciaries. b.ish1nee( to .o''o.oun( 4i5ers is a non-&o5ern+enta' or&ani9ation .ro+ another %o'itica' %art-.a%%ro5e( his a%%'ication an( issue( an insurance %o'ic. BRION )hair+an 2013 6ar 2a+inations ESSAY QUESTIONS I.erin& .ir+ )on&.re%resentati5e the su+ o.2013 Ma*ati )itP100. a 'i5er ai'+ent.or notes -ou +a.correctC "83$ III.est to usher in the e5enin& an( rises in the east the .ie( %a%ers to su%%ort the encash+ent +ornin& to .a%%'ie( . the insurance %o'ic.00$ .6obb.account . the %ro@ects he en(orse(..00 Si2t.. ARTURO D.or his (esi&nate( .hose su%%ortin& %a%ers.e. AbnerAs (e%osits .(ie( o.(enie( the chi'(renAs c'ai+ .this (ue (ate.(a-s a.irst ter+ in 200H. .e insurance . 6enn.a'si. the .e'co+e the (a-. )on&ress+an Abner has been en(orsin& his %or* barre' a''ocations to T. a.or (iabetes an( h-%ertension. 2008.ere .8ou can use the /uestionnaire . T.a'so rescin(e( the %o' 4i5ers (oes not a%%ear to ha5e (one an-thin& on the en(orse( %ro@ects an( )on&ress+an Abner 'i*e. he%ato+a.or a co++ission o.> Mi''ion. an( (e%osite( these in a .or 'i.ith the ban* an( to %ro5i(e (etai's o.o %re5ious consu'tations . "83$ 4i5ers in e2chan&e .or the %rocee(s o. ne&otiabi'it.. 2010.ace 5a'ue o.orei&n currenc. #. O! DM!<4 < TDOMSA!< P SOS"P 100.ictitious.un(e( the %re+iu+s %ai(.in& instru+ent: Au&ust 10.000. the a''ocation.000.ter au(it. i. Other than to %re%are an( sub+it .

.aci'ities . -ou 'earne( that a %etition . -our curiosit. Att-..ithout an.een the+ has been to a''o.or . <e'ano a&ree( to e2ecute a trust recei%t in the ban*As .an( the ca. "SI)$ an( St.i'e. To e2ten( an( restructure this ' SI).or an e+er&enc. <e'ano subse/uent'.icant %a-+ent . the iron %e''ets.or -our +otherAs hos%ita'i9ationC Ta*e into account 'e&a' ">3$ an( ethica' "33$ consi( 6ernie .. SPM) a cre(it . to . 4u(.a5or co5erin& the iron %e''ets <e'ano i+%orte( . .ou'( be 5er. the %rocee(s o.because the %rice o.or her hos%ita' bi''s.eteria o%erator i++e(iate'. the se%aration bene. One (a-. 6uene2ito on another . the 'e&a' sta.inancia' rehabi'itation is i++inent.ire insurance on its %'ant an( .as %ro5i(e( in the Inte''ectua' Pro%ert. -our +other is rushe( to the hos%ita' . the court.i'e containin& the co+%an-As %'anne( cor%orate .inancia' rehabi'itation.ine arts stu(ent in a uni5ersit-. The <e'ano "not e5en to the e2tent o.$ to .au't in the %a-+ent o.hose shares are tra(e( in the Phi'i%%ine Stoc* 2chan&e. is the )or%orate Secretar. De sta-s in a boar(in& house .&a5e -ou the )oco Pro(ucts .ron& .succee(e( in se''in& the iron %e''ets to a s+e'tin& %' coconuts an( . )oco Pro(ucts. 6uene2ito. The sa'e .ic Ea+ ..un(s .ith the or(erC "83$ IF.or )oco Pro(ucts Inc. the co+%an-As stoc*s are sti'' hi&h.ho .ro+ )hina one -ear ear'ier.eteria.ou'( -ou a(5ise the ban* to co+%'. 6ernie c'ai+e( o. a co+%an. 7hi'e -ou *ne.icer o.or*in& .a %ursuant to the %ro5isions o.ns the co%-ri&ht to the %aintin&C 2%'ain.ti+e'.ho re%resente( hi+se'.ith its conte+%'ate( actionC "83$ FII.i'e be. Peter Manu.ith uni/ue %ro(ucts (eri5e( .ith to %rocee( a&ainst <e'ano.ronte( throu&h the .inishe( . 8ou are a +e+ber o. 11> "Trust 4ecei%ts Ga. 7ou'( -ou. he acci(enta''. .ore returnin& it.e'' ( -ou beca+e a 'a. as he re(uce( his o%erations.-er.ith each other= SPM) secures the co+%rehensi5e .on (is%'a. one o.acturin& )o.As counse' . . esta.or*s '-in& aroun( the boar(in& house.eteria o%erator sai( he %urchase( the %aintin& . o. <ecree !o. Stab'e Insurance )o. 7ou'( -ou se'' the shares to raise the nee(e( . -ou ha( the . an( -ou ha5e to raise +one. 4u(. The stan(in& business %ractice bet.ith 6ernie as his roo++ate. his . 8ou ha5e 'on& been in5estin& in )oco Pro(ucts stoc*s e5en be. "83$ F. An i++e(iate o%tion .ou'( %aint an( 'ea5e his .con.. 7hen the e2ten(e( 'oan %erio( e2%ire( .ter. the sa'e -ou is to se'' -our )oco Pro(ucts as ban* counse' an( as an o. his e+%'o-ees .ree ti+e. <e'ano )ru9 is in (e. a(5ise the ban* to %rocee( . 4u(. his e2istin& 'oan .re&istere( it in his na+e .)o(e.or* .ir+ (oin& cor%orate an( securities ..nershi% o. 7hi'e .o%eration. the iron %e''ets$. as its %ainter an( o. the uni5ersit.cou'( no 'on&er +eet its ob'i&ations as the.ere 'ai( o.ent to the %a-+ent o.ith the !ationa' Gibrar. The ban* is conte+%'atin& the . A %artner in the 'a..%re5ai'e( an( -ou bro.or*s -an abstract %aintin& entit'e( Mani'a Tra. its co%-ri&ht since he ha( a'rea(. as the co+%an. Soon a. 7ho 6<P 6an*. 7hi'e a(+ittin& that he (i( not (o the %aintin&. a 'a.i'in& o..orce <e'ano to tu+ in at 'east the %rocee(s o. <urin& his .ho+ -ou re%ort. but the %rocee(s .its o. "SPM)$ ha5e ha( a 'on&-stan(in& insurance re'ationshi% . Thus.or 6<P. "83 tota' %oints$ FI. 4u(.i'e. the sa'e o.6<P 6an* consu'te( -ou on a .

ho (ie(.(e%'o-e(. B0 (a-s .ho+ .ho . <irectors A an( 6. throu&h a (eri5ati5e suit . In the !o5e+ber 2010 stoc*ho'(ers +eetin& o.a' o.in5esti&ation that the co-%i'ot .o''o..hich it .ore %re+iu+ %a-+ents cou'( be +a( a %assen&er .the resi&nation o. ?i'-Asia Air ?'i&ht B I # . Soon an( 'ess traine( %i'ots are bein& 'oca''.o "2$ ne. no co5era&e e2iste( at the ti+e the .aci'ities to the &roun(. one . De c'ai+e( that the 5acanc.e( to .n +ana&erAs chec* .ire insurance %re+iu+. the ei&ht (irectors ser5e( in a ho'(o5er ca%acit.i''e( u% b.ho +ana&e( to 'ea5e the %'ane but .orei&n air'ines un(er 5ast'. the scarcit.or . their action.erence. Ireen5i''e )or%oration. the re+ainin& si2 "#$ (irectors e'ecte( an air'ine e+%'o-ee .in& /uestions ca+e u%: "A$ 2%'ain the causes o.hen his 'etter-co+%'aint .i'' -ou s%eci. an( shou'( not ha5e been in contro' o.ire the boar( shou'( be . Stoc*ho'(er X /uestione( the e'ection o. 'oss. the ten .est. %o'ic.en(e( the 'e&a'it. throu&h a 'etter-co+%'aint a((resse( to the boar(.ire &utte( the co5ere( %'ant an( . 8ou are %art issue( a recei%t= a . the I >0 %eo%'e on boar(. ten "10$ %assen&ers (ie( at the crash a''o..ire occurre( because the insurance %re+iu+ ha( not been %ai(. the %assen&er run o5er b.ere e'ecte( to the boar(.'-in& ter+s an( . the %o'ic.20 ''.ithin .as a co-%i'ot because o.'i&ht . ( i+%ro%er.ire. the stoc*ho'(ers o. 4u'e on the issues raise(.'-in& an( 'an(in& ti+e e2%erience.o.a&es so that ne. De .ro+ SI)C "83$ FIII. the tea+ that the 5icti+s hire( to han('e the case . the %'ane at the ti+e.hi&h 'e5e' o.ree ri(e to )a&a-an (e OroC "33$ . 4e'-in& on Section 2B o. Ireen5i''e )or%orationAs (irectors. . the %re+iu+s SPM) ha( %ai(.a.i'' -ou han('e the cases o. .o "2$ o. the ne.hen it crashe( as it 'an(e( at the )a&a-an (e Oro air%ort= the %i'ot +isca'cu'ate( the %'aneAs a%%roach an( un(ershot the not in the %assen&er +ani.i'e( .as on a sche(u'e( %assen&er . c'ai+in& as .ith the court. In -our case con. SI) res%on(e( b. (irectors to . O. The +ain %i'ot. In Eune 2012.issuin& its o.ree ri(e to )a&a-an (e Oro an( .ro+ the rene.%ossib'e un(er the &i5en . ha( a 5er.the Mani'a .<irector A an( <irector 6 -resi&ne( .ee* 'ater SPM) issue( its notice o.%erio( o.or the .ter the ne. Another . an( (enie( SPM)As c'ai+ on the &roun( that un(er the :cash an( carr-: %rinci%'e &o5ernin& .or the a+ount o. Since no stoc*ho'(ersA +eetin& .the a+bu'ance an( the air'ine e+%'o-ee a'' issue( an( the boar(.as he'( in !o5e+ber 2011.cause( b. t.or the 'oss .ter the . the .ho ha( contro' a+bu'ance co+in& to the rescue. b'oo( a'coho' at the ti+e o.acts a&ainst the air'ine an( the %i'ots= . initia''-.the 5ote o. SPM) issue( a +ana&erAs chec* to SI) .as run o5er b. "83$ IX. on the other han(. %i'ots Phi'i%%ine %i'ots ha5e been recruite( b.i+%ro5e( .ent unhee(e($. the )or%oration )o(e. an( 'ater ". It a%%ears . ei&ht "8$ (irectors .e( to hitch a . Ireen5i''e )or%oration. Is SPM) entit'e( to reco5er .hich to %a..ho hitche( a .ers. The (a. actionC ">3$ "6$ the )i5i' Aeronautics Authorit.o.a-.'. the %'aneAs 'an(in& ha( 'ess than the re/uire( . the crash.i+%'ea( in these causes o. O. The (irectors assu+e( their %osts in Eanuar.i'' in the 5acanc.ica''.an( thus continue( (ischar&in& their %o. action 'e&a''.or the+ as a &rou%. Ireen5i''e )or%orationAs (irectors (e. a .e'' that Stoc*ho'(er XAs (eri5ati5e suit .

a se%arate %ro+issor. a ?i'i%ino . because cor%orate o. because en(orse+ent an( (e'i5er.ith e/ua' %ar 5a'ues o.orei&n (e'e&ation o.'i+it a''o. hence. the <ee( o.ou'( constitute the 'e&a' authorit. business+en an( in5est+ent ban*ers ca''e( on -our 'a. Assi&n+ent o. A . )urrent'-. ")$ !o..ritten instruction .een 6a-ani )ru9. <ee(s o. the resi(ence o. . because the %'e(&e o. Inc. "<$ !o. 6ernar( ?'eetAs current ho'(in&s. %'e(&e( the shares to )onra( ben(orse+ent in b'an* o. e2cee( the . . )'au(e. "6$ 8es.ithout an. stoc*.au'te( on the ' cance' the shares in his na+e an( to %'ace the+ in )onra(As na+e. is there a 5a'i( %'e(&e o. A6) )or%oration. "83$ MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS I. .erre( shares to 6ernar( ?'eet e/ui5a'ent to the current'.03 .un(. the issue( an( outstan(in& ca%ita' stoc* o.ith the Securities an( 2chan&e )o++ission. in5estin& in 5arious %ro@ects in the Phi' .ante( -our thou&hts on certain . 6e'Phi' consists on'.03.erre( o. ")$ 8es. the %'e(&or.. P100.outstan(in& co++on shares. (u'. business o. Stoc* is e/ui5a'ent to a 'a.o. an( . co++on shares share( bet.icates o. the shares o. stoc* to )onra(C "13$ "A$ !o.o.001share. shares re&istere( in their an( 6ernar( ?'eet. "1$ Mn(er these . the certi. P1.orei&n e/uit.ith the 4e&ister o.o. )onra( sou&ht to ha5e the shares re&istere( in his na+e in the boo*s o. Assi&n+ent o. II. the co5erin& stoc* certi.ith .acts.ou'( -ou re&ister the shares in the na+e )'au(eC "13$ "A$ 8es. stoc* e2ecute( b)'au(e constitute the 'e&a' authorit. cannot be the sub@ect o.'ien on the shares co5erin& the un%ai( subscri%tion. "<$ 8es. 4u'e on the 'e&a'it.orei&n e/uit.. the co5ere( shares to the %'e(&ee. 6e'' Phi'i%%ines.ners on the %ro%er (is%osition o.or %ub'ic uti' cance' the shares in his na+e an( %'ace the+ in )onra(As na+e. to (iscuss the %ossibi'ities o.0 Mi''ion that .or*in& . the certi. "2$ A.hose %ossession cannot be (e'i5ere( an(. inten(e( as co''atera' . -ou are the )or%orate Secretar. )onra( . the %rinci%a' %'ace o. shares o. stoc* re/uires (oub'e re&istration .incor%orate( an( re&istere( . stoc* is e/ui5a'ent to the trans. because the e2ecution o. I.icers can on'. A suit . e2ecution o.icates o.icates an(.ta*e (irect instructions . 5otin& co++on shares an( non-5otin& a'so su%%orte( b. "6$ !o. a %'e(&e.e( un(er the )onstitution . Shares o.ou'( no. "6e'Phi'$ is a %ub'ic uti'it. because the cor%oration has a %ri+ar. I. the cor%oration an( o. stoc* are intan&ib'e %ersona' %ro%erties . . since the e2ecution the re&istere( o.ter )'au(e (e. Its authori9e( ca%ita' stoc* consists o. a )ana(ian. Stoc*. Assi&n+ent b.or a 'oan o. a <ee( o. %ossession o.note.X..ith #03 o.. the re&istere( stoc*ho'(er o. since the en(orse+ent an( (e'i5er. the <ee( o. Shares o. To secure a((itiona' . the cor%oration. the shares o. because shares o. the issue( co++on shares.i'e( /uestionin& the cor%orate action on the &roun( that the . 6e'Phi' issue( %re. 1 000 shares in A6) )or%.u' %'e(&e o.o.)'au(e .ho'(in&s in the co+%an.

its &oo(s or ser5ices.?i'i%ino citi9ens "<$ A'' o. a concrete e2a+%'e. II.hose ca%ita' stoc*. "1 3$ "A$ the :?i'i%ino ?irst Po'ic-: "6$ the :?orei&n In5est+ents Positi5e Gists: conce%t ")$ the :?orei&n In5est+ents !e&ati5e Gists: conce%t "<$ the :)ontro' Test: conce%t" $ A'' o.hat entities . an( the.As essentia' thrust re&ar(in& .co+%ose( o.$ As a 'ast /uestion an( 'east #03 o. a (e'e&ation +e+ber . "1$The (e'e&ation has been to'( about the ?orei&n In5est+ents Act o. ?i'i%ino citi9ens "6$ (o+estic cor%orations #03 o.ho contro' the +e(iu+ " $ !one o. are . 1BB1.orei&n cor%orations consi(ere( as (oin& business in the Phi'i%%ines un(er the )or%oration )o(e.?i'i%ino citi9ens ")$ .ina''- . the abo5e. 8ou re%'ie( that an :e2%ort oriente( enter%rise: un(er ?IA AB1 is an enter%rise that OOOOOOOOOO. the rest to the (o+estic +ar*et ")$ e2%orts consistent'. an( (oes not se'' &oo(s or ser5ices to the (o+estic +ar*et "6$ e2%orts consistent'. "2$The (e'e&ation as*e(: asi(e . &oo(s an( ser5ices. an( se''s at 'east #03 o. 1003 o.inition o. II. "13$ "A$ on'. an( se''s at 'east .ou'( .orei&ners can in5est u% to 1003 o.03 o. nationa'it. 8ou re%'ie( that ?IA AB1 essentia''.orei&n. the rest to the (o+estic +ar*et "<$ e2%orts consistent'. because the ter+ Phi'i%%ine nationa' can on'. the abo5e. the abo5e. :Phi'i%%ine !ationa': un(er ?IA AB1C 8ou re%'ie( that the (e. because the 'a..hose ca%ita' stoc*.ho'' 'east #03 o. outstan(in& an( entit'e( to 5ote.hether (o+estic or . . :Phi'i%%ine nationa': un(er ?IA AB1 co5ers OOOOOOOOOO.inition o.orei&n in5est+ents in the Phi' :e2%ort oriente( enter%rises: an( -ou . ". the e/uit.co5er in(i5i(ua's an( not @uri(ica' entities. consi(ers the @uri(ica' %ersona'it-. its &oo(s or ser5ices %ro(uce(. are o.orei&n in5est+ents in Phi'i%%ine business an( in(ustries. the &oo(s or ser5ices %ro(uce(. "13$ "A$ (o+estic %artnershi%s .a.hat the ter+ co5ers.issues re&ar(in& .is the '*e( .en&a&es in the e2%ort o.. II.ho''. . an( can se'' &oo(s or ser5ices to the (o+estic +ar*et " $ !one b. outstan(in& an( entit'e( to 5ote. as a+en(e( "?IA AB1$.ne( an( he'( b. as a +ere +e(iu+= the test ?i'i%ino ctt19ens. "3$ The (e'e&ation hear( that .is on the in(i5i(ua's . the abo5e.a'' un(er the (e. II.hat e2act'.ere as*e( e2act'.re. .'ects OOOOOOOOOO.03 o. 'east .

the issuance b. "<$ A6) )or%.est-'e +a&a9ine %ub'ication cor%oration. . the (ate o.a %re. Is 6rian a ho'(er in (ue course "DI <)$C "13$ "A$ 8es.00. <ennisA &oo( . Arno'( use( the chec* to %a. is u'tra 5ires.000. a (octor. <ennis subscribe( to 10.>00 shares ")$ 100 shares "<$ 0 shares " $ !one o. "13$ "A$ A6) )or%. u% to #03 e/uitIII. treate( her. the abo5e are incorrect. IF. at %ar 5a'ue %'us a %re+iu+ o.e5er. re%resentin& hi+se'. 10 -ears . he %ai( on'. the subscri%tion or P2>0.00 on the un(erstan(in& that the chec* .or the sa'e o. At Arno'(As %ro((in&. re(ee+ab'e shares en@o.e in 6rianAs c'inic a.2>3 o.o''o.03 e/uit"6$ An a(5ertisin& cor%oration..ter the re(e+%tion. Instea(.000 shares o. +an.A6) )or%.or the +e(ica' e2%enses o.shares is <ennis entit'e( to 5ote at the annua' +eetin& o. 103.icient assets to co5er its (ebts. P100 %er in5est in an( u% to . A6) )or%. the . issuance.000. X8L )or%oration .n to 6rian as e5i(ence o. Mn(er the ter+s o.ho a%%eare( intereste( in bu-in& the car. "6$ )or%orations are not a''o. 6rianAs car.000 shares "6$ 2. 6rian is a DI<) because he .e( to issue re(ee+ab'e shares= thus..erence o5er cre(itors.+anu.or unrestricte( retaine( earnin&s %ro5i(e( that. issue( re(ee+ab'e . the %a-ee o. )hoose the correct state+ent re'atin& to these re(ee+ab'e shares. !o ca'' has been +a(e on the un%ai( subscri%tion.aith an( interest in bu-in& the car. ")$ Do'(ers o. <ennis issue( a crosse( chec* %a-ab'e to 6rian . 6rian . " $ A'' o. there are cor%orations or businesses in the Phi'i%%ines +a.ithout nee( .i.ou'( nee( unrestricte( retaine( earnin&s to be ab'e tore (ee+ the shares. . u% to . u% to #0o1o e/uit"<$ A @ee%ne. a. sho. the abo5e.ou'( on'.or ser5ices ren(ere(. the stoc*ho'(ers the shares at the en( o.ith a %ar 5a'ue o. the chec* an( he recei5e( it . a%%roache( <ennis .. u% to 1003 e/uit")$ A co++ercia' ban*.hich o. X8LC "13$ "A$ 10. the shares sha'' be re(ee+e( at the en( o.hat e2tentC "13$ "A$ A 'i.or P2>. Arno'(.ter 6rian. u% to 1003 e/uit" $ A rea' estate (e5e'o%+ent cor%oration. +a. his . as an a&ent o. F.acturin& cor%oration. 10 -ears .

icienc.icers o. the abo5e choices is correct. "13$ "A$ Ia.u+es .ter the stoc*ho'(ers o. a'' o. is not (oin& business in the Phi'i%%ines b.its +ere in5est+ent in a Phi'i%%ine cor%oration an( (oes not nee( a 'icense .er. " $ !o.aith an( interest in bu-in& the car.ter the (irectors an( o. 7hi'e the %er. "13$ "A$ run a.u+es . P2#. to co''ect the (e. b.ere he'( in trust. The 6I4 can OOOOOOOOOO.the ban* in .inco+e ta2 . ")$ ! not the (ra. the %er.00. . an( their 'iabi'it.208.or ta2ab'e -ear2010 in the a+ount o..sen&sit )or%..i'' be so'i(ar"<$ run a.i'' bear the 'oss. thie5es bro*e in an( sto'e a'' o. is (oin& business in the Phi'i%%ines an( re/uires a'icense . It in5este( in 6u+b'ebee )or%.. its shares. 6rian is not a DI<) because the re/uisite consi(eration to <ennis . FII. "6$ Ia.ta2 an( their 'iabi'it. Ia. 6u+b'ebee )or%.u+es . "<$ Ia.i'' shou'(er the 'oss the S ).icers o.i'' be @oint ")$ run a."6$ 8es. is a cor%oration incor%orate( in Sin&a%ore. has to a%%oint a resi(ent a&ent in the Phi'i%%ines.sen&sit )or%.sen&sit )or%. 6rian is not a DI<) because <ennis issue( the chec* on'. FI. The 6I4 assesse( A6) )or%.i'' be so'i(ar"6$ run a.or the 'oss. an( these . "<$ The e2%orter .ho+ are Sin&a%oreans an( o. Ia.sen&sit )or%. the+. ")$ The e2%orter can ho'( both the ban* an( Anton 'iab'e ..ase5i(ence o. " $ A'' the abo5e choices are incorrect. an" $ !one o.H31. "<$ !o.u+es . .ro+ the Securities an( 2chan&e )o++ission "S )$. the sto'en %er.u+esC "13$ "A$ The 'oss o.icienc.i'' be borne b. no+inate( 30o1o o.hose beha'.sen&sit ) crosse( in his .sen&sit ) %a-ab'e to hi+. an( their 'iabi' not %resent.a5or an( Arno'( ..sen&sit )or%. the (irectors o. 6rian is a DI<) because he (i( not nee( to &o behin( the chec* that . ")$ Ia.arehouse.sen&sit )or%.i'' bear the 'oss. )hoose the correct state+ent re'atin& to Ia. cannot e'ect (irectors in 6u+b'ebee )or%. &oo( . inc'usi5e o.ter the stoc*ho'(ers o.u+es . . "6$ Anton . i.ere in AntonAs .ho+ Anton bou&ht the %er. 7ho . .. A6) )or%.ter the un%ai( subscri%tions sti'' (ue to A6) )or%. A6) )or%.the ban* un(er a trust Tai.ere re'ease( to hi+ b. surchar&e an( %ena'ties. the %er. 6rian is not a DI<) because 6rian shou'( ha5e been %'ace( on notice: the chec* .ac/uirin& 303 o.. As a resu't.or (e. Anton i+%orte( %er. A6) )or%. a Phi'i%%ine cor%oration.

A-os Ko$ +isa%%ro%riate( the . +one. the ban* "<$ in e2chan&e .a'si. "13$ "A$ to inc'u(e other cor%orate o. con5iction o. atten(in& to the Artic'es o.the ban* .a'si. a sus%icious or co5ere( transaction re%ort "6$ b. a cri+ina' char&e . "13$ "A$ (e @ure cor%oration "6$ (e . Mn(er the Anti-Mone.ro9en OOOOOOOOOO. Auto Mo.hen the account be'on&s to a %erson a'rea(. stoc*s o. X.n to the other .ro+ a @u(&+ent o. XII.erre( shares cannot 5ote on the %ro%osa' OOOOOOOOOO. u%on e2 %arte +otion S ) certi. XI.i'in& . the ban*As business ")$ throu&h (acion en %a&o in satis.the 4e&iona' Tria' )ourt. in a cri+ina' %rosecution . %ro%erties 'e5ie( to satis.our %ro%onents. shares o. a (ebt in .'aun(erin& " $ In none o. 4e'-in& on the .esto%%e' "<$ &enera' %artnershi% " $ !one o.or the %urchase o. the abo5e. A%%ea's +otu %ro%rio in an a%%ea' .the AMG).icers in the cor%orationAs b--'a. the abo5e.%urchase . he %re%are( an( %resente( to the %ro%ose( incor%orators a . Instea(.icate.ees an( ne5er .i'e( the Artic'es .'aun(erin& ")$ b.action o.a5or o.acto cor%oration ")$ cor%oration b. Auto Mo. Incor%oration o.course o.the Anti-Mone. Pre.icate a%%ro5in& the Artic'es. "13$ "A$ b.con5icte( o.%urchase at a %ub'ic sa'e S ) certi.or an un. "13$ "A$ b.hen the account is the sub@ect o.or +one.or +one. the 'atter be&an assu+in& an( (ischar&in& cor%orate %o. Incor%oration .ith the Securities an( 2chan&e )o++ission "S )$. nrico ".ac/uire rea' %ro%ert.'aun(erin& %en(in& be.oreseen e5ent. "?$ !one o. the %ro%ose( cor%oration.s "6$ to issue cor%orate bon(s ")$ to shorten the cor%orate ter+ .ers. A ban* +a.Gaun(erin& )ounci' "AMG)$ . Mn*no. a (e%ositorAs ban* account a rea' estate cor%oration in the or(inar. the abo5e.Gaun(erin& Act.ta2 (e'in/uencies "6$ b." $ !o one bears the 'oss .ho ha( been &i5en the tas* o. A-os Ko is a OOOOOOOOOO. IX.ore it "<$ b. the abo5e.the )ourt o. the ban* " $ A'' o.

The rehabi'itation court issue( a Sta. %resente( the shi%%in& (ocu+ents. To*-o. A*iro o. A.0 +i''ion .is 5a'i( an( bin(in& because Aure'ia has an insurab'e interest on the 'i. the ban* (isre&ar(s the Sta. . P1> +i''ion . the Sta. I.Or(er co5ers a'' c'ai+s a&ainst the (ebtor an( bin(s a'' its cre( 5a'i( an( bin(in& because it has been in .is not 5a'i( an( bin(in& since the s%ousesA estran&e+ent re+o5e( Aure'iaAs insurab'e interest in 6en@e'aniAs 'i. Ka((a. a 'etter o.6en@e'aniAs estran&e( . A ranso+ o.or+e( the ban* o.STI.irst in Don& Kon&.in.. " $ .the en.ter shi%%in& the 'u+ber. Mueb'es )'assico.i.uture o. 'u+ber..i'e an action . ?i'i%inos.urniture sho%. In the +eanti+e. The Sta. a Min(anao-base( 'o&&in& co+%an-. The 'etter o. XIF.ith the rehabi'itation court. "STI$. 6OP (u'.. the 'etter o.6en@e'ani has been o. "<$ ( not 5a'i( an( bin(in& because Ka((a. Aure'ia.orce+ent o.6en@e'ani.iciar-. .the Sta.e. In 2010.a+i'-. XF. 6<P co+es to -ou . an( (e+an(e( %a-+ent o. a Mani'a-base( . his terrorist acti5ities in the countr.rien( Euan in )ebu )it-. the %o'ic. Inc. " $ !one o. M).icient. P>.orce .e. the abo5e. Phi'i%%ines. n route to )ebu )it-.or cor%orate rehabi'itation. throu&h one o. The 'etter o. their .. To %a. the Phi'i%%ine !ationa' Po'ice (ec'are( Ka((a. Inc. Ea%an sent 5arious &oo(s to his .or >0 tons o.ith the (ocu+ents an( not the un(er'-in& circu+stances= hence.STIAs c'ai+. the Sta. as the bene.: the ban* (ea's on'. Ka((a. %urchase( har(. in Mani'a. an( secon(.hich ha( been un(er&oin& .a5or. a'' c'ai+s a&ainst M). M) .!o.Or(er. on the other han(.on his 'i. secure( in <ece+ber 2010 a 'i. 1: because o.6en@e'ani :Pub'ic ne+. ")$ &rant STIAs c' %'ace( on Ka((a. Is the %o'ic. "<$ !o. 7orrie( about the .Or(er an( instructe( it to (en. the %o'ic.o -ears.STIAs c'ai+..e'' Shi%%ers. thousan(s o. "6$ !o.i'e( a %etition . the 5esse' ha( t.. but a&ainst the ban* .as to %a. the 5esse's o. Inc. M). M) o%ene( a 'etter o.inancia' re5erses. "6$ (en. the %o'ic. cre(it is a c'ai+ a&ainst the (ebtor that is co5ere( b.i'e its c'ai+ . the %o'ic. 8our best a(5ice is to OOOOOOOOOO. cre(it o%ene( in its .. it +a.icia''(ec'are( a %ub'ic ene+-. "13$ "A$ &rant STIAs c'ai+.6en@e'aniAs hea(..STI the a+ount o.e o. ")$ 8es.or a(5ice.or inter %'ea(er to reso'5e the %artiesA co+%etin& c'ai+s..e insurance %o'ic. "M)$. the %resentation o.or+e( STI o.Or(er to sta.that ha5e resu'te( in the (eath o.ent to 6<P. cre(it . the o%enin& o. XIII.Or( sub@ect to conte+%t bthe rehabi'itation court.or +ore than t..a5or.%a-+ent to STI because Suri&ao Ti+ber. STI shou'( . cre(it in its . " $ !one o.5a'i( an( bin(in&C "13$ "A$ 8es. STE . in.ob'i&ation. cre(it is su. the abo5e."<$ A'' o.hich has assu+e( a so'i(ar.oo( 'u+ber . the 'etter o.e an( (esi&nate( herse'. Mn(er the :In(e%en(ence Princi%'e.o sto%s.ith 6anco (e P'ata "6<P$. the abo5e. an A+erican cor%oration. cre(it is not a c'ai+ a&ainst the (ebtor un(er rehabi'itation..Or(er. 7orth .

the (a+a&e.i'e a c'ai+ .ith the courtC "13$ "A$ !o.ithin 1 -ear . %ro5i(e( he . . +a.he sti'' co++ence an action to reco5er (a+a&es To*-o to Don& Kon&.i'es the co+%'aint .ro+ (isco5er. -0-0-0- .ro+ (e'i5er-.i'' &o5ernC "13$ "A$ Ea%anese 'a. "<$ 8es. %ro5i(e( he . the (a+a&e. " $ A+erican 'a.ithin 10 -ears .ai's to .ro+ (isco5er.i'e a c'ai+ .ere (a+a&e(.o. "1$ 7hi'e tra5e''in& .o.i'es the co+%'aint .ai'ure to . to be a%%'icab'e an( Euan .ro+ (e'i5er-.or reco5er-. "<$ Phi'i%%ine 'a. "2$ Assu+in& Phi'i%%ine 'a. the . 7hat 'a. "6$ Don& Kon& 'a. %ro5i(e( he .i'es the co+%'aint . XF. ")$ )hinese 'a.i'es the co+%'aint . the &oo(s . " $ 8es.ithin 1 -ear .ith the carrier.ith the carrier is a con(ition %rece(ent . ")$ 8es.ithin 10 -ears . "6$ 8es. %ro5i(e( he .

ers a'thou&h the /uestion (oes not e2%ress'.acts. 8ou (o not nee( to re-./uestions legibly. . the succee(in& sheets therea.ere(. There is on'. -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. An ans.BAR EXAMINATION 2013 REMEDIAL LAW October 2H.ith sub/uestions$. or sub-/uestion.i'' not be &i5en an. ' the ssa.ithin four (4) hours. 7ritin&.-in& +ar*1s "such as na+es that are not in the &i5en /uestions. There are T ! "10$ . The essa. use the nu+berin& s-ste+ in the /uestionnaire. In -our ans. Ma*e sure -ou (o not . startin& at the bac* %a&e o.sheet a%%'. or %ri5ate notes to the 2a+iner$.succee(in& %a&es unti' co+%'ete(. 'ea5in& or +a*in& an. %a&e o. -our *no.corres%on(in& e2%'anation or (iscussion .er . 3. not the bac*.or -our ans. 2013 INSTRUCTIONS 1.(istin&uishin& or i(enti. %a&es an( their %ro%er nu+bers.ere( b. It shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it. At the sa+e %resente( b. 7rite -our ans. e5ersheet in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*.ere( choices.rite -our ans.e traneous note!s or distincti"e mar#ing!s on -our 2a+ination !oteboo* that can ser5e as an i(enti.-in& +ar* in the consi(ere( cheatin& an( can (is/ua'i.-ou . e5er.ithout the front. 8our ans. I. in5o'5e( an( their /ua'i. to be ans. It shou'( sho.u' ana'-sis both o. The MCQ answers should begin in the page following the last page of your essay ana'-9e the .or each nu+ber. M)Qs are to be ans.12:00 P.the 'a.but .ro+ a+on& the o. ). an( to (iscern the %oints u%on . use the bac* %a&es .ers.on the sa+e %a&e an( the i++e(iate'.ere( .irst sheet an( the bac* o.u''. %ra-ers.. an( to reason 'o&ica''.er to e5er. 2.rite or re%eat the /uestion in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. %a&es an( the %a&e nu+bers at the u%%er ri&ht han( corner the i++ateria' . !ote that so+e M)Qs +a. the . to the &i5en .be . re+e+ber that a co+%'ete e2%'anation (oes not re/uire that -ou 5o'unteer in.orth 203. .Questions nu+bere( I to X ".or the 6ar e2a+inations.hi'e the M)Q %ortion contains /uestions . each %a&e o.or+ation or (iscuss 'e&a' (octrines that are not necessar.cre(it.. <. 2a+ination !oteboo* is 8:00 A. the ...acts.M)Q= choose the 6 ST ans.. to se'ect the +ateria' .M. .$ %a&es inc'u(in& these Instructions %a&es..ers on'. Ans.e'' the a''ocate( %ercenta&e %oints . 6.u''. This Questionnaire contains ?OM4T ! "1. this Questionnaire an( +a*e sure it has the correct nu+ber o. /uestion. A +ere :8es: or :!o: a 'a.ter.ho'e to a sub-/uestion un(er the sa+e nu+ber the &i5en %re+ises. an( T7 !T8 "20$ Mu'ti%'e )hoice Questions (MCQs) nu+bere( I to XX. )hec* the nu+ber o. 4ea( each /uestion 5er.nee( correct ans.orth 803 o.icient .or an e2%'anation. the sheets %ro5i(e( in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* are not su.the /uestion. !ote .ers in -our 6ar 2a+ination !oteboo* in the same order the questions are posed. the %ertinent %rinci%'es an( theories o. Thus.ers..e2%'ain -our ans. a'. Start each nu+ber on a se%arate %a& shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it. the /uestions an( the choices o.ritin& in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* the ca%ita' 'etter "A.rite your name or an. >.hich the /uestion turns.'.or %ertinent to the so'ution to the %rob'e+.a-s brie. or $ corres%on(in& to -our chosen ans. clearly.ications an( '* . and concisely.-er-'i*e +anner to a soun( conc'usion .'e(&e an( un(erstan(in& contains /uestions that are .ritten continuous'.

Irate re'ati5es o. an( i. )har'ie . Ph%>00.+ore than > -ears o'( N no 'on&er carrie( insurance other than the co+%u'sor. Iar. an( i(enti.ense o. A'thou&h 85onne co+es ho+e to Mani'a <arioJs (eath.i&ure( in a 5ehicu'ar +isha% a'on& that %ortion o. )har'ie .Dorace .. a co+%'aint .chooses to .e2hi'aratin& session . e2%'ain brie. <SA . Ten (a-s 'ater.rien(.e2ecute( a %ro+issor.t her husban( <ario 'one'. ">3$ IF. Iar. .note as e5i(ence o.such issue be (eter+ine(C ">3$ III. action: its 'e&a' basis= the (i. the co''ision..this t-%e o.a&ainst )har'ie <e'ta.orei&n %ostin& sti'' 'e. II"A$ Is the conte+%'ate( cri+ina' action a 5iab'e o%tion to brin&C "33$ II"6$ Is a ci5i' action to i+%u&n the %aternit. De . ha( an inti+ate re'ationshi% abroa( . 7ithin 180 (a-s .ou'( %rocee( cri+ina''. . action= the e5i(ence -ou .. BRION )hair+an 2013 6ar 2a+inations ESSAY QUESTIONS I. Perc-. The c'ai+ is . ARTURO D.rien(.ro+ behin( b.ith +o5e( to (ec'are )har'ie in (e. )har'ieJs o. The co+%'aint a''e&es that )har'ie . her . su++ons on )har'ieC "33$ I"6$ I.'iabi'it. recei5e( the su++ons at )har'ieJs that he a'so en&a&e( in his o. so.C ".O?7.i'e an in(e%en(ent ci5i' action .u'' %a-+ent .hat %rocee(in& +a.or (a+a&es. the bab.ithin the re/uire( %erio(.ou'( nee(= an( t-%es 6ra5o . (ec'are( in (e. <ario (ie(.ice secretar-.or Ph%1.ho . In one %articu'ar'.rite (urin& the e2a+ination.i'e an his .ro+ the %oint to han('e the case..char&in& 85onne .. Man(a'u-on&.e( to %resent e5i(ence e2 %arte.or* in Ma*ati.or notes -ou +a. Iar. A'.as obser5e( usin& his ce''u'ar %hone at the ti+e o..i'e( .the court .hire -our 'a.thir( %art.000. HAND IN YOUR NOTEBOOK WITH THIS QUESTIONNAIRE J.ith his &ir'. 85onne. III"A$ As counse' .ith a .a&ainst Dorace. 85onne &i5es birth in Mani'a to a bab.o. .an( the.o.or Iar-.3$ II. )a'oocan.>Mi''ion.erent a%%roaches in %ursuin& this t-%e't an( to be a''o.or a(u' (e. a -oun& an( 'one'.or a su+ o.easib'e. 6oth 5ehic'es . an( A' bu+%e( . 7hi'e in his !issan Patro' an( hurr-in& ho+e to Que9on )it.8ou can use the /uestionnaire .n e2tra+arita' the inci(ent i.'.ith the 4e&iona' Tria' )ourt o.ere( %h-sica' in@uries .. . +one. the 'oan. in . sther.e( the a+ount . <ario conte+%'ate cri+ina''. I"A$ 7as there %ro%er an( 5a'i( ser5ice o. (escribe the %rocess -ou nee( to un(erta*e startin& .si2 +onths.hi'e his !issan Patro' sustaine( (a+a&e in e2cess o. "33$ III"6$ I. Iar.hat can )har'ie (o to obtain re''t.enses -ou cou'( e2%ect.ith @uris(iction o5er the the ) an( (u''e( to .i'e( his 5eri.a ?or( 2%e(ition SMF (ri5en b.ish1nee( to . raisin& the ( A'.

7hi'e 'eisure'.in5o'5e( has not been i(enti. 7hat re+e(. To ri( the s%ousesJ Ta&a-ta.or*in& o5erseas.ore ..%ro%ert-. an in(i&ent +other see*s assistance .'.ere( e+barrass+ent an( ri(icu'e.or -our actions.oru+ .ho has been char&e( un(er 4A 301B " Anti-Ira. In a recent tri% to their Ta&a-ta..t an( )orru%t Practices Act $ be.hat . the nee( arises= an( the reason1s .an. %rocee( %osthaste to the %resentation o. . Do..a5ai'ab'eC Eusti.i5e ti+es in the 'ast si2 +onths.a+i'ies o. bruises an( scratches that (i( not re/uire an.hat 'e&a' basisC "H3$' reco5er at 'east Ph%100.)it. -our .ou'( use= the ste%s -ou . Shou'( -ou no.se5era' .a'*in& a'on& the street near her house in Mari*ina.ou'( -ou use to in5o*e this re'ie.hen the. 8ou .or P100.innin&s.or si2 +onths.or her unca''e( .here -ou are assi&ne(. these in. "33$ F.t behin( b.ste%%e( on a &ar(en too' 'e.ou'( ta*e= the court .in( that the reason . "33$ IF"<$ In one other case.ho has been arreste( an( (etaine( ...hich .hate5er is necessar. Patt. a'so .ere sur%rise( to see hasti'. its e5i(ence. 'i&ht +ateria's occu%ie( b. su. 7ou'( an a%%'ication .ou'( -ou un(erta*e to a((ress the situation an( .ro+ the recor(s that the i''e&a' substance a''e&e('..ense counse' o.en(er at the 'oca' 4e&iona' Tria' )ourt an( to han('e cases in5o'5in& in(i&ents.or /ua'i.o+an accuse( has been in (etention .here -ou are the (e.At the Pub'ic Attorne-As O.. the e+%'o-er-co+%'ainant . She .%urchase( a %arce' o. the %rosecution has reste( but -ou sa. a&ainst . 7hat action or actions +a.--ear o'( son . . IF"A$ In one cri+ina' action .C "33$ IF")$ Sti'' in another case. the.asse+b'e( she'ters o. ?ortunate'-.or this is the continue( absence o.e'' into an o%en +anho'e. 7ith their 'otter.o.or bai' be the a%%ro%riate re+e(.))).000.or +a'icious -ou .000 .ho is .or her 1.%ro%ert.00. 7hat re+e(.o.ou'( -ou in5o*e this re'ie.(iscuss the 'e&a' re+e(.or /ua'i. (an&erous (ru&s.%ursue..or+a' sett'ers .oru+ .ie( the.C "33$ IF"6$ In another case. ansti%u' b.t.ere not there ..i'e -our re+e(.su.ere( no +a@or in@uries e2ce%t .ense attorne-.or e2%erience an( hires -ou to act as counse' .ere(.ice station in Ta&ui& . an( ha( bouts out'ine the a%%ro%riate ste%s to ta*e.base( in Ma*ati. .ore the San(i&anba-an.ou'( .ho . an( un(er .three "3$ +onths a&o. the. The s%ouses Euan resi(e in Que9on )it-. An&e'a 6ituin .itnesses nor has it been the sub@ect o. but the %rosecution has -et to co++ence the %resentation o. in. ( a%%ro%riate an( be.ho+. a construction co+%an.or is there another re+e(. she has -et to be .t .hat she su.-ou.-our chosen re+e(.or i''e&a' %ossession o. -ou 'earne( that the .. 'an( in Ta&a-ta. "court an( 5enue$.or her an( to (o .hos%ita'i9ation. 8ou are the (e.'ast 5isite( the %ro%ert.ants 5in(ication .un*no.or contusions. -et she has not been to a courtroo+ nor seen a @u(&e. this ti+e . Patt. She 'ost her ba'ance as a conse/uence an( .estee+. 7hi'e An&e'a has %oste( bai'. an2iet.i. the (etaine( -oun& (o+estic he'%er has been brou&ht to court .an( ba( (rea+s about the acci(ent.or* re/uires -ou to act as %ub'ic (e.or . she 'ost se'. as their counse'.ense e5i(ence or consi(er so+e other re+e(-C 2%'ain the re+e(ia' ste%s -ou %ro%ose to un(erta*e.or+a' sett'ers. "H3$ FI. the %rosecution .

h. robber. 7a'ter at the 5icinit. ?r.ter the . the .e'onies too* %'ace= or bac* to Fa'en9ue'a .e( o5er 7a'terJs ob@ectionC "33$ +inutes be. the . <r.ense an( that it .ession an( . the %riest-con.hen the .i'e( (irect'.ire. 7a'ter in the 5icinit. 7a'terJs %s-chiatrist.ire at about the ti+e o.act that she ha( not been in5esti&ate( at a''.in Si'an&. An&e'a re5ea'e( to -ou that she has not been in5esti&ate( .ire.icers char&e( .the char&es o. an ear'.she has been char&e( be.in5esti&ationC ".or an.essor. )ar'os.. 'e&a' counse'in& an( the . 'a.e( o5er 7a'terJs ob@ectionC "33$ IX")$ Ma.ith arson an( at his tria'. this re+e(-C ".a( ..ith the se%arate cri+es to sub(ue the +a'e. Po'ice Ins%ector Masi&asi& o.e( u% at her resi(ence . IX"A$ Ma.itnesse( an on-&oin& ar+e( robber.consu'te( a.ith her sister in Ma*ati..irear+ be .e( o5er the ob@ection o. On his . be a'' the burne( he is statione(C 7hich court has @uris(iction o5er the cri+ina' casesC "33$ FIII"6$ Ma. As a ne.'e( in ti+e. !enita 'i5e( in the +eanti+e .. .hen the house co''a%se(.ho 'i5e( near the burne( house an( .a. this re+e(-C ".hen an( ho.e'on an( .ore the .ho a'' sa.ho re&u'ar'.ore-tria': re+e(. As she .ho hear( it a. robber.o.*a& i''e&a' %ossession o. Dis a'ertness an( trainin& enab'e( hi+ to . a'so sa. the %rosecution +o5e( to intro(uce the testi+onies o. an( ho. !enita. a'so encountere( hi+ not too . She . )a5ite on boar( a %ub'ic trans%ort bus as a %assen& her husban( 7a'ter because o. the %en(in& case a&ainst her.ithout a %re'i+inar. One (a-.air .ire.. Attorne.a.. 7a'terC "33$ IX"6$ Ma. !enitaJs sister ine2%'icab'. ?or o5er a -ear.irear+. !enita ha( been estran&e( .burne( a'+ost to the &roun(. P'atino. . the Fa'en9ue'a Po'ice .3$ FII"6$ 7hat :(urin&-tria': re+e(. )a5ite . !enita be a''o. . to a((ress the . be a''o.ore the San(i&anba-an . %resentin& (e.arrai&ne(.as runnin& a.hears 7a'terJs con.ere cau&ht insi(e the house but !enita sur5i5e( as she .as 'ater char&e( .essor. 7a'ter .as on'.ho+ 7a'ter +e(ica''. De (isar+e( the .ro+ the burnin& house.ith the a%%ro%riate court .the testi+on.ou'( -ou in5o*e in An&e'aJs beha'.!o5ato 'i+ite( his %ractice to s+a'' c'ai+s cases. !enita . .the in5esti&atin& %rosecutor .as . FII"A$ 7hat :be.b. (isco5ere( another han(&un tuc*e( in his . ?r.Man(a'u-on&.o.ter the .aist.can -ou use to a''o. <r. !enita an( her sister .oi' the he is boun(= to Ma*ati . )oinci(enta''-. arrest that she 'earne( o.hi'e the bus .o.3$ IX.ithout the nee( o. the (octor an( the %riest-con.the testi+on.ith F'a(i+ir. FIII"A$ 7here shou'( Po'ice Ins%ector Masi&asi& brin& the .-er. the %arish %riest . the 'atterJs sus%icion that she ..hen %o'ice o.ris*in& hi+. De sei9e( both han(&uns an( the +a'e. the %rosecution e5i(ence . the house o.ense e5i(ence= .hi'e .an( i''e&a' %ossession the P!P Aca(e+.3$ FIII.on(ers .ro+ the scene..e5a'uation o.arrant o. can -ou a5ai' a.the .as ha5in& an tra5ersin& Ma*ati.e'on .ire. )ar' the bus actua''.a.hi'e her sister trie( to sa5e be'on&in&s an( .as cau&ht insi(e .or cri+ina' %rocessin&C To Si'an&. P'atino. 7a'terJs %s-chiatrist .ho 'i5e( in nearb..ith a . a baran&a.hen she is not in &o5ern+ent ser5ice. .ou'( -ou a5ai' sur%rise( to see her husban( a'so runnin& a.

.au't..or+ation be. .en(antJs .a5or o.e . the %'ainti..u%on +otion is a(+issib'eC "13$ "A$ The a. the %'ainti.n&ra(es the nature o.a&enc-.iant statin& that he . II. o.. the (e..ect a hi&her to a 'o..ense an( e2c'u(es an.ere sachets o...ense .as not %resente( as a . an a..en(ant in ('t but on'.as assiste( b.this be %ursue(C ".(ec'are the (e.en( o.u%on +otion o.ho ser5e( as his secretar-1he'%er. an( . the (e. the abo5e. the (e. In a co+%'aint .en(ant.i(a5it o.e( to a%%ear as counse' in these casesC "33$ X"6$ 7hat 'e&a' re+e(-.o.or a c'ient . o.3$ MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS I. the a+en(+ent OOOOOOOOOO.en(ant in (e.i'e( b.ter the cons%irac..en(ant in (e.hat is the e.ense .ai'ure to ans.!o5ato %'a.hich tribuna' or court +a. a %o'ice o.itness in the tria'.ense .o''o. an( u%on %resentation o. (ocu+ents.en(antJs .ith notice to the ( .ore arrai&n+ent i.iant .itness re&ar(in& e+ai' +essa&esthe .notari9ation o.n&ra(es the nature o. " $ !one an( ..ore . he (i( not ha5e bi&-ti+e c'ients but en@o-e( hea5.hen 'a. De use( a +a*eshi.en(ant.his in. III.ter (ue notice to the (e.ho 'oses in a s+a'' c'ai+s case an( be.icer that he ha( been to'( to a hi&her o.. the .. %roo.. "<$ The testi+on. the o. De %ut u% a so'o %ractice 'a. i. shabu in the %oc*et o.t hut in a 5acant 'ot near the 'oca' courts an( a 'oca' trans%ort re&u'ator. the o. court is re/uire( to a+en( a co+%'aint or in. "<$ The court't but on'. "13$ "A$ u%&ra(es the nature o.itnesse( the e2ecution o. ")$ The court +a.ense . the o..o.the %'ainti. the'ure to .er to a hi&her o. +a. a (ee( o.(ec'are the ( s+a'' c'ai+s cases . the accuse( "6$ u%&ra(es the nature o.a'*-in c'ients.%erio(C "13$ "A$ The court is a''o.has en(e(. a %art-Js .e( to ren(er @u(&+ent +otu %ro%rio in . an-.his .i'e an ans..(ec'are the (e. the %'ainti. ")$ The a 'o.o.ense an( a((s another .er. sa'e but the a. 7hich the o%%osin& %art-. .ithin the re&'e+entar.itness recei5e( .ro+ a hi&her to a 'o.. "6$ The court +otu %ro%rio +a. " $ The abo5e choices are a'' inaccurate.en(ant.ith notice to the (e.!o5ato %ursue .Attorne.%atrona&e assistin& . "6$ The e2tra @u(icia' a(+ission +a(e b.ense or e2c'u(es anaccuse( "<$ (o.ense an( a((s another accuse( ")$ (o. but on'.ro+ a 'o.a cons%irator a&ainst his co-cons%irator a. X"A$ 7hat ro'e can Attorne. 7ith this %ractice an( ' o.-ers are not a''o..or+ants that there . Gea5e o.

"<$ The +ort&a&e( %ro%ert. their *'( at %ub'ic auction to satis. there are &oo( &roun(s to su%%ort it.hich sha'' not be 'ess than ninet.en(e( %art"<$ .o. IF.resi(ua' @uris(iction o5er e@ect+ent actions F.ter the . The si&nature o.or+ation an( be'ie. .orec'osure %rocee(in&.%ro5e his &oo( +ora' character i.'e(&e.hen it is e5i(ence o.ter the (ecision has beco+e .the @u(&+ent a+ount .ent. A S+a'' )'ai+s )ourt OOOOOOOOOO.or (e'a")$ the counse' has rea( the %'ea(in&.ai'ure o.or+ation ..%ro5e the ba( +ora' character o. "13$ "A$ in cri+ina' cases N the accuse( +a.en(ant to %a. the (e. but not to %ro5e the ba( +ora' character o. "13$ "A$ both c'ient an( counse' ha5e rea( the %'ea(in&. that to the best o. the &oo( character o.or (e'a"6$ the c'ient has rea( the %'ea(in&. the c'ientJs * ne5er so'( at %ub'ic auction.. the accuse( to %ro5e his cri+ina' %re(is%osition ")$ in cri+ina' cases un(er certain situations. @u(&+ent.ense char&e( "6$ in cri+ina' cases N the %rosecution +a. the situations out'ine( abo5e..the @u(&+entC "13$ "A$ A."120$ (a-s . an( that it is not inter%ose( .ina' an( e2ecutor-. "6$ At an. in. but has concurrent. the (e.the @u(&+ent so'( but not in an. ")$ entr.en(ant to %a. the c'ientJs *no. that to the best o.ication that OOOOOOOOOO.itness " $ In none o. that to the best o.. in. FI. an( that it is not inter%ose( . there are &oo( &roun(s to su%%ort it. the o. @uris(iction o5er e@ect+ent actions " $ has on'. counse' in the %'ea(in& constitutes a certi.itness e5en %rior to his i+%each+ent as .i2e( in the (ecision. %ertinent to the +ora' trait in5o'5e( in the o.ithin the %erio( . . in.or+ation an( be'ie. " $ The +ort&a&e( %ro%ert.hen is the +ort&a&e( %ro%ert.'e(&e.ti+e a.'e(&e. "13$ "A$ has @uris(iction o5er e@ect+ent actions "6$ has 'i+ite( @uris(iction o5er e@ect+ent actions ")$ (oes not ha5e an. a . )haracter e5i(ence is a(+issib'e OOOOOOOOOO. FII."B0$ nor +ore than one hun(re('ure o.accuse( " $ A'' the abo5e choices are inaccurate.@uris(iction o5er e@ect+ent actions "<$ (oes not ha5e ori&ina'. the &i5en situations abo5e. 7hen the court ren(ers @u(&+ent in a @u(icia' .ter the .

o.itnessC "13$ "A$ The testi+on. "6$ The accuse( (oes not a%%ear to be &ui't-.or the court @u(&e is &i5en the (iscretion to continue .i'' not necessari'. 6'&. the accuse( . robber-.ect o. ")$ The 'o. the 4u'es o. 6. "6$ A +otion to /uash +eant to (e' (istin&uishes a +otion to /uash . )ourt on the %rinci%a' case be.%rocee(in&s.corroborate( on a'' %oints.the Gu%on& Ta&a%a+a-a%a un(er the Katarun&an& Pa+baran&a.i'' continue .ore an accuse( +a. the %rinci%a' case. a s%ecia' ci5i' action un(er 4u'e#> o. "6$ The ci5i' as%ect o. " $ !one o. 7hich o..or a +otion to /uash are a'so &roun(s .in& is not sub@ect to +e(iation .o''o. %re'i+inar.ron&. the abo5e. . at the (iscretion o..a-s interru%ts the course o.. 7hich a+on& the . the abo5e. the case .rit o.ense. " $ !one a (e+urrer to e5i(enceC "13$ "A$ A +otion to /uash a co+%'aint or in. ")$ 7hen a +otion to /uash is &rante(.. court. 7hich a+on& the .ti+e been con5icte( courtC "13$ "A$ It a'.an( be'ie.o. the 4e5ise( Pena' )o(e. "<$ The 'o.hose (ischar&e is re/ueste(. X. the . the accuse(. XI. there are &oo( &roun(s to su%%ort it. IX. the. the %en(enc. he be'ie5es that the s%ecia' ci5i' action . a (is+issa' o. "<$ )ases co&ni9ab'e (ischar&e( to beco+e a state . an( that it is not inter%ose( .in@unction a&ainst the 'o.. 7hat is the is a re/uisite be.accurate.ore the %rosecution rests its case. an( that it is not inter%ose( . "<$ The accuse( has not at an.ore the 'o. 22 cases. "6$ It interru%ts the course o. FIII.o'' R 'e( . the hi&her court issues a te+%orarrestrainin& or(er or a .er court..ith the %rinci%a' case court @u(&e . an.or @u(icia' (is%ute reso'utionC "13$ "A$ The ci5i' as%ect o.P. that base( on his %ersona' in. ")$ The ci5i' as%ect o.or (e'a"<$ the counse' has rea( the %'ea(in&.Ga.or a (e+urrer to e5i(ence.ithout 'ea5e o.or+ation is R 'e( be.or+ation. " $ The abo5e choices are a'' . "<$ The &roun(s . the accuse( sou&ht to be (ischar&e( can be substantia''.ith the %rinci%a' case.t %ena'i9e( un(er Artic'e 308 o.or (e'a" $ The abo5e choices are not tota''. the %rinci%a' case on'. there are &oo( &roun(s to su%%ort it. ")$ There is abso'ute necessit.o''o.o''o.ith or .

ina' @u(&+ent or . the or(er or reso'ution o. a @u(&+ent or .a %art. an( his 5o'untar.or certiorari.e( to R 'e a secon( +otion .ro+ the ru'in& court. %rohibition.unctions a&ainst the %arties char&e(.ithin 1> (a-s .ina' or(erC "13$ "A$ At an-ti+e ..initiatin& the conte+%t %rocee(in& resi(es " $ char&in& entit. the . %rohibition. 7hen +a.ina' @u(&+ent or .is a''o.i'e( .hen (oes the )ourt o. the res%on(entC "13$ "A$ M%on the ser5ice on the res%on(ent o. +i&ht a. i.a. XF.act are &enera''.%ersuasi5e reasons an( on'. "<$ A %art. ri&ht to R 'e a secon( +otion . the )ourt o.ith the 4e&iona' Tria' )ourt o.or reconsi(eration o. ")$ A %art. A%%ea's in(icatin& its initia' action on the %etition.ore %ersons. the %etition .itnesses .is not a'' co++itte( "<$ %art. A%%ea's.ina' or(er. the abo5e. entit.acts an( circu+stances that. the case " $ !one o.ho co++itte( the conte+%tuous act resi(es ")$ act o." $ <ue res%ect to the hi&her court (e+an(s that the 'o. a .ho &a5e con. (enia' o.not (isturbe( b. .or a&enc. )onte+%t char&es +a(e court @u(&e te+%orari'. ?in(in&s the issue is the cre(ibi'it. the abo5e. sha'' be .e( as a +atter o.or reconsi(eration. ")$ M%on the ser5ice on the res%on(ent o. the .ect the resu't o.or a&enc.o5er'oo*e( .ro+ the )ourt o. +an(a+us or /uo .ter obtainin& e2%ress 'ea5e .R 'e a secon( +otion . the %'ace . the )ourt o. or /uo .e2ercisin& /uasi-@u(icia' . "6$ M%on ser5ice on the res%on(ent o. "6$ On'.here the @u(&e hear( se5era' . the su++ons . XII. entities.e'ects to initiate the action XIF. "13$ "A$ .here the @u(&e .or certiorari. bo(ies an( a&encies e2ercisin& /uasi-@u(icia' . e2traor(inari'. A%%ea's ac/uire @uris(iction o5er the %erson o. "13$ "A$ the OOOOOOOOOO. XIII.ina' or(er.or reconsi(eration o. " $ !one o.irst +otion .sus%en( the %rinci%a' case. conte+%t .arranto the %resence o. .itness "6$ . In an ori&ina' action .or reconsi(eration notice o. .sub+ission to the @uris(iction o. a .ho hear( the case is not the sa+e @u(&e . A%%ea's. +an(a+us.'ictin& testi+onies "<$ .here there are substantia''.ho %enne( the (ecision ")$ .the a%%e''ate court e2ce%t in cases OOOOOOOOOO. %ro%er'consi(ere(.unction is 'ocate( "6$ %erson .

.en(ant is to be e2c'u(e( . her ri&ht a&ainst se'.un(a+enta' ri&ht that a.ects the %ersona' status o. the %'ainti.or+er'. "6$ !o. "13$ "A$ .sub+ission to the @uris(iction o. "<$ 7hen the accuse( resi(es outsi(e the @uris(iction accuse( o.hen the action is a&ainst a non-resi(ent (e.hen the action a&ainst the non-resi(ent (e... 'ibe'. .other .because the accuse( is on the . XFI. shou'( the court ru'e on the ob@ectionC "13$ "A$ The court +ust sustain the ob@ection.b. his e+%'o-+ent as such.ai5e( si+%'.as on the .ro+ the Phi'i%%ines.or (a+a&es a&ainst Peter. %a%er.-incri+ination is . his %ro%ert-... the )ourt o.itness an( not b.ithin the Phi'i%%ines in . A."<$ 6. A%%ea's. the abo5e +o(es.itness stan( i+%ro%er un(er a'' o.i'e( a co+%'aint .ho is a bro*er. In the course o.-incri+ination is a . "6$ The court +ust o5erru'e the ob@ection.en(ant re'ates to %ro%ert.res%on(entJs 5o'untar.en(ant a. Peter intro(uce( e5i(ence on a +atter not raise( in the %'ea(in&s. ")$ ! is not .be in5o*e( on'.en(ant .interest on a %ro%ert. Maria . "<$ . or (is%ose o.%ro+%t'. 7hi'e Maria . an( ).her a''e&e( authorshi% o.itness stan(. " $ Mn(er an. ")$ 7hen the accuse( is about to concea'. an( the ( instances.or %ro%ert. Maria ob@ecte( as .ects 'ibert.rite her na+e an( to si&n on a %iece o.itness. the accuse( . <ann. XFIII.ou'( 5io'ate her ri&ht a&ainst se'. su++ons is %ro%er in the . "<$ The ob@ection .to %ro5e that she authore( the 'ibe'ous +ateria'. 7hen is attach+ent i+%ro%er in cri+ina' casesC "13$ "A$ 7hen the accuse( is about to abscon( .ho is .hen she o%ts to ta*e the . 6.ects the %ersona' status o. re+o5e. " $ The ob@ection .an or(inar.o.the accuse( . a%%arent'. the %' %ro%er as the ri&ht to se'.en(ant has a c'ai+ or 'ien " $ A'' ta*en to 5eri. Do. the tria'.hich the (e.'ocate( in the Phi'i%%ines "6$ . the %rosecution as*e( her to .+isa%%'ie( or con5erte( to the use o.ritin& an( si&nin& her na+e . the tria' court. the abo5e.hen the action a&ainst the non-resi(ent (e. this %ri5i'e&e +a. she can be cross e2a+ine( @ust 'i*e an. in the course o.ob@ecte( on the &roun( that the e5i(ence re'ates to a +atter not in issue. the 'ibe'ous state+ents.or +one.o''o. "6$ 7hen the cri+ina' action is base( on a c'ai+ .hen the non-resi(ent (e. 2tra-territoria' ser5ice o.e+be99'e( or .ro+ an. XIX.ai5e( as soon as she beca+e a .itness an( her sa+%'e si&nature +a.. 7as MariaJs ob@ection %ro%erC "13$ "A$ !o. XFII.itness stan(.rau(u'ent'.outsi(e the Phi'i%%ines ")$ . e2ce%t OOOOOOOOOO.a Phi'i%%ine resi(ent an( the action a.en(ant is te+%orari'.. <ann.

or re5ie. (oin& so .i'e a %etition . "<$ .ir+e( on a%%ea' b. in its (iscretion. the %'ea(in& i. the court.or reconsi(eration .or+ to the e5i(ence %resente( be stric*en out.i'e a +otion .. 'a.i'e a +otion .or certiorari .or reconsi(eration an( i. -0N0N0 . (enie(. The Gabor Arbiter. A%%ea's on the &roun( o. +a. (enie(.i'e a %etition .ith the )ourt o.or re5ie.or reconsi(eration an( i.issue is in5o'5e(.. .i'e a +otion . .ith the )ourt o. &ra5e abuse o.o.or reconsi(eration an( i. +a. The co+%an-Js recourse un(er the circu+stances is to OOOOOOOOOO. XX.ina'.or certiorari . "6$ .i'e a %etition . (enie(. " $ The +atter is sub@ect to the co+%'ete (iscretion o.")$ The court. " $ (irect'. "13$ "A$ . A%%ea's since a +otion .i'e a +otion . . in its (iscretion. 'a.the !G4) .or(er that the a''e&ation in the %'ea(in&s . is in5o'5e(.hen a %ure /uestion o. (iscretion b.ou'( ser5e the en(s o.i'e a %etition .ith the )ourt o.or*erJs reinstate+ent an( this ru'in& .the !G4). a%%ea' to the Secretar.ith the Su%re+e )ourt since a %ure /uestion o. A%%ea's on the %ure 'e&a' /uestion the case %resents.a''o. Gabor since a 'abor %o'ic. is in5o'5e(.'e&a' /uestion. or(ere( a . a+en(+ent o. substantia' @ustice.ou'( ser5e no %ur%ose . "<$ The court.or reconsi(eration an( i.hich (o not con. ru'in& on a %ure'. ")$ . is .as a. on certiorari . (enie(.hose (ecision. . un(er the Gabor )o(e.

-in& +ar*1s "such as na+es that are not in the &i5en /uestions.sheet o. There is on'.to ana'-9e the . e5er.u''. -our * the &i5en %re+ises.ers in -our 6ar 2a+ination !oteboo* in the same order the questions are posed.i'' not be &i5en'e(&e an( un(erstan(in& o. Ma*e sure -ou (o not .e'' the a''ocate( %ercenta&e %oints .cre(it. or sub/uestion. It shou'( sho.. -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. %a&e shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it.acts.. the succee(in& sheets therea.M)Q= choose the 6 ST ans.hi'e the M)Q %ortion contains /uestions .or an e2%'anation. this Questionnaire an( +a*e sure it has the correct nu+ber o.ritin& in -our !oteboo* the ca%ita' 'etter "A. 8our ans. %a&es an( the %a&e nu+bers at the u%%er ri&ht han( corner o. /uestion. and concisely.rite your name or an.corres%on(in& e2%'anation or (iscussion .ers. e5ersheet in -our !oteboo*. A +ere :8es: or :!o: ans. This Questionnaire contains ?I?T ! "1>$ %a&es inc'u(in& these Instructions %a&es.ritten continuous'. >. The essa. Start each nu+ber on a se%arate %a&e..u' ana'-sis both o. the %ertinent %rinci%'es an( theories o.ers.BAR EXAMINATION 2013 CRIMINAL LAW October 20.or each nu+ber.e2%'ain -our the front. use the nu+berin& s-ste+ in the / . ).ho'e e2a+ination . the .er the ssa.ers a'thou&h the /uestion (oes not e2%ress'. An ans.e traneous note!s or distincti"e mar#ing!s on -our !oteboo* that can ser5e as an i( .ere( choices. %a&es an( their %ro%er nu+bers..acts. <. It shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it. Ans.a-s brie.'.(istin&uishin& or i(enti. 7rite -our ans.-er-'i*e +anner to a soun( conc'usion .but . 'a.ter.orth 203.%ortion contains /uestions that are .ro+ the i++ateria' . a+on& the o. 'ea5in& or +a*in& an.ithout an. 7ritin&. in5o'5e( an( their /ua' .as* .icient . an( to (iscern the %oints u%on ./uestions legibly. There are G F ! "11$ ssa.the 'a.. )hec* the nu+ber o. !ote .ere(. or %ri5ate notes to the 2a+iner$.-ou .rite -our ans.acts %resente( b. a 'a. correct ans. %ra-ers.orth 80o1o o.M . to be ans. !ote that so+e M)Qs +a.nee( care. 3. re+e+ber that a co+%'ete e2%'anation (oes not re/uire that -ou 5o'unteer in. a'.or+ation or (iscuss 'e&a' (octrines that are not necessar.hich the /uestion turns.succee(in& %a&es unti' co+%'ete(.#:00 P.or -our ans.or %ertinent to the so'ution to the %rob'e+.ications an( 'i+itations.-in& +ar* in the e2a+ !oteboo* is consi(ere( cheatin& an( can (is/ua'i.M. use the bac* %a&es o. Thus. The MCQ answers should begin in the page following the last page of your essay answers. an( T7 !T8 ?IF )hoice Questions (MCQs) nu+bere( I to XXF. to se'ect the +ateria' .er to a sub-/uestion un(er the sa+e nu+ber +a.rite or re%eat the /uestion in -our !oteboo*. At the sa+e ti+e. clearly.. 8ou (o not nee( to re-.Questions nu+bere( I to a%%'. or $ corres%on(in& to -our chosen ans.the /uestion. startin& at the bac* %a&e o.ers on'.be . each %a&e o. not the bac*.ithin four (4) hours. the sheets %ro5i(e( in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* are not su.irst sheet an( the bac* o.or the 6ar e2a+inations.u''. . In -our ans. . 2013 INSTRUCTIONS 1. an( to reason 'o&ica''. 4ea( each /uestion 5er. M)Qs are to be ans. the .er to e5er.ere( .er. the /uestions an( the choices o.ere( b.on the sa+e %a&e an( the i++e(iate'. "2>$ Mu'ti%'e 2:00 P. to the &i5en .

6runo. ca+e .ho+e . con5iction an( a.'atterin& artic'e about Pab' the 5icti+ .ner causin& his (eath= an( that the *i''in& ha%%ene( at 10 in the e5enin& in the house . ?or . +one. he but he returne( e5er-(a.ith Mi'(re( a&ainst her .ith t. .i&ure so that . Mo(esto as*e( Abe'ar(o to *ee% the t.ter brin&in& his co''ea&ues an( Mi'(re( to their (estination.irst attac*e( an( (i( so .to brin& . At the house. ?e'i%e.hen the se2ua' assau'ts too* %'ace as he 'e.insi(e the 5au't an( soon he hear( the ne.or ho+ici(e is rec'usion te+%ora'.ee*'. a %ub'ic . Mo(esto .. Assu+in& a @u(&+ent the nearest %o'ice station an( narrate( her or(ea'.ith 'ibe'. So+eti+e in Au&ust.ter consi(erin& the atten(ant circu+stances. cou'( not be 'ess than P> Mi'' in his rou&h count.ith Abe'ar(o.rite (urin& the e2a+ination.surren(ere( to the authorities= that he %'ea(e( &ui't. 7hat is Abe'ar(oAs 'iabi'it-C "H3$ IF. Soon a. an( secure( a con.assau'tin& her. unsure o. 4o'(an.a-. The %ena't.ith .ro+ a %art-.oo( an( the ne.ish1nee( to . 4o'(an.o ba&s in his 5au't.ense. his roo+in& house. an( Gucio co++it an( in his o.a+ous sin&er. The %rosecution %ro5e( that 6runo stabbe( the o. De *e%t the +one. bun('es o.hat to (o un(er the circu+stances. 1BB8 . on the other han(. Ii&i countere( that she (i( not co++it 'ibe' because Pab'o has attaine( the status o.ith t. Ii&i his . ?e'i%eAs &un.o ba&s. Mo(esto. his *ni. In her (e. Gucio .s that a &an& that inc'u(e( Mo(esto ha( been en&a&e( in ban* robberies. Abe'ar(o. success.or notes -ou +a.i'' an( un(er the threat o.hi'e Abe'ar(o . Pab'o char&e( Ii&i . 6runo . 7hen Abe'ar(o 'ater e2a+ine( the t.ithout an. but he %re5ai'e( because he +ana&e( to (ra. HAND IN YOUR NOTEBOOK WITH THIS QUESTIONNAIRE J.n about Mi'(re(As (isa%%earance. Eu'io an( 4o'(an *e%t Mi'(re( in the house an( too* turns in se2ua''. BRION )hair+an 2013 6ar 2a+inations ESSAY QUESTIONS the 5icti+ an( 6runo 'i5e(.t a.ith ho+ici(e .as char&e( . to&ether .i5e ( the cri+e char&e(= that it . %artici%ationC "H3$ III. 7hat cri+e1s (i( ?e'i%e. In her .ession .?e'i%e an( ta*en on boar( a tric-c'e to a house so+e (istance a.o ba&s in his 5au't unti' he co+es bac* to &et the+.i. ?e'i%e.or+. Eu'io.e. ?e'i%e .or *i''in& the H>--ear o'( o.hat .ho a(+itte( that their 'oot ha( been (e%osite( .ho (ro5e the tric-c'e. an( Gucio. 7hi'e .8ou can use the /uestionnaire . . an( 4o'(an succee(e( in ha5in& se2ua' intercourse .ith Eu'io.o hea5. a .as their (e&ree o.s in to. ARTURO D. The artic'e %ortra-e( Pab'o as an abusi5e husban( an( cause( hi+ to 'ose 'ucrati5e en(orse+ent contracts.hat %ena'tshou'( the @u(&e i+%oseC "H3$ II.a.. On the #th (a-. the %o'ice ca%ture(.%ro5ocation on his "6runoAs$ %art.a'*in& a'one on her . Mi'(re( +ana&e( to esca%e= she %rocee(e( i++e(iate'.as . .rote an un. Mi'(re( .u''%ro5e( that he 5o'untari'.ter.that. an( his bitter se%aration .as sei9e( at &un %oint b.ho .ner o. Mo(esto an( Abe'ar(o are brothers.hich he stabbe( the 5icti+.o other +en in %o'ice uni.&ossi% co'u+n in a tab'oi(. *e%t /uiet about the not aroun( . Eu'io.e .

ine o.icate. to se5enteen "1H$ -ears an( . the ?ortuner. The court sentence( hi+ to su. B3.. Attorne. si&ne( b.oun(. throu&h this .are )o(e... Mariano then turne( his ire on <encio an( %unche( hi+ re%eate('-.e has beco+e a 'e&iti+ate sub@ect o.char&e( .er an in(eter+inate %ena't. i. 6. he .ith the Gan( Trans%ortation in &oo( .in& (a-. > o. rea' %ro%ert-. as +ini+u+.ith esta.or&e( an(.'e(&e o.ho o. (ie(. Asi(e . his sentence %ro5i(e( un(er this 'a. I.oun( the chassis an( +otor nu+bers to be (i. De %oc*ete( the %rocee(s o.iscate( his e2a+ination boo*'et an( sent hi+ out o. The <ee( bu-in& a carna%%e( 5ehic'e. Michae' then sou&ht the sus%ension o.essor.hen he .as (enie( because the %robation 'a.. B1#> "i''e&a' sa'e o. Merce(es. Mariano .'ecte( in the 4e&istration )erti.ere the se'' .. his sentence un(er 4.C "H3$ FI. 4oberto +et a +inor acci(ent that +a(e the e2a+ination o.a throu&h . to corres%on( to a 5ehic'e %re5ious'.or Ph% 2."SPA$ &i5in& hi+ the authorit. the sa' subse/uent'. his 5ehic'eAs 4e&istration )erti. rec'usion te+%ora'. The si&nature o. 7hen the %o'ice+an chec*e( the %'ate.hat the 4e&istration )erti. o. he . P>00.ere . the 5ehic'e a&ainst those re. In c'ass the . s'a%%e( her on the . The chassis an( +otor nu+bers on the ?ortuner . 4oberto c'ai+e( that he . another stu(ent.A.ication .ith a cri+eC "H3$ FII. si2 "#$ -ears an( one "1$ (a. 'an( re&istere( in the na+e o. an-. a'so bore the sa+e chassis an( +otor nu+bers as 4obertoAs 4e&istration )erti.or %robation but his a%%'ication . Merce(es e5entua''. )an Michae' a5ai' o. 7i''ia+ .(isco5ere( 7i''ia+As +is(ee(s an( .er o.en(ers un(er 4.ou'( -ou or . Merce(es .icate state(. 7as the cri+ina' char&e %ro%erC "H3$ .'icte( &ra5e in@uries on Miss 4e-es ha( not <encio. that he .o''o. Is Ii&i correctC "H3$ F. Merce(es.i. as +a2i+u+.ISi&o. the sus%ension o.e.000. a 'a(. B1#>.ou'( -ou not char&e 4oberto . cheatin& (urin& an a'rea(. 7i''ia+ cause( the %re%aration o. an( a .a'si. -ou . causin& Mariano e2tre+e con5icte( an( sentence(.ice.ication o..the ti+e he char&e( .or&e( SPA an( . .arnin&.to (ru& o. Sec.e5en his %ersona' 'i.erent .ro+ ISi&o .or 5io'ation o.ithout the consent an( *no. 7i''ia+As . 7hat cri+e or 1H -ears o'( . one o. Anita.ns se5era' %ieces o. a S%ecia' Po. Miss 4e-es. inter5ene(. %ub'ic interest an( co++ent. or the Eu5eni'e Eustice an( 8outh 7e'.i'e( a cri+ina' co+%'aint. 7hi'e (ri5in& his ne.000.aith= ISi&o so'( hi+ a carna%%e( 5ehic'e an( he (i( not *no. In 1BB#.000.o "2$ %arce's .21 -ears o'(. causin& hi+ in@uries.ace. she con. (oes not a%%'.A. %rision +a-or. %rohibite( (ru&$. 4.A. her stu(ents. Merce(es in the SPA . %ub'ic (ocu+ent. 7i''ia+ is the son-in-'a.ithout an. 7i''ia+ succee(e( in se''in& the t.ou'( ha5e in.or P> as carna%%e( ca''in& MarianoAs attention.o "2$ %arce's o.o.'--bou&ht car. In 1BB. Sa'e co5erin& the sa'e o.icate necessar-. the roo+. i+%rison+ent . Mariano a%%roache( Miss 4e-es an( . chassis an( +otor nu+bers o.$ +onths o.our". Michae' . 4oberto bou&ht a To-ota ?ortuner .icate. cau&ht Mariano.Michae' a%%'ie( .o. u%on 5eri. (i( Mariano co++itC "H3$ FIII.

.er roo+ an( boar( .n an( abru%t'.(oes not arise . the @u(&e sentence( 4o+an to .ter the transaction. Assu+e that -ou are a +e+ber o.un(s an( re/ueste( that the (e%osit o. .are nei&hbors.icient . ?ran* borro. "0.e in han(.orce( her to un(ress. he %'ans to rent out roo+s . ac/uitta' ho'(s that OOOOOOOOOO. an accuse( sha'' bar the ci5i' action arisin& .IX.ants to +a*e the State %rison a re5enue earner .i'' -ou &i5e the Senator .ee*en( 5isits. 'et hi+se'.or %re+iu+ acco++o(ations . . ric . in.ithout %rior notice..ith hote'-'i*e a+enities at rates e/ui5a'ent to those char&e( b. De . o.t.assau'te( her . 7as the @u(&e correctC "H3$ X.i'e( a co+%'aint a&ainst hi+ .ro+ the cri+e .as (ishonore(.i5es are a''o. but the @u(&e (i( not i+%ose the %ena't.ant 'on&-ter+ %re+iu+ acco++o(ations.-star hote's= . To %a."33$C "103 tota' %oints$ MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS I. 5ie.or 5io'ation o. he is %re%are( to o. 7as the char&e brou&ht a&ainst ?ran* correctC "H3$ XI. %ro5i(in& .o (a-s be.hose .at her con(o to in5ite her to (inner.roo+s. Instea(.ai'e( to %a.(es%ite (e+an(. 'ea5in& her con(o (oor un'oc*e(.ith. 4o+an .throu&h a 'a. but 7en(. 7hat a(5ice . but a%%eare( to ha5e secon( thou&hts= he si+%'. at rates e/ui5a'ent to those char&e( b.o'( ru'e.o.o''o..or those . the accuse( is not cri+ina' but ci5i' in nature ")$ the ci5i' 'iabi'it.the ' Muntin'u%a.000. 7en(.status$ . cri+ina' 'a. an( .hich the accuse( has been ac/uitte( "<$ the accuse( (i( not co++it the act i+%ute( to hi+ . o.'e.o. 22 "The 6ouncin& )hec*s Ga.>3$ "A$ the ac/uitta' is base( on reasonab'e (oubt "6$ the 'iabi'it.erre(.ith a *ni.. Senator Sa'ce(o . 4o+an 5isite( 7en(.. 4o+an then tie( 7en(-As han(s to her be( an( se2ua''.. the chec* be (e.i'e a bi'' about i+%rison+ent at the !ationa' Penitentiar. On Fa'entineAs < behin( an(. On 7en(-As arri5a' 'ater that e5enin&. 4o+an an( 7en( or is not base( on the cri+ina' act .ro+ the %oint o.ith s%ecia' +ea's in air con(itione( sin&' char&e( .ee*en(ers.ha( no choice but to co+%'-.ho . T. ethics an( +ora'it. The ac/uitta' o.ants to .here the @u(&+ent o.or . ric (e%osite( the chec* an( it . rec'usion %er%etua .3-star hote's.ho .0 -ears o. i+%rison+ent on the basis o. ta*in& into account the %ur%ose o.i5e ">$ ti+es that ni&ht. the three-. ?or con@u&a' . 4o+an &rabbe( her . an( .or the countr. the 'e&a' his brother ric.$.e( con@u&a' .or 'on&-ter+ occu%ants.000 ..or %risoners "other than those un(er +a2i+u+ securit.or her return. . 6atas Pa+bansa 6i&. i+%rison+ent "H3$ an( consi(erations o.ore +aturit-. ?ran* ca''e( ric te''in& hi+ he ha( insu. 7hen ?ran* .as con5icte( o.i5e ">$ counts o.or each count. an( . 4o+an atte+%te( to . .aite( .turne( hi+ (o. !e5erthe'ess. ?ran* issue( a %ost-(ate( chec* to be %resente( .e( P1. ra%e.ent bac* to 7en(-As con(o.or %a-+ent a +onth a.

u' a&&ression but use( unreasonab'e +eans an( &a5e i+%ose( on the .to co++it treason. %unishab'e on'. it arises .hen a .>3$ "A$ inn*ee%ers. 7hich o. "<$ A'' he'( 'iab'e .ho ( carr.ou'( 'o. 'ust. 7ho a+on& the .to co++it rebe''ion.o+an +a. ")$ One . the co++it cou% ( the i+%osab'e %ena't. . .to co++it co++it terroris+. a&ainst an un'a.. cons%irac. cons%iracto co++it i''e&a' asse+b'ies. "0.ica''.to co++it treason.>3$ "A$ 7ith the use o. "6$ One .>3$ "A$ i.u' an( 5in(icti5e senti+ents the 'a.their e+%'o-ees ")$ %arents (e&reeC "0.uscation +a. cons%irac. ) an a+orous re'ationshi% bet.b.en(e( hi+se'. cons%irac.ith i++ora'.ro+ @ea'ous. FI. cons%irac.>3$ "A$ A +inor abo5e 1> -ears o'( an( be'o..u&iti5e.ith (iscern+ent.ith (iscern+ent in co++ittin& cri+es "<$ hos%ita' a(+inistrators or o. " co++it rebe''ion or @ea'ous.>3$ "A$ )ons%irac. a . the accuse( is entit'e( to a %ri5i'e&e( +iti&atin& circu+stance that .or the cri+e co++itte( b. s%eci.een a +arrie( +an an( a sin&'e .in cases .to co++it se( co++it se(ition. F.ic . . the .their hos%ita' nurses III. cons%irac. arrest o. cons%irac..ho act . +inors .in&. shot the .o'' co++it treason. a +an co++it a .or cri+es co++itte( co++it cou% (Aetat. cons%irac.%ro5i(es a %ena't-.out the .o''o.en(er a&ainst the 5icti+ "<$ in none o.ithout ascertainin& his i(entit-.orce or inti+i(ation. it arises . ")$ ) co++it se(ition.ho has been 'i5in&-in . cons%irac. the @ea' co++it rebe''ion.ith the . cons%irac.ho. Passion or ob. it arises . treason.o+an .o+an "6$ i. e2ce%t OOOOOOOOOO. in re'ation to the cri+e co++itte( in their estab'ish+ent "6$ e+%'o-ers en&a&e( in in(ustr-. Subsi(iar.e'onies un(er the 4e5ise( Pena' )o(eC "0.arrant o. "6$ )ons%irac.i''+ent o.o''o. the abo5e situations IF.u&iti5e to (eath .or ra%e: "0. "<$ )ons%irac.e'on. " $ !one o.o. 18 -ears o'( .or the %ast 20 -ears ")$ i.ho acte( . in . )hoose the correct circu+stance .'iabi' co+binations contain s%eci. his ( a%%reciate( OOOOOOOOOO. .u'.to co++it +is%rision o.

>3$ "A$ &ra5e coercion "6$ a 5io'ation o. the accuse( is the e/ui5a'ent i+%rison+ent %ro5i(e( b. the cri+e has been %ro5en an( the e5i(ence o."6$ 7hen the ra%e is co++itte( b. "<$ Moti5e is re'e5ant chan&e its (estination is OOOOOOOOOO. The (eath o. o. the abo5e.t o. because the sentence sa-s %in a cri+e on the accuse( i.but ci5i' 'iabi'it. in so'5enc-.ith the 5icti+. FII. %roo. the accuse( occurre( be. X.'a. . because Guis has no %ro%ert.>3$ "A$ 8es. "6$ !o. " $ A'' o. the Du+an Securit. the Anti-Di@ac*in& Ga. "0.o. the co++ission o. the the 'ist be'o. )o+%e''in& the %i'ot o. )hoose .to %a.i+%rison+ent is a%%'icab'e on'. +oti5e is not necessar. Phi'i%%ine 4e&istr.en(er uses an instru+ent an( inserts it + the +outh sentence( to %rision +a-or an( to %a. #23> ")$ &ra5e threats "<$ a 5io'ation o.circu+stantia'.t. the abo5e are correct. the accuse( occurre( a.a . . . the accuse( occurre( a. in 'ieu o. an aircra.000.ine. Is the sentence correctC "0.o. IX. ")$ not e2tin&uishe(.ore con5iction "6$ .hen the (eath o.hen the (eath o. or 4. !o.ith subsi(iar. " $ A'' o. ")$ Moti5e is i+%ortant to ascertain the truth bet.hen the (eath o.ter . the accuse( e2tin&uishes his cri+ina' 'iabi'it.o or +ore %ersons. "6$ Ienera''-.hen the (eath o. the correct %rinci%'e in consi(erin& :+oti5e:. his a%%ea' "<$ .. the e5i(ence is +ere'. FIII. o.i+%ose( is %rision correcciona' or be'o.ine.o anta&onistic con5iction ")$ .ina' @u(&+ent " $ !one o.hen the %ena't.ine o.rien(s an( %uts a s'ee%in& %i'' in the 5icti+As (rin* to enab'e her husban( to ha5e intercourse .>3$ "A$ ..i+%rison+ent in case o. "0. so he +ust su.Act o. the abo5e.een t.ecte( his a%%ea' .ication is con5incin&. because subsi(iar. i(enti. P>0. 200H or the Anti-Terroris+ Ga. ")$ 7hen the o.. "0. +oti5e is essentia'. Guis . "<$ 7hen she be.A. the i(entit. %roo.>3$ "A$ I.ter he has %er.ter con5iction an( a.. the accuse( occurre( (urin& the %en(enc.or the .

a.or brea*in& o. a %ri5ate (ocu+ent.ser5e( his sentence o..a.a'si. ")$ sta.not si+u'taneous'-.ication o. A+e'ia . " $ !one o. "6$ 4ec*'ess i+%ru(ence resu'tin& in ho+ici( i+%rison+ent. +otor oi' on the schoo'As stair.rustrate( ho+ici(e= an( # -ears an(1(a.%asse(.here Iina usua''. a %osh con(o+iniu+ bui'(in& in Ta&ui& )it-. ")$ Do+ici(e. 7as Santos correctC "13$ "A$'ease( .ine. incarceration .or habeas cor%us c'ai+in& that he ha( . XIF.ith hi+. 6en (ie( be. -ears . 7hat cri+e (i( 4itchie co++itC "13$ "A$ Mur(er. .so that his 20 -ears o. Anthon.000.hat 4itchie (i(.ter he has ser5e( the +ini+u+ o. "<$ sta. because he ser5e( his sentences si+u'taneous'. 5er. because +u'ti%'e sentences are ser5e( successi5e'. be re'ease(.are o.Anthon. her %enthouse unit.ore Eune a "13$ "A$ ?a'si. 20 -ears an( shou'( there.ication o.noteAs (ue (ate an( Anthon. Iina. 2011.(re. on or be.%ena'ties other than i+%rison+ent can be ser5e( si+u'taneous'-..or ..000 . Out o.u''. ho+ici(e. on'. the abo5e. %oo' o. .ou'( s.000$ %'us 123 interest. The .inten(in& to %ut Iina to sha+e .ro+ brain he+orrha&e.hat cri+e1s (i( Anthon.note an( as*e( his te+1ina''--i'' an( (-in& business %artner 6en to si&n s'i%%e(. a %ub'ic (ocu+ent.or atte+%te( ho+ici(e= # -earsan(1(a.One Mi''ion Pesos "P1. a .ication o. a %ri5ate (ocu+ent an( esta.000.ore the %ro+issor..i+ na*e( in the %ri5ate.note boun( 6en to %a.a thru . the abo5e. .ro+ 6enAs estate.ore be i++e(iate'. bou&ht the %enthouse unit o.sti'' co''ecte( P1. 4itchie e+%tie( a &a''on o. "6$ ?a'si. XI.i+%rison+ent is a%%'icab'e on'. hittin& her hea( on the stairs. " $ ! su. A. but o%en sentence( to su. s%ite an( si+%'. his %ena'ties.ith interest .ter his 20th -ear in the !ationa' Penitentiar-. "<$ 8es.a+ous actress.or ho+ici(e. Iina (ie( . It . 8 -ears .hen the %ena't. XIII.icient. A+e'ia.i'e( a %etition . "<$ I+%ossib'e cri+e o. Santos .i+%ose( is 'i+ite( to a . because the subsi(iar.stair.to20-ears . use( the s' i+%rison+ent in three se%arate @u(&+ents: # +onths an( 1 (a.. Santos . "6$ !o."<$ !o. " $ !one o. he can no. because a.a. una. ")$ !o. XII.

"<$ sta.> Mi''ion . ")$ I++ora' (octrines. A&ra(a "counse' .as as*e( to honor an( %a.i+ in the nu(e .-the-'ine Merce(es 6en9 .s un(er Artic'e 201 o.+ust ha5e been ob5ious to A+e'ia that she cou'( be seen . .the chec* or to return the car.use(.atchin& her s. 2011. the tra.hen %resente( .or P>. the 4e5ise( Pena' )o(e. he %ai( P2. In . serious %h-sica' in@uries an( ho+ici(e. &oo( .ren .rien(s b. Eon@on (ro5e his 6M7 s%orts car at hi&h s%ee(.ro+ XFI.iti* Tra(in& a chec* .000 in cash an( issue( S. an( the (estruction bou&ht a use( to%-o.hat . because her act o. . 22.ere the %rosecutor. " $ !one o.en(ant$ state( that Att-. s.ic 'i&ht %ost. 7hat cri+e (i( A+e'ia co++itC "13$ "A$ A'ar+s an( scan(a's because her act o.un(s .1+++& na*e( (isturbs the %ub'ic tran/ui'it-.scan(a'ous acts that are o.resi(entia' bui'(in&s (i( in(ee( entertain the+se'5es an( their .iti* Tra(in&.. serious %h-sica' in@uries an( ho+ici(e throu&h rec*'ess ne&'i&ence. -ou (ishonore( . serious in@uries to three "3$ others. obscene %ub'ications an( e2hibitions. De then brou&ht the car to a .. one "1$ %e(estrian.'iab'e . .$ is :bobo.or %a-+ent on (ue (ate. Att-.or the %'ainti. Eose "counse' .s. because an Ans. Eose be he'( cri+ina''. Eac* <anie's.rien(As house an( hi( it in an un(er&roun( &ara&e.ith serious %h-sica' in@uries throu&h si+%'e ne&'i&ence.ou'( -ou char&e Eon@onC "13$ "A$ Do+ici(e .: )an Att-. "<$ A+e'ia (i( not co++it co++itC "13$ "A$ )arna%%in&.or insu.or nothin&. "6$ sta. On the sa+e (a-.or 'ibe'C "13$ "A$ ! S. XFII.act. an( a +enace to c'ients. ")$ A 5io'ation o. serious %h-sica' in@uries an( (a+a&e to %ro%ert-.. 6P 6'&.000 (ate( Eu'.er to a co+%'aint is a court %'ea(in& . crossin& %e(estrians.a an( a 5io'ation o. In his Ans. stu%i(.icienc.or PH.cri+e because the s. A. the nearb..bui'(in&s.ic 'i&ht %ost. I. 6P 6'&. the abo5e.or the (e. co++unications +a(e are .i++in& na*e( is a*in to an in(ecent 'i5e sho. an( hit a tra. so+e resi(ents occu%-in& the hi&her .ensi5e to (ecencor &oo( custo+s.>00. but he re.000.i++in& %oo' is 'ocate( in her %ri5ate ho+e.. "6$ <a+a&e to %ro%ert-. The chec* . The inci(ent cause( the (eath o. "6$ Ira5e scan(a' because she co++itte( hi&h'.er to a co+%'aint.ter (rin*in& a bott'e o.a an( carna%%in&. issue( .o. inuti'e. 22... ra++e( into a &rou% o. ")$ Si+%'e ne&'i&ence resu'tin& in (a+a&e to their .'oors o. On Eune 1. XF. . an( in(ecent sho. "<$ 4ec*'ess i+%ru(ence resu'tin& in ho+ici(e. 7hat cri+e1s (i( .

"<$ 8es. Di%o' %ri5ate in nature. an e2tension 'ine cannot be consi(ere( as .ter ta*in& her (ia+on( earrin&s an( . because the con5ersation .ith %arrici(e.ith ho+ici(e.ith hi+. XX. Di%o'ito$ . because a te'e%hone e2tension 'ine is not the (e5ice or arran&e+ent conte+%'ate( bthe 'a. Msin& his char+s because o. "6$ 8es. a. his +o5ie star 'oo* ra%e . Eose can be char&e( a(+inistrati5e'.ro+ Eu'ito in e2chan&e .as there a 5io'ation as char&e(C "13$ "A$ 8es. Di%o'ito.acts. . Eu'ito an( Att-. . because . ra%e an( %arrici(e.ore the Su%re+e ) a +a'icious intent to ri(icu'e Att-.ith G-n.or OOOOOOOOOO.%ri5i'e&e(= the .as arreste(. but Att-. "6$ 8es.or usin& his . " $ !o. Phi'. the abo5e.t. Phi' is 'iab'e .or +iscon(uct "6$ 5io'ation o. G-n shoute( .as as*in& re%utation o. inte&rit. 4o( *i''e( Irene.. 4icar(o o5erhear( a te'e%hone con5ersation bet.-er. a 1B--ear o'( co'e&ia'a.ire. *isse( her on the chee* an( stro*e( her %ubic hair.ith ho+ici(e an( the. XIX.or 'ibe'. XFIII. the 'ibe' o5erhear( . "<$ 4a%e . a'thou&h a court %'ea(in& is a %ri5i'e&e( co++unication. because the con5ersation . I. " $ !one o. because the state+ent casts as%ersion on the char&e( o. .i'e( a&ainst Eu'ito. 4icar(o . ")$ !o. . the abo5e. "<$ !o. "13$ "A$ ra%e b.or (ro%%in& the e2tortion char&e . 5io'atin& the Anti-7ire Ta%%in& Act or 4. ")$ 8es.se2ua' assau't . there . his i''e&iti+ate (au&hter.een Eu'ito an( Att-.hat cri+e1s shou'( 4o( be char&e( . 'asci5iousness " $ !one o.or 'asci5ious con(uct ")$ un@ust 5e2ation "<$ acts o.-er an( e2%ose( hi+ to %ub'ic ri(icu'e.orcin& her to ha5e se2 .hat is %unishab'e is intentiona' 'istenin& to a con5ersation throu&h a .or he'% an( Phi' . +a'icious state+ents that are irre'e5ant an( i+%ertinent to the issue in the %'ea(in& +a.ithC "13$ "A$ 4obber. . ")$ 4a%e .ire ta%%in&. A&ra(a as a 'a.riter cannot be he'( 'iab'e . A&ra(a as a 'a.A. in a +o5ie (ate .ithout the consent o. Att-. The 'atter "Att-. ?ro+ an e2tension 'ine. "6$ 4obber-. the Anti-)hi'( Abuse Ga. Mn(er these . because the state+ent is in a %'ea(in&. an( the use o.

(an&erous (ru&. the abo5e. 7hat cri+e (i( Ienera' Te@ero an( his +en co++itC "13$ "A$ 4ebe''ion co+%'e2e( . arresto +a-or as +ini+u+. "6$ Mse an( %ossession o.rustrate( ho+ici(e an( .or <ar@ee'in& Fentures. 7hat o.oo( the. the rea't.. An(res a%%ea'e( his con5iction to the )ourt o.throu&h arreste( at the !AIA arri5a' 'oun&e an( . an un@ust inter'ocutor. B1#0 ")o+%rehensi5e <an&erous <ru&s Act$C "13$ "A$ Mse o.aci'ities o. !o. the abo5e. . .u%risin& ai+e( at oustin& the (u'.use( the roo+s an( other .un@ust @u(&+ent. ")$ Possession o. "6$ 4ebe''ion. !o. %rision +a-or as +a2i+u+. %rision correcciona' as +a2i+u+.ere .ith serious i''e&a' (etention an( con5icte( o. Inc.A.orcib'. "<$ I+%ortation o. the hote'. ")$ )ausin& un(ue in@ur. An(res . "<$ 6riber-.or o%iu+. Inc. (an&erous (ru&s.oun(. a co+%etitor o. The. I.. -ou . cocaine .ou'( -ou char&e Ieor&e un(er 4.un(er 4.hich the.-ears o.oun( in his bac*%ac*. XXI.. to.use( as their base. .hich con5icte( hi+ o. ")$ )ou% (Aetat. the abo5e..too* o5er the entire 4ich Dote' .i'e a&ainst Eu(&e Ta'i+C "13$ "A$ 4en(erin& a +ani. XXIII. XXIF. 301B.a. A%%ea's. atte+%te( ho+ici(e. 6at+anson. 1> &ra+s o." $ !one o.est %artia' a&ainst <ar@ee'in& Fentures. " $ !one o. an( (etaine( so+e hote' &uests. ate a'' the a5ai'ab'e . Ieor&e.ere counse' . (an&erous (ru&s.A.. a (an&erous (ru&.ithout notice an( hearin&.est'. the abo5e. the 20--ear o'( son o.. " $ !one o.or(er. Inc. <urin& a +i'itar.rit o. issue( a . u%on co+%'aint an( a%%'ication o. %re'i+inar.ense . Ienera' Te@ero an( his +en .oun( %ositi5e . to 8 -ears o. 7hen arreste(. Eu(&e Ta'i+. an( sentence( hi+ to # +onths o.hat cri+ina' char&e shou'( -ou . . Inc.constitute( authorities an( ta*in& o5er the &o5ern+ent. .as'.as sentence( to # -ears an( 1 (a. "<$ Terroris+. "6$ Kno.cor%oration 6at+anson. (an&erous (ru&s. " $ !one o. a rich %o'itician. .

the abo5e. "<$ !o. too* his ri. because the cri+e . " $ !one o.*o. he . a%%ea' .in Ma'o'os. Euancho . the abo5e.hen he .ie( to a5ai' o. a'ar+s an( scan(a's carries .or %robation . " $ !one o. ")$ !o.a5or the accuse(. because a. XXF. because Euancho (i( not a%%ea' his con5iction. "6$ 8es. because the cri+e o. One Satur(a. because . :+a*a*ati*i+ sa a*in an& na&'ason n& +&a babo. because the %ena't.ith the 4e&iona' Tria' )ourt. a'ar+s an( scan(a's.ects %ub'ic or(er.ent ho+e. an( . Euancho o. -0-0-0-0- . Euancho (i( not a%%ea' his con5iction. P200. he (isco5ere( that a'' his %i&s ha( (ie(. because the %robation 'a.icia's re/ueste( %o'ice assistance an( Euancho .or %robation as the sentence i+%ose( on hi+ .as a%%rehen(e(. Euancho .'e in the air . ..ns a s+a'' %i&&er.a. the bene.hi'e shoutin&.its o.o.ternoon. "<$ ! hi+ so that he can no 'on&er a5ai' o. a'ar+s an( scan(a's a.ith it a .as 'ess than#-ears. his nei&hbours ha( %oisone( the %i&s.ter his a%%ea'. the cri+e o. A%%ea's. +ore than # -ears (is/ua'i.or %robationC "13$ "A$ 8es.ine o. An(res .C "13$ "A$ !o.ith the )ourt o.ai5e( his ri&ht un(er the %robation 'a.'e. is +eant to .ire( his char&e( . Sus%ectin& that one o.Instea( o.. Is An(res /ua'i.i'e( a notice o.or a'ar+s an( scan(a's is 'ess than si2 "#$ -ears. because his %re5ious sentence o. 6u'acan. ")$ 8es.: 6aran&a. Is Euancho /ua'i.ith an( con5icte( o.i'e( an a%%'ication . %robation as an a'ternati5e re+e(-. the %robation 'a. a%%ea'in& his . he /ua'i..ent aroun( the nei&hbourhoo(. "6$ 8es.

acts. to be ans.orth 203. an( to reason 'o&ica''.acts.or -our ans. It shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it.rite or re%eat the /uestion in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*. There are T ! "10$ ssa.nee( care. . . %ra-ers.or an e2%'anation. I.rite your name or an.e'' the a''ocate( %ercenta&e %oints .. 7ritin&. 2013 INSTRUCTIONS the front. 8ou (o not nee( a 'a.or %ertinent to the so'ution to the %rob'e+. %a&es an( their %ro%er nu+bers. use the nu+berin& s-ste+ in the / ana'-9e the .M. <. %a&e o. to e5er. e5ersheet in -our 2a+ination !oteboo*.ers in -our 6ar 2a+ination !oteboo* in the same order the questions are posed.ers a'thou&h the /uestion (oes not e2%ress'.Questions nu+bere( I to X. >.the 'a. clearly. -our 2a+ination !oteboo*.or+ation or (iscuss 'e&a' (octrines that are not the &i5en %re+ises.. At the sa+e ti+e.rite -our'ain -our ans. 8our shou'( (e+onstrate -our abi'it. 7rite -our ans. This Questionnaire contains S F !T ! "1H$ %a&es inc'u(in& these Instructions %a&es. 4ea( each /uestion 5er. or sub-/* .-in& +ar*1s "such as na+es that are not in the &i5en /uestions. -our *no. A +ere :8es: or :!o: ans. this Questionnaire an( +a*e sure it has the correct nu+ber a+on& the o. and concisely. use the bac* %a&es o.ritten continuous'.a-s brie.hi'e the M)Q %ortion contains /uestions . An ans.on the sa+e %a&e an( the i++e(iate'. M)Qs are to be ans.u''.ithin four (4) hours..sheet o..irst sheet an( the bac* o.(istin&uishin& or i(enti. 6.BAR EXAMINATION 2013 LEGAL ETHICS October 2H. not the bac*. It shou'( sho.ere( b.%ortion contains /uestions that are .ere( choices. an( to (iscern the %oints u%on .succee(in& %a&es unti' co+%'ete(.er . the . Start each nu+ber on a se%arate %a&e.orth 803 o. .'e(&e an( un(erstan(in& o. Ans. 2a+ination !oteboo* is 2:00 P.hich the /uestion turns. 'ea5in& or +a*in& the ssa. in5o'5e( an( their /ua'i.e traneous note!s or distincti"e mar#ing!s on -our 2a+ination !oteboo* that can ser5e as an i(enti.i'' not be &i5en an.ere( . .ter. !ote that so+e M)Qs a%%'./uestions legibly.-er-'i*e +anner to a soun( conc'usion .M)Q= choose the 6 ST ans. The essa. !ote .ritin& in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* the ca%ita' 'etter " .be .cre(it. )hec* the nu+ber o.or the 6ar e2a+inations.ers.corres%on(in& e2%'anation or (iscussion . There is on'. e5er.ers on'. or %ri5ate notes to the 2a+iner$.the / correct ans.or each nu+ber. the .er .icient . an( T7 !T8 "20$ Mu'ti%'e )hoice Questions (MCQs) nu+bere( I to XX.'. 3. to the &i5en .. The MCQ answers should begin in the page following the last page of your essay answers. Thus. or $ corres%on(in& to -our chosen ans. to se'ect the +ateria' . ). a'.u' ana'-sis both o. re+e+ber that a co+%'ete e2%'anation (oes not re/uire that -ou 5o'unteer in. Ma*e sure -ou (o not . the %ertinent %rinci%'es an( theories o.-in& +ar* in the consi(ere( cheatin& an( can (is/ua'i.#:00 P.ho'e e2a+ination. 'a. the /uestions an( the choices o. startin& at the bac* %a&e o. In -our ans.u''.er to a sub-/uestion un(er the sa+e nu+ber +a.ere(. the succee(in& sheets therea. each %a&e o.ithout an.-ou . /uestion.but .acts %resente( b. %a&es an( the %a&e nu+bers at the u%%er ri&ht han( corner o.ications an( ' the i++ateria' . the sheets %ro5i(e( in -our 2a+ination !oteboo* are not su.

or <or+ir Insurance )o.recei%t so that he (i( not ha5e re5ie.%resi(ent that the cor%oration ha( resorte( to briber.ritten notice to the insurance co+%an. 'ist an( @usti. his (uties as cor%orate secretar-. In the course o. Instea( the co+%an. Mi&ue' an( con.notice. the 'oss.rite (urin& the e2a+ination. stu(ent. an( e5en uttere( 5ei'e( threats a&ainst Me(roso. Si+%'icio Me(rosoJs 5ehic'e. . sto%%in&..acts. the %ro@ect. 4oto to testi. Gi+ot testi.ho a'so sue( <or+ir (urin& the tria' that he ha( +ai'e( the notice o. The insurance %o'ic.ter !e&ar testi. BRION )hair+an 2013 6ar 2a+inations ESSAY QUESTIONS I.o''o.a'si.o.ourth -ear 'a. .ie( recor(s to cut i+%'e+entin& costs a. he 'earne( .rastructure contract an( has sub%oenae( Att-.%resi(ent an( the cor%oration re&ar(in& the briber-. he a(+itte( to the occurrence o. Eactar acce'erate( an( s%e( a. Att-. "83$ III. "83$ IF. but a(+itte( that he 'ost the re&istr. +ai'in& an( o.. Mn(er these .(ocu+entar. 6ra5oJs c'ient.e(.or its a&ent.hen he (enie( recei%t secure the %ro@ect an( ha( .+ai' but i++e(iate'. 6ra5o re%resents )ar'os !e&ar "an insurance a&ent .-er-c'ient %ri5i'e&e %re5ents hi+ .shre((e( it to (e.ith hi+ at an intersection. testi. the +ai'e( notice.. Me(roso %ursue( Eactar an( cau&ht u% .ro+ testi. the ti+e'iness o.ith the courts. -our c'ientJs ")ar'os !e&arJs$ (isc'osure that he %er@ure( hi+se'.Gi+ot . Att-..ithin #0 (a-s .$ in a suit .-in& a&ainst the %resi(ent an( the cor%oration. HAND IN YOUR NOTEBOOK WITH THIS QUESTIONNAIRE J.a&ainst the co+%an. Me(roso 'earne( that Eactar . (ro5e his 5ehic'e rec*'ess'.a-. . Eactar (are( Me(roso to "83$ II. 6ra5o that he ha( 'ie( .act o.i'e( binsurance c'ai+ant An(. In their con. I. 6ra5o. <or+ir Insurance (enie( 'iabi'it-. 'a. A .an( hit the rear bu+%er o. o. assertin& that 'a. a construction cor%oration that has secure( a +u'ti+i''ion that he ne5er recei5e( Gi+otJs c'ai+. 4oto +o5e( to /uash the sub%oena.or the 6ar e2a+inations.e5i(ence . a .ish1nee( to .or notes -ou +a.hat . conten(in& that ti+e'. -ou . the 'oss to the insurance a&ent.ter the a.or its a&ent . 4eso'5e the +otion to /uash.rontation. bra&&e( about his connections . Att-. ARTURO D.ou'( -ou (o in 'i&ht o.i'e( a ci5i' action to annu' the in. the . Gi+otJs notice= he (i( recei5e the notice b. The &o5ern+ent .ere the &o5ern+ent.rastructure %ro@ect .e.notice ha( not been &i5en either to the 4oto is the )or%orate Secretar. a&ent !e&ar.the %otentia' ob@ections that can be +a(e a&ainst EactarJs a(+ission to the %ractice o.8ou can use the /uestionnaire .re/uires the insure(1c'ai+ant to &i5e a . <urin& the %o'ice in5esti&ation that . Att-.hen he testi. (a-s a.

.. on . The au(it re5ea'e( +an.ere(. his @u(icia' the P10-6i''ion Peso %or* barre' scan(a' . the contract.essiona' res%onsibi'it. <ob'ar no.o. -ou .ro+ %artici%atin& in the case.i'e( b. %etitions %er the re/uire( co%ies o.hat are its i+%'ications or %otentia' conse/uencesC "83$ F.ou'( e2ercise these o%tions. 8or*. the @u(&e &rante( 300 o..'e( to a%%ea' on ti+e.erent (e.en(ant (e5e'o%er.ithin the territoria' @uris(iction o. (iscuss -our o%tions in a(+inistrati5e'. that the statute o.ects in the &rante( %etitions: +an. he can resu+e the %ractice o.'e( to San(i&anba-an Eustice Marciano )obar(e. A'thou&h not the so'e issue in the t. "83$ FII.u''. Eu(&e )er(o an( Att-. -ou .ter the %'ainti. S6 Eustice )obar(e. %etitions .ro+ the (e5e'o%er. in so+e cases.Att-.hen the a5era&e nu+ber o.ractions throu&h the in(iscri+inate &rant o.ou'( anta&oni9e the %arties.o "2$ -ears o. an( +i&rate( to the Mnite( States . si+i'ar nature &rante( b. the statute o. the cross-e2a+inations con(ucte( b.ina' bui'(in& be-on( ten "10$ . in the State o. initia' 'a.. The @u(&+ent beca+e . A'' these.ou'( state in -our 'e&a' o%inion on . -ou .or+a''. )oco(ri'o co++it on'. I. Is there an ethica'1%ro.annu''e(.ro+ the O.act o. Eu(&e )er(o ren(ere( @u(&+ent in .or 5io'ate an.hat 'e&a' basis.or+a' 'e&a' o%inion on his /uer-.the %ub'ic %rosecutor or an.ere not . o. An au(it tea+ . so+e %etitions .oun( that Eu(&e )onta+ina(a co++itte( serious in.Ma'asuerte an( other 'iti&ants .here an( ho. <ob'ar re%resents 5a in a contract suit a&ainst O'&a. In the action a&ainst Mar'a. an( state . an( . In one -ear. counse' . 4e%atriar.(i. a %rob'e+ e2ists.ere the counse' ..the ste%s an( the su%%ortin& 'e&a' reasons -ou ..urnishe( to the O.i(entica' contract suit .o cases. ar&ues the re5erse %osition N i. Att-. .hose +arria&es ha( been i+%ro%er'an( . 'a. the court= an(.'a. 'a.e5i(ence +ar*e( an( . . u'ti+ate'-. In an action to %re5ent the con(o+iniu+ (e5e'o%er .%rob'e+ in this situationC I.e..ter t. De is a'so (e. the Pro5incia' Prosecutor= (oc*et . %ractice.or An( 1BHH a.ees ha( not been .hich theshou'( be he'( 'iab'e or sanctione(C "83$ FIII.'oors.'. the )ourt A(+inistrator .hat Att-.rai( that he . .ice o. 'i+itations runs .ter (isco5er. the So'icitor Ienera' an( the O.e( in their tota'it-. o. <ob'ar c'ai+s that the statute o. 'i+itations issue is critica' in both. 'i+itation (oes not run unti' one -ear a. "83$ FI.en(in& Mar'a in a substantia''. the breach o. the no recor( o. A. su%%orte( the i+%ro5i(ent an( in(iscri+inate &rant that the O)A .o.++a.(ocu+entar.oun(.here he .s .ina''. The cri+ina' case arisin& . the ( a(+itte( to the %ractice o.%ai(= the %arties ..%etitions ha( not been 5eri. 4e%atriar shou'( (o to resu+e his Phi'i%%ine %ractice. &i5in& :%ersona' reasons: as his @usti. De as*s that -ou &i5e hi+ a . schoo' c'ass+ate.%urchase( a con(o+iniu+ unit each . In beha'.%rocee(in& a&ainst Eu(&e )onta+ina(a. Att-. De 'e. Att-.t the countr. such %etitions . in the Phi'i%%ines.ication. !e. a%%roache( -ou on -our 2>th )'ass 4eunion.ter se%arate'. )oco(ri'o.ere not actua' resi(ents . 5a.ith /uestions on ho.. a 'a. ra. he (eci(e( to inhibit . his %o'itica' %atrons an(. there . Out'ine brie.or the (e5e'o%er. 6oth cases are assi&ne( to Eu(&e 're-. <i( Eu(&e )er(o an( the ti+e o.or annu'+ent o. i+%ro%riet.or .a5or o. %etitions o.ere to /uestion the inhibition in(i5i(ua' @u(&e in his re&ion . +arria&e an( 'e&a' an( ho.

. an( notari9ation o. <i( Att-.e . Der+ano hoste( the (inner.ith a%%ro%riate ethica' an( %ro.( +achine that re%ro(uces /ua'it. !o5ato.ire connecte( to an a(@oinin& s+a'' restaurant.)o++ission I<.(ut. as arran&e(.use( to the courts.-er but on' court. 4u'es o..u' attitu(e to. (ocu+ents.or this ser5ice. Senior )iti9en car(.!o5atoJs +anner o. carr-in& out his %ro. !otaria' Practice.:bro(: an( that Att-.ante( to as* .ethica'1a(+inistrati5e 5io'ation .or so+eti+e. . "13$ "A$ To +aintain a res%ect. te''in& the 'atter that Att-. I<.raternit. an( char&es a reasonab'e . !6I c'earance. 'e&a' counse'in&.i'' -ou (o thisC "83$. Der+ano re/ueste( his . his case.state( in the Ga. these is e2%ress'. Att-. Eu(&e Patron. The.i5e-star hote'. be.. Oath.or . The .-ers. "6$ Po'ice c' other 'a.that the Oath contains. Mn(er the 200. S%ecia'ist in S+a'' )'ai+s.rien( o. Eu(&e Patron an( Eu(&e A%esta(o co++it an. Eu(&e Patron.+et.%atrona&e assistin& . De %ut u% a so'o %ractice 'a. announcin& his acti5ities 5ia a shin&'e an( 'ocatin& his o.ith the %ractice are (uties o.ho ser5e( as his secretar-1he'%er. De %ut u% a shin&'e that rea(s: :Att-.i.t hut in a 5acant 'ot near the 'oca' courts an( a 'oca' trans%ort re&u'ator.essiona' %racticeC "83$ MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS I.oresi&ht o..ith courtes-.hat +a. in the . "6$ To u%ho'( the honor an( (i&nit. nor consent to the (oin& o. 'a. a 'a.ore . De (ra. ")$ FoterJs I<. <ri5erJs 'icense. " $ A'' o.: Is Attorne.ith a %ractice 'i+ite( to s+a' 'c'ai+s cases.ho+ he has a case that ha( been %en(in& .s e'ectric %o. i(entit-:C "13$ "A$ Pass%ort.i'in& o. can(or an( .his . "<$ To (o no . the abo5e. he en@o-e( hea5. +i2in& business . DMO car(.o''o. 7ith this strate&ic ' .airness to. %'ea(in&s an( in the %re%aration an( notari9ation o.a'*-in c'ients in the %re%aration an( . acce(e( to the re/uest. %ri5ate o. the 'e&a' %ro.!o5ato starte( . ")$ To act . Attorne.hich the. De ha( the .ice as abo5e-(escribe( N in *ee%in& . Der+ano is his .. o.ine (inin& restaurant o. :co+%etent e5i(ence o. in5estin& in a &oo( hea5. Eu(&e A%esta(o. ?astest in !otari9ation= the 6est an( )hea%est in )o%ier Ser5ices. contracts an( (ocu+ents.essiona' %ractice N i.essiona' 4e&u'ator. As a ne.. o. to e2%e(ite the reso'ution o. to intro(uce hi+ to Eu(&e A%esta(o.ession. De use( a +a* an e2tension . Der+ano.the re/uire+ent o. 'a. a .a'sehoo(. a c'ose .or a(5ice on ho. Phi'Dea'th car(.can be he'( 'iab'eC "83$ an( . Der+ano si+%'.. "<$ O+bu(s+anJs c'earance. cre(it car(. )hoose the e2%ress (ut. II.a& assiste( b. IX.

ice the co+%'ete sche(u'e o.. an( . The notar.or notari9ation.-in& atten(ance.hich he stu(ie( in his . sa'e . Ausente enro''e( in a se+inar &i5en b.ith the M)G re/uire+ents ")$ e2cuse( because he atten(e( to %ro.nee(e( a recei%t " $ %ro%er because an. the notar%ub'ic co''ecte( the notaria' .ree ti+e. re. Att-. "13$ "A$ re/uire( to +a*e u% . Ausente shou'( be OOOOOOOOOO. the I6P sent'e( to %a.arrants sus%ension't in the %a-+ent the %a-+ent o.or se5era' -ears. 7as the I6PJs action correctC "13$ "A$ !o. his 'e&a' sta.ere .atten(in& 'ecture sessions in other M)G %ro5i(ers "6$ sanctione( because he circu+5ente( or e5a(e( .his annua' I6P (ues ..%ub'ic e2%'aine( to the+ the transaction the (ee( e+bo(ies an( as*e( the+ i. because "6$ un'a. . the notaria' .. 7hene5er he has court or other %ro. %ractisin& 'a.u'' co+%'iance . 6u-er %resente( to a co++issione( notar. annua' (ues on'.uti'e. a'' the I6PJs e. IF. annua' (ues is an in(icator'ure to %a. the 4o'' o. because (e. 6u-er i.'e(&e( recei%t o..stu(ie( the courses . char&eab'e notaria' .irre&u'arit.u' because he (i( not issue a 6I4-re&istere( recei%t an( (i( not %ost in his o.a'' the %arties.o.. "13$ "A$ neither un'a. these 'etters. A5aro has consistent'.ou'( sen( his +essen&er or a +e+ber o. the (ee( is M)G %ro5i(er.ees (oes not a. In or(er to co+%'. <e+an( 'etters ha5e been sent to hi+ an( he has ac*no.usa' to %a.ree'.u''.o. he .ith the re/uire( /ua'i. the. Se''er an( Mr. a'' o. but not his +e+bershi% in the 6ar.%ub'ic a (ee( o.. Attorne-s. an( to the retention o.ter the (ocu+ent ..-erJs +ora' .essiona' co++it+ents.or his absence b.ession. III. the %ro.ou'( a'so as* the+ to secure the %rinte( han(outs an( the 'ecturersJ )<s.ees ")$ %ro%er because he is not re/uire( to issue recei%ts .usa' to honor his ob'i&ation to the I6P. the notaria' .to %ractise.6I4-re&istere( recei%t. "<$ 8es. his na+e in the 4o'' o.u' assess+ents are con(itions sine /ua non to the %ri5i'e&e o.itness= re.u' nor i+%ro%er because he e2%'aine( the basis . ")$ ! si&ne( b. +e+bershi% (ues an( other 'a.ou'( be stric*en o. " $ !one o. As a resu't.e5er.or notaria' . the notari9ation +a(e F.or the co+%utation o. De .ee but (i( not issue an.ith the M)G re/uire+ents. the abo5e choices is correct. to re&ister his atten(ance at the M)G sessions so he cou'( be cre(ite( . Attorne-s. A5aro a notice that his na+e . A. The notari9ation o. Att-. Inte&rate( 6ar +e+bers.ession-re'ate( tas*s... "6$ 8es. the. the 'a. Ms.ect the 5a'i(it.orts %ro5e( .ees "<$ i+%ro%er because he (i( not as* Ms.a.." $ To res%ect the courts an( u%ho'( the (i&nit. Se''er an( Mr. because %a-+ent o.enterin& the transaction.. Do..ects a +e+berJs ca%abi'it. because non-%a-+ent o.

-ers "<$ ethica''. ")$ It constitutes an antici%ate( act o.n counse'.or(er an..e( un(er 4u'e 1. +one. his c'ai+. ' "6$ is @usti. an out-o.-ers +a. "13$ "A$ is a''o. the 'ar&e a+ount Anunciante is en&a&e( in the %ractice o. he ha( to %a.on the %art o. Occasiona''-.ees in insta''+ents because sta&&ere( %a-+ent is a''o.inancia' o%erations FII.or* in5o'5es in(irect a(5ertisin& or so'icitation o. 6ecause o. business ")$ i+%ro%er because it &i5es hi+ an he &i5es a(5ice to an( ans. the (ecision o.a&ainst hi+ an( the 'oca' 6ar Association +et an( (eci(e( that no 'a. the . the %o%u'arit. 6ecause o. "13$ "A$ %er+issib'e because it is %ub'ic ser5ice in nature "6$ ob@ectionab'e because the . Att-. ra%in& an( +erci'ess'*i''in& a 1#--ear o'( &ir'.ou'( re%resent because it is (iscretionar.ree' the au(ience an( %ro&ra+ 5ie.or co''ection o.e( because the .(eci(e . P'ainti.a si9eab'e (oc*et .i'e( a co+%'aint . counse'. Eun AhorroJs %osition OOOOOOOOOO. P'ainti. FitoJs ri&ht to the assistance o. its %re@u(icia' i+%act on the @u(iciar-Js ... the )'er* o.TF %ro&ra+ .ho has been accuse( o. the O)) to acce%t sta&&ere( %a-+ent ")$ is incorrect because the a+en(+ent on sta&&ere( %a-+ent has been sus%en(e( "<$ is not a''o.ore the 4e&iona' Tria' )ourt o. De insiste( on %a-in& the (oc*et . The TF %ro&ra+ o. "6$ It is unethica'= it constitutes a co''ecti5e (enia' o.n outsi(e his re&u'ar %ro&ra+ sche(u'e. 'i5e. as a+en(e(.be. the nu+ber o. since 'a. Att-.air a(5anta&e o5er other 'a. the (oc*et . Fito cou'( not a.use( to acce%t the co+%'aint un'ess he %ai( the . his '*'.ession " $ !one o.S. (oc*et . su+ o.u'' %a-+ent o. The O. "13$ "A$ It is .ar(s the court that +a. the 'oca' 6ar Association..ers concernin& M. )ourt "O))$ re.-to.ers /uestions is @uris(ictiona' " $ cannot be a'' a . Mani'a.stron&'.or. Fito is a notorious &an&ster in the %ro5ince .ice o... )hoose the +ost a%%ro%riate 'e&a' an( ethica' characteri9ation o.u'' a+ount o.a''o.ho not to re%resent. an( has a re&u'ar. conte+%t to.ho to re%resent an( .atch his TF %ro&ra+ are sho. %ractice c'ients increase( tre+en(ous'-. the abo5e.o. the 'ar&e a+ount o. i++i&ration %rob'e+s.ees. Anunciante is OOOOOOOOOO. the 'e&a' %ro.e( because o. Senti+ents run 5er. Eun Ahorro .ers to .e( because o. .or( the ser5ices o. his TF %ro&ra+.1. the (oc*et an( other re/uire( .ithin its ri&ht to +a*e.i(es%rea( an( to'erate( M)G %ractice FI.throu&h the +ateria's an( )<s he secure( "<$ %ena'i9e( b.ab'e because it (oes not 5io'ate the tra(itiona' stan(ar(s o.eitin& a'' his earne( M)G units " $ e2cuse( because atten(ance an( other .-er in the 'oca'it. a(5ertise+ents in5itin& 5ie.o. FIII.

a+i'.re. a con. the en&a&e+ent because the case is neither cri+ina' nor a(+inistrati5e in character. the 6ar Association to ha5e an.ess to the +ur(er char&e he is . In the course o.i'e( a&ainst the o.t In5esti&ator.. in a ci5i' case . " $ It is unethica' because the 6ar Association a'rea(.a+i'. Sa*i+ .ith( o.O+bu(s+an . she . " $ P'a.t In5esti&ator Att-.'o. )an(i(o a(+itte( to Att-.%ro%ertthat ha( been e2%ro%riate(. ")$ 4e%resentin& the Sa*i+ .ou'( enter a %'ea o.or ei&ht -ears be.or %ur%oses o. :not &ui't-: on arrai&n+ent.ou'( %robab'. )an(i(o insists on his %'anne( %'ea.'ict o. she in5esti&ate( a &o5ern+ent contract . 4etira(aC "13$ "A$ Da5in& been in &o5ern+ent ser5ice. IX.or a co+%ro+ise. Sa*i+ as the su%%'ier in5o'5e( in the transaction. "<$ It +ust be concurre( in the su%%'ier. Att-.i& su%%ose('.here he sustaine( serious %h-sica' in@uries an( (a+a&es a+ountin& to P1Mi''ion.ere to acce%t the en&a& a car acci(ent . (a+a&es. I. a con.'ict cut into ha'..ter her retire+ent . Gebron in a cri+ina' case. the association to re%resent the accuse(.are that . " $ Acce%tance o. Att-. their consu' sett'e(.ite( Mr.ere en&a&e( b.orce.%re@u(&e( the ser5ice.ou'( in5o'5e the unethica' use o.en(antJs counse' the correct a+ount o.. Gebron that he co++itte( the cri+e an( in . Ira.or+ation she obtaine( .or (a+a&es arisin& .en(antJs counse' to .act acti5e'%'anne( its co++ission.o.use a'' the (e.each +e+ber o. sett'e+ent an( -ou are a.ances .Mr. A. The transaction . Gebron shou'( OOOOOOOOOO.or the ser5ice.bin(in& .er hi+ a reasonab'.. in . 7hat a(5ice . "6$ Da5in& once han('e( a case in5o'5in& her %ros%ecti5e c'ient. )an(i(o en&a&e( the ser5ices o. 4etira(aJs ser5ices as counse' . 4etira(a .'ate -our %ro%osa' to +a*e a''o.en(ant as*s -ou to &i5e hi+ a %ro%ose( a+ount .ro+ a .act. a+ount so that the case can i++e(iate'.irst sub+it his ne&otiatin& . Sa*i+ as counse' to re%resent the Sa*i+ . 8our c'ient is the %'ainti. Att-.ou'( he a(+it or con.icia's in5o'5e( an( the reco++en(ation bene. in. 4etira(a ser5e( the O.. Att-. 4etira(a no.ou'( not rea(i'.. re%resent a %art.en(antJs initiati5es to sett'e.or the (e. De stresse(. "<$ There is no ethica' ob@ection to her acce%tance o.a+i'. actionC "13$ "A$ In. The counse' . ho.ou'( -ou &i5e Att-. 4etira(a reco++en(e( that no char&es be . interest . that un(er no circu+stance .ou'( e2ist i. ")$ O. interest situation arises. Att-. acce%tin& the en&a&e+ent.e5er.har(-to-&et an( initia''. 7hat is -our best 'e&a' an( ethica' course o. X.ou'( su%%'ies . the en&a&e+ent shou'( be on con(ition that Att-. she cannot no. i. .hate5er a+ount -ou te'' hi+ . the <e%ut.ore retirin& .acin& an(.. "13$ .hi'e in &o5ern+ent ser5ice. consu'ts -ou about the ethica' %er+issibi'it. XI.+e+bers a c'ai+ a&ainst the State arisin& . 7hi'e sti'' a Ira.o5er%rice(. "<$ As* the (e. "6$ Te'' the ( acce%te( an( .ith a c'ai+ a&ainst the State.

XII.u''.. carrie( con(itions that +ust be in %'ace be.e5er. but the ' to %rotect a'' his 'e&a' an( statutor.n&ineerJs O. .in& the Ma-orJs .Ge&a' O.u'.a'sehoo( on the court "6$ a''o. GebronJs (ut. since he acte( in accor(ance .hat he *no. ..i''e(.i'e( a . .icerJs %osition.ho has 'on& 'oathe( the c'uster o.. )an(i(o to choose his course o.'e&a' o.-er cannot be (isci%'ine( because he acte( out o.. action= Att-.i'e a +ani. "13$ "A$ correct the +e(iator an( state the ri&ht (octrine "6$ @ust *ee% /uiet because the other counse' +i&ht 'earn about -our re'ationshi% .ro+ the case i. The +e(iator assi&ne( to a ci5i' case ha%%ens to be -our 'a. . "6$ It is ethica'.s o. a'thou&h .estation re. is incorrect.ou'( -ou characteri9e the cit."A$ (iscontinue his re%resentation= to continue .o''o.estation.icerJs actionsC "13$ "A$ It is unethica' since he counse'e( ci5i' ser5ants to (isre&ar( a court or(er.uses to hee( his a(5ice "<$ . schoo' c'ass+ate an( he +a*es a (octrina' state+ent about the ri&hts o.ait . ho. his . " $ %' an( the 'oca' P!P chie.or+a' sett'ers a'on& the roa( 'ea(in& to the cit-Js co++ercia' (istrict. he has anob@ections . The ethica' +o5e to +a*e un(er the circu+stances is to OOOOOOOOOO.ore the threatene( (e+o'ition can be . XIII.. )an(i(o %'ea(s :not &ui't-.'e&a' o.the )it. the truth. the %arties.n c' %er.or+a' sett'ersJ counse' sou&ht its o. 8ou *ne.Ma-or . shanties %ut u% b. The T4O.a5orab'e to -our c'ientJs case.ith(ra.: (ec'arin& to the court . that the state+ent.oistin& a (e'iberate .ice in %rocee(in& .sti'' %'ea( &ui't-. The cit. the an( honest con5iction.essiona' ethics.(ecreein& that the con(itions ha5e been . %ro.icer.icer insiste( that the con(itions ha5e not been .hi'e the in. ?ro+ the %ers%ecti5e o.ter consi(erin& that the courtJs con(itions ha5e not been +et.ith the +e(iator ")$ re5ea' -our re'ationshi% .or (e5e'o%+ents as )an(i(o +a.. The cit.u'.ication an( reconsi(eration .restrainin& or(er " T4O $ ha'tin& the (e+o'ition or(er issue( b..ri&hts ")$ con5ince )an(i(o to %'ea( &ui' si+%'. <es%ite this ru'in&.ou'( then be ai(in& the accuse( in .b'in('.'e&a' o.ou'( be unethica' since he . i. that the T4OJs con(itions are not in %'ace so that the (e+o'ition cou'( %rocee(.+atters b.i''e( an( thus &a5e the P!P c'earance to ai( the )it.'ectin& the cit. )an(i(o re.ishes.'e&a' o.'e&a' o. A 4e&iona' Tria' )ourt issues a te+%orar. " $ It is unethica' since the )it.ear an( .icer .. ho.n&ineerJs O.ith the (e+o'ition.ith his honest con5iction the court.hich res%on(e( b..icer a(5ise( the )it.ith the +e(iator an( as* the o%%osin& counse' i.or+in& his (uties as cit. ")$ It constitutes in(irect conte+%t. "<$ It is neither conte+%tuous nor unethica' since he .ha'te(.in.

an( hea'th that is in issue. As her %re&nanc%ro&resse(.hether or not to ha5e an abortion 'ies so'e'. 7hat is <ianaJs best ethica' res%onseC "13$ "A$ 6e& o. an.'ict o. " $ !o.or a .or+a' a(5ice that .ro+ &i5in& then a.ith 7an(a= it is her bo(. The (ecision o. assu+e that <iana. is a +ora' %rob'e+ an( she shou'( on'ha5e an abortion not -et .hose concerns an( %ositions are un*no. an( her best course o. an( that her chances o. <iana shou'( not ha5e %ro5i(e( 'e&a' a(5ice in the absence o. ")$ !o.ith . church +e+ber. her %rob'e+ an( assure her that abortion is a''o.ithout DoracioJs *no. their .breathin& an( .or+a''. "6$ A(5ise 7an(a on the %ure'.actin& as their 'a. the cou%' <iana.ho+e. Doracio .'e(&eC "13$ "A$ 8es..-to.chan&e the +e(iator " $ si+%'.or . abortion.or+a''. 7an(a .hen she %ro5i(e( 'e&a' a(5ice to 7an(a .ar a(5ance(. 7an(a as*e( about her 'e&a' ri&hts but (i( not .or+a''. has been . i.. church +e+bers.rien(s an( .both s%ouses= thus.e''.ees that <iana bi''e(... "<$ !o. she starte( ha5in& (i.u''.ou'( constitute 'e&a' %ractice ca''in& .rain .acts as Question XIF.*in( o.actin& a&ainst DoracioJs interest= <iana . Doracio ne5er ha( a(5ice as abortion is a serious +atter that cannot be reso'5e( throu&h in. XF. "6$ !o.%ai( the attorne-Js . the a(5ice o.beca+e %re&nant in the 10th -ear o.'ictin& interests .on an out-o.a(5ice &i5en to 7an(a is (ee+e( to ha5e been &i5en to Doracio as .as he . " $ easi'.'a.u'' ter+ are s' bein& a .essor.rien( &i5in& a(5ice base( on the cou%'eJs best interest. <iana a(5ise( 7an(a that she is .a(5isin& her on 'e&a' +atters. the %re&nanc.-er in a'' their %ersona' an( ..ith.-er-.o''o.ritten o%inion . . carr-in& a bab.'e&a'..a+i'.ina''.or his o. Doracio an( 7an(a are +arrie(.in%ut on the /uer.en(an&ers the 'i.rien( an( . the un. She thus sou&ht 'e&a' a(5ice .or+a''.an( in. her re'i&ious con.hi'e her %re&nanc. .airs.e o. .a. . asi(e .or+a' consu'tations . the +other. it is an act she can 'i5e . 7an(a is scare( an( conte+%'ates the %ossibi'it.e''o.or+a''.ore it is a +e(ica' or 'e&a' one... . Ii5in& a(5ice to 7an(a is not necessari'. an( 7an(a shou'( consu't an( .hich the. abo5e e5er-thin& e'se. action is to ha5e an abortion ..'e&a' si(e o. ")$ A(5ise that it is a re'i&ious %rob'e+ be.e( b.ect. her +arria&e to Doracio.n to her. <i( <iana 5io'ate the %rohibition a&ainst re%resentin& con. The (ecision on .ro+ &i5in& an.%rotecte( in 'a.hether to ha5e an abortion shou'( be (eci(e( b.ati&ue(. She has re%resente( the+ in court in a case in5o'5in& a car acci(ent an( in the %urchase o.o.a+i'a.or the strict obser5ance o..ho has been't. . "<$ A(5ise 7an(a that abortion. In this the case because* . 6ase( on the sa+e .to . The (octors (ia&nose( that she has a heart con&estion %rob'e+ (ueto a 5a'5e (e.e''o. <iana (i( not &i5e an.a+i'. the con.n tri% .air a(5anta&e that -ou en@oXIF. a ' <iana.a(5ice because it is a situation that is not %ure'."<$ re/uest the Me(iation Su%er5isor to i++e(iate'. interest ru'es.

. the 'a..-er-c'ient re'ationshi%. .acts as the %rece(in& Question XFI.ere ne5er i+%'ea(e( as a co-(e. the court. . o. .)ab'e ) to the %rosecutionJs o.ho has recent'. +a.en(ants as .ith the ..ho . 8ou a'so .ob'i&ation -ou +a.a&ainst the (e..or a (ischar&e as a state .-er-c'ient re'ationshi% is %ri5i'e&e(.ice an( that -ou . "<$*. se'. The %rosecutor han('in& the case a&ainst Santino an( the 'a.orr.-er . The 'a. %ro.ithin -our *no.ers to +a*e -ou a state . "6$ O. a ' to %ro5i(e e5i(ence a&ainst Santino... an( not turn a&ainst hi+. Santino an( )ab'e )o. )ab'e )o. her testi+on-.or the e5i(ence .XFI.han('in& the a.itness$ an( o.or a &uarantee assi&ne( to han('e SantinoJs account ha5e been i+%'ea(e( as co-(e. -ou can he'% stren&then the %rosecutionJs case an( hints that -ou. i. a *e..-ers o..-er -ou are (ut--boun( to %rotect his interests. 7hi'e 8o''.or+ation -ou ac/uire( .ir+ (isc'ose to the court in. Mn(er the sa+e essentia' .ect her cre(ibi'it-.ense an( stan(s hi&her than %a. -ou assiste( in han('in& the )obra )o.testi. " $ 8es.or*in& in the Pub'ic Assistance O. " $ A'ert the 'a. but (urin& -our sta.(e.ou'( /ua'i.a&ainst the (e.. the in. i++unit. In its bi( to stren&then its case a&ainst the (e.-(e. .itness . 8o''. ab'.ro+ A6G Ga. XFIII.or+ation -ou ac/uire( in5o'5in& the cri+ina' case a&ainst Santino is co5ere( bthe %ri5i'e&e( co++unications ru'e.use.been char&e( .or the (e. the re' "<$ <ec'ine to testi. the %ri5i'e&e( co++unications ru'e ")$ <ec'ine to testi. A6G Ga. to testi.en(ant . -ou . as a .en(ants an( to %ro5i(e e5i(ence in the case as the attorne-c'ient %ri5i'e&e 'asts e5en be-on( the ter+ination o.has in(icate( that she +i&ht not ha5e the +one.or incor%oratin& an( acti5e'. but c'ari.can %re%are . ")$ !o..hate5er in.o.. as SantinoJs ' so that %rosecution in the has a retainer a&ree+ent .itness.ith Santino.'e(&e that the %rosecution +a..hat -ou *no.ith -our c' as*s -ou. A6G Ga. . in the course o. SantinoJs ho'(in& co+%an-.itness in the case "rec*'ess i+%ru(ence resu'tin& in ho+ici(e$ -ou are han('in&. an( %ro5i(e e5i(ence a&ainst the (e.ith sha(.a&ainst his c'ient %ro5i(e( he .is .. 8ou are a 'a.the .or+er 'a.a&ainst Santino because o. b..en(ants . O..that this +i&ht a. )an -ou acce%t. is in(i&ent an( i''iterate.on . . se'. a business+an .en(ant.en(ants in e2chan&e .icer o.airs o. -ou (o not coo%erate. the 'a.irst se5ers the 'a..or an i''e&a' (ru&s s-n(icate usin& )ab'e )o. account.that -ou cannot testi.erin& n&'ish /uestions. assu+e that -ou ha5e resi&ne( . the %rosecution a%%roache( -ou "as the 'east &ui't. O.en(ants.-%reser5ation is a*in to the 'a. actionC "13$ "A$ O. 8o''-.hich is 'ar&e'..ense at the hearin& ne2t .connections. as she has a (i.erC "13$ "A$ !'t ti+e ans.ith 'aun(erin& +one.ithin the boun(s o. . as an o. o. 8ou are %resentin& her as a . 7hat is -our best 'e&a' an( ethica' course o..or+ation crucia' to the case. -ou ha5e the ( court.i''in& to testi.that the @u(&e +i&ht not be ab'e to a%%reciate the i+%act o.-er +a.are to atten( the tria'. the %rosecutionJs o. "6$ 8es.. ? hi+ in court..essiona' ethics.en(ant i.ha5e i+%'ea(e( as a co-(e.

to -our /uer.i'' not ser5e an.hich she . the . sub@ect to -our usua''( hi+ the 'ot.ho . throu&h 3 r( %arties.icate o.ou'( s%'it the %rocee( 8ou are a 'a. an( ho.out o. XX. that the case a&ainst . its e2istence is a ri&ht that the %ub'ic is entit'e( to. .use..-er .ho is char&e( .ireta%%e( con5ersation in court= a'thou&h ina(+issib'e.t a (ee( o. ho'(in& a trans. a'thou&h -ou instincti5e'. the ta%e( con5ersation. that -ou are a.7hich . the .hat to (o .i(a5it o. Do. "6$ Present the .ice o. -ou *no.t the (ee( o.ea*. but -ou note that it (oes not s%eci.ore tria'.er not %resent to si&n the (ee( o.or+er Senator A5i(o is .or*in& at the O. "6$ Inter5ie. sa'e an( 5eri.een Senator A5i(o an( !a%o. tit'e to a 'ot in (o.. "6$ 4e.are to ensure her atten(ance in court..ireta%%e( con5ersation to the +e(ia. as . sa'e. 7hat .ith %'un(er. 8ou in. o. 8o''-Js testi+on-.that .ith sa+%'e /uestions that -ou +i&ht as* in the hearin& current'. about the transaction co+%'aine( o. so that she . the S%ecia' Prosecutor an( -ou are %art o.ith the o.ith the hint that he can sti'' ho%e . "<$ Sub+it the .i'' be +ore at ease . In re%'.ith o.rien( Att-.or a 'i&hter %ena't. 6ase( on -our assess+ent o.ou'( coo%erate. attorne.hat rea''ha%%ene(. " $ A'' the abo5e are %er+issib'e.n %o'itica' ri5a' o. sho.ireta%%e( con5ersation bet.hen she testi.i'' then 5eri.s to -ou. Senator A5i(o$ re&ar(in& -our instincti5e . as Ar+in has not %resente( a s%ecia' %o. the e2istence o..ies be.o'' o. )urioso s%rin&s a sur%rise b&i5in& -ou a recor(in& the. sa'e.or+er Senator A5i(o .in& is !OT a %er+issib'e act . The %o. De then as*s -ou to (ra. 8o''. Senator ''in& about Senator A5i(o.s -ou the tit'e an( c'ai+s that 6obb. sa'e co5erin& the transaction.hi'e o5erseas.ore the court. " $ Get !a%o %ri5ate'. the tea+ han('in& the case a&ainst .. attorne. "<$ Pro5i(e her .ee' that he is &ui't-.ith the )a'a+ba 'ot.ica''. sa'e (ra. sa'e. he . XIX.are o. its intro(uction an( the (isc'osure o.authori9e Ar+in to se'' the %ro%ert-.ore the court.use to (ra.or .that he is in(ee( se''in& his 'ot to Ar+in.i'' -ou act un(er the &i5en circu+stancesC "13$ "A$ A&ree to (ra. 6obb.but he "Ar+in$ has his &enera' %o. a %ri5ate %art.hich is in the best %osition to (eter+ine . ")$ Pre%are a @u(icia' a.n )a'a+ba in the na+e o..u' %ur%ose in the tria' o.i'' -ou (o un(er these circu+stancesC "13$ "A$ <isre&ar( the .ith +one. the case.or*s . the e5i(ence that the co+%'ainant Gin(a sub+itte(. )urioso ".hich he a'so sho.. attorne.ireta%%e( con5ersation as it is ina(+issib'e an( ... . the countr.can (o . to 'et the %ub'ic *no.t the (ee( o.or+ -our .*no. 6obb-. ")$ Gea* the .t the (ee( o. a *no..on ..ireta%%e( con5ersation to the Senate . Ar+in e2%'ains that 6obb.ou'( su%%ort the (ee( that he is as*in& -ou to %re%are. ")$ 4e.ants the (ee( o.te( so he can sen( it to 6obb.or -ou to (oC "13$ "A$ Pro5i(e 8o''. Ar+in a'so assures -ou that he .ers Ar+in to (o e5er-thin& that 6obb..or his si&nature e5en . .use to ( o.

"<$ A&ree to (ra. sa'e.%rob'e+atic situation &i5en the %rice o.sti'' has to consi(er an( si&n.n )a'a+ba. " $ 4e. since it is on'.use to ha5e an-thin& to (o . -0N0N0- .t that 6obb. 'ots in (o.ith Ar+inJs re/uest because it is a %otentia''.nto.a (ra.t the (ee( o.

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